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Stress Relief

18 Jul, 2024
This is a nice set of squeeze balls but kinda smells . Each one comes individually wrapped. They air out just fine. Just takes a litttle time. These make good gifts for the kids and helps when anxious... read more »

Large and So Great

18 Jul, 2024
Hey this is a great cat litter box. I never realized how sensible a stainless box is. It is so much easier to clean. This set has a really good scoop, that is also metal and silicone mat. There is a g... read more »

Great Quality

18 Jul, 2024
This was a terrific value for 5 body suits. The fabric is so much better than expected. Stretchy and comfortable even for longer torso girlies. True to size and I would buy again.  read more »


10 Jul, 2024
Nice scrubby dish cloth set they help with  do clean ing up baked in crusties  excellent value came well packaged and would be great added to a housewarming gift box for the newlyweds&n... read more »


07 Jun, 2024
These are beautiful! Retro vintage mini travel posters. I plan to decoupage them! So excited for this product. They look great. The colors and style is authentic looking.  read more »

You Need These

01 Jun, 2024
These hooks are so incredibly handy. You can use them to hang different articles of clothing or accessories. I use them frequently when I am photographing clothes that I resell. Ideal for holding hand... read more »

Great Value and Selection

01 Jun, 2024
This is a great set of gift bags perfect for party favors. I like the simple style of the bright colors. They can be decorated with more stickers or stamps and they come with coordinating colored stic... read more »

Perfect paper

28 May, 2024
This tissue paper from Shindel is great. Multiple shades of reds and pinks.  Whether you are using for wrapping gifts, topping off a gift bag or for crafts, it is a great value. I would... read more »

Great Headlamp

04 May, 2024
Bright and rechargeable. Not too heavy works better than expected. Definitely would purchase again and recommend for dog walking at night.  read more »

Could not be any happier with this charger!

23 Mar, 2024
Exceeded expectations. Works to charge phones super fast! The part that plugs in fits in any dash configuration. It bends, I guess it's a good way to explain it. It tilts the plug that goes into t... read more »

Great Affordable Solution

07 Jan, 2024
Great storage solutions! Durable handy and helps me get and stay organized. The zippers worked smoothly and I like the windows for keeping things sorted.  read more »


07 Jan, 2024
This really helped my husbands knee. He has used it with a variety of other things but we feel the XIAOLANG knee massager played an important part in healing and restoring function and reliving pain a... read more »

Nice Set of Notebooks

07 Jan, 2024
Awesome set of notebooks. Good quality paper and pages lay flat. Attractive hardcover colorful. I use these everyday. Thanks!  read more »

Excellent Bandages

24 Oct, 2023
These bandages stick well and the adhesive is so gentle for my skin. I will purchase more. I go through a lot of bandages because of hand finger eczema and it seems the best way to protect. They... read more »

Great Set Hands Free Light

22 Sep, 2023
Perfect set of hats with clever little lights attached. Ideal for camping or hiking, walking or running at night. I appreciate the free extras my grandchildren will enjoy those. Hands free clear brigh... read more »

Great Page Flags

03 Sep, 2023
Perfect page flags in an abundance of colors. I love to color coordinate when doing in depth inductive studying. You can write on them without smearing. They are high quality, as good, if not better t... read more »

Great Value

03 Sep, 2023
So soft stretchy fits a variety of heads! Even those of you with flat heads in back that headbands often pop off. What I like best is that they come in a variety of colors and I have enough to share.... read more »

Personal Water Carafe Set

08 Aug, 2023
The BTWD Bedside Water Carafe and Glass Set exceeded my expectations. It is so very lovely. It has a delicate and hand crafted look with a thoughtful engraving of how water is origins for life. T... read more »


16 Jul, 2023
I love this style of lightening cables they are reliable and sturdy. They do  charging fast and able to charge while using device without bending and breaking all other planned obsolescence cords... read more »

Perfect Fridge Calendar Planner Magnetic

16 Jul, 2023
Great value This set is sturdy and well made. Thick heavy plastic that securely looks good on my fridge. I agree with others that other markers may be needed rather quick not much ink or rather they j... read more »

Absolutely Gorgeous

16 Jul, 2023
4 PCS Flower Hair Comb arrives in a lovely bow wrapped gift box. It is made of separate high quality with handmade touches to make each piece so lovely. Can configure many different ways for a variety... read more »

Great Fun

04 Jul, 2023
My grandchildren 5, 6 and 7 really enjoyed playing with these. The are colorful. bright and make fun, wacky sounds and can be crafted into different shapes. Also includes several strands of colorful s... read more »

Strong Confident Support

02 Jul, 2023
First time using boob tape ever so I followed the instructions to a T and it worked wonderful. I was so surprised because I do have a large chest (H) and it made the outfit I was wearing look so prett... read more »

Maximize Closet Space

02 Jul, 2023
I couldn't wait to get my hands on these hanger connector hooks! I don't know why I never got them sooner. They help me organize my ever-expanding wardrobe, save space and time looking for top... read more »

Handy to Have Fine Quality

02 Jul, 2023
These small pocket purse size notebooks are not only cute they are handy to have on hand for quick notes, reminders, password book and tally counter for water. Throw one in gym bag to track your progr... read more »

Great Value

07 Jun, 2023
Great labels from Koogel for storage jars that come in a large roll in a variety of shapes but all with the same general size. The peel from the roll with little trouble and adhere very well. The... read more »

