Handheld Game Console, Kiztoys Retro Game Console with 400 Classic Handheld Games, Supporting 2 Players & TV Connection, 800 mAh Rechargeable Battery
Price: $20.99
4.77 / 5   (97 Reviews)



23 Jul, 2021
I have no complaints.  It works well and has a large assortment of games.  Me and my kids have had a blast with these classic games:) read more »


12 Jun, 2021
the best toy to keep grandchildren busy without them looking at the tv for hours.  so i think its a great way to for me to entertain my 10 grandchildren. bbecause trusst me its hard to entertain... read more »

super fun

10 Jun, 2021
This has a bunch of different games on it. It reminds me of the old hand helds from the past. I really enjoy playing mario bros 3 on this little thing. I love it. read more »

My favorite

26 May, 2021
I absolutely love this handheld game console. It has alot of my favorite childhood games on it which has got me addicted lol. It hooks up to the tv with no problems at all. I've had this for a cou... read more »

Will have fun

30 Mar, 2021
I like this handheld console game with 400 games. Able to hook up to the television two people can play. One thing that connecting cards are very short. The one would have to fit very close to the TV.... read more »

Old school fun!

25 Mar, 2021
You may have thought that I purchased this for my children.... well think again! This is for me! I love the variety of games that are included. I mean it's sooo much fun. Most definitely nostalgic... read more »

Love these for classic games

19 Mar, 2021
Works great and love the size!  read more »

It good

24 Feb, 2021
It's good till it lasts, games are fun but my kid gets a little frustrated because he said the games are hard lol.  read more »

Good gaming handheld

27 Jan, 2021
Decent game for the price. Has a lot of old games on it. Played a few so far and they are good games. The plastic casing could have been better made.  read more »


05 Jan, 2021
This game gave me classic Nintendo vibes. I loved playing this in my spare time was well worth buying! read more »


03 Jan, 2021
I got these for my nephews and this is the first gaming system they had. They think it's so awesome that they have their own game console lol. read more »

Great starter game

30 Nov, 2020
This was a great handheld game system for my grandson.  He loves to play with game systems but I don't feel he is old enough for a 200-300 handheld system.. so this is a great starter system... read more »

like a game boy

30 Nov, 2020
My oldest wore blisters on his fingers with his gameboy,  I wonder who will use it more, my grandaughter or my son? read more »

Keeping it old skool!

28 Nov, 2020
My Gen X self and husband love this!  It is kinda like the old hand held devices we saved up for, forever.  And this was a steal.  Definitely recommed for someone who wants a little nas... read more »

Portable game console

18 Nov, 2020
I bought this for my older son (8 years old) as a reward for doing well in school. He lreally likes playing with this game console. read more »

Like it

17 Nov, 2020
Have lots of different game in there and this's my second buying this game. Like it!! read more »


14 Nov, 2020
BBought for both my boys and they loved them  read more »

Game is not working.

12 Nov, 2020
While the device was cute, it stopped working about a week in.  read more »


18 Oct, 2020
In love with this read more »

Just what I expected

17 Oct, 2020
This is just a wonderful entertainment for my daughter which she loves. It works just as expected and is just fun and great entertainment overall. This product is well made and the picture quality is... read more »

Video game right down my alley

03 Oct, 2020
Who doesn't love a good retro handheld game? The fact that it's compatible with NES is the best! Brings back great childhood memories. Very good value for the money. So impressed.  read more »

Fun fun fun

30 Sep, 2020
I loved having a nintendo as a kid.  We had a Gameboy too.  This is like both of them.  It is easy to use and play.  My kid loves it too. read more »

Best game ever, great gift! All the old school games in one!

27 Sep, 2020
This thing is so cool, it has all the games you played as a kid. It was fun giving them to my niece and nephew and telling them we played these games at their age, they love them.  Perfect lit... read more »

Not so bad

25 Sep, 2020
#RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Livebox-EU   Not so bad 1-3 items recieved.  This product is well built. Graphics aren't bad for what it is, optional 2nd player mode on an additiona... read more »

Keeps the kids entertained

24 Sep, 2020
Has lot of games for the kids from super Mario to donkey kong read more »

Love these retro games!

