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Hello my name is Carly. I am a stay at home mom of 2 babies under 2, married to the love of my life. We have 2 beautiful cats and travel together around the United States in my RV for many months out of the year! I am an product tester and reviewer. If you would like someone to leave a honest and positive review on your items for amazon please do let me know!

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A little hard to use

23 Oct, 2021
My children had a harder time getting these to spray water but would probably be great for older kids  read more »

Great scale

23 Oct, 2021
I love the minimalist look for this scale. It does what it says it will do all while looking attractive for the home space! read more »

Super cool light

07 Aug, 2021
Love all the different colors and settings. A very nice lamp to set a nice mood read more »


07 Aug, 2021
Love the packaging, love beeswax wraps.. pretty patterns .. its just lovely read more »

Healthy but didnt enjoy taste

28 Jul, 2021
Good gummies, as in you can tell they are good for you. I personally wasnt too fond of the taste, however taking apple cider vinegar in any form is usually unpleasant for me, and these gummies make it... read more »

Great for making sushi

30 Apr, 2021
Needed a sushi making kit. Glad i picked this one. Its just lovely and does what its supposed to do read more »

Super cute. Daughter loves it

30 Apr, 2021
Perfect for my toddler daughter to carry her baby around. Super cute read more »

Isnt working with my laptop

29 Mar, 2021
Unfortunately this isnt working with my laptop. I will give it 3 stars though as I dont know if its my laptop or the microphone.. will have to test on a friends computer. Bummed it didnt work on mine... read more »

Love it

09 Mar, 2021
I recently got into diamond painting and wanted some tools to help make it easier. This kit has everything i need to store and do better with my kits! Love it! read more »

Great for healthy skin

09 Mar, 2021
Just started using this and its phenomenal. Works as intended and really feel the release of tension in my face. Comes in a cute little bag and has everything i need for cupping my face! read more »

Does what its supposed to do!

05 Mar, 2021
I needed to get dust and gook out of my tiles and truck. This worked perfectly for the job read more »

Tastes great

05 Mar, 2021
Its so important to build up your immune system especially during the winter. This product is great for that and actually tastes really good. Will be buying again read more »

Great coloring pens

06 Feb, 2021
Exactly what I wanted. Precise and good ink! Very nice to color with read more »

Fun toy

06 Feb, 2021
My toddlers love this little race car. The charge lasts for a while and its fun to watch it speed around ! read more »

great bottle!

12 Dec, 2020
I've been needing to drink more water so this bottle is great for helping me keep track of how much water I should be drinking.  I fill to the top line and aim to drink it all in one day!! Ni... read more »

High quality

04 Dec, 2020
This was just what i was looking for. I needed a sturdy, good quality bottle for my toddler son. His are always cracking or breaking and this one is made so well i can tell it will last years. My husb... read more »


21 Nov, 2020
Wow this thing is so cool!! Makes awesome lights on the walls and ceiling. My kids love it! What a neat product  read more »

Wonderful for cleaning teeth well

04 Nov, 2020
I needed something stronger than just my toothbrush to get my teeth clean and this tooth brush does the trick. Its well made and has an attractive design. It is well worth the money and a valuable buy... read more »

Too dramatic for my likes

27 Oct, 2020
I was hoping these would be a bit more natural. The liner and magnets work fantastic as they should. But if you're looking for a more natural lash, this isn't it. read more »

Incredible soft and plush

27 Oct, 2020
Bought this for my toddler daughter. She loves towels for some reason. This one is super plush and nice soft material. Very comfortable. I want a bigger one for myself.  read more »

Amazing quality. Great activity!

15 Oct, 2020
This is a great montessori activity for children. My son needs to develop more hand to eye coordination and this was recommended. I recommend this fun little set! read more »

SO slow!

