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2 Pcs Paper roll Rack Towel Holder

14 Dec, 2022
No frills Paper Towel Roll holder.  Not solid, probably very inexpensive to make and not much to them. Therefore, not much to say. read more »

Vacuum Sealer Bags 8" x 20' Commercial Grade Food Saver Rolls

16 Feb, 2022
Pretty standard vacuum sealer bags.  They seem to work and last as one would expect, I would purchase this item again. read more »

Expandable Roll up Dish Drying Rack

16 Feb, 2022
Nice looking, fairly sturdy rack that fit perfectly on our sink. My wife finds this dish rack to be very useful and is happy with our purchase. I would recommwend this item to friwnds and family. read more »

20 Pack Sponge Eraser Extra Thick and Long Lasting Melamine Cleaning Sponges

03 Jan, 2022
I noticed a slight advantage of using these  over a paper towel and cleaner...but not much. I will have continue using them to see if they are any better than it's counterparts.  I... read more »

Faucet Extension Tube

11 Nov, 2021
Not worth the price the seller is asking.  totally plastic, cheap-feeling item.  I am not impressed. read more »

Bluetooth Audio Receiver

11 Nov, 2021
Convenient Bluetooth receiver.  I use mine in the car so my kids can listen to their music without it bothering me (headphones).  Overall, a good buy that I would recommend to family and fri... read more »

Car Trash Can

11 Nov, 2021
Nice, sizable, attractive trash container.  A very good replacement for the plastic shopping bag I had hanging from my glove compartment. Just beware though, it is pretty good size, so hanging it... read more »

Generic SATA/PATA/IDE Drive to USB 2.0 Adapter Converter Cable for 2.5 / 3.5 Inch Hard Drive / 5 inch Optical Drive with External AC Power Adapter

25 Oct, 2021
Works just as advertised and allows for greater flexibility in how you can use your drives.  I like it enough that I ordered another one. I would recommend this item to friends and family. read more »

Solar-Lights Outdoor LED-Security Waterproof-Pendant Porch-Light

25 Oct, 2021
I was not impressed by this item, which arrived in a DOA status.  Customer service for the company, on the other hand, was very good and handled the replacement of my light very effectively.... read more »

Gelocent Knee Support with Side Stabilizers & Patella Gel Pads

25 Oct, 2021
I really like this knee brace.  It is soft and comfortable and has velcro straps that wrap around the entire knee and give you more flexibility on exactly how tight and in what position you want... read more »

2'' Swivel Trigger Tilt & Bump Thumb Knob Bolt Snap Hook Lobster Claw Clasp Spring Loaded Clip

10 Sep, 2021
Good solid snap hook clips. Nice finish and they appear to be good quality. I am happy with this purchase. read more »

Bedee LED Light Corn Bulb 600W Equivalent

04 Sep, 2021
Very bright, self-cooling LED light that I believe would be better utilized in a commercial application, rather than a residential one. The price point may be too high for residential use. read more »

Pinsparkle 8mm Cuban Link Chain For Men Women

04 Sep, 2021
I was a bit disappointed with this purchase. The chain tarnished quickly and the color changed to a cheap-looking, lackluster chain. read more »

Chainsaw Sharpener Kit

04 Sep, 2021
comprehensive and complete kit for sharpening all your chainsaws. Appears to be decent quality and does a good job of sharpening my saws. Recommended. read more »

Outdoor Misting Cooling System

04 Sep, 2021
Everything you need to set up a misting cooling system for your patio or porch.  Parts seem to be fairly good quality and are easy to install. read more »

Dish Soap Dispenser for Kitchen, Sponge Soap Dispenser

04 Sep, 2021
Very handy, convenient, and great for organizing your sink area. read more »

UHIBROS Small Hoop Earrings Set

04 Sep, 2021
Nice looking, basic small hoop earrings.  They were a little difficult to initially open. However, once opened, they remained easy to open. read more »

Vintage Wooden Round Wall Clock

04 Sep, 2021
Nice looking, inexpensive clock. read more »

HUGCHG 2 Pack 100W LED Flood Light Outdoor

04 Sep, 2021
Nice, stylish looking, very bright lights. I love these lights. So much, that I surrounded my house with them. I recommend these. read more »

Pinsparkle Gold Hoops For Women Gold Hoops Earrings

19 Aug, 2021
Nice looking earrings for the price.  These could easily pass for more expensive earrings.  My wife really liked them.  The only negative is that they were very hard to open the first t... read more »

Coffee Canister Airtight 35OZ Large

19 Aug, 2021
Nice attractive airtight canister with scoop.  This keeps my coffee nice and fresh and it looks good on my counter. It is also versatile and can be used to keep other food items fresh as well.&nb... read more »

Dual Dog Leash Double Dog Leash

19 Aug, 2021
Very sturdy and attractive dual leas.  This makes walking my two French Bulldogs a breeze and they don't get all tangled up like separate leashes. Recommend. read more »

Great Idea!

