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Oct, 2017

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I rely heavily on reviews when purchasing products online so I know what's important to include when doing reviews. I don't take the task lightly and I always do my best to leave accurate, thoughtful, and easy to understand reviews. I enjoy sharing the products I love with my friends on Facebook and hope to one day start my own blog page just for reviews. I love to write and tell stories, so writing reviews is a good way to use my talents and creativity. When I get a product, I'm quick to try it out, evaluate what I think about it, and then leave my review in a timely manner. And pictures are so important- I always include pictures!
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Cute Set!

17 Jul, 2021
What a fun and cute set of beach toys!  They're a softer type plastic, and really nicely made.  And there is a nice variety of toys in the set.  #viralixreview #ad #sponsored #Tike... read more »

Very pretty

17 Jul, 2021
These are very pretty and dainty earrings.  They're shiny and seem to be good quality.   #viralixreview #ad #sponsored #fottone read more »

Very Nice Set with Remote!

16 Jul, 2021
I am actually a repeat customer of Topstone products.  These remote controlled tea light candles and just perfect.  They have a timer, which you can set with the remote, to save on batteries... read more »

Fun little rolling pins!

06 Jul, 2021
These are really cute, fun little rolling pins! And they're not just toys, either.  The have wooden handles and silicone rollers, and are good quality.  I plan to actually use them on sm... read more »

Bigger than Expected!

06 Jul, 2021
This squirt gun is much bigger than I expected it to be.  It's really nice quality, as well.  I'm happy with it.  #viralixreview #ad #sponsored #kiztoys read more »

Nice and Sturdy

27 Jun, 2021
These garden tools are much heavier and sturdier than I expected them to be.  I've already used them for doing some landscaping, as well as pulling weeds up by the root. I would definitely re... read more »

Nice Variety

27 Jun, 2021
Nice variety of small wooden crosses.  They're good quality and I know I'll have fun using them in various craft projects.   #viralixreview #ad #sponsored #bigotters read more »

Nice Set

09 Jun, 2021
I haven't opened it all up and tried painting with it yet. But from what I can see, it looks good. There's a complete set of small containers of paint.  Looks like a nice set.  I'... read more »

Really Pretty, Nice Variety

09 Jun, 2021
This set of washi tapes is actually much better than I expected.  They're so pretty!  The lace design is so unique and dainty looking.  And what a nice variety of colors and styles.... read more »

Looks Good

09 Jun, 2021
Looks good, from what I can see.  Complete with paints.  Bought it as a gift, so I haven't painted it myself.  But I'm pleased with what I see.   #viralixreview #ad #spons... read more »

Nice Bunch

09 Jun, 2021
This is a nice big bunch of artificial flowers.  They're pretty, actually pretty real.  I do not have a green thumb, so while my neighbors are planting flowers on their yards, I'll b... read more »

Nice variety

09 Jun, 2021
Nice variety of Steampunk style pieces.  I plan on using them in crafts and maybe with some resin projects.  They're nice quality and I think a good deal.  #viralixreview #ad #spon... read more »

Really Neat

29 May, 2021
Really neat markers!  They draw in two colors, creating an outlined look to whatever you are drawing.  I love the metallic look, too.  Very nice.  #viralixreviews #sponsored #ad #... read more »

So Many Uses

29 May, 2021
These are handy little syringes without needles.  I'll be using them for so many things.  They'll be helpful with my rock painting, for applying glue, and also when I have to give me... read more »

Nice Enough

28 May, 2021
This 4th of July Wallhanging is nice enough, but I'm not sure it's worth the 12.99 cost. It's a fairly thin wood and just a simple piece of twine.  But it looks nice and is a fairly g... read more »

Nice Molds

28 May, 2021
This is a very nice set of silicone coaster molds for resin.  They are actually quite big around, big shallow enough so that it won't take forever for my UV resin to dry.  Very sturdy an... read more »

Nice Molds

28 May, 2021
This is a nice set of resin molds for the prices. They're bigger than I expected, and really well made.  I haven't gotten to use them yet, but am super impressed with them.  #virali... read more »

Too fun!

28 May, 2021
This flipping fish toy is super fun.  My two cats alternate between playing with it, and acting terrified of it.  It's absolutely hilarious to watch.  And it really moves!  It... read more »

Cute Designs

17 May, 2021
Super cute designs!  Fun summer themes.  And the stickers are durable and good quality.   #viralixreview #ad #sponsored #cocube+ read more »

Nice little flashlight

27 Apr, 2021
Nice little flashlight.  The specs pretty much tell you all of its features. It's metal, feels solid in your hand.  A nice size.  #viralixreview #ad #sponsored #letion read more »

Nice Set of Ankle Weights

26 Apr, 2021
These BeGrit Ankle/Wrist Weights (1 Pair) with Adjustable Straps are very nice.  The colors pink are very pretty and stylish.  The fabric is soft, and comfortable to wear.  It seem... read more »

Nice Selection of Quality Stickers

26 Apr, 2021
This 200 Pcs Inspirational Stickers Pack is a really nice selection of uplifting and inspirational stickers.  In addition to the nice designs, they're a vinyl sticker, so are good qualit... read more »

Very pretty and lifelike

26 Apr, 2021
These Butterfly Stakes, 60PCS 14in Garden Butterfly Ornaments, are very pretty and painted so well that they look real.  Each is on a metal stake, attached to the stake with a metal spring s... read more »

Good Cables

14 Apr, 2021
This is a nice set of Lightning Cables.  I like braided cobbles, and these are nice and thick and sturdy.  They wrk fine for charging my phone.   #ViralixReview #ad #sponsored #zeuste read more »

Very Nice and Easy to Assemble

16 Mar, 2021
This rack is very nice, and bigger than I expected.  It's made of a sturdy metal that's painted black.  And to put it together is super easy- no tools needed.  The pieces just f... read more »

Really Nice

04 Mar, 2021
This is a beautiful deck of cards!  The design is just spectacular, and even brighter when in bright light.  Not to mention, they're waterproof and durable.  I think they're gre... read more »

Good Product

01 Mar, 2021
Good product.  Haven't been using it long enough to see the real effects.  But it doesn't irritate and is easy to use.  #viralixreview #ad #sponsored #silksence read more »

Smells Good

01 Mar, 2021
This deodorant body spray is nice for spritzing on all the areas of your body where you don't use regular deodorant, as well as your armpits.  It has a nice smell, and has been working good f... read more »

Very Pretty

01 Mar, 2021
These cake toppers are very pretty.  And sturdy enough, not real cheaply made.  Nice product.  #viralixreview #ad #sponsored #julylab read more »

Fun flash drive

15 Feb, 2021
Really neat design, and well made. Fun for keeping on your key ring.  Just wish it had a cap to cover the usb end.  #viralixreview #ad #sponsored #leizhan read more »

Pretty Neat

12 Jan, 2021
This is the first time I've seen something like this, but these CARVD 2.0 Jaw Exerciser Tablets are actually pretty interesting and fun to use. You basically just put them toward the bac... read more »

Super Cute and Good Quality

13 Dec, 2020
This ornament is much better quality than I expected and is just so cute!  It'll be a fun keepsake of these times that aren't so fun.  Definitely glad I got it! #viralixreview #ad... read more »

Nicely Made, Good Quality

04 Dec, 2020
I'm very happy with this ornament.  It's nicely made, doesn't look cheap.  Looks great on my tree! #viralixreview #ad #sponsored #innohuntz read more »

Fun set

07 Nov, 2020
This is a fun set of plain nesting dolls, all ready for painting.  I haven't painted them yet, but will have fun with it when I do.  They seem good quality.  Not too thin or flimsy.... read more »

Very Nice Scale!

07 Nov, 2020
This is a very nice scale.  Easy to use and looks nice.  I like that you can just step on it and don't have to zero it first.  Despite being glass, it's very sturdy. #viralix... read more »

Nice, Heavy, Strong

16 Oct, 2020
These 2/5'' Swivel Trigger Snap Hook Lobster Claw Clasps seem to be good quality.  They feel heavy and the clasps and swivels work like they should.  Very nice.   ... read more »

Good for Rock Painting

13 Oct, 2020
I use these paint pens for rock painting.  The thicker tip is good for coloring in larger areas.  They work well and provide good color and coverage.  I'd recommend them. #virali... read more »

Absolutely Adorable!

08 Oct, 2020
I just love gnomes, especially at Christmas time.  And I thought this guy with the bee theme was especially neat. It's made well and isn't cheap looking.  Plush body, stands upright... read more »

Very Nice and Fun Design!

08 Oct, 2020
This set of wooden spoons is a nice variety for all your needs in the kitchen.  But I feel like they're too cute to actually use!  The designs burned in to them are just adorable.  ... read more »

It is Just Perfect!

