UTTORA Outdoor Explorer Kit, Kids Binoculars Set with Compass, Magnifying Glass, Butterfly Net for 8+ Old Boys and Girls, Kids Telescope Adventure Kit Children Outdoor Educational Kit (22PCS)
Price: $23.99
4.86 / 5   (154 Reviews)


Great buy

05 Aug, 2022
I bought my daughter UTTORA Outdoor Explorer Kit, Kids Binoculars Set with Compass, Magnifying Glass, Butterfly Net for 8+ Old Boys and Girls, Kids Telescope Adventure Kit Children Outdoor Educat... read more »

Great Buy

13 Mar, 2022
Durable products, my kids play with then constantly, catching bugs and worms then keeping them in the large container as "pets" Great for camping or walking trails and the best way to kee... read more »

Son use this often

03 Nov, 2021
My son use this often specially he is a very big fan of solar system he uses this to see the sky and explore quietly. He learn a lot from this set  read more »

Fun for kids

28 Jun, 2021
Nice set. Not sure how long it will last, but so far it's good  read more »

Bug getters!

22 Jun, 2021
Really cute kit for my little brothers 4th bday! Cute but a little junky...unfortunately to be expected these days, but serves its purpose! read more »

Very nice

20 Jun, 2021
This is an amazing box full of fun gadgets and toys for little explorer. It cakes with a LOT of things. I bought it for my 5 y/o nephew as an activity for our camping trip and even my husband&nbs... read more »


12 Jun, 2021
the best toy to keep grandchildren busy without them looking at the tv for hours.  so i think its a great way to for me to entertain my 10 grandchildren. bbecause trusst me its hard to entertain... read more »

Perfect for Curious Kids

10 Jun, 2021
Purchased for my nearly 4 year old & he absolutely loves it. I think this is a great buy for the price your get so many different items to use. The kit contains a whistle, compass, 3 collection ja... read more »

Outdoor explore kit

10 Jun, 2021
I bought this for my neighbor I'm always seeing him out there getting worms and getting butterflies in this time of year even getting Cicadas and he is just so happy with that read more »

Telescope adventure kits

10 Jun, 2021
I got this for great grandson and it was a hit. Very nice quality  for the price very happy with it!! read more »

great for adventure

02 Jun, 2021
If you have a little one that loves bugs and adventures then you'll want this kit. It has 22 peices for you to catch and then observse insects and butterflies. It is a great kit and very education... read more »

Kids Explorer Kit

02 Jun, 2021
This Kids Outdoor Exploer Set was a huge hit with my Grandboy! He loves to hunt for bugs and this kit has everything he needs and more! The backpack is great to pack all the little nets, tweezers etc... read more »

Great for kids all ages .

01 Jun, 2021
My daughter loved this. It also taughter her what bugs are what that came with it. The storage bag for everything is perfect addition.   read more »

Explorer kit

30 May, 2021
My 3 year old grandson loves this came with everything as described. Magnifying glass is good size everything is well made he loved catching bugs and putting them in the little container to inspect. G... read more »

Great for little ones

28 May, 2021
My little boy loves being outside and exploring. This kit is a must have and has it all! My little one loves the binoculars. The small bugs are a nice touch. Everything seemed well made especially the... read more »

Great adventure gift

28 May, 2021
This makes a great present. The bookbag is handy allows them to keep all the peices together. Parts are made from a thick plastic material and very durable. Binoculars do work and the bugs look real. read more »

Great summer learning

27 May, 2021
Got this for the grandson. I think it'll be great fun for him to catch and learn about the insects he catches. what a great way to get the little ones off the electronics and out into the world... read more »

Outdoor activities for kids

27 May, 2021
This is a great idea for kids to get and use during the summer time. read more »

Very cute!

26 May, 2021
Bought this as a gift for a little boy who loves the outdoors. He loved it. This product is very well made and kids love it.  read more »

My son loved his toy

26 May, 2021
My son was excited when he seen these Discovery toys. He loves it. read more »

Very good

25 May, 2021
Nice toy for kids read more »

Great set!

25 May, 2021
My five year old really enjoys this set. One of the bug containers is difficult to open. Binocs work well. Fun busy activity. read more »

so fun

23 May, 2021
excellent !! Bavkyard fun all spring . read more »


20 May, 2021
Ordered this for my son's birthday! He's going to love this! Super cool! read more »


19 May, 2021
So neat!! Will be great for homeschooling my daughter! Very well made!!! Really impressed!! read more »

Science fun

18 May, 2021
My grandson has a blast catching bugs, worms all those critters outside. We did a science project video for online 3rd gtade using this set. The set is durable and has a nice tote to keep the set all... read more »


16 May, 2021
This was awesome read more »

What an amazing kit for a little explorer!

