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Great starter game

30 Nov, 2020
This was a great handheld game system for my grandson.  He loves to play with game systems but I don't feel he is old enough for a 200-300 handheld system.. so this is a great starter system... read more »

Great summer fix

02 Jul, 2020
This helps alot I hung it on my back porch and now I hang up a load then dry a load.  It holds even my blankets without falling or sagging. The clips fasten easily so one handed hanging is a bree... read more »

Works great

08 Jan, 2020
Always searching for the right cord this is great.  I carry it in my purse so I have it handy for car or outlet use. And a 2pk is even better. #RankBoosterReview. #SponseredAOJI read more »

Perfect for projects

08 Jan, 2020
I got these to make scripture cards for the cancer center and they work perfectly!! #RankBoosterReview. #SponsoredGotoone  read more »

Wonderful tools

08 Jan, 2020
Who knew this would come in handy the day I got it.  This is great..loved not having to search for the right screw driver it was all right there.  Great set to have handy.  #tools #Rank... read more »

Velvety Smooth

08 Jan, 2020
These colors are so pretty, love how easy they go on.  Long lasting and not that sticky dry mess you sometimes get with matte.  Looks great on redheads   read more »

Adding my personality to my car

08 Jan, 2020
How cool 8s this to add my personality to my car.  Definitely easy to install and so cool.  Like changing colors :).  read more »

Love paint set

09 Oct, 2018
Great for rhe beginner or rhe pro.  Lots of tools.  Excellent price for all that you get.  read more »

Great for bath bombs

13 Mar, 2018
I made some bath bombs and put these in these veggies to sell.  Love them. read more »


13 Mar, 2018
So love these .They look good and are stylish.  Great uv protection when driving . read more »

Great tool

13 Mar, 2018
This is great if u decorate cakes.  Makes the job so much easier when trying to decorate .Turns easily. read more »

less pain waxing

16 Feb, 2018
I love these beads.  I hate waxing because it is so painful and leave you a little red.  Using these I have not had such a hard time waxing.  Now there is some pain but it is quick and... read more »

A Must Have

23 Dec, 2017
My daughter said mom you need one of these so I had to get me one.  I see why she said I needed one.  It attaches to my phone and can be used as a hand grip so I am least likily to have my p... read more »

Nice case

23 Dec, 2017
I love these dual tips markers.  Not only can i do tiny details but i can also do full coverage or areas easily.  There is a lil bleed thru on lightweight paper but I love these.  Anoth... read more »

Great tool for Guitars

21 Dec, 2017
This has great pressure and easy to adjust, easy to work with.   Great Deal!  So impressed with this find. read more »

Well made

21 Dec, 2017
My son prefers boxer briefs and I got these and he loves them.  They fit well and are well made.  Great Quality. read more »

Not a fan

21 Dec, 2017
I was not a big fan of this.  I mean i guess it is ok .  I just dont see much difference in the speed variations... from one to another.  I do like that it is charageable and easy to us... read more »

Cute enough for a second pair

21 Dec, 2017
This is the second pair of glasses i have got and I love them both!  Great glasses and they are so cute! read more »

So cool

10 Dec, 2017
This look so much better in person.  They fit all face types.  They come in a nice gift box and then a case for the glasses in a puch to protect.  They are awesome! read more »

Great for Jewerly Projects

10 Dec, 2017
This is great for making jewerly projects.  However it is a little thick and the smaller beads cant be used with this (like seed beads).  Also I noticed on a test run that the bracelet I mad... read more »

Great Gift

04 Dec, 2017
Son loves playing his guitar but needed to tune it.  I got this because it was cheaper and it worked really well!.   He is well pleased! read more »


04 Dec, 2017
I love using my kerig but i hated buying the kcups it is so costly.  So i got these and I can add my own fav coffee and even flavors to make my coffee taste the way I like.  Instead of spend... read more »

Control the appetite

17 Nov, 2017
I got these and I was not sure if they would work but I took them and i didnt really see anything the first day, but the second day i noticed a difference in my appetite so I will keep taking and see... read more »

FUn for Lil one!

