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Some powerful massage tool

10 May, 2020
I love it. Its sooooo powerful. Due to covid19 its hard to go out and get a massage or deep tissue massage. I am sooo static when this came in and so worth the price i already bought another one for m... read more »

Amazing product

24 Mar, 2020
Very durable,  was able to cut or clip nails of my furbabies with these after everything is lockdown. Will be so much help for us with the lockdowns and my babies nails grew fast.   ... read more »

My son loves it

02 Mar, 2020
Well made looks the same as how its pictured  read more »

Good enough for rep motion aches

10 Feb, 2020
I have pain in my wrist due to a repetitive  motion i have been doing for my work, and i did go to my doctor already  yet they said its not cArpal tunnel which is good. Ive had couple braces... read more »

Wonderful jade roller

28 Jan, 2020
I love it..really rejuvenates my face skin. Like glowing read more »

I love the quality

27 Jan, 2020
Really nice quality for the price ..  read more »

I love the quality

15 Oct, 2019
We have pets and we travel a lot. We just moved to another state and been trying to make our travle friendly to our fur babies glad that i was able to get this before our travel it was really helpful.... read more »

Really great nail trimmer

18 Sep, 2019
For someone who have a furbaby and who is stilla baby it is nice to get one of these we have a 3 month old pup and having these at least gets him used to being trimmed down nails. So when we went to h... read more »

Rubber side works great back brush side dont

18 Sep, 2019
The rubber side brush works perfectly fine but the back brush with black bristles kept falling off.. im using it when i bathe my baby fur especially when his hair is growing.. since my baby fur has cu... read more »

Love love love it!

11 Sep, 2019
I love it so much i was so hesistant it wont fit my corner couch since its extremely big ones. But since it is stretchable they perfecty fit it. Soo love it now i can buy some more so change it for ev... read more »

Sticks really good

11 Sep, 2019
I like it but i might have to buy a bigger one. Sticks up real good but doesnt really cover my whole breeast . Im 36 c i will have to check if they have a bigger sizes since it was a good support when... read more »

It broke immediately

11 Sep, 2019
Tried it and it broke when i tried to put my ipad on it. Not to sturdy  read more »

Beautifully done, my dog loves it. Definitely recommend to fur parents

11 Sep, 2019
I have been having issues with water pans for my baby fur. He usually steps in them and water just flows in our floor. This is really nice to have i have cats too that i will buy some more for. My mom... read more »

You can never have too many

01 Sep, 2019
I love this and always have it with me on the car since our furbaby is always with us wherever we go and you can never know when you need them i have some on my pocketbags all the time too. This one i... read more »

Furrrfect for our rocket

30 Aug, 2019
This one i cant really say anythign bad about it. The size is good enough for my cat who is about 18 lbs and medium size adult cat. I got 2 of them which is loving this and arguing about who should go... read more »

Good use

18 Aug, 2019
Ive beenlooking for tweezers and what i love with this set is that the different  kind or types of it. Its very usable and not slicking. Some of tweezers ive gotten slides off on my hair so inste... read more »

Perfect for my furbaby

18 Aug, 2019
I have an aussie doodle who is about 15 lbs  and is about to grow 25 lbs but this has more room. I love that the hole where youre putting the head is where the head can go also has more room and... read more »

This is awesome set piece

14 Aug, 2019
I love it, my phone brokes just in time i wish this has a small phone blow dry kit too lol but i used this precision tools for my phone and they worked really neat. I love it i got another piece for m... read more »

Works fine but clip just too tight

14 Aug, 2019
It works fine the clip on the hand was a little too tight for my phone that i feel like its gonna break it but trust me it wont its just the feel of it. The light was good if your takking picture of a... read more »

Works fine

14 Aug, 2019
It works fine. Ita light and easy to connect with the phone but the piece you use to clip on to your ear is kinda irritting for me it could be the material used that kind of gel plastic or silicone pl... read more »

Absooutely perfect

14 Aug, 2019
I have almost the same beater without the scraper i love baking and most of the time scraping the mixture from the bowl is a little messy i have gotten this and really very useful for me. No more stic... read more »

Quality at its finest

03 Aug, 2019
I love how the quality really looks like those tou buy so expensive elsewhere,  also makes tou look sexier. The quality hugs to your body and show curves. Definitely worth buying im about to buy... read more »

