Minimalist Carbon Fiber Wallet Money Clip - RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder for Men and Woman - Metal Slim Wallet - Fits in Front and Back Pocket - Gift Box Included
Price: $21.99
4.83 / 5   (70 Reviews)


Awesome Protection and Dependability

22 Mar, 2020
Great minimalist design with sleek carbon fiber overlay. Shielded for protection against RFID thieves  The 1st lasted so long I bought another as a gift for my friend. He also uses his daily a... read more »

Not really for me but nice for a slim wallet

24 Jan, 2020
The minimalist wallet was something I had hoped would work well for me since I have a black hole for a purse however I simply carry too many things for me to be a minimalist LOL. It does work well if... read more »

Christmas Gift

20 Nov, 2019
I got this as a Christmas gift for my brother. He loves money clips so I got him this one. It's great quality. It's not too heavy but it's heavy duty. It seems like it will hold up to his... read more »

Exactly as described and good quality

16 Nov, 2019
I was very impressed with this when it arrived. I've been using it at my only wallet since the day I got it. I'd recommend this to others. read more »

Great product

03 Nov, 2019
Great money clip. Well built.  read more »

Good quality!!

29 Oct, 2019
This was a good buy. It's a good quality and my husband has been using it for a while now with no issues  read more »

This metal Slim cardhoarder

26 Oct, 2019
This metal carbon slim card holder wallet works great very easy to use so much better than carrying a big fat wallet around my back pocket highly recommended #RankBoosterReview  read more »

great wallet

21 Oct, 2019
husband loves this wallet read more »

Works as described, good quality

17 Oct, 2019
No complaints, this wallet does exactly what I was expecting. It's lightweight and convenient to carry everything as simply as possible. Cards and cash are neatly organized and easy to access. read more »

never arrived....

15 Oct, 2019
can't review item never arrived  read more »

My husband thinks this is a great wallet.

14 Oct, 2019
I got this carbon fiber minimalist wallet and money clip for my husband to use in the summer months when he is wearing shorts and thinner clothing. It can easily be carried in the front or back p... read more »

Strong material

13 Oct, 2019
This made a very elegant gift for Fathers Day. The metal is very strong and providesecurity for your keys. read more »

Very Nice

08 Oct, 2019
I have seen similar wallets advertised for a while and was always a bit skeptical as I have used minimalist wallets in the past and not been impressed. This wallet seems to be very good quality. My ca... read more »


07 Oct, 2019
This cool, versatile, modern, sleek wallet has RFID protection for your credit cards. Great gift idea for the coming holidays. read more »

Just like what I need it for!

07 Oct, 2019
Nowdays everyman want to simple but yet stylist wallet, nobody want to use a bulky wallet anymore.  I got this wallet for my husband who like carbon fiber so much, its the material stronger than... read more »

enjoying it

04 Oct, 2019
Switched myself from wallet to this money clip wallet and enjoying it - easy to carry around, durable and well made. Only thing I cannot comment is if it's RFID or not as i cannot test it read more »

Minimalist Carbon Wallet

03 Oct, 2019
This is the perfect wallet. Slim and fits in my front pocket and it holds all my cards and money. I like the added security.  #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsoredi. #(Minimalist) read more »

Carbon Fiber Wallet Money Clip - RFID Blocking/ Men and Women

02 Oct, 2019
There is NO name on the attached $ Clip.  There are no directions so I'm not 100% sure why there is a screw and screwdrive unless it's to replace screws if some fall out or go missing.&nb... read more »

Good quality

29 Sep, 2019
Good quality for the price highly recommend  read more »

To hard

29 Sep, 2019
I was to hard to use so now it’s in my closet with all the other things a bought and doesn’t work like I was hoping.   i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #arron read more »

Good gift idea

29 Sep, 2019
Sleek smart and good quality so perfect for a gift read more »


28 Sep, 2019
This wallet money clip is compact and stylish to have!  Well crafted both the money clip and credit card holders.  Easy to carry in the pocket.  RFID blocking feature is great to have t... read more »

Very compact and sleek design

28 Sep, 2019
I like that this saves space and is very easy to use.  The design is sleek and modern and it is extremely durable compared to my old leather wallet.  read more »

good quality

27 Sep, 2019
very handy, durable quality. my husband like it. read more »

Slim and Secure Credit Card Holder

27 Sep, 2019
This credit card holder is slim and not easily detected. Itr is secure as it has RFID blovking enabled to secure your credit card info from being stolen by nearby hackers. Comes with a nice gift bo... read more »


