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Nice but not as nice as expected

13 Mar, 2020
After having replaced once thinking the one we had was defective, my thoughts haven't changed a lot. It is a cute watch and for just SOS use...probably fine. It was the other features that we were... read more »

No more losing the remote in the bed linens

13 Mar, 2020
This beside caddy keeps everything in one place. No more losing the remote in the bed linens. I seem to get a busy brain when I try to fall asleep. I keep a pen and pad of paper to make notes as I set... read more »

Saves money and furniture

13 Mar, 2020
These are perfect for those in between grooming appointments to keep our dogs nails trimmed. He wasn't a fan at first but has with time, started tolerating it.  Saves me money by stretchin... read more »

Does what is needed between groomings

13 Mar, 2020
While our Goldendoodle still goes to the groomer for his major work...this allows me to extend the time between those $100 grooming appointments!  Easy to use and well worth the purchase price... read more »

Cute but doesn't fly long

13 Mar, 2020
This is a super cute toy but the batteries are so weak that it will only fly for a few minutes. It takes a long time to charge and the guys just didn't get enough fun out of it to keep their inter... read more »

Yikes this is powerful

13 Mar, 2020
This badboy is powerful. Sparks arc out a good bit when you pull the trigger. Oh, and this baby comes charged so make sure you are prepared when you open the packaging.  There are several plac... read more »

Not meant for busy bathrooms

13 Mar, 2020
The idea of these is better than the working. They are easy to fill. They look like that are foam dispensers but they are not (just look - they do not say they are in the descretion). However, the top... read more »

Wow this has a lot of power

13 Mar, 2020
My daughter is a massage therapist in Lexington and their location just started usingthis deep tissue massage guns. She LOVES this one.  It isn't too powerful but has enough to make a real... read more »

Probably not meant for a large dog

13 Mar, 2020
This is a nice set of nail tools for a dog. They are probably not meant for a large - like over 50 lbs dog as their nails are difficult to get inside the clippers.  However, for a smaller dog,... read more »

Super Comfy Bed

13 Mar, 2020
We have a 60 pound GoldenDoodle and he loves his bed.  It took him a while to go near it, not sure if it smelled funny being wrapped in plastic. Once it aired out, he started checking it out a... read more »

Order True to Size

27 Feb, 2020
I ordered a larger size than I normally wear based on the reviews online. I didn't need the larger size at all. This is a really nice shirt that feel soft and flowing. The lace overlay doesn't... read more »

Have all the cords needed in one

27 Feb, 2020
This is a real game changer especially if you have multiple devices. I do not like having to look for a charger cord for my tablet and then need a different one for my phone. Now I can easily charger... read more »

Clean your CPAP mask

27 Feb, 2020
For anyone that uses a CPAP or BiPap machine they know that the mask and hose are difficult to clean. Honestly, most of us don't clean them like we should. This little unit makes it super easy to... read more »

Enjoy having keyboard when needed

27 Feb, 2020
Our iPad is used mostly by the kids but when I need to use it, I appreciate having the attachable keyboard handy. The case is cute and protects the iPad from too much toddler loving. And the keyboard... read more »

Game Changer

27 Feb, 2020
If you have little ones that are wanting to watch shows on your phone, this is a game changer. Simply prop up your phone in the unit and then sit back on the other side and enjoy a large screen versio... read more »

Nice decal for decorating

27 Feb, 2020
This vinyl decal is super easy to put on the wall. But... make sure you place it on the floor or tape in place to make sure you have enough room to place the framed photos as you would like them in th... read more »

Probably not meant for a large dog

27 Feb, 2020
Let me start by saying I enjoyed this treat ball...while it lasted. Our Goldendoodle had it broken in a day but he is pretty aggressive.  Nothing about the unit wrong. Perhaps it wasn't me... read more »

Super Cute

27 Feb, 2020
These stickers are just too cute. My bottles have never looked better. And my little one has so many stickers that she is placing them everywhere! Oh well...she is having fun and they can be removed.&... read more »

Love to use this when traveling

21 Aug, 2019
If you are always looking for a quick charge…this Qi-Certified Fast Charger by #AIRGINE is perfect. I love taking it with me when traveling since it is compact but powerful. Having it tucked aw... read more »

Really helps when on your feet all day

19 Jul, 2019
What’s the secret to being on your feet all day? Compression socks! These socks from #Pevor are so comfortable and yet they prevent my feet from swelling . They also provide support for my weak... read more »

So cute but a challenge to get framed since they were not cut evenly

19 Jul, 2019
Our little one just loves anything related to Unicorns. Her room, coat, car seat, and baby strollers are all decorated in Unicorns. And while these canvas painted posters are simply adorable, they are... read more »

Protect your clothes with this waterproof apron

19 Jul, 2019
While working in the yard or managing the grill, this waterproof apron by #Lot-Yes keeps clothes clean and dry. The pockets are covered with a terrycloth material which is great for wiping your hands.... read more »

Long Lasting Matte Finish Bold Lipsticks

19 Jul, 2019
Do you enjoy bold colors of lipsticks? These waterproof colors from #NiceFace are a matte finish and they last all day long. They are bold for sure! I like that I don’t have to reapply (unless I... read more »

Awesome sound and the battery last a long time!

