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Adorable 2-piece set

06 Jun, 2020
I love that it looks like a romper but as it is a 2-piece it is much more comfortable. I am a size 14 and the XL size fits but with no extra room. My only complaint is that it can be quite see-through... read more »

Good little machine

06 Jun, 2020
This handheld console is quite light but well constructed. It comes with a rechargeable battery and the sound quality is really good. The buttons and d-pad work great and most games have excellent con... read more »

Useful clock

29 May, 2020
I love to have a silent clock, as the mechanical ones drive me crazy. I could change it from Fahrenheit to Celsius, and I personally love that the date is displayed DAY/MONTH. It is not a 5-star clock... read more »

Decent quality

29 May, 2020
I got this tunic for myself but the fit was a little off. It was too loose and shapeless, so I gave it to my grandma, who enjoys looser clothing. The red fabric is soft and warm, but the plaid sleeves... read more »

Great father's day gift!

29 May, 2020
My dad is a total DIY guy, so he really liked this cordless drill. Battery life is decent and it performs as expected. It is light but powerful. read more »

Comfortable lashes

29 May, 2020
I like this bran because the lashes are not as heavy as others. They stay in place, but they don't feel as luxurious as others on the market. read more »

Perfect for my macbook

27 May, 2020
This hub was a lifesaver. I was tired of having issues with peripherals and memory cards with my new laptop. I can use a mouse or printer with ease. Great product! read more »

A must have for iced coffee lovers

20 May, 2020
I love iced coffee and since plastic straws were banned, I have been looking for a portable straw that I can take anywhere and this one was perfect. I washed them both in the dishwasher before using t... read more »

Incredible useful

29 Apr, 2019
This is a must have for newer MacBooks or other new laptops that only have an usb-c port. It allows to multitask and works perfectly well. I am extremely happy with my purchase. read more »

Kick ass headphones!

03 Apr, 2019
These headphones are great for their price point. The sound is crisp, and it is very easy to pair them with an iPhone or Fire TV. The battery life is good as well. I also really like that they can be... read more »

Affordable quality

21 Jan, 2019
I like these headphones, as they seem to be sturdier than others at the same price point. The microphone works well and the buds convey sharp sound. I am overall happy with my purchase. read more »

The best prop for a Inside Out costume

01 Nov, 2018
 I didn't get the lamp because it was the moon, but because it was the perfect prop as a memory on "Inside Out". The battery life is amazing, and with the remote control, I had my h... read more »

Cute little bracelet

10 Jul, 2018
I got this bracelet for my grandma, with a matching necklace. The bracelet is very cute and the Swarovski crystals are super cute. I discounted a star because the spring in the body is not as cute as... read more »

Adorable necklace

10 Jul, 2018
This is such a cute necklace, extremely delicate and elegant. I got it for my grandmother and she loved it. I bought also a matching bracelet. read more »

Great solution for grease stains

12 Feb, 2018
I love these protectors to keep my white stove clean, when they get yucky I just quickly scrub them on the sink and they are ready again. No more scrubbing my stove! Get them here: https://www... read more »

Great tool for cleaning

01 Dec, 2017
This is a little but a very useful tool for cleaning delicate cooking pots and pans, we got it specifically for your wok. My only issue is that it the amazon pics it looks yellow but it is actually gr... read more »

Good idea but has some design flaws

21 Nov, 2017
I decided to give this belt a try because even though my husband knows how to swim when he stops moving he sinks like a rock, it is fascinating how he can't float for the life of him. The bel... read more »

Really cool smart plug

20 Nov, 2017
I had the chance to try this Smart Plug and let me tell you, it is awesome. I was tired of getting up and turning off the fan at the middle of the night and with this I not only can do it from the bed... read more »

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