Gamory Handheld Games, Retro Mini Game Player with 400 Classical Games, Support Two Players & Playing on TV, 800mAh Rechargeable Battery, Present for Kids And Adults
Price: $20.99
4.86 / 5   (49 Reviews)



13 Sep, 2021
This is a fun toy that my kids enjoy. I prefer the attached old school remote that comes with it. Charges quickly. I like all of the old school games. There are different games from around the world.... read more »

Great fun for a road trip

25 Jun, 2021
This handheld console helped my son when we had our 2 hr drive fishing trip. It came with a remote to make it a 2 played. You can play on tv screen. It has classic games. I would highly recommend . read more »

Great quality

14 Nov, 2020
My son loved it  read more »

Such a throwback

25 Oct, 2020
This is so much fun!!  Growing up with these games and being able to play them again is the best.  You can play alone using the game boy device or 2 player using the controller.   ... read more »

so much fun

21 Oct, 2020
Now each of my kids has one and they love it. This games is portable so it can be charged up and taken anywhere. It has about 400 games built in which is very fun. You wont get bored because there is... read more »

400 games

12 Oct, 2020
400 old school games, 2 players, good picture and takes me back. read more »

A Blast from the Past!

12 Oct, 2020
I bought this because it reminded me of simpler times. I like video games but don't like all the bulky equipment and the new equipment confuses me. I really could not get over the fact that... read more »

Just like the good old days

07 Oct, 2020
Just like the good old days but now my daughter gets to enjoy the games I did. Great product works great just wish the charging wasn't so complicated and if it was just a bit more sturdy. read more »

Very excited

06 Oct, 2020
Love  the color, plan to use as a Christmas gift. Love that it has so many games preinstalled cant wait to see it used read more »

Pretty Cool

03 Oct, 2020
I wasn't sure about this at first and then I turned it on. There are so many games on this handheld player from when I was a kid. I just started playing the first few games I saw before looking th... read more »

Fun fun fun

28 Aug, 2020
This is the best handheld game to take you back to your child hood and simpler times. Mario Bros 3!! That is all I need!! read more »

Great gift

10 Aug, 2020
Perfect gift for any little gamer.  Has so many games and great quality  read more »


05 Aug, 2020
So I originally got this for my son as a backup for when his iPad dies and he puts it on the charger. I love that it has all the old games I use to play on my original Nintendo or Sega. The only down... read more »

Takes me back to goold old days

14 Jul, 2020
The grandkids and I have had so much fun with this game. Takes me back to Atari like days! I prefer to book up to TV, but the little like handheld. Graphics were better than anticipated. read more »

Love this handheld games

13 Jul, 2020
I got this on time and in excellent conditions. I love playing Mario bro and I wasn't thinking that this little handheld would have the original games like they were when I was growing up but it d... read more »

Lots of games!

09 Jul, 2020
This includes an endless maount of games but my fav is mario, takes me back to the old days. read more »

Great portable game, excellent price!

09 Jul, 2020
I was so impressed by this handheld gaming device. Not only does it come with a ton of really great retro games, it always can be plugged into a television and you can play the games on a bigger scree... read more »

USB Rechargeable

05 Jul, 2020
The grandchildren love this.  They like that the games on it are "new" to them.  I like that it's rechargeable, so I don't have to buy batteries.  We all like that is... read more »

Must have

02 Jul, 2020
This 400 game hand held game console comes with a controller and the cord to attach it to the tv.  It's great for kids or anyone over 40 read more »


28 Jun, 2020
         I love that it comes with 400 classic "old school" games. It has all of the Nintendo classic games my kids grew up with the 90s. What memo... read more »

Epic for nostalgia

24 Jun, 2020
This is great for people who were gamers back in the day. The controls are easy to use there are a lot of old arcade games held within. I am super happy with the quality. read more »

Amazing !

22 Jun, 2020
This is the best pre-loaded handheld game ever! The screen is perfectly clear and has all of the games we remember playing as children. Perfect gift for a 90s kid!  read more »

Only Chinese Language

21 Jun, 2020
Hard to read what's the intruction or how to play the game coz it's not in english or there is no english translation unlike the red one, there's chinese and english translation choic... read more »

So many games, so little time! Blast from the past..

