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Won’t turn off

13 Jul, 2022
So when this product arrived it was great, a month in it would not turn off...I can let it die or have to plug it in for it to stop. But the pros are it's soft and has great vibrations  read more »

Love it

10 Jun, 2022
Love this dress it's lightweight with very soft fabric.  Arm holes are in the perfect location. Did not shirk when washed and dried read more »

Work as suppose to

15 May, 2022
Excellent product for price. I've used everyone on my husband and sons shorts. Will order more just to keep around the house. Great product  read more »

Not much of a feeling

12 May, 2022
This one has great vibration and charges fast.  The charge seems to last very good time frame. Only thing is I guess bc of design there really isn't much of a feel with the "lick" j... read more »

great product, app needs work

09 May, 2022
love this product, it's very bright and clear when using in the ear. you can see perfectly. holds long charge. only issue is the app, needs some work to connect without having to change your wifi... read more »


30 Mar, 2022
Great bounce, blower to quickly, holds air perfectly even over the "weight limit" super large. And love the team color. Perfect bounce read more »

Great little set

30 Mar, 2022
Perfect for school aged kids, got this for my sons preschool class and they loved it begging they are all starting k5 in a free months... and no sugar rush! The eggs are super cute and colorful. read more »

Great product for price

26 Mar, 2022
Works as it's suppose to...only reason I have 4 stars is due to the battery life on the collar. Battery life for remote is excellent will last several days, collar on the other hand must be charge... read more »


01 Mar, 2022
Probably would find 5 stars if the "mopping" feature was useful. The siction is very good on this vacuum. I the dust pad don't not stay on and in place as we as the mopping pad.  read more »

Beautiful candles

07 Jan, 2022
Smaller than expected, but the smell is awesome and makes up for the size! They burn very well and not too fast! Love this set read more »


07 Jan, 2022
This makeup is so light you can't feel it on your skin. I have super sensitive skin as well and no break outs! Color was a perfect match.  read more »

Cute but very small

15 Dec, 2021
This is super tiny! Much smaller than I was expecting, it is cute. The much or tone is very limited to one small course as well. Wouldn't purchase another one  read more »

Love this pen

06 Dec, 2021
Pen is awesome, great point for perfect screen to touch. I use it on my touch screen laptop with no issues! Super easy when doing my drawings or signing documents  read more »

Never received

05 Dec, 2021
Never received product  read more »

Great material

14 Nov, 2021
Love this desk mat! It holds everything in place, somehow works as a coaster as well with condensation. Perfect size!  read more »

As described

09 Nov, 2021
Hubby loves these said they work perfectly.  read more »

Never received

09 Nov, 2021
I never received this product  read more »

Works as described

09 Nov, 2021
Works as described, only reason for 4 stars is due to the voice. The voice is muffled and kinda of hard to understand the woman. Does work great especially for headaches that are from the back of the... read more »


09 Nov, 2021
Excellent quality. Nice stainless steel bowls. Heavy duty  read more »

As described

09 Nov, 2021
Worked as described. Love the different grits.  read more »

Excellent set

09 Nov, 2021
Love this set! My 4 year old immediately calms down with these! These are great for kids with sensory disorders  read more »

Awesome lights

09 Nov, 2021
Bright, easy to use, perfect for indoor or even outdoor. These are one of the brightest build I've purchased. Will buy more read more »


25 Oct, 2021
Excellent quality, hold up very good, keeps everything in place Matt does not slip on desk or table read more »

Super bright

24 Oct, 2021
These are amazing lights! I can't believe how bright they are! LED's even in an enclosed light fixture are great lights!  read more »


23 Oct, 2021
Excellent quality! Very firm material although not firm to sit on!  My 4 year Ioves it its also perfect height to accommodate a child sitting at the table  read more »

Never received product

19 Oct, 2021
Never received the product  read more »

Great Tea

06 Oct, 2021
Flavor is very strong which is the only reason I gave it 4 stars. Flavor is not bad just again it's very strong. Yea is made very easy  read more »