21 Sep, 2020
Almost like playing a gameboy. Love these games! read more »

Excellent and Impressive Little Portable Device

20 Sep, 2020
This little system pack on a lot of entertainment on the go. Not only is it completely portable, it can also be used for home use. Simply plug the AV cables, at the back of the TV and you have yoursel... read more »

The best hand held device ever!

14 Sep, 2020
KIDZTOYS makes this extremely satisfyingly fun 400 games Handheld Game Console that ranks as the best I have ever had!  Play this device to be pleasantly surprised!  You can have 2 players.&... read more »

Everyone loves this toy!

12 Sep, 2020
Bought for my 1 year old son because I don't want him on phones. Him, my husband, and I love it. It's loaded with amazing games and everything you need to play for hours. Love this purchase!!!... read more »

Son loves it

04 Sep, 2020
I got this for my son and he loves it. Now him and his brother can play old games that I use to play growing up. This is perfect for road trips. Especially when they can play 2 players. The great... read more »


03 Sep, 2020
love my old school games and this one has everything thank you  read more »

So fun!!

28 Aug, 2020
Hours of retro fun!! Mario Bros 3. That is all you need to know!!! In love and takes me back to my childhood read more »

Great fun for all ages

22 Aug, 2020
This has many fun games for hours of fun for all ages. Its compact size allows it to be taken anywhere. perfect for trips or playing together with a friend since it has a controller that allows the sy... read more »

Loved the price.

13 Aug, 2020
Haven't opened or used yet as I put it away for Christmas but from what I have seen and read I'm sure it will be a hit.  read more »


11 Aug, 2020
Color and quality is good on this little hand held game.  Also came with another controller where you can hook up and play on the tv.  I haven't done that. But my son loves playing the g... read more »


09 Aug, 2020
My husband and kids entertain themselves with it. It has about 300 games before they start repeating, but that's still a lot of games!  read more »


03 Aug, 2020
Super fun and lots of flashbacks playing this. The games look exactly as they did on a game boy. Easy to play  read more »

love it

27 Jul, 2020
i love it,it has lots of games.no more buying expensive game device. read more »

The perfect gift

22 Jul, 2020
This retro handheld game console with rechargeable batteries and 400 preloaded games is a perfect gift for my adult son who loves all the old games. He plays some of the new ones but loves the older s... read more »


17 Jul, 2020

Fun gaming addition

15 Jul, 2020
Great for retro games read more »

love it

14 Jul, 2020
i love that their are so many old classic games to play on this machine,  read more »

Great fun with grandkids

14 Jul, 2020
The grandkids and I have had so much fun with this game. Takes me back to Atari-like days! I prefer to hook up to TV, but the littles like handheld. Graphics were better than anticipated. read more »


13 Jul, 2020
Lots of game choices, fun read more »

Keeps the kids entertained!

11 Jul, 2020
Great purchase.any games to play with. Quality could be better but does the trick!  read more »

Handheld Game Console

10 Jul, 2020
Handheld Game Console, Kiztoys Retro Game Console with 400 Classic Handheld Games, Supporting 2 Players & TV Connection, 800 mAh Rechargeable Battery. Very cool. lots of good games to play. My kid... read more »

Works well

06 Jul, 2020
Old school replica of a Nintendo Gameboy with 400 games brought me back to my child hood. Easy to use works well. Picture is clear. read more »

Retro Awesomeness!

03 Jul, 2020
This little retro Nintendo game player is awesome!  Tons of games to chose from, and surprisingly better quality than I imagined!  Even my kids who have iPhones and much newer game consoles... read more »


02 Jul, 2020
This hand held game has 400 games plus a controlled and cable to hook it up to the tv.  It's great for kids and adults as well.  Especially us 45 plusers read more »

Retro gaming for cheap!

02 Jul, 2020
This is a great little package for retro gaming that wont hurt the bank at all and provides hours of nostalgic gaming. You get the gaming unit, a controller for single and multiplayer games and cables... read more »

for retro game fans...

