Book Binder Rings 2 Inch Office Loose Leaf Ring(20 Pack) Nickel Plated Silver
Price: $6.99
4.93 / 5   (70 Reviews)


Love it.

28 Nov, 2020
Great and tight snap together which usually have trouble getting. Thanks. read more »


10 Sep, 2020
These are prefect for my son's book project. It's really keeping everything neat and organized. A lot of this style clip does not stay hooked together, but these sure do!  read more »


17 Aug, 2020
Expired  read more »

Great Binder Rings!

02 Jul, 2020
I needed these to help keep a Baby Book together that I was making that they worked perfectly. They are very well made and easy to use! read more »

Strong Metal

13 Mar, 2020
These rings are made tough and are durable enough to use in a kindergarten classroom! read more »

These work well!

30 Jan, 2020
I have been using these for cub scout projects and love them. They clip well but not too tight that the scouts can not get them open. They hold lots of cards on them too! This is a good size for the s... read more »

Perfect binder rings!

30 Jan, 2020
They are made of quality metal, snap together nicely, and do exactly what they are supposed to. read more »

They work and they fit.

24 Jan, 2020
The rings are very large and fit well in any binder situation. Worked for what I needed them for and they are sturdy. What more can you really ask for? read more »

Perfect for projects

08 Jan, 2020
I got these to make scripture cards for the cancer center and they work perfectly!! #RankBoosterReview. #SponsoredGotoone  read more »

as described

31 Dec, 2019
silver work great read more »


21 Dec, 2019
Works like it should. read more »

great for note cards

19 Dec, 2019
I homeschool my kids and I have used these to keep their note cards together.   I have them divided and sorted by different things and with the amount of rings you get, it's worth it. So... read more »

Strong clips, and useful for many projects

11 Dec, 2019
The 8 pk arrived today and they are strong clips.  The large size (2") makes them good for many different projects.  I have plans for them in a crochet project for kitchen towel holders... read more »


11 Dec, 2019
These 2 inch book binder rings are perfect for holding my notes or crafting with. I use them at the top of a large bunch of papers and then they are held together. It also works great to hold some of... read more »

Great Value

11 Dec, 2019
This is a good value for the amount that you get.  These will come in handy at work.  Well made with many uses. read more »

Great for work

11 Dec, 2019
I use these rings to bind together loose student work at my school. It's a quick and easy way to keep their work together in one place. They are nice and big too so I can bind a bunch of papers to... read more »

Works as Described

05 Dec, 2019
I purchase these to use with no cards. They are as described in the listing and are 2 in in diameter and come 20 to pack.  They are holding up well and I would purchase these again. read more »

Well made

03 Dec, 2019
Well made rings. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #XSTGOTOONE read more »

Many Uses

30 Nov, 2019
I have so many loose recipes that I’ve printed out over the years, so I decided to bind them into individual recipe books. These were very affordable and worked great for what I needed them for.... read more »

Work for what I need.

28 Nov, 2019
These work and get the job done. I have alot of loose papers so I got these to help get organized and they work. They're easy to open and close and fit alot of paper. read more »

So Many Uses !!

26 Nov, 2019
These are so convenient for so many things.  I use them for key rings, binding together  my manual I use so I can flip it to the back one page at a time. They have a nice tight closure that... read more »

Book binder clips

23 Nov, 2019
Great quality & fast shipping. Would definitely order again   #rankboosterreview #blogboosterreview read more »

Great for the office

21 Nov, 2019
Working in a medical office, we are always in need of binders.  We laminate and bind our most used product sheets to keep in each exam room.  These keep everything organized and easily hang... read more »

keeps all my lock keys together

18 Nov, 2019
i use this to keep all my keys in one spot. now i can find all the keys. thanks read more »

strong and easy to use..

18 Nov, 2019
#grantshi  #GOTOONE #ringsbook    Book Binder Rings 2 Inch Office Loose Leaf Ring(20 Pack) Nickel Plated Silver Book binder rings can bind together and secure hole punched paper f... read more »

Great for all sorts of things!

17 Nov, 2019
These rings are great for all sorts of projects. I love to use these rings to keep my recipe cards from the grocery store together in one place. I also use them for crafting instructions and also I... read more »

As desribed

16 Nov, 2019
Not much else to say about this type of product other than it works as expected. No complaints. read more »

good quality

14 Nov, 2019
good for book binding, good quality. read more »

Book Binder Rings

14 Nov, 2019
GOTOONE Book Binder Rings 2 Inch Office Loose Leaf Ring(20 Pack) Nickel Plated Silver . This is a great set of all-purpose binder rings. They fasten easily and hold a good quantity of papers. I'm... read more »


12 Nov, 2019
very nice and strong rings. very useful! read more »

great for organization

12 Nov, 2019
         I needed some binder rings, so I got these ones by GOTOONE. They are the perfect size for what I needed. I'm using these rings for my collector cat keycha... read more »

Study Little Demons.

11 Nov, 2019
Well design and clamps stay together. Use these to orangze my little notepads on my wall. Would recommend if need to keep alot of paper together. Also love the face alot comes in the box. So, I can ha... read more »


11 Nov, 2019
Great for class projects  read more »


11 Nov, 2019
These ring binder clips are nice and sturdy and have stayed clipped. read more »

Good for organization

11 Nov, 2019
Use these to keep things organized. You can even make note cards and use these. Flash cards for kids  So many options. read more »

good quality

11 Nov, 2019
works good as what the description. read more »


10 Nov, 2019

Great Binder Rings!

