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Mar, 2017

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I am on disability from a kidney transplant and other issues. I love to try new things and doing reviews gives me the chance to try things I would otherwise not be able to try. I have multiple platforms I review on. Thanks for the chance to review. I am actively trying to grow my social media sites.
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good for any puzzle enthuasist

09 Jun, 2024
Ordered this for a cousin who loves puzzles.  This 500 piece Oil Painting Landscape Art Puzzle was a big hit for her.  The pieces are well made and colorful.  She said it is challenging... read more »

great gag gift

09 Jun, 2024
I got these as a gag gift for my Dad and sister who are Trump fans.  They loved them!  This package of 50 stickers gave them plenty to put in different places.  Each one is bright, wate... read more »

keeps the plants safe

09 Jun, 2024
Living in the country, we have a lot of small and bigger animals that eat what is growing.  Thie Garden Rabbit Netting works well over the tomato garden.  Last year our crop was small due to... read more »

great for working outside

09 Jun, 2024
My Dad loves these.  The EverBrite Headlamps rechargable lamps come in a 2 pack with a spotlight on an elastic band that is adjustable.  The light is 300 lumen and can be switched from senso... read more »

perfect for Halloween

09 Jun, 2024
This 40 piece set of Coil Spring Toys were perfect for my grandson's school Halloween party.  Each one is small around 1" by 1 1/2" but work as expected.  We added them to... read more »

Warms water quickly

20 Aug, 2023
This was a gift for my best friend.  She made oatmeal everyday for her husband and complained about waiting for water to boil. This Electric Kettle was something she loved. This stainless steel a... read more »

work better than expected

20 Aug, 2023
I have never heard of these but I ordered them at my granddaughter's request for her son.  She and her friends swear by them and have used them for awhile.  This nursing necklace is made... read more »

perfect size for toddler

20 Aug, 2023
I ordered these for my great-grandson who is 3.  They go well with his new basketball goal he got for his brithday.  Comes in a set of 5 and includes the pump needed to blow them up. They ar... read more »

seals tightly

20 Aug, 2023
I order this cup for my grandson to give his mom for Mother's day.  He loved it!! He is 12 so he was happy to have the "favorite child" title. This beautiful cup holds 20 ounce... read more »

loved by grands

22 Apr, 2022
  This 3 pack of Anxiety Ring Spinners by #SHUANGXUAN was a huge fit with my granddaughters.  Comes with 3 different rings: 1 blue enamel butterfly which spins in a circle and 2 silv... read more »

fun for bath time

21 Sep, 2021
My granddaughter gardens and her son loves to water the plants.  I saw this and knew it would be great for him.  IMade by ntegrity Seller Store, this bath tub toys for toddlers set is f... read more »

keep bangs out of your face

21 Sep, 2021
Both of my granddaughters have long hair and their hair is always in their face.  They loved Nana's hair clips so I got these for them. Sold by CINEEN, this set of 12 piece of claw clips... read more »

Good anxiety relievers

21 Sep, 2021
I got the set of 15 pc Sensory toys for my grandsons.  They loved the fidget spinners and this set of tubes and stretch strings were a big hit also.  Sold by 3-otters, this set comes with 3... read more »

great for playing in the sand or dirt

21 Sep, 2021
I got this for my great-grandson to play with in the dirt and mud.  He loved it.  Sold by Rainbow Kingdom, this 9 piece plastic toy set is fun for water and sand play.  Comes with... read more »

No more crawling on the floor to plug something in

29 Jul, 2021
This Power Strip Tower from #HanLinTech is a step up from regular power strip.  This tower is bigger than other strips measuring over 7" tall and approximately 6" wide.  There are... read more »

great hit with the grandkids

24 Jul, 2021
I like to send the grandkids arts and crafts to keep them occupied.  This set of 3D Wooden Puzzle Toys from #3otters was a great hit.  Both of them love puzzles and this 3D one was a favorit... read more »

Great Mother's Day gift

24 Jul, 2021
My daughter always tells her kids she loves them to the moon and back.  This Bangle Bracelet by #UBEI was a perfect gift for her son to give her for Mother's Day.  It is silver toned, th... read more »

such a cute teething toy

08 Jul, 2021
This Camera Teether Toy by #sweeky is an unique teething toy.  It is made of silicone and is safe for your baby.  Measures approximately 6" by 3" and is thin enough for baby to che... read more »

Nice gift for any golfer

08 Jul, 2021
My son-in-law loves to play golf and is teaching my grandson.  This Golf Ball Pick Up Tool by #TopTop makes it easy to pick up those errant gold balls.  Made of rubber, it pops onto the golf... read more »

