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**CAN NOT REVIEW*** -- Amazon Lost My Package.

19 Jun, 2020
LOST PACKAGE** Unfortunately, I have learned that Amazon lost my package. After much waiting, Amazon informed me that they could not re-order/ re-ship this item to me.  I was real... read more »

The whole world in your hand!

11 Jun, 2020
These little globe-style stress balls are truly adorable. They arrived promptly and were packaged very well. They absolutely serve their intended purpose. Perfect size for your hands. The lines the de... read more »

Product may have been lost.

11 Jun, 2020
I would love to review this product as I think it's absolutely adorable.  perhaps it was lost along the shipping route. It shows that it was delivered even though it was never received. Howev... read more »

Never received

10 Jun, 2020
Cannot review as the seller canceled my order.  read more »

Only an ON / OFF device

20 May, 2020
Offers no feature to "pause" any mode or speed when using the remote feature. Only option is to turn off the device. This would require extraction for power to the device to be reactivated.... read more »

Already in use and holding well!

26 Mar, 2020
I have already begun to utilize these out in the garden as a trellis. Installation was quick and easy. They are holding well and I'm quite pleased.  The sizing provided in the description is... read more »

Seems Sturdy

26 Mar, 2020
I am glad that there are a variety of different sizes that this can adapt to. Very handy to have around.  The sizing provided in the description is nicely accurate. They seem as though they wi... read more »

Lady Stickers!

23 Mar, 2020
Well packages, very sticky but in a positive way.  Not sure that it will be for the more endowed individual but worth exploring. Seems reasonable durable and washes up well. Will be interesting... read more »


23 Mar, 2020
I really wanted to love this set. But I am disappointed. Product description says the items are well crafted. As you can see from the picture, the messy stitching, and unraveling says otherwise. ... read more »

Nice Set

21 Mar, 2020
So far, so good! Nice set of 6 different colored lights. Each one works well and is clearly a different color. This is fun to attach to an item, pet or even a kiddo to help you locate them as lights g... read more »

Inaccurate sizing -- Trying to work with the company.

21 Mar, 2020
Followed the sellers sizing chart to learn it is very inaccurate.  Being prompted to leave a review. I will leave 4 stars for now as I'm trying to work with the seller. Material is a bi... read more »

Something For Everyone!

20 Mar, 2020
So. Many. Options!  There is literally something for everyone in this set of stencils. What I fun addition to any party. Kids love these, and there are so many options to choose from. These Ko... read more »

Fantastic & versatile water bottle!

20 Mar, 2020
There is not much I appreciate more than an honest company!! This is a well represented product! The product description is very informative, detailed and accurate. I have now had the opportunity to u... read more »

Beautiful Crystals!

20 Mar, 2020
 I absolutely love my WEISIPU 3PCS Suncatcher Crystals! They came packages very well and securely to prevent any damage. The measurements listed appear to be accurate. They are beautifully clear... read more »

Useful, especially during this time.

17 Mar, 2020
These face masks have arrived in a timely manner. Packaged well and everything looks secure. This is incredibly, especially considering the times and the nature of the product. I'm glad to have th... read more »

Excellent belly band.

14 Mar, 2020
This pregnancy wrap is really holding up! (pun intended) ha! Okay, but on a serious note, this is a great wrap!  It arrived quickly and was packaged securely. The materials all seem to be qual... read more »

Great set! Beautiful color.

12 Mar, 2020
Beautiful little pedicure set! I feel that all the descriptions were very accurately given. The product absolutely matches the pictures and seems very accurate. a beautiful blue color. Everything seem... read more »

Looking forward to some much needed fresh air.

12 Mar, 2020
I have not completely had the opportunity to test this product I have the opportunity to experience its full potential. I live in an area with seasonal changes some of which do not allow you to open y... read more »

Absolutely perfect!!!

10 Mar, 2020
This may be the shortest review I do by far. These earring cards are absolutely perfect!!!!! There perfectly packaged and very conveniently sectioned in 9 individual bunches, lightly rubb... read more »

Great Quality!

10 Mar, 2020
I'm pleased with the quality of this maternity belt. It is breathable, strong and is clearly very beneficial. It arrived packaged very nicely and in a timely manner. It will be washable and r... read more »

A needed "step-up!"