15 Oct, 2020
I wanted to like this. I really did. But it is SO so slow. I got it for my son to play games and even though its hooked up to high speed wifi its ridiculously slow. I am going to  have to return... read more »

Tricky to get on long hair

13 Oct, 2020
I enjoy using these microfiber towels. Its much better than using a regular towel. I just wish it came with some instructions on how to use it? My hair is really long and I had a tough time figuring o... read more »

Son loves these

13 Oct, 2020
These are great high quality toys. Seem unbreakable for the most part. My 3 year old loves using the screw driver and assembling the toy. Problem is we lost a few screws. Wish it came with some e... read more »

Does what its supposed to do!

13 Oct, 2020
This helped clear out some really nasty gunk. It was so disgusting and i almost threw up but now the water goes down my sink! Works like a charm read more »

Great for hair and nails

03 Oct, 2020
Great supplement to enhance health of hair and nails and to promote growth. Comes at a great price and is good quality read more »

Amazing lights

03 Oct, 2020
I love the colors of these lights. They look super cool and are really convenient. Came at a great price and overall are a great buy read more »

Just what i wanted

24 Sep, 2020
Nicely packaged, high quality, no taste and wonderful collagen supplement. This is a good brand to buy from. Love how its made in the USA! read more »

Powerful stuff

24 Sep, 2020
Put some on my back for back pain and within 5 minutes I felt relief. Its a nice cooling tingling feeling. I highly recommend for pain relief read more »

Tastes good

24 Sep, 2020
haven't gotten to see results yet since I just got it but the taste is good and there's a good amount of product in the bottle! read more »

Perfect for fishing

24 Sep, 2020
needed a fishing net to catch some fish in survival situations. This appears to be great quality and will do the job! I recommend read more »

Great steamer

16 Sep, 2020
this does a great job at clearing up and opening my pores. I follow using a blackhead vacuum. It works very well and is small and portable read more »

Very pretty mouse

16 Sep, 2020
I love anything pink so I knew I had to have this awesome looking mouse. Its ergonomic and just a great addition to my laptop read more »

Super fun to use

16 Sep, 2020
this has made my skin look a lot cleaner and healthier. I also feel like I look younger! Its a great value read more »

Great little device

16 Sep, 2020
this was a gift for my mom for her birthday. It makes a great present and my mom said she loves it! read more »

Gift for my mom

16 Sep, 2020
my mom loves all beauty products. She was very excited to get this as a present for her birthday! read more »

Fun toy for the kids

23 Aug, 2020
great bath toy for my toddlers . sticks well to the wall and everything is functioning as it should ! They are going to love it read more »

Perfect splash pad

19 Aug, 2020
great quality! My kids love it. Can use low pressure, medium or strong. Its a good size and perfect for my 2 toddlers to tire them out and cool down read more »

High quality sleeping bag

16 Aug, 2020
So exciting to go camping in my new sleeping bag!! Sleeping bags are important to have for survival sitatuations.  This one is a good one to buy read more »

Came damaged but was replaced

09 Aug, 2020
the product had spilled all over the box but I was quickly sent a new one. Also the smell is a bit perfumey but is overall a great shampoo read more »

Very nice

09 Aug, 2020
my hair feels a bit softer! Easy application and good for my hair type  read more »

Great for growing small plants

09 Aug, 2020
these work well and last for many years! I love growing all my young plants in them.  read more »

Great hammock for hot days

25 Jul, 2020
haven't used it yet but it comes in a neat little carrying case and is light weight. A lot of people  use these in Utah and Im excited to be one of those people ! read more »

Perfect for growing food

25 Jul, 2020
nows a great time to buy these foldable pots to grow food. A famine is coming and we must prepare with seeds, pots, and soil. These pots in particular are great because they save room when not in use... read more »

Superb quality

21 Jul, 2020
this is a wonderful little stove! Seems very sturdy and hardy. Im really excited to have a smaller grill to cook on so I dont need a larger one. Its perfect for a family of four read more »


19 Jul, 2020
great balanced supplement. Zinc is essential for the body! Glad its in a 2 pack too read more »

Great fit and works!

