isYoung Pet Bed, (26x22in) Soft Pet Nest, Cat and Dog Cushion Bed- Machine Washable, Water-Resistant Bottom (L)
Price: $21.99
4.80 / 5   (20 Reviews)


very happy little dog

23 Oct, 2019
I wish I got two of these at the time of order I had no idea how big it really was and how much my dog would love this bed..she uses it every day all day long read more »

highly recommend good quality

19 Sep, 2019
My sister’s dog loves it, much better than the other, more flat bed I have for him. He prefers to curl up rather than lay out flat. The fabric is very soft as is the stuffing. I use it on top of... read more »

Big and soft

18 Aug, 2019
My pup sleeps like a king and his new soft big bed. I was slightly worried they would be some sort of shedding from the fibers or feelings but there was not.  read more »

Sleeping tight

21 Jul, 2019
My dog likes the bed but I wish that the middle pillow was not able to come out. Only because my dog likes to throw it out of the bed and try to rip it. He is a boxador and is rough with stuff but it... read more »

My dogs love this

21 Jul, 2019
It’s a good quality bed. The center pillow comes out to wash it. Not the color that I would choose but the dogs seem to like it. Both my small ones and my big one. A dog bed it a dog bed.&n... read more »

Very soft bed

13 Jul, 2019
As soon as I put it on the floor, my little dog jumped in it and snuggled right up. He really loves it and sleeps in it throughout the day and night. Very good quality with no weird odors or loose thr... read more »

Overstuffed and comfy

10 Jul, 2019
My brother was visiting last week and had his little dog (and their bedding) all set up for the night. In a flash the bedding for his dog was gone! Yep, my 3 Goldendoodles were having a fine time shre... read more »


03 Jul, 2019
Good quality and very spacious.  read more »

Not REALLY a Large

01 Jul, 2019
Great bed! Super soft. Well made. But it is NOT a Large. I should have read the actual dimensions prior to purchasing rather than trusting that it was actually a standard Large dog bed. It is closer t... read more »

Perfect, much better than expected.

29 Jun, 2019
My 15 lbs little doggo, Shaggy, absolutely loves this bed! It took him a full second to get used to this new thing in his life, after I first introduced him to it, he pretty m... read more »


28 Jun, 2019
This Pet Bed measures 26x22in. It is a Soft Pet Nest or Cat and Dog Cushion Bed. It is Machine Washable and has a Water-Resistant Bottom. The colors are cute and fun. It is really... read more »

Super soft and easy to clean

28 Jun, 2019
This is got to be the softest dog bed I've ever purchased!  I want to sleep in it!  My doggies love it!  read more »

isYoung Pet Bed

26 Jun, 2019
I got this for my girl because she outgrew her old one, and she really needed a new one. This bed is made of the softest, plush material. It is multicolored on the outside and dark brown on the i... read more »

This is a great dog bed

24 Jun, 2019
I have purchased several dog beds over the last few years and this one is definitely one of the best.   I was pleasantly surprised to see how large it was. More thab big enough for m... read more »

Love this pet bed

22 Jun, 2019
Its big and spacious for my 2 chihuahuas  read more »

Very nice

21 Jun, 2019
This bed is perfect! The bed pillow can be removed and cleaned easily! My dog loves it! It's super soft and comfy and great for a dog or a cat! read more »

My dogs love it!

17 Jun, 2019
I love the colors, its soft and even though I got if or my smaller dog, all 4 (biggest is 90 pounds) love it! It has a removable pillow for easy washing. Great bed for the price.  read more »


12 Jun, 2019
This bed is really soft. The pillow insert is seperate and removable.The whole bed can be thrown in the washer and dryer or just the pillow top. I thought this would be for one of the Beagles but the... read more »


06 Jun, 2019
I bought this one for my friends dog since my little Isabelle loves hers so much. Well their dog Blue loves his bed too! Saw him sleeping in it this morning when I visited. read more »

love it!!

05 Jun, 2019
My dog is a 9lb chihuahua mix and he just loves his new bed!Its super soft and love the colors! i love that the base is brown so you dont see the dirt too much lol. Thank you so much! as described!... read more »

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