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i absolutely love shopping online,especially on amazon, ebay, aliexpress, alibaba, wish, etsy and even personal stores. i love finding working coupons & promo codes for all of the websites i shop on. i am also a professional review agent admin with my own professional sales, ratings & reviews agency to help sellers get more sales, ratings & reviews on amazon & all websites including personal e-commerce websites. i have a team of fully trained, highly qualified, polite & professional review agents that work for me. we are always seeking new review agents (we will train you and you will receive a physical printed certificate, a digital certificate in different file formats as a certified professional review agent to proudly display anywhere you'd like & a link to copy & paste on a webpage, blog, social media sites or anywhere you want to display your hard earned certificate at. i do prefer to those that have some experience as a review agent but if you have none, that is perfectly fine, we train all of our agents anyway, even if they have been trained because we do things a certain way. you will learn skills in business administration, sales, marketing, advertising, connecting with your customers, creating spreadsheets, creating forms, creating documents, using wps writer, using microsoft office (previously microsoft 365), using google workspace (previously google gsuite), using other office programs & online platforms, using team collaboration software, apps & website platforms, using apps & extensions to help improve your spelling & grammar & tons more. you will learn tons of different skills that you can apply to many other jobs too! if you are interested, you may contact me using any of the contact information on my profile & i will reply asap. we do offer incentives & benefits to our review agents. the longer you work with us, the better the incentives & benefits you will be entitled to. we also give bonuses (money, gift cards or physical gifts at our discretion) to the top 5 agents (the agents getting most sales, ratings & reviews each week & each month). i am also desperately seeking legit,honest, friendly & fair sellers that need more sales, ratings & reviews for their products. i am looking for sellers i can establish a long term business relationship with. we work with sellers that have 5+ products they need more sales, ratings & reviews for. we rarely work with sellers with less than 5 products because we have to charge a lot of commission in order to make it worth our time to work selling the sellers products but if you have less than 5 products & are willing to pay the commission for professional services from trained & certified agents, we will work with you. our commission rates depend on the following: 1. how many products you currently have needing sales, feedback or reviews. 2. the types of products you have & whether they are easy or hard to sell products. 3. how often you get new products you can provide us with to sell for you. 4. whether you need seller rating or feedback, product rating or product review. 5. for product reviews, it depends on if you need text, photo or video reviews. 6. when you refund our loyal customers is important. fast refunds get discounts. 7. when you will pay us our commission for the sales, ratings & reviews you get. 8. how many sales, ratings & reviews you need per product you provide us. 9. pricing of your products. if you have all expensive products, commission is more. 10. whether your store is on amazon, another well known website or personal site. the above 10 things, will determine the amount of commission we charge you per sale/per rating or review. we work just a bit different from other review agents & review agencies. the more products you can provide us with, the more often you can provide us with new products, offering commission to our customers or not (especially for photo & video reviews), the faster you issue refunds to customers, we prefer upfront payments (prepay) for the customers to purchase the products with, promo code products (any promo code amount but if under 98% promo code, you will need to refund the remainder the promo code does not cover to the customers), refund after order (refund paid within 30 minutes after order to customers) & refund after ship (refund paid within 2 hours after amazon marks order shipped). to be offered the absolute cheapest commission we can offer you, here is how you get that offer: offering us 5+ products (prefer 25+ products to start), ability to provide new products at least once weekly, bi-weekly or in between weekly & bi-weekly, offering commission to our customers also (especially for photo & video product reviews), providing upfront payments to customers to order products with, offering promo code products (preferably 98% off or otherwise refunding the remainder immediately after order if less than 98% off) or refunding after order (within 30 minutes after order) is the absolute we do work with sellers that refund after rating & refund after review, but commission is higher if you do refund after rating or refund after review but if you provide us with 75+ products and faster refunds after 5+ orders, we will work with you on commission prices and lower them. we offer many way to get discounts on your commission which we will discuss if you contact us using any of the contact methods on this profile. we do offer incentives & benefits to our sellers. the longer you work with us, the better the incentives & benefits you will be entitled to. we also give discounts on commissions valid for a certain time period for our top 10 sellers (the sellers with the most on time payments, the sellers that have provided the most products and the sellers that have signed up for our other programs (which will be discussed when you contact us).
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Promotion Code Would Not Work

14 Dec, 2021
I could not purchase this Product because the Promotional Code for it expired before I was able to use it. read more »

