Kiztoys Outdoor Water Spray Sprinkler for Kids Turtle Yard Water Toy Sprinkler Toy Sprinkler Children Outdoor Lawn Sprinkler Toy Splashing Fun for Summer Days
Price: $14.99
4.69 / 5   (100 Reviews)


Kids love it!

07 Jan, 2022
The kids love this adorable spraying turtle! Even the dog enjoys it! I'm happy with the quality and we enjoyed it all season. It has an easy on/off attachment which makes it easy to remove... read more »

Fun Item

15 Oct, 2021
The kids loved this cute sprinkler. Great for all ages. Great item for the price. Easy to hookup. read more »

A Favorite Here!

12 Oct, 2021
One of my kids favorite summer toys. Such a fun/sprinkler to just hook up and put out in the yard. Can mess with the water pressure of the hose to get the sprayers to do different things. Hours and ho... read more »

Cool design

17 Sep, 2021
This was a huge hit. I gave it to a friend for her grand kids and they love it.  read more »

Works great

23 Aug, 2021
This toy works wonderful..the kids loved it read more »

Not well made

17 Aug, 2021
This was cute, but unless the hose is on a drip, it goes super fast and all over the place. It was cheaply made and I would recommend buying a better quality one. read more »

not a good product at all

16 Aug, 2021
I hate having to leave bad reviews, I ordered a total of 9 of these for a birthday party and they all leak and dont work. read more »

Didnt last

10 Aug, 2021
At first when we hooked it up and turned the water on, it worked okay. The little tubes that spray water were not all spraying water. After a couple minutes they all failed to wiggle around and only s... read more »

working great!

06 Aug, 2021
Works great and the kids love it!! So far we dont have any problem with this sprinkle  It works just like their promises. as long as you run the water it will spinkle and moving around like cr... read more »

Summer fun

30 Jul, 2021
Kids love these in the backyard. We have 3 set up and they love running through them. read more »

Works great

25 Jul, 2021
Kids loved it read more »

Exactly as described

21 Jul, 2021
Product is exactly as described. Kids and animals enjoy playing with this. Is a little pricey considering the quality.  #rankbooster #sponsored #kiztoys read more »

My kids love this!

15 Jul, 2021
Hooked up to the hose straight out of the box. Cannot get any more simple than that. My kids absolutely love it!! They threw it under the trampoline and had a blast. Very colorful, very entertainin... read more »

Perfect for the little tykes

14 Jul, 2021
My nephew used this and it is amazing. He laughed and giggled at the thing and was enjoying the water.  Very well made  read more »

So adorable

13 Jul, 2021
The kids love this. It is ao much fun. Highly recommended.  read more »

Works well

12 Jul, 2021
Good product, Kids love it read more »

A lot of fun

11 Jul, 2021
This is a super cute and fun sprinkler! My niece was a bit cautious with it at first but had a lot of fun. The tubes spin and sprinkle at a decent distance, they sprinkle gently so you aren&rsquo... read more »

Price inaccurate

08 Jul, 2021
Price was not accurate after code read more »

Really Cute

07 Jul, 2021
This works pretty good. You have to find the right amount of water flow to get all the lines flying around.  The water goes a fair distance away from the turtle.  My son loves it!  Easy... read more »

Great little sprinkler

07 Jul, 2021
Kids all love this, they range from ages 2 to 8 and have a's more powerful than I was expecting with the water shooting a good distance. Great outside toy to cool off with  read more »

super cute

05 Jul, 2021
This was great it worked just the way it was suppose to i dont think it was alot of water that came out but it still was good. It was durable i used it atleast 3 times and it has held together so i th... read more »

so fun!