16 Jul, 2020
this is great for working out in. I am excited to get fit with this tool for my body!  Its good quality and the velcro sticks very well. read more »

High quality electric shaver

16 Jul, 2020
my husband has used it and says its very good quality and works very well! It gives him a nice even shave and appears to have very good battery life! Would highly recommend  read more »

So pretty and comfortable

09 Jul, 2020
I'm really happy with this purchase! The shirt is comfortable and perfect for hot weather. Very pretty and stylish.  So nice read more »

Works great

03 Jul, 2020
exactly what I wanted for molding soaps. Good quality. Does the job read more »

Loud, powerful speaker

30 Jun, 2020
for a small speaker it is loud ! Very good clear quality too. So glad its waterproof. Will be using while I'm using the shower read more »

My kids love it

11 Jun, 2020
very nice Montessori toy. My kids ages 3 and 1 love it and were fighting over it. Highly recommend as its a great tool to teach shapes, colors, and dexterity among other things.  read more »

Still waiting

30 Apr, 2020
Waiting for them to come. Will update once they do read more »


30 Apr, 2020
Very amazing product. I highly recommend  read more »

Perfect lunch box

30 Apr, 2020
My husband is very happy with this lunch box. It's a good size and serves its purpose. Definitely appears well made and keeps things fresh and cool read more »


20 Apr, 2020
I love it so much. Works so well!  read more »

Fun but cant save

06 Apr, 2020
I love this and playing it  I wish you could save the game though. Not so fun having to start over every time I play mario read more »

Perfect pajamas

17 Mar, 2020
These pajamas are of high quality material and are perfect for a boy who loves trucks! My son really likes it. the material is soft and comfortable read more »

Fantastic socks

11 Mar, 2020
Bought these for my husband. He loves them and says they are very comfortable!  I tried them on too and I agree..they are very comfortable! read more »

Very powerful and good light

10 Mar, 2020
This was exactly what I needed for my plants. The light is very bright and has veg lights and bloom lights. overall I highly recommend this for whatever you are growing!  read more »

Great purse

10 Mar, 2020
I love the design and the ease of wear. Has plenty of room and a very nice look!  read more »

Perfect for toddlers

28 Feb, 2020
This is just what I needed for my kids to get a step up. They can reach the sink now to brush their teeth! It's cute, easy to put up and down, and great quality. A+++ product read more »

Warm and fashionable

28 Feb, 2020
Exactly what I needed! It looks great on me and it keeps my face and head really warm. The quality is great and I really am enjoying wearing it   read more »

What I wanted

27 Feb, 2020
Exactly what I was looking for. will be great for making cupcakes and I love I can reuse them so I'm not buying the paper ones all the time! Great deal read more »

Very nice

23 Jan, 2020
Bought for someone else's kid but they liked it! I recommend!  read more »

My husband loves it

23 Jan, 2020
I bought this for my husband since his old backpack was falling apart. He told me it's really good quality and he loves it! read more »

Just what my cats needed

23 Jan, 2020
This brush set is seriously perfect! My cat was getting really bad mats and I was worried I was going to have to shave him. Well I bought this instead and hes almost mat free now! Almost because I'... read more »

Perfect for gummy molds

04 Jan, 2020
I will use this both for making gummys and for ice cubes. Very nice molds read more »

Bought as a gift

04 Jan, 2020
Was a gift. They love it.  read more »

Just what I wanted

26 Dec, 2019
These will be used in our rv. I got the 10 pack and the product is heavy and durable. Excited to have this as my kitchen and or bathroom splash tile read more »

Present for MIL

26 Dec, 2019
My mother in law loved this nice little gift set. Its perfect for a Christmas or birthday gift.  Also great for around the holidays!  read more »

My mom loves it

23 Dec, 2019
Bought as a Christmas gift to my mom. She really likes it so it's a winner for me!  read more »

Amazing light!