Nice Absolutely Loved This Disco Party Light - Excellent Gift & Worth Every Penny

17 Oct, 2021
I purchased this as a Birthday Gift for my Niece and it was her Favorite Gift! She received Gifts that cost way more than this and some very, very cool Gifts but this was the first thing she messed wi... read more »

Very Nice Water Gun - Great For Kids - Kids Love These - I Have to Find More For My Other Nieces & Nephews

03 Jul, 2021
These are absolutely awesome Water Guns. They are larger than they appear in the Photos and hold a good bit of water so the water battles can last longer. I have to find 4 more of these and in a hurry... read more »

Great For Keeping Mops, Brooms & Other Lightweight Items With Round Handles Neatly Stored - Does Lose Stickiness After Time - Not Great For Heavier Items

11 Nov, 2020
When I received this, I was very happy. I do not have a storage closet for my cleaning tools or cleaners and thought this would be absolutely ideal for my Mop, Broom, Dust Pan With Long Handle & E... read more »

Awesome Neon Wire Lights - Great For Many Applications - Perfect for Projects, Displays & Tons More

02 Sep, 2020
I purchased multiple sets of these to use around some shelves I have installed with my mother's urn and some very important and sentimental items and knickknacks that belonged to my mother and fat... read more »

Nice Product - Very Handy - Very Compact - Perfect For Jogging or Sports - Makes Great Gift

02 Sep, 2020
I purchased this for my partner because she has been wanting one of these Bluetooth Earbud Sets and I found this one on with a Coupon and figured since it was such an excellent deal I woul... read more »

Product Order Cancelled - Cannot Accurately Review

02 Sep, 2020
My order for this product was cancelled because the product was apparently out of stock when I ordered it and Amazon did not know when it would be back in stock so the order was cancelled. I cannot re... read more »

Works Perfect - Very Nice Compact Charging Station for Controllers - Great Gift

02 Sep, 2020
I purchased this as a gift for my nephew because his XBOX One Controllers were never charged up. I was very happy that this included the Dual Charging Station and Two 1200MAH Rechargeable Batteries, w... read more »

Product Order Cancelled Due To Product Unavailable

02 Sep, 2020
I am unable to write an adequate review for this product because my order was cancelled after placing because the product was no longer available so I actually did not receive this product although th... read more »

Makes Excellent Gifts - Awesome Tactical Pen - Plenty of Ink Refills - High Quality, Heavy Duty & Very Durable

02 Sep, 2020
I am so impressed with this when I received it, when I opened the package, all I could say is WOW, just WOW. This is certainly exactly as described and pictured. You'll receive the Tactical Pen an... read more »

Very Nice Screwdriver Set With Any Bit You Need - Precision Tool With Magnetic Hold - Carrying & Storage Case Included

02 Sep, 2020
This is a fantastic Screwdriver Set! It comes with 115 Pieces and includes just about any bit you'll ever need, plus other awesome tools. I was very impressed with this set when I received it. Thi... read more »

One Of My Best Investments - Very High Quality & Durable - Well Made Product - Very Satisfied With My Purchase

02 Sep, 2020
If you own a vehicle and/or garage and do not have one of these Handheld Scan Tools, definitely invest in one. I could not figure out why my car was missing and why lights kept coming on on my dash an... read more »

Awesome Investment - Great Product Very High Quality & Durable - Compact & Easy To Use

02 Sep, 2020
I am very satisfied with my purchase of this product. I have needed a Digital Multimeter for a very long time and when I ran across the coupon for this product on, I just knew I had to hav... read more »

Did Not Receive What I Purchased - Extremely Dissatisfied With Quality & This Company

02 Sep, 2020
If I could have given a 0 STAR RATING, I would have for this specific product. I usually do not give less than a 4 Star Rating for ANY product but in this case, I did. I did NOT receive what I paid fo... read more »

Beautiful Shelves - Much Nicer Than The Pictures - Perfect Size For Smaller Items - Great For Decorating

02 Sep, 2020
I am 210% satisfied with this purchase. When I received these shelves and finally opened them to look at them, I was totally blown away. The provided pictures of these shelves simply do not do them ju... read more »

Awesome Military & Tactical Belt - High Demand Product - Absolutely Love This Belt

02 Sep, 2020
I absolutely love this belt. I am very glad I decided to make this purchase. I love all Military and Tactical Belts & Other Supplies. I would very highly recommend this belt to anyone that likes/l... read more »