19 Aug, 2021
I bought this as a gift for my wife who is always listening to podcasts.  Until now, she had been using a Bluetooth speaker when she moved around (a real pain), then I saw these.  She absolu... read more »

Waste of money

19 Aug, 2021
Don't waste your money.  No spoon. They couldn't even spell "Travel" correctly.  If I could give zero stars. I would. read more »

Upcity Desk Mat

16 Aug, 2021
Very durable, attractive desk mat.  It Will not stain and is extremely easy to clean. A nice upgrade to any desk. I am happy with my purchase.  read more »

Dog Water Bottles for Walking, Portable Dog Bowl Water Bottle for Dogs Upgrades

12 Aug, 2021
T his product arrived and I was immediately taken aback by its size. It is smaller than I realized and I don't think it would last for a very long walk. So, if you are looking for a short walk wat... read more »

Large Leather Desk Pad

12 Aug, 2021
A nice and large desktop mat that protects very well and looks nice.  The mat fits well and lays nice and flat without any hassle. Good buy. read more »

36W Ceiling Light Fixture Flush Mount

12 Aug, 2021
Sleek-looking flush mount light is extremely easy to install with just a couple of tools.  The light is clean and bright and should save me some money on my energy bill. read more »

Pinsparkle Gold Hoops For Women Gold Earrings 14K Gold Plated

12 Aug, 2021
I bought these for my wife and she absolutely loved them.  They are very attractive and look like more expensive jewelry.  I would say this item is priced right and I would buy from this sel... read more »

Carpet Stair Treads Carpet Non Slip for Wooden Steps

12 Aug, 2021
My Frenchie stopped going up or down our stairs after she slipped and scared herself.  Problem Solved. These stair treads provide a nice, safe, comfortable surface for your stairs.  So if yo... read more »

Pollution Buster

12 Aug, 2021
Well, as we all know, plastic bags are one of the main culprits in polluting our lands and oceans. This is your chance to fight back. Take these bags to the store with you and use them in place of pla... read more »

PC Speaker for Laptop

12 Aug, 2021
Nice small speaker at a good price point.  I only wish the cord were longer.  But other than that, The speaker works great, it is nice and loud and looks good.  I am definitely happy wi... read more »

15PCS Bangle Bracelet

30 Jul, 2021
Nice looking wire Bangle bracelets.  Great place to start your jewelry-making project, or just add as many charms as you would like and you are ready to go. Recommended. read more »

Bedee LED Light Corn Bulb 400W Equivalent

30 Jul, 2021
I love these bulbs. They are very bright and are built super tough.  They are great for any place where you need lots of light but only have one bulb receptacle. Overall, very satisfied with my p... read more »

Wall Door Handle Stopper Set

30 Jul, 2021
Smaller and more cushiony than the typical wall door stopper (those that are made of hard plastic).  But these seem to work as well and are easier on the eyes.  Overall, happy with my purcha... read more »

Motiloo Beach Blanket,7ft x 6.7ft Beach Blanket

25 Jul, 2021
This is the second time I have purchased one of these. I hate leaving the beach and always taking a little of the beach with me on towels and blankets.  Well, problem solved.  These things a... read more »

WHIPPY Soft Bow Tie Dog Collar

25 Jul, 2021
Nice, well-made collar.  I bought this for my French Bulldog and she looks beautiful in it.  We save it for special occasions when she will be seen by many people. read more »

bedee 24W LED Ceiling Light Flush Mount,

25 Jul, 2021
This is a nice light that puts off a good amount of light.  I put a pair of these in a walk-in closet, and it is amazing how much better I can see in there! read more »

Cast Iron Skillet Cleaner Brush

15 Jul, 2021
This Cast Iron Skillet Cleaner works really great.  It turned out to be a little smaller than I was expecting, but the results were great. read more »

Ultrasonic Cleaner

15 Jul, 2021
A great little cleaner.  This Ultrasonic cleaner made short work of my favorite jewelry items.  The jewelry came out sparkling after just a few minutes. Love it! read more »

Rugged Collar

01 Jul, 2021
If you are looking for a no-frills, rugged, well-made, durable collar, then this is it.  The collar is a bit wide for my French Bulldog, but it still works.  But, if you have a large dog, th... read more »

Waxaya Tactical Shotgun Scabbard Rifle Storage Bag Molle Holster (Black)

25 Jun, 2021
This is a decent shotgun scabbard.  I would prefer slightly longer and slightly more durable materials. read more »

Fancy Pens,Luxury Pen,Personalized Business Pens, Cute Pens, Gel Ink Pens Medium Point

25 Jun, 2021
I really like this pen.  It looks and feels nice,  My only concern would be the slightly high price point for a pen of this caliber.  The pen writes well and the ink flows well. It is a... read more »

Jespeker Contour Gauge Duplicator with Lock, 10 inch 5 inch Widen Shape Duplication Gauge Tool

25 Jun, 2021
Pretty standard contour tool with a nice little lock.  Not much else to say, except delivery was fast and the product came packaged well. read more »

Colilove 12V 5KW Diesel Air Heater All in One 1 Air Outlet Diesel Heater with Heater

25 Jun, 2021
I have to say, I was excited to order this heater to heat up my Pump Shed during the winter.  I wasn't very impressed by the quality of this product though. It seems very cheaply made and has... read more »

100 PCS Compressed Towel, 7.8 x 8.7 inches Hand Towels Tablet Towel Cotton Coin Tissue for Travel Camping Home Bathroom Beauty Salon Outdoor Sports Businesstrip

25 Jun, 2021
Great idea. Nice little tablets that expand into a moist towelette.  These actually allow you the flexibility to make your wipe from water to alcohol, or really any liquid you want to use. ... read more »

2 Pack Clear Makeup Organizer Lipstick Organizer Great for Bathroom Vanity Counter Tops

25 Jun, 2021
Well-made organizer.  I actually use these organizers on my desk. They are made of nice thick plastic, and they appear as though they should last for quite a while.  They are attra... read more »

POPLAY 4 PCS Leakproof Disposable Urine Bag Portable Urine Holder Vomit Bags 600ml Travel Urinal Bag Price: $7.99

25 Jun, 2021
Very convenient containers to have for emergencies.  They are great for travelling or for any situation where a restroom may not be available. I will definitely buy this item again. read more »

Wooden Tissue Box

25 Jun, 2021
This is a nice wooden tissue box.  It looks great and matches tons of decorating styles. HOWEVER, why would you ruin this nice tissue box by putting a hideous-looking logo on it? read more »