Great for football games

08 Jul, 2021
My grandson plays football and all the family members have something to celebrate.  This set of Metal Cowbells by #BigOtters was perfect for his football games.  Made of metal, these approxi... read more »

good gift for sock lovers

08 Jul, 2021
I have several members of my family who love funky socks.  This set of Novelty Crew Socks by #Sallcks are well made and fun.  There are several choice but I ordered the ones that say "I... read more »

fun for my grandson

08 Jul, 2021
This Flying Ball by #Uttora was lots of fun for my 10 year old grandson.  It is about the size of a golfball and flies around by putting your hand underneath to guide it.  Lights up and can... read more »

fun for Easter

08 Jul, 2021
Scratch Art is a favorite of my granddaughters. This set of Easter Egg Scratch Art Set by #Koogel were fun to do for Easter decorations.  There are 36 "eggs", ribbons for hanging and 12... read more »

perfect to carry on you

08 Jul, 2021
We live in a rural area.  It is DARK!  If you need to go outside at night, you need a flashlight.  This UV 2 in 1 Flashlight by #Pumteck-USA is just the right size to keep in a pocket o... read more »

Kids love them

08 Jul, 2021
This set of Among US Laptop Stickers by #pozone were a big hit with the grandkids.  Among US is very popular now and this set of stickers has lots of color and variety.  They are made of vin... read more »

cool lightbulb

08 Jul, 2021
My dad is almost 80 and needs as much light as possible.  He loves the #Bedee LED Light Corn Bulb. The bulb is made of aluminum and has a mini-fan to prevent overheating for safety. Resemble... read more »

Makes a lot of water splashes

08 Jul, 2021
Made by #RongRong-US, this Water Sprinkler for Kids spreads the water pretty far in the air depending on your water pressure.  Lower water pressure makes it more controlled and the higher you tur... read more »

Love these!!!

08 Jul, 2021
I have been trying to get my smaller items organized and saw this set of Refrigerator Organizer Bins by #Hudgan.  They are great.  Approximately the size of a shoebox, this set of 6 bins are... read more »

Grandkids love them

08 Jul, 2021
What a great amount of fun for the grandkids.  They love the potty humor of this.  Comes with 3 latex cushions that are made to be anti-burst and are cute in color.  We received 2 large... read more »

good art project

08 Jul, 2021
I tty to get art projects my granddaughters like to do.  This Scratch Painting kit by #Koogel is definitely one they love.  This set comes with 10 planet and 10 animal series paper measuring... read more »

Fits great

06 Jan, 2021
Moat people over a certain age have a sore knee. I AM ONE. I have tried many knee braces but this Velcro type one makes me feel my knee is secure. It fits well and is adjustable to help decrease pain... read more »

good craft for my 7 and 8 year old granddaughters

18 Nov, 2020
Since we are unable to be together lately, I have been sending craft kids to my granddaughters.  This one was challenging but not too hard for them.  We worked on via Facetime and had a good... read more »

baby's new favorite toy

18 Nov, 2020
I got this as a gift for my baby great-grandson.  He just turned 6 months and is chewing on everything.  This SUV teether by #tuxepoc is well made for baby's small hands.  Made of s... read more »

Bright and colorful

18 Nov, 2020
My cousin loves puzzles and this was a nice gift for her.  Made by #Loves Town, this 1000 piece puzzle will enable her to continue her hobby.  The pieces tend to be similar but there are num... read more »


09 Nov, 2020
This is a nice silver chain made by #UHIBROS to either wear alone or to add a pendant, charm, locket or more.  It is a box chain which is dainty and feminine looking.  It is made of 625... read more »

Do not make my ears hurt

09 Nov, 2020
I love stud earrings especially plain silver with Cubic Zirconia.  This set contains 6 pairs of surgical stainless steel earrings of various sizes from 3-8 mms.  The post is hypoallergenic a... read more »

both for either wrist

09 Nov, 2020
I have arthritis in both wrists and need to wear a brace when they act up.  This wrist brace/compression wrap fits like it should and helps support my wrist without being too tight.  It is m... read more »

For my sister

09 Nov, 2020
I ordered these to wear in honor of my sister who is a breast cancer survivor.  This set of 15 metal pins are enough for us to pass our to our family members to wear. They are about 1 1/2" h... read more »

Can charge everyone's phone

13 Apr, 2020
I love this charger.  It is easy to charge any type of phone with just one cord.  It is a nice thick braided cord with 3 different split connectors:  iPhone, micro USB and type C. ... read more »

So soft and cute

16 Sep, 2019
I love socks and this set of knitted socks from #AIMKE are a new favorite set. They are made of 80 percent wool/15 percent acrylic and 5 percent stretch nylon. So soft, warm but breathable and feel gr... read more »

Clean your stove and grill with one handy tool

15 Jul, 2019
This Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Scraper by #Sanfee is a perfect gift for any grill master. It is made of 304 Stainless and is approximately 4 1/2" long. It is sturdy and well weighted so it will h... read more »

soft and loose

08 Jul, 2019
This Casual Loose Long Dress by #Annystore is a great addition to your summer wardrobe. Made of 100 percent cotton, it is so comfortable and breathable in the Texas heat. It is loose and flowing with... read more »

everything you need to do your pets nails

08 Jul, 2019
This Nail Grinder set by #kissin is a nice gift for any pet owner. It is a complete set including a grinder, clippers, file and instructions for use. The grinder is approximately 4" long and easy... read more »

cute shower gift

19 Jun, 2019
These are absolutely adorable! Made by #CalMyotis, this set of Newborn Baby Socks are so soft and well made. They come in a 4 pack and are made of combed cotton. The seam is smooth and on top of the s... read more »

