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Life is always changing and moving along. I am a NaNa and I enjoy providing for my ever growing and changing family. The kids grow - their needs change almost daily. It's difficult to afford all of the daily needs and those special events items that are constantly coming up. I have become very involved in seeking low prices and deep discounts on items that make life easier and more enjoyable. It is my favorite passing of time to share my well tried and true experiences with the many purchases I make on a daily basis. Have a great time providing for your family with your own finds while learning from the reviews of people who share their experiences . Share your own!
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They stay where you want them.

05 Dec, 2020
These are the best headbands I've ever had.  I have thin straight hair that doesn't support headbands.  These have a style and elastic feature that makes them stay where you put them... read more »

Made well - has a long life ...

05 Dec, 2020
This is a durable garden / yard hose.  I use it hard all over my 2 acre property.  It has gone throught the whole spring / summer / fall period and is going to start out the next year's... read more »

So very Cute! High Quality construction.

05 Dec, 2020
These little Swedish Gnome guys are just too cute!  I adore them around the tree.  They are well made with impressive high quality construction.  There is a little bit of weight to them... read more »

The perfect summer top!

05 Dec, 2020
This is the perfect hot weather top - a favorite go to for the summer.  It comes in lots of color choices so I selected a few to add to my wardrobe.  It is easy to wear - wash and wear. ... read more »

Quiet Analog Wall Clock goes in any decor...

05 Dec, 2020
I selected this clock for the colors.  It fits in with my elcectic style...  It matches everything.  I love the size as it is really easy to see from across the room.  You don'... read more »

Looks awesome and so easy to wear!

16 Sep, 2020
I bought these Face Mask Bandanas made by AOGE for my boys and was quick to decide to keep the eagle one for myself.  I love the fit!  The way they are made is super comfy and it does n... read more »

A fantastic looking and feeling shirt!

14 Sep, 2020
I'm sold by the cool nature of this material on really hot days.  It is the perfect summertime shirt.  The size and fit are just right. True to size.  A nice cut with the... read more »

The best hand held device ever!

14 Sep, 2020
KIDZTOYS makes this extremely satisfyingly fun 400 games Handheld Game Console that ranks as the best I have ever had!  Play this device to be pleasantly surprised!  You can have 2 players.&... read more »

Very Pretty Dress up or down Face Bandana Mask.

14 Sep, 2020
The glamourous after nine appearance of this Fashion Sequin Face Bandana by WFeieig can also be a flirty casual dress down look.  It glows of feminine finess. The colors are flashy and... read more »

5 star performance!

14 Sep, 2020
We installed these LED STRIP LIGHTS by AVEYLUM under the over hang on the back yard deck.  The kids enjoy spending the evenings on the deck taking turns with color changing and dimming. ... read more »

The Breathable Purple Mask is pure style!

14 Sep, 2020
These disposable face masks by LYMASK are highly breathable. My husband and I, agree that they fit really well. They have a great nose piece that does not irritate my nose.  M... read more »

The way to go..

14 Sep, 2020
In comparison to other styles, Neck Gaiter Bandana with Ear Loops by DALV have what I need in face protection.  The mask provide around the neck style and ear loops for perfect fit.&nbs... read more »

Beautiful light prisms ...

30 Dec, 2019
I hung these beauties in a window that gets sun most of the day.  These Crystal Suncatcher Balls fill the room with moving light through the whole room the whole day.  It makes a fun differe... read more »

warm hands gets my work done

30 Dec, 2019
I don't need frequent breaks in my workday to warm up my hands now that I have these nice electric hand warmers.  I can't stress enough how much more my production is in this frigid weath... read more »

These insoles saved the days... and nights...

19 Dec, 2019
I have flat foot and normally I have a lot of pain.  I started wearing these insoles in my shoes and within a few hours, the pain began lessening.  The relief is very real!  Now I... read more »


19 Dec, 2019
I can't wait until Swimming Season so I can wear my swimsuit again!   I loved it so much last year that this year I am going to wear it again!   If fit perfectly and sized as e... read more »

So fun - So warm!

19 Dec, 2019
Dennis is never seen without his new cap.  He says he's warm and cozy but we all know he loves having hair again!  It looks amazingly natural on him - the hair matches his beard perfectl... read more »

Originally bought as a gag gift...

19 Dec, 2019
I saw this spiked hair cap as a gift for my bald on top best bud.  He got a great laugh out of it as he wore it around at the events and so did everyone else.  But I noticed that he never st... read more »

Flat Foot Pain relief

19 Dec, 2019
They really do work!   Relieve your foot pain with Dr. Foot's Arch Support Insoles for Flat Foot!  There is little to do about this kind of severe pain - it's hard to not put an... read more »

Severe neck issues are wonderfully better.

19 Dec, 2019
My Daughter has a crushed disc in her neck as a result of a traumatic injury.  She has difficulty with comfort when laying down and cannot sleep.  Many pillows later we found Sleep Zone Prem... read more »

Superior quality both sound and style...

