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Giving as a Gift

30 Aug, 2022
This wallet seems to be made well.  Love the added bonus of the phone card holder. read more »

Rivet Tool Kit

03 May, 2022
This is a great kit.  The box it comes in seems sturdy and well organized. read more »

Great Rubber Bands

19 Apr, 2022
I like these hair rubber bands.  They hold well without breaking.  Only issue is the cutting tool was not included. read more »

Guitar Pick Resin Mold

28 Mar, 2022
Loves these molds.  Easy to use and clean. read more »

Zipper Pulls

10 Mar, 2022
Have not used any yet.  Love the texture on the zipper pull, make it easier to hold onto while pulling the zipper open or closed. read more »

3/4" Wide Side Release Buckles

04 Mar, 2022
They seem to be made well.  Have not used them yet on a bag or item. read more »

Silicone Keychain Bracelet

04 Mar, 2022
I love this keychain.  It stretches enough to fit over my hand.  Stays on my wrist. read more »

Fidget Pop Toy

21 Feb, 2022
This fidget toy is a nice size and feels good when popping. read more »

Popping Fidget Ball

24 Jan, 2022
I love this fidget ball.  I could play with it all day. read more »

Great Clamps

24 Jan, 2022
I love these clamps.  Only thing that they don't seem to do that is advertised is being able to be reversable.  One end has a rivet that keeps it from being able to come off and be rever... read more »

Type C Charging Cords

05 Oct, 2021
Great charging cables read more »

Lightening Charger

05 Oct, 2021
These are good lightening chargers.  They are long enough to reach where I need them to. read more »

Fidget Pop Toy

20 Sep, 2021
These are great.  Fidget toys are a good size but still able to fit into a back pack or purse. read more »

Flood Light

20 Sep, 2021
Love this light.  It is very bright and easy to mount to the location I needed it. read more »

Hair Ties

27 Aug, 2021
I love these hair ties!  They are soft and have a good stretch to them.  The hair tie holds my hair without tugging.  read more »

Desk Mat

17 Aug, 2021
I am enjoying the desk mat.  Took a few days to be able to lay flat because it was shipped rolled up. read more »

iPhone Case

12 Aug, 2021
Good simple phone case for an iPhone read more »

Phone case

12 Aug, 2021
Good simply phone case for an iPhone read more »

Great Hair Ties

12 Aug, 2021
I love these hair ties.  They are soft and stretch well.  I bought them for my classroom stash for students that needed them.  I think I may end up using them more than they do. read more »

C to C cord

07 Aug, 2021
Love the long cord to be able to charge my phone. read more »

Power Tower

07 Aug, 2021
This works well.  Charges my phone well.  I only wish it had a flat plug for the wall.  Was difficult to plug in where I needed it read more »

Great Little Speaker

03 Aug, 2021
This is a good speaker.  Looking forward to using it in my classroom. read more »

Fidget Dimple Toy

31 Jul, 2021
I look forward to using these in my classroom.  Seems to be good quality. read more »

Silicon Bead Key Chain

28 Jul, 2021
Love this keychain.  Stretches well to fit over my hand.  Easy to use and put keys on. read more »

D Rings

19 Jul, 2021
These d Rings are a good weight.  I look forward to using them to sew into bags. read more »

USB Adapter

18 Jul, 2021
These worked well during our vacation. read more »

Doll Accessories

18 Jul, 2021
My daughter loved these for her dolls and doll house. read more »

Stainless Steel Chainmail Cleaning Scrubber

24 Jun, 2021
I love this kitchen gadget.  It helps me keep my cast iron skillets clean without a lot of scrubbing. read more »

1-1/2'' Swivel Trigger Bolt Snap Hook Lobster Claw Clasp

24 Jun, 2021
These are great swivels.  They have a good weight to them and open and close easily.  Looking forward to making a bag with these claps read more »

1-1/2'' Swivel

24 Jun, 2021
These are great swivels.  They have a good weight to them and open and close easily.  Looking forward to making a bag with these claps read more »

1-1/2'' Swivel Trigger Round Head Lobster Claw Clasp

18 Jun, 2021
These are great swivels.  They have a good weight to them and open and close easily.  Looking forward to making a bag with these claps read more »

Smart Watch

18 Jun, 2021
I love this watch.  The sleep tracker works well.  I am able to track my steps easily without having to carry my phone everywhere. read more »

Lobster Claps

17 Jun, 2021
These are great swivels.  they have a good weight to them and open and close easily.  Looking forward to making a bag with these claps. read more »

Wooden Clock

17 Jun, 2021
This clock is light weight.  I have had it for a few days and it seems to keep time well. read more »

Precision Screwdriver Set

09 Jun, 2021
Great set of precision screwdrivers.  These seem well made and easy to use. read more »

Plastic Syringe

08 Jun, 2021
These are great little syringes.  I used them for epoxy resin to fill in small holes.  Work perfectly. read more »

