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26 Jun, 2021
These are perfect for giving my cat medicine! Will definitley reccomend  read more »

Good stand!

28 Feb, 2021
Strong, colapses into a very small form. Love it read more »

Works wonderfully

27 Jan, 2021
No issues at all. Works well and charges fast read more »

kinda eh

27 Jan, 2021
Not very strong in any aspect. Interesting, but barely enjoyable read more »

Works well

01 Jan, 2021
Works great, feels better read more »

Great keychains

29 Dec, 2020
high quality, nice build. would def reccomend read more »

Works like a charm

13 Dec, 2020
Cats love it, easy to clean, and cheap! Love it read more »


31 Oct, 2020
Sent to a friend as a gag gift, they loved it lolol read more »

Decent shampoo

25 Oct, 2020
Makes my hair feel good and clean. Could be a little cheaper but read more »

Great tea

25 Oct, 2020
Very good tea, mild taste, natural, nothing added read more »

Smaller than expected

23 Oct, 2020
A little smaller than I thought, but they look good read more »

Good and cheap

04 Oct, 2020
The claw snake came a little bent but that doesn't affect the usage at all. Everything else is good, great for the price read more »

Decent set of pencils

21 Sep, 2020
The smudge tools came a little messed up but not too bad, still usable. Everything else is wonderful! read more »

Good bottle, useless straw

10 Sep, 2020
The bottle itsself is great. Huge and feels good. The straw is beyond useless. If you don't care about the straw then this is a great bottle  read more »

Very cute

21 Aug, 2020
Very cute koozies, fam will love them for the fall read more »


11 Aug, 2020
The wood is a little cheap feeling but they look nice.  read more »

Good masks

11 Aug, 2020
Good masks, box came destroyed but they were in plastic so not bad. Comfortable read more »

Not really great

07 Aug, 2020
Came looking pretty rough and dirty. Dont feel very well made. Wouldn't buy again read more »

Perfect for masks

01 Aug, 2020
Great elastic, comfortable, not too thin. Love it read more »

Decent pullys

31 Jul, 2020
Decent set, the connections are a little more loose than I like but don't seem weak. Overall good though read more »

Actually pretty decent!

30 Jul, 2020
Feels really good when laying flat! The built in pump works good, takes a little longer than I expected but thats okay read more »

Good shampoo

29 Jul, 2020
my hair feels very good as well as my scalp. I really like this shampoo read more »

Awesome light

25 Jul, 2020
Great flashlight, comes with everything needed to get started. Batteries even came pre charged! read more »

Decent I guess?

25 Jul, 2020
The materials and build quality seem good, my issue was that 2 of the legs screwed in at an angle. So 2 of the legs dont sit flat. It's kind of annoying but still works read more »


19 Jul, 2020
Fits the barbies perfectly. Love it read more »

No case? Cmon...

13 Jul, 2020
The tools and equipment itsself if fine. The problem is it doesn't come with a case. It all comes packed into a plastic envelope. C'mon... read more »

very comfortable

08 Jul, 2020
Very comfortable mask! Super soft and nice. Love it! read more »

These work great

08 Jun, 2020
I like thepackaging! Very comfortable and sound isolating read more »

Fun game!

04 Jun, 2020
Funny game with good cards! Friends loved it! read more »

Great box

25 Apr, 2020
A little flimsy but looks super cool, will definitely wow read more »

Nice case

15 Apr, 2020
Good case, high quality. Fits well and feels very premium. Love it! read more »

Awesome straws

20 Mar, 2020
Very high quality, way better than the flimsy silicone straws. very nice carrying case too! read more »

Awesome hat

27 Feb, 2020
Extremely comfortable hat. Well made, Perfect size, gets big and small. Love it read more »

Funny straws

20 Feb, 2020
Got em for a friend as a gag gift, she loved them haha read more »

Awesome clamps

17 Feb, 2020
Heavy duty, holds a lot of tension well. Wish it came in an even 4 pack tho read more »

awesome patches

13 Feb, 2020
Look great and really well made! love them!! read more »

Quality and cheap

09 Feb, 2020
Great anger for tools. Love that it comes in 4 parts. Holds everything well and looks good read more »


09 Feb, 2020
Niece loves unicorns and she loves this! Helped me get my cool uncle brownie points :D read more »

works and feels good

20 Jan, 2020
Great case, holds switch well. Adds good grip! read more »

Great stickers!

20 Jan, 2020
Amazing stickers, super quality, LOVE them! read more »

Awesome stickers!

20 Jan, 2020
Amazing stickers, super quality, LOVE them! read more »


19 Jan, 2020
Amazing quality stickers! Love them read more »

Works great in switch

16 Jan, 2020
My friend needed a card for her switch and this one works great! read more »

work great!