17 Jun, 2020
Well worth picking this device up for hours of fun! I just can't believe they have all these games packed into this little handheld device but, they do. It not only brings back great memories, my... read more »

Fun, but lots of duplicate games

17 Jun, 2020
This is a fun little gadget. My three-year-old loves this machine, but hasn't quite figured out how to use it  yet. We have not hooked it up to a TV but the size is great for portability. The... read more »

Pretty neat

16 Jun, 2020
It does have a ton of games and some of them are very hard to understand. I had to Google a few but after you get the hang of it it's pretty cool. Such a variety to chose from to play. I do wish t... read more »


15 Jun, 2020
Great as a gift came with so many games read more »


14 Jun, 2020
These have GREAT games and the graphics are great. I gave them to my kids and my niece. No regrets! read more »

Retro Mini Game Player

14 Jun, 2020
Okay, people have told me about these kind of gaming systems. Handheld consoles with tons of old classic games. I honestly didn't think they were real, I was expecting a bunch of knock offs. This... read more »


14 Jun, 2020
Small handheld game. Most old school games that I use to play when I was growing up. Buttons kind of stick and delayed a bit sometimes but other than that it's a cool lil game. read more »

400 games retro

13 Jun, 2020
This is awesome.  All the ones you forgot about in one compact handheld console with 2nd player control, rechargable battery and hooks to the TV for bigger fun. Portable for on the go play like l... read more »

Memory Lane

13 Jun, 2020
This game takes you right down memory lane. I love the fact that it has so many games on it.  It comes with a romote control and jacks, charger cord.  So no batteries, thats right a charger.... read more »

get your game on

11 Jun, 2020
fun an be handy.  Throw it in your car,  backpack or desk for when you just need to let loose.  Game graphics are good and the games are fun.  read more »

Love it!

11 Jun, 2020
I love it! I got this for my kids and they are super happy with it why buy them expensive brand game systems when they can enjoy and play this? So far they have enjoyed every moment!  Easy to cha... read more »

Nice game!

10 Jun, 2020
There are nice games in it! read more »

Amazing for both kids & adults! Highly recommend!

06 Jun, 2020
These are amazing! First, they are extremely durable and sturdy. There are so fun to play, especially with over 400 games to choose from. Including pretty much every Mario Bros game you can think of,... read more »

Gamory Handheld Games

06 Jun, 2020
Absolutely love this It has many games from my youth Would definitely buy again Have not hooked it up to my TV yet will be trying this soon    read more »

Retro Mini Game Player with 400 Classical Games

06 Jun, 2020
  Gamory Handheld Games, Retro Mini Game Player with 400 Classical Games, Support Two Players & Playing on TV, 800mAh Rechargeable Battery, Present for Kids And Adults. This takes me back!... read more »


05 Jun, 2020
This is a great game brought back memories that I can now share with my kids  read more »

I love this so many old school games

05 Jun, 2020
there's alot of old school games on this , it great if ur on the go I definitely recommend this for anyone  read more »

Love it

03 Jun, 2020
Keeps kids busy. Nice game. The USB port is loose though read more »


01 Jun, 2020
Works great! Love it! Thank you! read more »

Great for travel!

31 May, 2020
I love this handheld gaming console by #Gamory as it has 400 Classical games I love that this one supports one or two players and can be played either on the handheld console or the TV. All cords are... read more »


30 May, 2020
This is very lightweight. It plays great.  Has plenty of game options. I do love the two player options. This makes me feel like a kid again. I love almost every game on it. Endless game options... read more »

Great little pocket game machine

28 May, 2020
This is a great little personal 'Gameboy' type game with 400 built-in classic games.It has a rechargeable and replaceable 800 mAh battery. It also has a built-in video output to connect to you... read more »

Pretty good for the price (around 400 games)

27 May, 2020
It's a reincarnated Nintendo Gameboy! Has 400 games but you've probably only heard of 100 of them. The game pad that comes with it works great. Charges via macroUSB and holds the charge for ar... read more »

Perfect gaming solution

26 May, 2020
Very powerful unit here. 400 games to keep you playing all year long.  read more »

Great Handheld Gaming Player

23 May, 2020
I love playing video games.  I have been playing them for many years now.  My first system was an NES that could only be in my parent’s bedroom, so they could see how much I played and... read more »

Love it

22 May, 2020
Since receiving this my niece and nephew have stayed entertained . They love it , will be getting another one . read more »

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