28 Nov, 2019
These little earbuds have the crystal clear sound that I appreciate.  They're waterproof so I can wear them while I work and even at the gym since they fit so comfortably.  The playtime... read more »

fun target practice

14 Jul, 2019
You can get really good with this slingshot.  It shoots smooth and is quite easy to aim.  I'm really happy with my selection for my first one and my youngest is also learning on it. #... read more »

Complete your Authentic Experience!

14 Jul, 2019
So thoroughly enjoying Yan Hou Tang teas is made many times more enjoyable and authentic by sipping from this Feng Shui Tea Cup Bowl.   Just perfect!  Beautifully made it feels nice in... read more »

Yan Hou Tang Organic Premium Taiwan Da Yu Ling Oolong Tea VERY NICE!

14 Jul, 2019
One of my new favorite ways to start my day is right here in this King Royal Green Jade TEA perfectly packaged in an authentic gift tin jar with a nice tight fitting lid.  Take me away with the f... read more »

cute swim suit

13 Jul, 2019
Verano Playa shows this super cute country looking swim suit.  This year red is the color that pops!  I love the back and how it is not too low.  Making it fit perfectly.  Adjustab... read more »

Handy Dandy Car Charger !

13 Jul, 2019
This is a small item that does the job and does not get in the way of anything else that is going on around the console.  IT is dependable and sleek.    A must have!   #RankB... read more »

Sexy free fitting cool and sharp looking for the warm months!

13 Jul, 2019
I love the look and feel of this shirt on my man!  The colors are fresh and cool and the style is wonderfully casual.   He got 2 of them from his Lady!   #RankBoosterReview&n... read more »

great style and colors

13 Jul, 2019
I'm modest when it comes to swim-suit styles.  MarinaVida has every style selection imaginable.  I love the colors and coverage of this one.   #RankBoosterReviews  #Spo... read more »

Solar charged water fountain...

13 Jul, 2019
I have seen how relaxing water really is!  Add to your large or small reflection pond this wonderful fountain and really benefit from the meditation.  So beautiful!   It is so... read more »

There is a color for every taste.

06 Jul, 2019
The most fun back pack comes in lots of color choices.  This lightweight waterproof nylon sling backpack by Y&R Direct is my favorite go to for hiking with my dogs!  I can actually forge... read more »

perfect for rafting!

06 Jul, 2019
It doesn't get in the way.  While it isn't completely waterproof, it is water resistant helping to keep car keys, cards and cash safe without worry.  This belt is super comfortable a... read more »

CUTE! Walk your tweetie!

06 Jul, 2019
I love this harness and leash!  Not only is it novel, but it's also practical and fun!  My friend has a parrot that goes everywhere with him.  This harness and leash gives my friend... read more »

Scratch off Map - save your travels.

06 Jul, 2019
This fun interactive world map will forever be enjoyed as you add to it with your life's journeys.  Memories saved and shared. Amazing experiences relived!  You will love the fine qualit... read more »

Lovely swim suit by MarinaVida

06 Jul, 2019
These colors are gorgeous!  The style rocks for this older gal ...    Also for this gal's daughter!  Something for everyone at super reasonable prices is MarinaVida. ... read more »

This is the fit I like.

06 Jul, 2019
And the look!  I am confident and free to enjoy the day and the water!  MarinaVida makes every style in every size possible!  The selections never end! #RankBoosterReview  ... read more »

so nice - a safe tan!

06 Jul, 2019
No Mess, fuss, worry - only a tan!  They are handy and convenient - these towelettes go everywhere with you.  High-quality results right here! #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored ... read more »

no more water rings

06 Jul, 2019
these coasters are thirsty!  They spare my furniture from those dreaded water spots in the wood.  And save me from the worry!  I love the modern marble design. #RankBoosterReview&nbs... read more »

MarinaVida's "I have the body" one piece suit

10 May, 2019
This black sexy off shoulder swimsuit by MarinaVida will not leave a lot to be imagined. As they say, if you've got it, flaunt it!   The laced front and off the shoulder style are n... read more »

sturdy well made mini frames by CandyCoCo

10 May, 2019
CandyCoCo sells these Cute 2"x3" mini frames in yellow gold metal.  They arrive all ready for you to add your favorite photos to and complete with a hanging chain.  These are super... read more »

2 piece cute swim suit!

10 May, 2019
these days a modest 2 piece swimsuit is a contradiction in itself and also really hard to find!   MarindaVida offers swimsuits that do just that with this years' styles, creati... read more »

Better than the rest...

20 Apr, 2019
I love this garlic press!  It is not at all flimsy like others that I've used.  The roller is a huge plus!   I don't have a problem holding these handles in my arthritic ha... read more »

These are saving my steps! Daily flat foot pain relief!

19 Apr, 2019
Skyfoot has made the best aid in pain relief from flat foot.  This is kind and comfy support.  There are no bad spots and they are washable!  I feel like these gel pads are made just fo... read more »

I have found the right gel insert for my painful flat feet.

