Ultimate Oil Painting Set - 24 Oil Paints - Painting Canvas - Paint Brushes Set - Art Supplies for Teens, Adults & Kids - Deluxe Art Set
Price: $34.99
4.92 / 5   (101 Reviews)


Great quality

12 May, 2021
I love painting anf had been needinf a new set!! Loved the variety of colors and how vibrant they looked  read more »

Feel like a professional

30 Sep, 2020
Feel like a professional with this paint set. It comes with everything you need and so much more. The paint is easy to use and not a liquidy mess. It makes painting fun for all ages.  read more »

It might be one of the greatest products in the world

02 Mar, 2019
Hello there and thank you for reaching out! We are here today to introduce you one of the greatest products who's promoted on Rank Booster - A unique oil painting set. This review based on 1... read more »

Love paint set

09 Oct, 2018
Great for rhe beginner or rhe pro.  Lots of tools.  Excellent price for all that you get.  read more »

really great deal

24 Jun, 2018
I had a blast with this. felt authentic. the paints are oil based so be aware of that read more »

Art Set

02 Jun, 2018
It looks really nice and very well organized with a lot of paint and brushes with a few extras like the palette to put your paint on. read more »

Great 4 new or experienced artists

31 May, 2018
We do a lot of arts and crafts and this oil painting set was perfect for us.  I love how bright and deep some of the colors are.  I love that it comes with the brushes as well.  The oil... read more »

Great set

18 May, 2018
Got this for my son it is amazing starter set great quality and price. read more »

Just wow

10 May, 2018
To be honest I expected this set to be "toy" quality and I was surprised of every item on this set.  The canvas, the brushes, the palette all top quality and the paint as well just smal... read more »


27 Apr, 2018
My son was grateful to recieve this set.  he hadn't worked with oils before and is enjoying learning read more »

Oil Paint Set!

27 Apr, 2018
This set includes canvas, brushes, oils and a palette so you can start painting right away! There are 24 paints, the palette has plenty of room for any size thumb in the thumb hole, the brushes are ve... read more »

Everything You Need !!

26 Apr, 2018
What a Great Set !  It comes with 25 professional style artist brushes of great quality, professional grade oil tubes, one 8 x 10 Canvas, and a palette !!  Perfect for beginners, or tho... read more »

Perfect for artists

18 Apr, 2018
This set is amazing. My daughter hasn't dabbled in oil paints yet and this was a great set to get her started. read more »

love it

14 Apr, 2018
this is so nice, great set, #deluxeartset#rankbooster#ultimate read more »

A great product

10 Apr, 2018
This is a great art set. Not too high end, not for beginners. I think its a bit pricey for what you get in the box though. If there were bigger tubes or the brushes were higher quality, I could unders... read more »

Simply put, every thing you need to paint!

02 Apr, 2018
This is an incredible set of paints.  24 beautiful colors, a small canvas, and brushes.  Check out the amazon links as the seller has done a great job with pictures.  I got this as a gi... read more »


01 Apr, 2018
Absolutely in love with this set. The paint is great filtered type quality. Not that cheap chalky looking stuff.  Love it  read more »

I love this kit.

01 Apr, 2018
This art kit comes with everything you need. a palet a canvas paints and brushes. The paint is good quality and the brushes are nice too. The palet is a little awkward but it still works and the canva... read more »

The complete starter kit!

30 Mar, 2018
I am just getting back into painting again.  I'm not a pro, but I do love to paint when I have the chance and challenge myself.  I haven't had the chance to really play with oil pain... read more »

Perfect beginners canvas

29 Mar, 2018
This really is the ultimate painting set with 24 oil paints, the canvas, paint brushes and pallette.  A gift here, it started as a thought, jumped to inspiration and off to the imagination for wh... read more »


25 Mar, 2018
This is an amazing oil painting art set. My mother has used it and loved it when painting pictures. Also, we used the brushes to do the touch up painting on our walls of our home to fix where the edgi... read more »

Good quality, worth the price!!!