Now read all the fine print

14 Jun, 2019
As we grow older, our eyesight gets worse especially the small print. This Full Page Large Sheet Magnifier by #trustbay is perfect for all that small print we come across daily. It is large... read more »

works with USB C ports

12 Jun, 2019
I use a lot of wireless mouse products but sometimes it is nice to use a wired one. This USB C Mouse by #INNOMAX is a well made mouse with a few nice features.  It is approximately 5" by 2 1... read more »


12 Jun, 2019
My Dad has had hummingbirds for years and recently broke one of his favorite feeders. This Hummingbird Feeder by ShinyArt resembles a hot air ballon and holds up to 36 ounces of nectar. It is handblow... read more »

Gives accurate readings

08 Jun, 2019
  I have been having health problems recently and have to check my temperature. This Daily Digital Thermometer by #rollone is approximately 6" long and made of easy to clean har... read more »

beautiful light

08 Jun, 2019
I have a family member who loves the Eiffel Tower so this will be a cool gift for her. Made by #Kevmiya, this LED picture frame makes a nice night light for any spot. the frame is wooden and meas... read more »

beautiful in my ceiling fan

08 Jun, 2019
This set of Candelabra LED lights are a beautiful addition to my ceiling fan. They come in a set of two bulbs that are clear so you can see the filaments inside. Saves energy by only using 4.5 watts.... read more »

Fits my ceiling fan perfectly

28 Apr, 2019
This is a beautiful set of bulbs for my ceiling fan. Made by #FLSNT, this set of Candelabra bulbs comes in a 2 pack safely packed for delivery. Each one has a E12 base that fits in smaller outlets inc... read more »

Funny gag gift

09 Apr, 2019
This is a great joke gift for almost anyone. Made by 4YOUALL, this Novelty Keychain is nicely made. It is approximately 1 1/2" by almost 1" and made of stainless steel. It is well weighted a... read more »

Works for my new Samsung Galaxy 9

09 Apr, 2019
I recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy 9.  It uses a C type charger so I needed to get some new ones. This Micro USB-USB-C Fast Charging and Data Sync Cable is multi-functional. It can charge bo... read more »

So cute

20 Mar, 2019
This set of Kid Headphones Headbands by WU-MINGLU are so cute and much safer for little ears.  The Unicorn headband is approximately 3" tall and made of soft fleece.  It is adjusta... read more »

Dad loves it

20 Mar, 2019
My Dad is a Trump supporter so this baseball hat was a perfect gift for him. He loves it.  The hat is black cloth with vent holes on top. There is an American flag patch on one side with a cord a... read more »

Absolutely love this one.

07 Mar, 2019
I have always wanted a wireless charger so when I upgraded my phone I started looking.  This Wireless Charging Stand by #Anguo is a multi-functional product. It is approximately the size of a sma... read more »

So cute

18 Feb, 2019
This is absolutely adorable. Made by #HONESTY, this Tree Lamp/Night Light is good for multiple different uses.  The tree measures approximately 18" tall and has a nice tapered shape. It sets... read more »

Get ready for next Christmas season

18 Jan, 2019
I ordered these to get on the jump for next Christmas. These Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments comes in a set of 2. They are approximately 7" by 3" and very thin. Each one is cut out of wood la... read more »

Very well-made

19 Dec, 2018
My best friend's husband loves suspenders.  This high quality set will make a great gift for him. Made by Star, this set of Y Suspenders with clips are strong and sturdy. The elastic is wide... read more »

so cute

03 Dec, 2018
Any tea drinker would love to have this Cute Cat Tea Cup with Fish Filter by SSZY Home. This unique cup is made to steep your tea and look cute doing it. It is shaped like a cat with the handle formin... read more »

Absolutely love it!

03 Dec, 2018
My granddaughters are going to crazy over this.  This Unicorn Night Light by Forbua makes a cute addition to any room especially for all unicorn lovers. The light is made of plastic  and sha... read more »

Gift for an adult grandchild

03 Dec, 2018
This was a gift for an adult grandchild.  It comes with 3 pieces including a short skirt, bra top and a tie. Made to be sexy it is small to just cover what it needs to The skirt and tie are red,... read more »

helpful attachment to your laptop or computer

25 Jul, 2018
If you are having trouble with enough USB ports or card slots on your laptop, this USB C Hub 5 in 1 adapter by NOVOO will expand your capabilities. It is small measuring 3 3/4" by 1 1/4" by... read more »

