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Oct, 2016

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I'm a housewife with 3 grown son's.
I have 6 yorkies to keep me company while my husband is working.
I'm not gonna lie, I "am" a compulsive shopper.
I do 99% of my shopping on Amazon.
I was introduced to the reviewing system over a year ago and love seeing and experiencing so many unique and intriguing products available from different seller's.
I take pride in my reviews (both full price purchases and from reviews sites) to help seller's get their product's recognized and in the hands of other consumer's.
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Cool concept!

06 Jun, 2023
I really like this! And so does my grandson's. One just turned 5, I had this put away and packaged it up for one of his birthday gifts. He immediately stopped participating in his birthday party a... read more »


08 Feb, 2022
I purchased this rechargeable trimmer/clipper for my super picky husband 7 months ago and it still works as perfectly as it did the very first time. He uses it often as he has never been one to go to... read more »

Very cute!

05 Sep, 2021
A great little outfit for taking newborn pictures. Adorable as can be, however we couldn't get the hat on my new grandson. That was somewhat disappointing but all in all the entire outfit was well... read more »

Convenient and so helpful

05 Sep, 2021
With having limited wall plugs, these were just what I needed! These power stations are my #1 go to for charging just about everything I have from wireless charging for my phone, lots o... read more »

Kids love these Dino cars!

05 Sep, 2021
There are a great deal of dinosaur lovers in my family and these Dino cars were a hugh hit for a just because gift for not just the boys but the girls included.  Sturdy and tough constructed t... read more »

Love these!

04 Sep, 2021
These are perfect in every way, I simply love them!  The box they arrived in is very pretty and adds a special touch if you are purchasing to gift the entire item. I like the unique shape... read more »

Defective but still ok

30 Aug, 2021
Cute and soft silicone Dino night light. I use this on the nights my grandson stays with me however I'm alittle disappointed. The light loses its charge around 2 hours after a full usb c... read more »

Great Gift idea!

30 Aug, 2021
There are so many uses I can think of for this awesome card! One being to record a sweet message to my husband on Valentines day however he isn't into all that sentimental stuff so I've decide... read more »

True Dinosaur Lover

30 Aug, 2021
My 3 year old great nephew is a total "Dinosaur" super fan and this set from 3-otters was the perfect gift for him. He loves this! And I have to admit I do too! This set is the best dinosaur... read more »

Love it

03 Aug, 2021
Cute and I love it. Holds a 4×6 photo, easy to change from photo to photo. It's nicely made and my favorite .... it plays the tune of "You are my Sunshine" very smoothly and perfec... read more »

Nicely packaged

08 Jun, 2021
I can't comment on the fit or comfort of these, only the superb packaging as my order arrived too late for the purpose I ordered them for and I no longer needed them (to pass around at a birthday... read more »


08 Jun, 2021
 I'm pleased with the convenience of this double container. Perfect for the limited space in my fridge, great for holding both fresh or boiled eggs and I don't mind round shaped... read more »


08 Jun, 2021
 I love it and I'm sure I'll find the perfect place for it. Keeps time spot on! I like the rustic look and the colors! Easy to hang.  Nice product! #RankBoosterReview #Viral... read more »

Where's the box?

08 Jun, 2021
The advertisement on this inflatable swimming pool is awesome! However I was somewhat disappointed. I purchased this for a child's birthday party/gift with visions of them opening the gift and the... read more »


08 Jun, 2021
Can't go wrong with this train!  Alittle on the heavy side and extremely well constructed. The wheels don't move so you don't have to worry about it rolling if you have it sitting out... read more »


08 Jun, 2021
So pleased with these cushion covers! Very beautiful colors, nicely stitched and zippers work great. I was going to use these on my couch however I have a coverlet on my king size bed that is navy, gr... read more »

Really works

02 Jun, 2021
It's been 2 years since I've purchased this electronic rat trap. I have kept it plugged in and have captured "2" mice. That's doesn't sound like alot for 2 years but it's... read more »

Cute little sprinkler

31 May, 2021
Easy setup, nicely designed and puts out a good amount of water depending on how high I have the water pressure on. My youngest grandchildren love running through it while their outside playing and... read more »

Cool bath toy!

31 May, 2021
I'm very impressed with the strength of the suction cups, normally I can't get bath toys to stick but this one has a strong grip and stays put. Unlike my 2 year old granddaughters floa... read more »

Aww So Precious

28 May, 2021
I love these wall decals. My middle son and his wife are expecting their 1st baby in "12" short days, they are doing the nursery in Woodland theme and these wall decals will fit right in so... read more »

Works great!

28 May, 2021
Good sprinkler! It's easy to set up and disconnect. I love the vibrant colors, the way the tubes twirl the water around and the sweet little turtle <3 Nice product Kiztoys! read more »

Well designed

27 May, 2021
This power strip has way over exceeded my expectations and has turned out to be the very thing I needed to solve an annoying issue.  About 2 yrs ago when my husband retired he had our mobile h... read more »

My daughter loves these!