Handy & Convenient Very Nice To Have - Must Have For Every Vehicle Owner - Compact & Easy To Carry or Store

02 Sep, 2020
This is an excellent, handy & convenient portable cordless pump. It is a must-have for every vehicle owner. I personally keep this air pump in my vehicle so I have it on hand in the event I need t... read more »

Work Great - Keep Bugs Out & Body Parts In - Easy Install - Fits Most Vehicles

11 May, 2020
These are absolutely fantastic and are a definite gamechanger when it comes to having your car windows down in the Spring and Summer to get some fresh air in the vehicle. Once you install these​​... read more »

Not Very Good Headphones - Mic Is Blurry - Not A Quality Product

30 Apr, 2020
I purchased a few sets of these and I was disappointed. One of them worked very well while the others were horrible. The headphones themselves sounded bad and the mic was blurry and not very good qual... read more »

Bargain For The Money - Shaves Great - No Nicks, Cuts & Does Not Pinch - Can Use Wet or Dry - Rechargeable

30 Apr, 2020
I absolutely LOVE my Rechargeable Wet & Dry Painless Lady Shaver and I have said goodbye to all Disposable Razors forever after purchasing this. With this Shaver you can get a shave just as close... read more »

Very Easy Assembly - Smaller Than Anticipated - Not Extremely Stable But Nice

30 Apr, 2020
I purchased this as a place to put our Microwave, Coffee Maker and other Small Kitchen Appliances. It is very easy and fast to assemble and assembly can be done by just one person, however having two... read more »

Smaller Than Expected - Not Very Thick - Sheds Very Badly - Not Anti-Slip

30 Apr, 2020
I purchased this in Burgundy Color in the 80x160cm (approximately 31.50x62.99") and I was pretty disappointed. I am unsure if I was sent the wrong size or what but the one I received was Bur... read more »

Nice Thank You Cards With Envelopes - Great Value - Great Designs

30 Apr, 2020
There is not a lot that can be said about Thank You Cards but these Thank You Card Sets are very nice. They have very nice images and sayings included is the Thank You Cards, Envelopes and Stickers wh... read more »

Kids Loved These Toy Filled Easter Eggs & Had a Blast Finding Them - Awesome Product - Pretty Fair Pricing

30 Apr, 2020
Although we did not get to have our usual annual Easter Egg Hunt with the entire family due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the children that live with us typically had a BLAST hunting and finding these... read more »

Boots NEVER Received - Contacted Seller & No Response - Very Upset

30 Apr, 2020
I placed my order for these Boots and paid for the order. They were supposed to ship and the shipping information was never, ever updated and I never received the Boots I ordered. I contacted Amazon w... read more »

Handy Device - Works With USB 2.0 & 3.0 - Fast Charging & ETC

30 Apr, 2020
This is a very handy device. Great for charging other devices via USB and works extremely well. Very nice, well made product. I highly recommend it to anyone. read more »

Did NOT Receive Product Was Never Shipped - Very UPSET - Will NOT Order Again

30 Apr, 2020
There is not a lot I can say about this product other than, I NEVER did receive the product. I paid for it and everything and the Shipping Status never updated. I contacted the Seller numerous times a... read more »

Nice Mini Precision Screwdriver Set - Includes Hard to Find Bits & Protective Storage Case - Excellent Product

30 Apr, 2020
I purchased similar sets like these from this Seller before and everyone wanted one of them. I gave away many sets of them and then I discovered these, which had different bits and etc and these were... read more »

Pretty Nice Handheld Game Console - Not Exactly What I Expected - Kids Love Them - Fantastic Price

30 Apr, 2020
These Handheld Game Consoles are pretty nice but they are not quite what I expected. I ordered two of these for my younger nephews. I was under the impression they could play these using the Controlle... read more »

Awesome Super Bright Flashlight - Comes In Nice Hard Protective Carrying Case - Includes Bicycle Mount

30 Apr, 2020
I was beyond thrilled with this flashlight when I received it. It's definitely a top of the line flashlight and is super bright and seems to be made very tough and rugged. It includes a hard carry... read more »

Does Not Suds - Not A Very Good Product - Turns to Slime After Applying Water

30 Apr, 2020
I ordered several of these so that I could ensure everyone in my household had portable soap to take with them and these seemed like the absolute perfect product. It took a VERY long time to receive t... read more »