HoneyGifts Hand Crank Wooden Music Box

25 Jun, 2021
A great little gift.  My wife actually loved it, especially since I sing the same song to her often. Just be warned the box is much smaller than it looks in the ad.  But overall, the smile i... read more »

LED Light Corn Bulb 350W Equivalent, 50W LED Bulb Replacement with E26 & E39 Mogul Base

25 Jun, 2021
Nice, very bright, low power consumption light bulb.  I would caution buyers to make sure this bulb will fit their application, as the bulb is quite large when compared to a regular-sized light b... read more »

Butterfly orchid Wall Decor for Bedroom Rustic Home Decor Canvas Wall Art

25 Jun, 2021
Nice, attractive painting. My only regret is that I did not pay closer attention to the size. The painting I received was smaller than I had expected. read more »

24 PCS Practice Tool Set for Training(Grey)

29 May, 2021
Not the best quality item, but it does what it says.  It allows you to practice opening a padlock. read more »

Kiztoys Outdoor Water Spray Sprinkler for Kids Turtle Yard Water Toy Sprinkler Toy Sprinkler Children Outdoor Lawn Sprinkler Toy Splashing Fun for Summer Days

29 May, 2021
I actually bought this sprinkler for my French Bulldog and she has tons of fun biting at the water.  What I noticed though that was totally unexpected, is it actually did a good job of sprinkling... read more »

USB Microphone Kit

29 May, 2021
Great microphone kit. The sound is good and the extending arm really makes it useful in my office.  The cord is plenty long and it appears the whole thing is pretty well made.  I am happy wi... read more »

Adjustable Dog Collar with Safety Quick Release Buckle

29 May, 2021
Good, sturdy, durable collar.  The collar is actually a little wider than I thought, but that is a good thing.  The easy-release buckle is great for taking the collar off for a bath, vet vis... read more »

Beach Blanket, Sandproof Beach Mat

29 May, 2021
Although we have not yet had the opportunity to use this on the beach yet, we can tell it is going to work out great.  The material it is made of will obviously repel sand much better than beach... read more »

MECHICOO Sprinkler Splash Play Mat for Kids Toddlers

29 May, 2021
I actually bought this for my French Bulldog, and she loves it.  She is a water bug and loves to stay cool in the Texas heat, and this is just what the doctor ordered.  She has fun biting at... read more »

USB Headset with Microphone Noise Cancelling 3.5mm Computer Headset with in-Line Call Control

29 May, 2021
This is a nice headset, especially if you have small ears.  The sound is good and the microphone works well  They are lightweight and comfortable. Not bad for the price. read more »

Phone Car Holder, DracoLight Car Phone Holder Mount

29 May, 2021
I really like this phone holder.  It doesn't flop around like other vent phone holders.  You can actually snug this right up for a good sturdy it. read more »

LoveInUSA 30 pcs Key Covers

29 May, 2021
They do just what they are supposed to.  Also, they seem a bit more durable than the ones I am replacing. read more »

2021 New 3.5W Solar Fountain Pump for Bird Bath

29 May, 2021
This is just what we were looking for to keep the water in our birdbath circulating.  It does a great job. I have even noticed an increase in the cardinals that come and take a daily bath. ... read more »

10pcs M3 1/8" 3mm 304 Stainless Steel Wire Rope Cable Clip

29 May, 2021
Nice quality, fast ship.  I am impressed.  I would buy this item again. read more »

Delicacy WiFi Smart Weather Station

16 May, 2021
I love this thing!  I wake up in the morning and with a quick glance, I know what the weather is doing outside. I can even know what the temp is in the room when the thermostat is in the hall.&nb... read more »

4-Piece Combination Tweezers Set-Black with Leather Case

16 May, 2021
Nice looking set of tweezers in it's own carrying case.  These tweezers will take care of your needs with four different heads. Very functional. read more »

Multi-function Keychain for Men,Heavy Duty Vehicle Keychain,

16 May, 2021
Nice looking and functional keychain that hangs perfectly on my backpack.  Holds a ton of keys and has a bottle opener to boot. read more »

HUICAO M20 Single Silver Pulleys

12 May, 2021
I bought these for a project around the house expecting some cheap, not very well-made pulleys. Man, was I wrong? These are strong, sturdy, good-looking stainless steel pulleys.  They did not dis... read more »

HUICAO 2Pcs M15 Silver Single Pulley Block

12 May, 2021
These are very nice quality, good-looking stainless steel pullies that worked out great for my laundry room project.  They are very sturdy and definitely hold up well.  So, if you need some... read more »

bestheart Mother's Day Dwarf Decoration,Faceless Dwarf Plush Toy

12 May, 2021
My wife loved it! What more can I say? My wife loves gnomes and she definitely loved this little guy.  He is soft and cuddly and had flowers to boot. It also seems like is well made with quality... read more »

Bedee Power Strip Tower with Fast Wireless Charger, 6 AC Outlets 4 USB Ports Surge Protector Vertical Electric Charging Station

12 May, 2021
I love this charger! It has plenty of different charging options and plug-ins for a variety of items. I bought one for my wife and one for me and we both think they are great. When I get home, I just... read more »

Bedee Power Strip Tower with Fast Wireless Charger, 6 AC Outlets 4 USB Ports Surge Protector

12 May, 2021
I love this charger! It has plenty of different charging options and plug-ins for a variety of items. I bought one for my wife and one for me and we both think they are great. When I get home, I just... read more »

PSLER 215 Sheets Carbon Paper Sheets

12 May, 2021
Well, what can you say about carbon paper other than it works or it doesn't?  Well, it works fine.  The thing that sold me on this item is the tracing tools that come along with it. They... read more »

