iPhone Charger 10 ft,3-Pack Extra Long Lightning Cable, MFi-Certified iPhone Charger Cable 10 Foot Charging Cord for iPhone 12 11 Pro X XS Max XR/8 Plus/7 Plus/6/6s Plus/5s /5c/iPad Mini Air(Gold)
Price: $13.97
4.83 / 5   (124 Reviews)


Do not Buy

13 Jun, 2023
Bad Quality, takes hours to charge the phone. only few of them in the pack works. read more »


09 May, 2023
My stepson is always losing his phone cable charger.  He loves that these are so long. read more »

Great value set

12 Feb, 2023
This is a great set of iPhone charging. They are extremely long but not impractical. Good to have one in the car, at the office and one at home or to share with family members that also have iPhones.&... read more »


24 Dec, 2022
These cords are excellent! The thickness of the cords helps protect them so they dont easily break and I appreciate the length. You don't have to be tied down close to a wall. read more »

Nice 10ft iPhone charger

14 Dec, 2022
First of all 10ft... sold? Right, I was. Lighting cable.  I definitely recommend if your looking, this one works great for me. read more »


13 Oct, 2022
We in household seem to go through iphone cables quicker than toilet roll. Mainly due to my daughter getting over zealous with the cables whilst sat charging her ipad etc. We were honestly going throu... read more »

Great Cords

31 Aug, 2022
Great cords worked well long and durable  read more »

Long CAble for continous usage

02 Aug, 2022
Long cables are convenient and this one is durable as my chair wheels run on it quite often.  It has not stripped or broken the insulation material and it chargers my device across the room! read more »

Very durable

28 Jul, 2022
These iPhone lightning cables for charging your phone are very durable and you can tell they were made high quality by the thickness of each cord. They fit perfect and being 10 ft long make it very co... read more »

Great cables!

21 Apr, 2022
I love these cables! They are very long and at the same time durable! Now I can lay on my coach and charge the phone at the same time! Finally! read more »

10 foot iPhone charging cord

09 Apr, 2022
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #MFI Certified iPhone charging cord 3 pack They cords are extremely well made and take the abuse I put to them with no show of wear. I love the extra length o... read more »

Great extra long Iphone chargers

01 Apr, 2022
I needed some more room to be able to move with my phone while charging it. I found these 3 pk 10ft iphone charger cords and they work awesome. No problems out of them at all fit my iphone perfectly a... read more »


27 Mar, 2022
These work as descrived and very sturdy.  read more »

iPhone Charger 10 ft,3-Pack

19 Mar, 2022
Very well made charging cables, would definitely buy again read more »

Great charging cable for iPhone.

24 Jan, 2022
My son has an iPhone, so I bought these for him. They work perfectly for charging his phone. 10 feet long, so they can practically stretch across the room. This comes in a pack of three, so if you los... read more »

Worked as expected

16 Jan, 2022
I am always buying these. Can never seem to keep a hold on them. Someone is always walking off with them. They work great. Love that they are long length.   #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored... read more »

high quality make and length is prime.

13 Jan, 2022
The charger cable arrived timely. Packaging was partitioned for each cable. the cable itself has a metal feel at the lightning connector with no loose parts. The insulating rubbed is smooth that doesn... read more »

Good quality

09 Jan, 2022
This is perfect for the long cable needs.  read more »

High quality cords

29 Dec, 2021
These cords are higher quality and strong. They will hold up longer than the cords I have purchased before.  read more »

Love it

15 Dec, 2021
Thank you it's great  read more »


10 Dec, 2021
so great sturdy  read more »

Works great

07 Dec, 2021
I wasn't sure how well this charger would work because I wasn't sure if it was iPhone certified or not but thought I would give ti a try anyway. I'm so glad I did because the same one has... read more »

Nice charger

06 Dec, 2021
This is a nice charger and works great for charging my iPhone.  read more »

Great Cables!

