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perfect muscle massage

27 Nov, 2021
I prefer the mini massage gun over regular size because it fits much better in your hands to complete the massage. Perfect for after workouts or general relaxation. I have bought the mini guns for alm... read more »

fast charging

10 Oct, 2021
This is not super fast, but my phone says fast charging when plugged in. For price, definitely couldn't ask for better. Satisfied customer right here! read more »

durable charge cords

10 Oct, 2021
I bought these for spare cords for my daughter. So far, she has been pleased with these as backups. They are not designated as the super fast chargers so we knew that going in, but they work just fine... read more »

great bubble machine

10 Oct, 2021
a great bubble machine for the grandkids! My youngest one loves to chase the bubbles. Great bang for the buck! read more »

did the job!

23 Sep, 2021
Elastic extenders - do exactly what they are designed to do. Quality product! read more »

solid soldering iron

30 Aug, 2021
This soldering iron is fast and has the attacments to meet my needs. Kept precise temps which is a huge plus. Heat control is a great concept. Nice.  read more »

solid starter kit

30 Aug, 2021
This kit comes with all my basic needs. Temps are precise and heats up quickly. It comes with plenty of tips that are desirable. I do wish it came with instructions.  read more »

Great stencil for bleached tees!

11 Jul, 2021
I bleach and sublimate t-shirts. These helped me make some beautiful 4th of July tees. Absolutely perfect!  read more »

Perfect stencil for wood projects!

11 Jul, 2021
This stencil is perfect for the wooden flags I stain and paint. Works great! read more »

Tell time in style!

24 Jun, 2021
While I don't have a beach theme, this would be perfect if you do. I have a teal theme and this adds some pop in my kitchen. Quality is good and size is perfect.  read more »

Exactly what we needed for the beach

24 Jun, 2021
This was great for my grandchild on his first trip to the beach. Easy set up and kept him out of the sun. Great deal!  read more »

great for the grands!

27 Apr, 2021
Unfortunately, we have only had one day of the right weather to use this, buy my two grandchildren enjoyed it immensely. This hooked right up to the water hose with ease. The water pressure was great.... read more »

fun way to play "mommy"

09 Apr, 2021
I bought this for my 6 year-old niece who is obsessed with all things baby dolls. She loves that she gets to play little mommy with this carrier. It is great quality and has held up nicely in multiple... read more »

my granddaughter loves these!

09 Apr, 2021
My granddaughter likes to keep her Barbies in style. She loves changing their clothes, shoes, hair, etc. These have been a great addition to her Barbie closet. These clothes fit her Barbies perfectly.... read more »

cocoa bombs are the bomb!

09 Apr, 2021
I had been wanting to try the hot chocolate bombs with my grandchildren. I could not pass this deal up. I am so glad I didn't. These worked perfectly. Easy to use and clean up. The grandkids and I... read more »

accessories any girl will love!

09 Apr, 2021
My 8 year-old granddaugther is a Barbie girl who never likes for them to wear the same outfit for long. These little outfits fit perfect and give her multiple changes of clothes and shoes. She has the... read more »

genuine leather luxury

09 Apr, 2021
I love the look and feel of real leather. This badge holder is the real deal. Great for holding my ID and very pleasing to the eye. With that price, you better grab it up! read more »

my grandson's favorite "worn hunting" kit

09 Apr, 2021
I bought this for my 2 year-old grandson. It was a hit! He loves to go looking for worms (not sure where that came from). He takes his binoculars and flashlight and looks under rocks. When we find one... read more »

Excellent for blonde bombshells

10 Oct, 2020
My daughter and I love this purple shampoo and conditioner set. We both are bleached blondes and struggle finding quality purple shampoo sets. We tested this a few weeks before submitting our fin... read more »

Cute! Cute! Cute!

14 Sep, 2020
Love this for my furbaby! I used my cricut and added my dogs name. She is stylin'! read more »

Great fun with grandkids

14 Jul, 2020
The grandkids and I have had so much fun with this game. Takes me back to Atari-like days! I prefer to hook up to TV, but the littles like handheld. Graphics were better than anticipated. read more »

Takes me back to goold old days

14 Jul, 2020
The grandkids and I have had so much fun with this game. Takes me back to Atari like days! I prefer to book up to TV, but the little like handheld. Graphics were better than anticipated. read more »

Quality battery

14 Jul, 2020
I always love anything from Poweraddd. These batteries have not disappointed. My daughter uses them for her xbox controller and they seem to last as long, if not longer, than national brands.  read more »

