A2S Protection PSK Paracord Bracelet 8-in-1 Personal Survival Kit Urban & Outdoors Survival Knife, Fire Starter, Glass Breaker, Survival Whistle, Signal Mirror, Fishing Hook & String, Compass
Price: $9.99
4.69 / 5   (61 Reviews)



03 Mar, 2021
This is a very good product, very cool design, The material  is very durable and is very easy to use. I'm very happy with this product, Will definitely purchase from this seller again. A++ read more »

Works ok

17 Sep, 2020
It's hard to close the clasp but it works.great.  read more »

awesome bracelet

20 Mar, 2020
I wear this everytime i go hiking.  Never know when i will need any of this items if i get stuck out there.  It is comfotable and fits well on my small wrist.  read more »

A2S Protection PSK Paracord Bracelet 8-in-1 Personal Survival Kit Urban & Outdoors Survival Knife, Fire Starter, Glass Breaker, Survival Whistle, Signal Mirror, Fishing Hook & String, Compass

18 Mar, 2020
A2S Protection PSK Paracord Bracelet 8-in-1 Personal Survival Kit Urban & Outdoors Survival Knife, Fire Starter, Glass Breaker, Survival Whistle, Signal Mirror, Fishing Hook & String, Compass... read more »

Excellent quality

03 Mar, 2020
This band is awesome.  It runs a little large, but everything works on it.  It's great quality. read more »


15 Jan, 2020

Love it

22 Nov, 2019
Awesome paracord bracelet. So many goodies inside it. Love it  read more »

Everything you need

21 Nov, 2019
Everything you need in one place. This is a great way to ensure you have what you need in an emergency or survival situation. Having it in the car gives me peace of mind, especially during the winter... read more »


03 Nov, 2019
The bracelet is excellent in all time... read more »

Neat and usable

01 Nov, 2019
I'll be the first to admit I am not the outdoorsy person, but I purchased this for my nephew. This is the perfect gadget for an emergency, power outage bag, camping trip, hiking, or to just store... read more »

Pretty nifty

28 Oct, 2019
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #A2S https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07R236DDZ read more »

Great gift!

27 Oct, 2019
I have a buddy that is ex military and I purchased this for him. He loved it, it has all of the essentials he said. Perfect for camping or hiking. It was one of the best gifts he had randomly received... read more »

Ultimate Survival Bracelet

23 Oct, 2019
Thanks to Amazon Prime for fast shipping.The item early and in perfect condition. I collect survival tools and have a similar item like this, but this one is by far is easy to use and has an 8-in-1 fu... read more »


21 Oct, 2019
Great for anyone who loves outdoors! My nephew who is an advid fisherman loves this!  My husband also loves it for camping! You wonder be disappointed!! read more »

Very handy!

17 Oct, 2019
I was surprised by how thick and sturdy this bracelet it. It's very well made. Comes with an information sheet. There is a knife, fire starter, glass breaker, whistle, mirror, fishing line and hoo... read more »

Paracord 8-n-1

16 Oct, 2019
                        I thought this would be a really nice gift. So I purchased it and I'm happy I did. This i... read more »


15 Oct, 2019
It's a cool bracelet but the little door over the fishing line and hook which is the mirror fell off  read more »

Knife is actually sharp! Very functional bracelet

14 Oct, 2019
When I get something like this I usually expect the knife to be a bit dull. This inside was impressive though. It cut through a cardboard box easily. The rest of the features makes it even better. I&#... read more »

Super product

11 Oct, 2019
This is probably one of the best survival bracelets I've ever gotten it  has a survival knife with it, disregarded,all the balls an whistles!!! I like all the Paracord they're very very v... read more »

Survival bracelet

10 Oct, 2019
This bracelet is very cool an will come in handy when I want to go camping or hiking.  read more »

Great tool!

09 Oct, 2019
I love this bracelet! I hike a lot and have a use for every item included. The knife that came in the bracelet was surprisingly good for the size. Highly recommended! read more »

Great for our camping trip!