20 Dec, 2019
I had my doubts that this would provide sufficient lighting but boy was I wrong! This light is powerful! It really looks like there's a fire outside. I'm sure it alarms some of my neighbors lo... read more »


19 Dec, 2019
These taste so good! I'm excited to see how they will help my hair grow and be healthier. I highly recommend. I want to eat the whole bottle in ome sitting!  read more »

Great quality and pretty

16 Dec, 2019
Haven't used it yet but I can tell it's high quality fabric. Will be perfect for my little girl so when we go out places I won't need a dirty high chair and can just use this smart thinkin... read more »

Still waiting 3 weeks later

12 Dec, 2019
VERY long delivery. Will update when it comes but with amazon it shouldn't take this long..  read more »

I love these

12 Dec, 2019
These are a very nice quality. Much better than I expected. Will last for years to come and will bring joy and presents to my children!  read more »

Super cute

12 Dec, 2019
Love these socks. I'm wearing them now. They are my cutest pair of socks and very comfortable. I highly recommend as a present for the vat lover in your life or for yourself read more »

Handy knife

12 Dec, 2019
This will prove very useful. It's good quality and an attractive nice. Glad to have it read more »

Didn't work

12 Dec, 2019
Followed instructions and it didn't work. My computer isn't that old so idk if the problem is the camera or my computer  read more »

Very nice stretchy material

24 Nov, 2019
I really like the material of these pajamas. They seem really.comfortable and they are perfect for my son. I highly recommend read more »

Happy to finally have one

24 Nov, 2019
Everyone should have one of these to manually read their vehicles codes. Mechanics can charge so much money, more than this thing costs, to diagnose your vehicle.  I suggest you get this one toda... read more »

Christmas present for my son

24 Nov, 2019
This is such a cool little drone. I'm excited for my son to be able to play with it on Christmas morning. I would recommend this as a gift to a child. It's a really neat concept and I think a... read more »

Didnt really feel a difference

24 Nov, 2019
I think the idea of this is great however I didnt really feel it made a difference in my skin. It just kind of rubbed against it and it didnt feel deeply penetrating or help.with my pores  read more »

Helps you get fitter

24 Nov, 2019
These are great for anyone who wants to get serious about working out. The material is top notch and I love how it comes with 3 different bands. I've used the gray one so far and I really felt a d... read more »

My kids love these

24 Nov, 2019
My kids loveee playing with these. Matter of fact they fight over them but that's when I know it's a really good toy. I myself as an adult love to play with them! Really good gift and great fo... read more »

Perfect and what I wanted

24 Nov, 2019
I love using essential oils and having these are really useful and nifty. Now I can bring my essential oils everywhere as well as give them to my friends and family so they can have a little bit of re... read more »

Shipping took a while but super cute shoes

24 Nov, 2019
These shoes are super cute. Perfect for little girls. They seem to be of good quality material and will hold up as hand me downs for my friends kids!  I do recommend them read more »

High quality brush

19 Nov, 2019
This brush is not only pretty but it's great for getting all the tangles out of my hair. It's a nice broad brush and works very well!! read more »

Pretty pink

19 Nov, 2019
I love these pajamas. My daughter will fit in the  when shes a little bigger but we wanted to have clothes for when she grows. The pink is very pretty and this is a nice material read more »

Super cute

19 Nov, 2019
This is perfect for my 10 month old daughter. shes the little sister so I love the writing! The fabric is lightweight and it's a very pretty outfit  read more »

Son loves this

18 Nov, 2019
This is a really neat idea and great for kid . My 2 year old loves drawing in the book and it's great you can erase it and draw something new!  read more »

Great shoes

18 Nov, 2019
My daughters a little too small for these but will be perfect for her to grow into. They are really cute and well made read more »