Dog Pool Hard Plastic Dog Swimming Pool

12 May, 2021
We bought this pool for our French Bulldog and she loves it!  So far it has held up well and appears to be well made. O f course a hard plastic pool is more durable, but this one has the added ad... read more »

Bedee LED Headlamp Flashlight [2 Pack]

12 May, 2021
Very nice, lightweight headlamp. My wife loves the fact that these are not heavy and bulky.  We bought some for each of our vehicles and a couple for the house! The rechargeable feature is nice a... read more »

MUYI 10 Kit 2 Pin Way Waterproof Electrical Connector

22 Apr, 2021
Nice sturdy waterproof connectors. I have a bit of a problem with putting this type of connectors together. Some detailed instructions would be nice. read more »

MSECVOI Microfiber Cleaning Dish Cloths for Washing Dishes

22 Apr, 2021
Nice texture, nice color cloths. As far as performance, I would have to say they are right around the same as microfiber. I like the texture on these better because things don't cling to them like... read more »

Bedee LED Garage Lights,

22 Apr, 2021
Very bright, well made light. I love it. read more »

Dog Tough Rope Chewer Toys - Dog Tug of War Dog Indestructible Toy Teeth Cleaning for Aggressive Chewers Large Breed and Small Medium Breed - Washable Cotton Rope Dog Toy Set of 7

07 Apr, 2021
My French Bulldog ABSOLUTELY loves these toys!  When we opened the package, she was so excited, she couldn't decide which one she wanted to play with first.  She had so much fun I had to... read more »

26 Piece Drawing and Sketching Pencil Set:

06 Apr, 2021
Nice set of drawing utensils. They come well packaged and have a good variety included. Very happy with this purchase. read more »

MUYI JST Connector 19 Sets Waterproof Connector 2/3/4/6/8 Pin Electric Connectors with Storage Box (19 Kits)

06 Apr, 2021
Good quality connectors. Very versatile and attractive. They seem to make a good connection and on top of that, you can rest assured knowing your connections are protected from the element also.... read more »

Sharp Pebble Whetstones Wood Carvers Sharpener-Dual Grit

06 Apr, 2021
I can't say enough about how impressed I am with the presentation of this item.  Very clean, well packaged, and functional too.  I just got this feeling when I opened this item that it w... read more »

USB Arc Lighter for Candle Rechargeable - Windproof Long Arc Rechargeable Lighter

06 Apr, 2021
Very attractive, nicely packaged lighter.  It looks more like something you would give as a gift.  Very good looking and it works well too.  I really like the fact that I don't have... read more »

LED Garage Light

06 Apr, 2021
Very nice, very bright garage light. I couldn't believe how this one light just totally lit up my garage. So much easier to see things in a place that was much darker under normal lighting. ... read more »

2pcs Universal Car Door Warning Lights Accessories Lights

03 Apr, 2021
Nice, bright, and easy to install door lights that add to the safety of your vehicle.  Putting these in, was a piece of cake and they look good after they are installed. read more »

Spice Rack Organizer for Countertop

03 Apr, 2021
Roomy, well made, and good-looking spice rack.  This rack will save you precious counter space while looking good at the same time.  Easy to assemble and seems fairly sturdy.  I would b... read more »

MUYI 5 Kit 2 Pin Way 20-16 AWG Waterproof Connectors

03 Apr, 2021
Nice quality connectors that provide you with a good secure waterproof connection for your most important electrical items.  Using these, you will not go wrong. read more »

USB C Cable, Compatible with PS5 Controller, L&H E 4Pack (3/6/6/10FT) 3A Fast Charging Charger Cable

03 Apr, 2021
Nice quality cables.  They look good and work well.  Definitely worth the reasonable price asked.  The variety included in the pack also makes it convenient for just about any applicati... read more »

Vacuum Sealer Bags, Food Vacuum Saver Bag Rolls

03 Apr, 2021
Nice quality storage bags.  They look and work as the good as the best ones.  I would buy these again. Worth the money and priced right. read more »

Plastic Spray Bottles

03 Apr, 2021
Nice spray bottles, especially if you don't care to see what the bottle contains.  The spray head is sleek and minimal.  The bottles are nicely made and look good too.  I would buy... read more »

WeaArco Magnetic Wristband

03 Apr, 2021
Good idea and concept; however, the magnets could definitely be stronger.  It doesn't take much to knock whatever it is you have attached to the magnets off because of the lack of strength of... read more »

Mini Portable Bag Sealer

21 Mar, 2021
Nice looking, well-made bag sealer that seems to work well on an average plastic chip bag.  I have not had the opportunity to try it on several different types of bags yet, but I assume it will w... read more »

Lighter, Candle Lighter, Electric Lighter with Safety Locks Flexible USB Rechargeable

21 Mar, 2021
Very cool lighter!  I like the fact that you don't need to worry about lighter fluid. It looks nice and works the same. I am very happy with this purchase and this new way of lighting things... read more »

KORAM 100ft 1/4" Blank Distribution Tubing Irrigation Gardener's Greenhouse Plant Cooling Suite

19 Mar, 2021
I set this up in an indoor garden enclosure.  It appears to work well, fairly easy to work with and it does what it is supposed to do.  Overall a good purchase for the price. read more »

Oven Mitts Silicon Thick Cotton Lining

19 Mar, 2021
These mitts seem to work well.  They are attractive and appear to be fairly well made.  Good purchase.  I would recommend it to friends and family. read more »

Hair Clippers for Men Professional

19 Mar, 2021
Very well made, nice feeling clippers.  I use these clippers for ALL the hair on my body. It is very versatile and holds a charge for a good long while.  I would definitely buy again if the... read more »

