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Mar, 2017

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I am a stay at home gramma who loves to try new things. My passions are photography and animals, and of course I love my 24 grandkids, and 7 great grandkids! I am artistic and love to write and sing.
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Great quality

13 Sep, 2023
These slap bracelets are fantastic quality and are water proof. There are marvelous designs to choose from that will suit many different ages.  I will be using these instead of candy for our Hall... read more »

Really cute!

11 Aug, 2023
This is perfect for a birthday party or just a fun activity. These are great balloons and easy to work with.  My kids love them.  Learning to make the balloon animals had been fun and entert... read more »

Fun set

02 May, 2023
This is a really great set for being able to make sand art.  You need some bottles to be able to design,  but you have 12 different sand colors to choose from. There are also several cards t... read more »

Wonderful marbles

02 May, 2023
This is a fanatic set of marbles! They are beautifully colored and will make a great gift to someone.  Tv get come in a jar with a lid,  and there is a heat shrink wrap around them to preven... read more »

Marvelous set!

22 Nov, 2022
This is a fantastic set.  It has everything you need to be able to use your straws.  This set is very well made and small enough to take with you wherever you go.  It has a very handy c... read more »

work great!

02 Oct, 2022
These desiccant packages work so well! There is a  guide to help you understand how many to place in whatever size you are using, which I found extremely helpful! I use these when I am doing my d... read more »

Marvelous bubbles!!

18 Jul, 2022
I absolutely love this automatic bubble gun!! But, I didn't buy it for me.  My autistic grandson's birthday is hard to buy for,  he's non verbal and can't have things that ar... read more »

Great set!

02 Jul, 2022
This is a really great set of deep well sockets. They have a 1/2 inch drive so they will fit the 1/2 inch ratchets. These are heat-treated chrome-molybdenum steel, which makes them reliable. They are... read more »

These are perfect!

02 Jul, 2022
These are well made and durable. These extensions give you an extra reach when you are working in a tight place that a regular socket won't reach. I love these as a great addition to my set of soc... read more »

My husband loves it!

26 Jun, 2022
We live in a 32-foot fifth wheel, with a small bathroom and shower. To make it worse the shower head was the size of a plum and the cord from it was stiff and short. So, I bought this one for my husba... read more »

So handy!

15 Jun, 2022
These headlamps  are so handy! I like to keep one in my car and I always take one or two camping with me.  I am going to order more of them to put around the house in case of a blackout,&nbs... read more »

Gorgeous kit!

25 Apr, 2022
This all in one kit is functional as a perfect dog taking with me where I go.  I had everything I need to smoke and enjoy it.  The pipe is gorgeous,  a skull .  This is a very... read more »

works great!

09 Apr, 2022
I feel a lot safer now that I have put the solar outdoor spotlight up in my backyard. It catches the sun all day long and illuminates my backyard so no one can sneak in. I actually had an intruder in... read more »

small and useful

23 Mar, 2022
This bi-fold wallet with a money clip is just the right size for my husband's back pocket! This wallet has an RFID blocking ability built-in so your credit card and other information are secure. T... read more »

Classed the truck right up!!

05 Mar, 2022
These LED 2 stand lights were super easy to use and install.  I love the way my truck looks and the remote is a cool feature also. This comes with an installation kit.  The LED lights are un... read more »

Sturdy and fine quality

05 Mar, 2022
This Folding utility knife is heavy duty and easy to use.  The knife flips out easy and the blades are easy to replace.  There is a pack of razors included.  It is easy to grip whi... read more »

This is adorable!

14 Feb, 2022
This black enameled key holder with the hidden mail organizer is adorable and so completely useful! It is made of beautiful enameled wood with five key holders and a hidden slot in the back for your m... read more »

gorgeous glitter

14 Feb, 2022
This chunky glitter for the face and nails is beautiful! I was very disappointed that there was glitter all over the pouch that it came in. I cannot find any broken containers, so I am not sure where... read more »

These are adorable

14 Feb, 2022
These dinosaur toy cars are adorable and easy to use, if they aren't broken or missing wheels. One came with a broken cape and one came with a set of missing wheels, so we took the wheels off the... read more »

Great for gifts!

30 Jan, 2022
/these true wireless Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds are great to give as a gift. It is something that I  am happy to give out. They are high quality and work great! They work for my android phone, which i... read more »

Perfect for a fun gift to make!

26 Jan, 2022
This wine rack mold, with wine glasses holder, and geode coaster molds will be fun to make and give as a gift. The molds are very good quality and easy to bend so un-molding the wine rack and coasters... read more »

great for crafts!

26 Jan, 2022
This 3500 piece set of flat round clay beads and accessories is an awesome gift for a pre-teen or just for anyone crafty. I am going to use it for some accessories for dolls and for making jewelry gif... read more »

Cute and little enough for a small tree

11 Jan, 2022
These dinosaur 3D Christmas Ornament or decorations will please any child (or adult) that gets them. Put them on your tree and let it be the highlight of it. they are well made and cute as can be... read more »

great starter kit

16 Dec, 2021
This candle making kit has everything I need to get started making candles, except the wax. I am going to get some good soy or beeswax and make some candles for gifts. This has a guarantee for quality... read more »

Marvelous set!

01 Dec, 2021
This waterproof LED headlamp, Windproof Lighter, and thirteen in one multiplier set is truly a fantastic gift, or even an awesome set to put in your emergency go-bag. I am a prepper that likes to be p... read more »

What a space saver!

27 Nov, 2021
This 3 piece shelf organizer with a soap holder has been a space saver for sure. I love that it attaches with adhesive hooks, and the adhesive hooks are sturdy and strong. so far they have held u... read more »

works great!

25 Nov, 2021
This salt and pepper grinder with five-spice jars is stackable, has a grinder and jars for different spices! It is compact so you can put the most used spices in the jar and make your own spice combin... read more »

So fun to make!

24 Nov, 2021
This eighty-eight-piece set for rock painting is awesome! There are twelve flat rocks to paint, that are two to three inches. All of the painting supplies that you will need to paint these rocks are a... read more »


24 Nov, 2021
This set of tactical instruments is a great gift for the Christmas season coming up! I have a person in my family who loves the outdoors and hunting and this would be the perfect gift for their go bag... read more »

Everything I needed!

19 Nov, 2021
This 500 piece of french false nails set came with everything I needed to get started! I love this because I can put them on and then paint them if I want or leave them clear, This is way cheaper than... read more »


19 Nov, 2021
This 10 piece field dressing kit for hunting is absolutely awesome! I got this for my son-in-law for his Christmas present but I had to check it out first to be sure it was as good as it looked! This... read more »

so cute and fun!

19 Nov, 2021
These paint-your-own wooden sixteen-piece magnets are adorable! Don't be thrown when you get them and the box says squishy painting, they are not squishies, They are cute little wooden animals, an... read more »

Cute and little enough for a small tree

16 Nov, 2021
This wooden chicken Christmas ornament is well made and ready to hang! It is also small enough for my little tree that will be going in my Fifth Wheel RV.  There are several different types of or... read more »

Perfect set

14 Nov, 2021
This resin set with resin, gloves, stir sticks, pigments, and pour cups is perfect to get me started on my resin crafts! I am looking forward to doing a lot of that this winter. I highly recommend thi... read more »

My fur baby loves these!

14 Nov, 2021
This squeaky latex pig is my fur baby's absolute favorite! We haven't been able to find them in her usual place, so when I saw this I had to get it! It did not disappoint! Not only is it a fab... read more »

these came in really handy!

26 Oct, 2021
My husband loves these leg massagers with heat. They have different modes of massaging and it also has heat. There are extenders included in case the socks/shoes do not fit just right. These are quali... read more »

Beautiful and fun!

23 Oct, 2021
This flower craft kit says it's for kids, but I would recommend it be done with adult help. It isn't extremely complicated but can be frustrating for little hands. However, having said that, i... read more »

Very nice meat thermometer!

23 Oct, 2021
This digital meat thermometer with two probes is waterproof and can be used when you have things in the oven. There is a long probe that can be put into the meat you are cooking and the thermometer wi... read more »

Fantastic set!

21 Oct, 2021
This 26 piece artist set for sketching and drawing is perfect for the artists in my family, including me! This has everything I need to sit down and work on a co0mplex drawing or to grab and do a quic... read more »

Not one but two!

18 Oct, 2021
The set of instant-read food thermometers is a great find. I can give one as a gift and use the other in my kitchen. I love the fact they are digital and waterproof n and fold up for easy storage so t... read more »

perfect size

13 Oct, 2021
This is the perfect size for me to handle while I am doing my resin molds... I love being able to make my own molds so that I can custom make something for my family as gifts, or for a craft show. Eve... read more »

Perfect for my kindergartner!

12 Oct, 2021
This night light Bluetooth starry night projector is fantastic! This is battery operated so I do not worry about an electrical fire in my kids' room, and it is run by a remote control which I keep... read more »

Perfect for our white elephant!

12 Oct, 2021
These acrylic ornaments are perfect for our ChristGiving white elephant party that we have every year. Our family gets together for a huge feast and a white elephant gift-giving exchange afterward. We... read more »

Super good quality socks!

12 Oct, 2021
These ankle length athletic running socks are of stellar quality! They have ventilation to keep your feet from sweating while you are exercising or running, and they hug your feet tight to help your f... read more »

so cool!

15 Sep, 2021
WOW! This bubble blower machine really is spectacular! My grandson loves it and that means I do! It is a great looking bubble gun and it is very easy for him to use. This is a good quality plastic gun... read more »


06 Sep, 2021
These princess inspired handmade hair clips are cute and quality made! They are embroidered and large enough to see in hair, and even for a small child to use to put in their own hair. There are diffe... read more »

Great for gifts!

05 Sep, 2021
These three-inch bamboo hoops are really great! I am going to make them into gift tags as a gift for some of the things i give away. i love that it is a complete kit with the hoops and the fabric. All... read more »


02 Sep, 2021
These ceramic car coasters that fit in your cup holders are very stylish! i love the picture on them and so do my daughter and her husband. they love skulls and skeletons so these were perfect! It is... read more »

easier to use!

30 Aug, 2021
These right angle USB C to USB C cables are so much easier to use because of the right angle head. I can't tell you how many times I have fought a cord because of the straight in angle. These are... read more »

so cool!

26 Aug, 2021
This two pack of tie dye panda pop toys is absolutely the coolest! It comes in two different color combinations, and since they are a two pack I can give one to my autistic grandson now and one later!... read more »

works great!

19 Aug, 2021
This portable personal neck fan is awesome! It hangs around my neck and I can adjust the fans to blow up in my face or down on my neck. It has a lot of air for a rechargeable fan! I love that it is re... read more »


19 Aug, 2021
This ten-foot strand of LED lights is beautiful! It does take three AA batteries that are not included, and the case is not waterproof. However, the purple lights are gorgeous when on and are so usefu... read more »

Very nice set!

17 Aug, 2021
These all purpose art brushes are super n ice for my craft projects that I do! There are seventeen pieces and a whole lot of variety to them. These are great for any kind of paints I use.  I can... read more »

Great for treats!

17 Aug, 2021
These mini Halloween Portable Pumpkin buckets are fantastic for giving treats out to the kids I know. I love to give things to the neighbor kids and this is a fun way to do it. They are small and ther... read more »

A beautiful and peaceful sound!

16 Aug, 2021
This tibetan singing bowl set has the most beautiful sound to it. Of course it took me a few times to get the right sound, the sound that made me feel peaceful and happy. I love using this bowl set, a... read more »

These are the cutest!

15 Aug, 2021
I love these trick or treat bags, and they are so awesome looking! My grandkids are already fighting over them, i might just have to get more! I love that there is a long handle with a claw at the end... read more »

nice watch!

15 Aug, 2021
This waterproof fitness tracker does what i was looking for. I don't want a watch that answer texts or phone calls, I wanted one that will help me keep track of my fitness and this does just that.... read more »

Bright and cheery

15 Aug, 2021
These fairy lights are nice and bright and always seem to bring a smile to my face. They are ten feet long and battery operated, using three AAA batteries, which are not included. I love using these f... read more »

Extremely useful!

13 Aug, 2021
This power strip tower is so useful! It had six outlets to plug in different appliances and four USB hubs, and a fast charger for the phone on top. You can turn it off when you are not using it or tur... read more »

perfect set!

08 Aug, 2021
This two pack of silicone molds will help me make six hot cocoa bombs or cake pops (large ones) or chocolate bowls or any other thing my imagination can come up with. Then to top it all off I can do p... read more »


08 Aug, 2021
This beeswax food wraps are absolutely beautiful and will make my food gifts even more special. They are organic and will not hurt the food that you wrap them in. They are reusable so they sustain the... read more »

Was a big hit!

02 Aug, 2021
This tri turf golf practice three in one hitting mat was a huge hit with me golfers! They loved it! Now they can practice hitting the balls in all the different types of turf so when they get out on t... read more »

perfect and comfortable

31 Jul, 2021
This bambo king sized waterproof mattress protector is awesome! I am so comfortable on it that I don't even know it is there. I was worried it would make my bed too hot but that hasn't been th... read more »

Great for building skills!

30 Jul, 2021
This take apart dinosaur STEM toy is really awesome for kids to build their hand eye coordination and for building up skills. This keeps my kids away from the electronics, and teached them how to make... read more »


28 Jul, 2021
These artificial pumpkins, come in a six piece set, and are a nice soft white color and are perfect for any of my fall decorations and crafts! This is exactly what I needed to make the fall basket for... read more »

A great addition to my craft supplies!

26 Jul, 2021
This seventeen piece set of Jute and lace bows is so perfect for the crafting that I do! I make cards, and gifts like fairy jars or jellies or soup mixes in jars and I love to putcreative bows on the... read more »

These are gorgeous!

26 Jul, 2021
I love these 9 rolls of jute ribbon! They are absolutely gorgeous and exactly what I need to take my card making to the next level. This is a nice variety so I cna choose the size and width and style... read more »

This is so cool!