08 Oct, 2020
I love gnomes, so was really excited when I saw this tree skirt!  And I actually usually just wrap a throw or Christmas tablecloth around my tree, because I hadn't found an affordable tree sk... read more »

Better that Expected

28 Sep, 2020
 Even though this was advertised for kids, I got it for myself to use when I'm out hiking in the woods.  And it's actually very nice.  The waterproof outer casing is just perfec... read more »

Just Right for Saving Puzzles

28 Sep, 2020
Good size, big enough for larger puzzles.  The felt is fairly thick.  It's got an inflatable tube that the puzzle wraps around, so the pieces stay in place.  Then of course, it defl... read more »

Looks Nice

28 Sep, 2020
I haven't put it together yet because Christmas is a way off, but it looks nice and looks about as big as I thought it would be.  The pieces are nice and thick, and the instructions look easy... read more »

Really Nice!

28 Sep, 2020
I'm really happy with this firming neck cream by Skywee Professional Products.  It smells great, smooths on nicely, and absorbs well.  Not greasy at all .  It makes m... read more »

Interesting Tool

10 Sep, 2020
This is an interesting tool, designed to protect your hands when opening doors.  I ordered this early on when the pandemic started, but it took a long time to get here, so I'm not feeling the... read more »

Works Great!

10 Sep, 2020
I have some plasma arc candle lighters, so thought I'd Ike a regular type lighter in the plasma arc style.  And this Dechi Waterproof Arc Lighter works great!  I'm not a smoker, but... read more »

Great Set!

29 Aug, 2020
Great set.  Comes with all you need to get started using magnetic false eyelashes.  Comes with 3 sets of eyelashes, and they're nice looking. Happy with it.  #viralixreview&... read more »

Fun Assortment!

18 Aug, 2020
This is a big set and fun assortment of drawing and painting tools for your little one.  Not top quality, but just right for a young child.  I'd recommend the set. #viralixreview ... read more »

Works Great!

18 Aug, 2020
I'm very happy with this digital thermometer.  It's good quality, easy to use, and works great.  I'd recommend it.   #viralixreview #ad #sponsored #LDesign read more »

Great Variety!

18 Aug, 2020
Nice set of Essential Oils.  Perfect variety for someone just starting out.   #viralixreview #ad #sponsored #BAERRYNA read more »

Big Set for Lots of Fun

18 Aug, 2020
This is a huge set of tools for a child to use with play dough.  They're not super high quality, but good enough for kid's play.  I'd recommend the set.   #viralixreview&nb... read more »

Great Deal!

21 Jul, 2020
These batteries are a great deal.  They work fine, although I haven't had them long enough to know how long they will actually last in my devices.  But so far I'm happy with them.&nb... read more »

A Lot of Stuff!

03 Jul, 2020
You get a lot of stuff in this set!  The wooden thread rack is big and made of sturdy wood.  All of the other stuff that's included is a big plus.  If you are a sewer or someone who... read more »


03 Jul, 2020
I thought these would be fun for art projects and am very pleased with them.  They're pretty realistic looking, more than I thought they'd be.  Would be nice on a display in a kitche... read more »

Awesome Set!

03 Jul, 2020
This Sketch & Drawing Art Tool Kit, 33 PCs, is an awesome set for the beginning or even advanced artist.  Everything seems to be good quality and  nice variety of drawing pencils, a... read more »

I Love This!

03 Jul, 2020
I was intrigued when I saw this Naveh CleanEars 15ml Ear Wax Removal Spray, with the spray nozzle on it, and I'm glad I got it!  It feels good when you spray it and are able to get it deep in... read more »

Nice & Sturdy Boxes!

03 Jul, 2020
These bakery boxes are much nicer than I expected!  They're nice and sturdy and I love that they have a clear window so you can see what's inside.  I also love that they come with ri... read more »

Very Nice Set of Stencils!

22 Jun, 2020
This is a very nice set of stencils.  The plastic is thick enough to be sturdy and hold in place well when using them.  I'm very happy with them! #viralixreview #as #sponsored #Koogel read more »

Very Happy with It

22 Jun, 2020
I'm very happy with this UV Phone Sterilizer.  Easy to use, works great.  And you can use it to sterilize other small items as well.  #viralixreview #as #sponsored #royace read more »

Nice little fan!

10 Jun, 2020
This Pimpimsky Mini Handheld Fan is a nice little fan.  It's rechargeable, using a micro USB port for charging.  When I charged it the first time, it didn't take long to charge... read more »

Really Neat and Full Size

01 Jun, 2020
This Movie Film Clap Board is really neat and a fun prop for kids who want to film their own videos or make their own movies.  It's pretty big, full size.  Not small, like a toy.  P... read more »


26 Apr, 2020
Very cute assortment of temporary tattoos! #viralixreview #ad #sponsored #koogel read more »

Very Nice

15 Apr, 2020
Very nice sleep mask combined with headphones.  Comfortable to wear.  Adjustable.   #viralixreview #ad #Sponsored #FREGENBO read more »

Really Nice!

07 Apr, 2020
This cloth Easter Bunny bag is much bigger than I was expecting and so cute!  Who doesn't love sequins and sparkle?  It's a nice, thick fabric and stands up on it's own.  Ve... read more »

Great Deal!

18 Mar, 2020
What a great deal on a huge set of alkaline batteries!  I'd have to wait and write this review 6 months from now, in order to tell you how long they last.  But they seem great. #Viral... read more »

Very Pretty!

18 Mar, 2020
I was a little worried when I ordered these BigOtters Pearls Hair Clips that they'd be smaller than expected, or poor quality.  But they are nice and big, and very pretty!  The long... read more »

Pretty Neat and Handy for Taking Along!

18 Mar, 2020
What better time than now to have your own clean straw to take along with you for use when you're out in public?  This is a nice set of 2, each with a clip for attaching to your purse or keyc... read more »

Love these Stickers!

18 Mar, 2020
This is a really fun assortment of Vinyl Waterproof Animal Stickers.  They're sort of like a color block style, and nice, vibrant colors.  And all my favorite animals are included! ... read more »

I Love this Pillow!

08 Mar, 2020
I've been using shredded memory foam pillows for awhile, and have been feeling it's time for a fresh one.  I was drawn to this one because of the temperature regulating cover.  And I... read more »

Nice set, comfortable to use

20 Feb, 2020
This is a nice big set of wrinkle smoothing strips!  I've mostly been using the ones on the sides of my mouth, as I've noticed I'm getting from lines.  I haven't been using t... read more »

Nice and Heavy Duty!

19 Feb, 2020
This Universal Magnetic Cell Phone Holder is much more heavy duty that I expected.  I have a charging cell holder in my car, but I wanted a holder to mount at home so I can do videos of myself wi... read more »

Great Stickers!

11 Feb, 2020
This is a nice batch of stickers.  They're cute and they're vinyl, so shoiuld be waterproof and should last wherever you put them.  They range from 2" to 3" in size. ... read more »

Very Pretty Set!

03 Feb, 2020
This set of Happy Birthday Cake Topper and Decorations is actually much prettier than I expected!  You wouldn't find something this nice in the stores for this price.  I'm very happy... read more »

Really Fun and Well Made Set!!

29 Jan, 2020
I absolutely love this set of Wooden Egg Maracas.  The designs are super cute and varied, so there's a little of everything.  And the painting is done neatly, so they are more than just... read more »

Beautiful Chain

21 Jan, 2020
This chain is beautiful.  So shiny, and more dainty than I expected.  I absolutely love it.   #ViralixReview #ad #sponsored #UHIBROS read more »

Nice Little Snow Brush & Scraper

21 Jan, 2020
This is a nice little snow brush & scraper.  Shorter than the usual size, but that actually makes it good for brushing off your side windows and the closer--up places.  It's made wel... read more »

Wow! Holds Tight.

20 Jan, 2020
I've been seeing ads around different places for this type of double sided tape, so I had to have some.  And this is good stuff!  First of all, it's got such a strong stick that it w... read more »

Very Happy with It!

20 Jan, 2020
I'm very happy with this Buffalo Plaid Ribbon.  It's got a silky feel, and actually a bit of a shiny look to it.  25 yards is a good sized roll and the 1 inch size is good for a lot... read more »

Super Cute, Beautiful Designs!

20 Jan, 2020
These Easter Pillowcases by Johouse have such cute and beautiful designs!  I have been collecting these types of throw pillow covers for each holiday, and was excited to get such cute Easter ones... read more »

Looks like a Real Nest!

