Q Me COOL BANDS Tritan Water Bottle Built-in Straw: Trendy Transparent Tumbler with 4 Silicone Wristbands Holds 25.4 Ounces PURPLE MUSIC ON WORLD OFF
Price: $12.97
4.89 / 5   (70 Reviews)


Don't hold up

23 Sep, 2021
The bracelets became stretched out after first look at them.  read more »

Cute Water Bottle

04 Feb, 2021
This water bottle does it's job. The bottle is cute with the bracelets on but to wear the bracelets they seem a low quality. My daughter used them on her bottle instead of wearing them so I am giv... read more »


22 Jun, 2020
My daughter loves this bottle and took to school every day. She shared all the bracelets with her friends and they gave her replacements. Cute! read more »

We Use This Constantly!

15 Mar, 2020
My girls absolutely love this water bottle! Works perfect for every occasion. They love that the bracelets are removable as well. It's durable and easy to clean. Perfect for kids of all ages! ... read more »

Great bottle

27 Nov, 2019
Use it for a gift. Baby girl love it. Brings wristbands.  read more »


21 Nov, 2019
The colors on the bottle are very pretty and look good. The bottle seems to be well made and every thing cleans up easly.  The straw works as it should. It is holding up and we all like using... read more »

Perfect bottle for my daughter

05 Nov, 2019
This is  the perfect water bottle for my daughter to bring to school.  She loves the colors and vibrancy unlike alot of the water bottles you see out now.  Its easy for her to carry wit... read more »

Good quality

14 Oct, 2019
Nicely made read more »

Great product

07 Oct, 2019
My daughter loved her water bottle! It was made very well and I loved that it came with little bracelets. The bottle was very easy to clean and holds alot. This  bottle is great for little kids a... read more »

Save the turtles!

21 Sep, 2019
 So, the ozone.. what a better way to change the issues of today than to have a cute cup with matching bracelets. Not so much for younger kids because they're larger but teens to adults. It&#... read more »

highly recommend good quality

19 Sep, 2019
Got this for my niece to use. Works as expected and is durable enough to handle them using it as well as dropping it here and there. Only downside is my niece trying to get the wristbands off the bott... read more »

Niece loved it

13 Sep, 2019
My niece recently started gaining interest in working out, I thought a good cute water bottle would be a good gift. She loves it!!! read more »

So very cute

09 Sep, 2019
My daughter loves this she uses it all the time it's really cute came with braclets and it's a beautiful color  read more »


09 Sep, 2019
This has been my 4 year olds go to bottle for water since it arrived read more »

Awesome big bottle

30 Aug, 2019
Great bottle I love the size of it it wasn't small at all and for the price u can't beat it it's very strong my daughter dropped it a lot of times and it still holds up !! read more »


21 Aug, 2019
Love this! I gifted it to my 5 year old and she’s the happiest! She & her sister love removing the four silicone bands and plays with them on their wrist! The bottle is LEAK PROOF... read more »

Super cool

13 Aug, 2019
i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #QMeCOOL BANDS Tritan Water Bottle Built-in Straw: Trendy Transparent Tumbler with 4 Silicone Wristbands Holds 25.4 Ounces PURPLE MUS... read more »


02 Aug, 2019
This water bottle is super cute, I have not experienced any leaks and the little one loves it.   #Rankbooster #Sponsored #QMe https://amazon.com/dp/B07C82FGKJ read more »

Cute and light!

29 Jul, 2019
This water bottle would be perfect for hiking, camping and working out. It’s very light and easy to carry. It’s super cute too! I’m quite happy with this purchase. This bottle will b... read more »

Great bottle

26 Jul, 2019
Great bottle, comes with bracelets. My 3 and six-year-old have been fighting for it, now I have to get another one.   #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored  #qme read more »

Great buy

24 Jul, 2019
  I bought this bottle to basically motivate and inspire my wife to do more execises. The material is really solid. Then the tactility and texture of the surface is really special. I mean it g... read more »


23 Jul, 2019
This sucker is tough. My 15 month old has thrown or around and it's still like new read more »

Cute bottle

23 Jul, 2019
I got it for myself and I love the sayings and the bottle is good too! All bands can easily be taken off and warn if you like. read more »

Water bottle

21 Jul, 2019
Cool water bottle! Love this bottle. Sooo cool! My kids were so excited to get it! Great at the gym and great at home. Now I can get adequate water intake all day in this very handy bottle. The bra... read more »