22 Mar, 2018
Great selection of oil paints. Go on well and are easy to mix. Came well packed. Good value for the price paid. I bought this for my sister who paints and draws as a hobby. She loved the colors and th... read more »

A Masterpiece

22 Mar, 2018
This is a wonderful set for a beginner or an experienced artist. It comes with everything that you need to create your first masterpiece right out of the box. read more »

Oil and Paints & More

22 Mar, 2018
This is a great 24 Oil Paint Set! They didn't stop there though you receive 25 assorted brushes! That's a brush for every color with one extra! That's not all! You receive a metal pai... read more »

Awesome oil painting set

22 Mar, 2018
This is a deluxe set for anyone who wants to learn or knows how to oil paint.   The oils are bright colors. There are very well made brushes and even a canvas so you have everything you need... read more »


21 Mar, 2018
Review 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ OIL PAINTING SUPPLIES: a complete, all-inclusive art set that lets you instantly create an oil painting when you open the box. Includes an 8x 10 stretched canvas panel, a set of prof... read more »

Works great for my stepdaughter

21 Mar, 2018
This is an excellent set. I am not an artist and neither is my stepdaughter but she wanted to get into drawing and painting. I always like to buy her things to help her try out her interests. This kit... read more »

Artist Set

21 Mar, 2018
Super nice Oil Painting Set. My daughter loves to draw and do artwork so I thought this would make the perfect gift for her and I was right, she loves it. This set would be good for beginners or more... read more »

Five Star Product!

20 Mar, 2018
You can't go wrong with this Starter Kit. I like the color choice. The paint is fresh, the brushes are strong. High quality and a great price! I do highly recommend and I would purchase ag... read more »

Great Set

20 Mar, 2018
I really thought the quality of the paint was excellent. This is a great set, easy to store or take with you. Everything you need to begin in one set. I definitely would by this again or recommend it... read more »

Great set

20 Mar, 2018
This was a great deal and was a present for my niece a . d she loved it. It had everything you needed to start learning to paint. It was a great product and overall great I would highly recommend this... read more »

Nice set

19 Mar, 2018
What a great set of oil paints. The colors are nice and the variety is good. The brushes are all good and well made too. It is a great set to add to your collection or for someone starting out.  read more »

Ultimate Oil Painting Set

19 Mar, 2018
This included everything you need, a starter kit of brushes, which are definitely high quality.  There are tons of paints, and they are the perfect consistency for beginners and pros alike,... read more »


19 Mar, 2018
I Am Thrilled with My Ultimate Oil Painting Set! It Is Huge! I have Started to paint again! Very Pleased with Your Products! Thank You Again! read more »

highly recommend good quality

19 Mar, 2018
This included everything you need, a starter kit of brushes, which are definitely high quality. It doesn’t feel as though the bristled will fall out. There are tons of paints, and they are the p... read more »

Great set!

18 Mar, 2018
this oil paint set is an awesome set to have on hand! It has everything you need to paint a beautiful picture! This set is great for beginners or those who just need to have extras on hand. I love thi... read more »

Great starter set

17 Mar, 2018
I like how nice this set is, while a more experianced artist might want a nicer set, I think for someone starting off it is great. I have a large interest in oil painting but didnt want to invest a to... read more »

Ready to use straight out of the box! Helps bring out your inner artist, great for adults & kids alike, very high quality, professional painting tools and premium paints!

