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Mar, 2017

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I am excited to share my experiences with people. I enjoy letting others know how things work or what quality an item is. If something works well I am usually the first to get that information to my friends and family members. My previous experience was in retail with customer service relations. I have worked in this field for over ten years. I enjoy doing reviews for companies as well and am not afraid to let people know how things work.
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Nice and tight

27 Mar, 2022
This bathroom sink stopper works great, is a pop up drain stopper, fits 1 to 1.96 inch drain hole, it an anti clogging bathtub stopper that has a filter basket, is universal and works in bathrooms bas... read more »

Slim and Big

13 Mar, 2022
This wallet for mem by Mosiyeef is larger than expected, has ten slots and has RFID blocking.  It has a money clip and an ID window for easy use.  It is slim, nice color and has a very soft... read more »

Great Value

17 Feb, 2022
This hair growth gummie vitamins with biotin is vegan, easy to use and taste good.  It has improved my appearance in the past so hoping for same results.  Impressed that it has added vitamin... read more »

Let's get to cooking

29 Oct, 2021
This meat thermometer is really awesome, does so many things, is an instant read food, dual probe, two in one waterproof and even has an alarm, is backlight so it's easy to read and calibrate.&nbs... read more »

Night Light for Kids

18 Oct, 2021
This one fire night light for kids has a bluetooth music system built into it, comes with a remote so that you can set a timer.  It rotates 360 degrees and can be used as a lamp as well.  It... read more »

Really Fast

24 Sep, 2021
This usb type C five pack is fast, easy to use and each cord is six feet.  They are type c to a cables, work with many different types of mobile phones.  Easy to use and each cord is very st... read more »

Fast Charge

20 Sep, 2021
These iphone fast charging ten feet three pack extra long ligtning cable is just that, fast charging, comes three to a pack, are extra long and charges very fast.  They fit very well, work great... read more »

So awesome

23 Aug, 2021
These beeswax wraps for food are so amazing, come in a set of six, are organic and there are different sizes.  They can be used on all food or for covering tops of bowls and are washable.  T... read more »

Touch and sleek

19 Aug, 2021
This iphone case is tough, rugged and shockproof.  It is easy to use, easy to install and looks really sleek once it has been installed.  It is lightweight and easy to hold, has a nice grip... read more »

Sturdy and soft

17 Aug, 2021
This iphone case if not only sturdy and easy to put on but it is soft to the touch, it is clear, lightweight protection and shockproof, it is also non yellowing and has silicone edges which make it st... read more »

So many

15 Aug, 2021
These cute stickers for water bottles or other things are so cute, there are one hundred of them, they can be put on computers, skateboards or anything around.  they look good on Wagons and bikes... read more »

Nice Heavy duty

12 Aug, 2021
This power strip by Bedee is a great fast wireless charger along with six ac outlets and four usb ports.  It has a surege protector and has a heavy duty retractable cord for office, home or shop.... read more »

Windows will never be the same

12 Aug, 2021
This window bird feeder diy kit is great for kids of all ages, it has four seperate seed zones, easy to build, bamboo wooden roof and is easy to mount.  Has strong screwed in suction cups that ho... read more »

So many stickers

11 Aug, 2021
These water bottle stickers are perfect for back to school.  There are one hundred of them, made very well and easy to use.  They are made of vinyl so they do not tear and will last longer t... read more »


11 Aug, 2021
This bejeweled headband for girls or women is so pretty, made very well and looks adorable on.  It is somewhat adjustable and fits many different sizes of heads.  Looks almost like the real... read more »

Cute but small

10 Aug, 2021
This ten foot battery operated powered fairy string lights are purple, take batteries and are really cute.  Looks great indoors as well as outdoors.  Can be used in a tent or a tree house or... read more »

Fun time

10 Aug, 2021
This mega egg dino egg dinosaurs figure toys comes with twelve different dinosaurs in jumbo dino egg.  They kit is very cute, comes with little wooden hammers and picks to use to chisel away the... read more »

Perfect for back to school

09 Aug, 2021
This desk mat by Upcity is made of leather, waterproof and is perfect for back to school.  It is made very sturdy, looks great and fits perfect.  We were very impressed and love that it is m... read more »

Feels wonderful

05 Aug, 2021
This premium bamboo queen size waterproof mattress protector is a great pad, cooling and ultra soft and breathable.  Feels great, soft durable fabirc and is waterproof.  Fits great, looks gr... read more »

Sturdy and strong

05 Aug, 2021
This spidercase for iphone is great, sturdy, heavy duty and has a built in screen protector.  It is shockproof and anti scratch screen.  It is black and clear, easy to install and looks grea... read more »

Feels great

05 Aug, 2021
This king size waterproof matress protector is really awesome, made of durable materail, easy to put on and fits great, deep pockets and soft pad cooling and ultra soft and breathable.  Fits up t... read more »

Great set up

05 Aug, 2021
This stamp set is really cut, made very well and sturdy.  They are a pack of five and self inking, no mess easy to use and looks really cute on paperwork.  Easy for teachers to use and stude... read more »

Pretty Cute

29 Jul, 2021
This cat elevated double transparent plastic bowl is really a cute idea, works well, is easy to set up and our cats seem to like it.  The bottom can be raised up or lowered for cats or even small... read more »

Book my spot

25 Jul, 2021
This metal bookmark is so cute, it wokrs very well and looks so nice.  It is exquisite and marks our books very well.  The string of beads is really cute and looks great.  We were very... read more »

these Rock

25 Jul, 2021
These wall door handle stopper sets are pretty awesome.  They are easy to set up and work really great.  They protect the doors from bumping into the walls and are super great for preventing... read more »

Fun and Creative

15 Jul, 2021
These butterfly pateches are fun to use, come sixteen to the set, some have glitter, can be used on shirts, pants or hats.  Even shoes if you choose.  We were happy with them and loved being... read more »

Cutest Ever

12 Jul, 2021
These wooden nutcracker nesting dolls, by Amor, are the cutest ever.  They are made very well, wood is sturdy and the paint job is very well done as well.  These will make a great gift for m... read more »

Bright and Colorful

06 Jul, 2021
This rainbow bubble fidget sensory toy is larger than most, fits in an adult hand well, made of silicone, helps with anxiety, adhd stress and among other things.  It is very well made and very co... read more »

We love Brushes

30 Jun, 2021
These paint brushes by Mcpinky are perfect for our crew.  They love to paint and love to try out different shapes and sizes of paint brushes.  There are twenty five in this set plus a collap... read more »

Very Practical

30 Jun, 2021
This six piece scissor set by lovestown is great for preschoolers and training to teach how to use scissors, they are safety, come six to a set and are very sturdy and comfortable to hold and use... read more »

Amazing Set

29 Jun, 2021
This balloon set by LovesTown is simply amazing.  It comes with white pink and gold latex balloons, white and gold confetti and can be used for so many purposes, there are also streamers included... read more »