19 Apr, 2019
I use these pads every single day.  While I don't think I can go forever without corrective surgery, with the wearing of these gel pads, I am putting it off for a few years.  Very comfor... read more »

I use it to keep my External Hard Drive Safe

19 Apr, 2019
It is made for the Samsung Galaxy S8 but this leather case is good for so many more things!  I have a wireless speaker that fits right in there and even with my mp3 player!  I need a few mor... read more »

The Organization Solution is here!

19 Apr, 2019
Perfectly stackable and neat!  They will fit into whatever space you have for them to fit into.  Organizing the garage was way more difficult before we got these bins.  There are little... read more »

The right KNEE SUPPORT by Plunger

19 Apr, 2019
Recently having had knee surgery, due to an accidental twist movement, has left me with the need for a strong support brace for my knee.  It is reassuring that I can depend on this Neoprene... read more »

A Very Happy Fisherman!

19 Apr, 2019
These frog lures were a gift to my best friend's Hubby.  He lives to fish!  He can't say enough how wonderful they are. They are vivid colors striking fluid action and do not lose th... read more »

Novelty Game with Audio! Great family fun!

19 Apr, 2019
These Audio Button Games are really awesome!   Bring the entire family into the game and see how time flies!  This button game device replaces the old ways of tossing the dice onto the... read more »

Everybody Play! The fun is now!

19 Apr, 2019
Family game time has many good qualities to offer the entire family.  This game is super fun and now with audio features!  Making the hours-long playtime both fun and funny for all ages!&nbs... read more »

My one His only

19 Apr, 2019
I love the sentiment offered the user of these bracelets.  They are stainless steel so you can expect them to stay shiny and rust or corrosion free.  Wear your love and commitment to the onl... read more »

These styles are over the top!

02 Apr, 2019
MarinaVida's  Ruffle Top High Waist Two Piece Bathing Suit is just the swim suit for any woman who has a need for a 2 piece and still desires a level a modesty..   Spaghet... read more »

Special moments...

23 Mar, 2019
Share your sentiments in a bracelet for him and for her..  Simply stated.  Show your committment and love for one another whenever you wear this bracelet.  Handsome !  Pretty !&nbs... read more »

Lovely look and feel with these bulbs...

23 Mar, 2019
These candelabra light bulbs throw the perfect amount of light for my sconces to be the accent on the wall that they are intended to be.  Very pretty shape making it look like a flame is burning... read more »

perfect selection for this gal

23 Mar, 2019
I'm at a turning point in my life. No longer feel good showing a lot of skin but still love the body I'm in.  This swim suit is the answer for my corner of life these days - just the righ... read more »

cute swim suit

23 Mar, 2019
I love the colors for this year and the big flower print.  Bringing out just how the Spring season is making it's presence known.   It fits well, and is just the right amount of mod... read more »

fun composition

23 Mar, 2019
Being a kid in school is hard enough on a routine basis.  When ever i gt the chance to lighten the experience for my little ones I do!  Things just like this ornate cool and fun pencil are e... read more »

Nice sounding marimba mallets - feels great in my grip

07 Feb, 2019
Recently learning the joy of Marimba playing has made stress less in my life.  Connecting with peace through music is a strength of soul and pure pleasure that I am thoroughly enjoying.  The... read more »

the perfect no problems strainer

07 Feb, 2019
Using Bellamei cheesecloth is my answer to making my honey butter a success.  It is the safe and clean answer to filtering for food use.  100% organic is super important to my family. ... read more »

Pretty Sweet Dreams - Dream Catcher

06 Feb, 2019
A sweet twist to the traditional Dream Catcher is offered here by Lameno.  The pretty lace tails flow with the feathers causing a sort of Victorian look and feel.   So feminine - the so... read more »

i love it

31 Jan, 2019
life like movement and I adore the remote control!  The suction cop is very strong and can take quite a beating!   lots of interesting settings too! read more »

Love the flannel covered memory foam and the happy reindeer print!

05 Jan, 2019
Moonen Travel Pillow and Eye Mask Set are so much more than that!  The pillow is used for watching TV, reading in bed, napping in the car or on the bus and i have needed one for leg support after... read more »

Pamper yourself with Carejoy Royal Jade Roller Face massager

05 Jan, 2019
For some real self love you just put your jade roller in the freezer while you get your favorite beverage and put your favorite music on.  The self love is when you relax with your crisp cold rol... read more »

MYMAHDI protects my phone

03 Jan, 2019
The best quality for iPhone protection is what I just received from Mymahdi!  Both tempered glass and camera screen protector.  The glass screen protector goes on very easy and has no bubble... read more »

AAAAhhhhhhhhh soft soothing eye cover drift off to sleep mask

28 Dec, 2018
The cutest print is all over this sleep eye mask.  So dear!  Mooses and more mooses!  Or Santa's reindeer !!  The material is soft !  not the slippery silkie kin... read more »

Mighty Fine, nice width, no slip buckles...

28 Dec, 2018
These suspenders are truely handsome.  A pair of classic better quality suspenders.  Not the ones that get uncomfortable on the top of your shoulders.  These are a wider strap offering... read more »

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