20 Jan, 2020
First of all, this Rattan Birds Nest by FuturePlusX is much bigger than I expected!  I had purchased a small string of Easter Egg lights and they actually fit well inside the nest.  It's... read more »

Lots of Pockets and Heavy Padding

17 Jan, 2020
This is really a very nice backpack for your electronic devices.  It's got plenty of pockets with nice thick padding to keep devices protected from each other.  It's obviously great... read more »

Very Pretty and Good Quality

17 Jan, 2020
Very pretty and dainty earring posts.  They seem good quality and I like that they're hypoallergenic stainless stee.  I'd recommend them.  #viralixreview #ad #sponsored #U... read more »

Fun Assortment!

17 Jan, 2020
This is a fun assortment of stickers.  I found at least 3 Corgi's so far!  There's animals, sea creatures, and inspirational sayings, all about 2 1/2" or so.  I'm... read more »

Works Great

17 Jan, 2020
 Very nice digital tire gauge.  It works great and is easy to use.  Seems accurate. #viralixreview #ad #sponsored #GSSUSA read more »

Perfect for Easter!

16 Jan, 2020
These Easter Egg lights are really cute and will be great to put up as decorations for Easter.  They're almost as big as a real egg and I love the cracked look.  They take 2 AA batteries... read more »

Nice and Thick and Love the Built-In Mirror Covers

13 Jan, 2020
I have one of these I've been using and I love it, but the mirror covers are separate from the windshield cover.  When I saw this one with the mirror covers built in, along with the magnetic... read more »

Very Beautiful!

13 Jan, 2020
This is a very beautiful bracelet!  The metal is thin enough that you can bend it to fit your wrist, but not so thin that it'll break.  And the color is so pretty.  I'm very hap... read more »

Great Size to Keep in my Travel Bag!

10 Jan, 2020
It's such a nuisance, having to pack up my watch charger every time I travel.  So when I saw this portable charger, I thought it was a great!  And it is great.  It plugs right into... read more »

Great Size for Taking Along

10 Jan, 2020
These Jump Drives are a nice size for taking along, or carrying on a keychain.  Plug 'n Play, nothing complicated about them. They look nice and seem like they're good quality. #Virali... read more »

Fun Set!

10 Jan, 2020
I thought this would be a fun set for my niece for her birthday this year, which is a couple weeks before Christmas.  It looks like a fun set.  It's got the tree and a bunch of 'orna... read more »

Good Batteries

10 Jan, 2020
I only just got them, and started using them, so I can't say how long they last, but they seem fine.  And a good deal. #ViralixReview #ad #sponsored #EBL read more »

Nice & Big!

04 Jan, 2020
These Binder Rings are nice and big!  They seem strong and they latch and hold tight, yet unlatch easily enough.  I'm happy with them. #ViralixReview #ad #sponsored #XSTGOTOONE read more »

Nice but Doesn't Work Great w/ Phone Case On

04 Jan, 2020
I have an iPhone XS Max that I started to have problems charging with the cable, so I switched to wireless charging.  I even got a super thin Symmetry Otterbox w/ built in Pop Socket, so it would... read more »

Very Happy with It

28 Dec, 2019
I got this for my Mom and Dad for Christmas and they are very happy with it.  It's nice and compact yet good quality.   #ViralixReview #ad #sponsored #OSGEAR read more »

Really Nice Set!

20 Dec, 2019
I got this as a Christmas gift for my dad.  He already has one that he used all summer, and kept talking about how he wanted to get another one.  These are very durable, heavy-dty hoses and... read more »

Awesome Pen with So Many Features!

13 Dec, 2019
This is a pretty neat pen with lots of features built on.  It's sturdy and heavy and seems good quality.  I'm very happy with it! #viralixreview #ad #sponsores #werewolves read more »

Just Beautiful- Classes up my Apple Watch!

07 Dec, 2019
This Bracelet style watch band really classes up my Apple Watch!  It's just beautiful, even better than I expected.  And I can add my favorite fragrance to it, which is really neat. It s... read more »

Nice and Hefty and So Many Refills!

07 Dec, 2019
This is a nice, hefty sized tactical pen.  I can see how it actually could function in a tactical sense.  Really neat.  And so many ink refills included!  I'd definitely recomm... read more »


03 Dec, 2019
Very nice butter dish.  Melamine is always a great choice in the kitchen. #ViralixReview #ad #sponsored #Adirom read more »

Great Boot Insoles

03 Dec, 2019
These are a great pair of boot insoles, with nice, warm faux wool for softness and warmth, then a shiny foil-like layer on the bottom to reflect warmth back to your feet rather than out through the bo... read more »

They're Beautiful!

03 Dec, 2019
These Gagafeel Red Heart Earrings are just beautiful!  Just the right size and the red is nice and dark.  So shiny and pretty. #ViralixReview #ad #sponsored #Gagafeel read more »

They Work Great- Just What I've Been Needing

03 Dec, 2019
I wasn't sure how well these silicone adhesive nosepads would work for my glasses, but my favorite pair of glasses are ones I bought at an online eyeglass retailer, and the bridge has always been... read more »

Good Cables

24 Nov, 2019
Nice braided cables.  I love the braided ones because they seem to last longer.  And the 5 foot size is a nice length.  The plug in charger piece is a plus.  Can never have too man... read more »

Love Them!

24 Nov, 2019
These socks are so cute!  I absolutely love them. They seem nice and stretchy, and not too thin or too thick.  Just right.  I actually ordered them for my son for Christmas and I think... read more »

So Cute!

14 Nov, 2019
This is such a cute little airpod case cover!   Provides extra protection for your airpods against drops, and is just plain fun! #ViralixReview #ad #sponsored #AOJI read more »

Great Deal on a Huge Set!

14 Nov, 2019
I'm really excited to have gotten these Natural Wood Slices!  They're a nice variety of shapes, real wood, not too thick, and not all perfectly round.  They've got holes drilled... read more »

Really Complete Set- Wow!

09 Nov, 2019
I actually thought I was just buying a mini precisioin screwdriver set with a large variety of tips.  And yes, I got a large variety of tips, but so much more!  Wow.  It's got pryin... read more »

Really Nice and Good Quality

09 Nov, 2019
I have been looking for a laptop backpack for taking my Chrome Book along with me when I go places, and this is just perfect for that.  It's surprisingly good quality for the price.  It&... read more »

Super Handy!

09 Nov, 2019
This is a super handy gadget!  Each end has a hook that you attach to something, and then there are 12 clips that you can hang things from.  I think it'll come in handy for lots of thing... read more »

Awesome Set of Lights!

07 Nov, 2019
I am so amazed by this set of lights.  They're LED "Fairy" Style lights.  And they've got it all.  A remote control, timer, usb powered.  With the remote you can... read more »

LOVE Them So Much!

05 Nov, 2019
I absolutely love these gnomes!  They are bigger than I expected and the quality is really good.  A great addition to my Christmas decorations this year. They are just adorable. If you... read more »

Fun Set!

23 Oct, 2019
This is a fun set!  It's too early to put it up, but looking through it, it's a bigger set than I expected.  Seems like nice, thick felt.  Plus it's got a small strand of li... read more »

Fun Holiday Earrings!

23 Oct, 2019
Super Cute Holiday Earrings!  They're big enough to be seen, but not so big that they'll feel too heavy on your ear.  They seem to be of good quality for the price.  Now let the... read more »

Really nice socks!

19 Oct, 2019
I'm very happy with these socks.  Unlike my other wool socks, they're not real thick, which is nice.  Right now, it's not super cold yet, so I don't want thick wool socks, bu... read more »

Nice, Thick, Plush Slipper Socks!

17 Oct, 2019
These are very nice, thick, and plush slipper socks!  Going to be super warm this winter with the 'Sherpa' lining.  And they're really nice looking, too.  I bought them to g... read more »

Amazing Set of Alcohol Ink Pens!

17 Oct, 2019
This is an absolutely amazing set of alcohol ink pens/markers!  80 colors, dual tipped.  So much versatility in one set.  The carrying case is very nice, as well.  And it comes wit... read more »

Super Easy to Install!

07 Oct, 2019
I got this for my Dad, who just got an iPhone 11.  He is very happy with it.  He said it was super easy to intsall.  The guide stickers came off, but he put them back on and it was fine... read more »

So Fun and They Work Great!

03 Oct, 2019
I am so happy with these Topstone Color Changing Led Tealight Candles with Remote Control and Timer.  I mean, to find Tealight Candles with a timer is hard enough, but these also have a remo... read more »

Works Great!

03 Oct, 2019
This HAPPYTRY Nano Glass Exfoliating Brush works great at brushing away dead skin and calluses from my feet.  The surface is like a super sharp, super fine sandpaper and the handle is shaped... read more »

Nice Large Assortment!