Sloth Addicts Unite

03 Jun, 2023
I was surprised this arrived through the mail in a clear plastic-poly bag. For gift giving had to jazz up it some. But everything looks nice and made a great gift for a 13 year sloth loving artis... read more »

Quick Reliable Charging

03 Jun, 2023
Works great! Charges all our phones 13, xr and SE without any case on. Also charged the iPods but not an Apple Watch. And it charges pretty fast. The phone does slide off if not positioned j... read more »

Vibrant Color Selection

03 Jun, 2023
Nice quality tissue paper with a wonderful selection of colors. Whether you need tissue paper for gift giving packaging or making crafts Shindel is a fine selection. A great convenience to buy online.... read more »

Nice Collection of Marbles

17 May, 2023
Solid nice selection of marbles. Pretty colors with different styles shapes colors. These are perfect for crafts or decorating. Great value and comes in a handy container. Would purchase again.  read more »

Fun Colorful!

30 Apr, 2023
This party banner is colorful and perfect for my needs. Observing cinco de Mayo or just anytime to add a little pizazz or really exta special touch to our taco Tuesday nights or really any g... read more »

Joyful Singing Bowl

28 Apr, 2023
This Tibetan Singing Bowl by Agsnilove was received with much gladness. The quality was better than expected and came beautifully packaged and would be ideal for a gift. A nice car... read more »


28 Apr, 2023
Beautiful well packaged decorations for cakes, cupcakes, or any baked goods. The quality was outstanding. Very pretty and lots of styling options. read more »

Handy Study Tools

24 Mar, 2023
Great little flash cards on a ring with plastic protective covers. Perfect for my studies. I make flash cards of the words in the language I am learning. They come in a great tote-able... read more »


24 Mar, 2023
Amazon driver mis-delivered my package to some else and I received a neighbors order which was not mushrooms so I can't review! I delivered their package in hopes to exchange for mine but the... read more »

Twinkly Lights

21 Mar, 2023
These lights marvelous in Sukkot this year. So delicate and lovely couldn't be happier with them. They have different modes and operate reliably with double A batteries. They look good and illumin... read more »

So Handy

21 Mar, 2023
Very happy with NimBot Label Maker D110 Portable Mini Printer.  I installed the app and then the printer connected seamlessly through Bluetooth over my home wifi. Easy and good layout... read more »


21 Mar, 2023
Heavy duty! We wrangle a lot of wild cats in our neighborhood, Ferals, strays, abandoned, kittens and cats that don't do well around people and just take a while to warm up to them. So &... read more »

Great Set & Value

21 Mar, 2023
What a fantastic value of blank canvases. Each one is perfectly ready and covered acid-free gesso. Whether your medium is oil, acrylic, watercolor, or pastels these show... read more »

Be Prepared!

21 Mar, 2023
Awesome tool to take with you on hike through the urban jungle or the jungle jungle! Keep in car to always be prepared. Works great and has been reliable. Good for blocking if you are approached by un... read more »

Stiff Smells

21 Mar, 2023
I had to return this it was very stiff and had a bad odor. I have a pinched nerve in my neck, and I am very familiar with all kinds of props and gadgets to help relieve pain. I was disappointed in thi... read more »

Small Fidget Toy

20 Mar, 2023
If you are a nervous type, or you know someone who is,  then you are probably are already familiar with these types of items. So it's good to have fidget toys on hand, better t... read more »


20 Mar, 2023
Perfect things to have on hand to take to school work office or gym. Traveling? Pack some in your bag. Store a few glove box of car. You don't want to be without these. They work as advertised and... read more »

Good Set Nice Gift

20 Mar, 2023
This collection of cleaning brushes would make an very nice housewarming gift. Add it to a gift basket! It has plenty of a scrubbies that you can attaché to handles included. Or you c... read more »

Bag for Spring

20 Mar, 2023
What a cute bag for spring. Great detail, handmade look no odor. Colorful. This bag goes with so many outfits. Snap closure. Holds the perfect amount of items for outings.I could not be happier w... read more »

Great cord and it works

05 Mar, 2023
I was very pleased with the RJJ iPhone Charger Cord 3FT 2Pack. The best part is they work! I can't tell you how many cords I have purchased that work intermittently or not at all... read more »


22 Feb, 2023
Soft and fits my American woman size 10 foot well! These socks don't bind, bunch or fall down. The colors are lovely. Perfect with my cut out shooties. Coovan wool blend socks&... read more »

Not For Me

10 Feb, 2023
These tube squeezers did not fit any tubes of toothpaste in my house. I tried several different brands. And also putting it on was very difficult to get it to fit and I tried four different... read more »

Terrific Tennies

10 Feb, 2023
Great shoes and they are so very comfortable.  Plush feeling with a decent amount of support. I wear a half size 10.5 so sized up to an 11 and am very pleased with fit,  style and value. I w... read more »

Nice Design

24 Oct, 2022
This looks great, like a work of art, but neither of my cats are interested. But you know they are fickle creatures. I will try again in the future.  read more »

Perfect Helper

22 Oct, 2022
What a wonderful set of training chopsticks. I now have a set for my grandkids at my house and at theirs. They love using them with all kinds of foods. Chopsticks are good to use for your digestion be... read more »

