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Amazing flavor

04 Jun, 2023
These gummies taste great. This was my first time trying Sea Moss gummies and I'm happy I purchased them. I was looking for some supplements to take for a healthy living. I needed some extra vitam... read more »

Their cute

04 Jun, 2023
I like the style of this pineapple rhinestone ruffles flat sandal. The sizing was a bit off and I made sure to order the size that would fit me. The pineapple toe hole is not uncomfortable and the sho... read more »

Love it!

04 Jun, 2023
This is a great portable charger. I take this with me everywhere. It charges my devices with no problem. I can charge more than one device at a time. I didn't realize that it was a fast portable c... read more »

I like it

27 May, 2022
I love this purchase. I bought this chain in remembrance of a family member who was tragically killed. This is their first name initial and it goes along with the urn. I'm glad I made this purchas... read more »

Great buy

27 May, 2022
I was totally skeptical of this mini tire inflator. However, using this changed my mind. It actually works! So the tire on the car was completely flat. I mean all the way to the ground. I charged up t... read more »


27 May, 2022
I purchased this for my mother. She wanted a picture of an elephant and I thought this would be great. She has received so many compliments from this tapestry. I would like to purchase more of these i... read more »

Love it

27 May, 2022
This power strip is awesome. Just plug it in and set it up wherever you'd like. It practically fits anywhere. I have it plugged in and sitting on our home desk. I love that it has many power outle... read more »


27 May, 2022
I bought these apple watch bands for my family member who has an apple watch. I ordered the wrong size and was unable to return for the correct size. These bands are really nice too and will hold onto... read more »

Neat Fan

27 May, 2022
This small fan is pretty convenient. Small enough to fit on the counter or a work desk. Very quiet to the point you wouldn't know it was turned on. I hung it up on the wall just to have continuous... read more »

Pretty cool

27 May, 2022
Bought these for my son and these became his favorite pair. The sound quality was good. Not too loud and also not to low as well. The design is great because it fits well along the ear. These headphon... read more »

Works great

08 Jul, 2021
I've never purchased anything like this but I'm glad I did. This electric foot callus remover works wonders. Very easy to use and cleaning as well. The speeds are good for any type of callus b... read more »


08 Jul, 2021
This is the second pair of running shorts I have purchased. They are so comfortable and fit so wonderful. Black is my favorite color and I get so many compliments when I wear them.  I will be... read more »

Feels so great

04 Jun, 2021
This is one of the most comfortable Longline Sports Bra I've ever worn. The fit of this bra is so amazing. It's not too tight and uncomfortable. My breast stay in place and the feel is so soft... read more »

Amazing taste

04 Jun, 2021
The best gummies I've tried and they are Vegan!! I have been looking to try some Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies but didn't want to spend a lot of money just to not like them. This was the best mo... read more »


04 Jun, 2021
I am in complete love with these Camo Face Masks. These mask are so soft and comfy to wear without irritation or discomfort. I love how there are five different colors that come. They match practicall... read more »


04 Jun, 2021
I was over the top excited to try out these earbuds but my package was delivered to the wrong address. I called Amazon and explained what happen. They tried to do everything possible to get a replacem... read more »

Order Cancelled

04 Jun, 2021
I was overjoyed to find this great buy at a discounted price. However, Amazon cancelled my order because it was not shipped out within a certain time period. I had no control over this and it's un... read more »

Awesome Earbuds

04 Jun, 2021
These SoundPARA Bank True wireless Earbuds are great. Very comfortable to wear, small case so it fits perfectly in you pocket or purse. The set up was pretty simple and the directions are easy to foll... read more »

Glad I purchased

10 May, 2021
These usb-c cables came in great handy. I was very satisfied that there was four different size cords that came. The color is neutral and they are very fast charging cables. They have multiple uses fo... read more »

The best

10 May, 2021
I am in love with these running shorts for women. They are extremely comfortable and wearable all day. I love that they are high waist with two pockets on the side along with the one in back and they... read more »

Sound is Great

06 Feb, 2021
I have been using in ear headphones for sometime and wanted to try out some over the ear headphones. I wasn't disappointed when purchasing these Over The Ear Bluetooth Headphones. The fit is amazi... read more »

Great Product

06 Feb, 2021
This Beard Growth Kit is awesome. My husband loves this kit because it has put life into his Beard. The oil makes his beard very soft and adds when to it as well. The roller is like a mini face massag... read more »


15 Dec, 2020
The Automatic Soap Dispenser works well. I wasn't sure of it at first but it definitely impressed me. My mother had been talking about getting one of these automatic soap dispenser and I wasn'... read more »


15 Dec, 2020
The Golden Feel Bamboo Men socks are awesome. They are so comfortable. These socks are not too thick, not too thin and fit comfortably on the feet. My feet don't sweat in these socks when I become... read more »

Worth it

25 Nov, 2020
I can use this band for so many different things it amazing. I just recently began to workout and wanted a good resistance band since I would be home. I have utilized this fitness band with many diffe... read more »

Pretty Cool

03 Oct, 2020
I wasn't sure about this at first and then I turned it on. There are so many games on this handheld player from when I was a kid. I just started playing the first few games I saw before looking th... read more »

In Love

03 Oct, 2020
These are the best bluetooth earbuds I have purchased. First, these are my favorite color and the case is small enough to carry comfortably. The earbuds themselves are extremely comfortable in ear and... read more »

I'm impressed

03 Oct, 2020
This air pump is great. It comes with an instructions guide as well as four different nozzles for a perfect fit. I utilized this portable pump to inflate an air mattress, which was a full size, and it... read more »

Works for me!!

20 Sep, 2020
These work well for me. My skin feels awesome and hasn't been breaking out as much. I like that they are natural as well as vegetarian. No need for any unnatural additives because they could possi... read more »

The best!!

29 Jul, 2020
This was the a great purchase. I am in love with these lashes as well as everyone else. I have received several compliments and they are comfortable to wear. The lashes are longer than I have worn bef... read more »

These headphones are AWESOME!

28 Oct, 2019
I was skeptical about wireless headphones until I tried these pair. I love this pair of wireless headphones because the sound quality is amazing. They have clear sound, the bass is super and they fit... read more »

It actually works!

10 Oct, 2019
I am satisfied with this eyelash/eyebrow growth serum. At first I was unsure about this product because I wasn't seeing anything. I was not being patient enough when it came to using this product.... read more »

Game triggers were ok

10 Oct, 2019
These trigger/Joysticks for the phone was OK. I could not get them to work properly for my phone which is a Note 4. I couldn't figure out which way the joysticks were supposed to fit my phone.&nbs... read more »

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