20 Jul, 2021
This mega egg dinosaur figure dig kit is really just plain awesome! This is a fantastic way to get the kids from in front of their electronics and do something that is hands on and requires some brain... read more »

This is the bomb!

18 Jul, 2021
This power strip tower is not only fast, has a wireless charger on it and 6 power outlets and 4 usb ports, and has a surge protector! This is absolutley perfect for the new fifth wheel we are moving i... read more »

Super handy and well made!

16 Jul, 2021
This soft sided fishing tackle bag is so nice! It is large enough to pack any of my gear in i to carry on my kayak, and also has enough room to pack snacks. It is very well made and has many pockets.... read more »


06 Jul, 2021
These LED headlamp flashlights (2 pack) are USB rechargeable and have eight light modes. They are also light weight and comfortable to wear while you are trying to work, and because they are on your h... read more »

Great Father's day gift!

27 Jun, 2021
This precision screwdriver set with nine precision screwdrivers in it is perfect fo Father's daym, or birthdays or any day! This has all the little screwdrivers you need for working on eyeglasses.... read more »

Perfect for working on my car

26 Jun, 2021
This headlamp can go on your hardhat or it can just go on your head. I prefer to wear mine on my head. It has 6000 lumens and is waterproof, rechargeable with a USB and has a zoom or flood lamp mode.... read more »

Nice idea

26 Jun, 2021
This is a great idea and will be very handy during our rainy season and the winter. This antiglare anti scratch film that covers your side view mirrors is wonderful during the rain and winter. This is... read more »

These are terrific!

22 Jun, 2021
There are one hundred pieces of these compressed towels! They are about the size around of a nickle and about as thick as a pencil. They come indiviually wrapped and don't take up anymore room tha... read more »

This was the perfect gift!

17 Jun, 2021
I bought this ten in one professional pedicure kit with a foot rasp and callus remover for my husband for father's day. I put a coupon in it that says good for twelve pedicures in the comfort of y... read more »

Great attention keeper!

13 Jun, 2021
This fun little Bingo game is great for kids activities. It will hold their attention and create excitement, at the same time it helps them to learn words and hand eye coordination! I buy little prize... read more »

Colorful and fun!

13 Jun, 2021
This rainbow pop fidget finger push bubble sensory toy is fantastic for autistic children and adults. It is also great for just playing with when you are stressed out. The bubbles feel great on your f... read more »

Beautiful beachy look

12 Jun, 2021
This vintage style wooden round wall clock has the rough weathered look of a rustic farmhouse. I love the look and this is going into o0ur brand new fifth wheel. We are moving out of our home into it... read more »

Great for all my crafts!

12 Jun, 2021
This size four pompom maker, that comes with twelve skeins of craft yarn, is absolutely the most perfect crafting tool for making pom poms for all my wreaths or other crafts i do. I like to make my ow... read more »

Perfect little party gifts!

12 Jun, 2021
These eight piece dinosaur pull back trucks are perfect for party favors or just gifts for the kids. I am thinking of putting them in gift bags, but they would also be great for stocking stuffers! The... read more »

Angel baby outfit

12 Jun, 2021
This beautiful outfit with angel wings of gold and a head band for the tiny baby is so adorable! I will b able to use this for my photography for a long tme to come! I am just starting out with outfit... read more »

Very handy!

08 Jun, 2021
This pack of twelve plastic syringe tubes are super handy. They are perfect for using with my resin crafts, for the tiny things that are hard to get resin into. i also love them for using for putting... read more »

These are so fun!

30 May, 2021
These mak a face stickers are really adorable and fun! There are thirty six sheets of stickers with nine different kinds of animals to play around with and make funny faces out of. These are good qual... read more »

What a delightful set!

30 May, 2021
I love to do crafts with my family.and this 1100 piece crafts supply set is enourmous and perfect for doing so many different crafts with the kids or just by myself. There are hundreds of differe... read more »

Perfect for my crafts!

30 May, 2021
I love to make homemade gift cards and greeting cards for my family and friends. This will take those to a whole new level! These double line metallic markers are a set of twelve, and they come with 8... read more »

These are so cute!

30 May, 2021
These little wooden spoons are so adorable! There are ten pieces in this set, and they are condiment spoons for salt or honey or anything that you would use a mini spoon for. They are a high grade woo... read more »


29 May, 2021
These fairy jar kits come with two to make, so my daughter and I, who love to craft, decided to make them together! What fun that was! And after it was all said and done they came out beautifully! I w... read more »

I love this bag!

29 May, 2021
So I am always in need of a garbage bag in my car, the floor boards look like a dump. This waterproof car garbage bag cannot flip over, dump out or tear appart! I love it! It  hooks onto the back... read more »

Very nice!

29 May, 2021
This wooden slingshot is very good quality an dcomes with two extra slings if the first one breaks. It is very easy to hold onto and doesn't hurt my hand or my grandson's hand when we are shoo... read more »

Pretty sparkly ball!

27 May, 2021
This sisteen inch inflateable glitter ball is so pretty! When the sun hits it the glitter sparkles and glows and it makes my grandkids very happy! Of course that makes me happy too! It is made from a... read more »


27 May, 2021
This newborn boy buffalo cotten baby outfit for photography is simply adorable! it is also soft, so it will not irritate babies skin while I am takin gictures. We have one on the way so i a excited to... read more »

This is a handy tool!

26 May, 2021
This magnetic wristband with a belt holder is adjustable and holds a myriad of screws and nails or other small metal items you need. It is definitely a very handy tool! I love that I can wear it on my... read more »

These are so good

26 May, 2021
This fifteen piece stencil set are fantastic for any painting craft you need or want to do. They are good for ink, painting, drawing or anything that you can use the stencil for. I  think I will... read more »

Cool and really functional

25 May, 2021
This silicone colalapsible wide mouth funnel is not only cool, it is functional and it is a space saver! You can collapse it down to a flat piece and store it away when you are not using it, take it o... read more »

Handy tool!

25 May, 2021
This adjustable sixty watt electric soldering iron is a great addition to my tools. There have been many times i needed thjis to fix something and didn't have it, well now I do!  I like that... read more »

So cute and fun!

24 May, 2021
These do it yourself squishies are cute and so fun to do! There are six of them to paint and decorate the way you want them to look. They are all food items so use your imagination. The grand kids and... read more »


24 May, 2021
These imitation gilding foil sheets are so gorgeous! They work just like the real ones, and they look just like the real ones. I cannot believe my luck in stumbling across these for doing my card maki... read more »

A great addition to my blog and music videos

21 May, 2021
I love this USB plug and play microphone. It is strudy so it doesn't wobble causeing sound distortion when the music is playing, it doesn't fall over easily and it is super easy to plug into w... read more »

A lot of rings for play or crafting

21 May, 2021
This set of eighteen multicolor plastic rings can be used to make a game, or to craft a dream catcher or another item that you want to make. I am ging to use mine for crafting, except for six of... read more »

A great set for crafting!

21 May, 2021
This sisteen pack of mini craft hole punches are absolutely delightful! I am going to make my own confetti to put into cards for all occasions, not to mention using the hole punches to make patters or... read more »

Perfect for my diet!

21 May, 2021
I am so excited for this silicone popsicle mold kit! I am now on a diet where i cannot have a lot of carbs, or ice cream, and Ice cream is my favoite thing! So now I can concoct my own popsicles that... read more »

Very comprehensive set!

20 May, 2021
This two hundred and fifty piece army men set has it all! You have got your barries and walls and barrels and army men and planes and just so much for the imagination to use. My grandsons love this! I... read more »

Party favors!

20 May, 2021
There are fifty colorful braided friendship bracelets for giving away at the parties as party favors, putting in our Pinata, putting in Christmas stockings or jsut handing out because I want to. They... read more »

Perfect BBQ set!

20 May, 2021
This BBQ grill accessories tool set is absolutely perfect for outdoor grilling. It has all the tools you need for bbqs with the group! We have lots of family bbqs during the summer and usually my son... read more »

So cute!

20 May, 2021
This paint by number acrylic or oil painting is going to be so fun. I love doing these, and sometimes the paint by numbers are just what I need to get out of my head. When this is done I can put it in... read more »

cute and functional!

18 May, 2021
This eight piece set of toothbrush caps are so cute! They cover the head of the toothbrush and keep it clean all with a cute little smile! They have a little suction cup on the back so they will stick... read more »

Exactly what my bathroom needed!

18 May, 2021
This toothbrush holder and toothpaste dispenser that are wall mounted are perfect for my bathroom! Now I can get rid of the clutter of the toothbrushes lying on the counter and getting diry, and the t... read more »

adorable cars and trucks!

17 May, 2021
This set of twelve pieces construction vehicle toy cars and trucks are really fun and adorable! The grand kids love them! You can pull them back and make them go, and they look so much like the real t... read more »

Beautifully crafted clock!

17 May, 2021
This bedside alarm clock is so cool! It has a night light that changes colors, an FM radio, the numbers on the clock face are LED and can be dimmed for your preference. The night light is also able to... read more »

So many cool rings!

16 May, 2021
This is a thirty piece key cover set with ten different colors to choose from! We sat right down and organized our keys immediately. Now we have them all color coded and know when we look at the key r... read more »

Great hoops!

16 May, 2021
This set of six pieces wooden bamboo embroidery hoops are absolutely awesome! There is a size for every project that I have in mind. I love that they nest inside eacht other so that I can keep them to... read more »

Summer fun here we come!

13 May, 2021
This splash play mat is sixty eight inches in circumference and is an outdoor wading pool that is safe for small kids. It has a small amount of water in the bottom and several sprays that pop up and c... read more »

Amazing tool!

13 May, 2021
This fifteen in one multi tool for emergencies or just plain camping ut is super cool! It has a lot of the things you could use if you were in a survival mode, all in one tool, and it is sturdy and we... read more »


12 May, 2021
This nail mirror metallic powder is super fun! It makes my nails shine just like a mirror or I can make it bubbly.. There are several different colors, althoughI love green so that is what I got. I wi... read more »

Super handy!

12 May, 2021
This 1/4 inch mini ratchet wrench and bit adaptor set is so cool! It comes in a hard plastic case for storage so that the bits and the wrench stay together and that makes it easy to find. I love how i... read more »

So cute!

12 May, 2021
This little baking set for girls is adorable! My four year old grand daughter loves it! She can use the cookie cutters in the kitchen "for real" as she puts it, and loves the apron as well!... read more »

A great tool

10 May, 2021
This eighteen in one snowflake multi tool is really very awesome! It has all the usual common tools that I might need for a quick household job, or to fix something on my car or out side in a pinch. I... read more »

So cute!

10 May, 2021
This turtle sprinkler for kids to run through is really adorable! It is so easy to attach to my hose for the kids to be able to run through the water on a hot day, and also to take off again when I am... read more »

Can't have too many flashlights!

10 May, 2021
This LED rechargeable flashlilght comes with 2 18650 rechargeable batteries and a USB charger for them also! This is a super bright flashlight and lights up a room in seconds. It has an SOS mode and i... read more »

great set!

06 May, 2021
This 4 pack of silicone resin coaster molds is absolutely awesome! I love the fact that i can do all 4 coasters at the same time and when they dry they are a set! I am doing a set for my mother for Mo... read more »

perfect summer accessories for her dolls

04 May, 2021
This set of clothes and floaties for the 11.5 inch dolls is so cute! Now my grand daughter has swimsuits and pool floaties for her dolls in the bathtub when they go in with her. (Which is every time s... read more »


04 May, 2021
These shock proof binoculars for kids are really cool! They work just like the adult ones and have clear vision. I tried them out to see, an dwas amazed. The only difference I could tell was the eye s... read more »

So cute!

30 Apr, 2021
This magnectic fishing game is so cute! My young grand sons love this! There are two poles so of course they have to play together and make it a competition as to who caught how many or what kind or w... read more »

I can do my own nails!

30 Apr, 2021
This little acrylic powder and liquid polymer set, with the nail extension paper molds, is perfect for me to do my own nails. I am not really great at it yet, but i am learning, and it only takes me a... read more »


28 Apr, 2021
This eight piece two - in - one mini action figure set is so cool! My grand kids love them and found them to be super easy to put together and work around. They were so excited when i gave them to the... read more »

Fun little set!

28 Apr, 2021
This six piece pretend police outfit set is so cool. It looks fairly real, but the baton is made out of a smooth and lightweight plastic so that you cannot hurt someone by actually hitting them. My gr... read more »

Cute and functional

28 Apr, 2021
this set of eight pieces that includes rolling pins , scraper chopper, oil brush spatula and is all made of silicone, is not only super cute but it is durable and functional. My four year old grand da... read more »

Great for when I cut hair!

28 Apr, 2021
These 4 inch big hair bear claw non slip clips are fantastic. Not only can i use them for my super thick and curly hair, to style the way I want it at a moments notice, i can also use them for when I... read more »

Amazing color!

28 Apr, 2021
This set of twelve long length eye liner waterproof pencils is convienient and amazing! The colors are bright and the pencils are strong and durable with the plastic lid to protect the tip. I love the... read more »

Really nice set!

28 Apr, 2021
This nine piece sand toy with a water wheel and bucket is really great for small children! Although, I have to admit the older ones (including adults) have enjoyed it too! It is well built and sturdy,... read more »

Great designs

27 Apr, 2021
These 50 sheets of 3D nail stickers are super cool. There are so many designs to work with and they are so super easy to put on my nails. There are instructions on the page I bought them from that sho... read more »

Really nice painting kit!

27 Apr, 2021
Tis 32 piece painting tool kit is so nice! It has everything my grandkids need to be able to paint and not make a mess.. Even mom and dad can't get mad at gramma now since the paint cups that come... read more »


27 Apr, 2021
This 20 piece art scratch off kit is so cute! It comes in a nice carry case so that you can keep it all together in one spot, and everything you need is there to make fun pictures! My grandkids love t... read more »

Fun and cute!