Nice Controllers - 2 Per Pack - Excellent Price - Can Be Used On Multiple Nintendo Consoles With Adapter

07 Apr, 2020
These are extremely nice controllers for the price. You get two of them per pack and can order as many 2 packs as you want. I personally ordered several sets of them. The GameCube Controllers have Ada... read more »

Great For Anxiety, Sleep & Minimizes Pain Somewhat - My Partner Takes It Nightly For Sleep & When In Extreme Pain

07 Mar, 2020
Great Product for Relieving Anxiety, Stress, Pain & Good For Sleeplessness I purchased two bottles of the Vicksson Organic Hemp Oil Drops for my partner because she has bad anxiety, lots of s... read more »

Cannot Review The Product

03 Mar, 2020
Unfortunately, I miscounted my balance some how when I ordered this and the order did not go through and was cancelled before I realized what was going on. I do feel extremely embarassed about it but... read more »

Nice Thermometer and Hygrometer - Tiny & Compact for Placement Anywhere

15 Feb, 2020
This is a very nice Thermometer and Hygrometer and is very accurate. It is tiny, about 2 inches long by an inch tall. It's extremely compact and can be placed anywhere. I am very please with it, I... read more »

Incredible Mini Airbrush Kit - Ideal for Model Cars, Body Paint & Small Airbrushing Projects - Get Started Right Away, Just Buy Paint or Ink

07 Feb, 2020
This is a totally awesome Airbrush Kit. It includes everything you need to get started with Airbrushing right away except for the Paint or Ink and any Stencils and any Transfer Paper you may need. If... read more »

Watch Returned - Did Not Work Properly - Too Advanced For Child

06 Jan, 2020
This Smart Watch is definitely not for kids, it is far too advanced for most kids. It also did not work properly at all. It had an issue with thr volume and power buttons and also some of the features... read more »

Nice For Sinks Without A Sprayer or Even If You Have a Sprayer This is a Great Additional Sprayer - Fast & Easy Installation

26 Nov, 2019
I ordered this because our sprayer for our kitchen sink is broken and I figured this would be a quick and easy fix so we would have a sprayer for the kitchen sink without the cost and all the hassle o... read more »

Compact 2 Tier Dish Rack - Very Nice

26 Nov, 2019
I have very limited cabinet space in my kitchen and I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I was very happy when I saw this was available on Viralix at a great price. It is compa... read more »

High Quality - Easy to Clean - Keeps Baby Upright - Safe & Secure

26 Nov, 2019
I purchased this for my 6 month old niece. She always wants to sit up and look around and it is impossible to hold a baby all of the time and this seat has definitely been a great investment. It can b... read more »

Nice Length - Includes Remote - Multiple Uses

26 Nov, 2019
I purchased several different Strip Light Kits to decorate with for the holidays because they are much easier to work with than string lights and you can control them with the Remote that is included... read more »

Nice But Not What I Expected

26 Nov, 2019
I purchased this as a gift and I must say I was a little displeased with it. It is nice but it is just not what I was expecting. Other than being displeased due to this set not being what I had person... read more »

Gorgeous Couples Wine Glass Set - Makes Great Gift - Made Very Well

26 Nov, 2019
This Couples Wine Glass Set is absolutely gorgeous. I ordered this set as a gift for Christmas but I did check them out before packing them away for Christmas. They are very well made and seem to be p... read more »

Lovely Couch Cover - Bargain For The Money

01 Oct, 2019
These are extra nice covers for your couch and will fit any standard size 3 cushion couch. I purchased one for mine and it instantly beautified my couch plus now theres an extra layer of protecti... read more »

Very Nice Loveseat Cover

01 Oct, 2019
These are extra nice covers for your Loveseat and will fit any standard size 2 cushion Loveseat. I purchased one for mine and it instantly beautified my loveseat plus now theres an extra layer of prot... read more »

Works Nicely - Quick & Easy Installation

01 Oct, 2019
I am loving our new Wireless Doorbells. I purchased one for each of our doors and installed them. Installation was quick and easy and they were up and working in no time. The best part is, you do not... read more »

Order Failed & Coupon Code Now Invalid Cannot Properly Review

01 Oct, 2019
I cannot properly review this item because I accidentally selected the wrong debit card to process the order on by mistake and the order was cancelled by Amazon and now the coupon code will not work s... read more »

