Fomatrade Cool Fingerless LED Flashlight Gloves for Repairing,Working in Darkness Places,Fishing,Camping,Hiking and Outdoor Activities 1 pair
Price: $15.99
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19 Nov, 2018
they are awesome. the light is very bright! read more »

Not recived it

24 Oct, 2018
Amazon missed my pacakage read more »

Funny idea but it worked!

06 Oct, 2018
Purchased for myself for knitting and it's working very good. Use it every night. read more »

Pure genius

25 Aug, 2018
I purchased a couple of this because for one thing I knew my husband would flip over this and my grandsons would want their own. And I was right, like 3 days before they arrived he went to fix some pl... read more »

Great product

22 Jul, 2018
These are great for camping. I love using these when I have to do something in the dark. They are bright and fit nicely. They are easier to use than a traditional flash light. #RankBoosterReview&... read more »

Don't know what I did without these!

19 Jul, 2018
Really nice gloves and makes working in dark spaces a breeze. I always struggled lighting up certain areas that I was working on even when using the head strap lights. No issue with these as they work... read more »


19 Jul, 2018
Talking about handy, these are great. They make those small dark places easier to work in. The light is bright and work great. The fingerless gloves make it feel like they aren’t even there.&nbs... read more »

See with your hands

17 Jul, 2018
These gloves are perfect for those times when you have to work and have nobody that can hold a light for you.  They are LED, fingerless and are adjustable.  They are very light weight and th... read more »

Easy for turn on and off

15 Jul, 2018
good for outdoor at night and easy for turn on and off.. #RankBoosterReview  #LI  #Fingerle... read more »


13 Jul, 2018
Love these!  They are very comfortable to wear and don't interfere in tight places or with my grip.  I can see what I'm doing... Made working on my dishwasher much easier than holdin... read more »

Love it

10 Jul, 2018
Loving this product it has helped me so much wity job and I've used it to work on my car too and it's great the lights are bright and the glove fits  comfterbly it is also soft and made o... read more »


09 Jul, 2018
I had to order these again! I gave some as gifts and kept a pair. Everybody loves them! read more »


08 Jul, 2018
With all of the camping and outdoor activities we do, I am always looking for new lights to try out. I saw these gloves and thought they looked cool, so wanted to try them out. They are definitely dif... read more »

Awesome LED flashlight gloves!

08 Jul, 2018
Uniquely designed and great function! Makes working in a tough areas much easier if lights were needed and no hands to hold it! Just use this glove to give you that much needed lights at whatever one... read more »

Its a need

07 Jul, 2018
use this for fishing at night for fish it really help when baiting it have it nice and bright and easy to use. read more »


07 Jul, 2018
absolutely love this! used them for going fishing and very bright read more »

Coolest Flashlight Ever

07 Jul, 2018
These gloves are the coolest flashlight ever, no more trying to hold the flashlight to see what you are doing.  Wish I knew these exisited sooner! read more »

Perfect for helping with projects!

07 Jul, 2018
i got this pair of gloves for 1. they fit perfect with adjustable little straps around the wrists. they are fingerless so no restrictions as far as what u can do or touch and such. There are led Light... read more »

These are so handy (no pun intended)

06 Jul, 2018
My husband goes to yard sales as a hobby, and sometimes they start before the sun is up or they're in dark storage buildings. He used to wear a headlamp and just bring everything up close to his f... read more »

Really Handy and Fun!

06 Jul, 2018
What a fun concept!  Fomatrade Fingerless LED Flashlight Gloves!  The flashlight you can't drop.  They come two to a pack and are super easy to put on and to use.  You just sli... read more »

superhero doing a super job as super Dad

04 Jul, 2018
Never thought such a genius product!!! Instead of using the traditional flashlight method, these gloves become the light guidance for any needs working in darkness. It is light and convenient and fun,... read more »

Kids love them

04 Jul, 2018
I don't know how useful and functional they would be for an adult but my girls have blast with those. Both gloves worked straight out of the package, on/off buttons were easy to push even for my 2... read more »

Love them. I had to buy more

04 Jul, 2018
Yes I really needed another pair of these GloveLitF lighted gloves. Everyone in my family love them. They come in very handy when workng in tight places. Even better, they are waterproof. They can fit... read more »

Not very bright

03 Jul, 2018
got these for my husband and son to use. They are not very bright. I will change the batteries soon to see if that helps but haven’t yet read more »

I LOVE these gloves - they are comfortable and so convenient.

03 Jul, 2018
These gloves fit amazingly well and the lights are sufficient to actually see what you are doing. The on off is right on the glove where it is handy.  Not only are these gloves useful, but they a... read more »

Best item ever

03 Jul, 2018
I love these finger lights. They are so useful. I use them to read in bed so I don't have to get up and turn off the light at night. #rank-booster read more »

Happy customer

02 Jul, 2018
Bought as a gift for my father in law he loved thses gloves made prefect and very bright highly recommend this product.                      &nbs... read more »

These are awesome

02 Jul, 2018
THIS IS THE BEST EVER LOVED IT CAME IN ON TIME WELL MADE AND JUST AS described by the seller BUT BETTER  love them it comes with 2 gloves got for my husband to use at work or at home they are so... read more »

Nifty flashlight gloves

02 Jul, 2018
These flashlight gloves are a nifty little gadget. They are useful for many different jobs. No worries about how to hold a flashlight while using both hands. They put off a decent amount of light and... read more »

Works but need a better battery design

02 Jul, 2018
They light up well. I purchased these for my pest control route. At times, I need small areas lit up while applying products. This is a great solution to keep my hands free to do other things than hol... read more »

Love it

02 Jul, 2018
This is very useful can use to everything.  I was taking my dog and it's dark and I use it it's really useful it's bright and I can see better. I love it. #RankboosterReview #Fomat... read more »

Awesome gloves

01 Jul, 2018
These are some really great gloves and come in handy when doing something using both hands and can't hold a flashlight so with these u never have to worry about trying to hold ur flashlight my boy... read more »


30 Jun, 2018
i really LOVE the light wieght material and boy of boy are they bright.  whatever your use....for me its electronics and my medicines  #rankboosterreview #sponsored #Glivelitf  Fo... read more »

Fingerless LED Flashlight Gloves

30 Jun, 2018
How many times have you found yourself working on a project and you needed a little more light to find a screw tighten or something else?  The issue is your wife is gone and you need both hands t... read more »

great product

30 Jun, 2018
Fomatrade Cool Fingerless LED Flashlight Gloves for Repairing,Working in Darkness Places,Fishing,Camping,Hiking and Outdoor Activities 1 pair  Price: $15.99   read more »

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