17 Mar, 2018
This deluxe oil painting art set by Free Hand is pure awesomeness!  The paints, brushes, and everything that came with it arrived in good condition and I’m impressed by the high-quality.&nb... read more »

great painting kit

15 Mar, 2018
This kit is awesome! If you love to paint or know someone who does then this kit is just what you need. It comes with 24 tubes of oil paint in all the colors you will need. It comes with one canvas, a... read more »

Great set for beginners

15 Mar, 2018
Very very nice set. Love it. Vibrant and bright color. I painted a easter egg with pumpkin with this paint set and it comes out perfect. read more »

Great beginner's oil paint set

14 Mar, 2018
  I have been getting more and more interested in painting and have been expressing my creativity through canvas works lately. I never seem to have enough paint brushes, especially when my 11-ye... read more »

Very good set

14 Mar, 2018
It's a very good set for beginners has so many brushes and colors of paint very nice. read more »

Great set for beginners

14 Mar, 2018
I love to paint and I expecially love using oils. This is a huge set and wonderful for beginners. I love how many different types of brushes you get and it comes wiht 24 paints so you won't have t... read more »

High Quality for low Price

14 Mar, 2018
This is a must have paint set for anyone who loves to paint. You get a total of 51 items for a low price. In the set you get the following: * 25 Paint Brushes * 24 Oil Paints * 1 Canvas *... read more »

Awesome Paint Set

14 Mar, 2018
I bought this for my husband who loves to draw and paint. He is thrilled with it. It has everything he needs for his art work . There are 25 colors, a palette ,25 brushes and a canvas to paint on. Thi... read more »

Excellent deluxe oil painting set

12 Mar, 2018
Oil Painting Deluxe Art Set - 24 Oil Paints - Paint Brushes Set - Painting Canvas - Paint Palette - Art Supplies for Teens, Adults & Kids https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0781346C3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_rK... read more »

Best starter Paint kit, everything you need, all in this kit

11 Mar, 2018
I love this starter kit, everything i needed to start painting was in this easy travel case, paints, brushes, palletts, everything. Perfect set, perfect gift. Graet price. Highly recommended! read more »

Excellent paint set

10 Mar, 2018
Excellent pain set. My cousin loved the gift. She loves painting.  read more »

Pretty Paints and Nice Set. But Box for the Bulk of the Set Was not so Nice. Weak Box. And Weak Tape.

09 Mar, 2018
Great paint set for the price. Normally at local craft stores and even the local Walmart, you're looking over $5.00 for just the canvas, not including anything else. When I saw all that was inc... read more »

A great kit for any painter

09 Mar, 2018
It is a nice kit with all you need to start painting. A canvas and a palette. 24 different colors of oil based paints. and 25 brushes of different sizes and thicknesses and typs of ends.. You can pain... read more »

Ultimate Oil Painting Set

08 Mar, 2018
My dad is a wonderful woodworker, and my mom is a great decorator of what he creates.  This set has made my my mom and dad's projects look wonderful.  I am extremely happy with this purc... read more »


08 Mar, 2018
My daughter loves this set. She is a budding artist so I always try to keep lots of art supplies on hand. This is a great product and it makes my daughter very happy. #rankbooster #free hand read more »

Amazing Oil Painting Set

08 Mar, 2018
The variety of colors and quality of the oil paints are very good.   I am going to purchase more of these to give as gifts.  Great seller that shipped them super fast.  I high... read more »

Painting set

07 Mar, 2018
The ultimate oil painting set come with everything needed for a beginner painter. This makes a wonderful gift set for any occsion and for almost any age group. A wide range of brushes are included and... read more »

Good value; good selection

06 Mar, 2018
This is a great starter set for those just getting into oil painting. You get a great 25 piece brush set; that has just about everything you need. You also get 24 tubes of oil paints in a wide array o... read more »

Great for beginners, paint is very hold and goes on easily, brushes are great

06 Mar, 2018
I love my new ultimate oil painting set. These 24 oil paints are so vibrant and go on smooth. A small amount of paint goes along way. If you're a beginner painter you will love this set. It comes... read more »

Great art Set

06 Mar, 2018
Such a great set of oil art! Nothing came broken and all the items were there. My grandma absolutely loves it! read more »

Love this set!

