Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace, Adjustable Wrist Support Brace for Arthritis and Tendinitis, Wrist Compression Wrap for Pain Relief, Suitable for Both Right and Left Hands
Price: $12.95
4.79 / 5   (89 Reviews)


Compact & Mighty

22 Apr, 2021
Does a great job at fending off carpel tunnel.  It's compact and not at all bulky like other wrist bands.  Sleeping with it on feels natural and it really does work. read more »

Helps with my wrist pain

13 Apr, 2021
Helps with my wrist pain read more »

I think the fit may be off

08 Jan, 2021
I got this to help with my hand from falling asleep due to carpoltunel. I would buy the bigger size the next time I order becasue I see the design is nice and the quality is good. My hands fell asleep... read more »

Gets the job done

23 Dec, 2020
I have carpal tunnel in both wrists and have had surgery in both. My tendonitis still acts up a lot in my right right and this is perfect to wear when I'm on the computer and when I sleep. read more »

Works great!

19 Dec, 2020
Got this for my boyfriend who does construction work and often has wrist pain. It's been very supportive of his wrist and we now want to buy a second for his other wrist, as it's made his day... read more »

Decrease pain

09 Nov, 2020
I have been wearing this brace since I got it. My pain has decreased and sometimes I don't have any.  read more »

both for either wrist

09 Nov, 2020
I have arthritis in both wrists and need to wear a brace when they act up.  This wrist brace/compression wrap fits like it should and helps support my wrist without being too tight.  It is m... read more »

Great wrist brace that is affordable

27 Oct, 2020
This #wrist #brace is a great product. I've used on my left and right wrists and was comfortable on both. I have #arthritis is my hands and I have #carpal #tunnel. I am often needing #pain #relief... read more »

Excellent Brace

17 Oct, 2020
So much fun. The lights are bright enough to see from a distance but dim enough to comfortably wear. Would definitely buy again. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #SKYWEE PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS ASIN: ... read more »

Works well

15 Oct, 2020
Brace is exactly as described. Fits well and comfortable.  read more »

Wrist Support

08 Oct, 2020
I had purchased a couple of braces elsewhere but, they fit extremely tight which was quite uncomfortable. I ordered this one hoping it was a little larger. It is and I can wear it comfortably througho... read more »

Well worth it for any wrist/hand!!!

04 Oct, 2020
My currently job requires me to use a sander continuously. Sections have to rounded off. For that one of the reason,it causes my both wrists to become extremely sore. I work 6 days(51 hours weekl... read more »

Prefect for cheer stunting

03 Oct, 2020
I bought this for my daughter to use after she broke her wrist. She needed some extra support for when she does cheer stunting and  she says it is perfect for her and her needs  read more »

Nice compact brace.

26 Aug, 2020
Suffering from CTS and Tendinitis I was looking for something supportive, but still allowed me to wear my smart watch. This brace fit perfectly with all my needs, and it's comfortable. read more »

Perfect size for both hands.

22 Aug, 2020
lordered two of these because I have severe Carpal Tunnel and permanet damage in both hands. I recently had the surgery (open, not endoscopic) on my right hand and needed a soft brace to act as a... read more »

Stable and supported with no pain

30 Jul, 2020
# Viralax # Sold By Skywee Direct # Fullfilled by Amazon ASIN # B07VC7YNZZ This brace is for relief of wrist pain & prevention that helps with carpal tunnel has a adjustable wrist support for arth... read more »

Very helpful

28 Jul, 2020
I always have pain in my wrist due to a fracture I had at a young age. This brace has helped me a lot even to put pressure on my hand! Big plus to this item. I recommend it ????  read more »

Helps my arthritic wrist

15 Jul, 2020
Sometimes my wrist needs a little bit of help and this wrist brace by SKYWEE is just what I need. It wraps around and is easy to get braced up. My wrist feels relief instantly. I wish I had found... read more »

fits perfect

14 Jul, 2020
I like how easy it is to use and fits perfect on both wrist.  read more »

This is a very good brace!