High Quality Squish

14 Oct, 2022
I really like the purple gel seat cushion . It is thin flexiable and helps my tailbone not ache. It comes in a great carry bag that comes in handy to take to work, class or office or an... read more »

Awesome Set

20 Sep, 2022
What a wonderful collection set of drinking glasses. Comes complete with bamboo wood lid with a silicone sealed hole for the glass straws that came with, that also includied  two cleani... read more »


14 Sep, 2022
This intial necklace is so lovely. It is high wuality worth so much more than the listed price. It would make an excellent gift for your friend or relative. It comes presented in a n attractive p... read more »

A New Necessity

12 Sep, 2022
Happy with drawer organizer. I am trying to downsize a d if it doesn't fit it is getting tossed. It previously took me nearly forever to sort my foundations, undergarments socks unfoes and br... read more »

Handy Dandy Pink Pocket Knife

09 Sep, 2022
Arrived in perfect condition. Just what I wanted for upcoming wilderness camping trip. Blade is very sharp and feels sturdy and fits in hand well. Good value and well built. I chosen pink&nb... read more »

For Princes and Princesses

05 Sep, 2022
Perfect protection from flying things real or imaginary! And  lovely quality. We were able to decorate with fairy lights to make a sweet retreat for the grandkids and they love it! read more »

High Quality Solar Lightning

05 Sep, 2022
This pair of solar lights is very high-quality it's got a glass shade and has multiple colors you can choose from. I live in a very sunny part of the states and these get charged easily... read more »

Beautiful Flutter-bys

05 Sep, 2022
Oh my goodness these are so precious! Such a large quantity and there is  so much to do with them. You can make crafts, or you can decorate your garden, you can use an accent, an  accessory... read more »

A little bit of everything for the fanatic

31 Aug, 2022
Awesome set of stickers decals! colorful, well made with super sticking power, shiny, enough in this collection to please any teen, tween or adult who likes to express themselves with decals.... read more »

Green Apple Charging Cord

31 May, 2022
This cord worked as well if not better than the official apple product. I don't get annoying messages on my device when using. Car audio recognizes it without a hassle. I like the color less likel... read more »

Excellent Quality

31 May, 2022
The Happy Birthday Banner arrived quickly and was in perfect condition. Due to the high quality fabric it was not wrinkled and needed no pressing like others on the market. It has reinforced meta... read more »

Great set of Charger Cords

31 May, 2022
I love love love thay these cords have angled plug. Ido not doubt they will last me longer because I am in the habit of charging device while I am using it and guess what that leads to? Trashed cords.... read more »

Everything but the H20!

21 May, 2022
This set has everything you need to start or extend an existing xeriscape plan. If you live in the desert like I do, this is a wise choice for water conservation. We brownscapers need... read more »

Awesome set!

21 May, 2022
Great value set of sushi making essentials! The cutest chopstick rests was especially a total delight and surprise! There were no weird odors. The rice forms were a hit with the kids, not only di... read more »

Easy Boho Vibes

10 May, 2022
Nice quality cards for decorating. I had tomleave  one star off for misspelling. The pictures are of a green vibrant hue that exudes calm. Can be arranged and used multiple ways. Whether you... read more »

Portable Power

10 May, 2022
Oh my this is such a fantastic little tool. Really helps menin reducing my pain level. I particularly enjoy that when you press in the power increases. A reliable tool to have and it's s... read more »

Exceeded Expectations

10 May, 2022
Awesome decal set! Really invigorated my kitchen applainces. These were easy to apply, adjust and reapply. Bright, cheery graphics. I would buy these again and again.   read more »

Beautiful Sound Wind Chimes

27 Apr, 2022
Beautiful wind chimes makes a lovely sound. Deep, rich resonance. Top is a dark hard plastic that feels sturdy. The chimes themselves are a golden color and looks much more expensive than it... read more »

Hey I am a fungi :)

22 Apr, 2022
Beautiful, awesome fun! Set these up was easy and these little guys look so magical and charming in my garden! I recommend I want to order more for the patio. Keep in mind, these are decorative not re... read more »

Awesome laynard

20 Apr, 2022
What a great set of lanyards. The selection of  colors go with all sorts of outfits. The thing I like most is that they are easy to keep clean and lightweight! I received many complimen... read more »


16 Nov, 2021
These are ideal for my purpose! They securely fasten my tzitzits on a wide variety of fabric without damaging the cloth. They look attractive as well.  read more »

Multi functional

24 Oct, 2021
How clever! This waste receptacle can hang on your counter, nearby your kitchen prep area perfect for collecting food scraps for composting. But you can also extended/pull it all the way open for... read more »


24 Oct, 2021
This was quite a bit larger than I expected. It worked great and looked great but I had hope it would fit in a particular area. My fault completely for not checking measurements. Very convenient for c... read more »

Works great

24 Oct, 2021
After buying zillions of iPhone cords over the past few years, I have become somewhat of an expert. These are the older style with a stiff, sturdy, plastic like vinyl cord. They work fine. I like... read more »

Unique and Attractive

04 Oct, 2021
I really like this bookstand. Unique design. Takes up less room on my desk with its smaller footprint but able to hold more books. Well made solidly crafted wood. Easy to assemble. It can be used... read more »

Share Positivity

04 Oct, 2021
Cute positive messages. I share these along with cash tips for all the kind people working in a service industry. I also make little goodie bags and include these. The value is gre... read more »