Quality Kit

29 Jun, 2021
This microphone kit is a very solid, quality kit.  It comes with the stand, and all the pieces needed to operate.  The stand, mic sound chipset scissor arm holder is nice, heavy duty and eas... read more »

Very Easy

27 Jun, 2021
This silicone collapsible funnel is very easy to use, easy to collapse and put away for easy storage.  It took a while to arrive but once it did we were eagar to use it for our canning process.&n... read more »

Pet Perfect

23 Jun, 2021
This food dispenser bowl is perfect for dogs, cats or any other pets you may have.  It is made of durable plastic, has a water dispenser and is easy to use and clean up.  It come with a very... read more »

Soft and Strong

21 Jun, 2021
These kitchen dish towels are super absorbent, soft and very strong.  Made of a velvety cotten material, almost like a microfiber but more absorbent.  There are twenty one in this package an... read more »

So Cute and musical

20 Jun, 2021
This hand crank wooden music box is really cute, made well and plays you are my sunshine, but you have to continue cranking it in order for you to be able to hear the entire song. It is easy to use, m... read more »

Spray Far and Wide

20 Jun, 2021
These water guns by Shindel are great for kids, come two to a set and work great.  They are super easy to set up, great for water gun fight and fun to play with in the swimming pool or at a party... read more »

Paint Perfect Set

18 Jun, 2021
This thirty six piece watercolors set is perfect for drawing, doing crafts or art work.  There are thirty six watercolor paints that come with this set as well as a set of eleven paint brushes an... read more »

So Much Water Fun

17 Jun, 2021
These water guns by Kiztoys are so much fun to play with, kids loved getting in the pool and getting each other wet.  The guns are made of safe soft foam, very sturdy and the handles are plastic... read more »

So Much Fun

15 Jun, 2021
This squishy making kit comes with five pieces, is easy to use and so much fun.  There are several items that come with this kit, squishy to color and paint to use.  Super easy to use and th... read more »

Cute Minis

15 Jun, 2021
These nine inch rollin pins by Koogel are really cute, made very well, sturdy and durable.  This is a two piece set, two rolling pins made of sturdy material.  They are great for baking with... read more »

Great Set

15 Jun, 2021
This eight piece silicone rolling pin set has two 15 inch non stick rolling pins and two nine inch rolling pins as well as a scraper, a chopper and silicone oil brush and spatula for parent teaching c... read more »

Easy To Use

12 Jun, 2021
This four slot silicone mold is great for baking, making soaps or for jello or pudding as well.  Multi purpose, can be used for crafts making bath bombs or soaps or take to the kitchen and use it... read more »

Loud and Clear

12 Jun, 2021
This uSB microphone is great, sounds amazing and is easy to set up.  Comes with plug and play computer microphone for podcasting, gaming or streaming.  The condenser microphone is compatible... read more »

Nice and Easy to use

09 Jun, 2021
This six piece set of embroidery hoops by BigOtters is really nice quality, easy to use and made very well, they are very sturdy and come in different sizes and all are made with easy to use fasteners... read more »

So Much to choose from

08 Jun, 2021
This slime kit by Koogel is pretty cool. There are one hundred and forty nine pieces, comes with slime, glitter gold leaf, foam balls, shake jars and sugar papers.  There are tiny white sponge cu... read more »

Nice and Organized

08 Jun, 2021
This power strip by Bedee is a fast wireless charger, has six AC outlets, four USB ports and is a surge protector as well.  It is a vertical electric charging station and if I must say so myself,... read more »

Really Awesome

08 Jun, 2021
This LED garage light by Bedee is formable, can be used in a garage, storage or large area living quarters.  It is sixty watts and goes in the ceiling into an LED light fixture, has three adjusta... read more »


03 Jun, 2021
This kitchen timer counts down sixty minutes and can be used in the classroom, office, for test or in the kitchen just to name a few of the places.  It is easy to use and looks really cute, perfe... read more »

Yard play

03 Jun, 2021
This wooden slingshot is very sturdy, made out of quality material and thick rubber bands.  The handle is easy to hold, almost fits perfect in your hand and the sling is sturdy and made very well... read more »

Perfect for Summer Travel

02 Jun, 2021
This car garbage can is perfect for summer travel.  It comes with storage pockets and has a flip open top for containment.  It fits nicely in the car and doesn't take up a lot of room.&n... read more »

Hours of fun

02 Jun, 2021
This military figure and accessory kit comes with two hundred and fifty pieces, plenty of action packed pieces and comes with a carrying case to hold them all in as well.  They are all made of du... read more »

High pressure and bright

02 Jun, 2021
This LED shower head with high pressure has seven color changing automatically changes and filters for filtering out the water.  There are no batteries needed as the pressure of the water flow ca... read more »

So Many Things to do

02 Jun, 2021
This eleven hundred piece craft supply kit has so many things to do and is so colorful.  This kit is perfect for home schooling or just to do crafts with.  It has so many different things to... read more »

Bright and Cheerful

01 Jun, 2021
These twelve markers by Koogel outliner metallic markers are very bright, cheerful it makes outling fun.  You do have to press down on each one to get the markers flowing so that you can use them... read more »

Great Storage

30 May, 2021
These egg holders are great for carrying deviled eggs or keeping fresh eggs in the refrigerator without worry of them breaking.  They are perfect for storing boiled eggs and will kepp up to twent... read more »

Perfect Precaution

30 May, 2021
These non contact door opener tools are great for nowadays with all the precautions we have to take.  They come two to a set, are reusable and have a keychain hook for convenience and there is a... read more »

Cute and Bright

30 May, 2021
This princess dress up costumer by Otters is really cute and the comes with a magic wand gloves necklace and earring set.  It is perfect for little girls dress up or costume party. read more »

So Adorable

28 May, 2021
This set for newborn babies is adorable.  Comes with wings that are feathered as well as a headband, bow and swords.  Cute little cupid costume is perfect for photo opportunity or baby showe... read more »

Fun and Dressy

28 May, 2021
This eight piece princess dreww up set is pretty awesome, it comes with a wand, gloves, necklace earrings and a ring.  The set is made very well, perfect gift idea for young girls.  Very pre... read more »

fast and fun

28 May, 2021
This RC stunt car for kids is pretty awesome, the only setback is that the battery drains pretty fast, but they do give you two batteries and a usb charging cord and a screwdriver in order to take the... read more »

Lots of doodling

25 May, 2021
This scratch painting by Koogel comes ten pieces to each set, set of two, twenty pieces total with two scratch sticks.  They can be used as scratch sets on one side or coloring on the back side o... read more »

Nice Package

21 May, 2021
This adjustable sixty watt electric soldering iron is the perfect solution for all your soldering needs.  It is portable, heats up really fast and is mini so can be stored in many craft areas.&nb... read more »

Great Idea

21 May, 2021
This set of eight toothbrush caps are a great idea, made very well and love the idea of different colors, color coordinated and protects toothbrushes against germs.  The kids love this idea that... read more »

Far and Wide

13 May, 2021
These binoculars by Uttora are really nice, made very well and work really good.  They are really easy to use and are for ages four and up to twelve.  They can be for either boy or girl and... read more »

