Kiztoys Water Guns for Kids, 2 Pack Super Squirt Guns Gifts for Kids Children's Summer Swimming Pool Beach Sand Outdoor Water Fighting Toys
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23 Apr, 2022
I got these for my little cousins' birthday party, they had a wet and wild birthday party and I knew these would be the perfect things to bring. These water guns did not disappoint, they are easy... read more »

Sweet water guns!

21 Jan, 2022
This double decker of water guns is just perfect for my two boys. They play with them out in the yard or in the pool. Good water guns, easy to load the water and easy to shoot.  read more »

great for kids playing outside!

01 Nov, 2021
great for kids playing outside! read more »

A little hard to use

23 Oct, 2021
My children had a harder time getting these to spray water but would probably be great for older kids  read more »

Fun Item

15 Oct, 2021
This water gun gives Nerf Gun fun for less! The kids enjoyed it so it was worth the buy. read more »

Great toys

28 Sep, 2021
Kids loved these things, were great for pool water fights!  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Kiztoys read more »

Arrived and worked for a decent amount of time!

05 Aug, 2021
This set of water guns is a fun and easy to use set! When they arrived both guns worked well but shortly after using them one stared leaking and would not hold water long enough to play with. The othe... read more »


26 Jul, 2021
These are so much fun and work great! We had a blast playing with them and they held up better than any of my big box store purchases. 10/10, Bluebelle would buy again. read more »

Great set

13 Jul, 2021
The kids love this. It is so much fun. Highly recommended. read more »


05 Jul, 2021
Kids love these. Work great. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Kiztoys read more »


24 Jun, 2021
Kids liked it. read more »


17 Jun, 2021
These SUPER SOAKERS are exactly as described. I had so much fun with the family! We will def. be buying more! read more »

Quality toys

15 Jun, 2021
I was surprised with the quality. Most toys like this are made so cheap and break right away. These squirt guns seen pretty durable and work really well  read more »

Endless Fun

10 Jun, 2021
I ordered these for my Nephews & Nieces and they absolutely loved them. I was lucky enough to find a Promotional Code for these and got them cheaper than they actually were, which is a win for me.... read more »

Nice quality

09 Jun, 2021
My kids love to play water gun this summer and they use this everyday. Happy kids Happy mom.  read more »

Kids love

08 Jun, 2021
Kids love these  read more »

Good water gun for kids under 7 y.o.

08 Jun, 2021
One of the must have toys for summer is Water Gun! Lol! And we got this water gun Kiztoys because its light weight and more easy to use than the big giant water gun in the market. For adult this mig... read more »

Great buy

04 Jun, 2021
Sturdier than it looks. At first glance it looks and feels like a toy from the Dollar Store. I was shocked at the distance it got (also didn't realize there was no "trigger" component wh... read more »

Kiztoys Water Guns for Kids

30 May, 2021
Very nice set of water guns, the kids will highly enjoy them   read more »

Great waterguns

27 May, 2021
Great little set of water guns. Super easy to use. Holds a decent amount of water and pumps easily. Shoots out a pretty good distance. I've had a lot of fun with these.  #rankbooster ... read more »


26 May, 2021
The kids love these water guns.  They hold a lot of water and work great! read more »

The kids will be excited

26 May, 2021
These were bought to use at a birthday party in June. They seem to be well made and are nice size. My grandson is very excited about having them for his party.  read more »

Fun Squirt Guns!!

26 May, 2021
Oh My!! These water guns are so much fun!! They hold a lot of water and you just push and pull and it squirts a long stream!! Easy to fill up too!! So easy to squirt, even my two year old can do... read more »

What a blast! Literally! So much fun!

23 May, 2021
The kids are looking forward to having a blast playing with these fun water guns down at the river where they can reload them as much as they want.  These water guns are very well made and will p... read more »

Great product at a Great price!

23 May, 2021
Picked these water guns up for my nephews to take with them to the pool. They were a big hit at the pool and a big hit with my pocket book. Loved getting 2 for the price of 1. Very nice quality that s... read more »

Loads of fun

22 May, 2021
My kids has a blast playing with these.  They hold a decent amount of water and they shoot quite a distance. For the price these are very good. Added bonus, you get two of them.   ... read more »

fun fun fun

21 May, 2021
kids love to play. every easy to fill up water. easy to use.  read more » friend

21 May, 2021
This was sent to my friend for her 2 years old son  read more »


19 May, 2021
I sent to my cousin for her son... Guess wht super happy  read more »

Super Cool!