Super Supplement

04 Oct, 2021
Sea moss is the bomb dot com. It has 92 minerals that are body needs. A natural powerhouse and these gummies are an easy tasty way to get an immune boost to your system. These are sweet. Veg... read more »

Great variety

04 Oct, 2021
These knotted headbands are attractive and came in a great variety of colors to go with many outfits. They fit my average sized head well with some stretch but I wouldn't recommend for l... read more »

Functional and Attractive

04 Oct, 2021
This heavy elegant looking wrought iron book stand  that has decorative chain page holder exceeded my expectations and was just what I was looking for. I have many classic cookbooks and... read more »


04 Oct, 2021
Beautiful hoops, perfect size for me and lightweight. Did not irritate my sensitive skin. Looks much more expensive than they are. Classic and elegant .   read more »

Great fun

04 Oct, 2021
This was super fun but we blew threw the bubbles so fast. Copious amounts of bubbles, so it is blast! I just recommend to hunt down a diy bubble mix to make the playtime last. Get 2 for double the fun... read more »

Awesome set

04 Oct, 2021
My grandson loved these friction trucks. I loved the variety, value and the durability. He shared with his friends and they had so much fun doing races as well as pretending construction sit... read more »


26 Aug, 2021
These hoops from pinsparkle are absolutely darling. Simple and elegant. They look much more expensive than they are. Comfortable and perfect size to go with many looks and styles.  read more »

Beautiful colors multiple uses

30 Jul, 2021
These are perfect in every way for my needs. I used the ones with blue for tzitzits and they are long lasting and durable. The ones that didn't have blue I will pass along to my friends... read more »

Perfect choice for dinosaur fan

30 Jul, 2021
The 15 piece embroidered a dinosaur patch set by LOVEIN USA so delighted my grandson age 4. He is currently obsessed with all things dinosaur related and wanted the patches on everything. We got... read more »

Lovely gift

30 Jul, 2021
Wonderfully unique bookmark in heavy brass. Decorative as a little something extra with a a mermaid themed gift set I out together that included a book, cup and blanket. It has a retro art deco style... read more »

Recommend for princesses

30 Jul, 2021
I recommend this set for your little princess. It is well made high quality feel to items. Includes satin gloves, gleaming tirara, commanding sceptre and sparkly set of crown jewels.We choos... read more »

Fun little drum

16 Jul, 2021
This is a good quality fun starter drum. Good sound little adjustment needed. This would make an excellent and cute thoughtful gift for any music lover. Has a nice bag with accessories including... read more »


16 Jul, 2021
These are high quality with a heavy feel. They are  beautifully crafted. I love them and think they would make a great gift. I hung them all around on the porch and also as a fan chain pull.&nbs... read more »

High quality supplements

27 Jun, 2021
Natures Answer is one my favorite brands for health supplements. I trust them. I have had wonderful improvements in personal healing using several of their no alcohol tinctures. This bundle was a terr... read more »

Fun set

27 Jun, 2021
Rainbow Kingdom Bubble Wands Set Brought allot of fun and entertaining on this hot summer day. The kids all squealed with delight and will enjoy playing with all the different wamds for weeks to... read more »

Great buy

27 Jun, 2021
There are two sets included with the  Koogel Scratch Painting Kits. Everything you need is included and I think it is a greatvalue for the quality. Entertaining and enjoyed by 3 to 5 year ol... read more »


27 Jun, 2021
I am loving these dot markers 20 pack by Koogel. So much fun to use and I have great memories from my youth of playing with bingo markers as a child. Haha. The whole family enjoys creating works... read more »

Fairly effective

27 Jun, 2021
These 18 Pack of yellow Fruit Fly Trap worked fairly well. I have a small infestation of gnats no seeums or fruit flies and THEY ARE SO ANNOYING. I have tried multiple products and although... read more »

Great functions

27 Jun, 2021
This is a wonderful little flashlight. Many features. It is easy to operate. Reliable. Get one and keep one in the glovebox for emergencies.  read more »

Works, be patient

27 Jun, 2021
Dr. Luke Finger Nail And Toe Nail Fungus Treatment Extra Strength works as well as other more costly brands. Having toenails problems is an embarrassing affliction. It takes a longtime to heal. S... read more »

Calling Dino Fans

27 Jun, 2021
This set of 8 dinosaur cars are so loved by my almost 4 year old grandson! They are well made and roll smoothly. They are easy to operate. He enjoys all the different species and likes to ha... read more »


27 Jun, 2021
This is simply an adorable little music box. Perfect as a gift or as a tchotchke for yourself. Sweet tune. Handcrafted look. It is charming and well made.  I plan on gifting with some other sun t... read more »

Value starter set

27 Jun, 2021
Nice set of brushes that are a great value too. They didnt shed when using which is sometimes the biggest issue with value sets. The kids can use these while honing their artistic skills. They can be... read more »

Stress busting gadgets

27 Jun, 2021
This was an excellent choice to help with fidgeting. I find it way better than biting my nails! I only wish it made a more pleasing popping sound. I still do jot hesitate to recommend and I think it i... read more »

Cute little set

04 Jun, 2021
My grand daughter enjoy ms cooking in the kitchen with me and this little set  is adorable for her! It's fun, it's affordable and would make A great gift. Pair it with some... read more »