25 Apr, 2021
These rainbow inflatable drink holders are so cute! They are a lot larger than I thought they would be so they will be easy to see in the pool! I love that it comes with a set of 9 and there are diffe... read more »

This is amazing!

25 Apr, 2021
I do live videos a lot and I have always noticed the sound is muffled or sounds like a wind storm. Now with this USB Microphone kit, condenser and stand, I can use it for my videos, my gaming, and my... read more »

A great brand!

22 Apr, 2021
I have had the best of luck with the Soundpeats Truebuds wireless earbuds. These have the TWS stereo bluetooth connection with the V5.0 touch control. Their case is a charging case and there is a tota... read more »

Perfect Gift

22 Apr, 2021
This eighteen piece doctor kit is actually a really cool set. The carry case is very sturdy and the plastic pieces are light and easy to handle for small fingers. I would not suggest giving it to real... read more »

My grandson loves it!

21 Apr, 2021
When I saw this bow and arrow set with a target for practicing, that lights up on the bow, I just had to get it for my grandson! I was afraid he might not like it because he is very electronic obsesse... read more »

This is adorable!

21 Apr, 2021
This unicorn pajama set for an eighteen inch doll, is just the cutest ever! It is well made and the stitching is impecable! The colors are so cute and it is totally adorable on the doll! I got my gran... read more »


19 Apr, 2021
This four pack of dog shirts is so totally adorable! They have four different animal patterns on them. They are well made cotton fabric, with a pullover design which makes them veryeasy to get on or o... read more »

Beautiful and well made!

17 Apr, 2021
These three pocket high waist yoga pant shorts are absolutely awesome! I love that they fit so well and have three pockets. I can put my phone and other items in there and they don't fall out! I l... read more »

This works great!

16 Apr, 2021
This wireless remote doorbell is awesome! You just plug the reciever into the wall plug and the doorbell is attached outside by the door. When you push the doorbell it rings in the house! How convieni... read more »

Now we can be safe!

15 Apr, 2021
This set of 2 reflective vests with 4 reflective bands if perfect for my family! The 2 children will wear the vests and me and my husband will wear the bands or at least one of them. We plan on puttin... read more »

exactly what I needed

15 Apr, 2021
This ocean wave projector with remote control, changes 7 different colors and plays music or sounds. This is perfect to relax me and my husband at night, without having to have the TV on. I was lookin... read more »

Great for crafts!

14 Apr, 2021
This 68 piece skeleton key charms in antique gold, also comes with 10 yeards of hemp rope to use with them. These are perfect for using for crafts of any kind. We are going to make number cards with c... read more »

Great for my plans

14 Apr, 2021
This cast iron stainless steel scrubber cleaner is the best thing to happen to cast iron!! This has a built in silicone scrubber covered with chain mail that makes scrubbing cleaning up my cast iron p... read more »

Beautiful and heartwarming!

12 Apr, 2021
This beautiful Turtle piggyback ring is absolutely perfect for my daughter. She loves sea turtles and the message inside the ring makes it even more perfect! It will be worn on a sturdy chain because... read more »

Really nice looking Ivy!

10 Apr, 2021
This 84 feet of artificial Ivy vine and 100 LED string of lights, is so nice! It ran late, but the seller was right on top of it, letting me know that it was late and why.. It only took a couple of ex... read more »

Great set for playing

10 Apr, 2021
This 4 piece Police set is really awesome.. It could be used for a halloween costume. My grandson just wanted to use it to play like he is the police. it has a hat and whistle and two sets of handcuff... read more »

bright light

08 Apr, 2021
This UV two in one flashlight with LED tactical lighting is so bright! It has 12 modes, it is zoomable, it is water resistant, and handheld with four high modes! This is a great flashlight to put in o... read more »

So sparkly!

08 Apr, 2021
This floaty made my daughter in law so happy! She even decided that the boys (my grandsons) could play with the included ball! They sparkle so much when the sun hits them, they truly are beautiful! Th... read more »

A great fun set

08 Apr, 2021
This playsand and mold kit is so much fun.. Not only did it come with it's own 4 pounds of sand and 45 oieces of sand mold, and 1 tray, it can be used in regular sand at the each. Who knows maybe... read more »

Play time just got way more fun!

06 Apr, 2021
Tese water guns are awesome! They are durable and easy to use, so easy that my four year old grand daughter can do it all by herself. This definitely makes her very happy since she is at that independ... read more »

Perfect for us!

05 Apr, 2021
This mini artificial Tabletop Christmas tree is perfect for us. We don't have a lot of space and even out 3 foot tree was too much! This tree is only 14 inches and looks gorgeous when it is fluffe... read more »

So cute!

04 Apr, 2021
This 21 piece children's chef set may be Christmas design on the apron, but it is adorable for anytime! My 4 year old granddaughter  is in love with it and all the little baking pieces that a... read more »

perfect for decorating clothes!

31 Mar, 2021
These sixty pieces of embroidered iron on patches are absolutely gorgeous and perfect for decorating all your clothes. I have a pair of jeans and a jean jacket that a lot of these will go on, and my t... read more »

Three pockets!

31 Mar, 2021
These running shorts with the high waist are awesome! They have three pockets not just one! That means I can put my phone and my ear pieces in to pockets of their own and still have one for my ID! The... read more »

Awesome set!

31 Mar, 2021
This forty piece show charms and bracelet decorations set is totally awesome! It is perfect for my 14 year old grand daughter who really loves the bling. She was so excited to put charms on her shoes... read more »


28 Mar, 2021
These 20 pieces multi colored squeeze balls are perfect for playing with, giving away, using for party favors or even for stocking stuffers. Since there are so many of them I will use them for my gran... read more »

Great quality!

27 Mar, 2021
These silicone cotton lined oven mitts are really great quality! They are perfect for reaching into a hot oven and bringin out the items inside. Now I don't burn myself all the tiem because my mit... read more »

These are so cute!

27 Mar, 2021
This bunch of fifty piece "Among Us" vinyl sticker for your laptops, bikes, water bottles or whatever, are so cute! They are easy to apply and durable, and can be washed off with a damp clot... read more »

great water toy!

27 Mar, 2021
This squirt gun is perfect for use in a pool for the kids to play. They are already wet and it is easy to fill. However, it is also great for filling by the water hose or in the sinks in your house, a... read more »

perfect for me!

27 Mar, 2021
This sushi making kit is perfect for me and my husband. We have never made it before but have always wanted to.. I can make enough for just the two of us or have enough for four since there are four p... read more »

Perfect for my remote computer!

27 Mar, 2021
This USB WiFi adaptor wireless card it perfect for the computer we have that cannot be connected to my modem with an ethernet cable. It allows me to connect to our internet and get good signal, or use... read more »

gorgeous design!

25 Mar, 2021
This 18K gold plated .925 silver love knot pendant with cubic zirconia is absolutely gorgeous! The chain is very sturdy and not what I was expecting at all. I usually get these  with those very t... read more »

Now I can let everyone know

24 Mar, 2021
This clean ~ dirty magnetic dishwasher sign will be the savior of our family! There is a stick on magnet for the front of the dishwasher, and then the reversible sign can stick to the.. let them know... read more »

Perfect party favors!

24 Mar, 2021
I have 22 grandchildren, so these 100 pieces party blowers are so perfect for parties and stocking stufferes or our family Thanksgiving/Christmas get together every year. We love to have fun and since... read more »

perfect for the warmer weather

24 Mar, 2021
This 2 pack of squirt gun super soakers will be so much fun for kids and adults alike. We got them for our grandsons to play with in the pool, so they have an endless supply of water and since it is a... read more »

Heavy duty

24 Mar, 2021
This stainless steel scoop is 2 tablespoons and extremely heavy duty! Because it is steel I can use it with some of the projects that I do that would eat through plastic because they are so hot. I lov... read more »

Works great!

18 Mar, 2021
This ceramic japanese style solor tea pot infuser is for loose leafe teas. Thia is a non toxic, lead free composition that makes the tea making easy. the handle is perfect, and I can use it to pour th... read more »

great for Easter!

12 Mar, 2021
This Easter we decided that in addition to hiding egss (plastic ones filled with goodies) we were going to hide things like balls and stuffed animals. I found these three inch earth globe stress balls... read more »

perfect for my son's bedroom

11 Mar, 2021
This LED 16.4 foot RGB strip lights, have color changing modes, they are dimmable and have a remote to make them work. These are perfect for my teenage son's bedroom! Of course you can use them an... read more »

Party favors anyone?

11 Mar, 2021
Thes fourteen piece chidren bracelets are adjustable, good quality material, cute animals and beads, pretty colors that will appeal to all, and make great party favors for a birthday! Or stocking stuf... read more »

Great puzzles!

10 Mar, 2021
These plywood craft puzzles are awesome! cut them out and they are a model when you are done. Then after you have put them together you can paint them! Or color them with markers. all you need is... read more »

Awesome Biker outfit!

09 Mar, 2021
This leather coat and jeans outfit makes my four year old grand daughter's Barbie look just like her mom and dad when they go riding on their motorcycle. It is great quality and easy for little ha... read more »

Easter craft

09 Mar, 2021
This thirty six easter egg scratch art set is perfect for our Easter crafts. The kids (all of them including the really old ones) love these. This set comes with the eggs, the string to tie onthe eggs... read more »


09 Mar, 2021
These tangram puzzles are 180 pieces and there are patterns blocks and cards to follow. My autistic Grandson loves these and they help him to learn new things. Since he is non verbal he expresses hims... read more »

Perfect for craft organizing

08 Mar, 2021
This set of two 300 piece Divider in 2 ring Binder with 3x5 blank cards is perfect for making a scrapbook out of, making crafts with , organizing my craft projects or making a book of adventures... read more »

So tiny and cute!

08 Mar, 2021
This miniature dollhouse furniture playset hi-fi TV cabinet is so adorable! It looks just like the real thing and will be perfect in my miniature village. I am going to make an outdoor entertainment a... read more »

Just adorable!

05 Mar, 2021
This mermaid set for Barbie is absolutely adorable! It is shimmery and shiny, and she looks like a mermaid when it is on.My four year old grand daughter loves this so much, it matches her mermaid swim... read more »

Artists sketch set

05 Mar, 2021
This professional 12 piece sketching pencil set with a hard metal case is perfect for my art kit! I lreally love that I can store it in the case and the leads don't get crushed or broken while i a... read more »

Great set!

05 Mar, 2021
This 19 piece waterproof  male and female electric connectors with a storage box are just what I needed for working on my truck! Everything I need is here, and the rest will go into my automotive... read more »

very cute!

04 Mar, 2021
This set of bracelets , rings and hair band are so cute! There are many wonderful designs on them that will delight any girl, or many girls. This set is destined to be given to a four year old grand d... read more »

Super cool!

04 Mar, 2021
These 12 piece do it yourself painting, stress balls for kids is perfect for an activity at a party or to let them do for fun or even put in their Easter basket and let them do! The stress ball is alw... read more »

Gorgeous cards!

04 Mar, 2021
These skull design waterproof gold foil plastic playing cards are awesome! They are waterproof so if you are playing and someone spills a drink you can just wipe them up and dry them off.. They don... read more »

Great replacement

04 Mar, 2021
This 20 piece premium quality  luxury makeup brush set is really a great replacement for my raggedy onesd that I had. I am really glad I got these! They are quality brushes and there are so... read more »

SO cute!

02 Mar, 2021
This unicorn outfit, with a unicorn headband is adorable. My four year olkd granddaughter has the unicorn headbands just like this. Now her and her look alike doll can wear clothes that are almost the... read more »

Beautful and quality

02 Mar, 2021
This set of gold radiation desgn cards are awesome! They are waterproof and not only gorgeous they are functional! It is a full set of fifty-two cards plus two jokers. It is perfect for a bar or gifti... read more »

Worked great!

28 Feb, 2021
This cast iron stainless steel scrubber was perfect! I have a whole set of cast iron, old cast iron from my grandmothers era, but it got rusty because i let it set in my storage. I tried everything to... read more »

Just right!

27 Feb, 2021
This set of six different sizes of plastic circle embroidery hoops is perfect for whatever i am making. There are six sizes for whatever project that comes up form large to small. They are adjustable... read more »

Fun little drone!

26 Feb, 2021
This flying ball drone is so cool! It has sensors in it that will detect your hand or other object underneath it, so you can fly it by waving your hand under it .. My grandkids make it a game like kee... read more »

perfect for organizing

26 Feb, 2021
These 3x5 colorful index card binders are perfect for using to get organized. They ar on a flip ring so it makes it super easy for me to use one and flip to the next, or even for little hands. Since i... read more »

Exactly what I needed!

23 Feb, 2021
I am forever trying to find the right sized plastic bowl or save and then the lid to put any type of leftover away. These reusable elastic covers for staoring your food are perfect! All you have to do... read more »

Classy clothes

23 Feb, 2021
This lot of fifteen items, five sets of clothes and ten pair of shoes for a barbie type doll, are super cute and a great quality. My four year old granddaughter loves these! They are made to fit a bar... read more »

Really heavy duty!

20 Feb, 2021
This 100W heavy duty glue gun is very well made and way better than I was expecting. I thought it would be like aa normal sized glue gun with the extras it advertized. Boy was I wrong! This is very la... read more »

These are so cute!

19 Feb, 2021
These "I love you more" "I love you most" couples keychains are absolutely adorable! They are very sturdy and have a thick O ring keeping the puzzle pieces together. They came in a... read more »

These are adorable!

17 Feb, 2021
These 9 pieces squishy egg painting crafts are so adorable adn easy to use! The boys love them and I do too. They are easy for even little hands to paint and they will be something to keep for years t... read more »

Quality set

16 Feb, 2021
This set of five resistance bands for home fitness are a very nice quality! They come in a clear vinyl carry bag with a zipper so that I can take them with me when I go anywhere. This way i have my fi... read more »

Wonderful RC car!