18 May, 2021
Ordered these for my nephews! They love stuff like this and they are going to love these! Great product for a great price! read more »

not good quality

18 May, 2021
This isn't very good quality but for the sale price or discounted price, it's ok. ONly three stars from me for those reasons. I would never pay full price for this item because of how cheap th... read more »


16 May, 2021
Fast delivery. Bought these for a summer party and they were a hit. Thank you! read more »

Great for kids

16 May, 2021
These water guns are great for kids. They are good quality guns. I definitely recommend to buy them for the summer!  read more »

Would purchase again

15 May, 2021
Nicer and fun! Kids love it! Perfect for summer fun! read more »

super fun

14 May, 2021
These are super fun water guns. They have a lot of power behind that stream of water. They have wide openings to fill and fill easily. They have bigger reservoir tanks so that means less filling them... read more »


13 May, 2021
great. exactly what i expected.  read more »

Great buy

13 May, 2021
Super nice kids love them quality is ok  read more »

Momma loves this

06 May, 2021
I think I love these more than my kids. Holds a good amount of water and shoots pretty far. I love sneaking around and getting my kids!  read more »

Great water guns

02 May, 2021
These water guns are awesome !!!! My kids and my self have enjoyed playing with these . Easy to reload and use . read more »

Great deal

30 Apr, 2021
These were an amazing deal. They came in and are actually a good quality for plastic.  read more »

So much fun

30 Apr, 2021
Water Guns for Kids, Kiztoys 2 Packs Squirt Gun, Super Water Blaster Soaker Gun, 300CC Water Toys for Boys Girls Siblings, Summer Swimming Pool Toys, Beach Gifts, Outdoor Water Fighting Toys #... read more »

So fun!

30 Apr, 2021
It's usually nice here in sunny California. My kids love running outside playing with water guns. These added more fun to their outdoor playtime! They were ways to figure out and had a good amount... read more »

Part fell off

29 Apr, 2021
Orange plug fell off on both the guns. Typical water gun read more »


29 Apr, 2021
Outside fun read more »

Great water play

29 Apr, 2021
    Summers almost here, what better way to beat the heat than water. Kids will have a blast squirting their parents and friends with these medium sized squirt guns. Great for parties,... read more »

Nice Water Blasters

28 Apr, 2021
This set of two water blasters are a good value and lots of fun. They are easy to fill with water on the top, and close with a snap on lid. The two pack means that a game of water blasting is ready to... read more »

Amazing quality water guns

28 Apr, 2021
They are very good quality, shoots far and holds a good amount of water. Has a decent pressure too. My kids love it but I tend to steal them and attack them wirh all the water, so they turned to hose... read more »

Well built and shoot a long ways

23 Apr, 2021
Kids have a blast and so do we!! These are sturdy enough for the whole family read more »


21 Apr, 2021
I purchased these for my kids for their Easter baskets, and holy cow do they shoot far! Great quality! read more »


21 Apr, 2021
 We have a water pool in our backyard and we are a family of 2. We need an identical water jet guns so that all the 2 get the same power and same quantity of water so the fight can be fair. &nbs... read more »

Kids Water Guns

20 Apr, 2021
My 3 young sons really love these Kids Water Guns. They are well made and work well. read more »

Water guns

20 Apr, 2021
These water guns really work fabulous the kids love them keep them outside for hours read more »

Just as good as the other water guns I have from the same seller

20 Apr, 2021
These are fun to use.   You don't use the trigger to shoot the water.  Instead, you pump the bottom white portion in and out. Water squirts/shoots very far, at least 20'.&nbs... read more »

Let's play

19 Apr, 2021
Well made,  good size,  good quality.  Works great and the kids have a ton of fun with them. Highly recommended.  read more »

Better than expected

17 Apr, 2021
These were larger than I expected and so much better than I had expected. Hours of fun for the kids and their friends! #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Kiztoys read more »

Water guns kids love

16 Apr, 2021
These are awesome water guns for kids to play with during those hot days. read more »

Outdoor fun!

16 Apr, 2021
My eight year old and the neighbors love playing with these!  read more »

Works good

16 Apr, 2021
Good quality. My son loved them read more »

Perfect summer fun

14 Apr, 2021
My kids love water guns so I thought they would like these. They love them now the whole family can get out in the yard and have fun. Each water gun holds quite a bit of water for longer fun. They are... read more »

Great for outdoor play

14 Apr, 2021
These kiztoys water guns are fun for all ages and my children have so much fun getting each other wet with them. They are simple to operate and easy to fill with water. This set comes with two good si... read more »

water guns

13 Apr, 2021
Perfect for summer time! read more »


12 Apr, 2021
Kiztoys Water Guns for Kids, 2 Pack Super Squirt Guns Gifts for Kids Children's Summer Swimming Pool Beach Sand Outdoor Water Fighting Toys #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored    Great de... read more »

Good matching water guns!