12 May, 2021
Great flashlight. I like to keep charged in car shed cabinets to be prepared. Love that it is rechargeable and it does it so quickly! Very bright light beam.with different modes. Ling lastin... read more »

Fresh and tasty

22 Apr, 2021
This rice tasted fine my, we had no issues. It  came wrapped securely in plastic and arrived quickly.  read more »

Great quality

22 Apr, 2021
This was part of a gift basket I made. I included a cookbook, sushi rice, nori, rice vinegar, sesame seeds and wasabi.  It was well received by the recipient and a huge hit at... read more »

Fun set of water guns

30 Mar, 2021
Thanks for offering this fun set of water guns! With the weather heating up it is perfect for the kids to take out back and cool down and have their water wars, no complaints here! read more »

Great set of dishcloth

30 Mar, 2021
Super thirsty dish cloths perfect washing dishing or cleaning up spills, nice quality recommend!  read more »

Fun set

19 Mar, 2021
This dinosaur set delighted my 3.5 year old grandson who is obssesed with dinosaurs. It has a wide variety that he can play with for hours make believe and imagination. Easy to clean solid h... read more »

Essential tool

19 Mar, 2021
This is a perfect masher for using in ceramic pans. It is well balanced and one solid piece so easy to keep clean and disinfected.  read more »

A great way to learn math

12 Mar, 2021
Thanks when I saw this available I thought it looked really cool and thought what a great way to learn math! I was hesitant if it really worked but it does!! I am hapoy to use this as a tool in homesc... read more »

Tangram Puzzle

12 Mar, 2021
  Foam not magnet, tons of fun for 3 and 4 year olds.  challenging but not too difficult. well made toy that makes learning fun. multiple ways to play ... read more »

Great set for study!

10 Mar, 2021
Fantastic index cards high-quality paper card stock colorful with easy to operate rings and nice recycled heavy cardboard covers these are perfect fir my needs as I'm learning a new lang... read more »

Quality supplement

02 Feb, 2021
I trust the Natures Answer brand. I have purchased and used many of thier products in the past and will continue to do so. I believe in supplementing with herbs and tinctures are an excellen... read more »


02 Feb, 2021
This tapestry is printed upon a silky soft microfiber polyester. It has got a lovely color scheme and pattern and interestingly it works either way viewing it upside down or right side up. I... read more »

Educational Fun

02 Feb, 2021
This outdoor exploring set, is an amazing value! It exceeded expectations. So many opportunities for teaching and learning in a fun new way. We  played with this at the park with m... read more »

Good cords

18 Jan, 2021
These lightning cables charging cords for the USB Apple products worked as well as name brand, None of them seem to last very long, and these have held up just fine so I do not hesitate to r... read more »

Great variety

18 Jan, 2021
This set of butt connectors was not only a great deal but included a wide selection and variety, useful and was a fantastic value. Worked as well as any brand are used in the past. read more »

Nice pods

18 Jan, 2021
These worked great for the price, but please do not expect the name brand fruit type at 4x the price. The perfect choice for a tween. For us, we can gauge whether they are res... read more »

Works great so cute

22 Nov, 2020
Works great so cute! #LEIZHAN USB Flash Drive 16GB Cartoon Cat Pendrive Memory Thumb Stick would make perfect gift or accessories to a bigger gift. Thanks read more »

Value and performance

21 Nov, 2020
The sound is more tinny compared to my 128$ pair but they pair easily, sound good and therefore are worth it to me. I have had them about a week they have held the charge enough for my ... read more »

Gift card envelopes

18 Nov, 2020
#HANSGO Gift Card Envelopes are a nice quality, made of  heavy card stock has a large selection of colors. Free stickers. They are sized perfectly.   I am going to enjoy decorating... read more »

Personalized and Elegant Gift Giving

18 Nov, 2020
The Koogel Explosion Box Set, Heart-Shaped Explosion Gift Box is an amazing collection. Quality items. It is a set that elevates a very humble, simple gift into something extraordinary.... read more »

Giant Floor Puzzle

18 Nov, 2020
Puzzle time  Great quality large size very much enjoyed by 3 and 4 year olds. Wonderful opportunity to tell the story of Noah and his obedience and the faithfulness of G-d in troub... read more »

Value Set

16 Nov, 2020
These are such great little faucet covers. Nice, heavy padded insulation and quality. No frozen pipes this year.  read more »


16 Nov, 2020
These bags are excellent quality and a great price using for long term food storage. Very happy with purchasing these bags.  read more »

Strong grip

16 Nov, 2020
Wow these are tiny but strong! My fault for Not getting up and checking the metric measurement ha ha so I can't use them for what I had in mind for, but they are excellent for many other uses... read more »


10 Nov, 2020
Ridiculously small with blurry graphics. It is not thick or padded. It is not a rug, blanket, mat or cushion. Not sure what it is or what it could be used for. There is absolutely nothing re... read more »

Cute but

10 Nov, 2020
These had cute design and were soft but are so so small. I sized up and the product just got longer, not wider. Weird. Sad because he would love the graphics but they would never f... read more »

Scary good fun

10 Nov, 2020
This purple led mask by #FUTUREPLUSX is great to wear not only for a costume but to break up the monotony of the ridiculous mask mandates that have taken over our country. Recommend.  &... read more »