27 May, 2021
Although these are adult size and I'm in my upper 50's (120 lbs at the moment) these don't fit me. My daughter has a fuller face than I do and she ended up with these. She's down to on... read more »


27 May, 2021
These not only fit my grandchildren but fit me as well. I have such a narrow face that adult masks won't fit me. I like the tie dye colors on these and "love" that they are individu... read more »

Not just for kids!

27 May, 2021
I purchased these for my older grandkids but being a kid at heart I've already tried them out myself since I won't see the kids til the weekend.  My yorkie didn't like the bla... read more »

Exceptional quality!

27 May, 2021
Love these! Kids are grown and married so we finally downsized our refrigerator only to realize we don't have enough space. My husband is a meat eater while I myself prefer fruits and vegetables.... read more »

Super nice!

26 May, 2021
My grandbaby loves playing in the sand and loves just because gifts but also likes to open things himself so granny is holding back the temptation of opening the net on this bundle of goodies!... read more »

Awesome purchase

10 Apr, 2021
Stylish design floor lamp. It has held up very well. I purchased this some time ago and it not only still looks new but I also STILL get complaints from visitors. Unique lamp, #RankBoosterReview #S... read more »

Very good quality and extremely comfortable

10 Apr, 2021
I love everything about this top! Perfect fit (ordered my regular size) It washes well with no shrinkage, the flow adds to the cuteness. After receiving this beautiful top I liked it so much I or... read more »

Would purchase again!

23 Dec, 2019
Nice and well thought out. I needed this to complete my preparation for an upcoming birthday party, I have a large set of gold  silverware and other items that is perfect with this set! I like th... read more »

Highly Recommend!

08 Nov, 2019
Excellent quality brushes! I was pleasantly surprised to come across this great find! These wet brushes are as good in quality as the wet brushes I normally pay $10-$15 each for at my hairdresser'... read more »

We Love It!

08 Nov, 2019
My pet and I both LOVE this heating pad! My Chihuahua had one from this company last winter and it lasted the whole season! It only stopped working due to me not removing it from her bed once the weat... read more »

Not what I expected but still good

21 Apr, 2018
 I was expecting microfiber so I have to admit that I was immediately disappointed to find that this material has more of a Terry Cloth "look and feel" This two pack of&nbs... read more »


14 Apr, 2018
Although my face is just a tad bit greasy after using this Ebanel Alpha to Omega + Sherbet cleanser, it is the best facial cleansing balm I have yet to use.  This comes with a sturdy... read more »

Above a 5 star!

05 Apr, 2018
I am more than pleased with my purchase! These are Great! No more fighting with heavy towels falling off of my wet head! I've seen these advertised before but I never thought I would lov... read more »

110% Recommend!

05 Apr, 2018
Great for sensitive skin! The brush heads on this doesn't irritate my skin as other facial cleansing brushes have done in the past. This takes 2 AA batteries (not included) it has 2 speed choic... read more »

Amazing Product!

05 Apr, 2018
Outstanding quality! I love this! The stand is very easy to assemble and holds the small moon steady. I placed this in my den and have received loads of compliments! How creative!  I am very... read more »

Close enough to perfect

05 Apr, 2018
I love the thought and easy design of this treasured keepsake. I haven't gotten a chance to try it out yet as there was no clay added in the package I received (a slight mishap). But no... read more »

SUPER sexy!

01 Apr, 2018
I'm always hesitant when ordering clothing online but took a chance on this bikini set and I'm happy to say the sizing is very precise though alittle confusing at first. I'm 128 lbs a... read more »

Money Saver!

01 Apr, 2018
So glad I tried these liners! These were very easy to cut to fit the shelves and drawers in my refrigerator. Indeed has kept my fruits and vegetables fresh longer and is a time saver on c... read more »

Better than expected! Very pleased!

31 Mar, 2018
 Comfortable and lightweight ~ Nice for my evening walks in the park. The adjustable belt fits securely without worry of it coming loose. The zippered compartments  expand to fit m... read more »

Whiskey with a twist!

26 Mar, 2018
Simply WOW!! These are super nice and very elegant Whiskey Glasses!!! I am ecstatic about giving this set to my husband on his upcoming birthday! These arrived in a nice presentation box,... read more »

Best I've ever used ~ awesome kitchen helper

26 Mar, 2018
Great product! I washed and used this immediately upon receiving and it worked fast and easy in helping to prepare a meal for my family. This very attractive & fancy 2 piece set is an... read more »

Five Star Product!