10 Nov, 2019
These function as expected. So many uses I am finding for them! They clasp shut well, and seem sturdy and strong. This was a good purchase! read more »


07 Nov, 2019
Perfect size, high quality. Thank you! read more »

Endless possibilities

07 Nov, 2019
We use these binger rings for not cards for the kiddos. We have a few leftover and plan to make cardstock albums, but the possibilities are endless. The rings are high quality and stay shut when locke... read more »

Accurate description.

06 Nov, 2019
They do the job! Not much to say.  read more »

Bibder Rings

06 Nov, 2019
There is nothing about these that makes them any more special than others, but there is nothing that makes them any worse than others. They are what they are and they do what they are intended to do.,... read more »

Perfect for students

06 Nov, 2019
The Gotoone Book binder rings are a must have for students. They are great to connect flash cards for study aids. I have also used them to temporarily attach things like a keyring to something else. I... read more »

sturdy and many uses

05 Nov, 2019
These rings are sturdy and strongly close and open. They can be used for crafts or your binders. Good size and work great read more »

Good quality

02 Nov, 2019
Very good quality. Not much to say but they are exactly as advertised. they work well. They are a good comparable price as the office store. #rank-booster read more »

Works great

01 Nov, 2019
2 inch book binder rings worked perfect when putting together a project for work. They were sturdy and durable and very versatile for any project read more »

Just as expected

01 Nov, 2019
These are exactly as I expected. I wanted to put flash cards on them for the kids and that's what I did so they've definitely fulfilled their purpose.  read more »

solid rings

31 Oct, 2019
Great for holding things and paper together. Easy than using a key ring.  High quality material. Check it out.  read more »

Book Binder Rings

31 Oct, 2019
well made and good qality   read more »

Easy to use.

29 Oct, 2019
There are so many uses for these ring binders.  They are strong and easy to use.  I used some to hold my many key chains together.   read more »


25 Oct, 2019
Thank you so much these are great for making a family directory for the family reunion. Thank you again  read more »

Love it

25 Oct, 2019
I bought this for my  book and works great. They are very aturde and strong. read more »

Nice book binder rings

24 Oct, 2019
These are perfect for what I needed and there are plenty of them so I won't need to order any more.  They work well and look okay so I'm please with my purchase. read more »

Binder Rings

24 Oct, 2019
It's pack of 20.  Worked as promised.  No complains.  #RankBoosterReview  #Discounted  #GOTOONE read more »

Multi uses

23 Oct, 2019
Not only use this rings as book binders but for keys, to keep measuring cups together, accessories,  and other things you want to keep organized. read more »

helps keep our homeschooling supplies organized

22 Oct, 2019
I homeschool my daughter so I am always looking for ways to keep our supplies organized. I bought this set of 20 Book Binder Rings and I was not disappointed. The set comes with 20 rings which are 2 i... read more »

Book Binder Rings 2 Inch Office Loose Leaf Ring(20 Pack) Nickel Plated Silver Review.

22 Oct, 2019
  Book Binder Rings 2 Inch Office Loose Leaf Ring(20 Pack) Nickel Plated Silver Review.  I got these bookbinders to review and after that, I will use them in an art project. read more »


22 Oct, 2019
I just looking to keep my tools in orden, this product is great for me  read more »

Easy to use, smoothly open & close

21 Oct, 2019
I got these mainly to hang things on my suction hooks and on my wire shelves. The 2" is the perfect wide size to accommodate everything from a charcoal deodorizing bag to a tube of toothpaste (I... read more »

great for key rings

21 Oct, 2019
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #book binder rings 2 inch I didnt purchase these for papers, I got them because they make excellent key rings!! They are durable, lightweight and versital.... read more »

Exactly as stated

17 Oct, 2019
These are nice for the price, I would recomend them! read more »

Teacher love!

16 Oct, 2019
I have lots of students and projects. These def are a requirement for my line of work. I also love them for scriptwriting.  read more »

Works great

15 Oct, 2019
Got these for work files and templates. I got tired of the mess and sorting now i can find what i want alot easier on a ring and book than in a mess.   read more »

Great Binder Rings!

13 Oct, 2019
High Quality and Easy To Use!  read more »

Book Binder Rings 20 pack

09 Oct, 2019
I was excited to get these.  I do a lot of vendor fairs where I use a pop up tent, and these work great on the frame to hand my bags.  They are easy to open and close and they are a good siz... read more »

Super product

06 Oct, 2019
Great quality ...strong ring  read more »


02 Oct, 2019
These work well for intended use and come in handy all over the house. I use them for keeping my hair ties together and Anything else you can think of!  #rankboosterreview ##discount  read more »

Binder Rings

24 Sep, 2019
These binder rings will be perfect for the planners I make.  Thank you read more »

Very useful

18 Sep, 2019
Book Binder Rings 2 Inch Office Loose Leaf Ring(20 Pack) Nickel Plated Silver #Rankboosterreview #Sponsored#GOTOONE I’m always finding a reason to need these type of rings, and now I have... read more »

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