12 Jul, 2020
This is a very good brace! Easy to put on and I like the fact that it can be used on both of my hands. Great quality. read more »

Help My Wrist Pain a Great Deal

11 Jul, 2020
  Wrist Brace for Carpal Tunnel, Adjustable Wrist Support Brace for Arthritis and Tendinitis, Wrist Compression Wrap for Pain Relief, Suitable for Both Right and Left Hands I am Happy to tr... read more »

Supportive brace

11 Jul, 2020
I sometimes have a sore wrist from working all day. This helps alleviate some of that. read more »

Easy to use very comfortable

09 Jul, 2020
Very comfortable can be used for both wrists easy to keep clean read more »

I have Ehlers Danlos

13 May, 2020
I have a horrible condition the makes my joints sublaxate/dislocate so I use this brace and it helps it not to happen. Good product. Saves me from alot of pain. read more »

Love it

21 Apr, 2020
Love this for my carpal tunnel. Works great    read more »

Helped A lot

29 Mar, 2020
I hurt my wrist and ordered this to help keep it still from moving too much. It works great and it's not too stiff like other braces. It is actually very comfortable! read more »

Helped so much

27 Mar, 2020
My wrist was killing me before I got this. It helped so much not just with inflammation but with the pain too. It helped limit movement so I wasnt hurting the same section over and over. read more »

Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support

02 Mar, 2020
Great support brace, helps with many ailments. Fits very well and is made well also. I definitely recommend. A+ read more »

very well

28 Feb, 2020
 They are perfect. Very grateful read more »

Great protection!

22 Feb, 2020
This wrist wrap has come in handy in my home quite a few times. I have kids that play sports so injuries are common in my household. It is able to fit various size wrists because of the velcro strap.... read more »

Good for minor discomfort

19 Feb, 2020
This is perfect for minor discomfort. Anything more serious than minor, you might want something more sturdy with better support.   #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #SKYWEEPROFESSIONALPRODU... read more »

Great Support!

13 Feb, 2020
I was happy to receive this high quality product quickly. I love it's simple design and it's easy and comfortable to use. It gave me the stabilization I needed when my wrist was sore. read more »

Good enough for rep motion aches

10 Feb, 2020
I have pain in my wrist due to a repetitive  motion i have been doing for my work, and i did go to my doctor already  yet they said its not cArpal tunnel which is good. Ive had couple braces... read more »

Versatile Wrist Brace

09 Feb, 2020
This Carpal tunnel wrist brace is very handy. I appreciate that it is can be worn on both the left and the right wrist. I have had challenges with each of my wrists but it is not always at the same ti... read more »

wrist support brace

07 Feb, 2020
Provides great support for my wrist. I do a lot of typing and this has helped me get through the day read more »

Works Great

05 Feb, 2020
This wrist brace for carpal tunnel is a must have for those with this issue.  It is also great for arthitis, and tendinitis as well as any pain you might have in either one of your wirst.  T... read more »


24 Jan, 2020
#RankBooster #Sponsored #SKYWEE PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS  I have suffered with Carpel Tunnel in my wrist for years. After finding this brace and using it I have experience relief. If you or anyon... read more »

Wrist brace

12 Jan, 2020
received yesterday , fast shipping. So far I've worn it for about 3 hours and I feel the difference.  My wrist is in less pain.   read more »

Excellent hold

26 Dec, 2019
I've been having a lot of problems with my right hand and the carpal tunnel in it and this price was able to really hold my hand together and make it easier for it to function. I would recommend t... read more »

Keeps the wrist immobilized

12 Dec, 2019
I have medium size hand and this belt works perfect for me. It flexuble and with soft material not like others with hard material. read more »

Carpal tunnel brace

12 Dec, 2019
This works amazing. My hand didn't hurt at all as long as I had the brace on read more »

As advertised

09 Dec, 2019
Bought this for my husband for his occasional wrist pain. He hasn't used it yet but it fits him well. Will post more detail once it's being used. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #SkyweeP... read more »

Great for pain reief

09 Dec, 2019
Not sure about other purposes but I used it for constant pain and it greatly helps reducing the pain. read more »


07 Dec, 2019
Great article for my injured hand. Is left but you can use on both. Suuuper read more »

Well made, too stiff and uncomfortable for me to use, though.