Absolutely perfect for my needs

25 Jul, 2018
I have multiple medical problems and a lot of different Drs. I try to keep a file I carry with me so I can share my lab results, tests, etc between Drs. This Fireproof File Folder by ENGPOW is perfect... read more »

Fireproof storage for your important items

25 Jul, 2018
The last thing anyone expects is to lose their belongings in a fire. There are so many items you need to have on hand or sentimental. This Fireproof Document Bag is perfect for birth certificates, mar... read more »

great storage for your iPhone

25 Jul, 2018
I am an Android user but all of my family use iPhones.  Their number one complaint is the storage capability. This iPhone Flash Drive can transfer your photos from your phone and store them anywh... read more »

Works for parties or nicer occasions

14 Jul, 2018
What a beautiful Ribbed Sweater Split Dress by Turmon. The dress is made of 70 percent polyester and 30 percent cotton. It comes in wine red or gray. I bought the gray one. It is a darker gray with th... read more »

Small but bright

14 Jul, 2018
I try to keep flashlights all over in case of power failure from storms. These LED Flashlights by Ablue are small enough to keep anywhere. Comes in a pack of two. Each one measures 3 and 3/4"... read more »

High quality charger

13 Jul, 2018
You just can't have enough cords to charge your devices. This iPhone Lightning Cable Charger is have on hand. It is made of braided nylon cable and resembles metal.  It is 6 feet long and cha... read more »

Fun game for indoors or out

10 Jul, 2018
Now that school is out, it is harder and harder to entertain the kids. This Bowling Set by yoptote is fun for kids both young and old. The set comes with 6 bowling pins and one ball. They are mad... read more »

Not clip-ons

10 Jul, 2018
I ordered these for my sister who does not have pierced ears because it said clip-ons. I did not look closely enough at the photos because they are for pierced ears. Now they are for me! These bohemia... read more »

good for bass fishing

10 Jul, 2018
What a nice set of fishing lures by COTURE. This nice set comes with 5 different lures of vaying colors.  Each one is made of ABS plastic with 2 nickel treble hooks on each one. They measure 3&qu... read more »

Really cool spinner

24 Jun, 2018
My grandsons love fidget spinners. I am always looking for cool one to add to their collection. This one is definitely unique.  Made by Ganowo, this spinner is 1" by 3" by 3"... read more »

Will make a great gift for any teen or young adult

27 May, 2018
What a great idea for anyone who loves to take selfies. Made by Tolifo, this Selfie Light for Smartphone helps you take pictures in any light. The light clips onto your phone with a strong clip and wo... read more »

well made charger cord

27 May, 2018
You just can not have enough charger cords for all the electronics we use nowadays. This Cable Charger by HAMSWAN is approximately 3 1/2' long and thicker than the average charger. This is a Micro... read more »

Carry your handgun easily on your person

23 May, 2018
Concealed weapons are legal in a lot of states now. Most people need a holster to carry it on them.  This Inside the Waistband Holster by LATIT is small and well made. It measures 6" by 3 1/... read more »

Multiple charger that works with Alexa and Google Home

22 May, 2018
Another great product so you can charge lots of things at once.  Made by Etlephe, this WiFi Smart Power Strip is a smart home product that is compatible with Alexa and Google. The unit is 7... read more »

Nice dual purpose charger/nightlight

22 May, 2018
This is a great product with so many uses.  Nowadays everything needs to be charged. There are just not enough outlets for everything. This LED Night Light USB charger comes in a two pack. It is... read more »

fun for the kids

22 May, 2018
Warning:  Hard for me to get air in. My grandkids have always wanted one of these and I was so excited to try this one. This Inflatable Lounger is big measuring over 6' long and 2' tal... read more »

Grandkids are going to love it

05 May, 2018
My grandkids love to play dress up and this is going to be a favorite item.  Made by molezu, this Creepy Horse Mask can be used for lots of different occasions.  The mask is made of rub... read more »

spins very well

17 Apr, 2018
My grandson collects spinners so I love to get them for him. This Fidget Spinner by Magic World 2014 makes a great addition. It is a tri-spinner with 3 "arms" and a flat disc in the cen... read more »

Works to hold your phone or as a stand

08 Apr, 2018
My smartphone seems to be an extension of my hand lately. I have always wanted a finger ring stand for my phone and this one by Yosib is a nice one to use. It measures 1 3/4" by 1 1/4" and i... read more »

sexy outfit for a special occasion

08 Apr, 2018
I bought this as a gift and the recipient loves it. Made by Hyperdim, this sexy lingerie lace garter belt is perfect to add a little excitement to your relationship. This sexy belt is made of elastic... read more »

Very handy fan

03 Apr, 2018
I love to have air moving but very low. This USB Mini Desktop is perfect for small places. It is small about the size of my hand at 6" and made of black metal.  The two sides are screwe... read more »

Great space saver

24 Mar, 2018
This is a real space saver for my room. I don't have enough room for a nightstand so I really like this Wall-Mounted Organizer Caddy by O-Life. It is made of plastic and white in color. It measure... read more »