Super bright

29 Sep, 2021
Love these lights! They are super bright, led is clear. Will buy more read more »

Heats Quickly

22 Sep, 2021
Love the several tips it comes with, makes it very convenient for different projects and especially small spaces.  heats very quickly  read more »

As expected

12 Sep, 2021
Used several times, works perfectly as expected. Such a big help with clean up. Material is good quality  read more »

Excellent speed

10 Sep, 2021
Fan head is very light, has excellent speed to keep you cool. Not loud, and Chargers super fast read more »

Not as cold as expected

05 Sep, 2021
Overall I like this fan, it's convenient fast charging, although definitely not as cool as I was expecting! The air blowing out is a basic breeze not cold.  read more »

Really helps toddlers

28 Aug, 2021
This is awesome! My son was very difficult with brushing his teeth, now he does it by himself and several times a day! The charge last days, and charges very quickly!  read more »

Toddlers love it

18 Aug, 2021
Fun, easy to put together, toddlers love this at bath time. Only issue I had was it did not suction well...changed the suction cups and perfect  read more »

Great fit as expected

18 Aug, 2021
Great material high quality, look awesome and feel good  read more »

Nice material

17 Aug, 2021
Material is super soft! Color is beautiful even though it's a dark color... although 4 stars bc it's definitely uneven with material sizing between breast area sand waist. The extra material f... read more »

Excellent quality

10 Aug, 2021
Love this Bluetooth headband, connection is simple, sound quality is perfect only wish you could choose size since everyone don't have the same head size, mine is slightly to big but still fits an... read more »

This thing is AWESOME!

30 Jul, 2021
The battery charges super fast and last approximately 95 mins on a full charge steady cutting. Super light so very comfortable to hold above your head or for long periods. Speed is excellent cut is ex... read more »

Excellent product

14 Jul, 2021
Perfect for a charging station, I love how many plug ins it has, and the USB ports. The convenient of the top being a wireless charger is great! Definitely recommend this for anyone who has lots of st... read more »

My infant and 4 year old love this

14 Jul, 2021
Great bath time toy! My infant, and 4 year old love this toy! They will play in the bath until the water is cold. Definitely recommend this toy for little ones in the bath  read more »

Cute clock

14 Jul, 2021
I love this design but it's very fake looking with fux wood. Colors are bright, nice size works as described  read more »

Absolutely adorable

14 Jul, 2021
These are awesome! Only issue is they are hard to put back together being there's no backing. Overall I love them they are a nice size not to small. Kids love them  read more »

Awesome Puzzels

14 Jul, 2021
Love these little puzzels, only issue was I didn't realize how small they are...to compare they are about the size of a cup coster. Overall they are awesome little puzzels my preschoolers love the... read more »

As described

14 Jul, 2021
Works as described, great litttle flashlight. Very bright  read more »

Excellent quality

09 Jul, 2021
Fits my patio set perfect, which is a loveseat! Love how it buckles and has string to pull tight on bottom...excellent quality  read more »

Good quality

07 Jul, 2021
These are very nice only reason I rated 4 stars is bc mine came very tangled up and took me hours to get them untangled. Needless to say this could have been an Amazon packaging issue. They are made v... read more »

Great little sprinkler

07 Jul, 2021
Kids all love this, they range from ages 2 to 8 and have a blast...it's more powerful than I was expecting with the water shooting a good distance. Great outside toy to cool off with  read more »

Perfect rocks

06 Jul, 2021
These are amazing due to the fact they have extra grip support. They are super strong and made very well. Definitely recommend read more »

Great for little ones

06 Jul, 2021
My boots range from 3 to 8 and they all this this sprinkler! Great product for all ages.  read more »

Kids love it

06 Jul, 2021
Great product, much stronger than expected. Kids love it read more »

Great rotary tool

25 Jun, 2021
This is by far one of the best rotary tools I've got from Amazon! Love all the extras that comes with it, especially the hard case. Very easy to use, great power! Definitely recommend read more »