Love the cute Design and Bottle works Perfect

20 Jul, 2019
I got this for my daughter and she absoluetly loves it. I love how the purple and blue come together to look amazing but also the cute bands it has in the bottle part. The bottle is easy to drink out... read more »

Perfect for my 3 year old

19 Jul, 2019
She loves the fun colors and bands. the bottle doesnt seem to leak at all. read more »

My 8 year old loves it

19 Jul, 2019
High quality, for sure NOT cheap. The bracelets are adorable and high grade as well. Its cute, the colors are bright and the size is perfect. A+++ read more »

It sure helps to encourage little ones to drink more liquids

19 Jul, 2019
Encouraging my little ones to drink more during the day is easy with this purple silicone tumbler by #Qme. I like that it is leak-proof and has a built-in straw!. My little one LOVES the bands that ca... read more »

Great bottle!

18 Jul, 2019
I absolutely love this bottle! I love using tumblers every day and always love to try new ones and this one not only is a great one but looks great as well :) So far I love it with no issues. I love t... read more »

Too cute

17 Jul, 2019
LOVE love love this cup. I collect cups in general and this one speaks to my soul. Music on World off...that is the goal. and the little rubber bracelet bands are just cute as buttons. The straw works... read more »

Looks as shown, works as expected

16 Jul, 2019
Got this for my girls to use. Works as expected and is durable enough to handle them using it as well as dropping it here and there. Only downside is the girls trying to get the wristbands off the bot... read more »

Great for my daughters gymnastics class!!

14 Jul, 2019
My daughter loves her new water bottle so much! I love it as well because of how durable it is and it's large size!  She loves the bracelet bands that come on the bottle and commented on h... read more »

Great Product

14 Jul, 2019
I've been trying many water bottles for my 2 yr old son and im glad i found this product. What i did is i just filled it with water and set aside in the corner so whenever my son wants to dri... read more »


12 Jul, 2019
Bought this for my daughter but once I saw it in person it was very hard to stop myself from taking it. So cute. read more »


11 Jul, 2019
this water bottle is really cute. It’s eaay to open and close.  Also easy to clean. The bonus wristbands make it fun for any school age girl or boy. Even and adult. The wristbands are easy... read more »

cute water bottle

10 Jul, 2019
I bought this for my toddler to use at the beach, but my older girls ended up fighting over it because it was so cute! We loved how colorful it was and the cute bands it came with! It wont stay cold l... read more »


10 Jul, 2019
Great size for kids. Gotta keep them hydrated. Like the lid a Lot. read more »

Love it!!!!

08 Jul, 2019
I bought this for my daughters birthday and she loved it!!! It is perfect to have for on the go! #rankboosterreview #sponsored #cup  read more »

Love it!

08 Jul, 2019
This waterbottle is great quality.  I love the top and the color and design is absolutley adorable!     #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored   #BIGBUA   read more »


08 Jul, 2019
My daughter loves it!!! what a lovely bottle for my girl. She loves the design with 4 silicone wristbands. Perfect for girl. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07C82FGKJ #RankBoosterReview #qm... read more »

Beautiful, functional and fun!

07 Jul, 2019
I love this Cool Bands Triatan Water bottle! This is a gorgeous design, and a fun concept. The arm bands are fun to take off and wear and when I am done I can put them right back on the bottle for saf... read more »

Daughter loves her new water bottle!

06 Jul, 2019
My 7 year old daughter loves her water bottles. This one  gave her as a surprise and it is by far her favorite! The bracelets were the perfect addition. She has worn them since the day I gave her... read more »

Cute Item - Perfect For Kids - Great Gift

06 Jul, 2019
I purchased this Water Bottle for my nephew as a gift to take drinks with him to school, for playing outside and for travel and he absolutely loves it. He can sit it down without worrying about his dr... read more »

My daughter loves it!

06 Jul, 2019
I absolutely love this water bottle. Best of all my daughter loves it. It is very easy to use. Essy to take off the bonus bracelets too. The straw comes out easily and doesnt leak. I would by this pr... read more »

Big bottle for toddler

05 Jul, 2019
It’s was bigger than I though. Good material. No leaking. It’s so convenient with the built in straw. Straw made out of plastic so it’s good for toddler (coz they won’t be able... read more »

granddaughter loves it

04 Jul, 2019
Just love it,  i got the bottle for my granddaughter and she couldnt stop thanking me for it, She plays with the silicone bands and is either wearing them or playing with them.  the bottle i... read more »

Fantastic water bottle.