16 May, 2021
Oh my gosh, my grandson LOVES his new outdoors kit. We live on a farm in the Ozarks with a river and this set is perfect for my homeschooled grandson to play with and learn more about nature.  It... read more »


16 May, 2021
my nephew played with these and they are so cute  read more »

My kids love it!

15 May, 2021
Awesome bug jars, no matter what. We have sugar anta galore, no matter what we do in our house, but our kids love putting them in the jars to inspect them before releasing them outside. The tweezers h... read more »


14 May, 2021
nice  read more »

UTTORA Outdoor Explorer Kit, Kids Binoculars Set with Compass, Magnifying Glass, Butterfly Net for 8+ Old Boys and Girls, Kids Telescope Adventure Kit Children Outdoor Educational Kit (22PCS).

14 May, 2021
UTTORA Outdoor Explorer Kit, Kids Binoculars Set with Compass, Magnifying Glass, Butterfly Net for 8+ Old Boys and Girls, Kids Telescope Adventure Kit Children Outdoor Educational Kit (22PCS)  Go... read more »

Love it.

13 May, 2021
This kit is awesome! My kids are backyard explorers, always finding little bug friends and creating little homes for them. This is the best gift for them! It comes with so much and everything is reall... read more »

Perfect gift for boys of all ages.

11 May, 2021
I purchased this for my 8 and 10 year-old nephews who love the outdoors. They both love this set, and have been collecting bugs all spring with all the fun gadgets that were included. I highly re... read more »

Fun toy

11 May, 2021
Kids love this toy. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #UTTORA https://amazon.com/dp/B07VS6HX4G read more »


02 May, 2021
i love this!it has so many pieces in this package!it will keep my little boy busy outside read more »

Adventure awaits!

28 Apr, 2021
Wow, this outdoor explorer set by Uttora is amazing! A whopping 22 pieces and everything fits into the handy carrying pack. The magnifiying glass is actual glass and very large. The bug collectors are... read more »

Cute and durable

24 Apr, 2021
I purchased this set and it was fun for the kids and very durable plastic, awesome buy read more »


24 Apr, 2021
This explorer kit for kids is absolutely adorable.It gives a child so many different things to do with nature and all her glory.This set is well made and so much fun.This would make a great gift for a... read more »


15 Apr, 2021
Such a great item for the little ones!   My granddaughter is petrified of bugs and I got this to introduce her to bugs and lets he know that a lot of bugs are harmless.   She loves... read more »

discover nature

14 Apr, 2021
I homeschool my 7 year old daughter and she loves science so I thought that this explorer set would be perfect for her to use as part of our curriculum. The set comes with a pair of binoculars, a magn... read more »

Good, basic set

09 Apr, 2021
It's a nice beginner set for little explorers and will be perfect for my 5 yo. My 9 yo daughter already had her own set... I actually bought all the pieces separately and it cost way mor... read more »

my grandson's favorite "worn hunting" kit

09 Apr, 2021
I bought this for my 2 year-old grandson. It was a hit! He loves to go looking for worms (not sure where that came from). He takes his binoculars and flashlight and looks under rocks. When we find one... read more »

So adorable

06 Apr, 2021
This kit is really adorable. It is made well and the designs are well thought out. The kids really love it.  read more »

Cute set for kids

05 Apr, 2021
I thought this is so cute for little kids to play outside! My daughter loves playing outside and this kit has a little bit of everything in it! She absolutely loves it! It's a good birthday presen... read more »


04 Apr, 2021
Bought to put in my kids Easter baskets! Looks like good quality. read more »

Great for Easter

02 Apr, 2021
I put it all together with some candy and all and it makes a wonderful Easter basket for boys or girls. read more »

Very cute

01 Apr, 2021
This outdoor explorer kit for kids was a great buy for my 3 year old niece. I am a medical student and this gives me a good excuse to teach her some biology ????. Everything looks great and it is very... read more »

This kit was awesome.