USB Microphone

04 Jun, 2021
This mic is great for chats with family or zoom meetings for work.  Its small compact design won't take up much room on your desk. read more »

Engraved Motivational Charms

04 Jun, 2021
These charms are nice.  Looking forward to making some jewelry with them. read more »

Sand Timers

04 Jun, 2021
These timers work well.  I added them to my teacher classroom stash. read more »

Laptop Riser for Desk

04 Jun, 2021
This laptop desk is great for working at home.  Helps keep my computer in my lap and easy to use. read more »

Hair Cutting Kit

26 May, 2021
Great small hair cutting kit with two pairs of scissors and some clips.  They are great and cut hair well. read more »

Amazing Phone Mount

26 May, 2021
I hadn't been able to find a phone holder mount that would clip onto my verticle car vents. This did the trick. read more »

Solder Iron

21 May, 2021
Great solder iron.  Bought as a gift and he loved it. read more »

Queen Sheets

21 May, 2021
My daughter loves her new sheets.  they are soft and come out of the laundry fabulously. read more »

Domino Mold

21 May, 2021
Love this domino mold.  Easy to use. read more »

Birthday Set

21 May, 2021
Great set that comes with a Birthday sash and crown. read more »

Doll Clothing Pack

11 May, 2021
These are wonderful.  Floats are bigger than I expected them to be.  Great way to take your dolls to the pool with you. read more »

Turtle Sprinkler

11 May, 2021
Bought as a gift for my 2 year old neice.  She loved it. read more »

Kids Water Spray Sprinkler

06 May, 2021
Great fun will be had by all this summer.  Bought as a gift for my nephew.  The dogs will even join in on the water fun. read more »

Doll Clothes

06 May, 2021
These are perfect.  Bought these for a birthday gift.  She is going to love them! read more »

Great Flashlight

03 May, 2021
I love this flashlight.  It is easy to use and switch between flashlight, flashing and blacklight.  I would completely buy this again. read more »

Switch Controler

27 Apr, 2021
Works well with my Switch.  Had it a few days and have no issue with drift. read more »

Phone Stand Silicone Mold

27 Apr, 2021
Great mold, easy to use. read more »

Eyeglass Kit

24 Apr, 2021
This is a great kit.  Case for the screws is sturdy and keep the screws sorted well. read more »

Laptop Stickers

22 Apr, 2021
LOVE these stickers.  I have blinged up my laptop and covered some scratches in the case. read more »


13 Apr, 2021
This bulb is amazing.  It is bright and has an onboard fan to keep it from over heating. read more »

Headlamp Flashlight

13 Apr, 2021
I love these lights.  They are bright, easy to use and have several different settings to meet my needs.  I also enjoy that they can be used as a headlamp, magneted to something or use the s... read more »

Baby Yoda Stickers

06 Apr, 2021
Great stickers. read more »

T-shirt Ruler

31 Mar, 2021
Come with four different sizes.  They seem like a thin plastic.  I would have liked them to have been longer. read more »

Cargo Light Bulbs

23 Mar, 2021
These work great.  Easy to install read more »

T-Shirt Alignment Tool

17 Mar, 2021
Helps to be able to use one tool than two different rulers.  LOVE this alignment tool. read more »

Couldn't get to work

07 Mar, 2021
I could not get these smart plugs to pair with my Alexa.  Unless your Alexa can run the zigbee app they don't seem to want to pair at all.  Not happy with these at all. read more »

Irrigation Kit

02 Mar, 2021
Have not gotten to use it.  All the pieces were there. Look forward to installing it this summer. read more »

Floral Print Shirt Long Sleeve

25 Jan, 2021
Shirt is great.  Seems to run a little small.  Normall wear a 2xl-3xl.  Ordered a 4xl and it is a little on the small side.  Fabric is soft and comfortable. read more »

10" Selfie Ring Light

25 Jan, 2021
Love this ring light.  Easy to setup and use. read more »

Very Flimsy

13 Jan, 2021
The molds are as they were discribed.  The only issue I have is that there are no supports on the mold and they are rather thin.  When you set them on a flat surface it causes a small flat s... read more »

Great Molds

17 Dec, 2020
These are wonderful silicone molds.  I used them with epoxy and they came out wonderful. read more »


19 Nov, 2020
Came quickly and was well packaged. read more »

Fluffy Rug

19 Nov, 2020
This rug is soft and great to walk on.  Comes vacuum packed and folded. Took several days for the creases to go away after taking it out of the vacuum sealed packaging. read more »

