Bedee Power Strip Tower with Fast Wireless Charger, 6 AC Outlets 4 USB Ports Surge Protector Vertical Electric Charging Station, 3000W 13A 16AWG 6.5ft Heavy Duty Retractable Cord for Office Home Shop
Price: $38.95
4.85 / 5   (74 Reviews)


Absolutely Recommend this

30 Nov, 2021
This power strip works extremely well. Just what I needed. I also like the feature to use the top of the power to charge my iPhone. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s wider than what... read more »

Super convenient

17 Oct, 2021
Definitely a must have. We use this in our game room. Kids get to charge their phones and controlers without a problem. The wireless charging top works wonderfully. The charging stand is not heavy at... read more »

Practical, space saving!

14 Oct, 2021
I love this charger and outletn stand. It is so convenient that the top is a wireless charger for my phone. The plugs are for regular plugs and USB which is great since we always losing the ends to ou... read more »


09 Oct, 2021
Multiplugs are meant to make ypur life easier but they end up as an eyesore and cable mess. This tower looks great, its own cable is hidden inside and it has USB and the top charges your phone (if you... read more »

works great

09 Oct, 2021
I plug in all my devices at once. I charge my ipad pro, my iphone, android tablet and they all charge wonderfully. The base swivels if you need to turn it. I place my iphone on the top base wirelessly... read more »

Power strip

05 Oct, 2021
I loved how this was setup and the features it had. The strip itself is ok, but hard to get things plugged in.  read more »

great features

27 Sep, 2021
My husband and I really like this product. We have a couple of other surge protector towers in our home, however, he really likes this one for the built-in fast wireless charger. The compactness also... read more »

I will definitely recommend this to my family and friends

20 Sep, 2021
I like it and my dear mom bought by herself coz she tried to use mine and she said it's convenient so she bought her own. I love the design it's compact and has a lot of outlet and even usb ou... read more »

Incredible item

19 Sep, 2021
This charger is so nice and versatile it doesn't take up much space and the wireless charger on top works fantastic. You could charge many devices at once which is so convenient and have whatever... read more »

Love it

15 Sep, 2021
I love this device!  I use it by my TV and modem to plug in all of my electronic devices! The spin feature on the body is extremely helpful and keeping it at the edge of my entertainment cente... read more »

Really love this!

15 Sep, 2021
I only give 4 stars ???? because its a bit bulky compared to others that are more slim & sleek. But Its still Amazing!  the retractable cord or awesome. I can plug all of my work machines up... read more »


13 Sep, 2021
These were great and highly durable and recommended read more »

Great product at a Great price!

10 Sep, 2021
I bought this power strip tower as a gift for techie son for his birthday. He absolutely loves it! He said it saves so much space on his desk and he uses it everyday. I had already ordered one fo... read more »

saves space and cleans up the tangled cords

10 Sep, 2021
My husband always has a mess of cords under the table near his chair in our living room and he needs to have several power strips because the larger plugs take up too much space. This has solved all o... read more »

Space saver

09 Sep, 2021
I love how neatly I have my wires organize with this instead of using extension cords everywhere read more »


07 Sep, 2021
Charges my phone quickly. So much better than having extention cords everywhere, all plugs within reach. I like that it also has USB plugs on it so I don't need a power plug. Multi devices snd it... read more »

Actually bigger than expected!

25 Aug, 2021
Unit has a total of 8 outlets, with off/on switches on the sides Nice serge protection as well.  Would definitely recommend! . . .  If I could get another discount coupon, . . . I would... read more »

Never Receive Item Lost

25 Aug, 2021
Bedee Power Strip Tower with Fast Wireless Charger, 6 AC Outlets 4 USB Ports Surge Protector Vertical Electric Charging Station, 3000W 13A 16AWG 6.5ft Heavy Duty Retractable Cord for Office Home Shop... read more »

nice and compact

19 Aug, 2021
       You can charge IPads and IPhones quickly with this power surge. This surge protector is compact and attractive. It's compatible with all Qi certified electr... read more »

This is a great extension cord

18 Aug, 2021
This extension cord is way way better than the other I have before. I can charge my phone smart watch and multiple more other electronics At the same time using this. The good thing about this is also... read more »

Dont know how I've been living without

17 Aug, 2021
5 stars hands down!!!! My husband hates clutter and this device has removed so many extra items and consolidated all our needs into one device. We dont have to worry about extension cords, charging bo... read more »

Great quality

15 Aug, 2021
If youre ;oleme and have a lot of electronics thta always beed charging or pluggin in, then this is for you. It offers multiples outlets and USB ports for all your needs  read more »

Extremely useful!