As described looks amazing

18 Jun, 2021
Great little set for a small tank. We have a 20 gallon and this set filled it perfect! As described and bright beautiful colors    read more »

Love this set

17 Jun, 2021
This set is beautiful, love the different rocks it's a great variety! The hanging necklace gem is absolutely gorgeous I only wish it was a little smaller so it could actually be worn as a necklace... read more »

Great set

11 Jun, 2021
Perfect set, as described and literally has everything needed in it for manicure and/or emergencies like splinters!  read more »

As described, excellent kids product

11 Jun, 2021
Got these for my sons bday, surprisingly they actually work very well. We could see just as far across the lake as my hubby's "real" but cheap pair, which to me makes thes... read more »

Great gift set

11 Jun, 2021
My nieces love this set of hair bows! It's a perfect gift for any little girl! Comes with lots of different style hair bows and very bright colors.  read more »

As described

08 Jun, 2021
Great product for the price, works as described  read more »

Very messy

03 Jun, 2021
These are very bright but we found them to also be very messy. The small containers the colors are in are made very cheap and do not hold up, all of ours broke first time opening them. Also I will say... read more »

Wasn’t impressed

02 Jun, 2021
Good set for a starter but definitely was not impressed with this set! The magnetic is a plus but very little bits, not average size. The case is very flexible and only holds the loose stuff not the c... read more »

Lost product

02 Jun, 2021
Says delivered on account, but never received this product  read more »

Beautiful colors

02 Jun, 2021
These have the best right colors I have yet to find! I will say they are definitely not waterproof and depending on how you apply will slowly come off after a few hours with water eyes but they are th... read more »

Works as described

02 Jun, 2021
Product works as described, start very slow does have a ton of power behind suction read more »

Great little set

01 Jun, 2021
Great little set for any little girl who likes to help mommy in the kitchen! Comes with so many extras kids get a joy out of this set! Gave one to my niece for her bday and ended up having to buy the... read more »

Works as described

31 May, 2021
Great little timer, easy to use and as described  read more »

Love This dog bowl

26 May, 2021
This is by far my favorite dog bowl we've owned! It definitely helps the dog to eat slower, which helps her from coughing and she doesn't make a mess now with her food. It's super con... read more »

Very cool

15 May, 2021
Neat item, ordered for my elementary aged kids so they weren't straining to watch movies/videos on my phone constantly, best thing ever THEY CAN ALL WATCH TOGETHER! No fighting about who holds pho... read more »

Never received this product

15 May, 2021
Ordered, shipped but never received ????????‍♀️ read more »

Never received it

15 May, 2021
Never received this product  read more »

Great product

13 May, 2021
These are great, my preschoolers love them and do great using them. They are made of very good material and have held up to 6 4 year olds fighting over them. The markers are also very good quality, er... read more »

Gets the job done

09 May, 2021
Very thin material, only lasted for approximately 4 cookouts. Although it was helpful due to size and convenience of travel. I would recommend covering it in aluminum foil prior to use if you intended... read more »

Perfect for toddlers

08 May, 2021
I purchased these to use as Easter baskets, 2 4 years and 1 2 year they worked out perfectly...best thing was the fact they are that silicone material so the 2 year old Easter basket had more toys tha... read more »

Great stencil set

07 May, 2021
These are sturdy and perfect size all kinds of projects. I use them to outline on wood projects and they have held up very well. Great buy  read more »

Son won’t take them off

07 May, 2021
These are great! Excellent quality, made strong the stitching is superior quality which is what my concern was. My son is 6 and won't take these things off he loves them and walks around the house... read more »

As described

02 May, 2021
Good sturdy case, fits as it should, described and arrived perfectly...good purchase  read more »

Great product

21 Apr, 2021
I absolutely LOVE this kit! All pieces are super easy to assemble, my 3 year old was able to build a "cave" tunnel on his own. My 14 year old daughter even puts it together with girlfri... read more »

These are awesome

20 Apr, 2021
2nd one purchased, first one was more of a gag gift for my husband, well joke was on me bc he actually looked really good with it on, so decided to order another one. Hair looks very realist from a di... read more »