28 Nov, 2019
I have a lot of pain in my right wrist and needed to find a wrist brace so thought I would try this one. I have delicate small wrists and found this brace was too big and uncomfortable.  The mate... read more »

fit good

28 Nov, 2019
fit weel and good quality. read more »

fit good

26 Nov, 2019
it work good and fit well for any size of adults. read more »

Simple support right where you need it

21 Nov, 2019
Simple support that can be tossed on when needed. I have fairly large hands and appreciate a brace that actually fits me and has room for the swelling days. It has strong velcro on the end and in a ci... read more »

Exactly what I needed

19 Nov, 2019
I have carpal tunnel but not all the time. I haven't had a flare up since I got this but it fits perfect and it's the exact size ive been looking for.  read more »


18 Nov, 2019
Husband broke his wrist many years ago and is always trying different support types. This one didn't cut the grade and offer enough support to be helpful for him.  His description of it was &... read more »

Fits perfect !

10 Nov, 2019
I love that this brace works for either hand. Its very comfortable and well made.  read more »

Works good

08 Nov, 2019
Nice, helps with my carpal tunnel  read more »


07 Nov, 2019
I absolutely love my new wrist braces. They wear well on my hands and feel great. read more »


06 Nov, 2019
I'm proud to be a new owner of Skywee Carpal Tunnel Adjustable Wrist Support Brace.  Adding this new brace to my arsenal of Pain Management. The Skywee wrist brace helps to my wrist when I... read more »

Excellent support with maximum flexibility

06 Nov, 2019
I work a job that has me lifting and turning a significant amount of weight on a daily basis. I began noticing a pain and weakness in my non-dominant hand. The first brace I got worked will but I don&... read more »

Handy recovery item

03 Nov, 2019
The Skywee carpal tunnel wrist brace is definitely one of those items that you do not think of to include in the household first aid kit but it should be. Throughout our busy days, quite a few of us a... read more »

Love it

01 Nov, 2019
Very comfortable, wonderful read more »

Great quality material

31 Oct, 2019
My wrist was starting to hurt and this could not showed up at a better timer. I bought this to try and after wearing for a few days, it has helped quite a bit. My wrist and the side of where my thumb... read more »

Much needed

31 Oct, 2019
I had carpal tunnel surgery 3yrs ago and still have issues with my hands. These were more than helpful with the pain and support of my wrists and hands.  read more »

Works great

17 Oct, 2019
small and non bulky but helps with discomfort  read more »

Pain in hand is gone completely ...I can’t believe it.

15 Oct, 2019 read more »

Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace

15 Oct, 2019
Super easy to put on, can be worn on either wrist+ Not to cumbersome. Would probably fit just about anyone. Would recommend to anyone with wrist pain or tenderness. Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace, A... read more »

Runs a little small

12 Oct, 2019
Runs a little small but does the job. Fits snug but once it's on it help out wirhy wrist pain read more »

My Dad LOVES this!

09 Oct, 2019
Purchased as a gift for my dad, and he has had nothing but remarkable things to say about this! read more »


09 Oct, 2019

Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace

06 Oct, 2019
Great lightweight wrist brace for carpal tunnel. This one is adjustable and versatile as it will fit either your left or right hand. I find it to be very comfortable to wear and can sleep without it c... read more »

It does wprk for both hands.

