LETION UV Flashlight 2 in 1 [2 Pack],UV Light LED Black Light flashlights with 500LM Highlight & 4 Mode & Waterproof IPX 4 for Pet Clothing Food Fungus Detection/Night Fishing/Travel/Camping
Price: $16.99
4.97 / 5   (70 Reviews)



18 Jun, 2021
After receiving the lights I put the batteries in and immediately clicked it on. Oh my! What a bright flashlight ! but I ordered a UV blacklight, didn't I ? Already feeling disappointed I jumped t... read more »

Super bright.

14 Jun, 2021
This flashlight is super bright. It has a nice weight to it and easy to use and easy to handle. It is compact in size so it is perfect for travel. It also has a UV black light function which I have no... read more »


06 Jun, 2021
These little guys are crazy bright! Great deal too! read more »

Worth it

04 May, 2021
buy buy buy. This two pack is worth it. read more »

Great Flashlights

29 Apr, 2021
You get your money worth with these. They are well made, sturdy. You can adjust the size of light and distance. I use the black  light  on my crystals to post. They have different modes for... read more »

Great value

19 Apr, 2021
These are great little flashlights. I love that they have the black light on them. They have four modes too and its ajustable. read more »

Great product at a Great price!

19 Apr, 2021
I'm very impressed with these flashlights. The light shines very bright and illuminates the whole room. Perfect size and the strap is an added bonus when walking the dog at night. The UV option is... read more »

Uv flashlights

15 Apr, 2021
You can use these for anything but they are not regular flashlights for light they are blacklight uv lights comes as a pack of 2  read more »

Great item

08 Apr, 2021
Great item, small easy to store or carry, great light read more »

Strong light

08 Apr, 2021
Strong and adjustable. Also the UV light is bright. Great quality and pricing read more »

Love them!

07 Apr, 2021
Great quality flashlights that have both regular lighting, and black light for checking for counterfeit money, or checking your hotel room for previous blood spatter (or any other spatter!)  :)&n... read more »

Great For Home.

02 Apr, 2021
Order to put in my house in SC, just in case the power ever to go out. Lights are brights and a great price for two.  read more »

Comes in handy

01 Apr, 2021
LETION UV Flashlight Black Light 2 in 1 2 Pcs,UV Light LED Black Light flashlights with 500LM Highlight&4 Mode&Waterproof IPX 4 for Pet Clothing Food Fungus Detection/Night Fishing/Travel/Camp... read more »

Heavy Duty

01 Apr, 2021
These UV light LED black light flashlights by Letion are heavy duty, made well and work great.  There are four modes to the brightness and they ae waterproof.  They are great for fishing and... read more »

Love them

31 Mar, 2021
These flashlights are great!  They are very bright and you can adjust the light to be a wider area or a narrow area.  I had to buy more because my stepson and his girlfriend took these. read more »


30 Mar, 2021
Very good quality.... read more »

Gift Worthy, pocket book friendly

30 Mar, 2021
LETION UV Flashlight 2 in 1 [2 Pack],UV Light LED Black Light flashlights with 500LM Highlight & 4 Mode & Waterproof IPX 4 for Pet Clothing Food Fungus Detection/Night Fishing/Travel/Camping.... read more »


29 Mar, 2021
These work great, it took us a minute to figure out how to get them UV because there are so many settings but they are very bright. Love them.  read more »

Great buy

28 Mar, 2021
Great price, love the UV light feature! Love that batteries were included. Great buy  read more »


27 Mar, 2021
Very heavy duty and durable flashlights, these will definitely last a long time. Highly recommended.  read more »

Really good and they work well

26 Mar, 2021
These came with two flashlights, lantern additions, and  batteries. Was easy to open and add the batteries. Turns on easily and zoom moves well to switch the sizes of the light! Has a h... read more »


25 Mar, 2021
Good deal read more »

So good

22 Mar, 2021
This little tactical flashlights blew me away, to be honest I was expecting cheaper quality and they are anything but cheap. The reach of the beam, wow!!! read more »

Very bright love them

05 Mar, 2021
     I got these flashlights for our late night fishing trips. We both can have one when we go this spring and summer. These flashlights come with batteries. I didn't real... read more »


04 Mar, 2021
Don't let the size fool you!  These baby's are super bright!  Nice size, fits in your hand well and isn't overly heavy.  Let's you change lighting options with a half pr... read more »

Bright and lightweight

03 Mar, 2021
These flashlights are small yet powerful. They can be adjusted for a close view or for viewing images long distance. Everything looks super clear . They really came in handy during our recent power ou... read more »

Really Nice!