14 Jan, 2020
cleared up my drains super quick! read more »


06 Jan, 2020
Great oil, strong and works well! A+ read more »

Kids LOVE it

22 Dec, 2019
Lots of colors and fun to play with! It's great read more »


19 Dec, 2019
Looks great and the package is fun! Gf will love it :D read more »


12 Dec, 2019
my little neice loves to make cookies and these will be a wonderful christmas present   read more »


12 Dec, 2019
great funny hat for parties! read more »

It's alright

11 Dec, 2019
Ink cartriges kinda suck but the pen itsself is nice read more »


27 Nov, 2019
These cables are awesome and cheap! I love them!! read more »


19 Nov, 2019
Great rings, work good and very strong! read more »


19 Nov, 2019
Works great. Perfect replacement read more »


12 Nov, 2019
very nice and strong rings. very useful! read more »


06 Nov, 2019
wonderful bottle. would def reccomend read more »

Love it

01 Nov, 2019
Very comfortable, wonderful read more »

great set of tools

30 Oct, 2019
I love it, and i love the fact that it comes with a magnet pad, I just wish it would fit in the carrying case read more »


28 Oct, 2019
Wonderful party bags! read more »

great spatulas

28 Oct, 2019
These things are well made and work great! might even get another set soon read more »

Works okay

10 Oct, 2019
theres a small issue with there being a loud buzzing sound at high volumes when no music is being played. other than that, great transmitter read more »

Lovely waterbottle

10 Oct, 2019
comes with the bottle, infuser and shake ball. Bottle feels nice and the cap screws on tight. Love it! read more »

good straws!

10 Oct, 2019
The work well, come in a nice case too! Love them read more »

Love it!

05 Oct, 2019
Fits well and is very comfortable. feels high quality as well read more »

love it

03 Oct, 2019
good kit, has all the bits i need! And the extra pad was wonderful too! read more »

Works great

03 Oct, 2019
basic ethernet cable. does the job read more »

Great cable!

30 Sep, 2019
Let's me charge whatever I'm not using! One cable to rule them all haha read more »

Great with a tiny flaw

21 Sep, 2019
I wish the hand holds were a bit farther apart. My s9+ sticks out past them and makes it uncomfortable to hold. Other than that its wonderful! read more »

sweet little wallet

13 Sep, 2019
I love it! Material feels high quality, the elastic is tight and olds cards well and the clip is great too. read more »

works great on kitchen sink

06 Sep, 2019
Works wonderfully. I was worried about it leaking but it doesnt at all. Very useful! read more »

These are the best

05 Sep, 2019
I always got the little packs of toothpicks from the dollar store but not only are these cheaper, they're SO much better! I will deffinitely buy more read more »

Great bags

01 Sep, 2019
These bags are wonderful. They're lightweight, feel very strong and durable. read more »


01 Sep, 2019
Works like a charm. The lock is great. It has a really cool texture to it, feels very premium. The case it comes with is nice too! Recommended for sure! read more »


30 Aug, 2019
I love it. I'm actually really glad it has a lock on the side. Others that I've used don't have that and slide back when you go to plug them in. Great purchase! read more »

Great little tool kit

11 Aug, 2019
Great pieces, everything came good. Everything snaps in well.  read more »


07 Aug, 2019
Decent set of tools, there were a couple bits that were missing. Not too important tho read more »

Awesome for S9+

17 Jun, 2019
Fit perfectly, keeps water out, and I like the fact that it floats just in case it gets dropped! Love it read more »

Tastes great

07 Jun, 2019
This is some really good tasting tea. Me and my mom both love it read more »

Works great

03 Jun, 2019
Great thermometer. Wasn't expecting it to be so long and big but thats not an issue for me. Works just as it should read more »

It's okay

03 Jun, 2019
Whole the holder itsself works well, the design isnt that good. The hooks that hold the phone in place aren't long enough to wrap around the phone if theres a case on it. I have a medium case and... read more »

Great noise reduction

31 May, 2019
These are wonderful for noise reduction! They're super compact and easy to carry with you. Very comfortable to wear. Great price, great product read more »

WAY better than expected

18 May, 2019
I was worried that this wouldn't hold a bottle to anything but the magnet on this thing is STRONG. Should be able to hold most any size water bottles read more »

Good, might need adjustment

10 May, 2019
I put 2 in my car and 2 in my moms. In my moms I had to make them more angled by bending them. Overall good product though read more »

Great player!

07 May, 2019
Plays songs great. Controls are a little wacky but nothing horrible. Records voice good and the little speaker is a nice addition. Not a great speaker by any means, but nice to have. Feels nice qualit... read more »

Good wireless charger!

