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Cool but....

08 Jan, 2022
I really enjoyed and loved this in particular product however it's not definitely not for teenager or kid it's really flimsy I'm not going to say it's cheaply built but it's very v... read more »


01 Aug, 2021
this product is definitely a  great  product for the price read more »

Super cheap

17 Jun, 2021
I could've got this from the dollar store read more »

Super neat

17 Jun, 2021
this has changed  my whole kitchen sink game lol read more »

Nice water guns

17 Jun, 2021
hey the kids loved them so.... read more »

Cool clock

17 Jun, 2021

I like them

16 Jun, 2021
Whatever fabric this is it is a super absorbent one and I love them. I use them for cleaning and they are the best. read more »

Super cute

16 Jun, 2021
These are so cute and my son loves them he just lays in his crib watching them. read more »

Great strong material

16 Jun, 2021
I have made these my new regular they are great. And the material is strong and super absorbing  read more »

So cool

16 Jun, 2021
My suoer active 10 yr old son thinks really highly of this its so cute how he takes care of it. He really likes it and the quality is awesome  read more »

Bad buy

16 Jun, 2021
this is the worst blanket ever little pieces of hair is just falling  everywhere  read more »

Love love love this

16 Jun, 2021
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE  this shower head it super cute and its powerful and the water is so soft. read more »

Nice art activity

16 Jun, 2021
I actually thought this was super cool and enjoyed  it however my 7 yr old did not and also the little black piece have to scrub out of the floor. read more »


16 Jun, 2021
these are super cute little toys for my bambino he loves them of course  read more »

Its ok

12 Jun, 2021
I personally wasn't to impressed  my box was all broke and its was really cheap read more »

Great lights

12 Jun, 2021
So  my house is full of led lights but these once here are my favorite! The adhesive is so strong I love them. read more »

My cat loves

12 Jun, 2021
Ok so my kitty loves this toy at first she was kind of skittish but then she got the hang of it and she loves it  read more »

Cool car

04 Jun, 2021
My son absolutely  loves  this its actually  really  sturdy and durable. I will definitely buy again read more »

Soft and comfortable

01 Jun, 2021
My new favorite sheet set i have a memory  foam bed and I'm not gonna I get hot at night in it sometimes. But this sheet set stays cool all night I absolutely  love it great buy read more »


01 Jun, 2021
I really  like  the  the quality  of  these my kids are artistic  so I buy ALOT of these and they almost always suck or Really  flimsy but these are great and sturdy... read more »

My kids love them

01 Jun, 2021
These are great for doodling not so much for coloring, but for note taking or just doodling they are perfect and super cute. read more »

Great blocks

31 May, 2021
My daughter absolutely  loves  these blocks she has made a ton of different  things  with  them  already. She has even used them to build things. They are very sturdy and... read more »


31 May, 2021
I absolutely  love  this pedicure kit. I have bought many before but this one was amazing  and  sturdy. And I'm a technician on the side and let me tell u these worked amazingl... read more »

Great Great cat bowl

28 May, 2021
I really love this cat bowl its perfect and it works!! My cat loves it and has made replacing my cats water so easy. And it comes with a cute little mat that actually makes it stay in place. This is d... read more »

I like them

28 May, 2021
So I've only used once but I'm not fond of the sponges. However the little brush is really good its small but perfect.  And sponges are definitely  workable.   read more »

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