05 Oct, 2019
The wrist brace does work for both hands. It is very easy to put on. It is adjustable. This brace is for a light weight hold. It you are looking for a non flexable wrist brace, this is not it. I like... read more »

Helps with my arthritis

03 Oct, 2019
This wrist brace by SKYWEE has really helped with the pain I get from time to time in my wrists from arthritis. You can use it on the right or the left and it provides the right amount of pressure tha... read more »

great for sports

25 Sep, 2019
The fabric is very comfortable and the extra strength fastener straps give you full customized support around your wrist, hand, and palm. This is very important because if you isolate and support... read more »

Comfortable wrist brace!

25 Sep, 2019
I suffer from carpal tunnel and I have severe pain in my wrists and hands. These seem very comfortable and I'm hoping they help with the pain!  read more »

great support

24 Sep, 2019
When opening it I noticed that it it comes in a recloseable bag with instructions. The brace is very simple to use. The straps are adjustable to your wrist and hands size which is so convenient.... read more »


20 Sep, 2019
Works in either hand and works as advertised. Has strong Velcro.  #rankboosterreview read more »

Just the support needed to remove the risk of injury.

18 Sep, 2019
So I bought a couple of these adjustable Wrist Support Braces for my wife which does legal transcriptions daily. The stress on her wrists were starting to take affect on her arms and the pain she was... read more »

Wrist Brace

11 Sep, 2019
SKYWEE Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace, Adjustable Wrist Support Brace for Arthritis and Tendinitis, Wrist Compression Wrap for Pain Relief, Suitable for Both Right and Left Hands is soft, with soft, n... read more »

Carpal tunnel wrist bracelet

10 Sep, 2019
I made this purchase for myself as I have been experiencing a lot of wrist pain, so I bought this I can say that it has helped my pain decrease and I am able to adjust it tighter if necessary.#RankBoo... read more »


09 Sep, 2019
I use this while drawing to support my wrist  read more »


07 Sep, 2019
i don’t want surgery. I will not have the surgery. So I will use these until they no longer say I need to have the surgery.  i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #skywee read more »

It was hurting me after an hour.

03 Sep, 2019
I got this in the mail and wanted to wear it right away. It was at first hard to put on because it looks like it was for the left hand. I had it on for maybe an hour and it stated to hurt in between m... read more »

Good Value

02 Sep, 2019
Good value. Awesome bonus gift! Wrist Brace is effective for both right or left which is great because I often have pain in both but at different times. Only lacking one star because I wish it was pad... read more »


02 Sep, 2019
This wrist brace is very handy when I know Ii am going to be doing alot of work. It doesn't get in the way like the others do with a steel strip down them. Very comfertable and useful! I would rec... read more »

Excellent for Carpal Tunnel.

02 Sep, 2019
These support bands are excellent for whenever you're feeling the weakness caused by Carpal Tunnel. I highly recommend it.  read more »

bad wrist!

31 Aug, 2019
I've been told by my doctor multiple time to take it easy or Invest in a good brace. I worse this all day and it was very comfortable. I had an appointment, the doctor was so amazed by t... read more »

Cool and comfortable

31 Aug, 2019
This does work as described. Fits both wrists and easy to put on and take off. Helped me feel better after using this.  read more »

it works!!!

31 Aug, 2019
#RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Carpel tunnel wrist brace I got this brace for my diabetic husband to see if it could help with his diabetic pain. He found relief without the need for medic... read more »

Fits well

27 Aug, 2019
Fits nice and snug. Gives my wrist relief  read more »

Perfect for those with Carpal Tunnel

26 Aug, 2019
Worn only a few days and already highly impressed. I definitely feel like its helping me during work, as I sit on a computer 12 hours a day typing.  Highly recommended product.  read more »

Item as described and arrived quickly

26 Aug, 2019
The item fits as expected and arrived quickly    #RankBoosterReview read more »

Wrist brace

26 Aug, 2019
Nice material very sturdy thanks read more »

Thank you for the relief

19 Aug, 2019
Bought this for carpal tunnel issues. I had recently purchased hard plastic ones from my doctor but they were really uncomfortable. I found myself wearing these more as they were more comfrtable. Not... read more »

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