12 Feb, 2021
This is a gorgeous pattern on this car, and my grandsons love it! This Remote Control car is easy to use and fun to watch. It has music that you can play or turn off if you choose, and it does all kid... read more »

Totally cool cars!

11 Feb, 2021
These musical Remote Controll Stunt cars are awesome! They do a 360 degree turn and has different music to play as well as lights and stunts. This is a very well made car.  The remote is wireless... read more »

Soft and beautiful!

07 Feb, 2021
This six piece elastic scrunchies for my hair are not only beautiful, they are soft and don't pull my hair when I use them! It is very nice to be able to put my hair up and not have it pulled out... read more »

Perfect for travel

07 Feb, 2021
This paint set with 36 watercolors and 11 brushes is perfect for putting in my art bag and taking with me when I want to go out in nature and paint. I love that it is in a safe hard plastic case so th... read more »

So adorable!

06 Feb, 2021
This 15 piece food play set is so adorable! My four year old grandaughter loves it. She hasn't stopped playing with it since I gave it to her. It's a good thing it is pretend, becuase she has... read more »

Super cute!

05 Feb, 2021
These 6 piece Easter Eggs with dinosaurs and building blocks in them are super cute! They are also supe handy since they are sealed and already filled, you can put them in Easter baskets or hide them... read more »

So easy to use and beautiful!

05 Feb, 2021
This led battery powered string o ffairy lights is so simple to use, and so gorgeous when they are up! There are so many different things to use them for in decorating your house, and they are magical... read more »

Magical and fun!

02 Feb, 2021
My grandkids absolutely love this rainbow Easter art scratch off 36 piece set! It is magical and fun and they think the easter bunny will come to their house sooner because now it can see their h... read more »

Now I can make cool clothes!

31 Jan, 2021
This set of embroidered iron on patches are adorable! There are 60 of them so you can design several jackets or pants that will be so awesome! There are so many styles to choose form. I know that the... read more »

No more throwing away my jeans!

31 Jan, 2021
These 12 piece iron on patches are perfect for patching the knees or pockets area of my jeans! Those seem to be the ones that rip out first. Today it is in style to have patches so here I go! I love t... read more »

Awesome stuffed eggs!

31 Jan, 2021
These dozen eggs come already stuffed with small pull back animals that run when you let them go. They are adorable looking and cute. These are suitable for children 3 years and up. No batteries are n... read more »

Perfect for parties or just play!

31 Jan, 2021
These children's necklace and bracelet sets are absolutely perfect for a child's party or Easter Basket or anything you can think of. These are well made with acrylic beads that are smoothe an... read more »

Great headbands!

31 Jan, 2021
These unicorn headbands are just so cute! They have soft elastic bands so they don't pull your hair, and magical beautiul unicorn horns and ears so you can be a unicorn, you know? like the saying... read more »

educational and fun

29 Jan, 2021
This 6 piece do it yourself Easter craft kit is something that your child will love. My four year old grand daughter loves to do crafts and this would be very easy for her. No glue needed, it has self... read more »

Fun for all

29 Jan, 2021
This remote control stunt car is great fun for the whole family! This thing can do flips and turns in 360 degrees, is waterproof and has headlights! It is beautiful to watch in action! My 11 year old... read more »

A great set!

26 Jan, 2021
This little 39 piece clay accessory set is great! There are so many pieces that more than one child can use it at the same time. It works well with all kinds of clay for the kids. This is of course go... read more »

Fuzzy and adorable!

26 Jan, 2021
These little wind up plush rabbit toys are so cute! You wind them up and they hop around. They are perfect for Easter baskets. I have a ton of grand kids so that is where these are going to be put! Th... read more »

very useful!

26 Jan, 2021
These plastic bags are so useful! there are 100 of them and they fit perfectly into my bathroom garbage can. I have a small can and it works nicely, I love the fact that it ties up with a drawstring!... read more »

So cute!

26 Jan, 2021
These easter glasses are adorable and cute! They are a high grade paper and mostly just for play or props for picture taking, but they are cool and the kids will love them! Whether you just give them... read more »

So cute and functional!!!

22 Jan, 2021
These little wooden spoons are so cute! There are ten of them in the set, and you could use them for so many things. I have decided that I will decorate them with embellishments and use them on the je... read more »

so cute!

22 Jan, 2021
These 30 piece girls hairclips are absolutely adorable! My four year old granddaughter loves them! I am so glad I got them. Since there are so many when she loses them, I will have replacements. These... read more »

love it!

18 Jan, 2021
These hard wax beans are fantastic for doing my own waxing. It is definitely cheaper than going to a salan. These work great in a wax melter, and if you have the fabric strips you are in business! The... read more »

Great gift set

18 Jan, 2021
This 2 piece velvet makeup sponge and kabuki foundation brush set is really awesome for giving to someone as a gift! Of course you could keep it, or get two of them! These are great high quality and l... read more »

Beautiful and realistic!

18 Jan, 2021
These 4 piece artificial blue peony silk flowers are so beautiful! They look very real. I will be able to use them for so many things. I love to make baskets for around my house that look like cut flo... read more »

Great set!

13 Jan, 2021
These doll clothes for an 18inch doll is such a beautiful set! Yes, it fits my grand daughters doll, and she is so happy. It was great to see that excitement and smile. These are made well and are ver... read more »

PT in a bag

13 Jan, 2021
This 6 piece set of hand and arm strengtheners, is perfect for doing physical therapy at home. I had surgery on my hand and need to get teh wrist and thumb, as well as the arm back in shape. These are... read more »

Perfect set for spring

13 Jan, 2021
This expandable 25 foot garden hose and all the accessories is a perfect set for this Spring when I have to start maintanence on my yard. I love that this hose shrinks when I turn off the water, and t... read more »

Best gift ever!

13 Jan, 2021
This 24 piece mini pull back and go car set is simply the best gift ever! My grandson has a car mat that has a town and roads and he has a lego set which he built a car garage. so now these cars have... read more »

Great for a workout!

10 Jan, 2021
These fingerless workout gloves are comfortable and sturdy. I needed something for my hands while I am lifting weights, they get blisters. These gloves prevent that. They are easy to get on and comfor... read more »

Perfect for emergencies!

06 Jan, 2021
These adult disposable waterproof pack of ten rain ponchos are going in my camping gear! They are absolutely perfect for emergencies. How many times have you got caught in the rain and it ruined your... read more »


05 Jan, 2021
This letter name necklace is beautiful. I bought this for my granddaughter to wear and she was ecstatic! It is classy and durable. I love the design. I will be thinking about getting some more for all... read more »

A great set!

03 Jan, 2021
This 75 piece necklace making set is awesome and perfect for the beginner who is going to want to learn, or even the adult who wants to just craft. I got this set for my daughter because she wants to... read more »

Perfect set!

03 Jan, 2021
This alphabet hewelry making silicone mold set is awesome! I bought it for my daughter, who is trying to break into the Etsy scene, and going to craft shows. She loves it and it is so versatile! She c... read more »

Perfect in our RV

02 Jan, 2021
These disposable wooden utensil set is perfect for putting in our RV. I love the fact that when I am done I can either burn them in the camp fire or when I throw them out the are biodegradable and won... read more »

good quality but run small

02 Jan, 2021
These workout gloves are very nice. However, they do fit a bit tight. I used their measuring chart and ordered the size that should fit, and they do fit but are tight on my hands. I am hoping they wil... read more »

A nice set for an adventurous child!

29 Dec, 2020
I have a bunch of adventurous children, so this outdoor explorer kit with binoculors, compass. magnifying glass, butterfly net and more, will be just the ticket. Spring will come and bring the bugs th... read more »

Such a cute set!

25 Dec, 2020
My four year old grandaughter loves this princess dress up set. It has the crown, gloves, a jewelry set and a magic wand.. The are meant to be a costume or play for dress up and go so very well with t... read more »

A very nice set!

25 Dec, 2020
This Worksite 8V cordless Drill and household tool set is a very nice set! I was absolutely amazed at the quality of the tools. The hammer is full sized and all of the tools that are in the durable ca... read more »


20 Dec, 2020
These DIY spider robot STEM toys are amazing! The 16 year old grandsons love them! I love to see them doing something other than looking at their phones or playing video games! These are large and fun... read more »

Clear and fit well!

19 Dec, 2020
These 2 pair of safety glasses are awesome! They are very clear and easy to see through and they fit really well! The elastic straps are adjustable and comfortable. The glasses are designed to fit ove... read more »


19 Dec, 2020
This chunky bubblegum necklace and bracelet is so beautiful! My four year old granddaughter is over the moon with it! It was supposed to be a Christmas gift but gramma couldn't wait. It is durable... read more »

Perfect size!

19 Dec, 2020
When you don't have a lot of space, a mini desktop air purifier is absolutely perfect! We not only have allergies year round, but also COPD, so having purified air will help with all of that! I am... read more »


18 Dec, 2020
I was expecting another cheap replica of Police badge and handcuffs, but these are very sturdy and durable, and look like they will stand up to some wear and tear. Perfect since I have a grandson that... read more »

brilliant colors!

18 Dec, 2020
This set of 24 oil coloring pencils are beautiful and go onthe paper so easy! The colors are brilliant . They come presharpened and ready to use, which makes them a perfect gift for the artist in your... read more »


18 Dec, 2020
I love these mini sisal now frost trees! They are in various sizes so I can use them for so many different things! I Like to do 3D art and some of these will be for ethat, I am also using some of thes... read more »

So much fun!

17 Dec, 2020
This remote control stunt car is so much fun! The kids have been playing with it non-stop since I opened it! It has lights and music, and rotateing 360 degree turns. I love that this is a wireless tec... read more »

Totally love this!

15 Dec, 2020
I absolutely love this 20 piece stencil set! It can be used for everything from scrapbooking, to window art, to card making! I used mine to make a christmas table cloth for our family get together bet... read more »

Wonderful set!

15 Dec, 2020
This coaster resin mold is fantastic! It looks like a cut geode once you pour the resin in and use some of the different colors. I used a toothpick to mix and swirl the colors around. I loive this mol... read more »

very nice set!

15 Dec, 2020
This is the perfect set for DIY diamond painting! My daughter is really into that and it just seemed like it was so much harder than it needed to be. i saw this accesory set and immediately thought it... read more »

This is great

13 Dec, 2020
This 7 pack of glitter rose gold sweet 16 cake topper and accessories is just perfect! My granddaughter is turning 16 soon and I will definitely use this! This comes with a beautiful Happy Sweet 16 ca... read more »


13 Dec, 2020
This 3 pieces box mold are perfect for making gifts.. I can see ring boxes and gift boxes and jewelry boxes for my young grandaughters. There really are endless possibilities! The only thing stopping... read more »


09 Dec, 2020
This Autumn harvest maple leaf wreath is so beautiful! It came ready to hang and that is exactly what I did! I have all kinds of Holiday decor to use but I have never had something that would be perfe... read more »

these are great

06 Dec, 2020
These inflatable drink holders are fantastic! I might not use them a lot now, but summer will be great for the pool and parties! I was going to use them for our annual family get together for Christma... read more »

My dog loves it and it keeps her busy!

27 Nov, 2020
This double suction cup dog treat chew toy is really awesome! It works great for indoors on my wooden floors, and keeps my active furbaby very busy. I put in a few small treats and she spends a long t... read more »

Such a fun mini drone!

24 Nov, 2020
This flying ball mini dron is so fun and cute! The kids love it! It is easy for even my youngest to use and she is 4. Of course it still requires some supervision because she will manhandle it and bre... read more »

These are wonderful

16 Nov, 2020
These alphabet letter iron on embroidery patches are so cute! So many possiblillities for these. You could make letter keychains, or put initials on hats decorate clothes, and the choices are endless!... read more »

This is adorable!

16 Nov, 2020
This mini metal supermarkert shopping cart is absolutely adorable! I got it for my daughter, and she is going to love it! I have already been playing with it on my computer desk. The wheels roll perfe... read more »

Perfect collection

13 Nov, 2020
This 60 piece assorted embroidered patches is the perfect collection for redoing old clothes and making them look new. I love to do crafts and now I can get crafty with my clothes. Also I could make t... read more »

Just made my job easier!

02 Nov, 2020
This quick connect winch wire harness for connecting the battery power to my winch, just made my job a lot easier! Now instead of all the hassel I have been having to connect power to my winch I cna i... read more »

Very cute!

02 Nov, 2020
These six burlap Christmas ornaments are absolutely adorable! I have decided to use them on packages when I wrap them, like hostess gifts or gifts i am giving to a friend, and it will be like getting... read more »

perfect for card making

30 Oct, 2020
These 7 piece plastic stencils are perfect for using for card making! Now I can stencil beautiful cards and gift tags.  They are washable and the stencils are large enough to use with pens or pen... read more »

fun to DIY

29 Oct, 2020
These 6 plain wood nesting dolls are going to be super fun to make with my grandkids. I am looking forward to designing them with them and then having them for years to come! The wood is very soft and... read more »

Adorable and functional

29 Oct, 2020
These mini wooden rolling pins are absolutely adorable! They are the perfect size for my four year old grand daugter to use. Since they come in a bunch of different colors, even my grandsons can use t... read more »

I needed these!

27 Oct, 2020
These fog light wiring harness connectors are exactly what I needed! i got some fog lights a while back but the did not come with the wiring harnesses! These will do the job! They are very durable and... read more »

Fantastic puzzle

25 Oct, 2020
This 35 piece jumbo puzzle is perfect for my younger grand kids.. The love that it is so big it can actually be seen. Like one of them said "look gramma like real ife!" it is a great toy to... read more »

Very cool mask!

22 Oct, 2020
This LED Purge mask is really very cool! It lights up and looks awesome in the dark. I thought it would be hard to see out of while it was lit, but that was not the case. It is easy to use, easy to we... read more »

Great for making my own lip gloss!

16 Oct, 2020
Now that I have these 50 pieces of empty lip gloss containers i can make my own lip gloss at home and save a lot of money! I can make these as gifts and stocking stuffers too. Remember folks, Christma... read more »

Great decorations!