04 Jul, 2021
Okay this is a fun little toy for the whole family! read more »

Super Cute

02 Jul, 2021
Picked this turtle sprinkler up for the little girl next door and she just loves it!!! Whenever I hear her hooting and hollaring outside I know shes using this sprinkler. She loves having her friends... read more »


01 Jul, 2021
I've been looking for a kid friendly sprinkler for a while! So perfect! read more »


26 Jun, 2021
Kids have happy summer because of this  water sprinkle. It's great so far,very nice quality. read more »

Summer fun

25 Jun, 2021
My child love this! It's perfect for the summer and it's super cute  read more »

Works great

21 Jun, 2021
It works great my kids love it, when I twisted it on it did snap a bit and the part attatchwd to the sprinkler attached  is kinda wobbly now. But it has great water pressure and goes a... read more »

Seems good

19 Jun, 2021
So far so good. read more »

Spray Sprinkler

18 Jun, 2021
Cute! works great read more »

Great Summer Fun

18 Jun, 2021
My little one loves this turtle sprinkler so much! It's much better than other similar products I have purchased. Super easy to assemble and store. I highly recommend if your child loves water and... read more »

Mom approved

17 Jun, 2021
Right out of the box the kids already wanted to play with it, without even knowing what it was. Good way to keep them entertained while you relax outdoor instead of being cooped out in the house all d... read more »

Got these for my dogs

17 Jun, 2021
Well, all my kids are grown up, my youngest is already a teenager.  My dogs act like toddlers, they will always be babies.  I use this water sprinkler in the backyard, it's hot and... read more »

Kids love it

16 Jun, 2021
Perfect addition to our summer fun. Just as described Amber provides goes of fun. read more »

Cute and fun

14 Jun, 2021
Fun for the little ones, thank you. read more »

Awesome sprinkler

14 Jun, 2021
Awesome sprinkler any kid will love playing in it for hours great for these hot summer days  read more »

Its ok

12 Jun, 2021
I personally wasn't to impressed  my box was all broke and its was really cheap read more »

Little turtle with BIG personality!

11 Jun, 2021
This little turtle has big personality! My niece (3 years-old) and nephews (ages 8 and 11) had such a blast trying to ditch the unpredictable spouts of water. It was a huge laugh, fun to watch, and lo... read more »

super fun

10 Jun, 2021
This hooks up to any standard size hose and spins and shoots water from the whipping noodles on top of the turtles back. This leads to hours of outdoor fun that can really cool you off.  read more »

Water sprinkler

10 Jun, 2021
I SO CUTE!! Works great. the kids love it read more »

Hot day fun

09 Jun, 2021
The best way to describe this sprinkler is the best hot day fun to have. This sprinkler is great for young children. It's not so forceful or strong when the water comes out. The kids could jump ov... read more »

Never received

09 Jun, 2021
Package never came in. He kept getting the error message shipping delayed couldn't cancel my order through Amazon my package is still out there somewhere read more »

Turtle Sprinkler

09 Jun, 2021
Oh My Goodness is this Kiztoys Turtle Sprinkler Ever adorable! It is a great quality sprinkler that can spin and wiggle. It is safe and measures 9.8" X 8.3" X 4". #RankBoosterReview... read more »


08 Jun, 2021
This cute little turtle sprinkler works great. My kids (5, 6 and 7) had a blast playing with it.  read more »

Summertime fun!

07 Jun, 2021
The kids LOVE this little turtle. He is wild and spontaneous. The water squirts in all different locations. It's great for hours of fun in the summer. Great for hot days!  And perfect for lit... read more »


02 Jun, 2021
Is perfect for a kids is amazing play I recommend all the time read more »

Great quality water fun for all

02 Jun, 2021
Great play tool for kids to play in water in summer. This can be used with the water hose and it can be used both ways as a simple water fun or the wavy water fun. Its easy to store like the pipes goe... read more »

Perfect for summer

31 May, 2021
I love how this sprays water all over with the straws. It's very durable and made of a hard plastic. Very easy to attach to the hose and comes in a box. My dog loves water and this was perfect for... read more »

Great size!

30 May, 2021
I wasn't expecting the turtle to be as big as it is. The turtle is a great size and it sprays water far! The tubes spray the water far enough out to run around and get wet. Definitely recommend.&n... read more »

Sun fun

30 May, 2021
    This sprinkler is for boys and girls and is really adorable and colorful. You never know where the water is coming from with the colorful hoses. This sprinkler can shoot water up... read more »

Kiztoys Outdoor Water Spray Sprinkler for Kids Turtle Yard Water Toy Sprinkler Toy Sprinkler Children Outdoor Lawn Sprinkler Toy Splashing Fun for Summer Days

29 May, 2021
I actually bought this sprinkler for my French Bulldog and she has tons of fun biting at the water.  What I noticed though that was totally unexpected, is it actually did a good job of sprinkling... read more »

Good product.