Solar Flag Pole Light

22 Feb, 2021
Nice bright light.  I had to do a little creative engineering to get the light to fit properly on my pole, but I blame that more on my pole than the light.  The light overall should be easy... read more »

Hot Glue Gun

22 Feb, 2021
Nice glue gun for the price.  I especially like the fact that it has an on/off switch, for so many reasons.  The color makes it easy to spot in the drawer and it has a nice big trigger which... read more »

Iron on Patches for Clothing Repair

20 Feb, 2021
Pretty standard iron-on patches.  These are easy to apply and seem to adhere well.  Although I have not tested these over a long time, they seem to stick well and seem like they should stay... read more »

Rechargeable Spotlight Flashlight, SoupStall 6000 Lumens Large Handheld Flashlight, Super Bright Outdoor and Camping Searchlight with Floodlight and Foldable Tripod

05 Feb, 2021
Nice and bright flashlight with convenient recharge options.  Lightweight and small enough for my wife to carry around.  Overall, the only thing I would worry about is the durability. The wh... read more »

Smooth & Silky Electric Shaver for Women

01 Feb, 2021
Never received my item.  My order just disappeared. read more »

AVAVA Acrylic Paint Pens

01 Feb, 2021
Good Acrylic pens.  They have worked on every surface I have tried them on and seem to have enough paint to last for a decent amount of time.  The ink come out steady and very noticeable onc... read more »

Spurtles Kitchen Tools Set, Beech Cooking Utensil, 100% Healthy Hard and Durable Beech Kitchen Utensils for Salad Stir, Cake Make and Pan-Fried Steak

01 Feb, 2021
Very nice , smooth texture, well made wooden utensils.  They appear to be sturdy and reliable and should last a good long time. I am happy with my purchase and would recommend these to friends an... read more »

Twin-Line Dental Floss Picks

26 Jan, 2021
Pretty standard Dental Floss Picks, but they are fairly durable and do a good job at what they are designed to do. read more »

Scuba Diving Flashlight

26 Jan, 2021
Wow, this is the brightest flashlight I own, and I own quite a few.  I f you want a bright flashlight that is ruggedly built, then you don't want to pass on this. read more »

Mini Bag Sealer, Plastic Bag Resealer

07 Jan, 2021
This little sealer is pretty cool.  Does the same job as the big sealers but probably not as solid of a seal.  At first I had a little difficulty sealing in a straight line, but soon got the... read more »

Mens Winter Gloves

07 Jan, 2021
Nice warm gloves that have a fairly nice feel to them. They appear to run true to size and look good.  They held up to the Washington cold just fine. read more »

Over The Door Storage Organizer, Hanging Shoe Organizer

07 Jan, 2021
Nothing fancy shoe organizer, but it does the job just fine and appears to be fairly durable. read more »

Solar Lights Outdoor,3 Modes with Motion Sensor Lights

07 Jan, 2021
Fairly bright, easy to install solar light with a so-so feeling of sturdiness and duribility.  Price point would be better a little lower. read more »

Camping Tea Kettle Stainless Steel Hiking Pot Portable 1.2L

07 Jan, 2021
Nice, sturdy compact pot.  This item seems like it should hold up well under camping conditions. Satisfied. read more »

6.5ft×13ft Tarpaulin Transparent Waterproof Clear Tarps

07 Jan, 2021
Well, it is definitely clear, however my initial opinion is that it does not have the sturdy feel of a regular tarp.  Because I just got this item, I have not yet been able to see how it performs... read more »

2 Pack Solar Lights Outdoor

07 Jan, 2021
Good solar lights that appear to be fairly well made and have worked well thus far.  The true test will be to see if they last over time.  Satisfied with my purchase. read more »

Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor, Wireless Security Lights with Remote Control

07 Jan, 2021
Nice and bright, well made light that is very convenient to install anyplace you get sunlight. read more »

MELORIY Flush Cutter, Sprue Cutter, Micro Cutter, ESD Wire Cutter, Stainless Steel Cut Tools with Spring Silicone Handle for Electronics Jewelry Model Craft Soldering Metal Plastic (M05ESD)

16 Dec, 2020
These cutters are great for their intended purpose.  They really allow you to get as close as possible for precision cuts.  I do alot of electronic soldering and tinkering and these cutters... read more »

DeveSouth Knives Sharpener

16 Dec, 2020
Nice sharpener that works really well.  The handle makes it easy to hold the sharpener in whatever position you want. I really like it! read more »

Futomcop Pet Costume, Cute Shape Puppy Cat Hoodie, Puppy Jumpsuit, Pet Cat Pajamas Price: $10.79

10 Dec, 2020
Item delivered to wrong state. Full refund issued immediately upon notification. read more »

Heat Shrink Butt Connectors

09 Dec, 2020
I love the idea behind these connectors. However, be sure to follow the manufacturers guidance for heating.  I tried using a BBQ lighter and a small butane lighter and both resulted in less than... read more »

Dshall 4 Digit Combination Disc Padlock with Hardened Steel Shackle

09 Dec, 2020
Very solid feeling, easy to set combination locks. Right out of the package, these look and feel formidable.  They were super easy to set up ad I had one on my shed in 1 or two minutes.  I w... read more »

AVAVA Metallic Paint Markers Pens

09 Dec, 2020
These are great markers!  They have literally worked on everythig I have tried them on. I have tried Sharpee's on some surfaces where the ink just smudges and doesn't take. Not with these... read more »

Artificial Tabletop Mini Christmas Tree Decorations Festival Miniature Tree

30 Nov, 2020
Nice little Christmas tree.  It is smaller than I had imagined, but it still conveys the feeling of Christmas in small spaces not big enough for a regular tree. read more »