10 Nov, 2020
These are such cute little piñatas! More for a decor item table accent or as a gift accessory than using for whacking. Perfect for me!   read more »

Sunflower fest

10 Nov, 2020
#HOTART sunflower sticker pack is great. There  is  a wide variety with no repeats. Stickers are bright, colorful, durable and sticky. Great for so many uses, decorative and f... read more »


10 Nov, 2020
Dreamy light projector. It works great, bright,colorful and simple to use. Comes with remote. Adds a really special look to room. Cats are intrigued also! I love thatbit foubles as a Bluetoo... read more »

Dino love

10 Nov, 2020
Our grandson is obsessed with dinosaurs and triceratops in particular. He really likes this one. It is loud, bright and entertaining. It would make a great gift for any dino fan. Battery ope... read more »

Super soft

10 Nov, 2020
Lovely, soft and super absorbent hair towels. These were a  great deal. Washed well without shrinking, stretching or fading. I  recommend.  read more »

Puzzle set

15 Oct, 2020
This is a basic set of puzzles. Came in shrinkwrap. Okay quality, not made of wood as advertised. I would not pay much more than the sale price. The material is more like... read more »

LED flashlight

15 Oct, 2020
Rechargeable flash light came in a nice little gift box. So it would make a good present for a person that is hard to buy for. I think everyone needs a flashlight. It has a very bright... read more »

Great tape

13 Oct, 2020
Sticky tape invisible. It is sticky and yes it can be written on. Everything I need in transparent tape. It works for art amd crafts and gift wrapping.   read more »

Fun but use with caution

08 Oct, 2020
Perfect toy for an older child. Ages 8 -12 would be best otherwise it would be a bit frustrating for younger kids. It is neat and a sort of a STEM toy. Beats sitting in front a video game or... read more »


08 Oct, 2020
Thanks this set works great for removing hair and the  soapscummy goo in the bathroom tub and sink. I like the set and we are pleased with quality of all 5 pieces. Really comes in handy... read more »

Helpful tool

08 Oct, 2020
Great quality. Very necessary to have around the homestead to keep drains clear and clean. No complaints, works as described. read more »

Adorable setting

08 Oct, 2020
Color palette of Frozen! Perfect for the Elsa loving tot. Presented on a card with an overwrap. Nice quality. Now her absolute favorite hair accessories. She wants to wear all 5 pieces at once, everyd... read more »

Beautiful shower gift

03 Oct, 2020
This teething necklace was a wonderful addition to the baby shower gift basket I put together. The new mama loved it and all the ladies in attendance ooh and ahhed over what a wonderful, clever&n... read more »

Runs Small

26 Sep, 2020
This was just too small for me I couldn't use it. I gave to my friends teen daughter, and she enjoyed them.  read more »

Big set variety

26 Sep, 2020
The quality is good, has brought satisfaction with the brighter colors for users in pool. Even after hours in the sun the color remains bright, nice and easy to store, the plastic... read more »

Air Rocket

26 Sep, 2020
This stomp rocket set brought a few hours of fun at a recent cookout. Simple enough to set up and operate that the older kids helped the younger ones and they were able to play nicely together. T... read more »

Play food set

26 Sep, 2020
This play set brings my granddaughter so much joy. She is 4 and bow wants to be a chef. It makes for fun pretend play. We have little cooking parties and this set makes a perfect l... read more »


26 Sep, 2020
My grandkids love bubbles and this brings big bubble fun! Big wind spinner, oversized fun. They like running and chasing each other with it and it makes lots of bubbles.... read more »

Building Big Brains

26 Sep, 2020
We have enjoyed hours fun with this set. Sparks creativity. Ticks all the boxes for a quality STEM toy. Encouraging fine motor skills as well as problem solving. I believe this set will bring&nbs... read more »

Cute but shipping issue

26 Sep, 2020
My little mermaid loves all the mermaid things and these pictures are so cute. The problem was they weren't sent in the best package. They were creases, wrinkled so they need to be... read more »

Fun activity

26 Sep, 2020
This was a great fun activity for my little dinosaur fans. They wasted no time getting right to decorating them. Then they had a a little dinosaur party parade with them. Even though they ar... read more »

Tropical paradise

26 Sep, 2020
So pretty! After washing this set it still stayed vibrant and fit the queen size bed perfectly. It is made with an easy care microfiber polyester and was a great value. The colors go we... read more »

Handy set

26 Sep, 2020
I really like this set of strainers. They look high quality and feel heavy duty. They haven't rusted and I have used them daily. I installed a hook on kitchen wall and they nestle t... read more »

Paint Party

26 Sep, 2020
THIS IS AN AWESOME SET. Great value of high quality painting tools. We now have everything we need for our own little painting party. It includes everything you need except the paint and paper! I... read more »


18 Aug, 2020
These served the intended purpose  for a short while. Pros easy to put on amd off provode shade easy to transport. Cons not long lasting. Good deal for a seasonal solution.  read more »


17 Aug, 2020
Sturdy and well built pulleys comes in handy for all sorts of tasks around the compound. Recommend for all your pulley needs.  read more »

Frozen play

17 Aug, 2020
Our 4 year old is obsessed with all things frozen and this is a nice set of dress up play pretend clothes at a great price.  read more »

