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Feb, 2018

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keeps cold

23 Oct, 2019
this bottle keeps my water cold for a very long time its affordable to! read more »

amazing love it

23 Oct, 2019
I use this daily to put stuff in i love how strong it is to hold a lot of stuff read more »

fell apart

23 Oct, 2019
I love this case but the zipper broke i can no longer use it but i would buy again i might have just got a bad one:( read more »


23 Oct, 2019
I use these on my kitchen table they are the perfect size and clean and white  read more »


23 Oct, 2019
this is easy to use plug input controllers in and you are ready to go when you use this very simple read more »


23 Oct, 2019
I got this for my son where he lives its very cold and this keeps him warm :) read more »

Well worth buying

23 Oct, 2019
I use this daily its next to my bed i use it every night while i am relaxing in bed its the perfect light it makes me feel calm and relaxed while its on would buy again read more »

what a great deal

23 Oct, 2019
i love to color when i am relaxing so many colors to use from the supplies i have so many colors my pictures are amazing read more »

perfect case

23 Oct, 2019
this case comes in handy to have at home and even on the go with my Nintendo switch i love it and keeps my cables and other things together that i use with it read more »

little and cute

23 Oct, 2019
i put this little trash can in the bathroom fits perfect in the bathroom its not annoying or big fits perfect next to the toilet read more »

easy to use

23 Oct, 2019
mounted this in the car the phone stays in never falls out im happy with it read more »


23 Oct, 2019
I have these in my kitchen the sizes are perfect not to big but not to small either great to put flour and sugar and tea bags in read more »

very happy little dog

23 Oct, 2019
I wish I got two of these at the time of order I had no idea how big it really was and how much my dog would love this bed..she uses it every day all day long read more »

perfect size

23 Oct, 2019
I put these all around my house i can notice the difference since doing so worth buying and getting  read more »

Gaming room

23 Oct, 2019
our new place has a doorbell that doesn't work no i figured i would buy this which has saved us from missing people coming to our house or deliveries we are mostly in our gaming room way... read more »


23 Oct, 2019
I love having this because sometimes i need to open certain compartments that need one of these little gadgets to open and use to repair my watch and other things read more »

Nintendo switch

23 Oct, 2019
I use this case to keep all my games in safe and use while i travel also its great for the price read more »

love this

23 Oct, 2019
My cat loves her little costume she runs around like a little witch! read more »

Bluetooth Speaker

27 Feb, 2019
I got this for the new place i am moving into and i was testing it out and the sound is amazing for being such a small Bluetooth speaker i have to say i have been very impressed so far by this what a... read more »

shower curtains

26 Apr, 2018
i use this over our bear claw tub has a shower and we need 2 curtains looks clean and classy in there read more »


26 Apr, 2018
i use this in my bedroom at night and i love the light on it at bed time it makes the room just feel so relaxing  read more »

works great

26 Apr, 2018
this works amazing i use it in my living room with oil i love the colors while it changes while using it  read more »

best stand

25 Apr, 2018
best stand for my ipad i love it it fits perfect next to me while i am on the computer its almost like a second monitor read more »

amazing sunglasses

18 Apr, 2018
i got theses sunglasses for my boyfriend he loves them he is a mailman so they come in handy for him for everyday use read more »

best charging pad

05 Apr, 2018
I love this i have it in my bedroom and no issues its perfect charges my phone  read more »

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