26 Sep, 2019
This is sleek and cute came early happy with purchase  read more »

Great looking and simple

25 Sep, 2019
This wallet is very sleek and nice looking. Great for minimalist and people who want to be safe from RFID. This wallet can hold many cards, up to 12, without any issues and can hold plenty of cash if... read more »

light and durable

25 Sep, 2019
I recently bout this Carbon wallet for my husband.  His doctor told him that a lot of men develope back problems due to always carring a wallet in their back pocket.  So I wanted someth... read more »

Very nice wallet

24 Sep, 2019
Great minimalistic alternative to the traditional wallet. It's able to hold all my everyday cards. The money clip is sturdy, kept my bills in place. Really like it! #RankBoosterReview #Sponsore... read more »

Great product

23 Sep, 2019
I received the product on time. I had looked at others costing 2 to 10 times the cost of this one. I appears to be the same product at a cheap price . read more »

Minimalist Carbon Fiber Wallet Money Clip - RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder for Men and Woman - Metal Slim Wallet - Fits in Front and Back Pocket - Gift Box Included Price: $21.99

23 Sep, 2019
Minimalist Carbon Fiber Wallet Money Clip - RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder for Men and Woman - Metal Slim Wallet - Fits in Front and Back Pocket - Gift Box Included Price: $21.99 read more »

Perfect Wallet

23 Sep, 2019
This minimalist carbon fiber wallet and money clip is not only RFID but is a really neat set as well.  It comes with a little screw driver and screws.  It fits in front and back of any pair... read more »

Great product!!!

22 Sep, 2019
I bought this for my husband and he loves it.  It's well made and he feels safer about his credit cards. It light weight and fits nicely in his pocket. These would make the perfect gift for a... read more »

Amazing, sharp looking, very well made Wallet.

22 Sep, 2019
The RFID blocking of this money clip is just one more reason to love it so much. The money clip wallet style Wallet is something I've been searching for a very long time. It's amazingly small... read more »

Ideal front pocket wallet!

22 Sep, 2019
I've been looking for ages for a light weight and slim wallet... and now I have! Great design and exactly what I was looking for!  read more »

Money Clip Fiber Carbon Wallet

21 Sep, 2019
I decided not to carry a wallet anymore since I got pickpocketed a few months back. I've used cellphone credit card holders made of silicon since then, but wasn't satisfied for two reasons.... read more »


21 Sep, 2019
It’s very impressive. It has great construction and design. I highly recommend it! read more »

keep it together

20 Sep, 2019
Very nice, well made and has a great sleek design. Highly recommened for thos on the go times where you dont want to carry a big wallet with you.   read more »

Love it

20 Sep, 2019
This metal wallet are the boomb, we love it read more »

Nice design but one issue

19 Sep, 2019
My husband thought this was super sleek looking - and it is. The cards slide right in and feel secure. The only complaint he had was that it was uncomfortable when he sat being it is in his back pocke... read more »

Nice money clip!

19 Sep, 2019
Very nice and sturdy money clip/credit card holder.  I use it daily either putting it in my purse or, in my pocket of my scrubs while at work.  There's an area to use to push cards out.&... read more »

Well made and durable

18 Sep, 2019
This money clip/card holder not only functions perfectly protecting you from identity theft, but also looks great. It is also very solid and heavy. Super thin and fits perfectly into your po... read more »

Great product!

18 Sep, 2019
The money clip and card holder is so versatile!  Both looks super stylish and good quality.     #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #ARONN   read more »

compact and lightweight

18 Sep, 2019
  #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Minimalist Carbon Fiber Wallet Money Clip with RFID Understand that this wallet is for the minimalist.  if you are a wallet pack rat, this is... read more »


17 Sep, 2019
I love it , it's not bulky . Good quality and affordable price  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #ARONN read more »

Great wallet clip tiny

17 Sep, 2019
Always been a guy who hates having a bulky wallet. This one is about as slim as it goes. Saw other ones that were a lot more expensive. This one's probably made at the same overseas factory but re... read more »

Nice and compact!