19 Apr, 2019
I love it! It's big enough that you can put an iphone xs max on it without worrying about it falling off, the charges fast, and works with a case on it! read more »

I love it

12 Apr, 2019
This little kit has everything you need and more. The tools are high quality, strong, and i feel will last quite a while. The case it all comes in is nice as well! Would definitley reccommend!  read more »


09 Apr, 2019
My headphones came crushed which was probably the fault of delivery, but I don't even need to try them to see how garbage they are. They aren't worth a penny, much less $129.00.  read more »

Good, but not nearly $90 good.

04 Apr, 2019
Charges fast and transfers fast, but nobody should spend $90 on any cable, much less a usb c cable... read more »


04 Apr, 2019
Headphones are okay. They're a little echoey but not too bad. Would prefer if the cable was braided but thats ok. read more »

Perfect cable!

03 Apr, 2019
Charges fast and the data transfer speeds are great!  read more »

Good bluetooth buds!

19 Mar, 2019
Cheap and sound decent! read more »

Mom loved these

09 Feb, 2019
I got these for my mom and she was a little wary and thought the bristles would be really big and not that many of them. They are more fine than she expected and they work perfectly. Feel super good q... read more »


21 Dec, 2018
Good quality curtain. Good plastic, comes with hooks. A+ read more »

Looks cute

16 Dec, 2018
My girlfriend looks great in it so, A+ for me read more »

Light is amazing, build quality.... not so much

15 Dec, 2018
Light is bright and I love it. The build quality is another matter. The drywall anchors that come with it are extremely flimsy and break very easily while pushing them in. The metal backplate of the l... read more »


10 Dec, 2018
Perfect little envelope to keep important documents safe! Would reccomend for sure! read more »


10 Dec, 2018
Perfect little envelope to keep important documents safe! Would reccomend for sure! read more »

Nice, but HUGE

09 Dec, 2018
These things are waaay bigger than I expected. My girlfriend thinks theyre funny though read more »

Amazing quality for the price

29 Nov, 2018
Honestly, I was expecting just 3 plugs covered in plastic in a box. What I got was three plugs each with their own drawstring bag in a nicely packed box. Very impressed. Feel high quality too! read more »

Works perfectly!

26 Nov, 2018
I use it to put my phone on my computer monitor and it works great!! read more »

Great moulds!!

25 Nov, 2018
The chocolates game out looking great!~! read more »


22 Nov, 2018
Was honestly not expecting much from this band but it looks really nice and the magnet is WAY stronger than I thought it would be. read more »

Works great but be careful!

21 Nov, 2018
These things are VERY sharp! I was putting the tip protector bac on and puched a little to hard and it went through the cover and stabbed me. Be very careful handling these read more »

Girlfriend likes it a lot

16 Nov, 2018
Got this for my gf and she loves it.  read more »

Gf loves it

16 Nov, 2018
Its fun! Girlfriend loves it read more »

Decent pruners

16 Nov, 2018
The handles feel a little cheap, but sturdy. Sharp, cut good, and the lock is really nice. Would reccomend read more »


16 Nov, 2018
These rings work wonderfully! Comfortable too read more »


16 Nov, 2018
These rings work wonderfully! Comfortable too read more »

Decent knife

14 Nov, 2018
Decent knife. The fake damascus looks horrendous and the handle feels very light and cheap. That being said it sharpens up well and cuts good. For the price, you get a decent blade read more »

Great bag

10 Nov, 2018
Holds all my gun stuff just great! Really nice quality material, nice zippers, and good stitching. read more »

Great radio!

07 Nov, 2018
Mine didn't come with the maps but other than that it was a great radio.  read more »

I love it!

07 Nov, 2018
Fits my arm good. Rubber bands are a little tight on my s9+ with a case on it but isnt too bad read more »

Gf loves it

05 Nov, 2018
Perfect size for my gf! She loves it read more »

Great pads

05 Nov, 2018
Put them on my dash and my phone doesnt move an inch. great product read more »


03 Nov, 2018
Nice quality and looks good! read more »

Crazy good for the price

03 Nov, 2018
This headset is amazingly good for what I paid. The audio quality is good. Bass is good and not overbearing. The mic is crisp and clear. Only downside is the mic is just ever so slightly statiky but t... read more »

Really durable!

29 Oct, 2018
Super durable case. Could deffinitely protect from drops read more »

They do the job

29 Oct, 2018
Good cables. Long anough to reach everything and they work read more »

Great set of allens

29 Oct, 2018
Made of a super strong metal. No flex and very strong read more »

Good set of drivers

29 Oct, 2018
Drivers seem good quality. Handles feel good and the tips are strong. Would definitely reccommend read more »


29 Oct, 2018
Girlfriend loves this! The colors are vibrant and it works great! read more »

This has worked wonders on my girlfriend!

18 Oct, 2018
She loves it and we're getting more! read more »

Great product!