01 Mar, 2021
These flashlights are really nice & bright!  read more »

Super super bright

01 Mar, 2021
Comes packaged nice and neat. The flashlights are super bright. Way brighter than any flashlight I own. They are also heavy duty not cheaply made. Great quality.  Battries are included and last a... read more »

Can't have enough of these

27 Feb, 2021
We are a huge flash light family and these are a must. read more »

Best flashlights so far.

26 Feb, 2021
These are the best flashlights I've gotten so far. They are really bright read more »

My husband loves them

26 Feb, 2021
My husband lives these flashlights so much, he tpok away both of them from me. They are durable, multi functional and good quality! I'm trying to get one back, because i liked them too! read more »

All in one!

19 Feb, 2021
I LOVE this flashlight, it's an all in one! It's a flashlight it has a strobe feature it's a UV light! It has narrow and wide lighting. It's a very impressive little ite... read more »

Dual purpose flashlight/UV

19 Feb, 2021
Great little lights. Very bright on high and adjustable beam. Can power with included AAA batteries (3) snd holder or use a rechargable 18650 battery ( not included ) with the included cylinder adapte... read more »


18 Feb, 2021
I absolutely love these flashlighs the main light is super bright. But my favorite part is the uv light it scary how good it is! Defently be ordering more.  read more »

Uv Flashlight

15 Feb, 2021
I love these flashlights really bright great size great price. Definitely worth the buy. My son always takes them going to have to buy more for sure. read more »


12 Feb, 2021
These lights seem to work very good they are very bright and shine a long way would recommend  read more »

Great deal

09 Feb, 2021
I LOVE these flashlights and have given several as gifts to friends who love them too! These are the perfect size for taking a walk at night or grabbing off a nightstand in total darkness to light up... read more »


06 Feb, 2021
LETION UV Flashlight 2 in 1 [2 Pack],UV Light LED Black Light flashlights with 500LM Highlight & 4 Mode & Waterproof IPX 4 for Pet Clothing Food Fungus Detection/Night Fishing/Travel/Camping... read more »

Great lights

23 Jan, 2021
Love these lights. They are super bright, able to project a wide or focused beam and the UV light works well. They feel heavy duty and seem to be well made. A real bragain for 2 lights!  read more »

Great value works great

20 Jan, 2021
They are well made, easy to install batteries ans the light is bright on the flashlight side. The UV side works great as well. Nice to have in vehicle or purse if traveling at night.  read more »

Awesome flashlight!

18 Jan, 2021
Fast shipping, great quality! I love them! Super bright and black light setting is such a cool bonus! Recommed seller and would purchase again! read more »


06 Jan, 2021
These are extremely bright and long lasting battery usage.  read more »

Great !

16 Sep, 2020
Very high-quality flashlights. I like that I can just plug them in and charge them. Nice bright light. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #LETION read more »

Love it

28 Aug, 2020
Bought this for my husband and they works great. Very sturdy. read more »

So useful and cool

28 Aug, 2020
These flashlights are so cool and multifunctional. I love the blacklight function and it was cool seeing the stains that I couldn't spot with a naked eye   read more »

UV Flashlight

13 Aug, 2020
There are many flashlight offerings out there, all claiming one thing or another. This particular flashlight is touted as having the UV feature, which it does. There’s a big difference between a... read more »

Bright and handy lights

11 Aug, 2020
Got these for my father in law . He's got one in his kitchen for emergencies and one in his car . They are a good size and pretty heavy. Well made and easy to use . read more »

And God said let there be light

31 Jul, 2020
LETION UV Flashlight 2 in 1 [2 Pack],UV Light LED Black Light flashlights with 500LM Highlight & 4 Mode & Waterproof IPX 4 for Pet Clothing Food Fungus Detection/Night Fishing/Travel/Camping... read more »


27 Jul, 2020
These small flashlights are AMAZING!  VERY bright...Comes in a pack of two and, has different settings with the simple push of the on/off button.  Comes with a UV light, strobe light and, a... read more »

Great product!