Impressive Package

09 May, 2021
This LED flashlight is rechargeable, bright, has several different functions and works great.  It it a heavy duty flaghlight, comes with rechargeable batteries and a battery charger.  It als... read more »

Whimsical and Cute

28 Apr, 2021
These two piece coaster set for car cup holders are made well, fit really well in the cup holder part of your console and are really cute.  They are very colorful and have cork backs, very absorb... read more »

Fun water toy

28 Apr, 2021
This water sprinkler is fun for the kids, it is easy to hook up, works pretty good and the middle wiggles around when the water goes through it.  It is light weight and cute to play with. read more »

So cute

28 Apr, 2021
This outdoor sprinkler is a sunflower, work pretty good and it really cute.  The middle part goes around and sprays water and the kids love running through the water.  It is light and easy t... read more »

Hours of Fun

27 Apr, 2021
This road sticker set was perfect for my seven year old grandson, kept him busy for hours, plenty of rolls of roads and tracks and the little signs had stickers for each sign as well.  We had to... read more »

Fun Fun

21 Apr, 2021
This water gun by Kiztoys is great, easy to fill up and squirts far and fast, holds a lot of water and is easy to fill up.  It has a pump action trigger so it makes it fun to shoot as well. ... read more »

Cute Set

17 Apr, 2021
This four pack of dog shirts is so very cute, comes four to the set, one big size and three smaller ones, they are stretchy mateiral for quick to fit and made of quality material and stitched tightly... read more »

Fun and Flirty

08 Apr, 2021
This forty inch inflatable glitter pool float is great, looks very nice, has glitter inside and comes with a matching beach ball.  It is very durable, heavy duty and filled up quickly.  It i... read more »

Many bright nights ahead

08 Apr, 2021
This two in one flashlight by Letion is a UV, LED tactical with high lumen and twelve modes.  It is zoomable and water resistant.  It is easy to use, fits in the hand nicley and has differen... read more »

Fun and Cute

03 Apr, 2021
This set of water guns is really cool. There are two and they work very well, they are easy to get set up and super easy to use.  They shoot very far and hold a lot of water, they are great for p... read more »

Heavy Duty

01 Apr, 2021
These UV light LED black light flashlights by Letion are heavy duty, made well and work great.  There are four modes to the brightness and they ae waterproof.  They are great for fishing and... read more »

Dual Action

29 Mar, 2021
These water guns for kids and adults by Kiztoys is really pretty neat.  It is a two pack, it fills up easy and squirts a long distance.  These will be great for this summer at the pool or at... read more »

Super Fun

27 Mar, 2021
This water gun for kids by Kiztoys is super fun to play with, made very well and squirts a long distance.  It is for kids and adults and is easy to fill up and super easy to control.  The wa... read more »

Perfect Measurement

24 Mar, 2021
This coffee scoop is stainless steel, is great for measuring ground coffee or tea.  The handle is the perfect size and we were impressed that it measured out our ground coffee perfectly. &nb... read more »

Very Cute Set

15 Mar, 2021
These rainbow scratch art easter eggs are very cute, nicely made and come with thirty six pieces of sturdy colored sheets in the shape of Easter Eggs and they are all black on the top, there are twelv... read more »

Very Nice Set

11 Mar, 2021
This puzzple kit for kids, by Lovestown, is a very nice set.  There are one hundred and eighty wooden pattern pieces with a deck of cards that have different things on them that can be made and t... read more »

Sweet Set

10 Mar, 2021
This mermaid outfit by E-Ting is so very sweet, cute and made very well.  It is handmade, stitched together nice an tight and fits barbie dolls very well. There are two sets and they fit very wel... read more »

Neat Bags

10 Mar, 2021
These Easter gift candy bags are so cute, made very well and are pretty big.  They will hold lots of goodies from the Easter Bunny.  There are three in this set and they are all different co... read more »

So adorable

08 Mar, 2021
This miniature dollhouse furniture accessories is a hi fi television set with a built in cabinet and speakers on the side.  It is made very well, very sturdy and is really life like as far as det... read more »

Such a sweet set

08 Mar, 2021
This set of clothes by yamaso is so cute, made very well and stitched together tightly.   It is made for eleven and a half inch dolls and there are five sets with five pairs of shoes. ... read more »

Nice and Cute

04 Mar, 2021
This unicorn doll clothes comes with headband, tutu and fits all eighteen inch dolls.  This is a very well made outfit, and looks great on the dolls.  The company ETing makes really nice thi... read more »

Pack of pink plastic

04 Mar, 2021
These pink plasitc little hangers are not only sturdy but cute and fit all barbie clothes as well as dolls the size of barbie.  There are sixty of them, very sturdy and really cute.  They fi... read more »

Nice and soft

04 Mar, 2021
This four pack of red and black buffalo check plaid throw pillow covers are great, feel soft and look great.  They are made by johouse and are made very sturdy and stitched very tightly.  Th... read more »


04 Mar, 2021
This wedding band rhinestone ring by Balakle is beautiful.  It has a floral carved zicron pieces in it, is great for a gift or just a special gift for yourself.  It is very shiney, looks gre... read more »

Runs Fast and Sounds Great

20 Feb, 2021
This remote controlled vehicle, by Uttora, with rotatiion and sound is perfect for children ages eight to twelve.  It has many different features, has sound and color and three hundred and sixty... read more »

Awesome Kit

15 Feb, 2021
This outdoor explorer kit for kids by Uttora is great for all ages of kids.  It comes with binoculars that has a compass, a magnifying glass, a butterfly net and a telescope.  It has twenty... read more »

Fun and Fabulous

10 Feb, 2021
This happy birthday glitter rose gold topper is simply amazing.  It is so cute, very classy and easy to use. There are seven pieces and can  be designed the way you want to use it.  Eac... read more »

So Calm

06 Feb, 2021
This tibetan singing bowl set is so calming, made very well and is really pretty.  It makes some really awesome sounds and looks great anywhere you place it.  It comes with a very nice brace... read more »

Easter Fancy

05 Feb, 2021
This easter craft kit is super easy to use, comes with six different projects and has many hours of fun.  The kit comes with everything you will need, has a hatching chick, a rabbit bag, a foam e... read more »

Light and Natural

05 Feb, 2021
This natural body wash by Yaya Maria smells very nice, is one hundred percent natural and makes your skin feel soft and silky.  It has only six ingredients and is sixteen ounces full and easy to... read more »

Fun and Cute

29 Jan, 2021
These are really nicely made, good quality and great colors.  They are perfect for all your do it yourself projfects.  We really like the colors. read more »

Game Changer

22 Jan, 2021
This bandana face mask is not only great for Halloween but it's also perfect for any type of party or festival that you might attend.  It is also very useful as a face mask for going about yo... read more »

never received it

14 Jan, 2021
I wish I could tell you about this tote bag but unfortunately I never received it from the company. read more »