04 Mar, 2018
Absolutely  love this set  The color are bright and nice. Paint is smooth, doesn' clump and is easy for any project. Perfect for any painter read more »

Awesome art set

04 Mar, 2018
This art set by #freehand is absolutely amazing. The 24 oil paint colors are amazing and easy to use. The canvas is a great size for beginners and experts. The brushes are a nice quality as well. I wo... read more »

beautiful oil paints

03 Mar, 2018
Oil Painting Deluxe Art Set - 24 Oil Paints - Paint Brushes Set - Painting Canvas - Paint Palette - Art Supplies for Teens, Adults & Kids   This deluxe oil painting set is so nice. It c... read more »

Great set for beginners and experienced alike

27 Feb, 2018
This is a fantastic set of oil paints and brushes. I am not experienced at all but my daughter is and she was impressed. I can not believe so many things came in this packaged. I 1/2 expected cheap do... read more »

Just wow!!!

26 Feb, 2018
To be honest I expected this set to be "toy" quality and I was surprised of every item on this set.  The canvas, the brushes, the palette all top quality and the paint as well just smal... read more »

Lovely paints

26 Feb, 2018
I love painting and this set is wonderful and comprehensive. Love the tool kit it comes with. read more »

Ultimate Oil Painting Set - 24 Oil Paints - Painting Canvas - Paint Brushes Set

25 Feb, 2018
Very pleased with painting set! Purchased for a gift. They were very happy with it as well. Came well packaged, mailed quickly. Would recommend!   read more »

paint set

23 Feb, 2018
was awesome was a full set came with everything that it said it would come with im very happy with it i will buy again in the future read more »

so far very good

22 Feb, 2018
This is my first experience with oil paints. I'm absolutely loving these paints! They are smooth and workable. The colors look fantastic!  read more »

Perfect starter paint set

21 Feb, 2018
At some point, you have to move past the watercolors and little containers of washable paint.  My son has been at that point for awhile and I finally accepted it and bought him this.  He lov... read more »


17 Feb, 2018
I received my ultimate painting set. I like it. I tested some of the oil paints and I am happy with quality of the paint. The brushes are also well made. You also get a good variety of brushes. I thin... read more »

Outstanding art set

16 Feb, 2018
I have a friend who loves to do any type of art project especially painting. This Oil Painting Deluxe Art Set by Free Hand comes with everything you need to create a beautiful piece of art. The kit co... read more »

Lovee all the colors

16 Feb, 2018
I absolutely love my new art set ! Has beautiful paint colors and so many paint brushes.  I loveee this paint set and cant wait to start painting! !!  read more »

Fantastic set

16 Feb, 2018
Where do I begin.so much is included in this set. They thought if everything. First of all you get a wide variety of oil paint colors. You get a large assortment of brushes and a metal pallet. You als... read more »

Great gift idea

14 Feb, 2018
Oil Painting Deluxe Art Set - 24 Oil Paints - Paint Brushes Set - Painting Canvas - Paint Palette - Art Supplies for Teens, Adults & Kids.This is such a great gift set for any art lover.The set is... read more »

Fun and beautiful

14 Feb, 2018
Love these. Great beautiful colors and it even has a blank canvas to paint. First time using oil painting and I love it. New addition to my arts.  read more »

Perfect for the painters

14 Feb, 2018
I love this thing and this is great for the painters in your house, perfect gift.  OIL PAINTING SUPPLIES: a complete, all-inclusive art set that lets you instantly create an oil painting wh... read more »

Love it

13 Feb, 2018
This set is a blast it's the ultimate paint set I love all the brushes and supplies it comes with everything is very well made and very good quality the colors were vibrant and bright it is defini... read more »

Very Nice Set

12 Feb, 2018
I received this Ultimate Oil Paint Set with 24 paints, canvas and brushes. What a wonderful set this is! Perfect for a gift for the art lover in your life! I purchased this set for myself and i could... read more »

Complete Oil Painting Kit

11 Feb, 2018
https://www.amazon.com/Ultimate-Oil-Painting-S…/…/B0781346C3 OIL PAINTING SUPPLIES: a complete, all-inclusive art set that lets you instantly create an oil painting when you open the bo... read more »

Oil Painting Set

11 Feb, 2018
Awesome kit of oil paints, canvas and brushes. Perfect for someone who loves to paint!  read more »

Everything You Could Need For Oil Painting - Including the Canvas!