14 Sep, 2019
This is a fun assortment of planner stickers.  And a large assortment.  Just about every event or day's plans you can think of!  And they're cute.  They seem like nice qual... read more »

Super Cute!

14 Sep, 2019
Super cute assortment of stickers!  I am a cat lover, so I think these are super fun.  They're really tiny, though.  Kind of like the size for a planner, or even for decorating your... read more »

Wish I'd known about these sooner!

14 Sep, 2019
This Punkcase Camera Protector is exactly what I've been needing!  My iPhone outer shell has some cracks and there are some cracks in the camera area.  I've been so afraid that if I... read more »

Just what I needed!

14 Sep, 2019
I'm just starting to use brush on paints in my rock painting, so I needed some palettes, but nothing fancy.  Yet the ones from the dollar store didn't have enough wells for various paint... read more »

Happy with It

04 Sep, 2019
This cooling towel is just the right size for dealing over your neck and the silicone carrying case is a nice addition.  It’s got a caribeaner clip and holes for aeration, so your towe... read more »

Nice and Durable

04 Sep, 2019
This Seven Sparta Grill Cover is nice and thick, waterproof, and durable.  And plenty big to fit a wide range of gas grills.  Comes in a drawstring case, which is really handy.  I&rsquo... read more »

Nice Collar

29 Aug, 2019
This Egoola Night Reflective Dog Collar is nice and heavy duty, and wide.  It's got the easy snap closure, with a metal D-Ring for attaching a leash.  Best of all, it's got the refle... read more »

Good Deal

23 Aug, 2019
This is a good deal on a set of so many of these batteries.  I like to have them on hand so I don't have to pay a fortune for just one, when I buy at one of my small local stores. These are A... read more »

These are Super Cool!

23 Aug, 2019
I ordered these, thinking they looked like they might be a fun gift for someone, but now that I've gotten then and tried them, I am keeping them for myself!  They are super cool, and I think... read more »

Variety of Sizes and Non-Stick

23 Aug, 2019
I already have some of these type of non stick silicone baking mats, and I discovered they work good for setting my painted rocks on when I go to brush on the sealant.  The rocks don't stick... read more »

Great Quality and Just What I've Been Looking For!

19 Aug, 2019
I've been looking for some black sketch pads at a reasonable price for awhile now, so was glad to get these at a discount through Viralix.  They're good quality, card stock, textured.&nbs... read more »

Very Nice!

16 Aug, 2019
Nice set of cables!   They’re braided, which I love, and they are just heavy-duty, overall.  Plus the colors are great.  And they work just fine.  I’d recommend them.... read more »

Beautiful Set!

08 Aug, 2019
It seems funny to say that a tongue cleaner is beautiful, but this really is  beautiful set.  The two cleaners are smooth and have a satiny sheen.  They clean your tongue gently and are... read more »

Cutest Thing Ever!

04 Aug, 2019
These little HansGo Small Wooden Spoons are the cutest thing ever!  They're nice and smooth and nicely shaped.  I would definitely recommend them! #ViralixReview #ad #sponsored #HansG... read more »

Great Set!

27 Jul, 2019
This is a great basic set of tools to have in the house.  I bought it because I wanted a more powerful cordless screwdriver/drill.  I’ve had just a cheaper rechargeable screwsrivers th... read more »

Good Stuff

10 Jul, 2019
I’ve been using hemp oil for awhile now and have tried many different brands.  But, I hadn’t used this particular brand before. The one thing I would like better is if it had min... read more »

Strong and Sturdy

10 Jul, 2019
These are called hookah tongs but I thought they’d make good tings for moving charcoal around when I’m getting my grill going.  They’re nice and sturdy,  and feel like good... read more »

Nice and Lightweight

05 Jul, 2019
Nice pointer.  It telescopes smoothly and is a good length.  Quite lightweight, lighter than I expected.  The handle is sort of a firm foam or rubberized foam.  It's 'gripp... read more »

A New Way to Cover Wine Bottles!

05 Jul, 2019
I like these.  What a clever new way to re-cover your wine or beer bottles.  Over the top, rather than stuffing something down in to the bottle.  And they're Silicone, so they&... read more »

Nice Set with Lots of Pockets!

05 Jul, 2019
This is a nice set of 2 backseat organizers.  I ordered these because when I go places with my parents, there's nowhere to put all my stuff.  (No, I'm not a kid, and yes, I go places... read more »

Nice Camera & Easy to Set Up

01 Jul, 2019
I got one of these cameras last year from a different seller and had a bad experience with getting it set up, so it’s taken me a year to decide to try again.  But I’ve got the rest of... read more »

Strong Bags but Not Convenient Dispensing

29 Jun, 2019
These Doctor Shield trash bags are nice and thick and strong.  They have odor control but they don’t have a strong, overwhelming scent:  I do want to mention that they’re regular... read more »

Nice Set

29 Jun, 2019
This is a nice set of hand strengthening rings.  I’ve been noticing that as I get older, my grip doesn’t seem as strong as it used to be.  So I’m happy to have these.  ... read more »

Very Pretty!

22 Jun, 2019
Very pretty set of false eyelashes!  They're soft and wispy.  I love that they're handmade.  I got them for my niece, who is going to love them!    #ViralixReview #... read more »

Kinda Big

20 Jun, 2019
I got a good discount on these blind spot mirrors, so thought I’d give them a try.  In the Q&A’s, someone asked if they’d fit my specific make of car and the seller said &ld... read more »

Beautiful Switch

20 Jun, 2019
First of all, this is an absolutely beautiful switch.  And it's got great features, with the nighlight and motion sensor.  However, I wasn't smart enough to have my Dad, who would be... read more »

Great Set!

08 Jun, 2019
I actually got this set of packing cubes for my Mom and she is hoot with them.  They’ve got all the sizes you need, so you can granite everything as you pack.  Nice and lightweight, as... read more »

Absolutely LOVE It!

08 Jun, 2019
I’m actually laying on this pillow as I type this and have to say that I really love it.  I have two other shredded memory foam pillows that I’ve had for about a year now and they don... read more »

Very Nice !

04 Jun, 2019
This is a nice set of hot/cold packs.  They’re just the right size for using on various body parts.  And the fabric they’re made of feels really nice.  They feel kind o... read more »

Good for Landscaping Projects

24 May, 2019
These Plastic Garden Stakes are just what I was looking for, for my landscaping projects.  They have little spikes along the post, to help grab the soil and keep them in the ground.  Plus th... read more »

Very Nice & Generously Sized!

24 May, 2019
These Microfiber Hair Towels by Lovife are much nicer than some of the other towel wraps I've used.  First of all, they seem bigger than the ones I'm currently using, and the microfiber f... read more »

Great Tasting!

22 May, 2019
I’ve been using hemp oil for awhile now, and I’ve tried several different brands.  Finally I found one that actually tastes good.  Many of the others that are suppose to have a m... read more »

Nice Beach Towel Clips!

15 May, 2019
This is a nice set of Beach Towel Clips.  They're bigger than I expected and feel nice and heavy.  Can't wait till it's finally warm enough to hit the beach and use them! #Ran... read more »

Easy to Set Up and Use, Very Nice

15 May, 2019
This isYoung Car Dash Cam is a nice little dash cam.  I was able to set it up and figure out how to use it without even having to read the instructions.  Its got a good picture and a lot of... read more »

Good Quality, Very Happy!

14 May, 2019
This Likamu Mop and Broom holder is just great.  It was easy to hang and install and seems to be good quality, heavy materials.  Not only does it hold mops and brooms, but you can hang items... read more »

Works Great, Easy to Use

04 May, 2019
I got this Ixaer HDMI to AV Converter at a discount through Rank Booster, so I could give my honest review of it.  And right up front, I'll say that I gave it 4 stars rather than 5 for a coup... read more »

Its Got All You Need!

03 May, 2019
This is a great multi-tool!  When I started checking it out,  I didn’t think I was going to get to the end of the various tools it has built in to it.  It’s even got two sma... read more »

Great Shower Head

02 May, 2019
I’ve been using this type of shower head for a few years now and I love them!  I always make sure I have an extra on hand.  They aren’t real high quality and do need to be r... read more »

Better than Expected!

02 May, 2019
These Topstone LED Tea Lights with Timer and Remote are even better than I expected!  They’re actually bigger than a standard tea light and made with uneven sides so they look like rea... read more »

Nice Phone Stand

23 Apr, 2019
This is a nice portable phone stand.  It folds up for taking along, but is nice and sturdy.  You can change the angle at which your phone site and it can be used while your phone is plugged... read more »

Nice Little Card Holder

17 Apr, 2019
i got this little card holder to keep all of my various store loyalty cards in.  There are a lot that I only use a couple of times a year, yet I still want to have them on hand just in case. &nbs... read more »

Neat Lighter!