03 Jul, 2019
I have quite the collection of water bottles, and this is now one of my favorites. First of all, it is very feminine and cute. Secondally, it is leak-proof! I couldn't believe it either, I turned... read more »


03 Jul, 2019
Very cute. Great quality and love the bacelets that come with it.  read more »

Very cute and Functional

03 Jul, 2019
So my ids go through a lot of water bottles. They lose them, or they break. Or as my daughter says, it just wasnt her style.  When we recieved this one tjough, she loved it. It is very girly, but... read more »

Great colors!

02 Jul, 2019
Excellent quality product!! Super vibrant colors - I recommend this!!  read more »

Cute bottle

02 Jul, 2019
I got this bottle for my neice, she is going to summer camp and she need to drink lots of water. The bottle is so cute and it is Light Blue and pink perfect colors for a little girl. read more »

great water bottle

30 Jun, 2019
Great bottle! Nice leakproof design. Just got it and started using it right away. I got the grey, a bit more conservative look, but very nice. The bands add to the look of the bottle as well as provid... read more »

Mom picked, kid approved.

30 Jun, 2019
I bought this bottle for my daughter to take to her various sports. She loves it and it's holding up perfectly. The cute little bracelets were a lovely addition to the bottle itself.  read more »

Tritan large water bottles

29 Jun, 2019
Purchased this for my granddaughter. It’s Sooooo cute! #Q Me Cool Tritan doesn’t leak and came on time. Good for soccer practice! read more »

Pretty design

29 Jun, 2019
The rubbers on the bottle makes it unique and they can be interchanged if you like. Easy to clean. read more »

Cute drinking bottle

28 Jun, 2019
My niece loves it so much. attention catcher color and She likes the cool band that u can wear on.  read more »

Something new

28 Jun, 2019
Q Me COOL BANDS Triatan Water Bottle Built-in straw I have to say is unique in away that I love. This water bottle is perfect for my niece who I know will not only love the design but the bracelets as... read more »

My daughter loves this bottle!

28 Jun, 2019
If you got a picky kid like I do to drink water buy this bottle. Sometimes a neat looking bottle will make them drink water. Im finally gettin her to drink water and she loves drinking water out of th... read more »

Super cute!

28 Jun, 2019
This water bottle is super cute!!!!! The colors te exactly how they describes it and the bracelets are a plus!! Loved it! #RankBoosterReview#Sponsored#Tritan read more »

Perfect little water bottle for any music lover

27 Jun, 2019
Cute little water bottle! It has a wide opening so it's easy to fill, leak-proof lid with a flip-top straw that is full-length makes it easy to grab and drink on the go; the unit fits most standar... read more »

My daughter loves it!

27 Jun, 2019
I bought this for my daughter. She loves her new drink holder, especially the fun bands on it!  read more »


26 Jun, 2019
My daughter loves her water bottle. Nice size. Easy to carry and wash. Nice colors and print.  read more »

Cute and durable

26 Jun, 2019
Your going to love this QMe Cool Bands Tritan Bottle. There are many different colors and designs to choose from 9 to be exact. This bottle comes in Army camo, green, grey, pink, purple and turquoise... read more »

Water Bottle

26 Jun, 2019
Best water bottle in my opinion! I love the color  and the size just right perfect to carry on my  daily walking .  I'm so  happy to have found this water bottle. I w... read more »

Love it

26 Jun, 2019
I gave it to someone and she totally loved it. its very colourful and very nice quality. light and it comes with a free wristbands. it cools waiter long enough. love the print read more »

who knew a water bottle could make a teenager drink water?!?

25 Jun, 2019
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Q Me Cool Bands Tritan Water Bottle My daughter loves this very colorful water bottle!! She will even drink water from it which is amazing read more »

really cute water bottle!

25 Jun, 2019
Thought this was a really cute design for this water bottle.  I use it almost daily since I got it as warm weather is here and a drink is always going with me these days.  I like that it isn... read more »

Very pretty. Great way to keep hydrated!

25 Jun, 2019
This water bottle by #QMe is a great way to keep hydrated and is very pretty. It's easy to tote around and is very colorful. I love it us BPA Free and so it's safe to use. #Viralix #Sponsor... read more »

Love it!

22 Jun, 2019
Great bottle! Nice leakproof design. Just got it and started using it right away. I got the grey, a bit more conservative look, but very nice. The bands add to the look of the bottle as well as provid... read more »

Great size and awesome design

20 Jun, 2019
My daughters (5 and 9) love to have a water bottle with them at all times. I am lucky that they prefer water over soft drinks, so I encourage this by purchasing fun/cool water bottles for them. I find... read more »

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