20 Mar, 2018
You can't go wrong with this Starter Kit. I like the color choice. The paint is fresh, the brushes are strong. High quality and a great price! I do highly recommend and I would purchase ag... read more »


20 Mar, 2018
I purchased this is black & pink, love the colors! However the whistle doesn' work and the compass broke shortly after it's arrival.  #RankBooster Review #Sponsored #Store In Motio... read more »

Better than described

20 Mar, 2018
These are an excellent conversation piece! Better than described, I am super pleased with the overall design & quality! Great gift idea for that "one" person in your life that can&#... read more »

Stylish and very sturdy

14 Mar, 2018
Very nice! No more searching for my jewelry that once was scattered here & there. This is not only exceptionally stylish, it's strong and sturdy. I purchased this in black along with another (... read more »

Overmet my expectations! Love these containers!

06 Mar, 2018
These containers are extremely nice. I was very surprised and super pleased with the uniform packaging and the superb quality. Each container has a locking lid that seals extremely well. As you close... read more »

Great Quality with alittle flaw

13 Feb, 2018
Super nice product! I really love this! The awesome smell of leather hit me as soon as I opened the nice gift box! Then I seen the inscription and my heart sank. I had my deceased 2 yr old baby'... read more »

Soft & nicely packaged

12 Feb, 2018
These arrived very nicely packaged in a decorative gift box.  Very soft material. The 0-12 months size fits my 6 month old grandson perfectly with room to grow. They stay on good without lea... read more »


28 Nov, 2017
The colors of these balloons go great together, very (smooth) pretty & vibrant colors. We used these for my father in laws 90th Birthday. His cake was trimmed in gold and the party decorations coo... read more »


03 Nov, 2017
I love this sweet little hamster!! (He irritated my husband at first LOL but he likes him now) I love talking to him! Perfect gift for the young and the young at heart! No matter the age, th... read more »


02 Nov, 2017
A very sweet way of sharing! I actually purchased this for myself but upon receiving this very cute icecream memory stick, the perfect Christmas gift came to mind! I am the sentimental on... read more »


26 Oct, 2017
This furbaby car seat is awesome! Well designed and nicely stitched, definitely made to last! Great colors!  It fits perfect in my Kia and keeps my two smallest furbabies in place. Them t... read more »


26 Oct, 2017
This little guy makes a great gift for the young and the old.  He is adorable!  He repeats EVERYTHING you say in his squeaky little voice. And will even laugh when you laugh.  His bo... read more »

Well Made Product!!

25 Oct, 2017
This lunch bag came in really handy for a unplained emergency out of town trip for a family tragic tragedy  :-( I purchased this a few weeks ago to use on our trips for "Ha... read more »


21 Oct, 2017
This lamp has overmet my expectations! It has a very nice vintage look ~ already a great conversation piece! Amazing craftsmanship! It has a thick solid wooden base. The iron pipe has a polished... read more »


13 Oct, 2017
I have to admit I was more than a little afraid to try this foot peel after seeing the pictures in reviews. It just looked as though your feet would hurt afterwards but I'm so glad I tri... read more »


06 Oct, 2017
I couldn't wait to put these up! I have been searching for some lights to go under the cabinets of my kitchen island and finally found the perfect ones! The length of these are just righ... read more »


03 Oct, 2017
We installed this light down slightly midway on one side of our front porch. The area there is very dark and unless we used a flashlight it's always been hard to tell what... read more »


03 Oct, 2017
  This was a gift for my husband as he has continually complained about his nose and ear hair. He had been using scissors which took awhile and of course he always incorporated me to... read more »


03 Oct, 2017
I have 6 furbabies and can't afford to have them groomed regularly so I often do it myself. Or at least I try to. I have 2 that want to fight with me and I have to chase them, and with my&nbs... read more »


21 Sep, 2017
I purchased a set of these balloons for my sister's upcoming Halloween party however I left them laying out, my grandkids saw them and I couldn't resist letting them have some pre- halloween f... read more »


21 Sep, 2017
I like these! All 16 Flamingos arrived in great shape, easy for my grandkids to inflate with no air leakage. I  purchased these for my sister who has a lot of pool parties. Great to hol... read more »


21 Sep, 2017
I purchased this set of 5 emoji birthday cake candles for one of my granddaughters upcoming 5th birthday party. They are a great addition to her Emoji birthday party theme.&nb... read more »


17 Sep, 2017
Out with the old age plastic measuring spoons that I've had for 20 some year's and in with this very nice 6 piece set of teaspoon and tablespoon measuring spoons made of 430 Stainless Steel.&n... read more »


14 Sep, 2017
So beautiful, even when it's not lit up brightly from soaking up a day of sun. This  Solar Owl Light is stunning with no imperfections. It has a stake included to place in the yard. A on... read more »

Nicely scented ~ Works as advertised

14 Sep, 2017
 This Lemongrass Toilet spray is equal to if not better than the more expensive brands. I love the wonderful scent and find the label very appealing  :-)  Very nicely priced, ... read more »

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