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Jun, 2018

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I am a stay at home Mom && homeschool my children.
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Cute and large

09 Dec, 2019
It was bigger than I expected and so cute for farmhouse decor. My absolute favorite part is how durable the plastic is. It's not thin flimsy plastic but hard and firm. The butter knife is perfect... read more »

Neat and usable

01 Nov, 2019
I'll be the first to admit I am not the outdoorsy person, but I purchased this for my nephew. This is the perfect gadget for an emergency, power outage bag, camping trip, hiking, or to just store... read more »

Perfect for younger children

13 Sep, 2019
I was a little upset at the size of the camera. I would of preferred it to be a bit larger. It would be perfect for age 6-8 and the quality was better than expected. It has been durable and was droppe... read more »

Perfect hat and perfect price

13 Sep, 2019
I would purchase this again in multiple colors. The hat was surprisingly thicker than I expected and will be amazing for those cold days ahead. The material was soft and comfortable. The fit was snug... read more »

Awesome decoration for a small table

13 Sep, 2019
This tree is perfect for a small table or on a shelf. I was surprised by the size of the tree. It was bigger than I thought. The lights on the tree look to be sporadically placed and I would prefer it... read more »


09 Sep, 2019
I purchased this product for my two year old. The size is great and the detail on the mat is great for driving cars around. However, the mat is just plastic mat and no grips or anything to keep in pla... read more »

Great design and material

26 Oct, 2018
I love how the material looks like burlap but is much, much softer. I love how the design and their overall look. The look definitely works for rustic farm feel that I have in my house. The only... read more »

Durable and great fit

22 Oct, 2018
First, I hate putting steering wheel covers on the steering wheel. This cover was a little easier than others but still fit properly in my Corrola. I loved the color and materials. I have been using t... read more »

Great settings

22 Oct, 2018
I was a little hesitant to purchase this product. Although it has multiple settings, it was extraordinary. The settings easily satisfied any needs and the rotation added another level. I did mark... read more »

Super easy set up!

22 Oct, 2018
I was excited to receive this tent for my child. I was not expecting how big it actually was! It was perfect for outdoor use like the beach or a day outside. If you have a large area in your house, it... read more »

Easy to use

22 Oct, 2018
These are perfect for first time coloring. My son loved being able to easily grip and move these crayons. The only reason I went down a star is they break easily. One drop on the floor at the right an... read more »

Great Fun

22 Oct, 2018
Purchased this for some summer fun for my children and they loved it! It easily stretched to get a great launch and held it strength through summer. The only downfall is I had to purchase more ba... read more »

Sleek and modern

22 Jul, 2018
The size and overal design of this product is great. It has quick file transfering and connects flawlessly. I really enjoy using this and love the size. It makes life easier! #RankBoosterReview&n... read more »

Different settings

22 Jul, 2018
I loved how this had multiple settings and usage. The packaging was sleek and modern, easy for gifting! The various settings are great so you don't feel as if it is pulling your skin too hard. It... read more »

Easy to use

22 Jul, 2018
This worked great to connect my samsung to the tv. I loved how simple it was to connect and use. It is a great choice for any techno person who needs a little extra gadget. Great buy!  read more »

Great product

22 Jul, 2018
These are great for camping. I love using these when I have to do something in the dark. They are bright and fit nicely. They are easier to use than a traditional flash light. #RankBoosterReview&... read more »

Durable and 3 piece

13 Jul, 2018
I love how these are not plastic. They are durable and they have 3 peices for getting any agrivated hair. The travel kit makes it easy to store in a purse or pocket for needed use. The ingrown hair re... read more »

Kids & Adults

13 Jul, 2018
These are great for adults and kids. They were a little itimadating when opening the package and it was a little hard to figure out (the reason I knocked off a star). I really enjoyed using this and l... read more »

Easy to use - No Pulling

03 Jul, 2018
I loved how far technology has come even with this trimmer. I like how it is portable and is charged by USB. It makes it perfect for traveling. It is small enough to pack in the purse and doesn't... read more »

Great Fun

29 Jun, 2018
This is perfect for toddlers and provided my child with endless entertainment. The only reason I knocked it down a star is because it is not a hard plastic and can be smushed. I would prefer a pl... read more »

Perfect for first time coloring

29 Jun, 2018
I let my 13 month old use these. He absolutly loved them! DO NOT LEAVE ALONE! They aren't easily breakable but after a toddler drops on the floor a few times it results in breaking. My 13 month ol... read more »

Great quality - hard to open

21 Jun, 2018
I love the convience of this grinder. It is portable and easy to use on the go such as hotel visits or camping. I'm not sure if it may just be mine, but it is hard to open. I struggle to open and... read more »

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