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Pliers for it all

22 Apr, 2022
These are very durable they are made with a thick metal and have easy comfort grip 10 inch handles. They adjust and clamp with ease and have cut grooved marks on teeth which keeps it from sliding off... read more »

Sweatshirt w attitude

12 Aug, 2021
This is made out of a thinner sweatshirt material hangs off one shoulder long sleeve raised glitter looking lip print on the front. I ordered a size larger just to be on the safe side it runs about av... read more »

screwdrivers with style

11 Aug, 2021
This 10 PC set has a variety of sized Phillips and flat head ends that are magnetic with comfortable easy to grip handles. They are very well made and durable. They come in a clear plastic zip pouch w... read more »

Settled Gnome

17 Jul, 2021
This Gnome is bigger than expected. It's a very plump filled gnome with a full beard and he is weighted to keep him standing up with a metal bendable rod inside his hat for you to shape as you wou... read more »

She boxing

17 Jul, 2021
These gloves are a great gift. They are a realistic size for kids and mare made to easily slide their hands in and out but have a snug fit on the fingers helping them stay on while playing. They are v... read more »

Words to live by charm

01 Jul, 2021
These were charms with encouraging words, positive words and we're words easy to smile about each written on metal charms for bracelets/necklaces. They are good quality and words didn't fadeor... read more »

Clock w old feel splash

26 Jun, 2021
This clock has the old country would look to it but in a modern style with a teal faded in to a blue color. Durable quality material would be great to give as a gift at household shower. read more »

Little hands band

04 Jun, 2021
These are 15 individualy painted egg size shakers/ noise makers. My grandkids had endless fun with them, shaking them, tossing them back and forth, rolling them and even just petting on the one p... read more »

Kisses from above

04 Jun, 2021
These wings have feathers that look very realistic. They are light and have some flutter to them if there is air movement around them. I used mine on a 3-6 month just born doll and they fit perfect co... read more »

Bubble n tank

30 May, 2021
This bubbler is super quiet. It comes w the clear hose and the stone which slides on very easy. It's small and company design hangs on the side of the tank and is secure. The bubbles are small and... read more »

Cosmetics plus

28 May, 2021
This bloter is made out of high quality foam and it's sponge absorbent texture makes it great for blending concealer and or liquid foundation. The bristles on the brush keep the makeup from lookin... read more »

Gotta have tape

28 May, 2021
This holds everything! I cut squares of the tape, peeled off the paper liner  and attached to corners of a frame and pressed firmly the frame to the wall. Removes easily from metal and wood with... read more »

Great adventure gift

28 May, 2021
This makes a great present. The bookbag is handy allows them to keep all the peices together. Parts are made from a thick plastic material and very durable. Binoculars do work and the bugs look real. read more »

Water fun

16 May, 2021
The sprinklers made out of hard durable plastic cute animal look and connects to the regular hose pipe very easily and has a secure hold read more »

Barbie clothes hangers

16 May, 2021
These plastic clothes hangers were they perfect fit for the Barbie doll clothes that my kids have and work well with the accessories from several different brands. Made out of color plastic and o... read more »

Barbie wardrobe

19 Apr, 2021
These 5 outfits are bold colors and patterns that are  in style. They fit great and each outfit comes with a pair of shoes. read more »

Organization w ease

11 Apr, 2021
This 6 pack set is so useful. They are very durable thick acrylic that are clear so it's very easy to see what's in them. They are fit perfect on my refrigerator shelf and we're stackable... read more »

Wedding delight

17 Nov, 2018
I was very happy when I received these. They are the perfect size, easy to fold flaps on each end and hold it's shape very well. The gold design sparkles and stands out against the white backgroun... read more »

iPhone 5 kit

31 Oct, 2018
This was a great purchase! Contained everything I needed to take apart my iPhone so I could replace the battery. Each of the tools were very sturdy and fit perfect removing and replacing the unbelieva... read more »

Split pearls

31 Oct, 2018
These crótchless panties with a strip of pearls right down the center of the opening were a perfect gift for my friends bridal shower. They were very cute, sleek and sexy! Size was small I&#... read more »

Easy install phone holder for phone w screen 5.5 and less

05 Oct, 2018
This was very was to clip onto my air vent and made my phone very visible. It had ability to tilt for finding best angle for me. It worked great w the iphone5c, iphone7,moto4, moto5 phones I tried it... read more »

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