15 Oct, 2020
These 24 piece gold and red holly leaves are super cool! I can do so much with them. I have an idea to use them on a white Christmas cake and put them on the cake around the bottom for decoration. I a... read more »

Gorgeous set for my nails!

13 Oct, 2020
This beautiful butterfly nail art stickers and holographic glitter is gorgeous and perfect for my nails! I have really gotten into doing nail art recently adn find that it is fun and soothing. It also... read more »


10 Oct, 2020
This bow was way bigger than I thought! I don't know why I thought it would be about head size but it is huge enough to put on my front door and that is exactly where it is going for Christmas dec... read more »

Functional and cute!

09 Oct, 2020
These five wooded cooking utensils have Christmas designs etched into them and are adorable! It is so hard to find good wooden utensils theses days, that I was super excited to find these! I will of c... read more »

Simply adorable!

30 Sep, 2020
This Gnome pl;ysh doll is so gorgeous. It is soft and looks like a white gnome santa! It has a heavy bottm so it can be set on a mantle or table.. Mine is going in the back of my Christmas pickup! He... read more »

This is fantastic

30 Sep, 2020
These coconut charcoal hookah coals are very dense and perfct for staying lit in my hookah. The box they came in is perfect for storage and the coals are heavier than I thought they would be.&nbs... read more »

A very nice set!

25 Sep, 2020
This set of 24 soft core coloring pencils is great for my adult coloring books. i like to spend hours of relaxation time coloring beautiful pictures. These help me do that. The colors are very vivid a... read more »

This is what I needed!

20 Sep, 2020
My phone is always crowded with videos and pictures and audio. With this I can download and store them on here and have it transferred to my PC and then to my external storage I use for all of that. I... read more »

Perfect for my crafts!

20 Sep, 2020
Thislalphabet mold for resin molding is perfect for making keychains for my family for stocking stuffers, and for my friends as gifts.. There are so many other uses that i can think of like letters fo... read more »

These are great!

16 Sep, 2020
These 10 item clothes for a male doll is perfect! My poor granddaughter was putting all the girl clothes on her male doll and they just didn't fit.. He was really cute in all the ball gowns, but n... read more »

very handy set

13 Sep, 2020
This leak proof travel bottle set is very handy for travleing. I can take my shampoo and condition, body wash and lotion and some face cream and toothbrushes in one handy cary bag. It all zips togethe... read more »

Perfect for sketching

13 Sep, 2020
This elastic two finger glove is absolutely perfect for me when i do my sketches. Now I don't drag my hand across the sketch and smudge it or get the black pencil on my hand and get it elsewhere o... read more »

Going to use these as gifts

13 Sep, 2020
These unfinished wooden Christmas ornaments are wonderful! There are 12 different styles to choose from. You can make sets to give away if you want. I decided that I would use them (after I have paint... read more »

great gift idea!

13 Sep, 2020
These golf ball pick up tools are super easy to carry with you in your golf bag and very easy to use. I gave one to my son who golfs all the time, and he said he was excited aobut it. He wa going to p... read more »

Beautiful dog scarf

13 Sep, 2020
This dog bandana is absolutely beautiful! My lab did not mind it at all and i was super impressed witth the quality of the material and stitching. It ties on and it stayed on until i wanted it off. Th... read more »

A great start to santa outfit!

10 Sep, 2020
This three piece Santa beard, hair, hat and glasses set is really awesome! I will be using these for our childrens Christmas party. I love the quality of these items! I put it on as soon as I got it a... read more »

Great for the kids!

01 Sep, 2020
I love these Ice cream molds! The kids like to help me make ice cream popsicles and they are fun as well as cool for the hot summer days! Thee easy to use molds are great for making your own frozen po... read more »

Perfect for my autistic grandson

21 Aug, 2020
These 12 piece stretchy string fidget toys that glow in the dark are perfect for my autistic grandson! He has a very tactile response to most things, and has trouble sitting still.. these kinds of toy... read more »

This works great!

20 Aug, 2020
I love this electric beard straightner comb! It doesn't overheat my husbands hair and it works really great! His scraggly beard that was driving both of us nuts, is not nice and neat and looks rea... read more »

These are perfect!

17 Aug, 2020
Theswe thank you cards are absolutely perfect. i like to end a thank  you when i get a gift and sometimes just to say thank you for a phone call or text or something that makes me feel special. T... read more »


15 Aug, 2020
This musical Christms tie is absolutely adorable! It plays Jingle bells when you push the button in the tie. It is made of beautiful silky material with ornament decorations on it. It is a classy tie... read more »

So much fun!

13 Aug, 2020
These St. PAtricks day temporary tattoos are really great! Some of these I will definitely keep until st. Patricks day when it rolls around again, as I don't feel they are kid appropriate, however... read more »

So cute!

13 Aug, 2020
These Cinco De Mayo temporary tattoos are adorable! My grandkids love them and there are a lot of them! Even though it is past May 5th, they will enjoy putting them on and playing  and that is wh... read more »

Perfect size

13 Aug, 2020
These little pully block stainless steel pullys are the perfect size for what i was looking for.. We use them for fishing on our boat.. for big lines. and they are also useful for rigging the cables i... read more »

Very nice doll outfits

11 Aug, 2020
I am getting a bunch of doll outfits together for my granddaughter. This will be her first doll and outfits, so I want her to have as many as possible, adn also something that is a good quality and wi... read more »

Flying good fun!

11 Aug, 2020
These magic flying butterflies are so much fun! I had all of us stand and do these at once and leet them go into the ait, What a beautiful sight it was! The kids had a blast playing with them over and... read more »

Spooky fun!

11 Aug, 2020
This door cut5ain is super spooky and fun looking for Halloween! I need something like this for when my grandkids come over and we have our Halloween party. This is just the ticket. Not only does this... read more »


09 Aug, 2020
These magic flying butterflies are rubberband powered adn simply adorable! Thee are perfect for a party or just keeping the kids entertained during this virus. They get so tired of being cooped up I a... read more »

Awesome clothes for the doll!

05 Aug, 2020
This 5 sets of random doll clothes for the 11.5 inch doll are wonderful. There are outfits and shoes, and if your child has a girl doll these will make them very happy. These are a good quality and ve... read more »

A great set!

05 Aug, 2020
This sleep essential oil set is perfect as a gift or just to have for your aromatherapy. These scents are all great stress relievers, with eucalyptus and peppermint also being great for helping you br... read more »

These are great!

04 Aug, 2020
This set of bottles with the spray tops are terrific! There are three 2oz bottles and six 1oz bottles and there are 2 funnels for filling them up and several labels so you can keep track of what you h... read more »

My grandkisds love these!

02 Aug, 2020
These led gloves are so much fun to wear.. The grandkids love to play with them in the dark! they wave their hands around in the dark and watch the cool patterns.. I love that they have fun but mostly... read more »

Great Christmas Party Game

01 Aug, 2020
Theis inflatable reindeer antler ring toss game is absolutely fantastic for a Christmas party! It can be inflated and played and then deflated and put away for next year! A great value! it is really c... read more »

Great for gifts!

31 Jul, 2020
These mini black candy cauldrons are absolutely perfect for stuffing with candy and giving as gifts at a halloween party or just for fun to your childs friends! I will have them full of candies and se... read more »

Super Cute!

31 Jul, 2020
This little Gnome in a bunny hat is so cute! It can stand up on a shelf or on the floor or on a counter. Apparently gnomes are protective of your family, soI am sure this one is wearing a disguise so... read more »


31 Jul, 2020
This swedish Bunny Gnome is absolutely adorable! It will most definitely be part of my Easter decorations every year, and just maybe I will leave it out all year long! It is well made and cute. and It... read more »

a lot of fun!

30 Jul, 2020
The grandkids are having a blast with this sand art kit! So many colors to choose from and lots of paper cards to use! The kids were l;aughing and having a great time and some of the art is just plain... read more »

So fun and pretty!

28 Jul, 2020
My granddaughter just got her first barbie doll! I saw these snow princess doll clothes and had to have them! She is so into Frozen (trademark) right now that I couldn't resist. They are silky and... read more »

So fun!

27 Jul, 2020
These pull back airplanes in two varities are so much fun! My autistic grandson loves them! He loves the pull back action on them and it's easy for him to do. I love the bright colors and the good... read more »

This was perfect!

25 Jul, 2020
I bought this magnetic dry erase whiteboard withthe letters and markers for my autistic grandson for his birthday. The magnetic letters is how he communicates, and he loves to just draw. This way he c... read more »

My granddaughter loved it and so did I!

25 Jul, 2020
This poncho for kids is amazing! I knew it said it was fabric, but I didn't realize how good a quality it would be! I got it for my 3 year old granddaughter to play dress up with because she is al... read more »

They look so real!

24 Jul, 2020
These artificial acorns, are the most real looking fake things I have ever seen! I love them and can think of a million things to do with them from decor during the fall to crafts that I make, just ha... read more »

The perfect gift

22 Jul, 2020
This retro handheld game console with rechargeable batteries and 400 preloaded games is a perfect gift for my adult son who loves all the old games. He plays some of the new ones but loves the older s... read more »

Cute and comfortable

15 Jul, 2020
These red and white striped socks and arm warmers are super cute! The material is comfortable. These can be worn for any occasion, and will be great with my Christmas outfit. They stay up nice and don... read more »

fun and useful!

14 Jul, 2020
These UV/Flashlight 2 packs are awesome. I gave one to my grandson and he is having a ball lighting up his room and watching how the UV changes everthing. I guess I will have to get him some posters!&... read more »

quality molds!

08 Jul, 2020
The 3 piece coaste molds for casting in rsin are quality and exactly what I was looking for! I love working with resin and these will be wonderful crafts to make and give away. These demold easily and... read more »

great for gifts!

06 Jul, 2020
This 12 pieces resin mold set with the wooden frames is perfect for me. I can make gifts with htenm, and they are just t he right size for a beginner. The litt le wodden frame molds look awesome on a... read more »

perfect for a garden party!

29 Jun, 2020
These 10 bunches of artificial grapes in a variety of colors are perfect for a garden party or a wine party! You could put them on an arbor or an arch for a wedding also. I have a million ideas of wha... read more »


29 Jun, 2020
This handcrank wooden music box is gorgeous! It says "you are my sunshine" inside the lid and the music is lovely! The decorations on the box are stunning and make this a perfect gift for my... read more »

great for organizing my thread!

27 Jun, 2020
This 60 spoolk wodden thread holder is awesome! It has legs that fold out so that it will set ona table like an easle. You can hang it on the wall if you would rather, which is what I plan on doing wi... read more »

Super cool and fun project

26 Jun, 2020
This 3D color puzzle is a blast! It is sturdy and fun to color then put together. It comes with 12 color pens so that you can get to work right away! Of course since I do a lot of art I have a massive... read more »

a lot of paper

24 Jun, 2020
This is a lot of kraft paper. it is usefulfor so many things. I love it for the grandkids to draw on when they come over. I have them make their own placemats and then they can eat on them at night or... read more »


23 Jun, 2020
16 absolutely gorgeous fabric iron on butterfly patches! I am going to have a ball with these! I already know that I am going to make cards and use these as decorations, and that will make the card a... read more »

Wow this is a lot of bracelets!

14 Jun, 2020
This package has 55 zipper bracelets in a variety of colors that can be given to girls or boys! These are perfect for a party or giving to a classroom or a girlscout troop. I am going to do a little o... read more »

So Life like!

14 Jun, 2020
This beautiful 6 foot eucalyptus garland is very life like. I am hanging it in my kitchen over my sink. I love the way it brightens my room and gives the appearance of plants andn I don't have to... read more »

Great fun for indoors!

11 Jun, 2020
I really love this fourteen inch dart board with the sticky ball darts! This is perfect to have in the house for the kids to play with while they are being isolated. Heck, even the adults have been ge... read more »

Bring me back to my childhood

11 Jun, 2020
These ice cream shooter toys bring me back to when I was a child! My grandkids seem to sure enjoy them! The are great for a party gift or even stocking stuffers for Christmas. The foam ball is light a... read more »

These are great!

07 Jun, 2020
This set of 500 scratch papers and some scratch sticks, all in a box to keep them together are perfect for the kids! The papers are about 3 x 2 and perfect for the kids to make ornaments or little gif... read more »

These are so adorable!

07 Jun, 2020
These 18 piece sequin reversable keychains are absolutely adorable! They are quality and very classy! The sequins reverse color and become even cuter if that is even pissible! They have a key ring on... read more »

Super fun!

03 Jun, 2020
I love this little detective card/board game. It is for table tops. It is really fun fo rall of us although my younger grandchildren love it a lot. We play with them so they can feel like part of the... read more »

Perfect for my autistic grandchild!

03 Jun, 2020
These 300 piece soft and colorful pom poms are perfect for my autistic grandchild! She loves the tactile feel of them and they help calm her down. You can use them for anything, including crafts.. She... read more »

This is great!

02 Jun, 2020
This is a super cool set! I got it for my house bound grandkids to have something to do besides video games! They love it! They can create beautiful pictures and give them to someone and feel proud ab... read more »

a bit small

01 Jun, 2020
This is a beautiful piece of fabric, that would work well as a mask for a child or an adult with a small head. I could barely pull it over my head and once on I felt like it was strangling me.. Howeve... read more »

These are so cute!

29 May, 2020
I love these little ice cream pens! They are colorful and bright, and work well.. Cuter than cute! They are plastic and fairly large so easy to hold. They are different enough that you won't have... read more »

Beautiful princess set!

21 May, 2020
This six piece princess dress up set is gorgeous! I bought 2. one for my little girl to play with and one for halloween. She thinks being a princess is the bomb! This set makes her feel and look just... read more »

Fun fun fun!

21 May, 2020
This neon light up wire with a battery pack is so much fun to play with! I have so many ideas of what I am going to do with it.. Make a picture frame that lights up. make fake flames that light up for... read more »

Super fun

21 May, 2020
I love this adult party game. It is made for 4-10 players that are at least 17 years old. It is a kind of game I have a whole collection  of. "In (which) God we trust" and it keeps us e... read more »

This is a very useful lighter!