17 Apr, 2019
Really neat lighter!  Hard to believe there is such a thing as a  flan less lighter that works, but it does.  So much safer.  Would be perfect if you have small kids and worry abou... read more »

Nice Lightweight Hammock

12 Apr, 2019
This OENEW Single and Double Camping Hammock is my first hammock of any type, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but it seems pretty nice to me.  At first I was hesitant to pull... read more »

Easy to Set Up, Comfortable to Use

11 Apr, 2019
I've been looking around for a good deal on bluetooth headphones and found these at a discount on Rank Booster, so I could give an honest review of them.  And I've been happy with them.&n... read more »

My New Favorite Mug!

11 Apr, 2019
I got a discount on this mug so I could give my feedback and I am so glad I did.  This mug is absolutely adorable!  It's well made, too. The painting of the design is nice and neat, and... read more »

Didn't Work At All

04 Apr, 2019
I really hate leaving negative reviews, but there's nothing else I can do with this one.  The splitter absolutely just did not work for me.  I even made sure to remove my phone case to m... read more »

Works Great Right Out of the Box!

04 Apr, 2019
I have been wanting one of these but was putting off getting one because i was concerned they'd be glitchy and hard t o use. But I plugged this in, right out of the box, and had no problems. (I... read more »


26 Mar, 2019
I got a discount on this bike cover so I could give my review of it.  We still have many feet of snow where I live, so I won't be taking my bike out of storage for awhile yet, but the cover s... read more »

Super Cute and Fun!

11 Mar, 2019
I got a discount on this Pet Sling Carrier so I can give an honest review of it.  It’s super cute!  It’s bigger than I imagined and could easily fit a small dog, even though I go... read more »

Very Nice Lighted Speaker!

08 Mar, 2019
I got a discount on this Shava Night Light Bluetooth Speaker so I could give an honest review of it.  It's a nice little speaker and I love that it lights up.  It's easy to set up, e... read more »

Nice and Thick Gel!

08 Mar, 2019
I got a discount on these Skyfoot's Toe Caps so I could give an honest review.  I'm very happy with them.  The gel layer is really nice and thick and cushiony.  They cut easily.... read more »

Nice and Sharp!

02 Mar, 2019
I got a deal on this Nail Clippers Set by AIQIBAO so I could give my honest review of it.  And I'm happy to say that I love it.  I am a big obsessed with nail clippers (I know, what a go... read more »

Just Beautiful!

22 Feb, 2019
I got a discount on this Heart Leather Journal so I could give my honest review of it, and I"m so happy with it!  It is just beautiful.  The design embossed into the leather is so prett... read more »

Great Little Spatulas!

15 Feb, 2019
I was excited to get a great deal on these so I could give my honest review, because I've been wanting to get another set.  I actually have a set that I purchased last year, that I absol... read more »

Great Set to Have on Hand!

06 Feb, 2019
I got a discount on this Zorvo High Pressure Plunger Set so I could give an honest review.  I have to say that this is a great set.  Just what I've been looking for!  My toilet tend... read more »

Beautiful Version of The Gospels!

02 Feb, 2019
I got a discount on this Alabaster Bible Gospels Set so I could give an honest review of it.  I am really impressed with it.  It's 4 separate books, each Gospel in it's own book,&nbs... read more »

Extremely Unique and Beautiful!

02 Feb, 2019
I got a discount on this Book of Psalms so I could give an honest review of it.  I am really impressed with it.  It's got the Psalms in the NLT with beautiful photography to go along wit... read more »

Really Happy with It!

02 Feb, 2019
I got a discount on these Wireless Headset so I could give an honest review, and I have to say I really like it.  I didn't expect the piece that goes around my neck to be so lightweight. ... read more »

Good Tape, Happy with It

21 Jan, 2019
I’ve been selling online for years, so have used a lot of different types of packing tape through the years.  I was glad to get a discount on this tape so I could give my honest review of i... read more »

Perfect Way to Keep Lip Balm on Hand Always!

11 Jan, 2019
I was excited to find these on Rank Booster at a discount so I could give my feedback, as I've been wanting one for awhile!  And with a 6 pack, I can give some out to friends and family, as w... read more »

Definitely an Interesting Product!

21 Dec, 2018
I got a discount on these, so I could give my feedback, and they are definitely interesting.  I haven't actually been out walking a lot with them yet.  They are sort of a thin rubber wit... read more »

Great Kit

21 Dec, 2018
I got a great deal on this great DIY Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit so I could give my feedback and I know my son will appreciate it, as he's always fixing up cars.   It's got a nice... read more »

Great Glue

21 Dec, 2018
I've used this UV Glue before and know it works great, so was glad to get this one at a discount to give my feedback on.  It can be used on a large variety of surfaces and forms a permanent b... read more »

Beautiful Wallet!

21 Dec, 2018
I got this wallet at a discount so I could give my feedback and can't wait for my son to see it.  It's just beautiful and I know he'll like the compact/slim design.  The RFID pro... read more »

Good Smart Plug

16 Dec, 2018
I got this NATOL WiFi Smart Plug at a discount so I could give my feedback.  I have quite a few of these things in my house now, and several different brands. This one is of good quality and work... read more »

Really Awesome Massager!

16 Dec, 2018
I got this Gideon Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion at a discount so I could give my feedback.  It lives up to all of the other Gideon Massagers that I own.  It works great and feels great! ... read more »

Beautiful Set!

10 Dec, 2018
This is a beautiful set of Eye Shadow!  I got a discount on them so I could give my feedback, and I'm very impressed.  The colors are pretty and nice and dark, deeply pigmented.  An... read more »

It's Okay, but Smaller than Expected

07 Dec, 2018
I got a discount on this so I could give my feedback.  I really hate leaving bad reviews, but this is so disappointing.  First off, it's much smaller than I expected.  I had to go b... read more »

Really Nice Ice Packs!

05 Dec, 2018
I got a discount on these AVESTON Ice Packs so I could give my feedback and am so glad I did. I just love them!   I love that they can be used for hot or cold and I love that they come with... read more »

Beautiful Product with Great Features!

05 Dec, 2018
I got a discount on this Dual Dash Cam so I could give my feedback and am so grateful I did!  This is a beautiful Dash Cam and has all sorts of great features.  You can read the listing to s... read more »

Good Product

05 Dec, 2018
I got a discount on these Star Men's Suspenders so I could give my feedback, so I thought I'd get them for my dad as a joke.  So I did see that the title says "Halloween Supplies,&qu... read more »

Good Size Bars

05 Dec, 2018
I got a discount on these Car Cay Bars by SSZY so I could give my feedback.  It's winter where I live, so I won't be able to actually use them till next spring. But I can say that they ar... read more »

My Favorite Brand of Descaling Solution for my Keurig!

29 Nov, 2018
I was excited to get this at a discount so I could give my feedback, because this is a brand I already use and it's my favorite brand of decaling solution.  The first time I used this, I got... read more »

Cute Heater but I Have Issues with It

26 Nov, 2018
I got a discount on this heater so I could give my feedback.   My main issue is this.  It says in the listing that it's got the auto shut-off feature, if it tips over.  Well, t... read more »

Great Set of Walkie Talkie Radios

25 Nov, 2018
I got these Floureon Walkie Talkies at a discount so I could give my feedback on them.  It's a nice set and I'm glad to have them.  When my Dad and I are out bird hunting next month,... read more »

Happy with it.

25 Nov, 2018
I got a deal on this HDMI Switch so I could give my feedback.  What's great about this is that it's plug-n-play and no power source required.  For those who aren't sure, this is... read more »

So Much Fun!

20 Nov, 2018
I got this Jeteven Cinema LED Letter Light Box at a discount, so I could give my feedback.  And it's so much fun!  I decided to use it as part of my Christmas decorations, and it looks r... read more »

Pretty Amazing!

16 Nov, 2018
I got a discount on this Ultra Lightweight Backpack so I could give feedback on it, and I really like it.  It's amazing how it folds up so small.  It came to me in a little pouch. ... read more »

Fast Charging!

13 Nov, 2018
I got a deal on this Quick Charge Rapid Charger so I could give my feedback.  Luckily, I had an old phone that was completely dead.  (Deader than a door nail, as the old saying goes.) ... read more »

Just Finished Setting Them Up- Super Easy!