28 May, 2021
This is perfect for my 3 year old. He wouldn’t put it down. It’s made really well. read more »

Works great!

28 May, 2021
Good sprinkler! It's easy to set up and disconnect. I love the vibrant colors, the way the tubes twirl the water around and the sweet little turtle <3 Nice product Kiztoys! read more »

Kids like

27 May, 2021
Kids love this little turtle  read more »

Great product!

27 May, 2021
This product is fantastic! It worked so good! Love this read more »

kids love it

27 May, 2021
I purchased a couple of these to take with us to a backyard play date with our homeschooling group. The kids loved them. The turtles are so cute and their faces are super adorable. The green part on t... read more »

Good product.

26 May, 2021
Great for summer fun in the water! You can leave the little tubes out for extra fun or tuck them away so the spray is more concentrated. My niece loves it! read more »

super fun for kids

26 May, 2021
 It is wonderful, with beautiful colors, very good quality and easy to use.  read more »

Best sprinkler

26 May, 2021
Well worth the money and has brought hours of fun to my family . My dog even loves this sprinkler . Plus it's beyond cute .  read more »

Kiztoys Outdoor Water Spray Sprinkler for Kids

25 May, 2021
 This is the second or third Kiztoys brand that I purchased. I'm very happy with the quality they are very well made and the kids are gonna love them. And when I say kids I mean my employees... read more »


25 May, 2021
My niece absolutely loves this sprinkler. She has the best tume running though the water. They are really cute. It's also good to water the lawn. Lol read more »

So much fun!

24 May, 2021
My little ones love this water sprinkler; so much fun!!  read more »

Cute sprinkler

24 May, 2021
For some reason I thought this was going to be smaller than it actually is so I was surprised. It is the cutest sprinkler I have seen in awhile and I love how the water is dispersed through color tube... read more »


23 May, 2021
My nephew love it. read more »

Adorable and Fun Sprinkler!

23 May, 2021
Kiztoys Outdoor Water Sprinkler toy is a win! Do not hesitate to purchase this sprinkler for hours of summer fun!! This is a very good product! I ordered it and it came within a couple days. Very well... read more »

Kids favorite sprinkler by far!

23 May, 2021
This fun turtle water sprinkler is one of the kid's most favorite water toys to use this summer.  It is super cute and perfect for the littles to enjoy cooling off this summer! #RankBooste... read more »

water sprinkler

22 May, 2021
love this super cute well made kids love it so much fun for them compared to a regular sprinkler it was easy to use thank you. read more »

Works well

21 May, 2021
Its getting warmer and finding a pool is impossible so I decided on a sprinkler. My boys LOVE  IT. So much fun for them  read more »

Works Great!

19 May, 2021
I bought this for a birthdaty gift, and it was a hit! The sprinkler worked great for the 3/4 yrs olds that were playing with it. It squirts out a decent amount of water.  read more »

So adorable and fun!

19 May, 2021
I ordered this for my daughter's birthday! Shes going to love it!!!! Its so cute! read more »


18 May, 2021
School is over and theboys are ready fot summer but while they wait they can play with this instead read more »

Kids Love The Turtle!

17 May, 2021
My kids really enjoy the turtle sprinkler! Definitely one of their favorite summer activities! read more »

Kids love

17 May, 2021
I got one of these for all my nieces and nephews and  even some friends kids. They all love them. Makes for a perfect way to cool off and have fun on a hot day! read more »

It's a kids toy

12 May, 2021
It's a kids toy, they seem to like it read more »

Fun for everyone!