Perfect girl booties

18 Nov, 2019
I got these for my daughter to wear in the snow. They are nice  and well made.  Very pretty color and look like they will hold up for a while! read more »

My go to work out shirt

07 Nov, 2019
This shirt is so pretty and comfortable! I love the color and design. It keeps me nice and cool while I work out and doesnt stick to my skin.  Its my favorite work out shirt.  read more »

Just what I needed

07 Nov, 2019
These are great for living in an rv where you have limited space. I love how it comes with 3 different sized ones because sometimes I just need to use the smaller one and sometimes the bigger one. The... read more »


07 Nov, 2019
This is nice and somewhat soft.  I will be wearing for fall and sprin . Not warm enough for a winter jacket depending on where you live but it is nice! read more »

Better bathroom time!

05 Nov, 2019
Perfect squatty potty stool. Really helps you go better and it the perfect height off the floor. So glad I finally gave in and got one of these. It's so much better for the body to be in a squatti... read more »

Great show.. my son loves them

05 Nov, 2019
My toddler son was stoked to see these shoes. He wants to wear them all the time. They are a nice boyish design and color and he seems to be really comfortable in them. I highly recommend them  read more »

Perfect for wet climates

05 Nov, 2019
I've been using this in my RV since we have leaks in our ceiling and it's been raining a lot recently. Its filled up pretty quickly and I can have more peace there wont be mold. It's a nic... read more »

Very comfortable

30 Oct, 2019
Very comfortable jacket. Size up since it runs a little small. Overall a great hoodie for fall or cold evenings in the summer or winter.  read more »

So fun and pretty

30 Oct, 2019
I loveeee these markers! They make coloring so fun and watercolors so easy. There is a very good variety of color and these are definitely high quality art supplies. Get them because they are awesome! read more »

Works perfectly

30 Oct, 2019
I'm so glad I got this for my truck. My husband took the other one I bought and this one actually works so much better so it worked out great. Very clear sound and hooks up seamlessly to my Samsun... read more »

Very clear radio and just what I wanted

25 Oct, 2019
The colors on this speaker are amazing. That in itself was great but also the radio comes through so clear and everything works perfectly. I'm very happy with this purchase. I will be using it for... read more »

Nice but not what I expected

25 Oct, 2019
I like the tapestry but it definitely didnt look like the picture. It wasn't as detailed in real life as it was in the photo. I will use it but I wish there was more honesty on what it looked like... read more »

Favorite cat bowls ever

25 Oct, 2019
I love these cat bowls.  They look really nice and they dont skid on the floor because of the rubber footings. My cats seem to like them too :)  very stylish looking bowls for your kitty fri... read more »

Very delicious

25 Oct, 2019
Tastes very delicious and healthy. Great way to get the morning started! read more »

Perfect sound machine

22 Oct, 2019
I play this at night time for my 9 month old daughter. The sounds are clear and crisp and theres many different to pick from. I love the ocean sound, brook, and thunder the most. It has a timer so if... read more »

My favorite water bottle

22 Oct, 2019
This is a great high quality water bottle . I use it for my protein shakes since it has the protein shaker ball and it works great! I'm drinking so much more water now and feeling a lot healthier... read more »

Loud and great quality !

22 Oct, 2019
For being a smaller speaker, this one sure is powerful! It's great you can use it without it being plugged in. Just needs to be charged and then it's good to go! Also connects to bluetooth and... read more »

Husband loves it

22 Oct, 2019
My husband takes tons of supplements and he says this one is really good. He loves being in ketosis and anything that helps supplement a ketogenic diet. I recommend this! read more »

Comfy and perfect for my daughter

13 Oct, 2019
I bought these for my daughter. Shes not big enough for them yet but I can tell they are high quality and the material is very soft. Perfect for a girlie girl who loves pink! read more »

Great for the environment

13 Oct, 2019
I'm very satisfied with these reusable zip lock bags. I'm looking to do more of my part to help pollute the earth less and these are a great start for anyone. The material feels to be high qua... read more »

So fun for my kids

12 Oct, 2019
My 2 year old son loves these. Hes still getting the hang of them.  My 9 month old daughter likes them too she just cant figure them out yet but itll be nice to have them when she can! read more »

Wow this is soft and comfortable!