Works Perfect - Turned Birdbath Into Fountain

01 Oct, 2019
I repainted an old birdbath we had just sitting around the house and installed this solar fountain in it and turned an ordinary birthday into a fountain. All of the neighbors absolustely love it and I... read more »

Be Cautious With These

01 Oct, 2019
I ordered several sets of these. Be very cautious with these. I do not know if one of the sets I received was defective or if they are all the same but after installing these in my friends vehicle and... read more »

Very Cute - Excellent Gift For Newborn

01 Oct, 2019
These are definitely some of the cutest socks I have ever seen. The little sayings on them make them absolutely adorable. I ordered some for my newborn niece and her mother was absolutely tickled with... read more »

Powerful Clippers - Small & Lightweight - Makes a Great Beard Trimmer

01 Oct, 2019
I ordered these clippers originally with the thought it mind they looked like they would make an excellent beard trimmer and I was right. These clippers are small, lightweight and are ideal for trimmi... read more »

Very Popular Item - Kids Love Them - Great Party Favors

01 Oct, 2019
These straws are absolutely awesome. Each silicone straw comes with it's very own keychain carrying case and cleaning kit. Using the straw is as simple as unfolding it and sticking it in your drin... read more »

Nice Item For Cameras

01 Oct, 2019
I actually returned this item because it was not what I thought it was. I thought the cameras were included but apparently I misread and it is only the housing for cameras. This would be extremely han... read more »

Gorgeous - Excellent Couples Gift - Custom Engraving

01 Oct, 2019
I purchased a set of these bracelets for my partner and I and had them engraved with our names and a saying on the back of each one. I must say, these are gorgeous bracelets. You can have anything you... read more »

Great Camera - High Quality Video - Tough

01 Oct, 2019
This seller always has excellent products and this is another one they offer. This camera has excellent video quality, even at night. It is very easy to install and takes just a few minutes if you kno... read more »

Awesome Shirt - Lightweight - Nice For Fall

01 Oct, 2019
This is an extremely nice hoodie. It has a very neat design and is very bright and colorful. Everyone that has seen me wear it has ask me where I got it at, it has been a hit. It is pretty lightweight... read more »

Nice Precision Screwdriver & Bit Set - Comes With Hard to Find Bits & Magnetizer

12 Sep, 2019
I ordered this screwdriver and bit set specifically for the hard to find bits this set comes with. It comes with some of the really hard to find odd sizes of bits, especially the star bits. The ratche... read more »

Very Cool Item - Looks Great In Vehicle - Syncs Perfectly With Music

12 Sep, 2019
These lights are totally awesome once installed inside your vehicle. They come with instructions for syncing them with music and all. I installed them in my vehicle and they neat, love them. These are... read more »

Quality Tweezers Set - Nice Price - Great Value For Money

12 Sep, 2019
This is a very nice set of tweezers and they are definitely of professional quality, exactly as described. They come in a nice, handy little case so you can carry them with you anywhere in your purse... read more »

Cute Helmets - Perfect For Ages 3-8

12 Sep, 2019
These are adorable little helmets for kids. I ordered one for each of my two nephews (ages 3 &4) and they fit them perfectly. The helmets adjust to fit their heads just perfect and even have soft... read more »

Includes Many Pieces - Has Everything You Need

27 Aug, 2019
This eyeglass repair kit contains everything you can think of for eyeglass repairs. The price is incredible for this item. Not long ago, I paid more than this for a kit with 50 pieces and when I found... read more »

Product Never Received - Cannot Accurately Review

27 Aug, 2019
This product was never received although I was charged for it. If the seller wants to contact me or send out a new item, I will be happy to accurately review it but until then, I cannot post an accura... read more »

Product Never Received - Cannot Accurately Review

27 Aug, 2019
This product was never received although I was charged for it. If the seller wants to contact me or send out a new item, I will be happy to accurately review it but until then, I cannot post an accura... read more »

Product Never Received - Cannot Accurately Review

27 Aug, 2019
This product was never received although I was charged for it. If the seller wants to contact me or send out a new item, I will be happy to accurately review it but until then, I cannot post an accura... read more »

Works Perfect - Fast Charging - Can Charge More Than One Controller

27 Aug, 2019
I purchased this charging dock for my nephew because he is big time into video games and it's a hassle playing games with the controllers plugged in and charging. He can put his controllers on cha... read more »