12 Nov, 2018
I got this set of 4 WiFiSmart Outlet Plugs at a discount, so I could give my feedback and I am super grateful for it!  I already had a few of them, and wanted some  more because I'm gett... read more »

Great Smart Wifi Outlet Strip

11 Nov, 2018
I was so excited to get a discount on this so I could give my feedback, because I have been wanting one of these for awhile now.  And I really love it.  It's very nice looking, first off... read more »

Good Quality Set

11 Nov, 2018
I ordered this set of Damaged Screw Extractor Set to have on hand because I just hate it when I get a stripped screw and can't do anything with it.  And I got a discount ont he set so I could... read more »

Nice, Complete Set of Walking Sticks

05 Nov, 2018
I got a discount on this set of GOTOONE Walking Sticks so I could give my feedback.  And it's a very nice set.  The walking sticks themselves are nice and lightweight, and seem like good... read more »

Quality Car Charger Adapter

03 Nov, 2018
I got a deal on this Car Charger Adapter so I could give my feedback.  I know there's not a whole lot to tell about something like this, but I will say that it looks and feels like a more hig... read more »

Awesome Survival Tool!

03 Nov, 2018
I got a discount on this Morpilot 5 in 1 Multitool Tactical Knife with Sharpener so I could give my feedback on it, and boy do I love it!  This year my Dad and I decided to start bird hunting, so... read more »

Unique Muscle Roller

01 Nov, 2018
My Mom was talking about wanting a muscle roller and that same day, this one by Zinnor showed up on Rank Booster at a discount, so I grabbed it!  And am glad to give my feedback on it.  I th... read more »

Good Quality Waterproof Speaker

01 Nov, 2018
I've gotten several Bluetooth speakers over the past year, and somehow always end up giving them away to one of my sons.   So I was glad to get this one by Inkerscoop at a discount, in e... read more »

Wow! What a Set!

01 Nov, 2018
I got a great deal on this Inkerscoop Kids Tactical Vest Kit so I could give my feedback, and I have to say that I honestly didn't pay that much attention to what all was included in the set. ... read more »

Cute Headbands!

01 Nov, 2018
I got a discount on this set of "vintage" headbands by Wishesport so I could give my feedback.   I wasn't sure if I'd actually like the flower design, but they are super cu... read more »

Great Set of Fairy Lights!

31 Oct, 2018
I've decided to fill my house with Fairy Lights for Christmas this season, so when I was able to get a deal on these in exchange for giving my feedback, I was glad to do so.  This is a nice s... read more »

Super Cute - I love it!

31 Oct, 2018
I got this to use when I go out in my Dad's Side by Side 4 - Wheeler.  When we go off road, it gets dusty, so I like to cover my face.  I can't even believe how cute this is.  T... read more »

What a Neat Set!

31 Oct, 2018
I got a deal on this set of Magic Cubes so I could give my feedback and I have to say that it's a super neat set.  My middle son mastered the Rubik's cube back in middle school and he'... read more »

A Lot Bigger Than I Expected! Now that's power!

31 Oct, 2018
This Floureon Portable Charger Power Bank is much bigger than I expected!   Lots of power- just what I have been wanting and needing.  I got a deal on it so I could give my feedback and... read more »

Love the Star Shapes!

28 Oct, 2018
Nice set of 2 strings of battery Star Shaped battery operated Fairy Lights.  They work great.  They take 3 AA batteries, so you can use them anywhere- no plug needed!  They do have an o... read more »

They work great!

28 Oct, 2018
Nice set of 2 strings of battery operated Fairy Lights.  They work great.  They each take 3 AA batteries and my experience with using fairy lights last year is that they use such little elec... read more »

Great Pet Warming Mat w/ Super Safety Features!

27 Oct, 2018
What I love most about this pet warming mat  by Pecute is all the safety features.  There's little worry about my cats getting burned or overheated, or worry about fire.  They even... read more »

Nice Looking with Great Features!

24 Oct, 2018
This is one sweet WiFi Security camera by ixaer!  Got a great deal on it so I could give my review, and I'm glad to do so. As you can see in my pics ,it's very nice looking.  It look... read more »

Great Quality Product

20 Oct, 2018
I got a good deal on this Bonviee Bread Scoring Tool on Rank Booster, so I could give my feedback.  I got it for my Dad, who loves to bake bread.  It looks like it's good quality. ... read more »

Very Pretty and Will Make a Nice Gift!

20 Oct, 2018
When I saw this MEIO Solar Energy Powered Home Wind Chimes Light at a discount on Rank Booster, I knew I had to get it for my Mom for her birthday!  She loves these types of things and she&#... read more »

Nice Set for Christmas Baking!

18 Oct, 2018
I was glad to get this Good Grips Cookie Press Set at a discount so I could give my feedback on it.  It's been years since I've made Spritz cookies so I'm tickled pink to have gotten... read more »

Seems Promising

18 Oct, 2018
I actually got this for my mom and havent given it to her yet, so can't comment on how well it works.  But the  description of the special complex of ingredients and how they work makes... read more »

Super Fun Socks!

14 Oct, 2018
Got a deal on these socks so I could give my feedback.  And they're pretty awesome.  Gonna give these to my son for Christmas.  Super fun! #RankBoosterReview #ad #sponsored #Good... read more »

Good Product

10 Oct, 2018
This Aycean Chair Mat for Hard Wood Floors is a great idea. I mean, you can get the kind with the spikes on the bottom to use with carpeting, but that doesn't work on hard floors, of course. ... read more »

Very Nice & Unique!!

05 Oct, 2018
I've seen these wooden clocks on Amazon for awhile now, so was tickled pink when I was able to get one at a discount through Rank Booster.  This Floureon Wooden LED Alarm Clock is really nice... read more »

Handy to Have in My Car- Very Happy with Them!

28 Sep, 2018
I got these Pevor Car Seatback Hooks so I could give my feedback and I'm glad I did.  I've been wanting to try some of these out for awhile now.  And they work great.  They just... read more »

Lots of Features for the Price!

22 Sep, 2018
I'd been looking for a fitness tracker that would measure my heart rate when I'm exercising, and my son confiscated my last one before I could even use it.  So when I was able to get this... read more »

Love them!

22 Sep, 2018
I got  a discount on these MZCH Premium /silicone Spatulas so I could give my feedback, and I'm so glad I did!  Even at the regular full price, these things are a great deal.  I abs... read more »

Really Different and Looks Cozy!

20 Sep, 2018
This one is really different from the other 'sunny seat' I have.  It actually looks more cozy, as the cat is down inside of it.  My cats see to love it so far.  Easy to install-... read more »

Great Knife Sharpener!

12 Sep, 2018
I got a great deal on this so I could give my feedback on it and I think it's great.  It's a very nice knife sharpener.  It's got 2 stage sharpening, which is great for fine honi... read more »

Very Nice!

12 Sep, 2018
I already have a couple of magnetic knife strips, so when I was able to get this one at a discount to try out and give my feedback on, I grabbed it up.  This Knife Holder, Magnetic Knife Strip by... read more »

Happy with It

07 Sep, 2018
I plan on starting a garden next year, as I planted a couple of potato plants this year and had fun with it.  So I'm starting to buy gardening supplies now, especially when I can get a discou... read more »

Beautiful Necklace!

05 Sep, 2018
I ordered this as a Christmas gift for someone, and I am sure they'll love it.  It's really a beautiful necklace.  It comes with a chain and the little pearl that hangs over it. ... read more »

Good Size Fire Bag

28 Aug, 2018
I got a good deal on this so I could give a review of it.  It's a nice size fire/water resistant bag.  Measures about 8" x 11 1/4" on the exterior.  So it's a good siz... read more »

Wow- What a Set!

28 Aug, 2018
This is the most amazing sleep mask I've ever owned!   I got the chance to get it at a discount so I could try it out and give my review, and I'm sure glad I did!  It's abso... read more »

Just What You Need!

28 Aug, 2018
Got this set of Tintelek Webcam covers at a discount, so I could give my feedback.  It's a pretty simple concept, so not much to say.  They're super thin and the upper panel slides e... read more »

Works Great!

28 Aug, 2018
I was able to get a discount on this Revolt FlipGrip Finger Ring Phone Grip, so I could give my feedback.  I currently have a pop-socket on my phone, but thought I'd try this ring on my table... read more »

Thick, Heavy, Nice and Clear

26 Aug, 2018
I got a good deal on this shower curtain liner so I could give my feedback.  I was really surprised when it came, how thick and heavy it is! Very nice.  This one should hang straight rather... read more »

Very Happy with it!

26 Aug, 2018
I got a deal on this fireproof bag so I grabbed it up.  I've picked up a few of these in various sizes, to keep important papers and pictures in.  This one is real nice.  Its a nice... read more »

Super Big Size and Fluffy!