15 Oct, 2018
Girlfriend loves it! Has nothing but good things to say about it  read more »

Girlfriend loves it

12 Oct, 2018
Girlfirend says it works great and she can already see a difference! read more »

Great lube

12 Oct, 2018
This lube is wonderful! Feels great and gets the job done!! read more »

Great mp3 player

30 Sep, 2018
Great player, good build quality, and it even has a speaker! I didn't know it had a speaker  and that was a nice little surprise! Great value for the price read more »

Great cables!

27 Sep, 2018
Worked wonderfully! Exactly what I needed read more »


22 Sep, 2018
Great quality clippers! Sharp, strong, and sturdy!! read more »

So far better than the rest

17 Sep, 2018
Much better than the others ive tried. Others are staticky, laggy and just not good. Thise one is clear tho! Would very much reccomend read more »


11 Sep, 2018
The size of a large envelope holds most important documents.  Good size and feels very high quality read more »

Best budget earbuds

11 Sep, 2018
I've bought a ton of cheap earbuds over the years and these are the best. The aren't overly bassy like most earbuds, not super tinny, all around decent sound. Audio sounds a tiny bit hollow bu... read more »

Very nice!

09 Sep, 2018
I like this little wallet a lot! I especially like that the little metal divider is actually 2 dividers for more seprate compartments! Well built, works great! read more »

I love it

29 Aug, 2018
Lets me keep track of google maps while im driving. Holds firm. Feels a little flimsy but havent had any issues read more »

Good case

29 Aug, 2018
Feels nice and looks good on phone! read more »

Great bag!

25 Aug, 2018
Wonderful bag, will hold all my important documents niceley! read more »

Works amazing!

21 Aug, 2018
Great tweezers! good grip at all points, durable arms with little flex! read more »

Great balloons

21 Aug, 2018
Held air well, nice colors and good size. would reccomend!  read more »


18 Aug, 2018
My girlfriend looks amazing in these!! read more »

Great basket

10 Aug, 2018
a little smaller than i expected but goo quality. the handles were a little small but other than that flawless product read more »


09 Aug, 2018
Great socks! Compression is very good, loose in the toe, and soft and very very comfortable. Would reccomend!  read more »

Quality way beyond expected

04 Aug, 2018
Everything in this case, and even the case itself, feels very high quality and durable. Very good quality items and at $6 it's an absolute steal! read more »


30 Jul, 2018
Tastes good and smells wonderful! read more »


30 Jul, 2018
Comfortable to wear. Mic quality is actually clearer than my s9+ but the speaker is less clear. Not bad as all though and for the price, i would definitley reccomend. read more »


30 Jul, 2018
My girlfriend loves them and says theyre comfortable and theyre super cute! read more »

Nice earbuds

24 Jul, 2018
Sound is good. Not exceptional, but good for casual listening. The aesthetic is very nice. It's a nice look read more »

Nice little set of tools

24 Jul, 2018
All the tools are well made and feel good quality. The case is very nice and feels good as well. Would definitley reccommend read more »

Far beyond impressed

22 Jul, 2018
This thing is amazing. Speeds are good and lots of space but what impresses me the mose is the build quality. The metal frame feels very strong and the "locking" mechanism has a solid click.... read more »

Great little lights

21 Jul, 2018
Small, bright, and durable. The clip is nice and strong too. For the price, you cant beat it! read more »

Works wonderfully

21 Jul, 2018
Works wonderfully! About 30gb after format, good read/write speeds. Caps on the ends are tight and not gonna fall off anytime soon. Feels good quality, would definitely reccomend read more »

Works wonderfully

21 Jul, 2018
Works wonderfully! About 30gb after format, good read/write speeds. Caps on the ends are tight and not gonna fall off anytime soon. Feels good quality, would definitely reccomend read more »


20 Jul, 2018
I was honestly surprised by the feel and quality of this headset. The earpads were very comfortable, as was the headset in general. The mic quality was good and so was the audio quality. It was the sl... read more »

Very handy drill!

19 Jul, 2018
Works like a charm. Powerful, has all the good settings you'd need, holds a charge fairly well and overall works well. It doesn't feel high end like a milwuakee or a makita but then again its... read more »

Beyond Impressed

17 Jul, 2018
First of all, the unboxing experience and presentation is impressive in and of iteself. The box slide out of its shealth revealing a very nice zippered pouch. Open it up to find the hub. The hub itsel... read more »

Mom loves it!

14 Jul, 2018
Mom loves this for her garden! The modes are useful and it has a good spray distance.  read more »

Wonderful adapter!

14 Jul, 2018
Feels very high quality, the aluminum casing feels very durable. Would definitley reccomend! read more »

Review: Universal Steering Wheel 15 inch Genuine Leather Protector Anti-Slip Durable Breathable

14 Jul, 2018
This is a really nice quality wheel cover. The leather feels nice to the touch with enough grip to keep your hands from slipping, but not too much so that they stick to the wheel. The grips on the ins... read more »

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