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Good quality

29 Apr, 2023
I've been using this for several times already and it still works great!  read more »

So much fun!

16 Jan, 2022
I bought this for my daughter and as party favors. Kids had fun, enjoyed it's sound/noise it made and it is of good quality. I love the assorted colors, too.  read more »


16 Sep, 2021
These are mouse ears headbands are a beauty. If you love collecting headbands, this one is a pretty one. It fits well, the sequins are good and has just the right weight. The reason for the 4 stars is... read more »


16 Sep, 2021
These are cute if you love doing crafts. There are many uses for this charm. You can use as pendant, charms for bracelet, a bookmark ends, for hair accessories and more. I can say that the quality is... read more »

It helps!

16 Sep, 2021
It is my first time to use a deodorizing stick and for this specific product, I can say that it works and helps eliminate smelly odor from the sink. I just refill it weekly coz I dont think... read more »

Must have!

04 Sep, 2021
I so love love this product find. It is so useful, handy and easy to use. Now, it is easy for me to dispose some papers with personal info without having to worry about the confidentiality of the our... read more »

Fun crafts

04 Sep, 2021
I absolutely love and so is my daughter the selection of supplies included in this box. It is a big help to expand kids creativity  and ideas once you see the items in this craft box. I love... read more »

it is cute!

01 Aug, 2021
I am happy that I got this stamps which im using for my daughter's worksheets in her tutorial class. it adds confidence and interest to my daughter seeing this cute stamp n her work espeially if s... read more »

Almost Real

01 Aug, 2021
I love this set of fake lemons tht looks almost real as display on our table or kitchen top. It adds a fresh look and inviting to your kitchen. The material is good and the size is perfect! read more »


20 Jul, 2021
These burlap flower set are perfect for any crafts or diy embellishments. This is a cool addition for our farmhouse diy craft and Christmas decorations. These are of good quality as well.  read more »

Love it!

20 Jul, 2021
My daughter and I love this wing set patch. It is well done and it is perfect for diy jackets. We are planning to put this on her sleevesless denim jacket. That would be pretty! read more »

Good quality

14 Jul, 2021
This mask is of good quality. The material is thicker than the usual disposable mask  I have bought. The other brands I bought before doesn't last in a day coz the string or strap gets easily... read more »

Handle with care

08 Jul, 2021
This is a beautiful 3D wooden puzzle. It takes some time for me and my daughter to finish it coz the materials are kind of delicate that you have to be extra careful when popping them out from the woo... read more »


08 Jul, 2021
These are cute purses for kids or youth. These are made well and are really perfect as party favors.  You cant really put much coins in it coz all are made of soft fabric.  read more »

Nice craft for kids

29 Jun, 2021
This is a perfect craft  for kids this summer. It will definitely make them busy completing this diy craft. Beautiful once completed and will be more if you are artistic in combining colors for r... read more »

So cute!

19 Jun, 2021
I love these set of hair clips as they are so cute. The colors are so pretty and the styles are really attractive. They are made well. The materials are good, too. Perfect for your little ones. I gave... read more »

Fits perfectly!

31 May, 2021
These accessories fits perfectly to my daughter's barbie doll. Good stretch and materials. Same with the shoes.  read more »

We had fun

24 May, 2021
We had fun running around while this toy sprinkler is on at our backyard. My daughter enjoyed it much not until the base on the connector part got off from its glue. It loosen and the pressure is not... read more »


24 May, 2021
Perfect materials for craft time with my daughter. You get enough or more for an activity. Colorful and good quality.  read more »

Cute patches

10 May, 2021
These butterfly patches are perfect as added design on your pants or jacket aside from its main purpose as patch on garment holes or rips. It is cute and with good quality.  read more »

Just ok

10 May, 2021
The material and prints are great as well as the color. My takeaway on this one is that the answer on each card should be on the opposite side not on the question side of the card. Its like the person... read more »

Perfect Fit

03 May, 2021
I love the fit. I got medium size and it was perfect. The stretch and quality of the materials is very nice, too!  read more »


03 Apr, 2021
These craft floral material is perfect to share with your kids on some fun activity. My daughter loved making a letter or greeting cards for her friends and these beautiful real dried flowers adds a p... read more »

Fits perfectly!