26 Aug, 2018
I got a great discount on this so I could give my feedback and I'm really happy with it. Its nice and BIG!   Definitely not skimpy.  Big enough to lay on comfortably and plenty BIG... read more »

Kind Seller

23 Aug, 2018
The seller was kind enough to cancel my order, because after I placed the order I realized it gave me a delivery date of October 2nd, which was way too long for me.  So I didn't get to try th... read more »

Quality Wax

22 Aug, 2018
I just got a wax warmer a couple of weeks ago and this is my first purchase of wax to use with it.  I haven't tried them out yet, but they look like very nice, good quality wax beads.  I... read more »

Love these things!

22 Aug, 2018
I'm actually a repeat customer for these Magnet Curtain Tiebacks!  I'm so grateful to have gotten a good deal on them!  I absolutely love the way they work.  The magnets are str... read more »

Nice Little MP3 Player

19 Aug, 2018
I got a great deal on this and wanted to share my feedback on it.  This is really a nice little mp3 player.  I wanted to get it to record songs and make playlists to listen to in my car.&nbs... read more »


19 Aug, 2018
I ordered these as a gift for someone else, so am not able to actually use them to try them out.   They look to be well made and of good quality, though.  And nice and long! I've in... read more »

Good Quality, Fits my Fire Tablet

17 Aug, 2018
I got a good deal on this so I could try it out and give my feedback.  I have gotten a couple of these fireproof bags now, to hold things that don't need to be locked up in my fire safe boxes... read more »

Super Comfortable Socks!

17 Aug, 2018
I got a discount on these so I could give my feedback, and I'm sure glad I got them.  They're not real thin and super tight like some other compression socks I've gotten. They're... read more »

Nice Basic Case at Affordable Price

15 Aug, 2018
This is a very basic case for a Kindle Fire Tablet 8, 2017 version.  I got it at a discount so I could give my feedback and I do like it.  The part that holds the tablet is molded so that it... read more »

Powerful Portable Speaker!

13 Aug, 2018
I got a discount on this Poweradd Gee-G Mini Super-Portable Bluetooth Speaker through Rank Booster, so I could give my feedback and am reallly glad to have gotten it.  I wanted a speaker that I c... read more »

Works Great

13 Aug, 2018
This Tker Meat Thermometer works great.  It reads instantly and even tells you the temp out loud!  I already had an electric meat thermometer but when I was able to get this one at a discoun... read more »

I Love, Love, Love This!

09 Aug, 2018
This is my first experience using a Vacuum Food Storage device and I love it!  I'm grateful to have gotten a great deal on it so I could give my feedback, because this is one sweet machine.&n... read more »

Roomy and Sturdy!

06 Aug, 2018
I got a discount on this so I could give my feedback, and I'm really thrilled with it.  It's nice and big and roomy!  And lots of pockets.  Also seems sturdy and well made. ... read more »

Strong Magnets Hold Great!

04 Aug, 2018
I've been wanting to get a new tie back for the curtain on my bedroom window.  Everything I've used tends to slip.  So when I saw I could get a great discount on these new type... read more »

Safer Way to Open Cans!

04 Aug, 2018
I love this can opener!  I actually already owned one like this that I've been using for awhile now, so couldn't pass up the great discount on a second one when I was able to get it. ... read more »

Great for Off-Roading!

01 Aug, 2018
I was offered a great deal on these so I could give my feedback, and I snapped them up because this is just the kind of thing my Dad is looking for.  He just got a 'Side-by-Side' ORV and... read more »

Fun Fountain!

21 Jul, 2018
Nice little I grabbed this ROADTEC  Solar Fountain Pump with a nice discount through Rank Booster and I like it a lot.  I actually got a different one that was round and made especially f... read more »

Would be Good Set for Kids

21 Jul, 2018
This is a decent little set of silicone spatulas by MOACC.  The colors are nice and the size is just right for scraping jars.  They're a little small to use in baking, though.  They... read more »

Quality Set of Kitchen Utensils

19 Jul, 2018
I got a good deal on this Kitchen Utensil Set through Rank Booster, and am very happy I did!  I am always skeptical of the utensils that have nylon or silicone heads on a metal or wood handle, be... read more »

Amazing Device for the Price!

19 Jul, 2018
I got a great deal on this COSVII Fitness Tracker through Rank Booster, but even at the regular price, it's a great deal for the price!  I can't believe how much it does.  Its a pedo... read more »

Great Deal!

19 Jul, 2018
I got a great deal on this Fireproof Bag by Engpow through Rank Booster so I could give my feedback, and I'm happy with it.  I have a couple of fireproof boxes, but I have some documents that... read more »

Finally a Good Back Scrubber!

19 Jul, 2018
I've been watching for a deal on a back scrubber for the shower, so was very happy to get a deal on this through Rank Booster, so I could give my feedback.  And I'm very happy with it. Th... read more »

Nice comfortable shorts!

19 Jul, 2018
These Gititlys Men's Shorts are a nice, lightweight, comfortable pair of shorts!  I got a great deal on them through Rank Booster so I could give my feedback, and this is one item I'm ver... read more »

Perfect Size for a Bird Bath!

17 Jul, 2018
I grabbed this COSSCCI Solar Fountain Pump with a nice discount through Rank Booster and I'm really happy with it.  I've been wanting to get a bird bath because I have lots of birds where... read more »

Even Nicer Than I'd Hoped For!

17 Jul, 2018
Got a great deal on these through Rank Booster and what a great deal it was, as they are really nice! So thin and light weight.  Exactly what I was looking for.  I'm not sure exactly wha... read more »

Fun Assortment!

16 Jul, 2018
What a nice set!  Includes not only stencils kids will love, including Emoji stencils, but colored pencils, paper, a sharpener, and a see-thru case with backpack straps. The stencils seem thick e... read more »

Just What I Needed!

15 Jul, 2018
I absolutely love this product!  I've tried lots of different earphones, and they always hurt my ears, so these reallyl are perfect for me.  The ear pieces are removable and padded, so t... read more »

Love this Knife!

09 Jul, 2018
I got a great deal on this Chef Knife by YellRin through Rank Booster, and I absolutely love it!  Aside from being a beautiful knife, it's super sharp.  It's got a real wood han... read more »

Very Nice!

09 Jul, 2018
I got a great deal on this Digital Meat Thermometer for Grilling by ICOCO through Rank Booster, and knew my dad would love it.  He grills out a lot more than I do, so I let him have it.  Wha... read more »

Nice Little Shaver

08 Jul, 2018
I got this Womens Painless Hair trimmer by Wishesport for nearly free through Rank Booster, and glad I did.  It's a nice little shaver for my chin hairs.  Gotta keep 'em shaved off s... read more »

Really Handy and Fun!

06 Jul, 2018
What a fun concept!  Fomatrade Fingerless LED Flashlight Gloves!  The flashlight you can't drop.  They come two to a pack and are super easy to put on and to use.  You just sli... read more »

High Powered Headlamp!

06 Jul, 2018
All I can say is "Wow!"  This thing is much larger than I expected!  But it's not heavy when I have it on my head.  The light part itself is a light metal and because it&#... read more »

Very Nice Set of Tweezers!

06 Jul, 2018
I'm very happy with this Set of Tweezers by Wishesport.  I love having tweezers on hand because you can use them for so many things.  And this set has three different types, which is han... read more »

High Quality Product

06 Jul, 2018
This is a very nice jump rope!  It actually comes with a lighter rope and a heavier duty one, which is nice.  It's easy to adjust to your size, too.  The handles have a texture... read more »

Very Pretty and Unique!

18 Jun, 2018
I was really happy to get a great deal on this Angelady God We Trust Pendant Necklace, through Rank Booster.  So beautiful and what a unique design!  The pink Swarovski crystal sparkles and... read more »

Great Design

18 Jun, 2018
I ordered this Multipurpose Broom and Dustpan Set, hoping that it would make the cleanup of kitty litter from around my litter boxes an easier task.  I like the enclosed dustpan that flips down w... read more »

Very Nice!

18 Jun, 2018
I'm very happy with this Wishpool Kitchen Tongs Set that I got a deal on through Rank Booster.  I've used metal tongs like this without the silicone before, but there were several th... read more »

Nice Assortment for 4th of July Fun!

14 Jun, 2018
I got a deal on this through Rank Booster and am I glad I did!  This is a nice assortment that includes photo booth/selfie props, hang up decorations, fun sunglasses, and crafts for the kids.&nbs... read more »

Nice Thick Padding for Great Protection

14 Jun, 2018
Just got my Sancyacc 15 Inch Laptop Sleeve through a deal on Rank Booster.  I like it a lot. It's got nice, thick padding and when I unzipped it, I was really surprised at how soft the interi... read more »

What a Great Assortment!

