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4.85 / 5   (27 Reviews)


Cats loved this!

16 Mar, 2022
Cats Loved this.  Cant keep it away from one of them!   #sponsored  #viralix  #RankBoosterReviews read more »

super love it! glad I bought this for my soon baby..

02 Nov, 2021
super love it! glad I bought this for my soon baby.. read more »

Our cat is spoiled.

17 Sep, 2021
Our cat loves these. She don't like it on but she loves them when they are off. She has several and you never know where you will be finding them.  read more »

Love it.

26 Jun, 2021
My one cat loves this toy and is very motivated to make it stop moving. The other cat is scared of it, but then, he's scared of everything! read more »

Super fun

23 Jun, 2021
Very fun for the fur babies.This fish wiggles and really gives your kitty a fun time and plenty of exercise.This toy is very well made and I really love that it is rechargeable read more »

Best toy ever for entertainment

13 Jun, 2021
I bought this for my dog because I've seen it on Tik Tok and I absolutely love it! It keeps my dog entertained for hours and you just need to charge it and it will work. Remember to remove the cat... read more »

My cat loves

12 Jun, 2021
Ok so my kitty loves this toy at first she was kind of skittish but then she got the hang of it and she loves it  read more »

Aqueous Flopping Fish Cat Toy

12 Jun, 2021
This is a very nice fish toy. My little furball will love it. Thank you   read more »

Like it

11 Jun, 2021
My friend cat love it, she playing with it all day! read more »

Floppy Fish Cat Toy

11 Jun, 2021
Aqueous Flopping Fish Catnip Cat Toy is an interactive toy for your cat. The fish is made from a soft non toxic plush material that will not harm your cat. I love that is rechargeable with a USB cord!... read more »

My cats love it!

09 Jun, 2021
Highly recommended!!!! I have a few of these, and figured what is another!? My cats enjoy this fish toy very much. Helps them stay occupied for sure. :)  read more »

Took a minute but cats love it.

07 Jun, 2021
I charged this as soon as I got home with it and laid it on the floor at first my cats were scared it took a few days but it's now one of their favorite toys in the house. Anyone who has a cat wou... read more »

Excellent fun toy

07 Jun, 2021
The fish is a little smaller than expected, but it is actually a good size foe a cat toy. Flops around and easily recharged for lots of endless play for cats.  read more »

It’s a Hit!

06 Jun, 2021
My cat, Bella, is finicky. She doesn’t do treats or play with many toys for long. Well I ordered this floppy fish from seeing the video of the cats in the products description alone. My order ca... read more »


03 Jun, 2021
It's acute cat toy. I hope my new kitty likes it when he arrives. I works as expected. It shipped fast. The quality seems good but I'm no cat. I'll update once the cat hold to it and see i... read more »


02 Jun, 2021

She loves it

02 Jun, 2021
My cat goes nuts when she plays with this toy! read more »

Great buy

01 Jun, 2021
The quality of the toy is pretty great. It charges via USB, and the charge lasts. My bottom line is, give it a try. Your cats might go crazy for it, or they might just hit it now and again, like mine.... read more »

Cat love it

29 May, 2021
My cat is absolutely obsess with this fish, she rolls around with it all day and now sleeps with it read more »

Too fun!

28 May, 2021
This flipping fish toy is super fun.  My two cats alternate between playing with it, and acting terrified of it.  It's absolutely hilarious to watch.  And it really moves!  It... read more »

Super Fun Toy for Kitty!

28 May, 2021
My cat really enjoyed this toy! I was impressed with how fast it charged and how long the charge lasted. The motion activated sensor really makes this stand out from other toys and makes it seem... read more »

So Lifelike

28 May, 2021
My cat loves this flopping fish.  It looks so realistic, just like a fish out of water.  The fish is rechargable so no need for batteries.  It's got catnip inside making your cat go... read more »

Oh my gosh! I absolutely adore this fish toy!

27 May, 2021
This realistic fish toy is the best fun ever!  I didn't get it for my cat....I got it for my dog!  It was hilarious to watch the dog's reaction. He was super puzzled at first and gen... read more »

kittens hate it

27 May, 2021
I used the included cable and fully charged this up after receiving it. The motor is large enough to basically fill the entire cavity of the fish. There’s a plastic piece that fits down int... read more »

Lots of fun!

26 May, 2021
Surprised my cat, dog and even my grand daughter!  We've had a lot of laughs with this already.  I love that it recharges which means I don't have to hunt for batteries every few day... read more »

Fish cat toy

25 May, 2021
Just as shown, cute toy read more »

The 2nd 1 for my son.

20 May, 2021
This is the 2nd 1 for my son. He loves the 1st 1 and plays with it when he wants.Tail flapping makes it really fun for him. read more »

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