Cord Locks

19 Nov, 2020
Came quickly and are easy to place on elastic for masks. read more »

Wire Connectors

09 Nov, 2020
Came in a good case and sorted by type. read more »

Smart Watch Health and Fitness Tracker

09 Nov, 2020
Love this watch!  It was easy to download the app and set it up.  I have used it for several days and love it.  Easy menus to click through. read more »

Kids Dart Board Set

03 Nov, 2020
Came well packaged.  Bought as a gift for my nephew. read more »

45mm Rotary Cutter

03 Nov, 2020
Blades cut well and rotary cutter is easy to use. read more »

Torx Screwdriver Bit Set

03 Nov, 2020
Nice set if bits.  Have not used them yet. read more »

Rotary Cutter Blades

03 Nov, 2020
Nice rotary blades.  Packaging from Amazon was a little excessive but gave my family some entertainment. read more »

Web Cam

03 Nov, 2020
Easy and quick setup.  Plug and play as promised. read more »

Mini Weather Bottle

03 Nov, 2020
Love this little bottle for the weather.  Sits nicely on my desk.  Only wish it came with an insert explaning how to use it.  Frustraiting having to reference the Amazon purchase locati... read more »

Sewing Clips

27 Oct, 2020
Clips seem light weight and easy to use. Have not had a chance to use them while sewing yet. read more »

Lobster Claps

23 Oct, 2020
Heavy and good quality.  Look forward to using them to make bags for Christmas gifts. read more »

Cat USB Flash Drive

23 Oct, 2020
It arrived well packaged.  Small size fits easily in your pocket, purse or backpack. read more »

Resin Geode Coaster Mold

01 Oct, 2020
Great molds.  Sturdy and don't bend when filled with epoxy. read more »

Coaster Resin Mold

28 Sep, 2020
I love this mold!  Most molds can be flimsy and difficult to work with.  I like that the bottom of this mold goes out further from the side to give it more stability when working with the mo... read more »

Alphabet Mold Set

24 Sep, 2020
Great set.  I look forward to using it. read more »

12PCS Masonry Drill Bits Set

17 Sep, 2020
Bits are as described.  Was hoping they would come in a small bag or case to keep from loosing them.  They came shipped loose in the shipping mailer. read more »

Sew Kit

08 Sep, 2020
This is a great kit.  I never seem to have enough bobbins. read more »

Silver Pulleiys

08 Sep, 2020
These pulleys worked great for what I needed them for read more »

Nose Wires

31 Aug, 2020
These work great in hademade masks or to replace in other masks. read more »

Slip Stopper

28 Jul, 2020
I have been making masks.  These non slip cord locks are great.  Helps me add longer elastic to fit more people and make it adjustable. read more »

Ear Savers

28 Jul, 2020
Love these ear savers.  They are easy to use and have helped reduce pain from having to wear a mask. read more »

Bias Tape Maker

12 Jul, 2020
Purchases these for a gift.  They came well packaged and look easy to use. read more »

Coaster Molds

12 Jul, 2020
Love these molds.  All three are amazing and easy to use. read more »

Seal Wire Connector

09 Jul, 2020
Love these.  It makes getting wire connections so much easier. read more »

Hair Straightener Brush

30 Jun, 2020
This hair straightener is easy to use.  Heats up quickly. read more »

No Show Socks

30 Jun, 2020
Love these socks.  They fit well and do not slide off when I wear them. read more »

Jumpers Leads

29 Jun, 2020
Have not used the the jumper leads yet.  The seem to be a good quality and arrived quickly. read more »

Breadboard Kit

25 Jun, 2020
Came quickly and packaged well.  Have not used them  yet but seem to be a good quality. read more »


25 Jun, 2020
These resistors came quickly and are well packaged in a plastic case.  I also love that on the paper tape that holds them together that they are marked what kind the resistor is.  That way d... read more »

Great Flashlight

25 Jun, 2020
I love this flashlight.  It is bright and easy to use.  Love that it comes with rechargable batteries and the charger. read more »

Minimalist Ear Climber

19 Jun, 2020
Earrings seem flimsy and difficult to put on the ear.  The size of the earring is not was I expected. read more »

Great fan

19 May, 2020
Love this fan.  Folds up well for fit in my purse.  It is easily charged to use on the go.  The box for the fan did come damaged so if I had planned to give this as a gift it wouldn'... read more »

128 SD Card

21 Feb, 2020
Works great in my cell phone.  Went from an 8GB card to 128gb easily. read more »

Magic Eraser

21 Feb, 2020
I love these.  They are great to clean my bathtub, my walls or anything else in my home.  Great at getting stuck on dirt off easily. read more »


27 Jan, 2020
I do like this tripod.  The legs are a little more flimsy that I was expecting.  Once they are locked into place the tripod become more stable.  It is very light weight and easy to carr... read more »