11 Feb, 2018
I’m very impressed with the quality and quantity of this set. The paints are smooth and creamy. Then blend excellent, they cover perfectly and you can easily navigate any effect you want. The in... read more »

Oil painting set with canvas and brushes from Free Hand

10 Feb, 2018
This oil painting set has it all by Free Hand. This comes with 24 tubes of oil paint with great vibrant colors, 25 assorted brushes, one 8x10 canvas and a metal paint palette. This has everything for... read more »

Nice complete set.

09 Feb, 2018
Excellent set. Comes with 24 different oil paints, pallet mixer and canvas with lots of brushes. Perfect for startup kit or expanding you current supplies. read more »

It has everything you need

08 Feb, 2018
Free Hand Oil Painting Deluxe Art Set - 24 Oil Paints - Paint Brushes Set - Painting Canvas - Paint Palette - Art Supplies for Teens, Adults & Kids   This is a lot of fun starter set... read more »

Painting must

08 Feb, 2018
I just started trying my hand at painting.  This kit is awesome for a beginer or a pro.  It has everything you would need to get started.  Very easy to use also read more »

Great set

08 Feb, 2018
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #freehand amazing oil paint set. Would be a great gift for painters. Highly recommend.  read more »

Awesome art set.

06 Feb, 2018
This set includes everything you need to make an painting.  I would suggest this art set for any beginner. If you were to purchase all of this stuff separately at Walmart you would easily pay ove... read more »

Very impressive oil painting set!

05 Feb, 2018
I purchased this oil painting set as a gift for my sister. She is so talented when it comes to painting and I was impressed that this set came with everything that she would need to start painting rig... read more »


04 Feb, 2018
Great deal 51 piece oil painting set. I got mine today and was very impressed. Has everything but the canvas to get started. I’m no artist but I absolutely love this set. The whole set has great... read more »

The ultimate painting set

04 Feb, 2018
Whether you are trying to be the next Picasso or just expressing your mind on a canvas, this painting set has everything you need to start in the right way. It includes 24 oil paint, an astonishing 25... read more »


04 Feb, 2018
 An AWESOME OIL PAINTING SET I found on Amazon! Great quality and the quanity is abundant. This is the oil painting set to own, it's a great gift for only the best, artists that is. The... read more »

Art kit

03 Feb, 2018
This is a really comprehensive art set. You have a canvas, palette, 24 paints, and 25 types of brushes. I have never painted with oil paints, but I'm excited to try this out!  read more »

Better than Acrylic

03 Feb, 2018
My daughter loves to paint! She has been painting since she was in diapers. We have always used acrylic paint, so I decided to switch it up and try something new. When my daughter saw her new oil pain... read more »

Oil painting set

03 Feb, 2018
Awesome oil painting set! Great for indoor or outdoor activities and entertainment. Very compact, for easy storage and travel. CCooked fully equippedwith very bright and vibrant colors. Perfect for th... read more »

This truly is the Ultimate in oil painting sets

02 Feb, 2018
I was really stoked when I opened the oil painting set when it arrived and amazed with all the different brushes in it and multitude of colors, as well as a palette and canvas.  I have everything... read more »

paint the town

01 Feb, 2018
Very nice art set. It would be great for the beginner, student or just to have around the house.  Everything in the kit seems to be of great quality. read more »

Awesome oil Painting sent

31 Jan, 2018
I love this set it comes witheverything different size paint brushes all kinda oil Paints  Painting Canvas Paint Palette Good colors. Easy to paint with I was surprised the awesome... read more »

Great Kit

31 Jan, 2018
I ordered this for my neice, it arrived very prompt, she loves it, contains everything she needs for her begining art class.  read more »

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