21 May, 2020
This waterproof arc lighter is awesome! It will go with us when we go camping in the motorhome, or hiking, but for the meantime it is being used for everything from lighting candles to outdoor firepit... read more »

super fun!

15 May, 2020
This twenty-six piece pool set with diving and floating toys is great! My young grandkids love it! They can dive to the bottom of the pool and catch them off the bottom or throw to each other and play... read more »

Really cute!

12 May, 2020
These silver glitter gloves for child and adult are super cute! They could be worn for a costume or a dance outfit. They are going in our halloween costume box with all the other things we have in the... read more »

Fun for making neon crafts!

12 May, 2020
These fifteen foot long wire lights with their battery powered box are so much fun to make things out of! I have so many ideas, like making picture frames with a light or just a sign of light, maybe d... read more »

Terrific for jewelry making!

12 May, 2020
These word charms, eighty-four pieces of silver engraved charms, with motivational words, are super cool for making necklaces or charm bracelets, or using in scrapbooks or on homemade frames, or whate... read more »

So cute!

12 May, 2020
This princess dress up six piece gold set is just beautiful and cute! My three year old granddaughter loves it and wears it with her princess dress.. It is made of plastic so it is very light weight.... read more »

Makes sand play a blast!

11 May, 2020
Right now we can't go use our foldable beach bucket and beach toys at the actual beach but we can use it in the back yard in the dirt. It has most definitely kept the kids busy and their imaginati... read more »

Really fun game!

11 May, 2020
This balancing tower ice cream stacking game is super fun! Right now we desperately needed something different to play and keep our mind away from the pandemic. This is doing the job! What fun! Bright... read more »

These are adorable!

06 May, 2020
I got this 12 pack of paper fans to use as stocking stuffers for our family Christsgiving celebration that we do every year. These are absolutely adorable! Yes they are paper adn eventually will get t... read more »

These are so cute!

02 May, 2020
This mini 12 piece construction vehicle set is adorable! They are very durable and perfect for the boys (and my girl) to play with outside, or in the house. They are making roads nd play mats out of c... read more »

fun for the grandkids

02 May, 2020
This is a great beach sand toy set. There are 8 pieces for the kids to use when we go to the ocean, or if we go to a park that has sand. Right now they seem to be having a blast using it in the dirt a... read more »


02 May, 2020
This will so much fun to do! I love this Explosion box set! I am looking forward to putting it toogether and using it. Maybe for mother's day or maybe for father's day! I will use it with my h... read more »

handy key set

22 Apr, 2020
These 10 piece allen wrench key sets are wonderful for my in car tool set that I am putting together. There have been many a time I needed one and of course they don't come in standard tool sets!... read more »

Very handy

22 Apr, 2020
These canvas zipper pencil bags are super handy for a lot of different things! I am using them for pencils (colored for the grandkids) and makeup, a handy emergency touch-up kit, and also nail items l... read more »

Beautiful in the sun!

17 Apr, 2020
These 3 piece crystal ball suncatchers are really beautiful when the sun hits them. They give off a prismatic rainbow effect that lights up the room and makes me smile! i have one in 3 different rooms... read more »

Really great eggs

14 Apr, 2020
I got this 20 piece easter eggs with plush bunnies, and a 4 piece with large plush bunnies, for my grandsons that I cannot see this Easter.. I had them shipped to their house and dad hid them for them... read more »

Small but cute

04 Apr, 2020
These 3 piece mini donkey pinatas are super small.. I really don't see my kids hitting them with a bat to break them open. They fit in the palm of my hand. I will most likely use then for table pa... read more »

Wonderful all in one!

04 Apr, 2020
This 12 in 1 multi tool is fantastic! It has a case that can be put on your belt to carry it so you will have it any time you need it. It is great for your car or when camping. I am going to keep it i... read more »

Wonderful toy!

29 Mar, 2020
This flying ball is the hit of my house! The kids (and the adults) love the color changing lights and the infrared touch sensor! It is amazing to watch this ball sense something in it's path and c... read more »

Smells so good!

22 Mar, 2020
This 100% Pure & natural lavender essential oil smells wonderful! It is great for my diffuser and makes my house smell like a fresh outdoor boquet of lavender! I also put a couple drops into the w... read more »


18 Mar, 2020
This is for my husbands Ford F250 1971 Pickup. He has tried a few others and they are never big enough. This said it was extra large so I decided to take a chance on it! I am glad I did! This windshie... read more »

These work good!

15 Mar, 2020
A lot of AAA high-power, large-capacity alkaline batteries for a great price. These are going in my battery case wher eI stock extra batteries in case of an emergency.  They have 3 year shelf lif... read more »

Pretty darn cool!

27 Feb, 2020
These temporary tattoos are super cool whether  you are a kid or an adult! They go on easy enough and stay on fairly well. Waterproof, meaning they won't just come off immediately when you ar... read more »


27 Feb, 2020
These 3D luminous butterfly wall stickers are gorgeous! They look so real on my childs wall and really do glow at night after we turn out the lights. Perfect as a night light without the electricity!... read more »

super cool stickers!

15 Feb, 2020
These waterproof vinyl stickersare super adorable! They stick on my wterbottle but also on my phone and phone case! Since there are so many things tht we have that are alike in this house, these make... read more »

A beautiful gift for my son

06 Feb, 2020
My son loves his stainless steel son necklace that I gave him! It is sturdy and it doesn't look showy which he prefers. He was overwhelmed when he saw it and That made me feel great! The dog... read more »

classy looking!

04 Feb, 2020
This crystal bracelet is very classy looking! It comes in different color gem stones too.. This would make a great gift for any young lady or daughter, or friend.. It is pretty and delicate looking on... read more »

Eco Friendly and very useable!

29 Jan, 2020
Yes, there are a lot of things we could do to help our earth to survive.. One of them is the plastic we use. So to do my part I ordered these! I carry one with me in my purse all the time. So whenever... read more »

Great for my young granddaughter!

17 Jan, 2020
This 8MP digital camera with the soft silicone shell to protect it is wonderful for a small child! I am giving this to my little granddaughter. She will love it. She wants to use everyones phones to t... read more »

Perfect for the workshop

17 Jan, 2020
This 115 in 1 magnetic screwdriver bit set, with precision hand working tools in a case, is perfect for the workshop. It is also perfect for a dozen different things I can think of. It has just about... read more »

works great!

17 Jan, 2020
This lumbar back support that has massage points in it is great for both the car and my office chair. Of course I only got to use it the one time in the car and office before my husband notice how com... read more »

Makes beautiful designs!

29 Dec, 2019
These neon rainbow colored glitter dots are perfect for putting on my gel nails. I use them on top of the polish and have gorgeous designer nails without the cost of the salon! Love it! But I also lov... read more »


29 Dec, 2019
These silk red envelope bags are beautiful! They can be used for so many things, including putting gift cards inside. Put in some money and give as a gift, which is what I got them for or just as a st... read more »

Beautiful set!

27 Dec, 2019
This Tibetan meditation singing bowl is not only beautiful, it is perfect for learning to be peaceful in the soul. I got this for my Zen son, the one that was born too late and should have been a gyps... read more »


27 Dec, 2019
These western photo booth props are great for the beginning photographer! We got these for my granddaughter, who got a camera for christmas. The first thing she did was put them together and start tak... read more »

Great Set!

26 Dec, 2019
This professional grade tweezer set is great for all of the things you will need them for. I love them! I have already used them to pluck my eyebrows and get splinters out of my families hands and fee... read more »

soft and warm

13 Dec, 2019
This plush fleece blanket is very nice for a lap blanket when I am watching TV. It is the season of cold and this is the blanket of warm. It is soft and comfortable, and very nice to look at too. This... read more »

Very Handy!

11 Dec, 2019
This silicone infant/toddler bip clip is super handy. The title is a little confusing because it isn't a disposable clip it is a clip for disposable bibs! Which, makes it VERY handy to have! I thr... read more »

Playfully fun!

11 Dec, 2019
tlight up jingle bell necklaces are adorable! The balls are fairly large so it is easy to see them.  They light up with different modes, so it is steady, or blinking and is a bgreat necklace to w... read more »


11 Dec, 2019
These 2 inch book binder rings are perfect for holding my notes or crafting with. I use them at the top of a large bunch of papers and then they are held together. It also works great to hold some of... read more »

Beautiful hat!

11 Dec, 2019
This Christmas light up beanie hat is well made and beautiful! When I first got it I thought it had a dead battery. It wouldn't light up no matter how I pushed the button. It said it came with 2x... read more »

Nice gauge!

07 Dec, 2019
This digital tire pressure gauge is really nice to have. I keep mine in the tools that I carry at all times in the trunk of my car. It has a light so you can easily read the pressure. It has 4 ranges... read more »


07 Dec, 2019
This 32 blade feeler gauge set is perfect for my automotive tools set. When you are working on a car and putting the engine back together you have to be very precise on your measurements. A miss gappe... read more »

Very nice set!

07 Dec, 2019
This knife and flashlight multifunctional 15 in 1 knife with LED 5 mode flashlight is a great set! I love having both to use when I need them, camping hiking or at home. This makes a perfect gift also... read more »

Handy and durable

06 Dec, 2019
This high-performance steel blade folding pocket knife is perfect for throwing in my bag or pocket and going. Whe I go camping or hiking I love having it around! It works great for guttnig a fish, cut... read more »

Warm and fun!

04 Dec, 2019
These 6 pairs of Christmas design socks are fantastic! They keep my feet warm and they are fun to wear. I love getting in the mood for the holidays, but not so much the hubby! SO, this is my way of ch... read more »

Perfect for long car rides

04 Dec, 2019
This drawing board for kids is great! It has 8 pages to draw on and pens that are included. It is portable becaue everything fits inside a zipper case. This is what I bring along for my 3 year old to... read more »

Kid loves them!

04 Dec, 2019
My kid loves these LED light up gloves. They glow like a skeleton when they are lit up and make their hands look cool, all while keeping their hands warm. See that? I managed to find some gloves that... read more »

good for crafts

04 Dec, 2019
This should have been a title of Craft Pipe Cleaners Chenille Stems Colors 300 Pieces for DIY Art Creative (6mm x 12 Inch). Not sure how it ended up being cable ties. However, the pipe cleaners a... read more »

so cool!

24 Nov, 2019
These flashing finger light up gloves for kids were a huge hit with my grandson! They are warm and fun and now he WANTS to put his gloves on! These came with 4 batteries, and are very durable gloves.... read more »

easy to use!

23 Nov, 2019
This long handled pooper scooper is easy to use and easy to assemble. It is a bright green and black so you can see it right away when you are looking for it, making it super easy for my children to f... read more »

Exactly what I needed and wanted!

22 Nov, 2019
This digital voice recorder 16GB voice activated, MP3 recharcheable player and HD Audio recorder with dual intelligent noise reduction microphones is a great little item! Not only can i hear all my mu... read more »

Great backpack!

22 Nov, 2019
This classic computer backpack/bookbag is light weight and water resistant. There is a whole lot of room to put items you wish to carry, including a laptop. The area for the laptop is secure and padde... read more »

Comfortable, stylish and warm!

22 Nov, 2019
These women's colorful casual socks are great! They have comfortable bands around the ankles, they come in beautiful colors that will match any outfit and brighten it up, and they are comfortable... read more »

This is totally rad!

22 Nov, 2019
This RC stunt car is so cool! My grandsons love it and its very durable so I love it! It can do several stunts including a 360 degree flip and turn, and has a wireless remote to use. You Get One... read more »


16 Nov, 2019
This little ball is absolutely the coolest! All I have to do is put my hand out uner it an dit starts flying! whenever It goes to someone, they do the same and it flys up and the color changes. The ba... read more »

Work out bag problem solved!

16 Nov, 2019
This gym bag with shoe compartment is perfect for my work out moments at the gym. I can put my towel, shoes and everything I need into it. It is very durable nylon material, that is water resistant. T... read more »

This is so nice for my trunk

08 Nov, 2019
This trunk organizer with the build in cooler bag is awesome! Now I can organize my trunk and take my pop and cold foods with me when I go on a trip! It is well built and has lots of room for putting... read more »

These are warm and funny

08 Nov, 2019
These novelty crew socks that say "If you can read this..." are warm and non slip, and super funny.. they make great presents for anyone. Just because these say "Men" doesn't m... read more »

A great cover for my airpods case

23 Oct, 2019
This airpods case cover is stylish and pretty. It fits over the charging case I got with my airpods so I can protect them both. The cover still allows for the pods to be charged. It has two clips to m... read more »

fun for my whole family!

23 Oct, 2019
This hover hocky set with the goal , ball and sticks is perfect for us to play with indoors. We have wooden floors and the ball just floats above the floor. it is super easy to make it fly acroos the... read more »

A great heirloom quality chart

23 Oct, 2019
This height and growth chart for kids, is wonderful for using and then putting away, to give to them when they are grown and have kids. It is a wonderful chart to look back on later when they are gone... read more »

These are fantastic!

23 Oct, 2019
These license plate lights for a chevy silverado or suburban, are great! They work fantastic and are easy to install. These make a great gift for someone who has a problem with their license plate lig... read more »

This looks vintage...

23 Oct, 2019
This is a beautiful small wireless speaker , that has a light inside it to illuminate the speaker. It connects wirelessly or with bluetooth and has excellent sound. The speaker is encased in a glassli... read more »

Perfect fall decorations

23 Oct, 2019
These decorations are perfect for this time of year. They are easy to hang, and can be left up from before Halloween to after Thanksgiving. My house will look festive and bright with minimal effort. T... read more »

All in one

01 Oct, 2019
This is a great 7 day pill box organizer! It is an all in one! This has the pill splitter, 7 days of pill organizers a pill crusher and it stores all in one piece for easy on the go! It also comes wit... read more »

perfect for my kitchen!