It was good but too small just good for really small spaces

30 Jul, 2019
It works. It is good, but too small for a room. Its good for a smaller spaces like the car. Or small bathroom  read more »

Not working

30 Jul, 2019
I tried it and been trying to put the card so i can play music but it wont accept it and i dont know whats wrong. It also feels soo light im still trying to work it out. And see if it works. And edit... read more »

Too small

30 Jul, 2019
I tried it on it work enough but seems too smal on some large eggs. I may have been getting a really large eggs with large yolks lol, but it works. Its also just a little flimsy. So be careful read more »

Awesome piece

30 Jul, 2019
I love the material and the print. Summer time and love how this just looks fab. I ordered the large to have some extra room since i dont like to get that hugging fit i want it a little loose and i ju... read more »

Love it so much

24 Jul, 2019
So i cant use an ything chemical in my hair beacuse it weakens it. So i tried to do and use wigs so to enjoy the colored  it was long enough just like my hair so i was able to mix it up with my o... read more »

Wish i can rate it more than 5 star

24 Jul, 2019
This is sooooo nice. More than beautifulreally. I love how it flows on your body so nicely. I love how it fits right, its a little long for me but i will have it hemmed or cut down since even when i u... read more »

It was okay

24 Jul, 2019
Its fine but quality seems to be off. Its a thin cloth. But its fine the style and all fits my son so well. And since he likes thin pants its good problem is when he played off the yard it got ripped&... read more »

Theyre okay until the tape just didnt go well

24 Jul, 2019
It was nice magnet working right i like the idea of not having to clip your phone and just have it magnetized quickly put them in and no need ot open clip handles and close them to secure. It actuslly... read more »

Good quality

24 Jul, 2019
I like this tie but the problem is i didnt check the sizes even when i adjust it to smallest it still is small for my baby fur. But i think this will be a great tie for big dogs,  read more »

Worth the price, i am staring to have lesser dark circle

24 Jul, 2019
I waited for a reaction or anything that will happen before i review it. After over a week of using i can see my dark circles being lighter i usually have so much dark dark circle.  Im totally ge... read more »

Fits right feet feels a lil better

21 Jul, 2019
Fits right feels right  read more »

Ruined wheni received

17 Jul, 2019
I received it ruined , the box is ruined i tried it and its working though i needed to straighten the cords since it seems like it was damaged due to post. It might have damaged the cords while on tra... read more »

Amazing amazing !!!

17 Jul, 2019
I definitely  love this .. we have a new furbaby at home and since we love to have him travel with us all the time this definitely  is a must. I love the quality he peed on it already and it... read more »

Always wanted to have one

13 Jul, 2019
Ive always wanted to have one they go so expensive but i got a chance to get this for a discounted price. And it really amazed me. From the box it is boxed in to the material they used for the frame i... read more »

Just fine

13 Jul, 2019
It wis okay but a little too small for me i had to give it to my bestfriend and she said it was alright except that it constantly  getting removed with the zip is not sticking too well  read more »

Definitely getting another one

13 Jul, 2019
This is so nice. It came a day before we go for the beach. I took the size which i normally wear. Medium, and im surprised because it fits just right i love the quality. It doesnt look so cheap at all... read more »

A must have for every women

13 Jul, 2019
I so love th8s jade roller one of the things that is a must have on every womens health and beauty list ive been using it and eash it and usually puts in the ref so the cold jade is so good in my face... read more »

I love the quality

05 Jul, 2019
I love the quality of this swimsuit it doesnt look cheap and feels like expensive materials were used. Also i love about this is that it fits exactly my size i usually check or wonder if they will be... read more »

It got ruined pretty fast

30 Jun, 2019
It actually got ruined fast I tried it and the magnets looking or those small part where it sharpens just removed and then it collapse read more »

Worth the price, lemon scent not too strong though

29 Jun, 2019
This are really good bags.. size same as described. Its also has the strong drawstring and perfect for our trash cans in the kitchen and bathroom, now it will be easier to refill or change too. The am... read more »

More than happy

31 Jul, 2018
I just received this couple days ago. I tried to use it for steaming since i do some delicacy from my country  that needed steaming or calls for steaming and it works. Ive had few from other sell... read more »

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