Great gift for anyone who loves to cook outdoor

24 Mar, 2018
Can't wait for spring and warmer weather to start grilling again. Burgers are one of the family favorites. This Burger Press Kit with Grill Mat Non-Stick 3-in-1 Stuffed Burger Mold for Hamburgers... read more »

Beautiful simple frame

20 Mar, 2018
I have 5 grandchildren and love to display their pictures. This beautiful 6 X 8 frame is perfect size for one large photo or 2 snapshots. The bottom is made of light colored wood that is natural and n... read more »

interesting candlestick

13 Mar, 2018
I love candles so this unique candlestick holder appealed to me. Made of iron metal, this candlestick holder by Asdomo is strong and unique. It measures 9" tall and 6" at the widest.&nb... read more »

Work to protect your eyes from UV rays

13 Mar, 2018
We live in West Texas where there is a lot of sunshine. It is important to protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays. This pair of Aviator Sun Glasses are attractive and good for outdoor use. They are g... read more »

Makes perfect lines for building, etc

12 Mar, 2018
My dad has worked with precision tools my entire life. He loves to build shelves, birdhouses and more. This Angle Measurement tool was a great hit with him. This multi-functional tool is made of ABS p... read more »

Great for organization

02 Mar, 2018
I absolutely love this product! Made by Happi Home, these Plastic Storage Containers with Lids are so versatile they can be used anywhere. This set of 5 containers come in different sizes so it is the... read more »

be ready to charge anything!

02 Mar, 2018
We are all connected to technology at all times of the day and night. This means we need power to run them. This USB 4 in 1 Charger cable lets you charge all types of device anywhere. It comes with 2... read more »

Nice pens

16 Feb, 2018
I love fine point pens and this set of Micro Line Ultra Fine Point Pens are perfect for me. These pens are approximately 6" long and have a nice lid with clip. There are 5 pens that are different... read more »

Outstanding art set

16 Feb, 2018
I have a friend who loves to do any type of art project especially painting. This Oil Painting Deluxe Art Set by Free Hand comes with everything you need to create a beautiful piece of art. The kit co... read more »

Sexy piece of lingerie

06 Feb, 2018
This one piece Halter Lace Teddy Lingerie is perfect with Valentine's Day coming up.  Made by Esquki, it is made of stretchy lace that is sheer black with hearts all over the teddy. There are... read more »

Small enough to carry anywhere

01 Feb, 2018
Sometimes an umbrella is just not going to work for a storm. Living in the country now, I need something I can get to quickly. This Lightweight Reusable Raincoat Emergency Poncho is just what I need.... read more »

Fun for your cat

01 Feb, 2018
My friend has a cat that is not very interested in toys. I got this Cat Wand Teaser Interactive Toy Dangler Rod by Pet Isle with natural feathers to hopefully get the cat playing. This set comes with... read more »

Great tool for work

31 Jan, 2018
Sometimes there are just not enough hands to hold everything you need to work with. This Magnetic Wristband by Vaderus is helpful for all types of jobs. It is made of 100 percent polyester on the outs... read more »

Fun, sarcastic shirt

27 Jan, 2018
  I know my oldest granddaughter will love this shirt. Made by PINJIA, this Womens Cute Letter Printed Graphic Funny Tshirts Top Tees is a fun shirt for with a little sarcasm added. It is made... read more »

Really grabs the dust

26 Jan, 2018
I have to admit I rarely clean my ceiling fans or dust up high. The Microfiber Feather Duster with Extension Poles by Elvoes helps me with this problem. Comes in two parts: the extendable pole and the... read more »

Cute for Christmas

08 Jan, 2018
One of my family members have tissue boxes all over their house. This set of Christmas Tissue Box Covers by HansGo will be a nice gift for her to decorate for Christmas. Comes with with 2 different co... read more »

I love this chair!!

07 Jan, 2018
I love this chair! Made by KingCamp, this Low Sling Beach Camping Folding Chair with Mesh Back is great for having a chair on hand at all times. This chair is made of rust proof steel with a 100 perce... read more »

Makes it easy to blow up most anything

07 Jan, 2018
This is a very useful product for me. I have weak hands and it is a struggle to use a hand pump. This Foot Air Pump by KingCamp helps blow up anything that needs air easily and quickly. The pump is ma... read more »

Nice gift

07 Jan, 2018
This Multi Tool Pen by Amteker is both sturdy and durable. The pen is made of lightweight metal and measures 6" long and 2" in diameter. It is bright yellow so it is easy to notice if you la... read more »

Multi-use product

07 Jan, 2018
Living the country there are lots of need for a garden hose and nozzle. There are things to clean, water and much more. The Garden Hose Nozzle, Heavy Duty 8 Pattern Adjustable Watering Nozzle, High Pr... read more »