Nice set variety

17 Aug, 2020
Nice variety of doll clothes with shoes. Fits good, great buy.  read more »

So cute and colorful

10 Aug, 2020
Cute chunky set for my favorite little girl. Well made colorful beads. This set is also easy for the youngest fingers to put on and take off. She is 4 and loves to play dress up and it is fun for... read more »

Beautiful gift

20 Jul, 2020
These are sparkly and make a terrific gift. Comes in a nice gift presentation box. Perfect set for any stylish gal that likes a little bling. They are stretchy and would fit most all women.  read more »

Well made sturdy pins

09 Jul, 2020
Love these for pinning socks together when washing, doing laundry. Saves time. They have held up wonderfully and do not come undone in twice to three times weekly wash. Great price in a hard to f... read more »

A blessing inside a blessing holding a blessing

09 Jul, 2020
Cute colorful tiny coin purses that I filled with candy and scripture and little toys for the litle girls at church. Well made with a kiss lock sturdy and suits my needs.  read more »

Much better and faster

09 Jul, 2020
Works great super easy and so much better than the bent cords on the other kind, I was replacing every few weeks!  read more »

Lovely classy

08 Jul, 2020
These are beautiful and well made earrings. Looks like a much more expensive pair. Comfortable and has not tarnished. Recommend  read more »


26 May, 2020
These are the cutest little finger puppets. We had so much fun hiding them with our grandkids and then having a little puppet show after. Great quality and well made. I fully recommended.  read more »


26 May, 2020
High quality set with well dispersed color on these. Very happy with purchase and recommend 100%  read more »

Mercorn Unimaid

14 Jan, 2020
These socks are adorable. They are very well-made durable, cushioned and stretchy. They fit American sized feet.  Remained colorful, washed well did not stretch out, shri... read more »

Awesome play set

14 Jan, 2020
This is an awesome play set.  It brought so much joy to my two and three-year-old grandchildren. Many pieces that are realistic looking and made for hours of pretend play. The veggies c... read more »

Nice looking

14 Jan, 2020
Very pretty, quality earrings in a simple minimalist style. They haven't tatnished and the posts are a good length. Came with nice packaging, suitable for gifting.  read more »

Llama love

16 Dec, 2019
Lovely llamas are my spirit animal. Had to get these the minute I saw them. The are soft with no rub seams and they stay up. Washed great with  no fading or shrinking. Fit my 9.5 s... read more »

A cheerful design with comfort

16 Dec, 2019
I love thse socks. I have bought several from this designer and all have been great. I even selected a few for gifts, but the sunflower pair is all mine. Bright  touch for the bleary winter. They... read more »

Perfect for boomers

16 Dec, 2019
Perfect headphones for my Boomer friend they don't like wireless. These are actually getting harder and harder to find. Really they are perfect gift and they were delighted with them. Thank you read more »


05 Dec, 2019
What a fantastic looking and  well made umbrella. It has such an elegant and classy design. It has a compact size that makes it so easy to travel with. This umbrella has a smooth a... read more »

Gift for the bathing beauty

04 Dec, 2019
I put together a whole gift basket for my friend that the theme is a bathing beauty. I included a caddy, towels, bubbles sponges, soaps and lotions and I ooened this pillow and it... read more »

Shiny things

04 Dec, 2019
Lovely crystal ball prism suncatcher well-made heavy quality sparkling gorgeous read more »

Fun Socks

04 Dec, 2019
These socks are not only fun and perfect for my avocado loving mate they are of superior quality! Better than Hot Sox, thicker and softer! Washed without shrinking, stretching  or fadin... read more »


04 Dec, 2019
Have been working with ipad and iphone. Length and quality is great!  Hoping it wil be more long lasting since its a braided cord.  read more »


04 Dec, 2019
Classy, beautiful, minimalist earrings that are just the  perfect style for me  read more »


22 Nov, 2019
These shades were all close, very close together there's not much of a difference in the colors at all. I did not like the formula, it went on spotty could not build it up or make it look eve... read more »

Quality tool set

22 Nov, 2019
Although the grill brush and scraper eight in one barbecue set came in a  large plastic bag it is very high-quality and a thoughtful collection of needed barbecue/ outside cooking tools. I have e... read more »

Soooo Soft

22 Nov, 2019
The enjoynight pj set are really cute pajamas. True to size and very soft material. Looks well made with good sewing and print. Nice packaging.  Will make a wonderful gift for my favori... read more »


24 Sep, 2019
Not sure about this. Very chemical smell and I  have not tested for leaks. It wasn’t very presentable either, just came  stuffed in a plastic bag, I regret this purchase. The litt... read more »

Bug out essential

24 Sep, 2019
This multitool is a bug out bag essential. When the SHTF you have to be prepared and this gives a level of reassurance. It seems well made and sturdy. Would make a great gift for thatperson who is &nb... read more »

Man gift

24 Sep, 2019
A little something for the men folk. Thoughtful gift. Although it would be good for everyone to keep on hand when SHTF. Many multi functional uses. Well made with a sturdy feel.  read more »

Cute necklace

24 Sep, 2019
Beautiful bright turquoise colored chips fill the tail of this charming necklace. Fine quality. Shiny silver and the gift recipient loved it. She is obsessed with mermaids and the sea. It is a te... read more »

Wig stand set

24 Sep, 2019
I have a lot of hairpieces and wigs. These are a fine quality easy to use wig stand set. Great value and price. . They don’t wobble and the pieces stay together until you take them apart. G... read more »