17 Sep, 2019
Love this little wallet. Takes up way less space than a 'traditional' wallet and still holds all of the cards/cash I need. I just ordered a 2nd one as a xmas gift! read more »

Minimalist Carbon Fiber Wallet Money Clip

17 Sep, 2019
A very useful and beautiful tool and does not take up much space in your pocket. Thank you. read more »

Exactly as described

17 Sep, 2019
This is a lovely gift for any man for any occasion. I'm going to give it to my ex as a small gift on Christmas. The box is nice and the packaging is very good. read more »


17 Sep, 2019
#RankBooster #Sponsored #Aronn Made with carbon fiber. Includes wallet, carbon fiber money clip, hex screwdriver, and gift box. Slim design makes it comfortable to carry. RFID technology blocks... read more »

Durable, slim, fits more than 10 cards.

17 Sep, 2019
My husband bought same type of wallet more than 2yrs ago. It was also more than double the price. I gave this to him and it's the same thing for a much cheaper price. It's durable and slim, fi... read more »

Nice set

17 Sep, 2019
Nice set. Has clip plus clip with card holder. Husband uses this everyday. #rankboosterreview  read more »

Classy and heavy duty slim wallet

17 Sep, 2019
The gift box contains the slim wallet, the matching money clip, a few extra screws and a tool for the screws set in styrofoam. The money clip is pretty nice; I like the design. I mainly got this for t... read more »

Sturdy and masculine

16 Sep, 2019
This is a great item for those who are minimalists! It is nice a study and functional as welll.    #RankBoosterReview read more »


16 Sep, 2019
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii.   Minimalist Carbon Fiber Wallet Money Clip - RFID Blocking Credit..    Very nicely built. Black in color, 2 piece set.   A... read more »

Stylish, sleek and durable!

16 Sep, 2019
My son wanted to try the new carbon fiber money clip to replace his bulky and outdated wallet. He loves it- not only is it stylish, minimalist and sleek, but it also lacks the bulkiness of a standard... read more »

Very useful for travel

16 Sep, 2019
My husband loves this wallet! It looks so stylish, doesn't take a lot of space in his pocket. Good quality of wallet and impossible to lose anything from it. Recommend it.  #RankBoosterR... read more »

Exactly as stated

16 Sep, 2019
These are exactly as their pictured they are really nice looking they seem to work pretty well. read more »

My favorite wallet

15 Sep, 2019
Love this wallet. It's completely minimalistic, looks amazing, and easy to use. Takes up a lot less space in my pocket, it's firm so it doesn't damage from bending open and closed an... read more »

Great quality

15 Sep, 2019
This is a cute little wallet. I like the color, it's like a steel black. It's very sleek looking. It has a good weight to it. It's not heavy or light. It's sturdy.  My son likes i... read more »

Money clip

14 Sep, 2019
wonderful gift! This is a very nice top of the line quality item! It came in handy and have been amazing at  protecting my cards and the cards info! I will be buying more for Holliday’s as... read more »

Great option for yourself or for a gift!

13 Sep, 2019
 Great quality slim money clip/wallet. Makes a great gift with the included gift box!  read more »

Awesome gifts for men!!

13 Sep, 2019
I absolutely love these wallet money clip. I really wasn't sure about the quality of it being my first time buying something like this. But let me tell you the quality is amazing. It is such a coo... read more »

sweet little wallet

13 Sep, 2019
I love it! Material feels high quality, the elastic is tight and olds cards well and the clip is great too. read more »

Money clip

12 Sep, 2019
Nice and sturdy nice color good metal read more »

Great Clip

12 Sep, 2019
Works as described! Love the extra money clip! read more »

Nice compact carbon fiber wallet

11 Sep, 2019
This is a 2 for 1 deal on a money clip as well as a metal credit card holder, both in carbon fiber. The card holder will protect you from those who would scan your cards using RFID. They say it will h... read more »

Nice and Sturdy

11 Sep, 2019
This money clip is rock solid and should last forever.  It is very well made and very attractive. It slides in and out of my pocket with ease.  There are no shap corners or anything else to... read more »

Great buy

11 Sep, 2019
It is so hard to find a wallet that holds all of my credit and ID cards. Finally decided to try this wallet. I wished I would have tried it much sooner. It securely holds my 15 cards with ease. It fit... read more »

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