Works as described

13 Apr, 2021
The sealer heats up pretty quick...The heating element is pretty thin and I wish it were a little thicker to leave a thicker seal line...I like that it's handheld and usb rechargeable...The c... read more »

Much smaller than expected

05 Apr, 2021
These were vary small, I was able to stuff a good bit of candy down in the legs which was a decent size. The overalls that are also the handles to carry the bag is what makes is difficult to stuff. Ve... read more »

Good little gift set for toddler kindergarten age

05 Apr, 2021
Bought this set as part of my sons Easter, items it comes with is great, as for quality not so much. Sunglasses, handcuffs, badges are great quality for a child. My son did love the set and that's... read more »

Looks realistic

28 Mar, 2021
I bought this as a joke for my husband, but of course the joke is on me now! It actually looks really good on him. You can't tell it's fake unless you get up close to it. Looks awesome! P... read more »

Great buy

28 Mar, 2021
Easy to put together and charges all 3 products with no problem. Great buy  read more »

Great buy

28 Mar, 2021
Great price, love the UV light feature! Love that batteries were included. Great buy  read more »

Toddler age appropriate

28 Mar, 2021
The padding part was made decent...but the straps do feel kind of cheap and are big for toddler age, although in the last few days this thing has been tossed and fought over with 2 girls ages 2 a... read more »

Material is great

22 Mar, 2021
The material is absolutely perfect very soft the way it buckles in the front is very convenient and easy, although the actual bust size definitely runs small.. it's at least 2 sizes smaller...I wi... read more »

Soft clear but no dark spots gone

22 Mar, 2021
So this one is very difficult to review and I normally don't but I'm interested in knowing how many others have had successfully results for dark spots? I can tell a major difference in t... read more »

Bags are as described

16 Mar, 2021
These bags are perfect! I absolutely love the fact they are "bags" no cutting and sealing needing to be done prior to use! I have 2 different vacuum sealers and these bags have worked perfec... read more »

Nice fit

01 Mar, 2021
Cloth holds up very well, washes greats and doesn't looks color or shape. Comfortable and nice designs  read more »

Nice light, bright and easy to install

11 Feb, 2021
Nice light...very bright...Install in few moments by my handyman husband, which seemed to be very easy installation. You can install it in two ways- horizontally or vertically which was nice sinc... read more »

Son loves this set

08 Feb, 2021
These are great. Made very well not cheap! Heavy metal and the cuffs are a little larger than kids wrist so makes putting parents in jail possible too ;)  read more »

Excellent solar lights

05 Feb, 2021
Love these, will purchase more when needed. They are one of the best I've purchased with motion, the sensitive is great for motion detection, which would make you think the light wouldn't last... read more »

Works as described

01 Feb, 2021
This little thing is super neat! I love it's rechargeable! Did take awhile to charge that first time, although the charge last a long time so far, I've used it several times since fully charge... read more »

Great product

30 Jan, 2021
Easy to use, charges fast, super bright light!  read more »


30 Jan, 2021
I was really excited about receiving these, although they do run big. They run about 2 sizes to big therefore I wasn't able to wear any of them! The rubber is nice and good quality, love all the c... read more »

Run big

30 Jan, 2021
I was really excited about receiving these, although they do run big. They run about 2 sizes to big therefore my husband wasn't able to wear them! The rubber is nice and good quality, love all the... read more »

Very sturdy

30 Jan, 2021
These are great, especially for travel but overall all these bamboo toothbrushes! Brushing is very soft, wood is nice and smooth. Will purchase more  read more »

Great little camera

28 Jan, 2021
Use this camera everytime someone watches my 3 year old son, it's been a lifesaver for my peace of mind! Easy to use, definitely need a good SD card! Video and sound is perfect  read more »

Won’t work

28 Jan, 2021
Makes no sound, no fan spinning, no lights to indicate it's working. Not sure if I received a bad product or it's suppose to be super silent and no lights. Put back in box to return if possibl... read more »