Terrific sketch pad set

24 Sep, 2019
This is a fabulous sketch pad set. Great quality for price. I enjoy using my metallic pens and ink on them. Dry vibrant. Recommend.  read more »

LED gloves are FUN

09 Sep, 2019
This gloves are fun and stretchy. I believe they would suit a variety of children and ladies sizes. I bought these with the intention of giving to a nine-year-old. I tested them out and they look... read more »

Puzzle set

09 Sep, 2019
This wooden puzzle set makes a vey attractive gift for toddlers. My grands are almost 2 and almost 3 and very much enjoy doing puzzles and block stacking and matching games can be done with... read more »

Gift set

09 Sep, 2019
Nice set for the new mom and baby. These items are good quality and comes in a very presentable gift box. I noticed no offputting odor like some others so I recommend this brand.   read more »

Funny cute perfect

09 Sep, 2019
This little paci is so adorable, it adds a lot of fun to the gift basket I making for the soon to be new mom. I think she'll love it and the quality seems very good.  It doesn't... read more »

Such cuteness

31 Aug, 2019
Perfect little socks. These are adorable, makes the perfect addition for the new mom gift basket I am assembling. Can’t speak to,the durability but they look like very nice quality and... read more »

Swimming hat and more

21 Aug, 2019
This is a soft stretchy hat cap but it is not waterproof it's not tight like the others. I like it. The cap keeps my hair dry but can be used for other activities. Lovely print. It fits my 21 1/2... read more »

Gift for pre teen

21 Aug, 2019
This made a cute gift for 11 year old girl. She enjoys playing with it. Seems sturdy and long lasting. Good value and a better way than computer videos games!  read more »


19 Aug, 2019
WG1WGA  This is a fun bright cape I will be wearing to TRUMP rally. It is bright and easy to wear, Fine quality, fast ship and  good price. Thank you!   read more »

Wonderful skin care product

19 Aug, 2019
So fabulously soft  These pads are exquisite. I like them better than the makeup erasers. I like the size and the loop on them. I can use each one many times, I just wash by hand. It’s a... read more »

Best Gift Ever

25 Jul, 2019
 Best gift ever for a 12-year-old! He has reported to me that the POTENSIC drone is his all-time favorite toy ever . he is taking it out nearly every day since his birthday a month ago. Even w... read more »

Awesome quality

05 Jul, 2019
Stackable tote is made with a heavy duty high quality plastic. The locks and hinges are well made and I believe this will withstand many years of use for my crafting needs, suits me perfectly.  read more »


12 Jun, 2019
What?! I waited 2 months for what is really a piece of junk. Something you could get at a dollar store. So disappointing not worth the 3.99 coupon code. Garbage and possibly unsafe. Avoid this pr... read more »

Lumbar support cushion

24 May, 2019
I enjoyed the full back support cushion made by this company so I  decided to purchase this as a gift. My friend was blessed and uses it everyday and confirms it bring comfort and a feeling... read more »

SPF protecc

24 May, 2019
I use mainly for SPF protection.  The compression is mild and comfortable. Washed fine with no issues of stretching or fading.  read more »

Quality support

24 May, 2019
Back support with firm high quality memory foam that has held up to daily use in my car and in my office. I don’t want to be without!  read more »

Musical toys

24 May, 2019
This toy was a hit! Both grands loved making sweet sweet music. Perfect for first timers. High quality rattles bells  strong and secure.  read more »

Promising wooden shape sorter

24 May, 2019
This was a little rough around the edges. It’s a great concept and I’m all for toys that help learning but some attention to details were missed. After my husband sanded away the roug... read more »

Kids fishing pole tub toy

24 May, 2019
For the price this is a great toy! My almost 3 year old granddaughter loves all waterplay and just about anything that can go in tub makes her happy. It helps develop fine motor skills and concentrati... read more »

Great protection

24 May, 2019
This made a great car seat cover for our fur kids, who get so muddy after romping about for the day. Saves me so much time cleaning, its an easy, low stress answer. Minimal upkeep. I am ... read more »

Best space saver

24 May, 2019
Love  this style and quality was great!  I like to hook them together (3 looped hung) so I got several sets,  Saves space in my closet for my huge wig wardrobe.  read more »

Tiny treasures

24 May, 2019
I use these for my vitamins, very cute. They come in handy because of small size. Easy to slip in my pocket or purse. Versatile uses.  read more »

Made a cute gift

24 May, 2019
This This soft book is cute, however it is limited, it has the crinkly sound without a lot of variety of sounds or textures. It's colorful and was still enjoyable for a to... read more »

So so soft

24 May, 2019
Great material, thick, soft and a little stretchy. Adorable prints well suited for my grandson. True to size washed well with no fading or shrinking.  read more »

silicone sponges

09 Dec, 2017
Great for cleaning veggies but not so good on dirty pots pans. I like them just not sure yet what all I can use all for them for.  Won't let me post 4 or 5 stars #RankBoo... read more »

Highlighter pen set

16 Nov, 2017
 This is a wonderful assortment of highlighters, affordable and well made with a comfortable grip. They came packaged nicely for gift giving also. read more »

Boot socks

16 Nov, 2017
These are a nice quality thigh high boot sock. They washed well without fading, did not sag or stretch out. Will be buying more for gifts!  read more »

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