05 Dec, 2021
Finally a well made lightning cable that is actually compatible with all of my Apple devices! So happy with my purchase! Bought extra sets for family and friends!   read more »


01 Dec, 2021
Heavy duty.  Well made. Fast charging. read more »

Absolutely Recommend these

30 Nov, 2021
Came well packaged , these are the most sturdy cables I’ve ever owned. They remind of of wires to hook up cable or internet, very nice. They charge my phone super fast, my phone usually goes fro... read more »

Great Charging Cables

29 Nov, 2021
Great product, Great quality.This product works just as advertised. Love the length of the cable, especially in areas where electric outlets are not close. Would definitely buy again. #RankBoosterRevi... read more »


24 Nov, 2021
Super value. Good chargers. Highly recommended. read more »


21 Nov, 2021
What can I say about these that you don't already know? They work perfectly, are quality made, and are as described. I have zero complaints and would order these again for sure! read more »

Perfect Length !!

21 Nov, 2021
I can't say enough about how sturdy and wonderful these Cords are for their length and speedy charging !!  I find them personally wonderful for my grandkids whose IPads that are dead, so we c... read more »


14 Nov, 2021
Strong, made to last, charges fast. read more »

Never received

12 Nov, 2021
Can not leave review because item was never received. read more »


08 Nov, 2021
I love this chargers, heavy duty, nice and very long read more »

Fast Fast

06 Nov, 2021
iPhone Charger 10 ft,3-Pack Extra Long Lightning Cable, MFi-Certified iPhone Charger Cable 10 Foot Charging Cord for iPhone 12 11 Pro X XS Max XR/8 Plus/7 Plus/6/6s Plus/5s /5c/iPad Mini Air(Gold) .... read more »

Really nice to have.

29 Oct, 2021
Really nice to have. read more »


28 Oct, 2021
Durable and fast charging  read more »


25 Oct, 2021
Works great! read more »

Works great

24 Oct, 2021
After buying zillions of iPhone cords over the past few years, I have become somewhat of an expert. These are the older style with a stiff, sturdy, plastic like vinyl cord. They work fine. I like... read more »

great to have on hand

21 Oct, 2021
You can never have enough cables for your cell phones.These are great to have at home,in your vehicle.They are well made.I love that each one is a different length. read more »

Works great

21 Oct, 2021
Came on time and works great read more »

Love the length

20 Oct, 2021
Very handy. Works great! Built strong & sturdy  read more »

Great quality

19 Oct, 2021
Its crazy how many chargers I go through, so extras are always needed. These 10 foot cords are fantastic as I no longer have to sit right by the outlet to charge mt phone.  read more »

Great Price

18 Oct, 2021
These chargers work perfectly. The long length makes it very convenient. You can't beat the price! read more »


17 Oct, 2021
Cable is too long read more »

Nice charger cords!

17 Oct, 2021
These are very thick, sturdy, well built charger cords. They came in an environmentally friendly packaging. They seem like they will stand the test of time. I like them! read more »

High quality cable

17 Oct, 2021
This cable is amazing. It's looks like industrial grade reinforced cable.  read more »

Excellent Cables

17 Oct, 2021
Very sturdy cables and they really do charge my iPhones super quick! They are from a high quality material with reinforced ends to prevent breakage when plugging up and unplugging my devices... read more »

Works with iPhone 11

17 Oct, 2021
Cord attaches and charges with ease. The length makes it perfect for this outlets in my home that not not ideally placed. My phone did not have an issue connecting to the charger and it has been able... read more »

Sturdy cables

17 Oct, 2021
The moment I felt these cables, I knew they were sturdy and tough. I like the length of them and know that they were not as fragile as the ones I tried in the past. They did not come off the phone eas... read more »

Thos thimg is huge! And Crazy Fast!

15 Oct, 2021
This charger is definitely worth taking a look. It charges my phone fast! Its alp very long which is both perfect and Nostalgic lol definitely 5 stars thank you!  read more »

Extra long chargers

15 Oct, 2021
You can get comfy and still charge your phone because these cords are extremely long read more »


15 Oct, 2021
I can never have enough charging cables, they are this generation's bobby pin, pen, dryer sock, no matter how many you buy theu just disappear. This ones not only are long so you don't need to... read more »


14 Oct, 2021
Not quite 10ft but worked effectively  read more »

Ten Foot Long iPhone Chargers

14 Oct, 2021
iPhone Charger Ten Feet Long, Three Pack Extra Long Lightning Cable. MFI Certified iPhone Charger. This is a pack of three ten foot long iPhone lightening charging cables. They work really well! They... read more »

Love love love these!

