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Preschool use

20 Oct, 2019
Using in my preschool class.They now have labels on them  with my kids' names as place markers. I love how easily they stick and the kids aren't able to remove them. They're so bright... read more »

Using in my classroom

20 Oct, 2019
Instead of the traditional Christmas tree I wanted something more hands on.. so far I've tested it on my girls because it's not yet  Christmas time as yet. They're 3 and 2. They love... read more »

The cat was not pleased...

20 Oct, 2019
So... kitty was NOT impresssed.. she kept tryin to bite them off and rolled around like an angry gator... but she looked adorable! She's quite a large one...over 20lbs.. and they fit her pretty we... read more »

I love the beach..

20 Oct, 2019
 We love to visit the beach.. however the impending  Sandy crotch is not something I look forward to.. that being said.. we use this protect our cheeks from the burning sand. It folds up rat... read more »

Did what it says

12 Oct, 2019
So.. all the things that were supposed to happen did and all the features work however the sound quality is not as good as I would of liked. It didn't BOOM as my usual radio does. read more »


12 Oct, 2019
I love the black balloon!!! Surprise!!!! Everything about this kit made the party great. All the decor you need all in one package. Balloons..banner..centerpiece.. perfectly in one pack. The photo... read more »

Perfectly boxed ❤

12 Oct, 2019
Boxed up so nicely I didn't even need to do anything except pass it on to the happy couple. The fabric is beautifully constructed and the bride and groom enjoyed the game after taking family a sin... read more »

Cutest thing ever

21 Sep, 2019
I love dinosaurs! Teenager perfection. My teen daughter loved it. She is smaller in the chest and it didn't look at all like it was saggy or misshapen. Very vibrant coloring and looks exactly like... read more »

Well made

21 Sep, 2019
Well it runs a bit small so I'd order a size up. Very well made. The bra makes your breasts nice and perky. The bottom wasn't as high up as shown, however, it was just right for me. My bottom... read more »

Save the turtles!

21 Sep, 2019
 So, the ozone.. what a better way to change the issues of today than to have a cute cup with matching bracelets. Not so much for younger kids because they're larger but teens to adults. It&#... read more »

MacBook pro approved

21 Sep, 2019
Very useful! Since MacBook doesn't have ask the sd card slots and extra ports this worked very well and was compatible with zero issues. Easy to use, just plug and use not cheaply made.. I will be... read more »

Fit true to size

01 Jun, 2019
Finally!!! Something fit like proposed!! Very well made. The color on top was a bit off more navy than black but I loved it even more!! Orange is one of the favorite colors so I'm glad I got this.... read more »


01 Jun, 2019
The idea of these was really sexy however, they don't fit like they're supposed to. Unless, you're about a size 5, then they will fit just fine. The material is nice and the tie up the bac... read more »

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