30 Mar, 2021
This kit is really cool but it did say it came with a flashlight and did not have one in the kit read more »

Perfect exploring playtime

29 Mar, 2021
We LOVE this set! My kids enjoy using all of the different pieces to explore nature. My oldest daughter likes that it comes with fake bugs, since she is scared of real ones, which makes her able to pl... read more »

So much fun

25 Mar, 2021
My kids love this set. It has so many fun things. the bugs are large and they love pretending to catch them. The net is a great size and also comes with binoculars, a compass and so much more all in a... read more »

Nice kit

24 Mar, 2021
Many good pieces except the compass doesn't work well. Everything else is fine. read more »

So cool

22 Mar, 2021
Ready for Spring with this kit the kids will be ready to explore nature. Even in the backyard. read more »

Outdoor explorer kit

22 Mar, 2021
I got this for my son. He loves it lots of items for him to play with and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality! Definitely worth the buy! read more »

Awesome for explorers

18 Mar, 2021
It's all in really Strong condition which is good no braking really easy. Definitely brought there want for my outside knowledge.comes in a great carrying bag. read more »

Great explorer set

17 Mar, 2021
My daughter's love exploring and playing outdoors.They have had a great time using all the tools to search. With so many different items in this set there is enough for everyone to have fun and se... read more »

So cute

13 Mar, 2021
My boys absoltely loved "bug" hunting with this set! Would certainly purcase again.  read more »


12 Mar, 2021
Good deal. My kids liked it. Great for outdoor place and exploration.  read more »

Perfect for kids

11 Mar, 2021
My son loves exploring the outdoors and he has a fascination with small bugs. This kit was great for him. He enjoys it very much.  read more »

Love it!!!

09 Mar, 2021
My son loves it great material as well  read more »


08 Mar, 2021
This kit is too cute. Great variety  read more »

Bug kit backpack

07 Mar, 2021
This backpack is filled with lots of entertainment and goodies, different items for catching bugs and playing outside. Any toy that promotes outdoor play is great read more »

Perfect gift

05 Mar, 2021
Perfect gift for the upcoming warm weather read more »

Happy kids

05 Mar, 2021
I love buying things formy kids...this exploring things are hit for them  read more »

That great toy

05 Mar, 2021
My kid loves it,many accessories and fun to play specially if you have a small yard  read more »

Bug explorer kit

04 Mar, 2021
Cool kit for playing with bugs, tool to pick them up, magnifying glass to look at them threw, box to carry them in, really nice set, my kids were so excited about this kit, they use it all the time read more »

Nice out door set for kids.

03 Mar, 2021
          Your going to love this set by UTTORA. I got it and it's adorable. The kids are loving it they can't put it down. They are driving everyone nuts with t... read more »


03 Mar, 2021
I can not reccomend this enough!.Many different things ti catch and explore with. My child loves it! read more »

UTTORA Outdoor Explorer Kit

27 Feb, 2021
Nice little pretend kit for the outdoors.. Got this item for my niece and I think she'll like it ☺ read more »


25 Feb, 2021
Was a big hit for my nephew and all the kids at his sitters house. I didn't open it before giving it to him so I'm not sure of the quality.  read more »

Great Advenutres

23 Feb, 2021
Purchased this set for my kids and really wish I would have bought two. There is everything a child could need to explore and have great adventures. In case they don't happen to find any bugs outs... read more »

Awesome Kit

15 Feb, 2021
This outdoor explorer kit for kids by Uttora is great for all ages of kids.  It comes with binoculars that has a compass, a magnifying glass, a butterfly net and a telescope.  It has twenty... read more »

Amazing kit

15 Feb, 2021
This is an awesome kit. read more »

Nice little kit

12 Feb, 2021
Everything was included as described.  read more »

Kids Explorer Kit

10 Feb, 2021
My Kids really like this Explorer Kit. They had lots of fun playing qround the backyard with it. read more »

Perfect for nature loving kids

07 Feb, 2021
This set is perfect for kids who love the outdoors and nature. Catching bugs, looking through binoculars, and learning about nature, all wrapped up in one nice package. I'm happy with my purchase! read more »

Great toy for kids

04 Feb, 2021
Great toy! My little boy loved it. Built really well and also has fake bugs with it.  read more »

Great kit for your Lil explorer

03 Feb, 2021
Awesome bug kit for kids.  read more »

Awesome kit

03 Feb, 2021
Great beginning learning kit for kids. Has everything you need to be a beginner bug collector read more »

Educational Fun

02 Feb, 2021
This outdoor exploring set, is an amazing value! It exceeded expectations. So many opportunities for teaching and learning in a fun new way. We  played with this at the park with m... read more »

Super cute!