13 Oct, 2021
I absolutely love these. They fit my iphone 12 Max Pro PERECTLY! They charge my phone quickly. :) Made sturdy! Would buy again!!! read more »

iPhone Charger 10 ft

13 Oct, 2021
iPhone Charger 10 ft,3-Pack Extra Long Lightning Cable, MFi-Certified iPhone Charger Cable 10 Foot Charging Cord for iPhone 12 11 Pro X XS Max XR/8 Plus/7 Plus/6/6s Plus/5s /5c/iPad Mini Air(Gold). Th... read more »

Works great

13 Oct, 2021
These are made very well. The ends are thick and not flimsy. There is enough cord for me to charge and not be up against the wall. It charges my device super fast. Definitely impressed. read more »

Excellent Charger Cables

12 Oct, 2021
These extra long charging cables are high quality and work great! My wife and I use them at night and we love them!  read more »

Seem good

12 Oct, 2021
Bought as spares just in case so haven't tried them all but they look as they're supposed to.  read more »

The Best so far..

12 Oct, 2021
It seems as though I'm always buying packs of chargers for our phones because they never last! When these arrived the first thing that caught my attention was the quality. Amazing quality!  ... read more »


12 Oct, 2021
Good charger a little slow but works read more »

Amazon.com: iPhone Charger 10 ft,3-Pack Extra Long Lightning Cable, MFi-Certified iPhone Charger Cable 10 Foot Charging Cord for iPhone 12 11 Pro X XS Max XR/8 Plus/7 Plus/6/6s Plus/5s /5c/iPad Mini Air(Gold) : Musical Instruments

11 Oct, 2021
Just got it yesterday and so far it is charging all my devices. That is a good sign! Lets see how much time it holds I am more concerned that it won't break all of the sudden. In the past I had ch... read more »

Very sturdy and came fast!

11 Oct, 2021
These cords are thick and very sturdy. They work great so far.  read more »

durable charge cords

10 Oct, 2021
I bought these for spare cords for my daughter. So far, she has been pleased with these as backups. They are not designated as the super fast chargers so we knew that going in, but they work just fine... read more »


09 Oct, 2021
I love the length of these cords. My devices charge quickly. The gold color is unique so no one will mistake these as their cord. I would get these again.  read more »

Great buy

08 Oct, 2021
Love them good price . Fast charging!! Thank you read more »

works great

08 Oct, 2021
Absolutely good quality  and built for last long - iPhone Charger 10 ft,3-Pack Extra Long Lightning Cable, MFi-Certified iPhone Charger Cable 10 Foot Charging Cord for iPhone 12 11 Pro X XS Max X... read more »

Iphone charger

08 Oct, 2021
Its perfect for our old iphone 5s currently used by my daughter. No more worry for charger in the future. read more »

Wonderful cords

06 Oct, 2021
Work amazingly love how long they are. Can use with any plug in read more »

Hard to find that length and quality

06 Oct, 2021
Nice solid lightening cables that are that long and will last. I keep having to buy new ones because they stop working after awhile, these will work! read more »

Really Great! Strong!

05 Oct, 2021
Very high quality materials, I am shocked they didn' sell better. Even the packaging is super high quality and really think, so that the cables are well protected during shippng. I ordered some fo... read more »

Lightening Charger

05 Oct, 2021
These are good lightening chargers.  They are long enough to reach where I need them to. read more »


05 Oct, 2021
This pack is great the charging speed of it is very good and the 10ft length gives you the flexibility to plug it anywhere,  the cord itself is flexible but sturdy made of a good material and the... read more »

Very good deal!