27 Jul, 2020
I was very pleased with the quality of these flashlights! They are well-made and powerful. I love that there are four different settings, and am especially pleased with the UV setting. Very reasonably... read more »

Brightened my day

26 Jul, 2020
Seriously these things could brighten anyone's day. These are super bright powerful little things. Honestly they are great for any occasion really. Highly recommend grabbing a set of these to have... read more »

Great flashlights

25 Jul, 2020
These are excellent lights  read more »

Bright and Large - Exceeded My Expectations!

23 Jul, 2020
I have bought quite a few flashlight sets over the years, and they all seem to have one thing in common - they are very small. Not this set! These flashlights are long and fit my hand well, it was... read more »

A must have for every traveler!

22 Jul, 2020
This 2 pack of travel UV dual purpose flashlights by #LETION is a must have for every traveler. It has the UV light when you get to your destination to check the hotel room for nasty dirty sheets, and... read more »

Very bright lights!

21 Jul, 2020
I love these lights! In this set, you get two of them. They are very well built. Included batteries and they both worked really well. There are four modes for which turning on the lights. Took aw... read more »


20 Jul, 2020
These are very bright and work well. Love the flaahlights. read more »

I placed these in my computer room that way there handy for storms

20 Jul, 2020
These come in handy for testing out black light nail polishes as well as also come in handy since there normal flash lights as well. And with this being a (2) pack I could not pass this deal up. &n... read more »


19 Jul, 2020
I got this for my son. He loves it. It is super bright.  read more »

Bright Idea!

18 Jul, 2020
These are very bright!  Compared to the other flashlights in the house they work much better.  The only problem is pressing the button to get the blue light is a little difficult....I keep t... read more »


16 Jul, 2020
Small compact and light weight. Brightness is good. UV light works great. Must fully charge batteries to last a while.  read more »


16 Jul, 2020
Both flashlights are uv! I was under the impression one one was but no! You click it it goes through different modes and Bam black light! Boy that black light be carful where you point! Especially kid... read more »

Work great

16 Jul, 2020
Bright flashlights, easy to use. Helps me with seeing in dark places. Sturdy construction, def feels like you can drop it and it won't break. I haven't tested waterproofness but it does appear... read more »

Pair of UV / white LED Flashlights LETION

16 Jul, 2020
This kit consists of two LED UV / White flashlights with battery holders, AAA Alkaline batteries, 18650 LiIon battery adapter tubes, wrist straps. They are made of aluminum alloy with black finish. Th... read more »

Awesome flashlights

16 Jul, 2020
This is a great 2 in 1 flashlight, it comes in a two pack. Not only is it a regular flashlight it is also a UV light. So it has many uses such as detecting stains on things. The flashlights come with... read more »

Best Tactical UV lights

15 Jul, 2020
These lights are super bright.  Light up a whole room.  UV lights are amazing.   Dont be surprised by what they pick up.  Highly recommended.  read more »


14 Jul, 2020
Not as bright as I was expecting, but pretty bright none the less. Even came with batteries which was nice. read more »

fun and useful!

14 Jul, 2020
These UV/Flashlight 2 packs are awesome. I gave one to my grandson and he is having a ball lighting up his room and watching how the UV changes everthing. I guess I will have to get him some posters!&... read more »

Great buy

13 Jul, 2020
Let me just say this first, this is an awesome 2 pack flashlight 2 in 1 set. The regular light is very powerful and bright. This is also the best flashlight set I have ever owned it’s that nice!... read more »

Bright and compact

10 Jul, 2020
These flashlights are very compact and perfect to keep in your car or pocket. My husband always has one in his pocket and he loves them. These are awesome flashlights and very handy. Extremely us... read more »

Amazing power

08 Jul, 2020
My son and I love this flashlight. I did not expect so much power in this small flashlight. It opens from the bottom to put the 3aaa batteries in, that are included. Seriously don't go black light... read more »

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