Beautiful pearl necklace

07 Jan, 2018
I love pearls and adding to my jewelry collection. This White Pearl Necklace by Five Cents is stunning. The chain is sterling silver and measures approximately 18" long. It is a dainty box design... read more »

Very well-made

29 Dec, 2017
Nowadays I am all about comfortable clothes. Almost nothing is more comfortable than yoga pants. I decide to try this pair of Women’s Mesh Yoga Pants Sports Tights Workout Running Fitness Pants... read more »

Lots of great shades

12 Dec, 2017
What a nice gift this 12 Color Matte Shimmery Pearl Liberties Eye Shadow Palette by Shenzhen Kaidifangte Trading Co., Ltd will be! This palette comes is a beautiful pink box measuring 5 3/4" by 3... read more »

Protect your new Switch

12 Dec, 2017
Someone in the family is buying their children a Nintendo Switch for Christmas. Their kids are small from 5-10. This includes sticky fingers, scratches and more. This set of Nintendo Switch Tempered G... read more »

Measures in several ways

06 Dec, 2017
This is much better than a regular thermometer! Made by Topoint, this Infrared Ear Thermometer, Topoint Body Temperature Portable Handheld Forehead Digital Non Contact Thermometer with Clock by Topoin... read more »

Protect yourself from pollen

06 Dec, 2017
My Dad has allergies but has to mow a large area of his property. He hacks and coughs every time. This Black Respirator Mask Dust proof Mask With Filtered Activated Carbon Filtration Exhaust Gas Anti... read more »

Well made and sturdy

06 Dec, 2017
I am not very musical but figured I could at least play a tambourine! Made by GECKO, this Percussion Tambourines, Wood Blocks with Steel Jingles is made for playing with your foot but works well in yo... read more »

Great gift for any plant lover

06 Dec, 2017
This is a very unique gift for a plant lover. Made by Mugig, this Music Flower Pot Bluetooth Speaker & Music Player with Colorful Night Lights, Touching Plants for Music is a really cool idea. It... read more »

Save money on coffee

04 Dec, 2017
Keurig Coffee Makers are all the rage but it is so expensive to buy the pods. This set of Reusable Single K-Cup Filter Pod Coffee Stainless Mesh for Keurig by Samana's Goods help you save money an... read more »

Love these!

04 Dec, 2017
I am so excited by these! I take a lot of pictures and love to display them. From the grandkids and weather photos, I have a lot of pictures in my room. This set of LED Photo Clip String Lights With 5... read more »

Perfect for all outdoor activites

04 Dec, 2017
Dad lives in the country where there is not always a readily available water source. This Portable Collapsible Expandable Water Carrier by King Camp lets him carry clean drinking water with him at all... read more »

Lots of fun

04 Dec, 2017
Having 2 grandsons, it will be hard to decide who gets this one! It is so cool. Made by YKS, this RC Stunt Car, YKS Invincible Tornado Twister - Multi-functional Rechargeable RC Acrobatic Stunt Car wi... read more »

Fix your own electronics

03 Dec, 2017
It is so expensive to get a smartphone fixed these. Now you can buy screens but you need the tools to fix it. This set of Phone Repair Tools Repair Kit Precision Screwdriver Kit by Kaisi has the tools... read more »

Nice and warm

03 Dec, 2017
My dad loves to hunt especially in the winter. This Knit Winter Hat/3-in-1 Cold Weather Beanie by MOCOFO will keep him warm while it is chilly. The beanie is made of acrylic knit and fleece lining wit... read more »

Classic style shirt

03 Dec, 2017
My teen granddaughter loves all types of clothing but I have not seen her wear a shirt similar to this one. Made by Chvity, this Women's Crewneck Elbow Patch Striped Long Sleeve T-shirt is a nice... read more »

Great gift

18 Nov, 2017
My grandson loves dream catchers and he will love this one. Made by SOLEDI, this Black Dream Catcher is beautiful and well-made. It is large measuring 6" around and 20" long. The inner circl... read more »

Nice instrument stand

18 Nov, 2017
This Folding A-Frame Guitar Frame is handy for keeping your guitar stored safely. It is made of aluminum alloy and ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) which is a polymer that is both strong and dura... read more »

Works good for my Dad

11 Nov, 2017
My Dad recently received a tablet and has struggled holding it. This Foldable Tablet Stand,Universal Multi-angle Non-slip Adjustable Holder Cradle by MOACC is just what he needs. The stand is made of... read more »

Love this product!