06 Mar, 2020
I am so excited to have these Stools! They are the most lovely color of pink! I get so much joy every time I see them! I appreciate the small footprint that they fold up to become. They can slide betw... read more »

Get your cupcake on! AND MORE!!

04 Mar, 2020
Okay, my friends! Here is the new must-have! If you have not had the opportunity to try the convenience that a silicone muffin paper provide! You are truly missing out! This is the absolute most easy... read more »

So CUTE!!!

04 Mar, 2020
Oh my goodness, cute! Cute, cute, cute!! This product is absolutely fantastic for those of us who have the desire to add a little extra something to every day. From time to time I have both the opport... read more »

So excited to try this!

04 Mar, 2020
What can I say?! I am so excited for spring this year! I plan on testing this for many different applications! I love the versatility. If you are just looking for a beautiful decoration and would like... read more »


04 Mar, 2020
I am so excited to go into action! It offers such a wide variety of features! I love the ease of the tree straps, be quick on and off offered by the carabiners, and the incredible versatility of havin... read more »

Fan of the sweets? Or just our for artistic fun?!.... This is Fantastic!

04 Mar, 2020
Cake fan? Pastries? Cupcakes? Cookies? Are any of these something that is in your life? Or have you ever just been interested in dabbling in decorations? I have to say this is the set for you! This of... read more »


04 Mar, 2020
Wow! I do feel it was very important for me to take the time necessary to properly review this product. I'm extremely pleased at the many, versatile Uses it provides. I would love to say that this... read more »

Can't wait for more sun!

29 Feb, 2020
I'm truly looking forward to the many opportunities but I will have to take advantage of these visors. A full so well and travel so nicely. No worries about anything getting destroyed distorted. L... read more »


29 Feb, 2020
Protecting our eyes from the potentially harmful effects of the sun is incredibly important! I greatly appreciate that these kids’ sunglasses are not well-fitting, made of very quality materials... read more »

Looks Amazing!

29 Feb, 2020
I am very pleased with this product! The different metallic colors are absolutely beautiful. they're so lightweight and easy to use and the Finish is absolutely exquisite. I am already planning fo... read more »

Not bad, wish it was more solid

29 Feb, 2020
So, I really wanted to love this flashlight, especially for the versatility it offers. I am not completely disappointed because it does offer a wide variety of uses and functions. The sides that more... read more »


18 Feb, 2020
What can I say other than "fantastic" as that is my experience with this No Tangle leash.  It really does exactly what it was designed to do. It's constructed from quality materi... read more »

This pet carrier is exactly what I was looking for!

18 Feb, 2020
This pet carrier is exactly what I was looking for! I am extremely pleased with its construction. It is clearly crafted with quality materials and very stable. I am extremely pleased with the expandab... read more »

Oddor and Chemical free!!

10 Feb, 2020
Due to the nature of this product, I felt it was necessary to give it extra time, in order to accurately gauge an honest review. The dwelling in which I reside, daily, is not only home to some amazing... read more »

Shine, shine, SHINE!! <3

09 Feb, 2020
When I received these pigments, I was a touch concerned. Upon visual inspection, I felt as though some of the pots may contain more than others. I didn't feel like I was being shorted, but I was q... read more »


09 Feb, 2020
     Having had the opportunity. To spend some time experimenting with these two different pigments of highlight, I have to say they are a great set to have! The fact that you received... read more »

Versatile Wrist Brace

09 Feb, 2020
This Carpal tunnel wrist brace is very handy. I appreciate that it is can be worn on both the left and the right wrist. I have had challenges with each of my wrists but it is not always at the same ti... read more »

Totally impressed! Don’t let its size fool you!

25 Jan, 2020
Wow! Okay, let me begin by saying, I am impressed!! I was looking for a smaller humidifier that is not a large, stationary unit. I came across the MADETEC Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. I went with... read more »

All the precision you need in one place!

22 Jan, 2020
If you or your family is anything like ours, you have had some tool, toy, electronic device or other that has required a precision tool. Well, look no further! I am so impressed with this set! Let me... read more »

Pleasantly surprised but this Airbrush with built-in compressor!

22 Jan, 2020
As an individual that dabbles in a variety of creative outlets, I was in the market for a versatile airbrush. I came across the COSSCCI Airbrush with the compressor built-in and had to give it a try.... read more »

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