yamaso 5 Sets Clothes Outfits Accessories for 11.5 Inch Girl Doll(Random Style)
Price: $4.99
4.88 / 5   (58 Reviews)


Perfect for little girls.

21 Jan, 2022
My granddaughter has a lot of dolls, so I bought this set on Amazon for her to use with her dolls. She loves the great variety of clothes for her dolls! read more »

Best variety of doll clothes!

12 Sep, 2021
This seller has the best variety of doll clothes I've seen yet. Nice these are prepackaged with a few different outfits per package. Granddaughter loved them so much, she made a modeling session... read more »

Fits perfect

13 Aug, 2021
This cute little five outfit set for Barbies fits Barbies perfectly my niece loves them read more »

fits good

10 Jun, 2021
The outfits fit the 11.5 inch doll great. The shoes only fit some of the dolls. But the outfits fit great and look good on the dolls.  read more »

Perfect Addition to Collection

06 Jun, 2021
You get all of these outfits for the price or one in a big box retail store! I love that the pieces are very versatile and can be used in conjunction with other sets we have on hand now and ones we wi... read more »


29 May, 2021
Cute for the price. Not jihh quality but comes with a lot of.options read more »


26 May, 2021
I am so satisfied with these barbie clothes. They are so nice and fit the Barbie so great! I love that they are a fraction of the price of the ones in store. You get way more also! They are well made! read more »

As advertised

26 May, 2021
Fits perfectly to my nieces barbies. read more »


19 May, 2021
Cute little outfits for Barbie dolls!! Fast shipping and quality products!! Going to give to my cousin for her birthday! read more »

amazing fun

19 May, 2021
I bought these for my 7 year old granddaughter. I am amazed at how well made these are for the price, better than the name brand ones. The fit on the Barbie is great. Some I have purchased from other... read more »

Lets play dress up

17 May, 2021
My daughter loves to switch her barbies clothes out with these outfits. Cute outfits read more »

So cute!

15 May, 2021
My niece is so happy with all these doll clothes. She can dress her doll on any style with all these clothes. I love their  shoes that came with the clothes. Perfect for any doll p... read more »


11 May, 2021
Super cute. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #JYJP https://amazon.com/dp/B08CVBXQQP read more »

Doll Clothes

06 May, 2021
These are perfect.  Bought these for a birthday gift.  She is going to love them! read more »

Creative fun!

05 May, 2021
These are doll clothes, sure.  But to a little one who plays with dolls these are dinner parties and school events, fashion shows and whatever their imagination dreams up.  The price is righ... read more »

Very nice

22 Apr, 2021
I cannot say enough about these little doll clothes. They are so cute and made well. I love the shoes they come with too! Other than the dresses the other outfits are interchangable which is an added... read more »


22 Apr, 2021
~ What ~ Made of mostly cotton blended fabrics, this clothing set for 11.5-sized dolls contains 2 dresses, 2 pairs of pants, 1 pair of capris, 3 shirts, and 5 pairs of shoes. All garments use Velcro... read more »

Looks good

21 Apr, 2021
I'm saving these as a gift so I'm not sure of the quality yet but they seem as promised. read more »

OKay clother

20 Apr, 2021
I like the number of clothes for the price. They are big enough to adjust to the shapes of different barbies read more »

Barbie wardrobe

19 Apr, 2021
These 5 outfits are bold colors and patterns that are  in style. They fit great and each outfit comes with a pair of shoes. read more »

Cute outfits

11 Apr, 2021
These are great doll outfits nice variety. My niece is so happy with them and the shoes that come with are so cute definitely something to buy or any little one out there that loves dolls. read more »

Perfect for barbies!

10 Apr, 2021
They fit my daughter's barbies just right!  read more »

my granddaughter loves these!

09 Apr, 2021
My granddaughter likes to keep her Barbies in style. She loves changing their clothes, shoes, hair, etc. These have been a great addition to her Barbie closet. These clothes fit her Barbies perfectly.... read more »


08 Apr, 2021
These are great ! Nice variety and good quality.  read more »

Great !

02 Apr, 2021
I bought these for my niece. She loves Barbies. these fit her dolls nicely. #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #e-ting read more »

cute clothing for dolls

01 Apr, 2021
My daughter loves to dress her dolls up so I decided to buy this set for her to add to her doll's wardrobe collection. All of the pieces are sent randomly so if you purchase this item, you may or... read more »

Cute !