09 Oct, 2019
Super convenient and unobtrusive! Looking forward to using this in real life scenarios!  read more »

This thing is awesome

08 Oct, 2019
Never have I seen so many things packed into one wristband!! Will be a big plus on the next hike or camping trip. Get one...you will love it!! read more »

Great for hiking

07 Oct, 2019
I like that it's adjustible as I have very large wrists.  It's great to have with you hiking or in the pack as an emergency.  The whistle is very loud and clear, high quality. And th... read more »

great item that will be a favorite for all

07 Oct, 2019
The quality is wonderful and the bracelet is going to be a favorite for years to come. read more »

Nice gift

06 Oct, 2019
Gift for grandson. He loves it. Looks great in. Super cool bracelet with everything you need in the wild!  #rankboosterreview #discount   read more »


05 Oct, 2019
Clean and efficient bracelet, very sharp blade, very practical! I would definitely buy again. read more »


03 Oct, 2019
Beautifully made corded bracelet!  My son loves it and uses it all the time! read more »


01 Oct, 2019
~ What ~ Made of a 12-foot 7-strand 550-pound strength paracord, this survival bracelet contains a glass window breaker, emergency signal mirror, fishing hook with string, fire starter, an emergency... read more »

Super handy item for your favorite adventurer!

30 Sep, 2019
Bought this for my son. He is going to love it. Has so many handy items that can be used while camping, fishing, hiking.... Love it!   #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #A2SProtection... read more »

Safe and Secure

30 Sep, 2019
This protection paracord bracelet by A2S is pretty awesome, it has eight ways that can be used as survival tactics and work outdoors.  THere is a survival knife, a fire starter, glass breaker, wh... read more »

Its ok.

29 Sep, 2019
Comfortable and it is adjustable.  The problems with it is that the knife does not stay in and the bracelet does not stay latched. read more »

I love this PAracord 8-in-1 Personal Survival Kit Bracelet

29 Sep, 2019
I love this Paracord 8-in-1 Personal Survival Kit Bracelet by #A2SProtection as it not only has everything you need to survive but also can be worn as a nice fashion accessory. My son has used paracor... read more »


29 Sep, 2019
handy times 8 so the perfect survivalists tool i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #a2svprotection read more »

Amazing survival kit bracelet, don't leave home without it!

29 Sep, 2019
This survival bracelet has everything you would need in an emergency during camping, hiking, nature walks and anyplace you would find yourself out in a secluded area alone or with just a few people. S... read more »


28 Sep, 2019
looks good works well but dont like the way it closes with the knife  read more »

Great Survival Tool!

27 Sep, 2019
I love survival tools and accessories, and this is one is definitely part of my survival kit. This bracelet is made of paracord, which can be unwrapped and used if you find yourself in a survival s... read more »

Paracord Bracelet

26 Sep, 2019
Bought it as part of my ten essentials kit. It's too big on my wrist, but they are tiny and I didn't expect it to fit. Kept one for myself and gave the other away as a gift. Overall seems like... read more »

8-in-1 Survival Paracord Bracelet

25 Sep, 2019
I love survival items and so does my father-in-law.  He got really into making various items out of paracord for fun a couple of years ago.  Various things ranging from keychains that unwind... read more »

Very cool

24 Sep, 2019
I love this.  Got it for my brother whose really into this kind of stuff.  It has everything described and everything works well. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #A2S read more »

Man gift

24 Sep, 2019
A little something for the men folk. Thoughtful gift. Although it would be good for everyone to keep on hand when SHTF. Many multi functional uses. Well made with a sturdy feel.  read more »

Great Paracord Bracelet

24 Sep, 2019
I got this for my husband. He loves parcord things, especially the bracelets, but this one was unlike any other he had already. This one has the knife in it. Along with the knife it has a whistle, and... read more »