30 Jan, 2021
My 2 year old loves all the neat gadgets! read more »

Wrong price

30 Jan, 2021
Can you send me a new coupon it was wrong price  read more »

Super Cute!

26 Jan, 2021
This Bug kit is perfect for all ages, it comes with alot of different activities you can do with ur children, Cant wait to give it a go.. Another must have ty read more »

Fun Nature Learning Kit

26 Jan, 2021
This super nice play set exceeded my expectations!  My grandson is so happy with it and played with everything, checking out each of the many items.  He loves nature and this is perfect t... read more »


23 Jan, 2021
This product was really great quality and my nephews really love playing with it. It is such a fun, cool toy !!!!!! Highly recommended.  read more »


21 Jan, 2021
Cute set. All the extras are nice and make it a good giftable item for an outdoorsy kid. Pricepoint is more in the $13-$15 range for quality.  read more »

Great gift for children

21 Jan, 2021
I got this to use as a birthday gift for my niece. She absolutly loves it!!! And can't wait for good weather to take it outside to play with it.  read more »

Great outdoor set

19 Jan, 2021
My son is big on outdoors and loves exploring! This set comes with so many different items to keep him busy for hours. Love the storage case it comes with to help keep it all together. Very pleased.... read more »

Amazing set!!

19 Jan, 2021
I cannot believe what all came in this set! I am really impressed by the quality also. I highly reccommend this as a learning tool. My boys already love it and will get much more use out of it in the... read more »

Great explorer tool set for kids

17 Jan, 2021
This is a great combination of explorer tool set and bug catcher kit for kids. It have a bag, butterfly catcher, small boxes, compass, tong, magnifier glass, binoculars etc Its a great kit and f... read more »


14 Jan, 2021
The kids love this kit. It came with everything and it was all wrapped up nice. Perfect for summer!  read more »

Absolutely amazed!!!

12 Jan, 2021
I cannot say enough just how much i LOVE this product! It has so many items in it, each one are made extremely well and it was a definite hit for my 8 year old nephew for Christmas, he literally was u... read more »

Super cute

11 Jan, 2021
Got this for my nephew and it is super cute . He has spent lots of hours playing and spending time outside . It's a huge win!  read more »

Nice set!

09 Jan, 2021
Got this for my nephews and nieces for the summer-- nice kit which comes in a bag with all you need for an afternoon of fun!  Has a lot of different things for kids to use to explore the world ar... read more »

Hours of Exploring

07 Jan, 2021
This neat little backpack is FULL of exploring tools for hours on end of fun!  My 7 and 8 year old are out from in front of the TV and in the backyard getting to know nature!  A lot is inclu... read more »

A nice buy

07 Jan, 2021
Thia kit comes with everything you need to go outaide with kids and look for bugs and worms and all creepy little bugs. Theres also binoculars to loom at the birds anf atuff too.  Its a teaching... read more »

My son loves this.

07 Jan, 2021
I got this for my 8 year old son. He absolutely loves exploring outside. This was perfect for his adventures!  read more »

Kids had fun with this kit.

06 Jan, 2021
Both my great niece & nephew had fun playing & exploring with this pack.  #ViralixReview   #Sponsored    #UTTORA Outdoor Explorer Kit read more »

Great for Explorers and kids who love bugs

05 Jan, 2021
I bought this for my 3 year old niece since she loves creepy crawlers.  She loves using the tongs to pick up dead spiders to throw them away. This is the perfect kit for any explorer who loves bu... read more »

Nice set for curious kids

04 Jan, 2021
This product is great. My children love it and its so handy in the current climate. They know feel like professional when they begin to look for stuff to investigate. I think it's a complete for... read more »

Lots of fun

03 Jan, 2021
My little one loves this he hasn't put it down since I gave it to him this set comes with lots of accessories that are well made so your child can be a real explorer read more »

Explorer kit

31 Dec, 2020
My child loves playing around with this. They love to explore and they use the binoculars quite often. Would recommend to others.  read more »

so much better than i expected!

29 Dec, 2020
I boufhgt this for my son and was expecting cheap material and was pleasantly surprised when I saw FULLY WORKING binoculars and compas, great bug graspers and containers for them , magnafying glasses... read more »

A nice set for an adventurous child!