19 Jul, 2019
Do you enjoy using earbuds without dealing with the cord? This set from #Pinsparkle are super nice. They include the charging case and the battery lasts all day even as much as I use them.When I first... read more »

Talk about having fun!

19 Jul, 2019
Talk about having fun! This camera drone by #Potensic is so much fun to fly. The live video feed is cool but the GPS auto return is amazing for me (the one that loses every drone). Get one for yoursel... read more »

It sure helps to encourage little ones to drink more liquids

19 Jul, 2019
Encouraging my little ones to drink more during the day is easy with this purple silicone tumbler by #Qme. I like that it is leak-proof and has a built-in straw!. My little one LOVES the bands that ca... read more »

Strong and holds a lot!

10 Jul, 2019
This is a huge box of white drawstring trash bags. The bags are strong and so far we haven't had any tear or leak. They fit my trash can well and do not slip off the top. As with most homes, my cr... read more »

Overstuffed and comfy

10 Jul, 2019
My brother was visiting last week and had his little dog (and their bedding) all set up for the night. In a flash the bedding for his dog was gone! Yep, my 3 Goldendoodles were having a fine time shre... read more »

Protect Your Seats

10 Jul, 2019
Owning a black car with black seats and a golden dog... don't mix. When our dog rides in the car there is hair EVERYWHERE! I mean everywhere. Not to mention the chance of her nails scratches or te... read more »

Everything you need to walk your dog

10 Jul, 2019
This retractable dog leash works great with our GoldenDoodle. She weighs about 55 pounds and, at times, likes to pull on her lead. We haven't had any issue with the lead getting tangled or not ret... read more »

Smaller than expected but a super neat bag

10 Jul, 2019
Not sure why I expected the bag to be larger than it is, but in any is a super bag for heading to the beach or park.  The cooler portion on the bottom holds several bottles of water a... read more »

What a hoot to play with!

10 Jul, 2019
Oh wow... is what my little one said when we opened this mini drone. He was over the top and could hardly wait for it to charge enough to use it.  The unit is easy to learn to use. And the tin... read more »

Lightweight and comfortable

29 Jun, 2019
These sun glasses have a wide frame and fit right over my prescription glasses. Because they are larger framed, they fit confortably and are super lightweight. They are not too dark in tint but do blo... read more »

Great for grabbing a quick charge

29 Jun, 2019
I appreciate how easy this is to use without having to open my waterproof case on my phone and plug in the cord. Now I can simply set my phone on the wireless charging station and grab a charge anytim... read more »

Help kids keep room clean

29 Jun, 2019
What a super cute laundry hamper! While it does stand on its own, it will tip over easily or if your little one wads up and shoots their clothes like a ball.  read more »

Multi Use Light is great

25 Jun, 2019
This unit can be used so many ways. I have it set up on my desk for more light when making videos. It provides a good amount of "natural" lighting without making me look like I am under a br... read more »

Small but Mighty

25 Jun, 2019
I have to say that this a alot smaller than I was expecting. But, it runs quietly in the background and ....seems to be doing what it is supposed to do. Do to the small size, and according to the pack... read more »

Helps stop dog from pulling

25 Jun, 2019
Our Goldendoodle is not one that likes to walk on a leash. He wants to go his way and now!  This harness fit him well and didn't rub on his shoulders which has been an issue with other har... read more »

Bright light but love the usb ports

25 Jun, 2019
This clock has a BRIGHT light face! That said, I do appreciate the ports for charging devices on the night stand.  The clock has a loud alarm and easy to read numbers. But, I found the light s... read more »

Everyone needs this!

25 Jun, 2019
This USB C Hub/Adapter with Smart SD Card Reader is a must have item. Knowing the ports are limited, this opens up ways for me to work more efficiently. Having a USB C on it was convenient as dev... read more »

Super Cute Soon to Be Daddy Gift

25 Jun, 2019
We have a new grandbaby due soon and I wanted to show the soon to be dad some love on Father's Day.  This is a super cute heart shaped gift tag (that's what we used it for).  L... read more »

Love not having my ears covered

14 Jun, 2019
These bone conduction, wireless headphones are amazing! I enjoy having my ears uncovered and still be able to enjoy my playlist and what is going on around me.. They will play for up to 5 hours on a s... read more »

This cordless screwdriver is great!

08 Jun, 2019
This cordless screwdriver is great! The multi angle use makes it perfect for small jobs. It includes 13 Bits, 30 Screws, and a magnet wristband.  I like how compact it is which makes it easier... read more »

I might win the battle of the hair!

05 Mar, 2019
We have a new puppy and he sheds SO MUCH! There is hair everywhere and it has been a real pain to get out the door without him wanting attention. Now we can remove the hair easily with this sticky rol... read more »

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