Nose Hair Trimmer for Men & Women

27 Nov, 2020
Good quality trimmer with a good amount of power ad does exactly what it is supposed to.  I espedially like the fact that it is rechargeable.  I am very happy with this purchase and would tr... read more »

Resistance Bands Set,Workout Bands with Handles,Ankle Straps and Door Anchor for Home Workouts

27 Nov, 2020
Seem like fairly good quality.  They are comfortable to use and seem like thet should hold up to some pretty rugged use.  I am happy with this purchase. Two thumbs up! read more »

Cook Zest ZABARDAST Special Basmati Rice (Extra Long Grain White Basmati | 10 Lb Bag)

27 Nov, 2020
Great tasting , fluffy rice. Comes in a nice reuseable bag also.  We have only tried it once and liked it.  We are looking forward to trying it with a variety of other recipe.  This is... read more »

Nail Drill,Electric Nail Drill for Acrylic Nails,Efile Nail Drill Kit,Portable Gel Nail File Machine,

27 Nov, 2020
This is a great gadget.  My wife loves it.  She has been able to do all kinds of stuff with.  Who knows, I may even save some money on manicures and pedicures.  Anyway, this thing... read more »

NOOA Cordless Rechargeable Hair Trimmer

27 Nov, 2020
Very nice shaver for the price. and I love the fact that it is rechargeable.  I was tired of dealing with other battery operated small electronics.  If you leave them in a drawer the battery... read more »

Elehere Wedding Holiday Napkin Rings Set of 8

27 Nov, 2020
Pretty standard, plain silver bands.  No frills. They are very shiny and look nice on any color napkins.  We are happy with our purchase and would recommend to friends and family. read more »

LEDLED Garage Lights E26/E27 Three-Leaf Garage Light D Garage Lights E26/E27 Three-Leaf Garage Light

27 Nov, 2020
Nice quality light.  Very bright.  Not sure about the moisture rating and whether this light can be used outside.  I am assuming that because it is being sold as a garage light, that th... read more »

Dental floss Clean Flosser Mint 50m (Pack of 8)

21 Nov, 2020
Okay detal floss.  Seems to work alright, but cannot compete with some of the sturdier flosses out there.  This floss seemed to shred a little too prematurely, but other than that it did the... read more »

Extra Large Blue Cotton Rope Woven Basket for Laundry,Toys,Blankets,Pillows with Lid Price: $35.99

21 Nov, 2020
Nice and large, sturdy, well made basket.  First impressios were the size and sturdiness.  It appears this basket will hold up for quite some time.  I am happy with this purchase and wo... read more »

NOOA Waterproof Nose Hair Trimmer for Men & Women, LED Touch Contral Facial Grooming Kit, Professional Rechargeable Mute Motor Stainless Hair Remover for Ears Eyebrows Neck and Sideburns

21 Nov, 2020
Right out of the package this item feels and looks very nice.  It appears to be good qualty and runs very smoothly and quietly.  It includes a charge cord and a black velour bag for storage.... read more »

WHIPPY Tactical Belt with Magnetic Quick-Release Buckle Military Style Nylon Belt

20 Nov, 2020
Nice Belt.  Good quality. Easy release buckle.  This belt works excellently with a variety of my holsters.  I prefer it over other belts for that purpose.  Overall happy with my pu... read more »

T-SUNUS 100W LED Flood Light

20 Nov, 2020
Nice quality flood light.  VERY bright.  I love this light. I placed it where I had a vintage flood ligt fixture, and the differece is literally, igt and day.  Come with a plug, or if y... read more »

Sink Drain Strainer, Wash Basin Bounce Drain Filter

20 Nov, 2020
Seems to be nice quality. It operates smoothly nd seems like it would be easy to install.  HOWEVER, make sure to do like the seller recommends and measure your drain opening.  I received my... read more »

MUYI 6 10 12 AWG Jumper Cable Quick Connect

20 Nov, 2020
Appears to be fairly descent quality and was shipped quickly.  The only thing I would change is that I would add some directions for different applications. I am ot really sure the best and safes... read more »

Y&R Direct Sling Bag Sling Backpack,Shoulder Chest Crossbody Bag Purse Nylon Lightweight Multicolor Small Daypack Outdoor Hiking Camping Travel Women Men Boy Girls Kids Gifts (Orange)

16 Nov, 2020
Nice quality, SMALL backpack.  If you are looking to carry any substatial amount of stuff, then this is not the bag for you.  However, if you are looking to minimize and just carry a few ite... read more »

Torx Bit Set, TEKPREM 13-Piece Security Torx Screwdriver Bit Set with 1 inch Long T4 T5 T6 T7 T8 T9 T10 T15 T20 T25 T27 T30 T40 Tamper Resistant Torx Bits Set

16 Nov, 2020
Good assortment of Security Torx bits.  They feel and look like good quality and they come in a hady plastic carrier that helps keep these little guys from getting lost.   read more »

MOTOBA Car Shade

16 Nov, 2020
Nice, durable feeling shades that provide nice shade.  The only improvement I would recommend is the quality of the suction cups.  They are a bit flimsy and do not match the quality of the s... read more »

Smell Proof Bags (50 Pack) Resealable Mylar Aluminum Packaging Storage Bag 6 x 9 inch

31 Oct, 2020
Nice very handy mylar bags. They seem very good quality and seal up nice and tight. I would definitely recommend these to friends and family. read more »

No frills Mask

27 Oct, 2020
If you arelooking for an inexpensive mask that will just do the job, then this is it.  Comfortable and lightweight it is easy to store in different places for emergency use, or if you just forget... read more »

Stainless steel squeegee for shower doors

27 Oct, 2020
Very nice, smooth finish, that feels good in the hand.  Also, the rubber works very well.  Not much you can say about a squuegee, but I like this one and it looks good in my shower. read more »