13 Aug, 2021
This power strip tower is so useful! It had six outlets to plug in different appliances and four USB hubs, and a fast charger for the phone on top. You can turn it off when you are not using it or tur... read more »

works great for a charge station on my side table

13 Aug, 2021
Got this so people can connect their phones and tablets easier than reaching down to the floor all the time to bring up the surge. this worked perfect! my only issue is the power buttons are wired wei... read more »

Much Better than Expected.

12 Aug, 2021
I absolutely love this charging station. I would love to have one in every room of my house. I no longer search for open outlets and the wireless charging really works. USB and regular US outlets real... read more »

Nice Heavy duty

12 Aug, 2021
This power strip by Bedee is a great fast wireless charger along with six ac outlets and four usb ports.  It has a surege protector and has a heavy duty retractable cord for office, home or shop.... read more »

Outlet plug

12 Aug, 2021
Not Exactly space saving, but it is nice to have around. Very convenient, well built. It doesn't swivel which to me is a downfall. I like how you can use top or bottom or both. The phone charger I... read more »

Perfect for my electronics and phone charging

11 Aug, 2021
My household family is short plugs. so many devices... that need charging.  I have batteries, phones, flash lights and head phones etc.  There is not enough plugs in my house.  This sol... read more »

Nice Tower!

10 Aug, 2021
Very large tower with alot of outlet's including USB outlet's it is nice! read more »

Love this

08 Aug, 2021
This is a great power strip. I use it on my desk. I love that it has the USB and individual switches to turn off the outlets that your not using. It's a perfect addition to my office.  read more »

Beede Powe Strip Tower

08 Aug, 2021
Bedee Power Strip Tower with Fast Wireless Charger, 6 AC Outlets 4 USB Ports Surge Protector Vertical Electric Charging Station, 3000W 13A 16AWG 6.5ft Heavy Duty Retractable Cord for Office Home Shop... read more »

Love It

08 Aug, 2021
I am in love with this item it really gives me something to have when I have family and friends over and they need to charge their phone or other electronic device  read more »

Love it!

08 Aug, 2021
I've been looking for an upright power strip for a while now. This was in my price range and it does what advertises. All the plugs work, and the wireless charging on top fast charges my Samsung G... read more »

Perfect for my office!

05 Aug, 2021
I have this is my office/craft room because it has multiple outlets and USB ports plus a wireless charging station. This is great for my needs and I can easily power everything I need. The cord is 6.5... read more »

Pretty good

05 Aug, 2021
My husband loves this so far. He has a few different things that need outlets on his nightstand n this works. read more »

Must have

04 Aug, 2021
I love this. So easy and convenient! I use this at my crafting desk and use so awesome being able to plug everything I need in at 1 location. Great item! Highly recommend! read more »

Love! Love! Love! Love!

31 Jul, 2021
If the 4 loves didn't give it away I love this product!!!! It is so awesome. I love that it has normal plug-ins and usb spots. I also love that it has buttons to turn on and off certain secti... read more »

Great little tower strip

27 Jul, 2021
This is perfect for in my classroom. So few let outs and so much to plug-in, but this little power strips gotcha covered. AAA+++ read more »

As described. Impressed!

25 Jul, 2021
Works great at my desk at work. Didn’t need all of the outlets but 4 charging USB ports is a great feature. I’ll charge my personal laptop, work laptop, phone, watch and high capacity back... read more »

Bedee Power Strip Tower with Fast Wireless Charger

25 Jul, 2021
  Bedee Power Strip Tower with Fast Wireless Charger. It charges really fast. read more »

Great design

21 Jul, 2021
Great design and well made. read more »

Not sure

20 Jul, 2021
I'm not sure about this.  Kinda flimsy. The outlet part doesn't hold the plug in place.  Really thinking of sending it back.  Not pleased with it. Sorry. read more »

Packs a lot into a small space!

19 Jul, 2021
I have a small desk and it keeps getting more and more crowded with devices that need recharging daily as well as their cords.  I have a power strip and then a separate set of USB charging ports... read more »

Great for keeping my phone charged

12 Jul, 2021
I got this to have a way to charge my phone in a convenient spot. I put it on a tabletop and access the charger much easier than I could with a small charger that was plugged into an extension cord th... read more »

No shortage of power with charging

10 Jul, 2021
This is very convenient to use as it has wireless charging so i can use the outlet for other stuff life my laptop charger  read more »

awesome little power box

09 Jul, 2021
I bpught this for my desk and it worked out reallty well. It made up of good quality material and looks great in corener. The One big advantage of having this vs power strip is that this gives you... read more »

So far so good!!

08 Jul, 2021
my daughter loves she can plug all her lights into this outlet and then just put her phone on top and charge it over night! It's a little big but that's ok it's ample room and space for pl... read more »

Best power strip..