29 Jun, 2020
I grew up on 8 bit games and the like, so this appealed to me. Lightweight, with a rechargable battery and 400 games included. There are several versions of Mario, as well as Donkey Kong,Tetris, and S... read more »

Nice Game

29 Jun, 2020
This is a nice game. It has over 400 games on it and it is a pleasure to play. It actually allows 2 players. I wish I could just use the controller to play intead of the small buttons. They make it a... read more »

Great Father's Day Gift

29 Jun, 2020
I bought this for my fiance for Father's Day & when he opened it, he giggled with joy.  He immediately started playing with it & said it brought back some good memories from his child... read more »

USB Rechargeable

28 Jun, 2020
The grandchildren love this.  They like that the games on it are "new" to them.  I like that it's rechargeable, so I don't have to buy batteries.  We all like that is... read more »

So much fun

27 Jun, 2020
So much fun for kids and adults. Takes me back to when I was younger.  My children ages 1-10 love this handheld as well. It's made a great bonding experience for all of us. I love that it com... read more »

Good for kids

27 Jun, 2020
This is a cool little game for kids. It hooks up to the tv easily and there are a TON of different games to play. The kids really like it, I had to Google how to play a few things but overall it's... read more »

Good deal

25 Jun, 2020
Good deal and good little toy. You can play it on the tv.  read more »

This is the best

25 Jun, 2020
I ordered this product for my son's 8th birthday, it was delivered before the projected date and has exceeded my expectations! I expected a heavy bulky game console but it's lightweight and fi... read more »

He Love It

22 Jun, 2020
My son want put it down. He told me this is one of his best games. read more »


20 Jun, 2020
My kids enjoy playing this classic version of games but this game console doesnt show the battrery in the screen. You'll know if it is lowbat when the screen turn to black.  read more »

Super fun!

20 Jun, 2020
Brings back a lot of memories! A lot of fun and the graphics are great. Hubby and kiddos fight over it.  Easy to operate and just have fun.  Also has a nice battery life.  read more »

Awesome handheld system

19 Jun, 2020
This lets you totally get lost in nostalgia. Its got so many of the games from the past that I am looking for. Bubble Bobble, Mario Bros, Contra, double dragon, Burger time. Seriously blast to the pas... read more »

What an amazing fun blast from the past!

17 Jun, 2020
Well worth picking this device up for hours of fun! I just can't believe they have all these games packed into this little handheld device but, they do. It not only brings back great memories, my... read more »

Old Time Fun

17 Jun, 2020
This is the coolest little game! My two young boys have LOVED playing the many games that come loaded onto the game console. I love that we can bring it in the car or hook it up to the TV with the pro... read more »


15 Jun, 2020
This little portable game console is amazing! I wanted to introduce retro game to my boys and found this deal. It reminds me of the game boys colors my brothers had growing up. It's very light wei... read more »

Retro Game Console

14 Jun, 2020
It's a really kiztoys good handheld game console. It's easy to hold and play. It even connects to a TV. It also features a game controller that allows two people to play together. There are ma... read more »

Handheld Game Console

14 Jun, 2020
This is so much fun I love that it has a rechargeable battery The games are just as I remember them An added bonus is the ability to hook up to television I definitely would recommend this game system read more »

never received

11 Jun, 2020
never received it, los in shipping read more »


11 Jun, 2020
                  Do you guys do you remember these. I love the idea of having this around for the grand kids. This one by Kiztoys has... read more »

Great item!

10 Jun, 2020
Love it. It's got a lot of games  read more »

Addicted to this Classic Game Console

08 Jun, 2020
This Classic game console brings back memories of when me and my little cousins were kids playing and always fighting over taking turns playing Super Mario, and Galaga and Pacman. This console has ove... read more »

A lot of fun games

06 Jun, 2020
This handheld game is awesome, for it is so small easy to carry around and it has alot of games in it. I used to play Super Mario on the big coin machine when i was little, this handheld game brought... read more »

Good little machine

06 Jun, 2020
This handheld console is quite light but well constructed. It comes with a rechargeable battery and the sound quality is really good. The buttons and d-pad work great and most games have excellent con... read more »

Best portable game device

05 Jun, 2020
This took me back in time to my childhood days. It came preloaded with 400 games plus a remote. Perfect gift to kill some time and get back to your childhood (80's) read more »

Awesome game

03 Jun, 2020
Keeps kids busy. Very nice game read more »

I love this!!!