28 Mar, 2021
Very impressed with these doll clothes. It fits my barbie dolls perfectly. The quality of the clothes is great. Even comes with cute shoes.  read more »

Super cute

27 Mar, 2021
I got these for my nieces Barbies and she loves them. read more »

Daughters loved them

26 Mar, 2021
They fit their Barbie dolls they loved the outfit and the shoes they mix and match the outfits and they fit well  read more »

Nice set

24 Mar, 2021
The set includes 5 pairs of shoes, pants, shirts and 1 dress. They fits the Barbie doll size. However, somes clothes are very tight and it's hard for my daughter to dress the doll and she has to a... read more »

Easter gift

23 Mar, 2021
I bought this for my girls for Easter so it is still in the package. From what I can tell it is super cute. I know my girls will love it. read more »

Very cute

22 Mar, 2021
Super cute outfits and made really well . My daughter has enjoyed dressing and redressing her Barbies.  read more »

Cute and Affordable

21 Mar, 2021
These outfits are super cute and fit fashion dolls well. They are an affordable way to add to fashion dolls clothing.  read more »

Love it

16 Mar, 2021
My daughter really loves its. great price and quality  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08CVBXQQP #RankBoosterReview#yamaso read more »


14 Mar, 2021
I just love all these outfits! They are unique and I love that they close by velcro closure. Makes putting them on easy fro the kiddos.  read more »

High quality

14 Mar, 2021
High quality Barbie clothes. My daughter loves these. Very stylish read more »


12 Mar, 2021
They are decent for the price but they could be made better. They are poorly made in some areas read more »

Good quality

11 Mar, 2021
My kiddo has so much fun changing barbies clothes. They are so easy to use and look great! read more »

play all day

10 Mar, 2021
Play all day with this huge wardrobe and accessory set. They are so cute. read more »

Very Impressed~

09 Mar, 2021
Yamaso 5 sets clothes for 11.5 inch doll are nice~ This set contains 5 different style of clothings for dolls~  A lovely black with red dot sun dress, floral print one piece dress, different tops... read more »

Such a sweet set

08 Mar, 2021
This set of clothes by yamaso is so cute, made very well and stitched together tightly.   It is made for eleven and a half inch dolls and there are five sets with five pairs of shoes. ... read more »

So cute!

03 Mar, 2021
This set of clothes fit my granddaughters barbies perfectly and they are really made with care and are not cheaply made. She just loved the variety of clothes. i. #RankBoosterReview  ii. #Spon... read more »


03 Mar, 2021
The clothes are very pretty I love the night dress it fit perfectly fine read more »

Really cute doll clothes and accessories!

25 Feb, 2021
I purchased this assortment of doll clothes by #yamaso for my granddaughter's Barbie dolls. They fit well and they're also sewn well. It's a very nice assortment for only $4.99. Great for... read more »

cute clothes

03 Feb, 2021
those clothes and dresses are very cut!but sometimes it is really hard to put them on an original barbie.if you have off brand barbie dolls the clothes fit perfectly and there is no fight to put them... read more »

Great for Christmas

21 Sep, 2020
Who's are about as a Christmas present so we've been put away until then but the overall quality looks pretty good read more »

More cute barbie clothes

20 Aug, 2020
This is the same review as the other set of clothes I have posted on. The review is the same because there is nothing I can say about one set that is different to the other. I recently picked up so... read more »

My daughters life it

20 Aug, 2020
Daughters love the new clothes for the Barbie  read more »

Nice set variety

17 Aug, 2020
Nice variety of doll clothes with shoes. Fits good, great buy.  read more »

Doll clothes

15 Aug, 2020

Cute doll dresses

14 Aug, 2020
They were cute dresses that fits to standard size of barnie doll. We tried to use it with Disney frozen barbie doll but tje dresses are a bit small for these dollies. The shoes are also design for bar... read more »

Barbie got some new clothes!

09 Aug, 2020
This 5 piece set of Barbie clothes is really adorable! She loves that she can switch and mix up outfits if she wants.  They are nicely made and, of good quality material.  Oh and, they come... read more »

So cute, made well!

06 Aug, 2020
Got these for my 7 year old niece, she absolutely loved them! They fit her real barbies just as they're supposed to. The material is durable and clothing is made well. Recommend.  read more »

Great set

05 Aug, 2020
The clothes were as expected. They are well made and fit Barbie nice. There is a good variety of quality shoes included. There are different fits for different dolls. I enjoy the E-ting products. #... read more »

Awesome clothes for the doll!

05 Aug, 2020
This 5 sets of random doll clothes for the 11.5 inch doll are wonderful. There are outfits and shoes, and if your child has a girl doll these will make them very happy. These are a good quality and ve... read more »

What a Bargain

05 Aug, 2020
WOW!  These came in a small, sturdy, closable bag.  The clothes themselves are gorgeous and so unique.  My granddaughter will have clothes unlike everyone else.  These are handmade... read more »

Get Barbie Ready for School

01 Aug, 2020
This great set has 5 different outfits for Barbie! Includes three pairs of pants, three shirts and 2 dresses. It also includes all the matching shoes. And every Barbie needs new clothes! read more »


27 Jul, 2020
These are adorable. Very detailed. Made to fit Barbie size doll. My daughter fell in love with them.  #viralixreview #YAMASO read more »

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