14 Jun, 2018
I got a deal on these through Rank Booster so I could give my feedback, and I have to say this is a great set and worth every penny, even at full price!  I needed labels for my small spice jars a... read more »

Just the Right Size

08 Jun, 2018
I've been considering buying one of these for awhile now, but they looked like they'd be kind of big, and I figured I'd have to figure out where to keep one when I'm not using it. But... read more »

I Love It!!

07 Jun, 2018
I was very excited to get a great deal on this through Rank Booster!  I have been wanting one of these Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpeners.  And it's as nice as I expected it to be. ... read more »

Very Nice Tactical Pen!

07 Jun, 2018
I got a deal on this through Rank Booster and I'm really glad I got it!  It's much nicer than I expected.  Very heavy feeling, solid pen.  It's got the glass breaker tip on... read more »

Nice Sunglasses for the Price

07 Jun, 2018
I got a good deal on these through Rank Booster, so was hoping they'd fit over my prescription eyeglasses, even though they're not meant as "fit overs." But because they're curve... read more »

Very Nice and So Cute!

06 Jun, 2018
I was excited to be able to get this as a discount so I could give my feedback.  Unfortunately, mine arrived with some damage, so I can't actually use it.  Under normal circumstances, I&... read more »

Very Sturdy and looks nice!

06 Jun, 2018
I am updating my review because my Dad loved this band so much that I decided to get him another one!  He loves that it protects his Apple Watch so well because of how it is designed.  He re... read more »

Nice, Comfy & Adjustable

05 Jun, 2018
I was glad to try out this ORBE Premium Wrist Brace when offered the chance to get it at a discount so I could give my feedback.  My wrists have been getting achy when I work outside in the yard,... read more »

Very Sturdy Pruning Shears!

05 Jun, 2018
I have been wanting a pair of good pruning shears and am so glad I was able to get these at a discount just for agreeing to give my feedback.  These Butterfly Love Garden Pruning Shears are super... read more »

Very Nice and BIG!

03 Jun, 2018
I have a couple of smaller cutters similar to this, so when I got the chance to get this Marigold Model TR410 12" Paper Trimmer at a discount so I could give feedback on it, I almost didn't t... read more »

Easy to Set Up and Use!

31 May, 2018
I own several of these now and this one is actually one of the better ones I've got.  I love that it has a USB Port in addition to the regular outlet.  It was easy to set up and connect... read more »

Super Fun and Great Water Pressure!

26 May, 2018
I have been using a similar shower head with the mineralization balls, so I knew I loved this type of shower head already.  So when I was able to get a good deal on this VEHHE one with the color... read more »


22 May, 2018
This matches the cosmetic organizer I got.  Pretty, clear plastic, 4 compartments.  The lid keeps everything clean and dry, so good for your bathroom. #RankBoosterReview #sponsored #ad #B... read more »

Very Nice- I Love It!

22 May, 2018
I really love this 20 Compartment Boxalls Rain Cosmetic Organizer!  I have had my nail polishes and lipsticks in a little basket and it wasn't very neat to look at.  Clear acrylic organi... read more »

Seems Nice but Can't Get it to Connect

12 May, 2018
I got this at a discount through Rank Booster and I'm glad I didn't pay full price for it.  I have been able to get the thing up and running.  I'm no novice to setting up smart h... read more »

This is Real Power!

10 May, 2018
This is the biggest power bank I've ever owned!  Wow.  It's a huge 6 1/4" x 3" x 1/2".  It feels solid and well-made in my hand.  And it has a both micro-USB... read more »

Easy to Install and Works Well!

10 May, 2018
I have put off buying one of these even though the glare on my laptop screen has been driving me nuts, because I absolutely hate installing any type of screen protector.  I don't have the pat... read more »

Great, Comfortable Warm Weather Socks!

10 May, 2018
First of all, the colors and patterns are very sporty looking!  I was concerned at first because they look kind of small, but they fit me just right.  (I wear a woman's size 9 to 9.... read more »

Very happy with it

25 Apr, 2018
Very handy little way of keeping pH test strips.  Nice and compact and protects the litmus paper from getting wet.  PLus you can rip off just as much as you need, to reduce waste.  Very... read more »

Nice Set of Brushes!

23 Apr, 2018
This is a nice assortment of brushes for cleaning all parts of your hydration pack bladder.  These brushes are going to be useful for cleaning other things in the kitchen, as well.  The brus... read more »

Just Beautiful!

22 Apr, 2018
I have to admit, I haven't used this yet and it's because it's just beautiful!  I don't want to mess it up.  I have been watching for deals on Cold Brew Coffee Makers and Im... read more »

Easy to set up and use.

22 Apr, 2018
Very easy to set up and easy to use.  Works great with my Google home mini.  I love that you can control each outlet separately. #RankBoosterReview #sponsored #Uhomely Smart Dual Plug... read more »

Very soft and well made!

02 Apr, 2018
I have used these type of hair towels for 10+ years now and mine were all getting pretty worn out.  These are so nice!  Soft and plush, and well made.  They are also well packaged, each... read more »

Why have I waited so long to try these?

02 Apr, 2018
I don't know why I've waited so long to get some of these to try! They work just great.  No more trying to wash out compacted coffee grounds from my reusable filters.  I am so thrill... read more »

Great Set!

21 Mar, 2018
What a great set!  You get not only the rotating cake stand, but a flower making kit.  (Piping bags, tips, and a flower "nail.")  It seems to be good quality, too.  The s... read more »

Great Set for Summer Cookouts!

21 Mar, 2018
This is a great set!  The burger press is really nice and heavy duty.  You can press ground meat for regular full-size patties, sliders, or even make stuffed burgers.  I've had burg... read more »

Nifty Gadget

08 Mar, 2018
I got my Dad one of these for Christmas and I thought it was so neat, I decided to get one for myself.  It'll be handy for measuring angles when doing craft projects or if I ever get around t... read more »

Very Nice Product

07 Mar, 2018
I've been wanting one of these for awhile now.  I love that this one has two USB ports as well as an AC oulet.  It's small and compact, so will fit nicely in the compartment between... read more »

Very Nice!

17 Jan, 2018
I got this as a gift for someone, so can't try it out myself, but I have to say that I'm really impressed with it.  It seems really well made and looks nice, too.  The gooseneck hold... read more »

Small Portable Speaker with a Big Sound

17 Jan, 2018
This may be a small speaker, but it's got a big sound!  Only measures about 4" x 2" x 1.5" and comes with an optional wrist strap, which is a nice touch.  It's very ni... read more »

Just Adorable- I'm in Love!

17 Jan, 2018
These are by far the cutest socks I've ever owned!  I can't believe how adorable they are.  These are a lighweight, thin sock, but very stretchy.  Perfect weight for warmer weat... read more »

Very Nice! Heavy Duty Cable with Resettable Lock.

15 Jan, 2018
Every summer, I tell myself I'm going to get myself a new bike so I can get some exercise and even take the bike into town to the grocery store once in awhile.  This is going to be that summe... read more »

Way Too Small & There is No Activated Carbon as the Title Says

09 Jan, 2018
First I want to give the actual title of the item as it was when I ordered it, because I see the title has changed now.  It said "Hi-crazystore Black Respirator Mask Dust proof Mask With Fil... read more »

So Easy to Set Up and Works Great with Google Assistant!

08 Jan, 2018
I can't believe how easy this was to set up!  All that's required is to download the Smart Home App on your phone, then you can operate with your phone from anywhere. I also added mine to... read more »

Beautiful & High Quality!

31 Dec, 2017
This Kalimba Pocket Piano by Mugig is so beautiful and a lot of fun. I am impressed by the quality.  It's real wood with a very pretty, shiny finish to it.  It just appears high qua... read more »

Nice Set of Colored Pencils

22 Dec, 2017
I originally ordered these to give to my daughter in law for Christmas, since she's gotten in to coloring in adult coloring books. But then I found out she already has a large set of coloring penc... read more »

Well Made Balaclava

04 Dec, 2017
This Balaclava is very nice.  It's made of soft fleece, but it's a heavy-feeling fleece, so should help protect from the wind.  I like that it has a drawstring around the hood so you... read more »

Where was this when I was a kid?!

02 Dec, 2017
I'm a grown woman, not a child, but when I saw this I had to get it for myself!  I would've loved one of these as a kid though, as I love to sleep in the car and I'd always try find s... read more »

Nice Plug-n-Play Scanner

30 Nov, 2017
I happened to run in to this on Rank Booster and it was a good deal, so I thought I'd get one to try out.  I'm a couponer and an Ebay seller, so I have multiple potential uses for it.&nbs... read more »

Makes Sleep-on-the-Go More Pleasurable!

29 Nov, 2017
So I'm loving this latest in sleep-on-the-go technology! This thing is so cool. They took the traditional memory foam travel pillow and added a hood to it for extra privacy. The memory foam in thi... read more »

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