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Love it

08 Apr, 2022
I've bought this razor a few times now and it works great and I love that it pink , and it's very sharp so be careful  read more »

Love it

07 Feb, 2022
I would recommend this tool to anyone I love it it works great and the battery last awhile haven't had to charge it yet and I love its pink read more »

Great lights

24 Jan, 2022
Great lights and they last awhile and u can even charge them with a usb read more »


24 Jan, 2022
I love these and they last and I love the fact that there pink read more »


24 Jan, 2022
I love these and they fit right in my blade  read more »

Great gift

24 Jan, 2022
Great gift for hubby he smiled read more »

Great size

25 Nov, 2021
Love the size and how it opens it would be even better if they had color choices thank u read more »

Great colors

24 Sep, 2021
They fit just right and I like the colors that it comes in read more »

Looks great

31 Jul, 2021
Gave as a baby gift it will help with warming Abby bottles read more »

Gift giving

31 Jul, 2021
I got this for one of my family members who is expecting a baby and she loves it and I’m pretty sure the baby will to read more »


04 Jun, 2021
I love how the resin comes right out of these it's so simple to use read more »

Love the feel

24 Apr, 2021
My kids love these shorts and the pockets work wonders  read more »

Fast charging

13 Apr, 2021
Has fast charge for my iPhone I would recommend this to anyone that wants a fast a charging with a smaller pad read more »

So easy

09 Apr, 2021
Works well for your puzzles if u want to roll and go read more »

Love the glow

03 Mar, 2021
I would recommend this to anyone who just wants that glow in there room or a pool my kids love them read more »

Love the heat and the color

01 Feb, 2021
This hand warmer works great and I love that it comes in my favorite color it keeps ur hand warm on those cold days read more »

Great charge

22 Jan, 2021
I only gave it 3 stars only because u can't charge 2 remotes at one time cause it doesn't charge it at the same time but doe charge fast read more »

Sounds great

07 Jan, 2021
They sound great and fit my son well they work well with the ps4 and or ur tablet read more »

They work great

30 Dec, 2020
Love these colors and there able to fit on my razors  read more »

Sounds is great

12 Dec, 2020
These headphones work great and they sound good and I love this colors options  read more »

Lights up

06 Oct, 2020
it's great for Halloween my kids love it and it fits perfect  read more »

Goes high

25 Sep, 2020
I have this 4 stars only because it goes to high to be able to catch it almost losted it a few times, other than that it's pretty cool to play with read more »


20 Sep, 2020
These mask are good but fit tight on my kids good starter mask read more »

Fast lighting

11 Sep, 2020
I love how u can just pop the top and light the lighter and easily turns off just like that just wish they made it in pink read more »


11 Sep, 2020
Fast charging and skinny enough for your purse , just grab and go  read more »


03 Sep, 2020
love my old school games and this one has everything thank you  read more »

Great bowls

03 Sep, 2020
Great bowls big enough for any animals very good material  read more »

Great feel

03 Sep, 2020
It's a good controller but not as good as the original but works read more »

Light up speed and color

01 Sep, 2020
I love this lighter how it's just touch screen and it lights up just like that and the color is great and it also just turns off as soon as you close it  read more »

Love the color works great

28 Jul, 2020
My kids needed these for music class I love the option of colors but pink is my favorite color , if you need one of these it's a good starter flute read more »

I love this so many old school games

05 Jun, 2020
there's alot of old school games on this , it great if ur on the go I definitely recommend this for anyone  read more »

Perfect size

05 May, 2020
Perfect size and it also bends so u can light candles much easier than regular lighters I give this 5 stars  read more »

Works great and love the colors

30 Apr, 2020
I recommend to anyone who has a kid who needs to stay warm or charge there phone at the bus stop cause that's what they used it for and it's so cute and compact  read more »

Very bright light

22 Nov, 2019
Awesome light it really lights up my yards it works great , if u need a light that lights up everything this this is a great light for that read more »

I love all the colors

05 Nov, 2019
standard size ones all wrapped individually so it’s easier, even the small ones came easily wrapped up  read more »

Great Controller

27 Oct, 2019
I love my phone game controller it works great and feels alot better that having to hold my phone while I play and the fan works great on keeping it cool while I play those long nights of COD thank yo... read more »

Easy to hook up

06 Aug, 2019
Easy to hook up and use for the outdoors can watch it from your phone to it works great  read more »

Works great love the pink sparkle

06 Aug, 2019
I got this for my kid and she loves it and the keyboard easily detectable so she can just use the case she loves the pink sparkle on it to thank u read more »

Love it

06 Jun, 2019
I’ve been looking for something like this and I finally found one that works for me I have a birth bath and that’s where it’s going to be I hope the birds like a shower lol read more »

Fits well

03 May, 2019
 I just got mine and it works great with my google mini it keeps it from moving and in one spot will order again  read more »

Love solar

26 Mar, 2019
I got these solar lights cause I’m obsessed with them  they work great and there very bright read more »

Perfect size for what I needed it for

12 Oct, 2018
Looks and works great and the right size for what I needed it for and I like that u can use either the key or a code read more »

Great Fan!!

07 Sep, 2018
I love how the fan is able to sit in a dock and able to stand up most portable fans can’t do that also I like the sleek design of it, I can wait to buy one of each color  read more »

Sounds great!!

02 Sep, 2018
This speaker sounds great and is the perfect size for my hand and I like the fact I can use it near water and in water thank you read more »

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