Fun and Challenging

02 Jan, 2021
This diy spider robot building kit is pretty nice.  It is educational and scientific and comes with instructions in order to assemble it correctly.  It is a great toy for a great do it yours... read more »

charging good

02 Jan, 2021
This car charger by Techoss is all metal, adapter, mini flush fit, fits usb and pd car charger.  It is dual port charging and compatible with many phones.  It was super easy to set up and ch... read more »

Best Removal

26 Dec, 2020
This earwax removal spray for ear wax removal for chidlren and adults is a very nice, clean, and easy way to clean ear wax.  This product by Naveh Pharma is very easy to use and is all natural.&n... read more »

Best Mold Set Ever

14 Dec, 2020
This box mold set by Koogel is really pretty cool.  It comes with three pieces and a box of different colors of glitter.  It is great for making ashtrays or little box holders.  It is m... read more »

Sturdy Wooden

12 Dec, 2020
These six piece embroidery hoops set is wooden, made very well and is very sturdy.  They are round, adjustable and come in 4.7 inches to 10.6 inches.  They are perfect for all types of arts... read more »

Such a Lovely Set

07 Dec, 2020
This Chirstmas Kitchen cooking utnesil set has five pieces, each twelve inches long and is decorated with cute Christmas designs.  These are all wood burned spoons utensil set and would make a lo... read more »

Never received

02 Dec, 2020
I placed this order over a month ago and the message I get on tracking is that is may be lost.  I have contacted customer service and have yet to hear back.   read more »

Very Helpful

30 Nov, 2020
This drain snake auger is great for unclogging drains and removing trash from the drain pipes.  The grabber works so good for cleaning and picking up trash that is clogging your drain.  It w... read more »

Clever Containers

24 Nov, 2020
These small popcorn boxes come thirty six in a set, there are three different designs, twelve pieces of each design.  They are sturdy and easy to put together.  They are perfect for candy co... read more »

Cute and Fun

22 Nov, 2020
This doll clothes set by Yamaso is really cute, comes with hooded jumpsuit, and comes with boots to match.  It is all made very well, sewn together with tight stitches.  We were very impress... read more »

Perfect Solution

15 Nov, 2020
This usb c to hdmi adapter is a three in one type c to hdmi four k output has usb three point zero port and a subc sixty w pd, is fast charging and is compatible with several different subjects. ... read more »

Great Calming toys

10 Nov, 2020
This stress relief fidget magnetic ring mind relaxing finger toy is great for fidgety people.  It is calming and there are so many things that you can do with them.  It is magical hand spinn... read more »

Leaves you soft and smooth

10 Nov, 2020
This shower gel body wash moisturizer by Nature Nut is not only soft leaves you feeling smooth but is hypoallergenic and smells wonderful.  It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and soft and smel... read more »

Great DIY

09 Nov, 2020
These jewelry casting molds are silicone resin and are made very well.  They are perfect for making a do it yourself project of coasters or jewelry pieces.  We were impressed with how well m... read more »

Colorful and Bright

06 Nov, 2020
These colored pencils are not only pre sharpened but the colors are so bright and vivid.  There are twenty four in this package and they are very sturdy.  Many different shades and hughes of... read more »

So Adorable

05 Nov, 2020
These Christmas stockings come two to a pack, are made very well and are really cute.  They are each eighteen inches long, have long curly toes and are decorated with little bells.  These wi... read more »

Bright and Cheerful

05 Nov, 2020
This Reindeer antlers headband is so very cute, the LED lights light up and have several different light patterns.The middle of the headband has little brown feathers that accent the soft brown antler... read more »

So Cute

05 Nov, 2020
This inflatable Christmas ring toss game by LovesTown is really an awesome game for everyone in the family.  It is safe, soft and made very well.  Each piece blows up very fast and easy.&nbs... read more »

Sleek and Powerful

02 Nov, 2020
This handheld wand massager is great for what ails you.  It is a personal mini body massager with twenty different vibration patterns.  It has eight speeds as well and is cordless. It is rec... read more »

Braced for Success

02 Nov, 2020
This knee brace for knee pain support is easy to use, has compression sleeves and also has removable bands.  It is great for working out, running, injury recovery and most sports.  It is mad... read more »

Bright and Shiny

02 Nov, 2020
These sequin coin purses are reversible and bright and very shiny.  They are great for parties and for party favors.  They are mini wallets and can be used as such.  They are reversible... read more »

Great Gloves

30 Oct, 2020
These touch screen cycling gloves are great for so many different activites.  They are anti slip, full finger riding gloves that can be used for bicycles as well as motorcycles.  They are st... read more »

Fast and Easy

27 Oct, 2020
This elecric ball pump is easy to use, easy tp set up and works fast.  It comes with a smart air pump, is portable and inflates fast.  We were very impressed with how easy it was to set up a... read more »

Fun for all ages

26 Oct, 2020
This clown wig comes with a foam clown nose as well. It is very colorful, made very well and looks pretty neat on.  The two piece set is a must have for those of you wanting to be a clown for Hal... read more »

Eloquent and Sleek

23 Oct, 2020
This tea cup comes with matching saucer. It is very well made, is six point eight ounces and made to look vintage.  It is made of bone china and has a sunflower on the cup as well as the plate.&n... read more »

Clever Canisters

21 Oct, 2020
These twelve ounce stainless steel stemless wine tumblers come with metal straws and cleaning brushes.  Comes in a set of two, beautifully done and really sturdy.  The design is done nively... read more »

Creative Creations

20 Oct, 2020
These wooden lacing beads are totally awesome.  There are sixty seven pieces, and several large lacing stringers.  These toys are great for using a childs imagination and for interactive pla... read more »

Very Impressive

18 Oct, 2020
This set of mini emoji keychains has eighty pieces that comes with it.  There are stickers and soft fun emoji key chains.  Each one is made very well, sturdy, soft and all keychain parts wor... read more »

So Powerful

17 Oct, 2020
These hammock straps come with carabiners and and very strong and sturdy.  They are twenty feet long and have adjustable loops.  They hold up to two thousand pounds and the cords are made of... read more »


13 Oct, 2020
This wifi adapter for wireless USB adapters has 600Mbps and 5ghz, dual band and external antenna supports.  Supports windows, xp, vista, windows 7 and others.  Works great, easy to set up an... read more »

So Many

28 Sep, 2020
These kids dental floss picks are great for kids, unflavored and they are portable.  There are so many picks available, and the kids love the different shapes.  There are 240 picks so they w... read more »

Fun for all ages

24 Sep, 2020
This set of ten clothes items for a ken type doll is very cute, made of cotton type material and stitched very tightly together.  The outfits come with five pair of shoes as well as five sets of... read more »

Awesome Serum

18 Aug, 2020
This serum has vitamin c in it and is great for daily hydrating, firming the face and making the wrinkles around the eyes seem less, therefore making them look younger.  It is easy to use, goes o... read more »

Fun and Spooky

18 Aug, 2020
These halloween mask skull eyes are made of felt, very sturdy and stitched together rather nicely.  They are three to a package so all the kids can have fun with them.  They come with an ela... read more »

