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07 Jun, 2022
Very chic wig now a days more and more ppl are wearing wigs so we love the black hair one but also want the bling one because there so cute and you can't even tell that there wigs  read more »

These come in very handy

19 Jan, 2022
You will never go wrong with having one of these behind your seat or in your trunk do you know how many people I have given boost with thses charger I don't boost anyone in my car because it could... read more »

I phone cords I have 3 iPhones ????

29 Sep, 2021
These come in handy when you go though cords often the the price was good and I grabbed them you can't go wrong on iPhone charger cords we need them. All the time !  read more »

Christmas is right around the corner

27 Sep, 2021
I git a few packs to give to my family member we all have iPads iPhones so them will definitely come in handy  read more »

Nice Christmas stocking stuffer

27 Sep, 2021
I got enough for my daughter and her friend they loses there charges so much I definitely took advantage of the price and got more than one pack thanks  read more »

extra chargers

08 Aug, 2021
It's always good to have extra chargers no matter what anyways they were good they charge good glad I got them read more »


07 Aug, 2021
Sometime my batter goes dead on my scooter and I think this will be very useful it also say that we can use it on cars can wait to try it out  read more »

measuring cups

07 Aug, 2021
The cups have all the size needed for cooking and it has spoons for measuring also funnel so this is a nice set thank you ... read more »

This hope this will help with my moms sciatic nerve

18 Jun, 2021
My mom keep borrowing my massager gun so I decided to get her one of her I know she will enjoy her new massager she like the round ball and I told her to keep it on low until she gets used to the powe... read more »


18 Jun, 2021
I needed some lights for my storage I hope they last a long time because there cordless so let's see I'll send a updated on how long they lasted! Thank you for reading  read more »

I put a lot of stuff together

10 Mar, 2021
I take  IPhone apart and put them back together and watches wiiu different things I also replace screws on phones this will come in useful!  read more »

Super cool

07 Mar, 2021
For the summer when I ride my scooter I'm going to use these instead of a regular mask ???? I love the bandanna cover and I'm can hardly wait !  read more »


07 Mar, 2021
I hit these and some other cords for Iphone the other ones Tear right away and these are still doing good really surprised for the price I thought thses one would not have lasted long but turns out th... read more »

Everyone should have one in there home

18 Jan, 2021
Everyone should have one of these in their home this is a very popular you can do many things with that I cut a hole in my mailbox for the mail to be put through the slot Because people are stealing m... read more »

These are so cool they dance to music ????

12 Jan, 2021
Thanks ???? these are awesome ???? I love these little cars that light up they keep the kids so busy and out of my hair the more they play with them the more stuff I get done thanks for reading  read more »

I’m so excited

15 Dec, 2020
Love Christmas ???? always ready to go shopping for the kids and I'm sure there going to live these ex cars I always get stuff we can drive inside and outside the house especially now trying to ke... read more »

Thank you

11 Nov, 2020
Use it to cut my grandson hair no problem works well  read more »

I been waiting a caddy

06 Nov, 2020
Athe reason I gave 4 stars was because the coupon was supposed to be for 6.00 but after adding the coupon it was 10.00 so I'm unhappy about that but I still wanted it enough that I bought it  read more »


03 Nov, 2020
My regular faucet versus this is a 100% change,I bought one before but it's to long and now I will have the perfect size to rinse my dishes because it has a 360 turn sprinkler love this ...thanks... read more »

Thank you

03 Nov, 2020
I'm grateful for the switch controller the switch controller are so small haha but I'm very grateful to have this ... thank you fir reading  read more »

Best this to have for kids that are anxious

02 Nov, 2020
My grandson has Autism autismhe always has to have something in his hands and he is very anxious during school he up and down the whole time so I've tried different techniques fidget Spinner I'... read more »


31 Oct, 2020
I have to keep buying SD cards for the kids switch hopefully this one will last a while and I how it works as good as the reviews say they do .. if it does work the way it says I'll be very happy... read more »

Cute backpack ????