Great value

20 Mar, 2020
Loved these accessories for my granddaughter to use with her dolls. Great variety and price.  read more »

Handy tool to have

24 Jan, 2020
Just exactly what I was looking for to keep in the car. My fancy battery charger actually has a tire pressure gauge on it, but I never get an accurate reading from it. This little tool does the trick... read more »

Keep everything charged

03 Jan, 2020
Works great. With apple and android devices in the home, great way to have something that will keep everything charged!  read more »

Great to keep at work

12 Dec, 2019
These floss picks work as they should. Handy to keep in my office for after meals and such. Greta price for as many as you get. Good purchase.  read more »

Quality spa pillow

10 Nov, 2019
My daughter loves this spa pillow. The suction cups stay in place and she says it is super comfortable. This competes her bath ritual (if you have daughters, you understand!). Great quality and purcha... read more »

Great charger!

31 Oct, 2019
15,000 mah. What more could you ask for at a great price! Charges quickly. Great buy!  read more »

Great meds case

25 Oct, 2019
Super please with this pill container. I like size and its organization. Would highly recommend.  read more »

Worked flawlessly

15 Oct, 2019
Great bluetooth for my car. Set up was flawless with minimal background noise. Makes it easy to bluetooth. Music from my phone to my radionwithiut the pesky aux cord. Great for phone calls as well&nbs... read more »

Versatile hub

09 Oct, 2019
What a great, versatile hub! Makes it convenient for my laptop with limited usb ports. Works great!  read more »

Love, love, love this!

09 Oct, 2019
Love this! My granddaughter and I have purchased a couple of these. A great experience for us both. This one is so cute. Well made. Seeds sprouted. Thanks! read more »

Waste of money

04 Oct, 2019
This broke the very first time my daughter used it. Terrible quality, cheap plastic. I am sticking to the silicone ones.  read more »

Great infuser cup for my daily walks.

30 Sep, 2019
Awesome fruit infuser water bottle. Perfect for my Lemon and/or berry waters. The pill box is a nice addition, as well. Solifly made. Does exactly what it's supposed to.  read more »

Ok if you're into these portable straws

29 Aug, 2019
I will start this review by saying that I just don't know if I love portable straws in general. I found this such an odd thing to try to stretch together. I know I just need to get used to them. S... read more »

Good for small projects

15 Aug, 2019
This is handy for small projects around the house (I've used for hanging blinds and curtains).  The trigger is a little uncomfortable and I'm not certain it would hold up well to large... read more »

Cutest diaper caddy!

15 Aug, 2019
This is the cutest diaper caddy out there! I love the cotton rope look. It is also quite big (without being too big) to hold everything I need and more! I was also surprised and pleased with the inclu... read more »

Handy makeup removers!

15 Aug, 2019
I had been wanting to try these and glad I did!  I love these handy makeup remover pads. They work well with your favorite liquid remover and easily washed.  And the laundry bag is so... read more »

it's ok for travel

07 Aug, 2019
While I didn't love the water jet, it's ok. It is convenient for travel or if you're in a pinch. It's not very sturdy, but works if you just need a spare. read more »

useful and good quality

07 Aug, 2019
This is the first time I've used the reusable cotton pads, although I had been wanting to try them. I found that they worked great and are convenient for having around to wash and use again. They... read more »

Perfect for crafters!

17 Jul, 2019
This is one if my favorite purchases yet. Absolutley perfect for crafters. Quality is up to par and the storage is more than I bargained for. Great buy!  read more »

Great tool for around the house

17 Jul, 2019
I'm a single mom, and this is great for my small projects around the house. So far, so good. I've put curtain rods and blinds up with no problems. It's an 18V so suitable for smaller... read more »

Great mirror for travel and home

08 Jul, 2019
Great little mirror. It's slim when folded up, which is great for storage on our smaller vanity. The lighting is good, as well. My daughter just took it on a trip and it was good for tra... read more »

Great for the little crawlers!

29 Jun, 2019
These were exactly what I was looking for when my grandson recently began crawling. They provide great protection for his knees and elbows on the carpet and hardwood floors.  I like they... read more »

Many pockets, protects seats

21 Jun, 2019
First, I love the many pockets on these organizers to store everything you need for the kids  I have more than enough room for each kids necessities. I also love that they protect the seats from... read more »

Good bang for the buck

18 Jun, 2019
I am pleased with this purchase  It does everything I need it to do. It's very handy to have a way to use so many devices on this USB-C hub. Its exactly what I was looking for! No problems wi... read more »

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