So Many

14 Aug, 2020
There are so many little hangers in this package, there are sixty pieces and they are great for hanging girl doll clothes and they are so cute.  They are made very well, very sturdy and are very... read more »

Cute and Sassy

10 Aug, 2020
This five piece fashion set for dolls are really cute, are made very well and are stitched tightly and have a high quality mateiral that is used.  There are shoes that come with it and they are c... read more »

Ears a plenty

09 Aug, 2020
These plush bunny ears headbands are all the rage.  They are made well, very sturdy and very colorful.  They measure about 6.5 inches and are very cute.  They fit most heads and will be... read more »

Fun and Silly

09 Aug, 2020
Thsese light up gloves are fun to have, the LED has several different modes for full, partial or off and on blinking.  They are perfect for parades for this winter.  We were a little concern... read more »

Nice Game

05 Aug, 2020
Nice game for Chirstmas with this inflatable reindeer antler ring toss game.  It is all made of plastic so it is super easy to use and very safe for all ages.  It is easy to set up and young... read more »


05 Aug, 2020
This swedish bunny gnome is a plush, handmade cutie pie.  It is made very well, stitched together nicely and stitches are very tight.  It is very bright and cheerful and can be used for many... read more »

Totally Cute

05 Aug, 2020
This swedish bunny gnome is handmade plush can be used for any occassion, is super cute and is made very well.  Sturdy and stitched together nicely, stitches are tight.  It can be used for a... read more »

Really neat

13 Jul, 2020
These triple A batteries are long lasting, all purpose and are great for around the house or at the office.  Easy to use and work great. read more »

Reduce Stress

06 Jul, 2020
These emoji slime squeeze toys are so awesome, they come with 12 packages of slim, four different colors, three of each color.  The stress balls each have a different expression.  They resem... read more »

Great Gift

17 Jun, 2020
This flying ball by Uttora is amazing, it is rc infared induction helicopter airplane type toy that is fun for all ages.  It is like a mini drone flying toy with flashing LED lgiths for kids and... read more »

Perfect for rose water tonic

10 Jun, 2020
These empty amber plastic spray bottles are perfect for blending things with essential oils.  They come in two different sizes, come with a dropper for easy dispensing and come with spray nozzels... read more »

Really Fun

09 Apr, 2020
This paper garland streamer for decorations is really fun, has bright colors and is perfect for any party.  It has what looks like flowers in the middle of each piece and is really pretty and bri... read more »

Clean and Clear

30 Mar, 2020
These dry erasers keep things clean and clear, they don't smudge and they get rid of everything on the board.  They are great for home, classrooms or office.   read more »

Key Chain Cute

21 Mar, 2020
This key chain gift is really cute, a little smaller than I expected, but will serve it's purpose.  We like the saying, very cute indeed.  My boyfriend really likes it and it holds sever... read more »

A Fun Time

17 Mar, 2020
This flying ball is so much fun for the entire family.  It uses infrared induction that causes it to seem like it is hovering over your hand.  It is easy to use, kind of like a mini drone an... read more »

Cute and Sturdy

12 Mar, 2020
These black masquerade mask for women are so cute and made so very well.  We were very impressed at how pretty they are, the flowers have feathers on them and the shiny rhinestones are pretty as... read more »

Super Adorable

09 Mar, 2020
These eight piece easter yard signs are so adorable, sturdy and colorful.  They come with sticks to be able to fasten them either to a porch or into the ground.  There are rabbits, eggs, cut... read more »

Soft and Pretty

29 Feb, 2020
This baby monthly milestone blanket is unisex, made of organic material and is made of all natural cotton.  It can be used for photography background props as well as for use as simply a blanket.... read more »

So Cute and Pretty

29 Feb, 2020
This fashion set is so cute and very pretty, all pieces are made very well and come with five sets of casual wear as well as dress wear.  There are ten pairs of shoes that come with the set as we... read more »

Cute and Funny

27 Feb, 2020
These water bottle stickers are really cute and clever little stickers.  They are easy to peel off the back and apply to almost anything.  There are thirty stickers to a pack and are waterpr... read more »

Heavy Duty Necklace

27 Feb, 2020
This hexagonal chkra crystal bullet shaped gemstone pendant necklace is really a nice piece.  It is made very well, heavy duty and looks great on.  It is pointed quartz stone and the chain i... read more »

This Oil

16 Feb, 2020
This organic hemp oil is really great.  It is perfect for pain, anxiety and stress.  It helps with sleep, different moods and is anti inflammatory.  It is perfect for joints and skin as... read more »

Good Item

16 Feb, 2020
This upgraded radiation free headphone set is great for listening to movies on your phone or computer.  It is universal so fits many different devices.  It has a built in microphone and is g... read more »

Nice Necklace

16 Feb, 2020
This sterling silver necklace is really nice.  It is a great gift for a mother to give her son.  It is nicley engraved and looks really nice on.  We were very impressed with the quality... read more »

An Amazing Set

09 Feb, 2020
This mini precision screwdriver set is the most amazing set we have seen in a long time.  It has one hundred and fifteen pieces with screwdriver bit set and is perfect for any type of repair for... read more »

Nice and Firm

08 Feb, 2020
This universal cell phone holder for your vehicle is so very strong and sturdy.  It comes with a magnetic self adhesive stick pad for your cell phone and a really cool looking mount that is three... read more »

Cannot say enough about this necklace

08 Feb, 2020
What a cute idea and such a beautiful necklace.  It is made very well, very sturdy and of the finest materials.  When you look into the middle of the necklace you can see all the different l... read more »

Such a Nice Bracelet

08 Feb, 2020
This crystal bracelet by Aoukey is simply the prettiest.  It is adjustable, chain is made of copper which I have never seen such a pretty copper bracelet before.  It arrived just in time for... read more »

Works Great

05 Feb, 2020
This wrist brace for carpal tunnel is a must have for those with this issue.  It is also great for arthitis, and tendinitis as well as any pain you might have in either one of your wirst.  T... read more »

Very Nice

03 Feb, 2020
This angel wings heart crystal rhinestone silver chain pendant is so very nice, made very well and looks really pretty on.  It is better looking than the picture, is heavy duty and has a really p... read more »

Awesome Necklace

30 Jan, 2020
This planet necklace by JoCome has a double sided galaxy dome, glows in the dark and has the dark star necklace on it.  It is so very pretty and really awesome.  The part that glows is reall... read more »

Works Well

24 Jan, 2020
This aloe vera gel for face, body and hair works well, feels great on and is made with one hundred percent organic pure cold pressed aloe vera juice.  It is eight ounces and has a flip top lid.&n... read more »

Very Pretty

18 Jan, 2020
This necklace by SuperXC for women is so pretty, it is made well and looks really nice on.  It is the crescent moon nebula phase and is really nice looking.  We were very impressed with it,... read more »

Awesome Kit

17 Jan, 2020
This mini precision screwdriver set has everything you would ever need to work on many different items such as iphones, computers, watchesf, glasses or electronics just to name a few.  It comes i... read more »