08 Oct, 2019
This shirt is soooo soft ! Wow it is so soft.. and super comfortable. I want to wear it all the time now. My friend really liked it too and wants to get one. I got a size medium and it fits so perfect... read more »

I'm sold on it!

08 Oct, 2019
I wasn't sure if this was going to be good but I'm so glad I got it because it works really really well! It's so easy to use and takes care of any spots I may have missed shaving in the sh... read more »

Actually worked for my older vehicle!

08 Oct, 2019
I am so excited this works! I've been trying to use the aux player in my 02 truck and it never worked. My CD player is  busted too so I only was able to use the radio. I'm so happy this w... read more »

My new favorite top

03 Oct, 2019
This shirt is super comfy and I love how it fits. Definitely going to be a top go to in my closet for fall read more »

Very nice top.. super small bottoms

03 Oct, 2019
I am true to size a small and these bottoms are super tight on me. I have a small butt too.. that's why I give it 4 stars but the top is really pretty and I'll just match it with another bathi... read more »

Sooo fun!

02 Oct, 2019
I'm having so much fun coloring with these markers! The tips are really precise and the colors and phenomenal.   Perfect for coloring books, writing and drawing. They are super easy to u... read more »

My kids love it

02 Oct, 2019
I have a 2 year old and 8 month old and they both really loved this toy set. It's good quality so itll last a long time. I highly recommend !!I love how the cabbage and the fish have magnets so th... read more »

Fun toy for the kids

02 Oct, 2019
Perfect toys for the bath or pool! I recommend ! read more »

Great for photos and surprises !

02 Oct, 2019
I used this to write a note for my husband for his birthday. He loved it! I love the colors of the letters and the different little emojis. I am really pleased with this board ! read more »


29 Sep, 2019
Perfect water bottle just what I was looking for  would recommend a+++ read more »

Awesome quality

27 Sep, 2019
I really love the containers these makeup sticks came with ! They are so pretty and great quality . The makeup is a good quality too I really like them. I cant even imagine throwing the containers awa... read more »

Great quality

27 Sep, 2019
I am very happy with this foundation. It was exactly the right shade and has really good coverage. I would recommend I just wish it was not tested on animals  read more »

So fun! Not for babies though

22 Sep, 2019
These are so great for my 2 year old son who loves fine tuning his motor skills by using the tongs and picking up the bees wings. Just a warning though the pieces are small and a choking hazard for ba... read more »

My kid loves it

22 Sep, 2019
My two year old is constantly getting into things and getting cuts, bruises and bumping his head. I got this for him to help keep him safe and he actually likes wearing it which I thought he wouldn... read more »

So soft

22 Sep, 2019
I bought these for my 2 year old son for his car seat but love them so much I want to use for myself! Definitely make a more enjoyable car ride with the straps not cutting into our necks read more »

Entertains the kids for hours

19 Sep, 2019
I am very impressed with how well this pool was made. I got it for my toddler son and he is entertained by it for hours.  I love how I dont need to blow it up and there is a drain on the side for... read more »

Very nice bowl set up for my cats

19 Sep, 2019
I am impressed with the quality of this set. The bamboo is nice and sturdy. The bowls are a good size. And it's the right distance from the floor for my cats. I would recommend to a friend. read more »

FANTASTIC toy for kids!