21 Sep, 2019
My kitchen didn't have a pull up sprayer, so this flexible faucet 360 degree sprayer is perfect! I just added it onto the faucet and have a sprayer. I love it! now I can rinse my plates and dishes... read more »

Great survival bracelet!

16 Sep, 2019
This is a fantastic 8 in 1 paracord survival bracelet! All you would have to do is wear it when you are out hiking and you have the tools you need to survive! I love it. It fits my wrist perfectly and... read more »

great for many things!

12 Sep, 2019
Whether you are a scrap booker, a "you done good" person, or just like to have your house painted with stickers, this is a great pack. This is a value pack for planners, scrap books or... read more »

Perfect to leave in the car!

12 Sep, 2019
This beach blanket and inflatable pillow that folds up really small is perfect to leave in my car. When I need it there it is and I can have something to lie on when we go to the river for picnics. Th... read more »

Looks good and functions well!

12 Sep, 2019
I needed a new toilet bowl brush, for cleaning my toilet. The one I had was shot. i saw this and thought I would give it a try and see .. What the heck right? This durable stainless steel toilet brush... read more »

Nice addition to our costumes!

11 Sep, 2019
We didn't even know what we wanted to be, then I saw this 2 pack with the axe and sickle.. Now we have decided to be 2 different deaths.. He will be in black and I will be in dark maroon. These wi... read more »

perfect flashlight if you have potty problems!

11 Sep, 2019
This is a great UV blacklight flashlight that can detect urine stains from your dog! We have a puppy and she hasn't quite decided that outside is potty place yet. So we find the stains and clean t... read more »

Perfect for my garden!

09 Sep, 2019
I am going to use this for my herb and late summer garden. It is perfect for keeping the plants misted and wet, so they don't dry out and get thirsty. It also is helping to keep the bugs off of th... read more »

Very warm and cool looking socks!

09 Sep, 2019
These winter socks a really warm, they are well made and the design is awesome! They come in a pack of 5 so I have enough to get through the week.. I go barefoot during the weekends! I recommend getti... read more »

Beatuiful jewelry makes a wonderful gift!

09 Sep, 2019
I got this for my daughter as a gift for her birthday. I love it! It is well made and for the price I couldn't believe the quality! I know she is going to love it, I do! The chain is delicate look... read more »

Perfect straw!

23 Aug, 2019
This is a perfect reusable drinking straw, it is stainless steel and collapsible and can be used by and adult or a child. I love that it has a carry case with it so I can just toss it into my bag and... read more »

Cute & Functional!

06 Aug, 2019
These non-slip silicone heat insulation fruit coasters are super adorable! I love how thin they are because when I accidently set my drink down close to an edge it doesn't tip over. They are brigh... read more »

This is a fantastic knife!

26 Jul, 2019
This 5 in 1 hunting tactical Pocket knife and sharpner is not only perfect for outdoor survival it is fantastic for every day use! I love that I can actually carry both and when I feel the knife is ge... read more »

This is gorgeous!

20 Jul, 2019
This real dandelion seed necklace is a glass oval on a strong chain. It is gorgeous! The necklace come beautifully packaged in a nice gift ready box that will be a hit for sure! I love the symbolism a... read more »


20 Jul, 2019
These hookah coal tongs are fantastic! I thought that they were for a habachi when I was ordering them, so that is what I am using them for, since I don't have a hookah!  They would be great... read more »

Very nice to have!

16 Jul, 2019
This 32 blade feeler gauge is perfect for all of my gapping needs! I had a gap gauge that only had 3 guages left, and so this was the perfect replacement! I am so glad I decided I needed this! The fir... read more »

I can hear in the car

16 Jul, 2019
This wireless bluetooth stereo hands-free earphone is great when I get a call in the car! Easy answering so I don't have to worry about distractions, it is comfortable and I can hear the person ta... read more »

I love this one!

16 Jul, 2019
I absolutely love this wireless business bluetooth HD hearphone with the noise cancelation! I can hear who I am talking to, It is easy to turn on and pair, easy to wear and comfortable!  I have t... read more »

Great sound!

16 Jul, 2019
I love the quality sound coming from these wired earphone powerful bass headphones! They make listening to my music at the gym comfortable and fun. I can also answer my phone while working out so its... read more »

this is a nice beach blanket

16 Jul, 2019
I really like this portable pocket beach blanket! It comes with the stakes and a carry pouch so that I can just tuck it away in my trunk or backpack and be ready when i get there.. i am also going to... read more »

a great collection

16 Jul, 2019
This 530 piece solder seal wire connector set is perfect for any job I might ever need it for! I love that it is heat shrink tubing so that I can fit two parts of the wire together and when I heat shr... read more »

super cool!

16 Jul, 2019
This mini handheld dual head personal fan is absolutely cool! It is rechargeable and folds up to take wherever you want to go. Take it out and all you have to do it open it and turn it on.. instant fa... read more »

This is just what I needed!

10 Jul, 2019
This dog nail grinder that is rechargeable, with dog clippers and a nail file is perfect for taking care of all of my dogs nails. I have needed something like this for so long! My small dog is skittis... read more »

This is amazing!

10 Jul, 2019
This Pig color changing coffee mug is so amazing! I love the cute pig design, and it pops up when you pour hot liquid into the cup. Of course you don't have to drink coffee in it, it could be... read more »

Beautiful, functional and fun!

07 Jul, 2019
I love this Cool Bands Triatan Water bottle! This is a gorgeous design, and a fun concept. The arm bands are fun to take off and wear and when I am done I can put them right back on the bottle for saf... read more »

Small and perfect!

20 Jun, 2019
These fit right on the mirrors of our little honda. It is so low to the ground that we have trouble seeing what is behind us, and wanted some extra "eyes". these are perfect! Now there is no... read more »

Nice dark glasses

03 Jun, 2019
Since I have migraines all the time, these will come in very handy. I need dark glasses to block out most of the light, especially if I am trying to drive. These are super dark glasses and I love them... read more »

Great sound!

01 Jun, 2019
This is a fantastic starter musical instrument for my grandkids.. I gave this one to the 11 year old and he was ecstatic! It has great sound, and I am super happy that it comes with a storage bag and... read more »

Harry Potter bracelet is great

20 May, 2019
This Charm bracelet with the deathly Hollows Angel Wings and owls on it  is a very nice bracelet! I know that my daughter who is a dyed in the wool Harry Potter Fan will love this! It has the fly... read more »

Great for the Sole *wink*

20 May, 2019
So just a play on words, but seriously they are great! These fit into my shoes and already wearing them for only a week My feet feel so much better! I wish I had found these sooner. These are gel soft... read more »

very nice!

15 May, 2019
This set of 12 remote controlled tealight candles are super cool! I set them all over my house and I can turn them on or off with the remmote, or set them on a timed schedule to shut off after a certa... read more »

Terrific Diffuser!

13 May, 2019
I needed a diffuser to give to my great-grandsons mother for his room.. This fit the bill! This aromatherapy diffuser/humidifier for essential oils is wonderful! it is a 500ml ultrasonic cool air mist... read more »

Beautiful diffuser and it works great!

13 May, 2019
This glass aromatherapy Diffuser for essential oils is a 120ml ultrasonic diffuser that changes colors to seven different colors. It is gorgeous. I decided I needed one for my livingroom area that wou... read more »

Great scent

13 May, 2019
I love this 10ml bottle of lavender 100% pure essential oil. It works in my aromatherpay diffuser that I also bought, and I also use it with my carrier oil as a roll on. I love the fact the it is so c... read more »

they are seeds

01 May, 2019
I thought it was 20 succulents. Turns out is is a 1/2 by 1/2  inch bag of seeds. I don't have a green thumb. think i will give them to my neighbor who does.  If you are good at growing t... read more »

great for my emergency Go bag!

01 May, 2019
My Survival kit loves this! Well, I do! It is great in my kit, I can use this when i go hiking and or get stuck in the woods! This is small and compact so that I can take it with me without using valu... read more »

Bright and colorful

27 Apr, 2019
These ten piece finger puppet animal puppets are adorable! They make my grandson laugh and that is exactly what I wanted! They are fairly durable and very bright so that they will hold baby's atte... read more »

Great brush for styling my hair

24 Apr, 2019
This Curling comb/brush is perfect for styling hair with or without a hairdryer. It's round design lets me curl my thick wavy hair under or in ringlets, and brushes through my hair with ease. It i... read more »

Handy for holding my plugs

23 Apr, 2019
These Strong non-slip transparent plastic hooks are terrific for holding my plugs from my appliances when I have them unplugged. Now I can put them in this hook and I will know where the plug is and i... read more »

Perfect size for my car

23 Apr, 2019
This reusable coffee cup with lid and non-slip sleeve is perfect for taking with me in my car. I love that is is dishwasher and microwave safe, and BPA free! The lid fits tight so there are no drips,... read more »

a good fast cord

20 Apr, 2019
This USB Cable type C cord is a fast charger! It fits my Samsung Galaxy S9 Great and works wonderfully! I take this one with me to use with my external chargers and the one in the car. My phone charge... read more »

Great sound!

16 Apr, 2019
These In-Ear earbuds are great for listening to my music, They are lightweight so easy to use when I am doing my workout!  They are good quality. They are wired, so if you want bluetooth ones, do... read more »

lightweight and very portable!

15 Apr, 2019
This single/double hammock is a comfortable and lightweight. It is made of durable material and is comfortable to lie in! This comes with the tree straps so that you can use it on the trees and not hu... read more »

Great Type C cord for my phone!

15 Apr, 2019
This USB C fast charging/data transfer cable is great! it is 6 feet long so I don't have to be tied to my outlet. It is lightening quick and even though I bend it a lot hasn't lost nay of it&#... read more »

They will serve the purpose

15 Apr, 2019
These noise cancelling earbuds are wired so you will be stuck to your phone. However, they have a greaat sound and are extremely light weight. The music that plays through them has a nice rich tone, a... read more »

Durable, fast and long

09 Apr, 2019
These 2 OTISA USB C Cables are fast when charging, which makes it very handy to have around if my phone is going dead. I use my phone for my graphics editing and also for a lot of my work. I need a ch... read more »

Great for phone bluetooth

05 Apr, 2019
I was looking forward to getting these, because I sleep with my earpones in.. I wanted some wireless bluetooth ones so that I could not strangle myself with the wires. I do all my meditation at night.... read more »

These are great for my workouts!

20 Mar, 2019
Of course one of my new years resolutions was to lose weight! I joined a gym finally and that is my goal. However, who likes to work out in silence, or the clank and clunk of all the gym equipment? Or... read more »

A marvelous Head set!

14 Mar, 2019
This LED rechargeable headlamp is one of the brightest ones I have owned yet! I love that it has 5 lights in the front. There are different modes for it and you can use it as a pinpoint spotlight! It... read more »

A wonderful MP3/MP4 Player!!

08 Mar, 2019
This 8GB portable MP3/MP4 player is fantastic for many reasons! It is portable for one, it is extremely sturdy for 2, it can shuffle and play your music, it can play video and pictures, and it can pla... read more »

Very Handy to have!

06 Mar, 2019
This Car phone holder makes it very easy to put your phone into it and drive hands free. This works great for me when I want to use it for a GPS or if someone calls me . There are two different ways t... read more »

this is a fun and functional speaker!

03 Mar, 2019
I am extremely happy with this speark. Not only is it a bluetooth, it lights up and becomes a great night light. This way me or the grandkids can listen to music and have a light to sleep by. This is... read more »

Perfect set

02 Feb, 2019
This Nail clipper and file set in a metal tin is the perfect set for traveling ro putting in my purse! They are durable and strong, and the fact that they come in a nice tin to carry them in is an add... read more »

Great for cleaning!

21 Jan, 2019
This advertises as glass cleaner, however, this effervescent spray cleaner does more than that! I used it on my scummy glass stove and it was super bright clean! I haven't been able to get that re... read more »

So much fun!

12 Jan, 2019
This giant bubble wand withthe telescopic design is so much fun! It can get small enough to carry with you, and even comes with a nice velvet carry bag. The kids and I will have a blast this summer wh... read more »

Amazing set!

12 Jan, 2019
This tool kit precision screwdriver set with 33 pieces is absolutly amazing! Not only does it come with an extension and a bendab le extension, it comes with every tip I could ever need for my small f... read more »

Remember when?

12 Jan, 2019
Does anyone remember when you could get spy gear in the mail, or a cereal box? When agent 99 was the coolest? Well I do and i am hoping my grandson will get the fever. These Spy glasses with night vis... read more »

Cool toppers!

11 Jan, 2019
These wooden pencils with soft fuzzy toppers are fun and unique. The kids love them, however, I love them even more. I can keep track of them easier, and the kids love to use them so they don't ar... read more »

works perfect with my vest!

11 Jan, 2019
The Tactical Molle Single Pistol Mag Pouch works perfect with my vest. It is the perfect addition. Was so happy that I could just put it on the vest and go. I use this for both my extra mags if I am o... read more »

Amazong sound!

02 Jan, 2019
These headphones with built in microphone for answering calls, have amazing sound quality. These are wired so they are great when I wear my phone holder on my arm and walk with the dog. In fact they a... read more »

Very portable

01 Jan, 2019
This little kit has got everything tha tI would ever need when I am traveling, and I do that a lot! I love that it is so well organized and also in a very nice sturdy zip case. The colors of the threa... read more »

Very nice MP3 player!

25 Dec, 2018
This 8GB bluetooth HI-FI MP3 player is really nice! It comes in a gift ready box, has a headset and is expandable to 128GB. The SD card is not included, but they are not super expensive so I bought on... read more »

The perfect set!

12 Dec, 2018
These 160 set of wood colored oil based pencils are perfect for anyone who loves to draw or color. I am one of those! There isn't a color that I haven't found yet! I love this set for drawing... read more »

This is awesome!