Retro Wooden Wall Clock Farmhouse Decor, Silent Non Ticking Wall Clock

27 Oct, 2020
Nice looking, solid feeling retro clock.  Seems fairly well made and is sold at a reasonable price. read more »

2/5'' Swivel Trigger Snap Hook Lobster Claw Clasp Spring Loaded Clip

27 Oct, 2020
Nice, small clips.  My only complaint would be that the cips feel a little rough.  Kinda like the finishing/QA step may have been skipped. read more »

Neck Harness for Neck Fitness

27 Oct, 2020
Nice, sturdy and comfortable piece of equipment. read more »

30pcs Transparent Adhesive Patches for Dexcom G6, YOYOFOX Waterproof and Hypoallergenic Patches That Lasting up to 10days,Latex Free,Easy Carry Plastic Storage Box Included

25 Sep, 2020
Work well and seem to stick for the sensor alloted time.  Nothing fancy just a good sticker to keep your sensor in place. read more »

YYAN Portable Female Male Urinal Bag, Women Man Urination Device, Woman Standing up Pee Funnel, Silicone Reusable Collapsible Cup, for Car Outdoor Camping Travel Backpacking (Pink)

25 Sep, 2020
Have not actually used them yet, but they seem like they should would fine for a one time use.  We have found that with COVID we spend more time in the truck and fewer places allow you to use the... read more »

KENTING Two-Finger Glove Free Size for Drawing

25 Sep, 2020
Works great, feels good and keeps my sketches much cleaner than before. I did notice when working with messier media, it is a good idea to clean the glove between projects or just buy additional glove... read more »

HDMI Switch 4K HDMI Splitter

25 Sep, 2020
Have not had a chance to actually use it yet, but it seems like it is well made, sturdy and long lasting.  Will post more once I actually plug it in. read more »

Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter, 3 in 1 Display port Cable

25 Sep, 2020
Seems to work as advertised and is well made. Money well spent for this type of hook up. Good Buy! read more »

HEPAI 2pcs Olympic Barbell Clamps Set

25 Sep, 2020
Good quality clamps that work as advertised.  Easy to put on and take off.  I would definitely purchase more when I need them. read more »

Yamaso 4 pcs Push Pull Quick-Release Toggle Clamps

25 Sep, 2020
These clamps seem to be fairly good quality.  They work as they should and are easy to mout.  Good buy! read more »

Hawkforce Hot Glue sticks

25 Sep, 2020
Just as described with fast shipping. They work just as glue sticks should.   am happy with my purchase. read more »

Cycling gloves

11 Sep, 2020
I have not had a chance to try these out in the cold yet since the weather is still warm, but I really like the way these gloves look and feel.  They seem like they would keep your hands warm and... read more »

BBQ Gloves

11 Sep, 2020
These gloves are well made and good quality gloves for BBQ'ing.  They do a really good job of keeping the heat off your hands and they are not huge bulky things like some other gloves. ... read more »

Deep Tissue Massager

11 Sep, 2020
OMG, I love this thing.  Nice quality massager in a very attractive case with several attachments.  Has good loking led display and battery status ring. It charges quickly ad is easy to... read more »

Motiloo 12PCS Mask Extender

12 Aug, 2020
Does just what it promises!  Makes wearing my mask much more comfortable.  I would buy again. read more »

Seahouse 9PCS RANDOM Unisex Personality Seamless Rave Bandana Neck Gaiter Tube Headwear Bandana

06 Aug, 2020
Took forever to arrive.  Only moderately pleased with product. read more »

USB Type C to HDMI Adapter Multiport Hub

29 Jun, 2020
Nice little adapter to have around.  It comes in very handy and works as advertised.  I really can't say much more than that.  I does what it is supposed to at a very resonable pric... read more »

leizhan USB 3.0 Type-c USB Flash Drive

29 Jun, 2020
Nice looking flash drive.  However, it did not work well with my Note 9.  When I attempted to copy information onto the device, it kept hanging up.  I will keep trying it to see if mayb... read more »

Beautiful Frame

18 May, 2020
This a great looking frame!  I looks like a nice, high quality frame. It is versatile and would make a great addition to any living area.  You will not go wrong if you order this frame. ... read more »

Light Up LED Dog Collar

13 May, 2020
Nice, durable, easy to use light up dog collar. This collar has been like night and day when it comes to my beloved French Bulldog on our night. Because French Bulldogs overheat easily, we have taken... read more »

Leizhan 128 gb USB Flash Drive

13 May, 2020
Nice looking USB Flash Ddrive.  My computer recognized it immediately and I was able to use it right away.  I love the blue color. I have had absolutely no problems with this USB drive and I... read more »

Sherpa Blanket

02 May, 2020
Nice, super soft and comfortable. This has become my new go to blanket for hanging out, watcing TV or listening to music. Love it! read more »

Nice Bib Apron

28 Apr, 2020
As expected. Fairly good quality apron that fit fine. read more »


28 Apr, 2020
Never received read more »

HILUCKI Pencil Case Pen Marker Bag Pouch Holder

01 Feb, 2020
Nice case, good quality, plenty of room for many pens, pencils and other implements for writing or sketching. Happy with purchase and would recommend to others. read more »

Bead Bracelet

01 Feb, 2020
Nice looking bracelet.  Fit fine and seems of decent quality. Good for the price. read more »

Driveway Sensor Wireless

25 Dec, 2019
Sensor arrived and I installed it.  Everything seems to work as advertised except the range is a bit shorter. I will be changing the position to see if it works. Otherwise, the sensor looks and f... read more »

Reusable Silicone Food Bags

12 Dec, 2019
Nice, good quality product. They work well and keeps things fresh. Recommended. read more »

Nice Seat back organizer

19 Nov, 2019
Not the best quality seat back organizer I have purchased, but it does the job. I ordered a miitary grade one for my drivers seat also.  I guess after a couple of cross country trips I will have... read more »

Copper Socks

19 Nov, 2019
I would like to say that there is something magical about the copper in the socks. but I just wasn't feeling it.  The compression feels good if that is what you need. read more »

Great French Bulldog Socks!

