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12 May, 2022
Adorable , but the wires were SO tangled when we opened the box. Took 30 min to detangle before setting up. works great, and adds cute detail to my garden.  read more »

so cool!

17 Nov, 2021
so cool ! we have had ours up for over a month and they turn on every night by themselves ! no electric plugs needed so you can put them wherever you want  read more »

good for parties

17 Nov, 2021
cool for parties, came with a lot of pieces ! Cheap material, but you get a lot for what you pay.  read more »

okay at best.

17 Nov, 2021
great ideas but cheaply made. the spider looks like an octopus and kept deflating every time we blew it up.  read more »

Love them

29 Sep, 2021
I love that they came in their own bag to safely store the tools , and they are all very sturdy and useful  read more »


29 Sep, 2021
Awesome idea for parties & games! can't wait to use them for Halloween this year  read more »

Not what I expected

29 Sep, 2021
There's a sponge inside , creating room for bacteria.. I originally got it thinking it was pure silicone . Lathers well, but no replacements for the sponge so it won't last long for me  read more »

Good for parties

24 Sep, 2021
I love it for my kids! Bean bags are smaller than I expected, but it's fun for the kids regardless. read more »

Great sensory toy

03 Aug, 2021
Good quality pop bubble toys ! I got them for my children, but find myself popping them while fidgety.  read more »

Awesome for work lunches

03 Aug, 2021
I originally got this for my daughter, but it's bigger than I thought & won't fit in her lunch bag. Instead I have used it for my husbands work lunches, and I am so happy we have this ! Ve... read more »

Perfect for young kids who love dinosaurs

03 Aug, 2021
This is the perfect gift for a child.. a combination of Dino and trucks ! My son loves them, although they are significantly smaller than I expected . Good quality and clever idea .  read more »

So cute !

30 Jun, 2021
These are the cutest things ever and great for bath & pools !  read more »

great moisturizer!

06 May, 2021
The smell and consistancy of this moisturizer is amazing! I absolutely love the bottle and dispenser, too ! read more »

Perfect for selfies !

11 Apr, 2021
I don't know how I ever took selfies without a ring light before ! This one is small enough that it doesn't take up too much room on my dresser . read more »


11 Apr, 2021
I have heard about silk pillow cases for years now and finally decided to try it out , I love it !! This one comes with two pillow cases so I gave one to my daughter and her hair doesn't get... read more »

so much better than i expected!

29 Dec, 2020
I boufhgt this for my son and was expecting cheap material and was pleasantly surprised when I saw FULLY WORKING binoculars and compas, great bug graspers and containers for them , magnafying glasses... read more »

perfect gift for baby

08 Dec, 2020
I got this for my friend's 6 month old baby girl and she LOVES it ! read more »

Not bad

28 Nov, 2020
Took forever to get here and is sooo tiny but works well read more »

Sooo great

28 Nov, 2020
I never knew I needed this until now ! Love it !  read more »

so cool !

13 Nov, 2020
Such a simple yet entertaining toy! kept my two year old busy for hours ! read more »

Great product

10 Nov, 2020
Very easy to use and small enough to store anywhere.  read more »

Awesomel quality

03 Nov, 2020
Super soft ! Fits most folks and my daughter loves it !  read more »

Low quality

03 Nov, 2020
Doesn't stay up, not even with small light weight dolls  read more »


03 Nov, 2020
Super cool and easy to apply !  read more »

Cute but cheap

15 Oct, 2020
It was fun while it lasted but after one use , the seam ripped and I could no longer use it  read more »

Cool idea

31 Jul, 2020
Such a cool idea, but doesn't work as well as I'd hoped and is made somewhat cheaply. If you don't do it exactly right , it will burn a hole into your bag. Otherwise it's a really cool... read more »

The easiest way to straighten your hair!

22 Jun, 2020
I got this beard straightener for my hair and I am in love with it! Having two young children, it's hard to make the time to do my hair, and this straightening brush makes styling super quick and... read more »

Amazing !

22 Jun, 2020
This is the best pre-loaded handheld game ever! The screen is perfectly clear and has all of the games we remember playing as children. Perfect gift for a 90s kid!  read more »

Such a cute toy!