05 Oct, 2021
These are nice and long for those of us who have few outlets in a room and need to have charging in a more convenient place than where the outlet is.  I am running one under my bed and up so I ca... read more »


05 Oct, 2021
Great chargers they actually work fast and they are long cords  read more »

Not durable

04 Oct, 2021
The first time I plugged my iPad up with this cable the end of it broke! Not sturdy at all!   read more »

Lightening fast and long!

04 Oct, 2021
There's never enough chargers but this pack of 3 solves problems!  The two best features are that they charge lightening fast and they are 10 LONGGGGG!  Love these! #RankBoosterReview... read more »

Great quality

04 Oct, 2021
Nice thick cables, charge fast and seem to be very high quality. read more »

Works great

04 Oct, 2021
Works great and unbelievable price read more »


04 Oct, 2021
Got to sell read more »

love the 10 ft cords

02 Oct, 2021
   So many compatible devices to use these charging cords with. Here is a list of some of them, IPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max X XS Max XR / 8 / 8 Plus / 7 / 7 Plus / 6s Plus / 6s / 6 Plus... read more »

Super fast charging

02 Oct, 2021
Great and hard to bend read more »

Great quality

02 Oct, 2021
These lightning cables are fantastic. I constantly bend the ends by heavily using my phone while charging. This braided cord is much stronger than the traditional cord. I would definitely recomme... read more »

Great chargers

01 Oct, 2021
These charging cables are a fantastic value and they work great. I like the long length as it allows me to easily use my devices while they are charging. They charge fast and the quality of the build... read more »

Fast charging cable

01 Oct, 2021
This is perfect fast charging cable for Iphone. I have iphone XR and this works perfect. Not every cable is compatible with Iphone and this one is not giving me any error message while charge. read more »

iPhone Charger Cable

30 Sep, 2021
Very long cables, which comes in handy when your regular cable is not long enough to reach from the wall to where you're sitting. These cables charge my phone just as fast as a smaller 3ft cable.... read more »

I phone cords I have 3 iPhones ????

29 Sep, 2021
These come in handy when you go though cords often the the price was good and I grabbed them you can't go wrong on iPhone charger cords we need them. All the time !  read more »

Great quality

28 Sep, 2021
Great quality chargers. You 3 which seems like a good price. They charge my phone up fast. The length is great. I would buy again. #Viralix  read more »

Perfect for daily uses

27 Sep, 2021
Good quality iphone cabel with long length. Perfect for my desk setup - cable can reach up to bedside easily. Features & details Lasts 10X Longer: In the laboratory environment, bending t... read more »

Fast charging fantastic value

27 Sep, 2021
These charging cables are fantastic value. I like the long length as it allows me to easily use my devices while they are charging. They charge fast and the quality of the build is fantastic. They hav... read more »

Good value for money

27 Sep, 2021
These charging cables are very long and thick, they are great to keep them in the home for every day use.  read more »

Good cords, very fast!

26 Sep, 2021
It's day 2 and these cords are all good, I tested all 3 of them, all 3 work, and they're very fast. 10 feet long so great for if you need to use your phone during charging. Will be testing on... read more »

5 Stars!

25 Sep, 2021
Just got it yesterday and so far it is charging all my devices. That is a good sign! Lets see how much time it holds I am more concerned that it won't break all of the sudden. In the past I had ch... read more »


25 Sep, 2021
Who doesn't need a long charger?! Works just like the iPhone chargers but cheaper price. Yeah yeah! read more »

Seems durable

25 Sep, 2021
We shall see how long these last, I have always bought store ones and they last for a handful of months before they break. These seems to be more durable then the ones from the store or the ones apple... read more »

Great cords

24 Sep, 2021
These cords work and are durable. You get 5 in a pack and they are 6 foot long. They really do charge the devices quickly.  read more »


24 Sep, 2021
The changers are outstanding! Amazing!) Great quality  read more »

Extra long Apple-Compatible Lightning Cables for charging and data transfer

23 Sep, 2021
This order is for a 3-pack of extra-long 10 foot charging and data transfer cables for use with Apple iPads, iPhones, and iPods. They are capable of data transfer rates up to 480 Mbps and will charge... read more »

Exactly what I expected

22 Sep, 2021
High quality and durable 10 ft. long cords for my iphone.  Always running short on these and needed some extras.  In this case I noticed they have a great coating and expect them to last muc... read more »

Gifted to my neighbor

22 Sep, 2021
Works great for his I phone read more »

Just received my package today.