30 Oct, 2020
Sling backpacks I needed this for my trip fits around the neck and back comfortable nice color I wanted the green one but chose the orange oh well love both color  read more »


30 Oct, 2020
So cute moon ???? and star ????  read more »

Super excited

19 Oct, 2020
I'm super excited to get this wig I have been wanting and looking for the right color and finally found one looking forward to Halloween ????  read more »


10 Oct, 2020
I'm so disorganized its not even funny so I though if I get this organizer Ill start to put this GS where the go especially my important papers  read more »

Cute for night

09 Oct, 2020
I love walking with these gloves  read more »

Helps with stretch marks

09 Oct, 2020
Baby's are heavy enough but having this around your tummy really helps with the baby's weight and helps with stretch marks  read more »

I love having extra cords

09 Oct, 2020
Nice durable cords  read more »

Nail files

25 Sep, 2020
I love any nail drills you can use them on anything and everything I love ???? this drill I have use to file wood smooth surfaces and much much more  read more »

Love nail drills

25 Sep, 2020
I finally girls all the time you can basically use them for anything to file a piece a word to file your nails filed something down remove grout off the tile for anything smooth something out love thi... read more »

Good for when you go out of town

25 Sep, 2020
I needed these because I was going go out of town and you know how every one touches everything doors button on the elevator I wanted to make sure I had sanitizer to carry with me and o love the color... read more »

Love my drill

25 Sep, 2020
Everyone need a drill I don't care what the project every home should have a drill the drill I got stays charge for long days but I don't use it that much so I couldn't be exact on the hou... read more »

Keeps the kids entertained

24 Sep, 2020
Has lot of games for the kids from super Mario to donkey kong read more »

Kids tutu

14 Jul, 2020
Very cute my granddaughter loves ❤️❤️❤️ them highly recommend for kids 5 and under  read more »

Doll clothes

13 Mar, 2020
So these clothes are awesome my granddaughter loves them thanks for reading  read more »

Portable charger

13 Mar, 2020
This is a awesome charger I always forget to charge my phone and when I'm somewhere I always have the back up inside my scooter read more »

Doll clothes

13 Mar, 2020
One of the students in the class that I help with wanted some clothes and when I found these I love read more »

Awesome case

13 Mar, 2020
I got them for my nephew and he loves it ...  read more »

Real solve earring

13 Mar, 2020
Love my earrings  read more »


12 Feb, 2020
I have to my mom for her it don't come with a sad card but it don't matter it works great I got the card and now my mom has a great camera she need it I'm glad I could help her out after s... read more »

Love my lights

02 Jan, 2020
The lights are strong and bright at night I love them they are so cute I got a extra set because I love them worth it  read more »

Shoes ballet

23 Dec, 2019
So I wanted these shoes I order 2 different size because I know the size versus in china but both size did not fit so they were to small I ordered a 71/2 and 8-81/2 just to be sure and they were way t... read more »

Drano sticks

03 Dec, 2019
I put one in each drain frim the kitchen to the bathroom tub every where I was able to put a stick I didn't notice any changes I wonder if it's for the smells ! Anyway I did use them that'... read more »


16 Nov, 2019
For the price you can't go wrong I got the glow in the dark and the taxi read more »

Rugs for your kitchen so cute

24 Oct, 2019
I got these for my neighbor and she a older lady as a gift WAHT I did like about them was they have all kinds of cute thing printed on the rugs like measuring cups flour and different cookie cutters,... read more »

I gave 4 stars

01 Oct, 2019
This is my second review for the same sandles and the reason I gave 4 stars is because the size was to small and she wears a 6 -1/2 now I order the 7--1/2 and the came the same size as the ones before... read more »

Glittery containers so so cute

01 Oct, 2019
I'm really  impressed they are so cute they came in cute glittery bottles and they are water proof they didn't fill heavy on the face as a matter of face you know how you can tell when so... read more »

Cutest sandal ever

12 Sep, 2019
I got 2 pair 6-1/2 and there were a tiny bit small so if you wear 6-1/2 get a 7 but other than that they are super cute .. for the price you can’t go wrong... read more »

Towel holder

04 Sep, 2019
It never came  read more »


04 Sep, 2019
anyone that missed out on this deal lost out because there super cute and my niece loves them I want more I like the other colors but I prefer the pink ones.. read more »

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