Cute - Larger Than Expected

27 Aug, 2019
These ornaments are a little bigger than I expected them to be but they definitely are cute. They are perfect for families that do not use glass ornaments for any reason as there's no risk of them... read more »

Great Price - Adjustable - Nice Belts

27 Aug, 2019
These are very nice belts. They have a combination of colors. No worries about this belt not fitting because they are fully adjustable. I love belts and purchase them as often as I can when I get them... read more »

Very Cute Mat - Quality Product

27 Aug, 2019
I personally use this mat in my bathroom since I purchased the Sea Turtle one. It is very cute, anti-skid and serves it purpose. I get a lot of compliments on it and people want to know where I got it... read more »

Item Never Received

27 Aug, 2019
This is another item I never received and that seems to be a problem with some of the items I have purchased. I contacted Amazon and they are saying it was delivered to me and there's nothing they... read more »

Incredibly Cute - Excellent For Milestone Pictures - Love It!

27 Aug, 2019
The pictures for this item does not do it justice. These milestone blankets are absolutely adorable. I purchased it for my niece, who just had a little girl who is now 3 months old. They use it for th... read more »

Very Nice - Soft Material - Perfect For Parakeets & Other Small Birds & Animals

27 Aug, 2019
I live in a state where we have really cold winters and I figured this would be perfect for my Parakeets to get inside when it is cool inside. They absolutely love it. At night, they love to go in thi... read more »

Nice Controller - Works Perfectly - Great Product - Recommended

27 Aug, 2019
If you need a quality Wii U Controller that won't break the bank, go with this one. This is an excellent controller that seems to be extremely well constructed. The one I purchased has been u... read more »

Another Item Never Received

27 Aug, 2019
This is another item that I paid for and did not receive although it was shipped. I do believe my packages are being delivered to other residences and I am not receiving them which is not the sellers... read more »

Charger Will Not Work On Any Of Our Android Phones At All

27 Aug, 2019
I have always wanted a Wireless Charger for my Samsung Galaxy J3 and I purchased some prior to this that worked for just a day or two then stopped working so I found this one and purchased it. It will... read more »

Nice Recessed Lighting - Easy Installation - Recommended

27 Aug, 2019
I have always liked Recessed Lighting and when I saw this deal on Viralix, I could not pass it up. I absolutely love these lights. They are great, seem to very high quality and very nice. I'd reco... read more »

Product Never Received - Cannot Accurately Review

27 Aug, 2019
This product was also never received although Amazon did ship it. I contacted them and basically was told they had no idea because UPS stated it was delivered and released by the driver but we did not... read more »

Never Received Product

27 Aug, 2019
I really cannot accurately review this product because it was never received. I placed the order and it was never shipped out to us although Amazon removed the money from my account. I do not know why... read more »

Does Not Hover Properly - Hard Plastic Which Cracks

27 Aug, 2019
I actually requested a refund for this product becuase it does not hover like it is supposed to. My nephew was extremely disappointed with this product and I did purchase it for him. After about the t... read more »

Very Tough Cut Proof Gloves - Great Product

27 Aug, 2019
It seems that I always manage to cut or stab my fingers when cutting things with knives and when I saw these gloves, I decided to give them a try. I tested them before I put them on to ensure they wer... read more »

Okay For Small Spaces - Does Not Stay Charged Long & Requires Charging Often

27 Aug, 2019
This Air Purifier is not for spaces larger than a closet or very small room. I purchased three of these Air Purifiers and they do work. I found I was needing to recharge each one several times a day,... read more »

Excellent Drill For Price - Perfect For Small & Large Projects

27 Aug, 2019
I love this drill. It is exactly as described, comes with lots of accessories and even an extra battery. The batteries hold charge extremely well and you can complete small and large projects on a sin... read more »

Cute Item - Perfect For Kids - Great Gift

06 Jul, 2019
I purchased this Water Bottle for my nephew as a gift to take drinks with him to school, for playing outside and for travel and he absolutely loves it. He can sit it down without worrying about his dr... read more »

Great Product - Replacement Combs For Wahl Clippers - No Need to Purchase New Clippers

06 Jul, 2019
Somehow, my Guide Combs I use most often got lost for my Wahl clippers and I thought I was going to have to purchase a whole new set of clippers but I happened to find this item and I was able to repl... read more »