03 Apr, 2021
My daughter enjoyed playing dress up to her barbie doll with these mermaid outfit. It fits perfectly and the color is beautiful.  read more »


14 Feb, 2021
These are really pretty toppers. Good quality and just the perfect size. They arrived packed well and in great condition.  read more »

So cute!

30 Jan, 2021
These are really cute paper straw decorations. Perfect for summer or flamingo them birthday or any celebration. It works pretty well without any unpleasant smell or taste.  read more »

Nice bright colors

30 Jan, 2021
The quality is so far good. I've used them sewing some of the crafts I made last holiday. It did not break or fray. The fabric I sewn was still intact.  read more »

Best for me time

20 Jan, 2021
Got this for the purpose of me time. The designs are beautiful with a good quality hoops and thread. And now, my daughter loves to do this too. read more »


20 Jan, 2021
This earring is so elegant and pretty. Perfect to be paired with a dress or be worn on special occasion;not for casual use though. It would be perfecg though if the hook is a would be a smaller than i... read more »

Good quality

20 Jan, 2021
It is of good quality. The size is just right. One thing that did not make it to 5 star is because of its color. It is not really  black in color. When you have a really black color of stuff like... read more »

Great toy

07 Dec, 2020
My daughter enjoyed playing this flying toy. Perfect for indoor and outdoor fun. Just make sure to play it outdoor away from trees or should have a wide space so it is still within your space or reach... read more »


07 Dec, 2020
These are elegant napkin rings. Adds beauty to your Christmas table and perfect for color for our Christmas decoration theme this year.  read more »

Must have

07 Dec, 2020
It works perfectly in removing lint on our clothes and other laundry. Makes your clothes looks new. It is easy to use and convenient. The blade is sharp enough to shave the lint.  read more »


12 Nov, 2020
The material is good for its purpose. Works pretty well. The size just fits right and stays in place. Easy to clean as well  read more »

Cute smiley faces

01 Nov, 2020
These are cute little erasers and the smiley emojis comes in different faces or reaction. It pretty works well.  read more »


01 Nov, 2020
My daughter loved it! It fits perfectly on her head and the ears are sturdy. Same as described on the photo display  read more »

Little Christmas tree

23 Oct, 2020
This is a cute little Christmas tree for table or stand that you can let the lights open throughout the day using a cable. The lights are so bright and evenly distributed. I put on our altar which ser... read more »

Safe toys for toddlers

29 Sep, 2020
This is a great educational toy for toddler aside from being safe; no sharp edges or small pieces that could lead to choking, there is no  strong smell or  odor.  Perfect... read more »

Perfect for Christmas Village

22 Sep, 2020
These mini frost trees are perfect if you have Christmas village decoration for holiday. It comes in different sizes and would be essy to decorate because each trees has stand attached at the base, so... read more »

Soaking wet

05 Sep, 2020
We had a great time and fun with my 5 yr old daughter during our playtime with this super squirt water gun. I would say, it does really super squirts. Lol! It holds right amount of water and you pu... read more »


03 Sep, 2020
Good quality! worth for your plant/gardening needs.  read more »

good quality

03 Sep, 2020
works well. item as described. good quality read more »

Cute doll dresses

14 Aug, 2020
They were cute dresses that fits to standard size of barnie doll. We tried to use it with Disney frozen barbie doll but tje dresses are a bit small for these dollies. The shoes are also design for bar... read more »


06 Aug, 2020
Works well. The thread is strong and does not shed. The only takeaway is the toothpick. It is a bit thicker than what im currently using.  read more »

Cute folder

05 Aug, 2019
The design is cute. Perfect for some important documents. One thing that needs to improve is the divider which is not sturdy. So if you place like a piece of document,it wont be flat when you open the... read more »

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