19 Nov, 2019
I boght these socks for my wife. The French Bulldogs on the socks look just like our beloved Frenchie.  Not only that, but they are soft, warm and comfortable too! read more »


19 Nov, 2019
I used this in my attic and it gives e more light than any bulb I have tried in the past.  Definitely would recommend to friends or family for any application where this will fit.  read more »

Comfortable Car Cushion

15 Oct, 2019
I bought this cushion for long trips in my Sportwagen.  I really like it and   thinke it is fairly comfortable. The only that wold make it a little more comfortable is if were a little... read more »

Comfy car cushion

15 Oct, 2019
Very comfortable car seat cushion.  My only complaint would  be that it could be a little deeper. Other than the depth it is very comfortable. It seems to be well made and should hold up wel... read more »

Great Charger

15 Oct, 2019
Sleek, nicely made rapid charger. Works as advertised and it delivers great power tto help charge your phone quickly. Highly recommended. read more »

Great Reflective Tape

15 Oct, 2019
Just as advertised,  Reflects  really well. Love it, read more »

Great for large Phone

18 Sep, 2019
I have a Note 9, so I really like this armband case.  My phone fits perfectly and securely while I workout, or work around the yard.  I guess it would work with smaller phones too, you would... read more »

Nice and safe seat belt for my dog!

18 Sep, 2019
Nice, well made seat belt/leash for my dog while travelling. My Frenchie really enjoys this product,  We can now travel with the window open and not worry about something happening to my beloved... read more »

I love these Glasses straps

11 Sep, 2019
Very convenient, lightweight and handy. I used to always run around forgetting my readers. Now I slip them on and off, and they are rigt there every time I need them.  So far they have held up we... read more »

Work as advertised

11 Sep, 2019
These bulbs are great.  They come in very handy and increase security around my property.  I don't have to worry about going around and turning on and off my outdoor light. Turn on and d... read more »

Nice and Sturdy

11 Sep, 2019
This money clip is rock solid and should last forever.  It is very well made and very attractive. It slides in and out of my pocket with ease.  There are no shap corners or anything else to... read more »

Very Comfortable!

11 Sep, 2019
I should have waited.  This is the third one of these travel pillows I have purchased n the last month.  The oter two were okay, but they lacked the support that this one has.  I find t... read more »

Very Handy

11 Sep, 2019
This car Doorstep is awesome.  Until now I had to break out the adder when packing for a trip in our Sportwagen. But now, I just leave this in the car and anytime I neeb to access my rooftop carr... read more »

Nice Collar

09 Sep, 2019
This a nice collar.  The main selling point of this collar is he refective strip that goes all the way around.  It really does stand out well in the dark and will surely add to your pet'... read more »

Very Nice!

09 Sep, 2019
Well made, versatile and attractive Adapter.  This adapter is sure to meet your needs ust about any place in the world.  It feels sturdy and rugged and built to last.  I wold definately... read more »

Plenty of Cable Zip Ties

09 Sep, 2019
Plenty of zip ties for the money.  They appear to be of descent quality, and the variety of sizes ensures I have the right size for the job. Recommend.  read more »

Handy Dog Gear

09 Sep, 2019
I take my dog hiking with me quite a bit,  Because she has a flat nose, she tends to overheat.  This waterbowl and waterbowl are great for her and easy for me to carry.  We also like to... read more »

Great Dog Lead

09 Sep, 2019
This is a very nice, well made, attractive and sturdy dog lead,  Good quality and workmanship are obvious.  I am very pleased and would surely recommend this item to riends and family. read more »

Great for the gym!

02 Sep, 2019
For the longest time I used a blue artificial chamois at the gym that worked great.  This Towel is thinner, lighter and it fit a smaller space.  I just started using it and it works well for... read more »

Good Egg rings!

02 Sep, 2019
Well made egg rings.  The only problem I have is that you have hold the ring down while putting the egg into it, or it leaks out of the bottom. I am not sure if all egg rings are like that, since... read more »

Only charger I need!

02 Sep, 2019
This a well made versatile charger/Adapter I would.  With this adapter, I could travel virtually any civilized place in the world and be able to charge my devices. Also, you can tell as soon as t... read more »

Nice Hat!

02 Sep, 2019
This is a nice hat of good quality and workanship,  It appears as tough it should hold up for a good while. Also, it does a good job of keeping the searing Texas sun off of your face and neck. Ov... read more »

Keenstone Travel Pillow 100% Pure Memory Foam Neck Pillow

31 Aug, 2019
I bought this pillow  for my trip to Seattle.  I have taken this trip many times and I will tell you it is very uncomfortable.  I used this pillow on this trip and oh man what a differe... read more »

Keenstone Tactical Flashlight

28 Aug, 2019
Very nice, well mmade, sturdy and bright flashlight.  Works great on my AR-15.  I would deffinitely purchase again...Thanks! read more »

Spot glasses strap

21 Aug, 2019
Nice, appears rugged and well made for the price. I wish the wire was just a bit longer for larger heads.  read more »

Baby nail file

21 Aug, 2019
No power. Could not use. read more »

Nice USB/Mini SD Card Reader

18 Aug, 2019
Sleek, lightweight and fast! Just as advertised it! read more »

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