Neat Device - Great For Keys, Wallets & Other Items

08 Jun, 2019
I wish I had discovered these devices before. I installed this one on my keys and it works! It locates my keys very quickly. I tested it out just to see how it works. This product is high quality and... read more »

Nice Camera - Super High Quality Videos & Photos - Lots of Features

08 Jun, 2019
For the price, this is a very nice camera. It is lacking only one feature that I can see and that is a reverse camera feature to help when backing up, if it had that feature, this camera would be one... read more »

Very Nice Dash Cam - High Quality Photos & Videos

08 Jun, 2019
This Dash Cam is an excellent product for the price. It has very high quality videos and photos. I love the G-Sensor feature, which helps if you're in an accident, it locks the accident video reco... read more »

High Quality Car Camera - Records, Takes Photos, Reverse Camera & Accident Video Automatically Locking - Easy Installation

01 Jun, 2019
I have wanted one of these cameras for a very long time and could never afford one and finally I ran across this one. It's a very high quality camera at an extremely realistic and affordable price... read more »

Extremely Nice Belt - High Quality Leather - Unisex

01 Jun, 2019
I decided to purchase this belt in white and I am impressed with it, I preferred it to the black belt because I do have lots of other black belts but none quite like this one. It definitely is an... read more »

Excellent Wireless Headset - Perfect For Use With Sports & Jogging - Works With Most Devices

01 Jun, 2019
I am truly impressed with this headset, I love it. I use it more often than any of my other headsets. Unlike some of the other headsets that are supposed to be wireless, this one truly is. It has a si... read more »

Writes Very Nicely

27 May, 2019
The marker writes very nicely but it just is not what I was expecting. I was expecting to receive one set and not just one piece, so be careful of that. Otherwise, you'll receive a single random c... read more »

Great Memory Stick - Perfect For My Needs

27 May, 2019
I had some files on my desktop PC that I needed to remove from the PC but did not want to lose them and this memory stick came in handy. I put the files on the memory stick, which offers a generous 16... read more »

Inflates & Deflates Very Easily - Comfortable & Portable

07 May, 2019
I purchased this as a gift for my partner because she has been wanting one for a while now. I was very impressed with it when I received it and checked it out before I gave it to her. It comes with th... read more »

Good Training Collars Helped My Dogs Start to Obey Fast

03 May, 2019
Since purchasing these training collars, my dogs have totally started listening.. Before they were entirely out of control and would not listen to anything at all. In just two days of using only the b... read more »

Hilarious Gag Gift - Ladies & Their Men Tend to LOVE It - Nice Features

03 May, 2019
Hands down, this makes one of the most hilarious gag gifts I have ever given someone. I gave this to my niece and her husband as an anniversary gift and they were just tickled with it. Apparently they... read more »

Makes One Awesome & Funny Gift

03 May, 2019
My sister has been in a very bad mood so I purchased this for her to boost her spirirts and needless to say, I took it in to her one day felt badly and was crying. Immediately it brought a smiile to h... read more »

Very Fast Charger - Sturdy - Well Made

13 Apr, 2019
When I first took the charger out of the box, I was instantly impressed. It is very well made and feels very heavy duty. I love the fact that it's also a stand, very convenient for using your phon... read more »

Great Battery Charger - Fast Charging - Charges All Rechargeable Batteries

11 Apr, 2019
This is a great battery charger. It charges batteries very quickly and will charge any batteries that are rechargeable. It comes with a USB cable so you can use any wall tap or car port that has a USB... read more »

Very Cute Phone Case Comes With Screen Protector

10 Mar, 2019
This phone case is absolutely adorable. It is perfect for teens and young women. The case is very well made. It is very flexible making it very easy to put on your phone. The case itself is clear and... read more »

Heavy Duty Dual Car Charger Port

10 Mar, 2019
I was absolutely impressed with this charge port when I received it. It is metal and is very heavy. You can tell it is extremely well constructed. I was thrilled when I opened the box and took it out.... read more »

Nice Flexible Case

10 Mar, 2019
This is a very nice case. It is semi flexible ,making it easy to put on your phone. It protects your phone against drops and will keep it from getting damaged if it's dropped. Prevents scratches,... read more »

Awesome Galaxy S10 Case

10 Mar, 2019
I love this case. The color is great. The case is somewhat flexible. It fits my phone tightly eo it won't fall off. It is excellent at protecting my phone from scratches and dents too. Excellent c... read more »

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