02 Jun, 2020
I immediately took this over to my mom's house because she has been wanting to play the classic games again. She is 54 yrs old. She had a blast. She was able to play with my 9 year old because its... read more »

My Generation Games

28 May, 2020
I always tell my kids about the games I used to play and finally found a handheld game device, but it connects directly to the TV or computer screen so you can view it like when I was growing up. I wa... read more »


27 May, 2020
Works great read more »

Packs a punch

22 May, 2020
little machine packs a power punch. All in onr solution to gaming. read more »

Handheld gaming

21 May, 2020
I ordered this for my grandchildren and they absolutely really enjoy playing this. I believe their dad my son has enjoyed it just as much if not even more. I highly recommend this product read more »

Handheld Game Console, Kiztoys Retro Game Console with 400 Classic Handheld Games, Supporting 2 Players & TV Connection, 800 mAh Rechargeable

21 May, 2020
I am so excited to to get this and give it to my son. I want to use it too. It will bring back lots of memories! #rankboosterreview #sponsored read more »

Great entertainment

21 May, 2020
Good price. I enjoy playing it myself!! It is great that it comes preloaded with games and you can play with another player read more »


19 May, 2020
This was an amazing video game toy. My nephew loves this and it's been very helpful during covid . Great buy !! read more »

good time

19 May, 2020
Anytime I see these I buy them for my kiddos. These retro minis are good for roadtrips and being in the car longer than around the corner. Good time and price.  read more »

Great gift

15 May, 2020
My child was so excited to get this for their birthday. It was the most exciting thing he wanted to play with right away. It's old school and simple and fun! Highly recommend.  read more »

old school GOLD

08 May, 2020
If you remember the days on which any of the titles included in this system were something you crave, give this system a go. Just bare in mind it does feel 'cheap', maybe because it is. So fun... read more »

Great buy

07 May, 2020
Kiztoys handheld retro game console is so amazing. It is a little bit smaller than an original gameboy so it fits so easy in your pocket, purse, or any bag. Great for trips with kids to take and go. W... read more »

Totally AMAZING! Bought 2!!

05 May, 2020
My son has one of these my mom got him and it is absolutely perfect! Graphics are great, has all Mario Bros games plus soooooooo many more, hooks up to the TV and still great graphics! Love it! Defini... read more »

Like having a game boy and super nintendo in one!

30 Apr, 2020
This handheld game classics from Kitztoys is AWESOME! The handheld game has 400... that's  right FOUR HUNDRED classic Nintendi games from every Mario game you can imagine to Duck Tales, Pokem... read more »

Incredible....I'm impressed

30 Apr, 2020
I've played many of these game systems that have tons of the old school games in them. They usually feel cheap and the games aren't quite like you remember. This one is practically like having... read more »

Brings back memories!

23 Apr, 2020
I can't believe they can pack in 400 games into one device!  These retro games from the 80s sure do bring back some memories!  Now I can share my childhood games with the new generation!... read more »


21 Apr, 2020
made me feel like a kid again. alot of repeats but if you connect it to the tv its just like playing the real thing read more »

Fun for the entire family!

20 Apr, 2020
I absolutely love this handheld game console by #Kiztoys. I love that it is very compact and can be taken everywhere we go. I also like that it supports up to 2 players and allows for a tv connection.... read more »

Love it!

17 Apr, 2020
This is perfect since we are quarentined. Gives us something else to do. I love these classic games. Easy to set up and play anytime! Thank you! read more »

pretty good buy, something to bring back the childhood memories

16 Apr, 2020
This handhold console with 400 games has definitely brought back my childhood memories. Very easy to hook into a system and get on to the play.  The battery lasts long enough to enjoy a few ho... read more »

Great game console for kids young and old KIZTOYS

10 Apr, 2020
This handheld game feels similar to the old Gameboy but even better IMHO. It includes 400 classic games built into the unit, as well as a rechargeable 800 mAh battery allowing 5-6 hours of play b... read more »


02 Apr, 2020
This is so cool. Comes with remote to play on tv. And cords. All the awesome games like super mario donkey kong. Bought for my son but i want one for myself. read more »

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