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They are great!

03 Apr, 2022
These are actually really good quality. read more »

Not worth it.

24 Nov, 2021
Unfortunately this wasn't loud and it wasn't worth it. My son's karaoke machine is louder. The mics are plastic, not quality. read more »

Not worth it.

24 Nov, 2021
Unfortunately this was a bid disappointment. read more »

My cats love it!

17 Jul, 2021
This helps them so much with not having whisker fatigue. They are elevated and very easy to clean.  read more »

So cute!

16 Jul, 2021
My son LOVES dinosaurs! I got these so my mom can sew them into my son's school backpacks and lunch bag! He's so happy! read more »

So helpful!

02 May, 2021
This is my first time using these and they are extremely helpful! I just finished some shirts for Teacher Appreciation Week and they turned out perfectly! I would have to fold the shirt and measure. W... read more »

Cat loves!!

26 Feb, 2021
I think its much more convenient because it's a bit high up. I think my cat loves it! read more »

Perfect for crafting!

26 Feb, 2021
It's perfect because it's cordless! I craft a lot and I usually have stuff everywhere so being able to move this around in the room is great. read more »

My cat loves it!!

26 Feb, 2021
I got this just yesterday and my cat loves it! Its easy to set up and very quiet. I would highly recommend. read more »

Perfect to practice!

16 Dec, 2020
These are nice! I really like them.  read more »

Looks strong

29 Nov, 2020
They look pretty sturdy and strong! read more »

Stopped working

29 Nov, 2020
So these were so nice the first few days. Then they stopped working. My son was super sad. read more »


24 Nov, 2020
I use these mostly for my epoxy stuff. They are tiny but very cute! read more »


05 Nov, 2020
Bought these to lake keychains for my kid. They love them. read more »

Great alternative

09 Aug, 2020
Now my kids don't have to fight! The original remotes have some of the buttons that are messed up so this is a great inexpensive alternative. read more »

Great alternative!

09 Aug, 2020
This is a great alternative to the switch controllers. My little one messed up the originals of the switch so these work fine too. read more »


09 Aug, 2020
My husband and kids entertain themselves with it. It has about 300 games before they start repeating, but that's still a lot of games!  read more »

Husband likes it!

02 Aug, 2020
It's been fun. My husband has been liking it. It has supposed to have 400 games, but my husband says some of the games are repeats. Sometimes the buttons don't work. It's good for the pric... read more »

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