29 Dec, 2020
I have a bunch of adventurous children, so this outdoor explorer kit with binoculors, compass. magnifying glass, butterfly net and more, will be just the ticket. Spring will come and bring the bugs th... read more »

Cute set!

29 Dec, 2020
This set was perfect for my science and insect loving child! She loved how it came with all different items to help her explore and have fun outdoors! read more »

Great for kids

28 Dec, 2020
Very well made, lots of little explorer things in this set! It's very encouraging to help kids get off the technology now days and outside! Love this set definitely recommended for anyone with you... read more »


28 Dec, 2020
~ What ~ This educational 22-piece kit includes a child’s size of binoculars, compass, magnifying glass, butterfly net, insect collection box, tweezers, sample bottle, whistle, plastic scorpion... read more »

Super Cute!

26 Dec, 2020
This set is amazing for the kiddo's who love to search for creepy crawly bug's! ???? read more »

Great set

25 Dec, 2020
Good set for getting kids curious about their surroundings and in nature. Complete set is helpful to get them active outdoors. read more »

Great item

22 Dec, 2020
We are nature people, we love being outside, this is a great item to help the kids learn and explore nature read more »

Fun bug Adventure

22 Dec, 2020
This 22pc bug kit is so much fun. My little boy loves it so much. I can't wait till he is able to chase butterflies around and touch them but right now he's just digging for worms.  read more »

Fun set

19 Dec, 2020
This is a great little set. I bought it for my nephew who is 5 and in the phase of asking "why" to everything. He loves all educational toys. He calls me everyday now and shows me the bugs h... read more »

Great Outdoor Adventure Set

09 Dec, 2020
This explorer kit has everything a child could need while outside getting to know the world around them. They can see things closely with the binoculars and magnifying glasses included. They have an e... read more »

Outdoor Explorer Kit

02 Dec, 2020
This is a must have for any child that enjoys exploring outside! It is so cute! I cannot wait to watch my kid open it on Christmas morning.  read more »

This is such a great gift for young explorers

02 Dec, 2020
My grandson just loves looking for bugs so when I seen this great bug kit I just had to get it for him. It comes with everything your little bug hunter will need to go hunt down bugs. What I like abou... read more »

cute bug explorer set

01 Dec, 2020
I got this for a gift for a little one who didn't have Christmas. I know he will love it. It comes with everything your little bug explorer will need to catch and examine and the creepy crawlies.... read more »

Great for 5 year olds

29 Nov, 2020
My boy is gonna love this little set up especially since he has been asking for binoculars  read more »

Great for the outdoor explorer!

28 Nov, 2020
I purchased this outdoor explorer set by #UTTORA because it has everything . From binoculars for bird and butterfly watching to a magnifying glass to examining critters up close. This is a great gift... read more »


26 Nov, 2020
My nephew loves collecting bugs! I know that he will love this for Christmas! #Viralix #Sponsored  read more »

Bug kit

25 Nov, 2020
Wonderful gift for children & exploring outside for an adventure. Lots of items in the kit! read more »

Like it

24 Nov, 2020
My kids likes to do outdoor activities and this's perfect for them. I also bought an extra one for my nephew. Like it!! read more »

Great set!

24 Nov, 2020
This is a great set for any young explorer!  My daughter is going to love this!  The bag to hold it all in is a great perk too! read more »


23 Nov, 2020
Came quickly seems about average nothing super special about this product  read more »

This Gift is AMAZING!!!!!

23 Nov, 2020
I am soooo beyond impressed with this amazing outdoor kit! I cannot believe what all was included- and how NICE the products are! I seriously cannot wait to give this to my nephews! I would love anoth... read more »

Such a cute gift!!!

23 Nov, 2020
The set came in an adorable box and all the goodies inside. My nephew is going to love it! read more »

Cute set for kids

21 Nov, 2020
This is a pretty nice set for children who are into playing outside and interested in nature! My nephew enjoyed playing with each piece  read more »

Awesome toy

20 Nov, 2020
Even my 10 year old loved it. Came shipped well and packaged great. Magnifying glass and binoculars are cool. read more »

Wonderful Complete Little Explorer Set!

19 Nov, 2020
This is an absolutely adorable and well made set! This mini explorer set by UTTORA has everything! Very cute backpack, magnifying glass, over 10 bugs, tweezers, tweezers with a clear plastic dome at t... read more »

Outdoor fun

18 Nov, 2020
Even though its a little cold outside my son loves this set. He uses his imagination as he explores. Great gift for kids read more »

you got so many things in the one box!