09 Nov, 2017
I absolutely love this product. I have bought them before and use them frequently. This set of LED Camping Light, Portable Tent Lantern 4 Modes Emergency Lamp Bulb, Bug Out Bag Equipment for Outdoor A... read more »

helps with anxiety

27 Oct, 2017
This is still a very popular item. Made by DrowseBuster, this Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner Toy For Kids & Adults - Sensory Anxiety Reducing Fiddling Toy is perfect for people who are easily distrac... read more »

Protection from the sun

27 Oct, 2017
Living in West Texas now, it is necessary for me to get a sun hat especially since I had skin cancer on my scalp. I have tried lots of kinds but definitely like this one. Made by Sunjolly, this Portab... read more »

Great safety item for any car

27 Oct, 2017
This is something every car needs to have for emergencies. Made by Poweradd, this 300W Car Power Inverter DC 12V to AC 110V Converter with Dual 3.1A Dual USB Ports is a multi-functional item for keepi... read more »

Very pretty makeup brushes

25 Oct, 2017
This set is going to be very popular for Christmas. My granddaughter, daughter and other family members love makeup brushes. This set of Colorful Unicorn Diamond Cosmetic Brush Kit by SKSTT comes with... read more »

Did not receive

18 Oct, 2017
Did not receive.  Envelope was marked by post office as received without contents. read more »

High quality

18 Oct, 2017
I have a family member who has a small basket on their counter for peelings, etc. This Mini Counter-top Trash Can, Brushed Stainless Steel Table Desk Trash, Swing Top Trash Bin by Amteker will make a... read more »

Helps teach savings

18 Oct, 2017
My grands collect all their money in a regular jar. They count it and keep a piece of paper in it. This Money Bank, HeQiao Digital Large LCD Money Jar Battery Operated Coin Bank US Dollar Coins Saving... read more »

Set of 12 Mini Figures

15 Oct, 2017
My granddaughters love My Little Pony products and Equestria. This set of My Little Pony Party Gift Bag Set of 12 Mini Figures by Kids Corner Productions will make a great gift for one of their upcomi... read more »

Grandson will love these

14 Oct, 2017
This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves Legos. This set of 20 Mini Figures Set of Professions by Kids Corner Production comes with 20 different Lego people who are have between 10-12 pieces to cre... read more »

Really cool ice cubes

14 Oct, 2017
I have a family member who collects all things with skulls. I am sure she does not have this item yet. Made by WSHL, this Skull Shape Ice Cube Molds will be a big hit. They are made of food quality si... read more »

Charge up to 8 items at once

14 Oct, 2017
Nowadays there are so many electronics that need charging from smartphones, games systems, bluetooth items and much more. There is just never enough ports to charge them especially with a family. This... read more »

Beautiful double layered necklace

14 Oct, 2017
This necklace by UMS is a great addition to any jewelry collection. It is 2 chains connected together for a nice layered look. The chains are gold toned links with a lobster clasp closure. The inner c... read more »

USB cords for charging and syncing

20 Sep, 2017
There are never enough charging cords around no matter how many there are!! This set of 6ft Durable Nylon Braided Data Cables by NewList are a great addition to your home or office. They come in a set... read more »

Dad loves this one!

20 Sep, 2017
My Dad has cataracts and has trouble seeing small print. We have tried all kinds of magnifying products. He especially loves this one. Made by BreaDeep, this Folding Pocket Magnifier Loupe fits easily... read more »

Unable to review

09 Sep, 2017
Unable to review because it was not delivered.  Amazon refunded my money. read more »

Sync and charge at the same time

09 Sep, 2017
This USB C Dock lets you sync your data and charge your device at the same time. Made by ARC, this charging station is small and mighty.  It measures 2 3/4" by 2 1/2" and is black and s... read more »

Great protection for the cold

19 Aug, 2017
My Dad loves to hunt but gets really cold in the winter. This Windproof Ski Mask Fleece Balaclava Winter Neck Warmer Full Face Motorcycle Hood Hats for Men and Women by Aiyuda will protect him from bo... read more »

Multi-use product

19 Aug, 2017
Nowadays things are so expensive especially clothes. Some of them need to be treated with special care. This Portable Travel Adjustable Clothesline/Clothespin Outdoor and Indoor Use by Billion Emperor... read more »

Protects me from further skin cancer

14 Aug, 2017
I am going to be spending some extended time with my Dad in West Texas. It is hot and sunny there. Having had skin cancer on my head, I needed a hat to completely protect my head, neck and face. This... read more »

Educational spinner

09 Aug, 2017
This is definitely one of a kind spinner. My 9 year old grandson loved it. It is so cool.  Sold by Elvoes, this Hand Spinner Brass Gear Metal Fidget Spinner is fun and actually educational. ... read more »

Cool shaped spinner

09 Aug, 2017
This is an unusual shaped fidget spinner for my grandchildren to add to their collection. Sold by TiMI Tree, this Metal Fidget Spinner Titanium Prime Tri-Spinner is well made and spins great.  It... read more »

Soft and comfortable

03 Aug, 2017
This is the perfect gift for my sister who just had surgery. She needs comfortable clothes she can get on and off easily. Made by ENJOYNIGHT, this Women's Sleepwear Cotton Sleep Tee Short Sleeves... read more »

Cool way to make tacos

01 Aug, 2017
I love tacos but they are messy to make.  This set of 2 Taco Holder with placemats by SteelBee make the job much easier.  Comes with 2 holder that measure 7" wide and 2" tall. ... read more »