Super Bright

20 Jan, 2021
This solar light is perfect for any flag pole, although if you have kids that light to play hide in go seek at night these are awesome! We've bought several and hung them around the playground are... read more »


13 Jan, 2021
This light is super bright and literally last from dust til dawn! We did have it on flag pole but when realized how bright it was we moved it to our kids Swingset and it works out perfectly!  read more »

Does not work

13 Jan, 2021
There's no light no sound nothing coming from this box, fully charged although again no way to tell if it actually charged, assuming I possibly received a defective item and ill be returning it fo... read more »


04 Jan, 2021
This product did not work, changed batteries several times with new batteries and still nothing  read more »

Great for kids

28 Dec, 2020
Very well made, lots of little explorer things in this set! It's very encouraging to help kids get off the technology now days and outside! Love this set definitely recommended for anyone with you... read more »

Works as described plus

28 Dec, 2020
My teen daughter loves this selfie ring light, she got it for Christmas and hasn't put this thing away! She loves the way the light gives your face that extra glow. I have to admit I've even u... read more »

Great little toy!

28 Dec, 2020
My 5 year old son was able to put this spider together by himself, and he loves it! My nephews also got one for Christmas they are 4 and 6 and both were able to do theirs and love taking them apart an... read more »

As described

28 Dec, 2020
This is as described, works well and has great speed. Comes with lots of extras to do nails very nicely. Great product  read more »

Great gloves

28 Dec, 2020
As described, awesome set of gloves for the winter months and absolutely waterproof! This is one of the best sets I've purchased and they keep my hands completely dry. Thank you great product ... read more »

Super small

04 Dec, 2020
Very disappointed in this you! It's so small I'm not even giving to my son as a toy I'm making it a Christmas ornament. No sound, lights do work but very dim. Do not recommend this as... read more »

Works as described

29 Nov, 2020
I've been through several sets and most of these pull the hair, these are the first ones I've received at discount price that work perfectly! Love this set and definitely recommended  read more »

These are made very cheap but kids love them

19 Nov, 2020
Luckily this comes with several hand cuffs since they break within hours of playing! 3 star bc of how cheaply they are made. Cute and fun set though  read more »

Love this clock

18 Nov, 2020
Super bright, easy to read and so much bigger than I expected. Awesome product read more »

Strong vibration

07 Nov, 2020
I don't know about this being a body massager more of an adult toy! But the vibration is awesome and battery life is great read more »

Heats very good

07 Nov, 2020
It heats up very quickly and is really hot! I love using this little heater on my desk, although you have to be carful not to let it run longer than about 20 mins at a time or the whole thing gets ver... read more »

Awesome set

07 Nov, 2020
Love this little learning set, hold children attention very well with so many different options. Great purchase, arrived quicker than stated, packaged perfect  read more »

Bright, but didn’t last long

25 Oct, 2020
These were really neat when first arrived...my 3 year old loved them. Although it was very disappointing when within in a few hours the red light had gone out on 1 glove and by the next day the whole... read more »

Never received product

19 Oct, 2020
Product never arrived  read more »

Tingling sensation

13 Oct, 2020
Hard to know if this product actually works, only been using for about a week, although it does have a tingling sensation like it's doing something to your skin. No burn no irritation so far good.... read more »

Works quickly

09 Oct, 2020
I've used almost ever over the counter ance cream over the years and not many of the actually work as described, I love this product! Arrived quickly, package as it should be. Only reason I gave i... read more »

Great flavor, helps with fatigue

02 Oct, 2020
As described, most definitely helped with fatigue and energy. Also I can tell a difference in my snacking habits for a couple of hours immediately after placing the liquid under my tongue. T... read more »

Very good flavor

02 Oct, 2020
Love these, the flavor is great, not too sweet as most hydration drinks taste like pure sugar read more »

As expected

02 Oct, 2020
Product arrived on time, packaged well and very secure in box, product is as expected and as described. Worked perfectly in my v10 Dyson. Thank you  read more »

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