21 Jun, 2021
This is like a must have in a big family household! Keeps everyone charged up.  And wireless charger on top is the coolest feature. read more »


21 Jun, 2021
This was a hit as a fathers day gift. Get those cords all nice and neat in one unit. Desk looks much more organized. read more »

Fantastic and space saving

19 Jun, 2021
Love that I can charge my phone on the top.  Fits great on my desk for all my peripherals.  Would buy it again in a heartbeat. read more »

Charging station

12 Jun, 2021
I absolutely love this. it isvery nice I have 2 of them very good quality! read more »

Love it.

09 Jun, 2021
This is honestly the best strip tower and the fact that you can roll the cable if you're done using it is genius! read more »

I highly recommend for busy spaces or multi device rooms...

09 Jun, 2021
I've been eyeballing these for awhile now and have wanted to get one for my husband's office. In his office, he has his computer set up along with the printer, two additional monitors, and a t... read more »

Fabulous product

07 Jun, 2021
I like the fact that it has a USB and the plugs and a Wireless Charger this item is something I should've had a while ago read more »

Cannot brag enough

04 Jun, 2021
I cannot brag enough about this charger. Love the Qi feature too. Perfect touch. My husband has one of these he takes over the road so I had to order another one. With 6 kids and lots of devices we ne... read more »

Love It

15 May, 2021
I already ordered the black one and it works great. The reason why I ordered again. Will have to buy two for my house in SC.  read more »

Retractable cord!

13 May, 2021
My favorite thing is a retractable cord. I think everything that has a cord should have a retractable one. Everything all in one super little charger. read more »

Bedee Power Strip Tower with Fast Wireless Charger, 6 AC Outlets 4 USB Ports Surge Protector Vertical Electric Charging Station

12 May, 2021
I love this charger! It has plenty of different charging options and plug-ins for a variety of items. I bought one for my wife and one for me and we both think they are great. When I get home, I just... read more »

Great addition to my gaming desk

09 May, 2021
I had been meaning to purchase a better power strip for a while but buying small ones from my local store just was not cutting it anymore. So buying this one with USB ports as well as wireless chargin... read more »

Bedee power strip

08 May, 2021
I was looking to buy a power strip and came across this hexagon power strip by Bedee. This is one in all strip with cordless phone charger. It came in a nice package with easy instructions. I just plu... read more »

Convenience at its finest!

04 May, 2021
Who isn't fed up with having a long corded power strip/surge protector constantly getting tangled up under your feet at your desk along with a plethora of USB, computer, and other cords joining in... read more »

awesome!!! great design!

30 Apr, 2021
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Bedee Power Strip Tower with Fast Wireless Charger Surge Protector is one of my favorite finds this year. Living in the country, the power is sporadic at best.... read more »

Great for office

28 Apr, 2021
This item is great !!! I use it in my office and it's very handy to have everything plugged in , in a nice spot. The phone charger works good as well and is handy . read more »

Best Power Strip Ever

27 Apr, 2021
This is the most unique power strip/tower I've ever come across and I'm utterly impressed by it. We use it in our kitchen currently, but when we traveled this past weekend, we brought it with... read more »

Bedee Power Strip Tower with Fast Wireless Charger, 6 AC Outlets 4 USB Ports Surge Protector Vertical Electric Charging Station, 3000W 13A 16AWG 6.5ft Heavy Duty Retractable Cord for Office Home Shop.

17 Apr, 2021
  Bedee Power Strip Tower with Fast Wireless Charger, 6 AC Outlets 4 USB Ports Surge Protector Vertical Electric Charging Station, 3000W 13A 16AWG 6.5ft Heavy Duty Retractable Cord for Office... read more »

Very Nice Power Strip

14 Apr, 2021
I was suprised on how well this is put together. This will be used in my office, and it will come in handy for sure. I am very glad that I made the choice to make the purchase. This also to my suprise... read more »

Awesome addition to the home office

13 Apr, 2021
This power hub has helped clear out messy and tangled cords and provides the perfect size and amount of outlets!  Great product.  read more »

strip tower

13 Apr, 2021
Great quality, perfect! read more »

Well worth the price!

10 Apr, 2021
This power tower hub by #Bedee is fabulous! It has a built in surge protector to protect your electronics.  It has 6 power plugs and 4 USB ports and on top there's even a quick charger for al... read more »


10 Apr, 2021
This is a good product, my only complaints are it doesnt have a flat plug and to spin it it sucks the cord into it so it struggles. read more »

So far so good

09 Apr, 2021
Very easy to use read more »


09 Apr, 2021
Can use this for a lot of stuff read more »


08 Apr, 2021
~ What ~ Available in white with silver or white and black, this all-in-one vertical electronic charging pod with a fast wireless top charger has 6 AC outlets, 4 USB ports, and a 6.5 foot retractable... read more »

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