18 Pack Fruit Fly Trap Yellow Sticky Fungus Gnat Killer for Indoor and Outdoor Plant Insect Catcher for White Flies Mosquitos Fungus Gnats Flying Insects Houseplant Gift for Flower Lover (A24 18+6)
Price: $6.99
4.36 / 5   (11 Reviews)


i almost never give a one star

31 Jan, 2022
This item does not catch any bugs. I tried so many things with it and found that it just does not work. I did not review it on amazon, only on here. read more »

Fairly effective

27 Jun, 2021
These 18 Pack of yellow Fruit Fly Trap worked fairly well. I have a small infestation of gnats no seeums or fruit flies and THEY ARE SO ANNOYING. I have tried multiple products and although... read more »

It seems to work

05 Jun, 2021
I got this for house flies and after 48 hours it's only caught 1 ????. I guess that's one less I'll have to use the fly swatter on!  read more »


03 Jun, 2021
These work great in my garden. They keep the white flies off of my veggies. They are easy to setup and take down and easy to spot. Great product! read more »

Works on fungus gnats

21 May, 2021
I keep these in all my house plants since the infestation we had last year.  Work well. read more »

fly and stick

18 May, 2021
At times my plants gets Nat's. I order these in the case I get them to comebat the problem. read more »

Love it.

13 May, 2021
My house was infested with fungus gnats. I never realized that a little plumeria plant would make my home a gnat hive! It was disgusting. These gnat traps are a brilliant non-toxic solution. It’... read more »

no instructions

10 May, 2021
i wish this would come with instructions for how to put those sticky thingies on the green sticks!if somebody doesnt know how to use it is better to have instructions or at least just a picture of how... read more »

amazing and work so nice!

08 May, 2021
As a plant lover, I have been dealing with the problem of the pesky gnats for quite some time. I've tried just about everything, from cinnamon to fertilized dirt. This fly trap was a life changer!... read more »

Efficient way to deal with houseplant pests!

05 May, 2021
This is a nice set-- the yellow stickers are nice and big and can be stuck directly in the dirt, put on a spike in a larger plant, or hung by a wire/string.  They yellow attracts them, and they a... read more »

Very Cute and They Work!

04 May, 2021
I brought some plants in from outside due to a predicted frost warning and next thing I know, I’ve got some pesky gnats flying around. In the past, I’ve tried using homemade concoctions th... read more »

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