18 Nov, 2020
My Godnesss! I love this Education kit! Inside the box is alot of things that you could possible using for teaching your toddler about bugs life. You got the magnifier, the bugs toys, container, etc... read more »

Cute set

18 Nov, 2020
Very good for a gift. Comes with everything a lil big explorer can need.  read more »


17 Nov, 2020
Love this game for my kid. They enjoy playing outside with it read more »


17 Nov, 2020
Perfect little kit for any outdoor explorer  read more »

so cool

16 Nov, 2020
My baby boy loves this super cool outdoor explorer kit. it has so many cool things from campass to magnifier to binoculars. My baby boy is playing with it for all day and he loves it. read more »

LOVE this!!!

15 Nov, 2020
I love this outdoor set ! It is a great way for kids to explore the outdoors and nature . The quality is excellent and the package is super cute! I love it!  read more »

Great items

15 Nov, 2020
My son loves this. Complete and very good quality read more »


14 Nov, 2020
This has so many pieces!! What a cool little exploring kit for kids! I'm going to have to save it for nicer weather but the kids were able to take it out and use it once before it got too cold.&nb... read more »


13 Nov, 2020
From what i can tell its nice. Not much digging into it bc i am saving it for christmas ???????? but i would rexommend ita interactive will need batteries. read more »


12 Nov, 2020
UTTORA Outdoor Explorer Kit, Kids Binoculars Set with Compass, Magnifying Glass, Butterfly Net for 8+ Old Boys and Girls, Kids Telescope Adventure Kit Children Outdoor Educational Kit (22PCS) . #Rank... read more »

Awesome set!

12 Nov, 2020
When I came across this set I knew it was a must have for my granddaughter. I'm so glad I got it because she loves it and will be playing with this for years! It's nice to find something th... read more »

Encourages outdoor exploring

11 Nov, 2020
Love this outdoor explore kit. Encourages exploiting and learning for my children.  read more »


11 Nov, 2020
UTTORA Outdoor Explorer Kit & Bug Catcher Kit is awesome!!! This explorer kit is equipped with the following items: 1each of compass, whistle, magnigying glass, tweezers, flashlight, binocular, in... read more »

The to order another one

11 Nov, 2020
My son friend want one so I be order another read more »

Perfect kit for an explorer!

10 Nov, 2020
My son loves this set! He is so interested in bugs and enjoys spending time outside rather than inside. Because of the pandemic we have been looking for any activities we can find that give him more o... read more »

Better than Described

09 Nov, 2020
This kit comes nicely packaged in a sturdy box. It also comes with a green bag to keep everything in once the box is open. This toy will keep your youngster occupied for hours and hours. It's scie... read more »

Nephew loves

09 Nov, 2020
My nephew absolutely loves this entire set. He's so excited to go exploring every day. Great price & good quality. Fun.  read more »

Cute gift!

08 Nov, 2020
My friends son loved the gift!  He's having a blast playing with it.  Perfect explorer gift for any child. Comes with all they would need to have fun exploring.  The quality is good... read more »

Bug catcher set

08 Nov, 2020
This is adorable! It came in a cute box all organized and has so much stuff in it. Has toy bugs that are perfect and go into the bug catcher! I love that it had a cute net for bug catching. This is pe... read more »

Cute kit with lots of fun pieces

06 Nov, 2020
 My only issue with this is that it states on Amazon that it is for ages 3-12  so I bought it for a Christmas present for my 3-year-old grandson. When it arrived, it clearly states on t... read more »

Cute and Quality

04 Nov, 2020
This is a great kit for a kid who is interested in exploring or science. My daughter loved so many of the pieces and you are getting a lot to work with. Her favorites were the compass and the magnifyi... read more »

Awesome explored kit

02 Nov, 2020
This explorer kit is so awesome. Comes with tons of stuff to keep more than one person busy and if there are more kids, they enjoy a lot of searching and finding things together. All the tools are of... read more »

excellent quality

24 Sep, 2020
excellent quality and packaging. great for outdoor and indoor playing alike. my daughter is loving it.  read more »

Cutest little set

24 Sep, 2020
Love this little outdoor explorers set. Lots of different things inside including binoculars and a butterfly net. Going to let the kids go out back and see what they can find with the magnifying class... read more »

Perfect for my grandson

17 Sep, 2020
Little explorers paxk for my grandson. He will love it.  Perfect deal! read more »

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