Trendy and Cute

17 Jan, 2020
These cute stickers by VSCO are perfect for water bottles, laptops, backpacks or even for your vehicle or bike.  There are fifty in a pack and there are some really cute ones.  They are made... read more »

Sturdy Silicone

08 Jan, 2020
This set of leakproof travel bottles are silicone, can be refilled and are squeezable.  They are perfect travel containers for flights, train rides or just to put in your backpack for the gym or... read more »

Safe and Easy to Use

29 Dec, 2019
This baby car mirror is perfect for back seat monitoring.  It is adjustable up to three hundred and sixty degrees, easy to set up and easy to adjust.  It is shatterproof and great for rear f... read more »

Perfect Hat for any occassion

29 Dec, 2019
This Christmas elf hat comes with three pieces, there are two slap bracelets of which my grandchildren loved, they allowed me to wear the hat during our local Christmas parade and we all had a fun tim... read more »

A Very Nice Set

29 Dec, 2019
This singing bowel set by Dome Star is a very nice set.  It is made of high quality material and comes with it's own carrying bag along with the bowl, drummer stick and cloth in which to set... read more »

So Pretty

26 Dec, 2019
This sterling silver engraved necklace for best mom infinity is so very pretty, made very well and is great as a gift for new moms as well as Grandmothers.  It is sterling silver, has crystal CZ,... read more »

Nice and Roomy

26 Dec, 2019
This baby monthly milestone blanket is not only warm but large.  It is stitched together nicely and made out of a soft fleece material is that good quaility.  It is great for newborn infants... read more »

Totally Amazing

26 Dec, 2019
This Christmas light up beanie hat by FuturePlusX is really awesome.  It fits up to an adult size but my five year old Grandson loved it so much we let him have it.  It has three different s... read more »

Totally Awesome

18 Dec, 2019
This cordless wand massager is rechargeable, electric massage stick that is great for deep muscles and extreme pain relief.  It helps relax and relief pressure and pain and is great for muscle ac... read more »

Awesome Bracelet

16 Dec, 2019
This silver engraved bracelet can me used for either a girl or a boy.  It is adjustable making it easy to put on and take off.  This is a piece of inspirational jewelry and is a perfect gift... read more »

Pretty and Soft

16 Dec, 2019
Not only is this cotton knitted baby swaddle blanket pretty but it is extremely soft as well.  It comes with a matching hat that goes with it and can be used as a swaddle wrap, a receiving blanke... read more »

Easy To Use

16 Dec, 2019
This digital tire pressure gauge by GSUSA is so easy to use, has four settings, can be used for cars, trucks, bicycle and motorbikes, has a backlit LCD readout and is easy to set up and start using.&n... read more »

Great for all Types

08 Dec, 2019
This citrus juicer is great for all types of citris fruits.  It can be used on oranges, lemon and limes as well.  It is great for grating ginger too.  It is very easy to use and has a s... read more »

Lawn Care the right way

08 Dec, 2019
This lawn sprnkler by Bestry is adjustable, automatice and has three hundred and sixty degree rotating sprinkler heads.  It is very simple to use, easy to set up and works great every time. ... read more »

Awesome Butter Dish

08 Dec, 2019
THis butter dish by Adiron is so cute and practical.  It is made very mell, made of Melamine and the lid is bamboo.  It hmas really cute designs on each side of cows.  Very nice piece,... read more »

Love the 90 Degree

03 Dec, 2019
THis short USB C cable four pack is perfect.  It has a ninety degree right angle and hooks from USB A to type C and is fast charging.  The cord is braided and campatible with samsung galaxy... read more »

Fun for All

03 Dec, 2019
This domestar ed cowboy hat is perfect for the holidays.  It is well made, looks great on and fits a ladies size small to medium.  It is better looking in person, love the brightness of this... read more »

Fun for all ages

02 Dec, 2019
These indoor pickleballs are fun and really colorful.  They come twelve to a pack and are great for practice.  These are cracked and come in a green color. read more »

Silky and Soft

02 Dec, 2019
This natural silk sleep eye mask is silty and very soft.  It is made by The Wolf Moon and is super smooth, made well and is very dark once on.  It is great for traveling during the holidays... read more »

Cute and Fun

02 Dec, 2019
This deluxe christmas musical tie plays jingle bells, is made very well, stitches tight and material is high quaility.  This is so cute and will make a great gift for any man on your list. ... read more »

Really neat

02 Dec, 2019
This wall hanging photo display is pretty awesome.  It comes with twenty four pins and two hooks.  The macrame wall decor is made very well, stitched tightly so as not to unravel.  It i... read more »

So Many

02 Dec, 2019
There are so many of these cable wire organizer cord ties, they are reusable and they are awesome.  So many different colors and uses.  We really look forward to using these during crafts an... read more »

Ever So Cute

28 Nov, 2019
These womens novelty crew socks are crazy fun, ever so cute and made so very well.  The material is soft, stitches tightly and woven together nicely.  The design is super cute and the heels... read more »

So Cute

23 Nov, 2019
These foam flower shapes are so very cute, come in so many different colors and shapes and are non adhesive.  There are one hundred and sixty pieces and are perfect for any do it yourself art pro... read more »

Soft and Supportive

23 Nov, 2019
This luxury non slip bath pillow for the bathtub is amazing.  It is very sturdy, soft and very supportive.  It is machine washable and extra large, provides cushion for head, neck and should... read more »

Easy Fast and Sturdy

20 Nov, 2019
This phone fast charger comes in a two pack, is nylon braided and comes with a wall plug as well.  It is compatible with all types of different phones.  These chargers are so very fast and m... read more »

Shockproof and Lightweight

20 Nov, 2019
This backpack is lightweight, shockproof and very well made.  It is stitches together tightly and the zippers are made well.  This backpack holds laptops or ipads and there is ample room for... read more »

Fast and Sturdy

20 Nov, 2019
These USB C to USB C cables are fast charging and easy to use.  They are nylon, braided and work well.  They are compatible with google pixel, Nexus ipad and Samsung Galaxy note.  There... read more »

Pretty and Practical

15 Nov, 2019
This compact travel umbrella is not only pretty but it is practical as well.  The fact that it is windproof and water repellent with teflon coating makes it a winner in my house.  It has an... read more »

Impressive Set

15 Nov, 2019
This multifunctional bike repair tool set by Sandao is pefect to have around the house, shop or just to put in your backpack.  It is an eight piece set and if very strong, and durable.  It c... read more »

So Sturdy

11 Nov, 2019
This long handle pet pooper scooper for dogs and cats is very sturdy, made of high strength, strong material and is super easy to use.  Is compact, folds up for easy storage.  It is spring l... read more »

Kids love them

09 Nov, 2019
THese 22 piece temporary tattoos for kids are great for all types of activities.  The kids love them, they are easy to use and are great for party favors as well as reward stickers.  They ar... read more »