10 May, 2021
Kiztoys Outdoor Water Spray Sprinkler for Kids Turtle Yard Water Toy Sprinkler Toy Sprinkler Children Outdoor Lawn Sprinkler Toy Splashing Fun for Summer Days  #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored&... read more »


06 May, 2021
Cute and good for the price.  read more »

Sprinkle Sprinkle

05 May, 2021
This is a fun way to water the plants. Which is why I bought it.  To give my mom a little laugh.  Works really well,  Thank you for the opportunity to make this purchase. read more »

Turtle sprinkler

02 May, 2021
So cute my neice loves it easy to use well made lots of fun for the kids thank you read more »

Cool toy

30 Apr, 2021
Cool toy for the kids to have fun in the Summer read more »


30 Apr, 2021
FUN AND USEFUL read more »

Fun water toy

28 Apr, 2021
This water sprinkler is fun for the kids, it is easy to hook up, works pretty good and the middle wiggles around when the water goes through it.  It is light weight and cute to play with. read more »

so cute and fun

21 Apr, 2021
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Kiztoys Outdoor Water Spray Spinkler Turtle This sprayer really puts out the water. Eventhough spring is barely in swing, we had to try it out. It was such f... read more »

Kids love it!

20 Apr, 2021
Got this for my son amd his cousins to play in when before the pool is up or on days they dont want to go in the pool & play instead. Love how the way the water comes out. Super cool, literally &a... read more »

fun for our 6 year old

19 Apr, 2021
Our daughter loves the springler, sets up easily, doesnt leak and projects a very large area of water.  read more »

Have not tried yet but...

17 Apr, 2021
I have not tried this toy yet because the temperature here has not been warm enough yet but I can say that the product arrived in great shape. It looks exactly as described in the pictures. I plan to... read more »

Fun times

17 Apr, 2021
This is a great outdoor activity for the kids to have fun while being outside!  read more »

kids sprinkler

14 Apr, 2021
My young sons really liked playing with this sprinkler. It is lots of fun! read more »

sturdy product

13 Apr, 2021
Tough little water toy here. Been beat up but held together like a champ. Perfect . read more »


12 Apr, 2021
East to install, works perfect. read more »

Great buy

10 Apr, 2021
I bought this for my 1 year old niece a week ago and she absolutely loved it. The water pressure was great it did not come out to hard or to soft. My niece was also yanking on the tubes and none broke... read more »

Theses are so cute

08 Apr, 2021
My kids were so excited. I can't wait until it's a little warmer.  The kids and dogs will both be running though it  read more »

Super Cute!

07 Apr, 2021
This is so cute they have such cute sprinklers love them all.  read more »

Garden and toy sprinkler

07 Apr, 2021
I love having this fun new sprinkler to hook up to the hose and let the fun take place. This is a fantastic toy for the yard on hot days. Easy hook up to the hose and let the fun begin! I also us... read more »

neat sprinkler

03 Apr, 2021
Kids love this sprinkler, was easy to hook up, tubes shoot water all over and make a fun game for the kids to try to run over and threw without getting wet read more »


01 Apr, 2021
~ What ~ Made out of colored ABS plastic, this kid’s sprinkler designed as a sea turtle can be hooked up to a standard hose outside and enjoyed by children running and playing in the wildly spr... read more »

Perfect for summer but

31 Mar, 2021
Tried this and its perfect for summer. Good quality plastic sprinkler toy but with a little bit of water on the splashing dangling thing whipped strong current water. Not for small kids read more »

Perfect for All Ages !!

30 Mar, 2021
I have 4 grandchildren that range in ages from 6-10, and this is a perfect water toy for each one of them. ! Especially the little ones's who are great swimmers yet !  So easy to set up, just... read more »

Super fun

27 Mar, 2021
The sprinkler is not only cute it's fun!!! Thank you read more »

Great Family Fun!

27 Mar, 2021
This water sprinkler for kids by #kiztoys incorporating tree es family fun w iui th a great way for kids to cool down. If you don't have a swimmungpool in y oi ur backyard,  have no fear, the... read more »


27 Mar, 2021
Adorable little sprinkler but cheaply made. Works for its purpose but cannot see it lasting another year after first year of using. A little pricey for the quality. read more »

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