07 Sep, 2019
My kids shared this with our friends kids which was great since there are so many toys in it there was plenty to go around! The box is sturdy although a little pin fell out that keeps it together so I... read more »

Very useful and sharp

07 Sep, 2019
Was so happy to finally have a good quality peeler in my kitchen. This product is not only affordable but it's of high quality. Used to cut several items of produce and did a much better job than... read more »

A+++ product. Very satisfied

07 Sep, 2019
This product is high quality! So many different pieces so you'll have all you need to tinker with electronics and suc . Very thoughtful and nice gift for a guy who likes do handy stuff.  Woul... read more »

Creative idea and love them

04 Sep, 2019
I showed these off to my friends and husband as soon as I got them! They feel like they are of good quality and I like the idea of the food looking like it's in mason jars. They did take a while t... read more »

Pretty and good for cleaning

04 Sep, 2019
These microfiber towels took a long time to get in the mail. While I like I can use them for cleaning, they are small and thin. I give it 3 stars overall read more »

Hoping to try it soon

20 Jul, 2019
I'm still waiting for this product to come in the mail and by the looks of tracking I still have some weeks to go.  Faster shipping=happier customers.  I hope they start working on a bet... read more »

Very long shipping time

20 Jul, 2019
I've been waiting for over 2 weeks for this item.  I hope it comes in soon.  As soon as it does I will update this review however in this day and age nothing should take this long to shi... read more »


20 Jul, 2019
I've been getting into gummy supplements lately for my 2 year old son.  We bought these and they are sooo delicious! I bought them for him but I like them so much I eat them too. They definit... read more »

Yummy and flavorful

20 Jul, 2019
These gummys are good!  I had one and my son did too.. both of us really like them.  We definitely felt more relaxed after eating them.  Hemp is so beneficial and it's great to be a... read more »

my baby girl loves it.. my toddler son too!

17 Jul, 2019
I bought this for my 6 month old daughter who is now trying to eat her hands, my hands, basically anything put in front of her.  I wanted something safe, durable, and good for little hands. ... read more »

gave it as a gift for my husband

15 Jul, 2019
This will be very handy! My husband needed a new place to keep his cards/money.  It's sweet with the words and the perfect pocket sized wallet.  The letters are a little harder to read u... read more »

seems to be working

14 Jul, 2019
So far this seems to work well!! It has the same smell as a high end purifier I have so it seems to be doing the job well.  I'm glad to be breathing in cleaner air read more »


14 Jul, 2019
I love this brush, and most importantly, my cats love this brush!! I really am happy that the brush cleans itself.  It's the perfect brush for my long haired kitties.  My cats normally d... read more »

Great for the environment

13 Jul, 2019
I love these bags! I got 9 of them with 3 different sizes.  I'm starting to switch out using things harmful for the environment and starting to use eco friendly products and this is definitel... read more »

Pretty, fun and feminine!

13 Jul, 2019
I've never really been into wigs but have always wanted to try one out.  Then I came across this one and decided to give it a go and I'm so glad that I did! It's fun to wear, pretty,... read more »

Great texture, great for the environment.

13 Jul, 2019
I really needed these silicone straws. Not only did I need them, but the environment needs them.  More people need to do their part in keeping the earth clean and using less plastic.  These... read more »


11 Jul, 2019
these baking mats came so fast!! they are exactly what I was looking for.  So excited to start baking with them read more »


04 Jul, 2019
I am so happy I found this mirror.  The lighting is perfect.  I love how it has 4 mirrors on the foldout and an extra free 10x zoom mirror!! Also I really enjoyed how I could both plug it in... read more »

just what I needed

01 Jul, 2019
perfect cords!! work great and charge fast read more »

as pictured

01 Jul, 2019
pants are comfortable and came exactly as pictured read more »

Great product for the price!

26 May, 2019
Great toy for my son.  He loves carrying it around the house and playing on his recorder!! It is well made, has a nice color, comes with a cleaner for it, and it basically everything you would ne... read more »

Beautiful, useful bottles

27 Sep, 2017
I love the colors and patterns of all these bottles. My husband lost his thermal bottle recently so Im giving these as a gift, and keeping some for myself :)  very excited to use them!! ... read more »

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