17 Nov, 2017
Got this for my grandson to play in.  I added some balls and he was so happy in this.  it is easy to pop up and take down.  It is great to keep the balls in so they dont go all over the... read more »

Helps when on a trip

13 Nov, 2017
This is really perfect for traveling and vacation. It keeps everything  organized making your trip easier. No more forgeting where you put your tickets, recipts, important documents. . I’m... read more »

works great

09 Nov, 2017
This works great with liquid soaps and helps the soap to last longer.  Works well I used with the Dr Bronners soap and the soap is lasting much longer now.   read more »

Love this Brow Set

09 Nov, 2017
I really like that these have 3 colors I can easily blend and it looks wonderful.  Great set and blends in well with light colored hair.   read more »

Nice White socks

09 Nov, 2017
This socks are great not cheaply made, thick and firmly fit. read more »

supportive socks

09 Nov, 2017
This fit snugg.  They are well made and soft.  I like quarter socks and these are perfect. read more »

Memory Keeper

09 Nov, 2017
Our children lose teeth and we usually put in a jar or ziploc bag.. instead of that I think this is a wonderful way to keep track of them.  Great quality. Arrived quickly. read more »

So cute

08 Nov, 2017
These are well made and baby looks adorable in them! read more »

So cute

08 Nov, 2017
Cute pjs for grandson. They are soft and well made.  washed well.     read more »

Great GIFT~!

02 Nov, 2017
This will make a wonderful gift for the camper/hunter in your life!.  This is a really nice folding grill and it even comes with BBQ tools!  It is sturdy and easy to set up.  You dont u... read more »

Great socks!

27 Oct, 2017
Love the little Dots on them!  they are good quality socks and the seller send them quickly!.   read more »

removes rough spots

27 Oct, 2017
sandel season is always hard on the feet you get those lil rough edges.  So when i got this I was so happy it removed all those rough edges without taking off good skin making my feet sore.  ... read more »

Teething relief

26 Oct, 2017
These are so cute.  Great for your teething sweet babies.   read more »

Great for Bible Study

21 Oct, 2017
I got these to use for Bible Study.  They are great.  Bible pages are thin so regular highlighters tend to bleed through these dont.  They glide on easy and no smudges. read more »

Great set

21 Oct, 2017
This is a wonderful set for any hairdresser or just someone like me that needs a set to cut hair at home.  My son is in ROTC and i have to cut his hair often.  He likes the sides short and t... read more »

So Cute

28 Jul, 2017
Such a cute item for young love.  read more »

Must Have for gatherings

17 Jul, 2017
I LOVE this ... If you like having BBQs, Pool Partys this is a wonderful thing to get.  You blow it up and place ice in it and add drinks.  Takes up less space than a bulky cooler and easier... read more »

Great for gamers!

05 Jul, 2017
This is awesome my son has a battery station where he has to take the battery out and charge it.  He loves this so much better.  He set it up on his system and now when he is done playing he... read more »

great for toddlers

05 Jul, 2017
My child is constantly not tying his shoes he tucks them in the shoes and of course they come out and he walks all over them.  So i got these to help with that issue.  They work great!  read more »

smells so good

05 Jul, 2017
I have wanted one of these for awhile and finally got one!!! I got some sandelwood oil to go in mine and within seconds the room was filled with with sandlewood scent.  It does not take but a cou... read more »

great for summer heat

05 Jul, 2017
i know it says this is for dogs but... my grandson gets hot easy (like me) and cranky... so i got this to lay under his sheet to help keep him cool in summer and it helps him to rest so much better.&n... read more »

Baby attention getter

05 Jul, 2017
I got this for my grandson! and he loves looking at it at night.  It has a great shine and reflects well on the ceiling and walls.  It is sure to grab your little ones attention and help cal... read more »

You can never have too many

05 Jul, 2017
I am always losing my USB ports because i take from place to place and room to room so getting this pack of 3 was a lifesaver.  Now I have them in areas I often use and I keep one in my purse to... read more »

So cool and pretty

05 Jul, 2017
I am in love with this mouse!  It is soo pretty and cool and changes colors.  Works great easy to handle while playing wow!  read more »

This is so cute

05 Jul, 2017
Great for all little girls ... looks good to wear alone or over a pair of leggings.  Beautiful!! read more »

Super Cute

05 Jul, 2017
This is super cute and great for the pool and beach!  Looks great with any swimsuit.  Well made.  You can even wear it out.  read more »

Love this

05 Jul, 2017
I live in the country and alot of times I have to use my phone to get from place to place using the GPS.  This has came in handy and helped me to be a safe driver on the road.  It keeps my p... read more »

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