Vanity Mirror With Lights & Latest 21 Led Lighted Makeup Mirror - New 11x7.1x1" Trifold 2X/3X Magnifying Mirror With Improved Touch Screen Dimming Technology For Your Perfect Makeup Session
Price: $21.20
4.94 / 5   (34 Reviews)


Great mirror to travel with

19 Jun, 2020
I liked that I was able to pack the mirror up quickly. The mirror opens up to give good light to do my hair and makeup. The size is perfect and the different magnifications work wonders when applying... read more »

Best mirror

25 Mar, 2020
I'm absolutely in love with this mirror! I don't know how I ever did my makeup without it! It lights up with a touch of your finger and has different zoomed screens so you can really see those... read more »

I love this mirror.

09 Nov, 2019
I used to have a hand mirror and the handle broke so I decided to purchase this one instead of getting the same one I always get. Boy I was not disappointed, I use this mirror every day for anything a... read more »

Vanity Mirror

05 Oct, 2019
What a beautiful mirror. Super bright and dimmable. Options of focus. Great gift for mom, sister, wife or girl friend.  Vanity Mirror With Lights & Latest 21 Led Lighted Makeup Mirror... read more »

Vanity Mirror With Lights & Latest 21 Led Lighted Makeup Mirror - New 11x7.1x1" Trifold 2X/3X Magnifying Mirror With Improved Touch Screen Dimming Technology For Your Perfect Makeup Session Price: $21.20

23 Sep, 2019
Vanity Mirror With Lights & Latest 21 Led Lighted Makeup Mirror - New 11x7.1x1" Trifold 2X/3X Magnifying Mirror With Improved Touch Screen Dimming Technology For Your Perfect Makeup Session&n... read more »

Great Product

29 Aug, 2019
This vanity mirror is a great product. I love the different sized magnify mirrors, and the dimmable led touchscreen light. I needed something to use for a daily use to apply my makeup, while on the go... read more »

Lights galore

25 Aug, 2019
i LOVE LOVE LOVE this mirror, it is genius in so many ways. start with the smart design, i love being able to tilt it as i work from different hight. my desk at work, my bathroom or my vanity. the USB... read more »

Great makeup mirror

21 Aug, 2019
I really like this makeup mirror.  It has great magnification on the fold out sides and the magnetic pocket mirror that comes with it. It is very easy to put together.  You can use the USB c... read more »


11 Aug, 2019
This is what i have been looking for, for my vanity!!!! It completes and looks amazing in my vanity table ☺️ Got lots of compliment!!!!! I did refer it to my family and friends as well.. nice quality... read more »

Exited For This Mirror

29 Jul, 2019
I'm actually so excited to receive this mirror the way that the vanity mirror is just set up and fold out and is very compact and easy to put away not to mention it's not that expens... read more »


19 Jul, 2019
I absolutely love it!! I love the different magnifying amount from 1 X all the way up to 3 X I love that it lights up and closes for easy pick up! It is so convenient when trying to put on m... read more »

Reviews Were Right!

13 Jul, 2019
What a great little mirror this is. It's actually not that little, but it's also not too big. It's lightweight and easy to store. I am looking forward to using it for travel because who li... read more »


10 Jul, 2019
I was a little skeptical about this item.  I was so wrong.. the lights are very bright , it size is small and slim.. which makes it easier to travel with.. amazing product I recomend it , you wil... read more »


09 Jul, 2019
I really like it. Thank you! read more »

Fantastic little mirror!

09 Jul, 2019
Extremely impressed with the bright lighting that allows me to see EVERYTHING! Great price, better quality! read more »

Great mirror for travel and home

08 Jul, 2019
Great little mirror. It's slim when folded up, which is great for storage on our smaller vanity. The lighting is good, as well. My daughter just took it on a trip and it was good for tra... read more »

Perfect mirror!!!

06 Jul, 2019
I love the features this mirror has. Its compact and lights up beautifully!!! You can dim the light as well!!! You can use batteries for travel without a plug too! It does get hot which it tells you w... read more »


04 Jul, 2019
I am so happy I found this mirror.  The lighting is perfect.  I love how it has 4 mirrors on the foldout and an extra free 10x zoom mirror!! Also I really enjoyed how I could both plug it in... read more »

Good mirror

03 Jul, 2019
I have terrible lighting in my bathroom and bedroom, which are where the only mounted mirrors are. This mirror helps immensely in both short and long routines read more »

Gift for my mother who needs this for makeup

03 Jul, 2019
She is in a wheel chair, so it's difficult for her to see herself in the mirror.  I got this for her to help her do her makeup and hair.  She loves it.  She said it works perfectly... read more »

Perfect for everyone!

03 Jul, 2019
Straight out of the box, this Power By ES mirror exceeded my expectations. The setup was super easy. The option for light dimming is a great feature most beauty mirrors don’t have. Having the va... read more »

I'm loving this!

02 Jul, 2019
Great quality product! Highly recommend! :)  read more »

Pretty neat

02 Jul, 2019
I like this mirror because I don’t need my glasses on to do my make up. It swivels back so depending on where you sit it , it can always be at the correct angle. I would purchase it again! The l... read more »

Love it

01 Jul, 2019
I extra love this mirror! The lights aren’t too bright that they hurt your eyes but they light up everything!! So thankful I decided to get this. read more »

VERY nice for the price!

01 Jul, 2019
Okay, so, I have a 'vintage' makeup mirror from my mum that is a giant heavy beast and I LOVE it...but some day the lights are going to go out and I'm not going to be able to replace them... read more »

I love it

30 Jun, 2019
I love it!!!! I love how early it came in the mail. Really like that it was wrapped with bubble wrap to keep it from not breaking. Really beautiful mirror has a usb or if you want to use batteries... read more »

Great Mirror, Very Useful

29 Jun, 2019
I am loving my new mirror. I am visiting family on my holiday and forgot to pack any mirror and the room I am staying in does not have a mirror in my bedroom, and only in the bathroom. I generall... read more »

Great for makeup

29 Jun, 2019
This mirror is great and works wonderfully for doing makeup when the lighting isn’t good. I love how bright the lights are and that they are centered in the middle of the mirror. Having the opti... read more »


27 Jun, 2019
I LOVE My Vanity Mirror with Lights & the latest 21 LED Lighted Make up Mirror- It Has a Touch Screen Dimming Technology So, My make up comes out perfect! A Must Buy! read more »

Love this mirror!

27 Jun, 2019
This mirror is great! I love the light. They are really bright and pretty close to natural light. The size is perfect, it folds up nice and is very skinny. It will be perfect for traveling. You can ei... read more »


25 Jun, 2019
Works good so far  read more »


23 Jun, 2019
Excellent, worked great!  read more »


20 Jun, 2019
I was practically waiting by the door for this to be delivered and I was not disappointed. It's compact yet big enough to perfect my makeup application. I was surprised at how bright the ligh... read more »

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