18 Jun, 2020
I would absolutely recommend this shape-matching egg toy! The baby is so proud of himself playing with eggs and matching shapes. They fit nicely back into the sturdy "carton" for easy clean... read more »

Super loud

15 Jun, 2020
I bought this for my husband for an early Father's Day gift, and he LOVES IT ! This speaker gets  super loud and has a ton of base , which we love ! The radio doesn't connect very we... read more »

Perfect toy for all ages !

12 Jun, 2020
This was the best toy I have gotten my kids in a LONG TIME ! I have a four year old and a one year old, so arts and crafts are usually not a shared activity. This drawing mat helps both of my kids rel... read more »

Awesome toy !

12 Jun, 2020
I bought this for my 2 year old son , and he LOVES it! The dinosaur is huge compared to other Dino  toys, and when it "roars" the mouth and neck move in such a realistic way! Even... read more »

Toothbrush holder/sanitizer

16 Apr, 2020
I got this for my kids’ toothbrushes because who knows where they put those things ! At first I used the suction cup because I was waiting for my husband to screw it to the wall. I wasn’t... read more »

Best diaper bag !

29 Mar, 2020
I recently had my second child, and had to go back to using diaper bags. We could never find the perfect one with our first child and felt the same way this time , until we found this bag ! The best p... read more »

Does not come with markers

21 Mar, 2020
Such a fun indoor activity for kids who LOVE squishies and showing off their creative side! I will definitely stock up for rainy days ! Just make sure you have your own markers because they are not in... read more »

Awesome idea !

21 Mar, 2020
I am so glad I got this LCD writing tablet for my four year old daughter! It eliminates the mess of crayons and markers , and is so easy for the kids to use! Very lightweight and portable so it’... read more »

Fits beautifully!

10 Mar, 2020
It can be hard to find a good lace bra, and this bra shocked me! It looks great AND fits comfortably and snug.  read more »

Very cute

06 Mar, 2020
The description says one size fits xs-xl and I am a med/large, but only two of the three panties fit me. I love the creative designs and am at least happy with the two that do fit ! Good qua... read more »

Convenient product for men and women !

17 Feb, 2020
I have never used a wax warmer before, or even tried waxing on my own. I’ve been to a salon about three times to have my eyebrows waxed and that’s it. I got sick of razor burn and having t... read more »

SO great for kids !

20 Jan, 2020
i love to give my kids elderberry during the cold and flu season , but my oldest has decided she doesn’t like the syrup anymore, so I ordered the gummies this year . I will definitely order thes... read more »

Perfect for busy mornings

01 Nov, 2019
I am a mom of two and never have the time or energy to do my hair. After getting this hair straightener brush, I’m able to quickly and safely tame my hair. Also, I’ve always had trouble st... read more »

Great humidifier!

26 Oct, 2019
This humidifier works great , looks great & doesn’t take up too much room( not bulky like other brands). My daughter loves the mist feature.    read more »

great for all ages

22 Oct, 2019
  I got these as party favors for my daughter’s birthday party & they were a hit! All the girls (ages 3-12 ) loved the sparkly bracelets. Plus lots of different shapes and color... read more »

Awesome sunglasses !

21 Oct, 2019
These sunglasses are super cute and durable ! They come with a cool wooden vase & bag so they don’t get scratched up. I love the rustic & retro combination.  read more »

Great gift !

18 Oct, 2019
I got this camera for my daughters 4th birthday. She was good at using my camera, so I thought it would be a perfect gift . I was right ! So easy to use & shows a surprisingly great quality p... read more »

Great quality

14 Oct, 2019
  Great quality masks for Halloween /birthday party ! The lights are adjustable and flash at different speed settings. Strong quality felt/fabric and elastic that will last through children pl... read more »

Great product

09 Oct, 2019
After trying several eyelash growth serums, AGOPLEE eyelash & eyebrow serum stood out to me. It’s all natural and easy to apply. No irritation or stickiness at all ! Great natural beaut... read more »

Great hands-free navigation

09 Oct, 2019
I bought this car phone mount because my husbands car didn’t come with a navagation screen like mine did. We have tried the stick-on mounts, the ones you attach directly to your phone, and many... read more »

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