24 Sep, 2019
Love this survival bracelets, had a lot utensils. read more »

Protection PSK Paracord Bracelet 8-in-1 Personal Survival Kit Urban & Outdoors Survival Knife, Fire Starter, Glass Breaker, Survival Whistle, Signal Mirror, Fishing Hook & String, Compass Price: $9.99

23 Sep, 2019
Protection PSK Paracord Bracelet 8-in-1 Personal Survival Kit Urban & Outdoors Survival Knife, Fire Starter, Glass Breaker, Survival Whistle, Signal Mirror, Fishing Hook & String, CompassPrice... read more »

Survival bracelet

22 Sep, 2019
Ok I really like the quality of this product. It is very unique in the fact that there are so many functional tools. I didn't like how bulky it was and I feel like its too easy to slip when openin... read more »

Made a Great gift for Hubby!

21 Sep, 2019
Purchased this as a gift for the Hubby, who like to go out in the woods & hunt. He Likes all the ammenities this has attached. I would recommend this to anyone who lokes to hunt or hike.  ... read more »


20 Sep, 2019
Really has some great features, just too bad most of them are VERY limited in where and how they might be effective.....and BTW the compass doesn't even come close to being useful as no where coul... read more »

Great bracelet

20 Sep, 2019
This is an awesome survival bracelet, have anything what I need. Its great . read more »

Good for skiing!

18 Sep, 2019
I bought his for my teenage son who will be snow boarding this winter. I really like the fire starter, whistle, mirror and compass. As a mom it makes me feel safer. It sometimes comes undone, so I tol... read more »

Exactly what expected.

18 Sep, 2019
So when I opened the package at first I thought where is everything at. Lol BUT after reading the paper that came with it, i found all of it. Everything in one bracelet for emergency. This is amazing.... read more »

perfect for anyone who enjoys the outdoors

18 Sep, 2019
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #A2S Protection PSK Paracord Bracelet 8 in 1 Perfect gift for the hunter, camper, or hiking enthusiast. Very light weight bracelet that is comfortable for bot... read more »

In case of an emergency

17 Sep, 2019
#RankBooster #Sponsored #A2S Protection Perfect fit. Great to have in case of an emergency. Convenient for any outdoors adventure. Love the style. Well made. Comes with knife, fire starter, glass... read more »

Survival bracelet

17 Sep, 2019
Very cool looks good thanks read more »

Best Yet!

17 Sep, 2019
I love paracord, survival bracelets. I buy them as gifts for everyone! So it's fair to say I've seen many. This one was too good to gift! By far the best I've seen yet! The case for easy a... read more »

Great Gift!!!

16 Sep, 2019
I’m jealous! I bought this for a friend, and wanted so badly to keep it for myself. The construction was nice and solid and it arrived quickly! I highly recommend!!!! #RankBoosterReview &n... read more »

Paracord Bracelet 8-in-1 Survival Kit

16 Sep, 2019
I recently bought this from Viralix. It's pretty cool little gadget, the price was great and it will make a great gift. read more »


16 Sep, 2019
I bought this to leave in my car in case of an emergency. The glass breaker is what sold me on getting this bracelet. I like how it has so many things on it. It would be great if it had a flashlight l... read more »

Great survival bracelet!

16 Sep, 2019
This is a fantastic 8 in 1 paracord survival bracelet! All you would have to do is wear it when you are out hiking and you have the tools you need to survive! I love it. It fits my wrist perfectly and... read more »

Not bad

15 Sep, 2019
So upon receiving the parachute bracelet repair record I didn't think it was well made. The reason I didn't think it was well-made is because I couldn't latch it together and I was in the... read more »

Ok bracelet

12 Sep, 2019
Simple tactical bracelet. Nothing fancy comes with everything stated in description. Material is sturdy as should be and works good. read more »


11 Sep, 2019
I wish i could have gotten a few of these! these would make good gifts for servivialists! it has everything that you would need in a bind.    The only thing that was weird was the knfe.... read more »

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