Fast and Faster

15 Oct, 2019
This usb c hub by Aoji is so very easy to use, charges fast and has LED indicator light.  It fits USB C to USB 3.0 adapter as well as 5 Gbps data transmission speed for macbook, pro air, chromebo... read more »

Two for Us

14 Oct, 2019
These cell phone holders are great for traveling in your vehicle.  They are by Zoore and are auto clamping onto the air vent in the car and fit really well.  They are universal so they fit m... read more »

Neat and Easy

11 Oct, 2019
This natural leave in conditioner has papaya and pineapple in it, sprays nicely and smells so good.  It is great for dry or damaged hair or both.  It is a great treatment for frizzy hair, wo... read more »

Soft and Comfortable

11 Oct, 2019
This knit beanie skull cap by Aimke, is so soft and very comfortable.  It is made of heavy duty material and stitched together very nicely.  It is kind of a chunky thick stretchy knit materi... read more »

Good and Durable

07 Oct, 2019
These dog chew toys are by Airgood, very durable and have many different interactive rope toys.  They are safe and nontoxic and perfect for gifts.  This five piece set is perfect for small o... read more »

Phone Charge Cables

04 Oct, 2019
This three pack of phone charge cables and six feet long, and five feet long, are extra strong, made of nylon and braided for extra strength.  These cords are compatible with several different ty... read more »

Three Pack

04 Oct, 2019
This three pack phone charger is pretty storng, made of nylon and the cables are braided for extra enforcements.  It is a high speed charger for use with many different types of phones.  Eas... read more »

Fast multi use

04 Oct, 2019
This multi charging cable is nylon braided, has multi retractable cales and is a three in one car phone charger that is compatible for iphone and many other devices.  It is easy to use, and is fa... read more »

Blocked and Done

04 Oct, 2019
This RFID blocking bifold men's wallet by Falcon Vault is really nice, easy to use and is very compact.  It has a sleek design, made of italian leather and is RFID protected.  It holds u... read more »

Safe and Secure

30 Sep, 2019
This protection paracord bracelet by A2S is pretty awesome, it has eight ways that can be used as survival tactics and work outdoors.  THere is a survival knife, a fire starter, glass breaker, wh... read more »

Nice and Pretty

28 Sep, 2019
This nice piece of lingerie by Ababoon is very pretty, feels very soft on and fits true to size.  It is a teddy, one piece, garter belt it attached so no way to lose them, adjustable straps and i... read more »

Fast Charging

23 Sep, 2019
This USB type C cable by Airgine is nylon, braided and fast charging.  It is a two pack, over six feet long and compatible for samsung galaxy, s9, plus note 9 and other type C cables.  There... read more »

Perfect Wallet

23 Sep, 2019
This minimalist carbon fiber wallet and money clip is not only RFID but is a really neat set as well.  It comes with a little screw driver and screws.  It fits in front and back of any pair... read more »

Nice and Durable

20 Sep, 2019
This wooden spoon by FAAY is great for cooking  and mixing almost anything in the kitchen.  It is made very well, hand and since it's made of teak wood it is natural, non toxic and is gr... read more »

Eye Relief

17 Sep, 2019
THese moist heat eye compresses are amazing.  They work with steam, for dry eyes as well as help with sleep by blacking out the light and making sleep peaceful again.  They are breathable, r... read more »

All Eyes on the Blind Spot

09 Sep, 2019
This blind spot mirror is really awesome, easy to apply, easy to adjust and makes driving very safe and easy as well.  This is a two pack so you can put one on each mirror.  We were really i... read more »

Easy and Fast

06 Sep, 2019
THis garlic press and peelers kit is stainless steel, comes with a silicone tube roller and a cleaning brush as well.  Very simple to use and easy to press.  Clean up is very easy as well. read more »

Neat and Easy

06 Sep, 2019
THis reusable drinking straw is not only collapsible but it is stainless steel and silicone as well.  It is foldable, and very portable, comes with it's own case and cleaning brush.  It... read more »

Fast and Easy

20 Aug, 2019
This car phone mount for cell phones is great for placing on the air vent and always having your phone available, you can see it at a glance, keep track of it and get to is very easy with this car pho... read more »

Floss and Shine

16 Aug, 2019
This portable water jet oral irrigator flosser for teeth by Careshine is so awesome.  Easy to use, and even easier to set up.  Makes for great hygiene on the go, great for travel or just to... read more »

Easy and Soft

09 Aug, 2019
These eye makeup remover pads are not only easy to use but they are very soft as well.  They are reusable, cotton, organic bamboo and almost velvet to touch.  There is a laundry bag that com... read more »

What a Novel Idea

08 Aug, 2019
This eight piece novelty carrot pen set is such a cute idea for holidays, back to school and Easter holidays.  There are eight pens that look like carrots, an eraser that is in the shape of a rab... read more »

Festive Looking

08 Aug, 2019
This green tutu skirt by domestar is great, has star sequins on the skirt and a little satin bow in front.  It is made very well, very sturdy and stitched up rather tightly.  It can be used... read more »

Pretty Way to Organize

08 Aug, 2019
This eight pocket expaniding document file folder is great for organizing the kids paperwork for back to school or keeping your own desk organized with paid bills or things to do.  It has eight p... read more »

Cute and Clever

05 Aug, 2019
This American flag cape cloak is really awesome.  It is by DomeStar and made very well, stitched together nicely and fits most people.  It will be great as a costume for Halloween or during... read more »

So Many Different Uses

05 Aug, 2019
These small wooden spoons by Hansgo are perfect for so many different uses.  They are great for herbs, honey, salt, seasoning, coffee, tea, sugar, jam, mustard, little hands for ice cream or just... read more »

Many Uses

05 Aug, 2019
These makeup remover pads are reusable, bamboo, very soft and come with a laundry bag for storage.  They are different colors and the storage bag is really very pretty plus there is a laundry bag... read more »

Soft and Durable

04 Aug, 2019
This magnetic leather case for LG stylo 5 is a perfect fit.  It has a kickstand as well as card slots and is designed for multipurpose uses.  It is really soft and has so many uses.  It... read more »

I spy with wifi

04 Aug, 2019
This 1080 P FHD wifi IP camera is totally awesome.  It is easy to set up, wireless and works off an app on your phone, it has two way audio night vision, and motion detection so it can pick up mo... read more »

Soft and Suitable

03 Aug, 2019
This mobile phone case is so soft and durable.  It is super easy to use, has magnetic closures and can flip over for easy use.  It has a kickstand design so it can be used to hold your cell... read more »

Doing the Drone

03 Aug, 2019
This mini drone for kids by Tomzon is really awesome.  It is small, but heavy duty.  It is easy to set up and easy to use.  It is a quadcopter with altitude hold and has auto hovering.&... read more »

Feels great

01 Aug, 2019
This body slimming massager for legs is perfect for those cellulite thighs and great for relaxing.  Not only does this work great for the fat cellulite on your thighs and calves but makes your sk... read more »