Perfect to protect your phone

01 Aug, 2017
Nowadays our smartphones are one of our biggest investments. It is vital to protect it. This set of  Universal Waterproof Case by Billion Emperor works to completely surrounded your phone for sec... read more »

Glows in the dark

01 Aug, 2017
As many spinners as I have bought, I still don't have one of my own! This Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy by Hughapy is going to be a new favorite of the grandchildren due to the fact it glows in the dark.... read more »

Grandchildren love it

01 Aug, 2017
This is another great item by Laghcat. The Reversible Sequins Mermaid Pillow Case is lots of fun. It measures approximately 16" by 16" and fits over most throw pillows. The pillow insert is... read more »

Lots of fun

01 Aug, 2017
My 9 year old grandson went crazy for this toy! I ordered several for people in my family with anxiety but he just loves it. Made by CASOFU, this Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy is well made and good for lots... read more »

Spins well

01 Aug, 2017
I have several of these and love them. Made by Casofu, this Tri-Spinner is one of the best made ones I have. They are made of durable plastic and measure approximately 3" by 3". There are 3... read more »

Spins well

01 Aug, 2017
This has been a new favorite thing to play with at Nana's. Made by Casofu, this Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy is fun and can help with several conditions. It is made of heavy duty plastic and measures 3&... read more »

soft and warm

31 Jul, 2017
This type of blanket has become so popular. Some people like to be tightly tucked in and this type of blanket meets that need. The Mermaid Tail Blanket by LAGHCAT is a large blanket measuring approxim... read more »

great for stress reduction

31 Jul, 2017
This type of product has just exploded on the scene lately. So many people suffer from stress, anxiety, ADD, ADHD and lack of attention due to over-stimulation. This Fidget Stress Dice Toy Cube by LPV... read more »

Realistic looking lures

31 Jul, 2017
My dad is a hardcore fisherman and loves minnow lures. This 5 piece Minnow Hard Bait Fishing Lure With Two Hooks by Bestok will make a great addition to his tackle box. This set of lures are life-like... read more »

good for overnight stays

31 Jul, 2017
I stay at various places lately helping out with babysitting, health care needs, etc. I don't always have a place to sleep without kicking someone out of their beds. This Double Self-Inflating Air... read more »

Like a spa treatment at home

31 Jul, 2017
What a nice, luxurious product to treat yourself!  Made by AngelFlipped, this set of Vegan Bath Bombs gift set makes your bath a spa treatment everytime you use them.  Each one is handmade w... read more »

Another cool spinner for the adults!

28 Jul, 2017
My family is loving the fidget spinner craze and this unique Fidget Hand Spinner with Keychain is perfect for the adults.  Made by Opetio, it is small and fits nicely onto your keychain.  It... read more »

Unique keychain spinner for the grown-ups

24 Jul, 2017
I am always looking for different fidget spinners for my grandson who loves them.  However this spinner is for the adults! Made by Aopetio, this Fidget Hand Spinner with Keychain Clasp is a uniqu... read more »

Fun spinner

17 Jul, 2017
I have bought several fidget spinners for the grandkids. We have determined that the metal ones are the best ones. This Fidget Metal Hand Spinner by Mikwear is a nice addition to the collection. It is... read more »

Really cool metal spinner

14 Jul, 2017
Another great spinner for my grandson.  This Fidget Spinner by BestDealGift is his third one by this great seller.  This spinner is smaller than the usual and made with 2 arms instead of the... read more »

Unique shaped spinner

14 Jul, 2017
My grandson has started a collection of spinners.  I am always looking for unique ones to add to his collection.  This Tri Fidget Hand Spinner by BestDealGift is definitely different. It is... read more »

Grandson loved it.

11 Jul, 2017
My pre-teen grandson has started collecting different fidget spinners and only has the plastic ones.  He was thrilled to get this one. Sold by ValueDealGift, this Tri Fidget Hand Spinner is one o... read more »

Useful product for the car

07 Jul, 2017
Dual USB/Cigarette Socket LED Car Charger This is a really cool charger for your car. This Dual USB/Cigarette Socket Car Charger by Sereer Technology lets you charge multiple items at once. It is s... read more »

Good gift for someone who needs distraction

07 Jul, 2017
Fidget Spinner-Fingertip I have totally fallen in love with this type of item. They are fun and keep your hands busy. This Fidget Spinner-Fingertip by Bluexury is very well-made and sturdy. It is a... read more »

You can't have enough batteries

07 Jul, 2017
My son has 3 kids and everything runs on batteries.  This set of 24 AAA batteries are perfect for any household with children. They are alkaline batteries which have a shelf life of 3 years witho... read more »

Great kit for beginners or experts

07 Jul, 2017
My niece recently developed a love of sushi.  I thought this was a perfect gift for a beginner or expert sushi lover. This Sushi Making Kit comes with 8 food grade plastic molds, spatula and rice... read more »

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