09 Dec, 2018
This Tactical vest is so nice! It has a whole lot of pockets and some are moveable. The part I love the best is it is adjustable. Right now my husband is a little larger but has been losing weight and... read more »

Colorful and fun!

06 Dec, 2018
This Button Art Toy is cool for either girls or boys.. I got it for my autistic son that is 6.. He is non verbal but very bright and loves hands on. He loves this. It was easy for him to use and he ev... read more »

This is a great collar

03 Dec, 2018
I don't like the idea of shocking my animals with a shock collar. It made me sad to even start looking for one. However, I have never had a dog that was so stubborn and hardheaded as this one. She... read more »

nice headphones!

02 Dec, 2018
This 2 pack of 3.5mm Earphones with microphone built in, and noise cancelling capabilites is a great idea for having extras around. My teenagers are always borrowing mine and forever breaking them or... read more »

Enough fun for hours of play!

02 Dec, 2018
This 307 piece Military Base set with Army men in two different colors has all the accesories my little guy can want! He set up the whole base and had jeeps flying into trees because they were shot by... read more »

These are great!

02 Dec, 2018
These Dinosaur Magic Egg Toys are so cool! The kids love them as special treats when they are good. I gave them to my kids and they loved the opening and surprise of what was inside, as well as the ma... read more »

great instructions

02 Dec, 2018
Great instructions for this 10A Solar charger controller, look on the Amazon item page for some awesome descriptions and instructions too. This is NOT a solar charger it is only for controlling the in... read more »

Great fun!

02 Dec, 2018
These 3D wooden puzzles are really fun to put together and such a joy to see after! My Boys loved them! Now the puzzles are in their rooms as show pieces. They were easy enough to figure out how to pu... read more »

Very bright

01 Dec, 2018
This 64 LED light panel is fantastic for my portrait photography. The hot foot slips in easily.  This packs away in my camera bag. This is very durable and lightweight.  #RankBooster... read more »

Great for my landscaping & Gardening

21 Nov, 2018
These Gardening Hand Pruner Shears are perfect for the small bushes I have around my house! They also work great in the garden for cutting back the plants or harvesting what I have sown. They fit... read more »

Perfect set!

21 Nov, 2018
I love this new bathroom set I got! The exfoliating brush for razor bumps and ingrown hair treatment is easy to hold and easy to clean in the bath or shower. It works great! I use it after I shave now... read more »


16 Nov, 2018
I love these S9 Screen protectors! These 3D curved 9H hardness screen protectors are fantastic.! They are very touch sensitive and easy to install.. That was the nicest part! Since I have had one one... read more »


12 Nov, 2018
These samasung Galaxy S9Plus screen protectors are amazing! They come in a fantastic box that would be perfect for gift giving if you're looking for that hard to find a present for person.. It als... read more »

Love the design!

12 Nov, 2018
This marine cottage design napkin holder is beautiful! I love the design and the fact that it is not only wide enough to hold lots of napkins, but I can put it to use for so many other things! At the... read more »

Functional and gorgeous!

12 Nov, 2018
These 3d unisex crew socks are absolutely stunning! They are exactly what I was looking for! The wolf picture on them is magnificent and stands out right away. The socks are durable and stretchy as we... read more »

This is a very sturdy holster!

12 Nov, 2018
This tactical gear holster for my belt is awesome! It is on the smaller side, so it won't fit my larger pistols, but does fit the smaller ones quite nicely! It is sturdy and will protect my pistol... read more »

Very bright LEDs

12 Nov, 2018
This LED dog collar is magnificent! It is super bright when turned on, has two different modes, single light or flashing, and is really super sturdy. I love that I can recharge the internal batter wit... read more »

great sturdy decoration!

03 Nov, 2018
This web mantle scarf is perfect! I don't have a mantle but I have a table and that is what I used it on. It was great as a decoration and really sturdy. I will be using this again next year! I al... read more »

soft and beautiful!

03 Nov, 2018
This is a very soft and gorgeous scarf! I love the way it feels around my neck, no itchy or scratchy feeling. It is also great with most of my outfits and will make a wonderful addititon to my winter... read more »

The magnets won't stay in

03 Nov, 2018
The magnets were out and loose in the package when i recieved this. I tried putting them back in and wearing them, but then most of the rest of the magnets popped out! The pads are very hard and were... read more »

Perfect for my office!

21 Oct, 2018
I do a lot of scrapbooking and photo cropping to put into frames. This is perfect for that. No more scissors that make uneven lines! LOVE it! So easy and I love that it is portable. Now I can take my... read more »


18 Oct, 2018
These ear buds are perfect combination for the MP4 player I just bought. So now I have high quality earbuds to listen to the music I love. They are really strong and don't break when I accidently... read more »

Three beautiful braclets!

16 Oct, 2018
These three bracelets are gorgeous. They are three different colors so you can wear them with a myriad of outfits, or you could just sepearate them and give out three gifts. They are sturdy and easily... read more »

These are great earbuds

12 Oct, 2018
These lightning headphones with microphone are really nice! I have a small case to put them in and take with me. Now when I want to listen to my music on a long commute I just pop these into the phone... read more »

Great for my landscaping

30 Sep, 2018
This 1.5w dollar powered water fountain pump for bird baths is awesome.  It's small and easy to assemble.  It runs on its own power and it works great.  My landscaping is complete.&... read more »

Functional and gorgeous!

22 Sep, 2018
This is a beautiful and functional magnifier! If world make a fantastic gift or keep it for yourself. It is word look handsome with brass accents and the magnifier is powerful.  I use this f... read more »


22 Sep, 2018
This dual USB car charger is great. it fits in the lighter socket. it has 2 USB ports and it is a lightning-quick charger. If you want a car charger to put a phone to charge on and something else like... read more »

Easy to swallow

19 Sep, 2018
That is the least I can say about this probiaotic! It also has great weightloss benefits that will help me get my diabetes under control, prebiotics and match green tea. This MatchBiotics Pro-15 Organ... read more »

Sturdy, strong and easy to carry along

19 Sep, 2018
This 16ft Retractable dog walking leash is perfect for my 5 month old  puppy. She will be fairly large and I need something that will grow with her. This is durable and the lead is very stro... read more »

Nice wallet for my phone.

19 Sep, 2018
There is plenty of space in this Samsumg Galaxy S9 Wallet case for all my cards and the ID and cash I need to carry! It is sturdy and made of a leather look material. It has a magnetic closure to keep... read more »

Durable and handy

14 Sep, 2018
These stainless steel measuring spoons are so handy! Not only can i use them for all of my baking and cooking needs, they clean up super easy and they are compact and stay together! No more looking fo... read more »

Now I can steam and be healthy!

14 Sep, 2018
We just found out that the hubby has diabetes. So now I get to cook him a lot of fresh vegetables. Steaming is the healthiest way and he will actually eat them. Also this little basket is so durable,... read more »

handy for traveling

06 Sep, 2018
This small and lightweight hair trimmer for nose and ear hair, or grooming a mustache and beard, is going right into my travel kit. It runs on a single AAA battery, so it is vry easy to just pick up a... read more »

These are awesome sunglasses!

06 Sep, 2018
These Raysun Polarized sunglasses are so sweet! They make everything I am seeing look brighter and clearer. I love the way they look and the way they fit! These are great quality. They come with a sof... read more »

Great set for school projects!

01 Sep, 2018
This 48 pack of color pencils comes in a round plastic holder. This is perfect for school projects that the kids need to have. It is durable and they are easy to use right out of the box. They come al... read more »

nice that it is solar and can use plug in also

28 Aug, 2018
this is a big battery bank for your phone charging and also anything else you  might want to charge. of course it will only charge so much on the bigger items, but the phone it will charge mine f... read more »

great item

28 Aug, 2018
if you need some attachments for your air compressor this is a great set. Just be sure they are the right sizes for your hose. If not you might just need to get a fit attachment so they work. They are... read more »

These are great!

28 Aug, 2018
These shorts are super comfortable and easy to work out in. I also just use them for wearing around outside my  house when it is super hot! They look great and fit comfortably! Size was pretty mu... read more »

Perfect for my eyebrows

25 Aug, 2018
These are a very high quality tweezer, with a great slanted tip for pulling and shaping my eyebrows. They work for so much more though! I can get splinters out of the kids hands and feet, I can pull s... read more »

A fun thing to do

25 Aug, 2018
This is something that the kids have found very fun to do. They have competitions with each other to see who can do the most tricks. It is a great item for my autistic child who finds this intriguing... read more »

perfect for our large BBQ

25 Aug, 2018
This is a very large BBQ cover, and is super good quality. The material will hold up outside in the winds and weather a lot better than that last one I had. It has fit adjustments on the ends, which m... read more »

Perfect for my fidgiter!

25 Aug, 2018
I actually got this because I have an autistic child that can't sit still, or kep their attention on anything for long. I needed something that wouldn't freak them out and yet would help them... read more »

Flashy and useful

25 Aug, 2018
This holographic fanny pack is not only pretty, it is very useful! I love the way it looks, not your ordinary fanny pack! It  has enough pockets to keep everything in it that I need while I am ou... read more »

Perfect for my music

23 Aug, 2018
Wonderful and compact, this is perfect for my music when I am just listening to it, or working out. Sometimes I like to just throw it in an arm pouch and listen while I work around the house! This com... read more »

This is wonderful!

14 Aug, 2018
This is a very sturdy cool mist humidifier! It is not too big, but the design makes it stand well and not tip over! I prefer this shape and design to the tall standing ones. It works great and is very... read more »

Elegant and really nice to listen with!

23 Jul, 2018
These are great headphones. Yes, I know they are a plugin, but I actually prefer them that way since I can just put them around my neck and go when I am not using them. They are wood grain look and ve... read more »

It's nice to be able to make a salad all in one

14 Jun, 2018
This isn't as cool as I thought it would be, but it works. I feel like the plastic bowl and the base are rickety, but they didn't fall apart when I was using them to make the salad. I put the... read more »

Great for travleing

14 Jun, 2018
I love this makeup brush set! it is great for traveling or putting in your purse. The roll up case makes it fantastic to keep the brushes clean and net, and all in one place. These are very sturdy mad... read more »

Excellent knife!

14 Jun, 2018
This is by far the best kitchen knife I have ever owned. The knife is super sharp and has a great edge that is easy to keep sharp. It cleans up great, there is no way for food to get into the handle b... read more »

it's nice to be clean

05 Jun, 2018
When we go camping this is a great addition to our gear. It is also a great addition to my bug out bag, even if you are bugging out, you will want to be clean and this solar shower works great for tha... read more »

my dog floats!

05 Jun, 2018
So, I know dogs can swim. However, my river has huge currents and strong ones, these make me very nervous. I almost lost my dog in there because she got tired swimming against the current. She finally... read more »

Gorgeous gift bags

05 Jun, 2018
These are fantastic as gift bags, for putting jewelry or small items in.. They are very durable and beautiful! The embroidery on these is fantastic and very classy.. If you wanted these would also mak... read more »

Super bright

29 May, 2018
These LED fog lights are easy to install and super bright! I decided to put them in the grill of my 1969 Shorty van that I am fixing up. Now when I turn them on I can see for a very long distance in f... read more »

Great for the tactical vest and accessories

29 May, 2018
These durable D-ring clips are perfect for the tactical vest that I have. They lock into place and hold great! They are super durable and easy to use. It is easy to put the extra ones into a side pock... read more »

perfect with my tactical vest

29 May, 2018
These are perfect for my tactical vest and the Molle accessories that I have to go with it. They are durable and easy to use, and super easy to tuck into the pockets fo the vest for use on the run. Th... read more »

Handy to have for replacement

26 May, 2018
We have several water bladders for hiking and such. The one thing on them that fails is the drinking tube bite valve. So having this replacement is a great peace of mind! It is made extremely durable... read more »

Clean and sparkly

26 Apr, 2018
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored  #JCarp I received this at a discount. This is a great addition to my survival gear, and heck let's face it, my camping gear! I love the water bladders tha... read more »

very good for such a small thing!

01 Mar, 2018
This is really a great travel hair styler! I was slightly skeptical at first but decided that the price was right and I had nothing to lose by trying it. It really works! the nice thing about this is... read more »

Even my 68 year old kid loves it!

04 Feb, 2018 This is a fantastic car! I love the lights, music and the acrobatics that it does, it is very entertaini... read more »

This is a super tool and easy to keep with me!

31 Jan, 2018
Since we have been remodeling our home, it seems like for years, I have always been looking for tools that weill be easy to carry with me. This one is something I can put in my pocket and use when I n... read more »

These are great for connecting my speaker to my Echo dot!

31 Jan, 2018
I love my echo dot.. however, it doesn't sound great when it talks or plays music.. So I got a good speaker for it, only to discover I didn't have an aux cord to hook it up with. So, having sa... read more »

Comfortable and clear

28 Jan, 2018
I love this headset! it is comfortable to wear with or without the silicone ear cover and you can hear very clearly on it! Now when my kids call me I can hear them and they can hear me. It seems to ho... read more »

Finally! I can hear my echo dot!

22 Jan, 2018
This is exactly what I needed for my new Echo Dot! Now I will be able to listen to my music and her speaking without trying to figure out what she is saying. This will make my experience with music a... read more »


16 Jan, 2018
This is a perfect set for my daughter to learn to crochet on! She has been wanting to learn, and this has everything she will need to do so. It is in a very nice case that she can carry with her. Thes... read more »

perfect for the car!

16 Jan, 2018
This isn't just a nice tray, it is a fantastic tray! It is perfect for traveling in the car going on a short or a long trip. My grandson loves this! Whe can bring all the stuff that makes him comf... read more »

warm and comfortable!

20 Oct, 2017
These socks are great! I wasn't sure my husband would like them, but he loves them! They are sturdy and look nice, so he can wear them as boot socks or dress socks. He says the great thing about t... read more »

This makes riding at night safer!

04 Jul, 2017
I bought this for my son in law for Father's Day, because he actually owns three Harleys. Although he is a really good rider, it cannot be said too many times that safer is better. This goes on th... read more »

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