Nice Set

30 Jul, 2019
This glow in the dark camping sign kit by Liderstar is really pretty awesome, not only does it come with a UV flashlight and adhesive putty for apply sign to different places but the signs are pretty... read more »

Nifty and Nice

26 Jul, 2019
These mesh storage bags for travel are great for organizing and keeping things in place.  They are mesh, have handles and the zippers are stitched in very well.  They are perfect for using a... read more »

Perfect Kit

17 Jul, 2019
This solder seal wire connector and heat shrink tubing kit is amazing.  It comes with so many different types of pieces, easy to use, perfect for all heat shrink and shrink wrap tubes, the pieces... read more »

Sturdy and Heavy Duty

17 Jul, 2019
This rope chew kit by Jaolex is super sturdy, easy to use and is made with heavy duty materials.  The puppies and dogs love playing with them and the pieces are perfect for playing fetch or just... read more »

So Easy

17 Jul, 2019
This stainless steel barbeque grill scraper is super easy to use, has a neat handle that makes it very effective in cleaning and also serves as a bottle opener and a griddle cleaner as well.  It... read more »

Small and Powerful

11 Jul, 2019
These audio cable with mic and volume control are great for gaming, listening to music or using to talk on your cellphone.  This cable is three feet long, works great and sounds very well. ... read more »

Smells Awesome

11 Jul, 2019
This bottle of lalvender essential oils is pure and natural and smells amazing.  It is perfect for traveling, take it with you for humidifiers or other things.  Perfect size and smells great... read more »

Best Clippers

02 Jul, 2019
This nail grinder set is very quiet, portable and is usb rechargeable.  It it easy to set up and super easy to use.  We were impressed with the amount of items that came with it, not only th... read more »

Playful Two Piece

30 Jun, 2019
This two piece tankini swimsuit has a ruffle floral look, with a racerback top, high cut bottoms which are high waisted as well.  It has a tummy control built in and does not fit true to size.&nb... read more »

Safety at it's finest

26 Jun, 2019
These wolf moon child safety door stoppers are cute and practical.  They are easy to attached to any door and are soft so as not to scratch up the door or door frame.  They are cute, all mad... read more »

Nice Mouse

23 Jun, 2019
This usb c mouse is easy to set up, easy to use.  It was great setting up for us, easy, works great with our laptop and my sons gaming macbook.  It fits many different types of devices which... read more »

Smells Amazing

23 Jun, 2019
These aromatherapy sticks by Morning Star are simply amazing.  There are several different types of smells, sandalwood, lavender, jasmine, green tea, rose, ocean and all smell great.  They l... read more »

Wireless and Worry Free

17 Mar, 2019
This wireless charging stand by ANGUO is fast charging stand for several different types of devices.  It is sleek, easy to use and can be used on iphones as well as Galaxy.  Once you charge... read more »

Music for All

17 Mar, 2019
This music player by MYMAHDI is totally awesome.  It is great for portable audio players has photo viewer, voice recorder and fm radio.  Has  built in speaker with headphones and is sma... read more »

Strong and Easy

14 Mar, 2019
This car phone mount by Jabuer is universal, sits on the air vent with a strong clip, has four suction cups for a mutitude of different mobile phones and is so easy to set up.  There are so many... read more »

Clean as a Whistle

14 Mar, 2019
This new multifunctional effervescent spray cleaner for car auto windshields is really a great thing.  Not only is it easy to mix up and set up and get ready to use but it cleans so well.  T... read more »

Great Set for Learning

13 Mar, 2019
This scratch off world map is great for learning about the world.  It is easy to use, comes with rope to hang it up with, pins, mounting stickers and scratching pen.  It is very well made, l... read more »

Cute as an Elf Ear

13 Mar, 2019
This two pair set of elf ears are adorable.  Perfect for parades and fairs.  They are latex, come with two headbands and are made very well.  Easy to put on and perfect for weekend fun.... read more »

Favorite cupcake holders

13 Mar, 2019
My grandson has a birthday at the end of this month and not only does he love dinosaurs but he also loves cupcakes.  There are a set of 48, has cup cake toppers as well as wrappers.  There a... read more »

Totally Amazing

13 Mar, 2019
We got this saucer tree swing for the Grandchildren and I have to tell you that they absolutely love it.  It is thirty nine inches around, has a steel frame, is waterproof and comes with an adjus... read more »

Clever Device

19 Oct, 2018
This voice amplifier speaker has two microphones, a headset mic and a lapel mic.  It is a clever little device that is very loud and clear for any teacher, clergy or tour guide.  It is light... read more »

Such a Cute Set

19 Oct, 2018
This matte lipstick set is so cute, waterproof and last a long time.  It is non stick lipstick and goes on very nice and smooth and feels nice and soft once on.  It is a set of six so you ca... read more »

Fresh and Firm

19 Oct, 2018
This neck firming cream with advanced anti aging complexes helps to tighten your skin and makes it feel fresh and firm.  It it a fresh feeling when applied to your neck and starts tightening it u... read more »

Very Handy

31 Aug, 2018
This wrist brace is perfect for any compression support needed.  It is flexible, very comfortable and adjustable.  It is made of breathable material and is very durable.  This brace is... read more »

Easy and Quick

31 Aug, 2018
This string of LED lights are so easy to use, easy to set up and look great lite.  There are several different ways you can set them and once you plug them in you are good to go.  They are c... read more »

Best Non Contact Thermomter

31 Aug, 2018
This infrared digital baby thermometer is the best I have seen in a long time.  It is great for babies, toddlers and children.  It can even be used on adults and is so easy to use.  The... read more »

Great for All types of Sports

31 Aug, 2018
This 3D printed floral blue material has blue leaves and pink flowers on it.  It is very strurdy material and is great for so many types of sports.  You can use it in the winter time for kee... read more »

Dark and Stylish

31 Aug, 2018
This 3D sleep mask is bhe best I have ever seen.  The mask covers your eyes with breathable memory foam, is anti slip and has an adjustable strap.  The Eye piece itself has extra memory foam... read more »

Oh So Comfortable

30 Aug, 2018
These activewear yoga running workout pants are so perfect, fit so well and stay put better than any yoga pant that I have ever owned.  At first I didn't think it would fit me, they looked ve... read more »

Pretty PJ's

30 Aug, 2018
Even though this pajama set is for my grandson it is a very pretty set.  We love that it is cotton and with as hot as it has been here cotton breathes so much better than any other fabric. ... read more »

Car Mount for Cell phones

30 Aug, 2018
This car phone holder is the perfect solution for keeping your hands on the wheel while you drive.  The holder fits in the air vent of your car and then the holder pulls open to fit most phones.&... read more »

Perfect solution to comfort while camping

11 Aug, 2017
This inflatable camping pillow is lightweight, I was expecting it to be heavier, but it is so sturdy and well made.  Quaility material and attention to detail.  It is very portable and extre... read more »

Whimsical and Practical

11 Aug, 2017
These wine stoppers are the perfect solution for saving your wine for later.  They create a vacuum seal so as to prevent any air from being released into the wine and they wine keeps from going f... read more »

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