12 Apr, 2021
These are good quality. They don't leak and they look solid to withstand the beating from kid water fights. Both guns match and work the same. False trigger so the pumping is how to fire the... read more »


10 Apr, 2021
My daugthers are happy with this water guns. Shoot long distance. read more »

Very Pleased

10 Apr, 2021
works great. 2 guns one low peice. read more »

Great fun

09 Apr, 2021
These are very nice. Hold a lot of water. Cannot wait to try them out in the pool later when it warms up. read more »


08 Apr, 2021
My son loves this gun. I don't like it so much only because I'm always getting sprayed by it.  read more »

Fun squirt guns for the kids

07 Apr, 2021
These are good looking and fun pump-squirt guns for the kids this Summer. There is no working trigger mechanism, you basically fill with water then use the white charging handle to pump the water out... read more »

Boys love it

06 Apr, 2021
What can I say about water guns. These guns are easy to fill up and easy to use. These gun you don't pull the trigger. You just pull a lever back and forth. As soo as I pull them out if the bag to... read more »

Play time just got way more fun!

06 Apr, 2021
Tese water guns are awesome! They are durable and easy to use, so easy that my four year old grand daughter can do it all by herself. This definitely makes her very happy since she is at that independ... read more »

Shoots so far

05 Apr, 2021
These are some great water guns and really easy for children to fill and shoot. It shoots a good ten feet if full    read more »

It's that time!

03 Apr, 2021
It's time to start collecting up those hot weather summer toys! These water guns are GREAT! They're a good size, hold lots of water, and they don't feel like they're going to break in... read more »

Fun set of water guns

30 Mar, 2021
Thanks for offering this fun set of water guns! With the weather heating up it is perfect for the kids to take out back and cool down and have their water wars, no complaints here! read more »

Great fun in the pool , or at the beach!

30 Mar, 2021
This 2 pack of super squirt water guns by #kiztoys is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day.  Whether you're at the pool or at the beach just grab the water guns,  fill them up and... read more »

Shoots far

30 Mar, 2021
I bought this 2 pack of water guns by Kiztoys primarily as a tool to assist in training the new family puppy, who is very high energy and large in size. It works SO WELL! The stream shoots quite a dis... read more »

Dual Action

29 Mar, 2021
These water guns for kids and adults by Kiztoys is really pretty neat.  It is a two pack, it fills up easy and squirts a long distance.  These will be great for this summer at the pool or at... read more »

Going to be fun!

27 Mar, 2021
These are going to be fun to get wet this summer! Thank you for fast shipping! read more »

Want to improve the packing

25 Mar, 2021
Not good for gift in read more »

so much fun!

25 Mar, 2021
the guns are easy to fill and it is easy to use for splashing!super fun in the hot summer days! read more »

Great times

25 Mar, 2021
The water guns are great fun, very durable can take a drop and keep going.  read more »

Fun toy for summer

24 Mar, 2021
Summer is almost here and I am preparing this water toy gun as an awesome fun to enjoy summer with friends while you're on the beach or even in your backyard. The water toy guns have a decent size... read more »

Better than Described

24 Mar, 2021
The water guns I received are quality made and larger than I expected. With the warm weather coming, I think these water guns are going to receive a lot of action. Would definitely recommend this set... read more »

Fun for kids

19 Mar, 2021
My kids couldn't wait to use these but ever since they arrived, its been cold and rainy where I live so I let them use them during bath time. The water guns work perfectly. No issues. Spring has b... read more »

Super water guns

19 Mar, 2021
These water guns are amazing! I love how easy they are to fill and then they are big enough to last a while. They came super fast and the shipping was sooner then stated on my order number. I love how... read more »

Nice Set!

18 Mar, 2021
These are really nice they are good size to great price for the kiddo's! read more »

Summer time fun.

18 Mar, 2021
They seem like they may hold up in through the summer. It's currently winter so I can't speak to the full functionality of the water guns yet. But quality looks like they'll hold hold at l... read more »


17 Mar, 2021
Got for the kids to play with read more »

Fun fun fun!!

17 Mar, 2021
Durable material, the kids love these. Nothing like a good ol water gun fight.  read more »


15 Mar, 2021
For the asking price they are not worth it. These are, at best, dollar store water guns. They are made to last a few plays ans that's it.  read more »

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