22 Sep, 2021
 I couldn't be more surprised at the quality of these cables.  I can't thank you enough  read more »

Fast Charge

21 Sep, 2021
Great Product Great Price 5 stars!  read more »

Good quality at a great value

21 Sep, 2021
I'm very impressed with this product  a heavy rubber like outer sheath that leaves the impression that it will last the test of time  no issues charging my phone as it is fast when... read more »

I like it

21 Sep, 2021
They work sturdy got 3 in a pack read more »


21 Sep, 2021
I love the length so I can use this from a distance. Thank you  read more »

Great Quality!

21 Sep, 2021
Very nice set of chargers. Multipack of chargers made to withhold damage. read more »

Exactly as Described

20 Sep, 2021
This is the second set of 10 ft phone charging cables I've purchased. There are times when you need to be able to move around while your phone is charging and discord allows you 10 ft of room to r... read more »

Nice long cables

20 Sep, 2021
These are as pictured and described. Very long sturdy iPhone charger lightning connector cords. They work and plug up well.  read more »

Fast Charge

20 Sep, 2021
These iphone fast charging ten feet three pack extra long ligtning cable is just that, fast charging, comes three to a pack, are extra long and charges very fast.  They fit very well, work great... read more »

Love the 10 foot length

20 Sep, 2021
I really enjoy these cables. The 10 foot length is awesome. The wire is a little moldable and great for the car and my bedroom. Quality wise they are good and they charge and hold into my adapter, so... read more »

Amazing chargers

19 Sep, 2021
With 2 small children I am always going through chargers as thye get broken easily. I ordered this set as a replacement and they are great, Fast charging and long enough where i odnt have to sit right... read more »

Works Great with the Iphones!

19 Sep, 2021
I purchased this set of 3 iPhone Chargers by #theSMALLElectricStore for my kids' iPhones. My daughter has an iPhone 11 ProMax, My son has an iPhone 8+ , and my grandson has an iPhone 8 . It worked... read more »

Nice iphone charging cables

18 Sep, 2021
I am looking for long cables to charge iPhone. These cables are nicely made and working fine. You can see the video for more details and cable demo. I try it and it work good. Fast charging. read more »

Great Buy!

18 Sep, 2021
Great charging cables. read more »

Great Cords.

18 Sep, 2021
I'm always replacing charge cords.  This set should last me awhile.  They are long, which is great!  They seem very well made and sturdy--not flimsy like so many I've purchased.... read more »

Good product

18 Sep, 2021
The charger cords came quickly and well packaged.  Just perfect to keep me powered up on my iPhone as I am always on the go.   read more »


17 Sep, 2021
Used only once, end did get pretty warm, but no melt downs as of yet  read more »

Seem cheaply made

16 Sep, 2021
These seem like they will be ok, but they don't seem to be great quality.  read more »


16 Sep, 2021
Thick cords and great quality. Definitely look like they will last a long time. Super happy with the item. read more »

Get connected

15 Sep, 2021
Great set of charger cables.  Very well made and durable.  Highly recommended for anyone with an apple product. read more »

Absolutely Amazing

15 Sep, 2021
These are great USB cables! As soon as I plugged it in my phone, it charged! No error message!  Also, I really like that it fits in my phone and I don't have to remove the cover! ... read more »

Great purchase

15 Sep, 2021
These Phone Chargers (10 ft,3-Pack Extra Long Lightning Cable, MFi-Certified iPhone Charger Cable 10 Foot Charging Cord for iPhone 12 11 Pro X XS Max XR/8 Plus/7 Plus/6/6s Plus/5s /5c/iPad Mini A... read more »

Great product

15 Sep, 2021
Works great! Not cheaply made like alot of chargers ive bought. Definitely should last a good while. Definitely would reccomend.  read more »

Good product.

14 Sep, 2021
Work great, gpood product read more »

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