Memory Cards

27 Jan, 2020
These memory cards worked great in my survelance cameras on my house. read more »

Snow Funnel

27 Jan, 2020
Great way to get ice off your car.  The cone is very large for my small hands though.  Wish the large cone was a little smaller. read more »

Battery Pack

31 Dec, 2019
I have enjoyed this battery pack over the last few days.  It comes with a case and charge cord.  It is light and slim enough to keep in the purse without worrying about carrying around a hea... read more »

Micro Screw Kit

31 Dec, 2019
I love the idea of this kit.  The screws come in a convienent case but they are small screws so they can move to other slots.  There isn't anything to keep them contained from moving aro... read more »

Flash Drive

31 Dec, 2019
This flash drive is amazing.  Is is compact and easy to keep with me on my keys with the provided key ring. read more »

Great Tweezer Set

31 Dec, 2019
I love this set of tweezers.  The case helps keep them all together in one place. read more »


19 Dec, 2019
Great assortment of fuzes.  Will be keeping them in my car. read more »

Xmas Tree

19 Dec, 2019
Love this tree.  It is a decent size but small enough to fit on my desk. read more »

Amazing Controller

13 Dec, 2019
This controller is great.  I would definately purchase another one.  It is so much easier to hold than the small joy cons that come with the Switch.  This controller was easy to connect... read more »

Switch Case

13 Dec, 2019
I love this case for my Nintendo Switch.  I always found the device to skinny to hold comfortably.  With this case it is easier to hold.  I love that it comes with three different desig... read more »

Hex Keys

21 Nov, 2019
Great set of hex keys.  Love that they come attached to a rings so they are less likely to get lost. read more »

Precision Kit

06 Nov, 2019
Great kit!  Has lots of the small bits that are difficult to find all in one kit.  Plus it comes in a great storage box so you are less likely to loose all of the pieces. read more »

Sous Vide Set

06 Nov, 2019
I like this set. The rack is sturdy and easy to use.  The container is standard restaurant quality and fits my sous vide cooker well. read more »

Great Tracker

06 Nov, 2019
I love this little tracker.  I put it in my wallet. When I come home tired and set my purse down and don't remember where I put it I can set the tracker page off and find it easily. read more »

Jar Shakers

16 Oct, 2019
Never received the item.  Package arrived empty. read more »

Light Box Stand

08 Oct, 2019
Great way to hold a light box for tracing or weeding vinyl. Helps make it easier to hold. read more »

Reusable Straws

30 Sep, 2019
Love these straws.  The cases are great for carrying in your purse.  Love the little cleaner that comes with them. read more »

Great Fan

30 Sep, 2019
Great little fan.  Love how portable it is and that it uses a usb to run.  No carrying around large cords. read more »

Eye Glass Kit

25 Sep, 2019
I was excited to recieved the eye glass kit.  I was happy that the screws and other parts were seperated in a carrying case.  When I recieved it the screws were all mixed together.  The... read more »

Binder Rings

24 Sep, 2019
These binder rings will be perfect for the planners I make.  Thank you read more »

Quick Dry Towel

09 Sep, 2019
This quick dry towel is great.  I love the carry case.  It isn't a hard plastic like most carrying cases.  It is a soft rubber matterial that allows me to squish it into my back wit... read more »

Great Glitter

09 Sep, 2019
This glitter is the perfect size.  Love that they came individually wrapped and in there own containers. read more »

Wonderful Straws

03 Sep, 2019
I love these straws.  They fit well in my purse so I don't have to use disposable straws at restaraunts. read more »

Artist Apron

29 Aug, 2019
Love these aprons.  Worked well for my class of young students. read more »

Great Connectors

09 Jul, 2019
I love this style of connectors.  Makes any project easy to complete.  I also like that these come in a pack of only one color.  Makes it easy to get the right size quickly and effience... read more »

Pinched Fingers are a thing of the past

09 Jul, 2019
Love these.  My nephew loves to play with these.  Even better is he isn't getting his fingers pinched in door anymore. read more »

Multi Pack Sanding Disks

26 Jun, 2019
These sanding disks come in a multi grit pack.  I love that is ranges from 80 grit all the way upto 240 grit.  Love the variety.    They come in a cardboard box unlike others I hav... read more »

Amazing Fan

24 Jun, 2019
Don't let the small size of this fan fool you, it is amazing.  Clip is stong enough to hold it upside down.  Moves air well and love that it is USB powered so I can connect it to my comp... read more »

Anywhere Fountain

18 Jun, 2019
You can now have a fountain anywhere you want! I love it! It's easy to use and is solar! I have it in a small pond.  Does need full sun to run correctly. read more »

Great Backpack

12 Jun, 2019
The sling backpack is a great size for traveling or a day out with the family.  Has two zippered larger pockets and one smaller zippered pocket great for keys, cash and cards.  Largest pocke... read more »

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